Stupid Brother! (Mg, Cons, Pedo)

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Story Intro:
9yo Alicia finds her 16yo brother playing with himself, she wants some fun too.

Stupid Brother!

"Alicia," Mother told the nine-year-old firmly, "go upstairs and tell your brother that he has to come down now to look after you. Your father and I are leaving now and we won't be back from the opera until midnight!"
"Ok mother," Alicia replied politely and grinned inside, she would have another chance to catch her brother playing with himself. The thought of seeing 'it' again caused a small frisson of excitement to shiver through her cunny, and almost made her miss her mother's added comment.
"Oh, and make sure you have a bath tonight," Mother added as an afterthought, "I shouldn't have to remind you at your age!"
"Yes mother," Alicia agreed as another shiver of excitement coursed through her, maybe she could show herself to her brother but pretend it was an accident somehow.

Alicia climbed up the stairs carefully, making sure she made as little sound as possible, trying to give Chris no warning of her impending arrival and then swiftly and suddenly opened his door while announcing loudly, "Chris, mum says that..."
She got no further with what her mother had said as she heard a sharp 'ZZIP!' sound and then Chris bellowed in pain, "AAARRRGGG!!!"

Sixteen-years-old Christopher (or Chris as he preferred to be called) was a seething mass of boiling hormones that made him almost constantly horny. To relieve some of his frustration and tension, he had 'borrowed' one of the porn magazines from his father's supposedly hidden stash and was feverishly wanking as he looked at the pictures of naked women.

When he heard his parent's car start in the drive below his bedroom window, he knew his little sister would be up to annoy him at any moment. Quickly, he stuffed the magazine under his mattress to hide it and began to try to push his still rigid cock back into his trousers. At that moment the door to his room suddenly swung wide open and Alicia strode in imperiously. Chris quickly zipped his zipper closed but unfortunately, he caught himself in the teeth of the zip.

"AAARRRGGG!!!" Chris bellowed as he curled up on the floor around his poor abused cock with tears leaking from his eyes.
"Stupid Brother!" Alicia stated sternly, sounding angry and disapproving but feeling excited about catching him playing with himself. "Don't you have anything better to do when you are up here by yourself?"
"What!?" Chris yelled indignantly, "What about you? Why do you always come into my room without knocking?" and then continued in his head, [And why is it always when I'm wanking and just about to cum?] He then turned his head to glare at his sister and continued, "Always taking my stuff without even asking me!" but as he glared at her, he realised that from his vantage point on the floor he could see up her short skirt to her white panties. See where the tight, white cotton snuggled into her young slit in a perfect little camel-toe. [When did she get so cute looking?] he asked himself as he felt his cock throb again with desire.

His cute little sister was dressed in a form fitting pale blue T-shirt that clearly showed off her slender body, including the slight puffiness of her young nipples, and a short denim skirt that rested low on her narrow hips and stopped well above mid-thigh.

"It's not like I want to come into your Stupid room!" Alicia declared loudly, still faking her anger, "But mum said you had to come downstairs and look after me!" As Chris cautiously climbed up from the floor to sit on his bed, still hiding his raging erection, Alicia noticed just where he was holding himself and belatedly realised that he had caught himself in his zip. [Oh no!] she thought to herself remorsefully, [he's hurt himself because of me!] she quickly knelt at his feet and batted his hands away as she commanded, "Let me look at it!"

"No way!" Chris yelped and tried to hide it again but was too late.
Alicia could see a long bulge pushing at the zip of Chris's jeans from the inside. The zip was partway down and she could just see a little pink of his flesh inside through the gap and quickly pulled the tab of the zip all the way down to see where he was hurt.

"OW!!!" he yelled again as she jerked his zip down, painfully freeing his trapped flesh and freeing his erection to stand up through his fully opened fly.
"Don't get any stupid ideas," she declared firmly as she stared at his big willy, "you hurt yourself and I'm just gonna make sure you're ok!" Seeing it standing up from so close made her cunny tingle and twitch excitingly as she tentatively held the shaft and marvelled to herself, [it's so hot and firm]. She noticed a small drop of blood welling from the underside of the throbbing shaft and demanded, "Get me a tissue!"
"Wuh?" Chris asked, confused by the feeling of his sister's hand wrapped around his throbbing hard cock. How could her hand feel so good on his cock?
"Stupid Brother!" she scolded him, "you're bleeding and I need to clean it up!" [Dare I?] she wondered as a wickedly naughty thought scampered through her mind.
"Never mind!" she sighed exasperatedly, "I'll do it myself!" Alicia then leant closer and quickly lapped at the underside of Chris's willy, lapping up the tangy tasting drop of blood and felt her cunny tingle even stronger.

"Oh my God!!" Chris exclaimed as he felt her small tongue lap at the shaft of his cock. His sister was licking his cock, the perverseness of the sight and feeling almost made him cum immediately. "What are you doing?" he asked trying, half-heartedly, to push her head away.
"Don't get the wrong idea," she growled, "I'm just cleaning the wound where you hurt yourself."

Chris couldn't believe what she was ding, and wondered how far she would go. "Erm... I think..." Chris tentatively suggested, "that I hurt the tip as well..."
Alicia stopped licking the shaft and looked at the bulbous purple tip. She couldn't see any blood but the thought of licking him some more caused an exciting feeling to flutter in the pit of her tummy. She lapped once at the small slit in the large head and then slid her mouth over the whole thing and ran her tongue around and over the hot, smooth skin.

"Oh God!" Chris yelped again as he felt Alicia's small mouth engulf the head of his cock, feeling much too good to last. "I'm gonna..." he panted as he felt the muscles of his groin clench and felt his boiling seed pulse up his shaft and out into his sister's sucking mouth in jet after scalding jet of sticky cum.

Alicia heard Chris's yelp and then suddenly felt something hot and thick spurt into her mouth. It tasted odd and, as she continued to suck and swallow, she realised what it was. A shiver of illicit excitement ran through her cunny as she thought to herself, [It's his sperm! I'm swallowing his cum!]

"Ack!" Alicia pulled back and coughed, as if clearing her mouth. "Stupid Brother!" she scolded him, but felt elated inside, "That was gross! You squirted Stupid Brother juice in my mouth!"
"I tried to warn you," Chris pleaded as he tried to back away from his sister's obvious anger and just fell back onto his bed, his cock still hard and standing proud through his open fly.

"Stupid Brother!" she grinned fiercely as she gently slapped his willy making it wobble sideways. "Don't you feel stupid with your Stupid Willy still hard like that?" before he could even answer, Alicia unbuttoned his jeans and yanked them and his underwear down to his knees. "I know how to get that to go down," she grinned as she reached under her skirt and quickly slipped her damp panties down and off.

"What? You cant!" Chris protested, stunned by what Alicia appeared to be proposing but didn't move and felt his cock throb at the exciting thought.
"Stupid Brother!" Alicia said angrily as she climbed onto his bed and straddled his waist. "I'm not going to 'Do It' with my Stupid Brother!" She then pushed his hard erection up against his stomach and sat down on it, pressing her tingling cunny against the veiny underside. Alicia was amazed at how good it felt to press her bald little cunny against her brother's hard willy. She couldn't help herself and began to rock back and forth, slowly dragging her cunny up and down the underside, panting as she rocked.

"Well?" she asked impatiently, "does this feel good to your Stupid Willy?"
"Oooh yeah," Chris moaned, not able to deny it. The way she was sliding on his cock felt very good. "It feels so nice Alicia... nice and slippery." He then grinned as he realised, "You're getting wet... you're enjoying it too!"
"Stupid Brother!" she yelled angrily again, "I'm not getting wet on your Stupid Willy!" but she knew she was. The more she rubbed the better it felt. "Stupid Willy! Stupid Willy!" she chanted softly as she thrust herself back and forth on his hard shaft.

She felt his hands reach up to stroke her back and, without thinking, Alicia leant forward onto his chest and softly kissed him on the lips.
"Alicia?" he asked quietly, unsure why she had just kissed him but he knew he liked it.
"Stupid Brother!" she growled softly as she blushed, "Why did you kiss me? Your own sister?"
"What?" he protested, but not too loud, "I didn't... you kissed me..."
"Well, I guess," she continued with an impish grin, "as you're such a loser that you've never even kissed a girl before... maybe I'll let you... just this once."
"Huh?" Chris uttered, surprised and puzzled by her actions.

Alicia slipped her hands off of Chris's chest and behind his head as she lowered her lips to his once more. She softly moved her lips over his, lightly pressing her luscious lips against his before tentatively extending her tongue to probe between his lips and into his mouth. As she did she felt him suck on the tip of her tongue, drawing it into his mouth and making her moan quietly.

Chris battled Alicia's tongue with his own and then slid it around hers to probe at her sweet tasting mouth. He felt her lift her rear up as she pulled her lips tighter against him and their passion grew. He felt her wet, hot pussy lips lift away from his straining cock, which lifted with it, and slide along his shaft until it was poised on the bulbous tip.
"Alicia!" he yelped as she pulled back, pushing her rear back down.

"Ahhhh!" Alicia squealed as she pushed down on her brother's raised erection, impaling it halfway into her pre-teen vagina in one savage thrust.
"Are you ok?" he asked, concern colouring his voice.
"Stupid!" she began with tears welling in her eyes, the pain of losing her virginity was much more than she had expected. "Stupid Willy! I said I wasn't going to 'Do It'... Stupid Willy!"

"Let me take it out," Chris suggested softly as he held her hips gently.
"Stupid Brother!" she snapped sharply, "it hurts too much so don't move!"
"Ok... Ok!" Chris quickly replied defensively.

Alicia thought about what she was doing and how the pain was easing in her cunny. She knew she had already gone too far to turn back, braced herself and thrust back and down as hard as she could, driving her body the rest of the way down Chris's rock hard erection.

"Unff!!" Chris grunted as his cock was unexpectedly engulfed by his sister's tight, wet pussy. "What are you doing?" he protested weakly.
"Stupid Brother!" she whimpered softly, "It's your fault! You kissed me, so it's your fault your Stupid Willy is inside my cunny!"
"Whatever you say..." Chris replied with a silly grin. His cock felt better than it ever had before as it was squeezed in the hot, wet velvet grip of his sister's pre-teen vagina.

Alicia slowly lifted herself up on Chris's hard willy and then pushed down again. The pain of the penetration was fading and was being replaced by a feeling of fullness and spreading tingling warmth.
Chris felt Alicia slide up and down his cock, slowly at first but building up a steady fucking rhythm. He slid his hands under her tight T-shirt and gently tweaked at her tiny nipples, arousing them to firm little nubbins that he rolled and squeezed in time to her thrusts.

"Oh... Hmmm..." Alicia moaned with pleasure as the feelings in her cunny grew with every thrust.
"Are you enjoying this?" Chris asked with a grin at his sister's dreamy expression.
"No way, Stupid Brother!!" she yelled in indignation, as she blushed crimson and thrust herself down on his stiff erection. "Your Stupid Willy doesn't feel good at all!!"

With a lusty grin, Chris continued to tweak and twist Alicia's hard little nipples with one hand while he reached under her skirt with the other. He dragged the pad of his thumb over the top of her widespread slit and rubbed at the tip of her prominent little clit.
Alicia rapidly bounced on her brother's hard shaft, feeling her pleasure grow bigger and stronger. When she felt him reach under her skirt and rub over her cunny, she was surprised by how good it felt. "Stupid...." she squeaked as the pleasure exploded out from her cunny in waves of pulsing tingles and she collapsed onto her side on Chris's bed beside him, panting hard and fast as her body continued to shiver from her orgasm.

Chris rolled aside and then looked down at his sister's sweat soaked body as she panted with her eyes closed. He realised that she wanted to do this, but she couldn't admit it, even to herself. Gently, he unzipped her skirt and pulled it down her legs and off before he leant over her and whispered, "Your pussy squeezed my cock when you came..."
"Stupid Brother!" she retorted indignantly as she rolled onto her back to stare at him angrily, "I didn't cum on your Stupid Willy!"

Chris held her waist and pulled her closer, staring at her bald, plump pussy glistening with her oily secretions.
"Wait!" Alicia protested as she parted her legs wide, wanting him to put his 'cock' into her 'pussy' and 'do it' to her this time.
He poised his still rampant cock at the small entrance to his sister's pussy and then thrust slowly but firmly until he was buried to the hilt in her tight, wet and very hot sheath. "Even though you protest," he whispered in her ear as he leant over her body, "your pussy is very wet and it feels like you are sucking me in!"

"Stupid Brother!" Alicia denied it, frowning at his face only inches above hers, "I'm not..."
Her face then changed to one of surprised delight as Chris pulled his cock almost all of the way out and then drove it back in. "Oh..." she moaned with the feeling of pleasure as he pulled out and thrust back into her once again.

Chris rapidly built up a rhythmic thrusting, virtually pounding his cock in and out of his sister's tight pussy, driving his need to cum higher and evermore closer.
"Stupid Willy!" Alicia chanted in time to Chris's fierce thrusting. She was amazed how good it felt with his cock stimulating every nook and cranny of her tight pussy and the head prodding at the entrance to her womb intermittently.

"Oh, Alicia," Chris moaned aloud, "your tight little pussy feels so good on my cock!"
Alicia was lost in the waves of pleasure being forced from her by her brother's cock. "Yeah..." she mumbled quietly, "feels soooo good!"

Hearing her admit how she felt made Chris's pleasure ramp up suddenly. He felt her inner muscles twitch and ripple around the length of his shaft and warned her, "I'm gonna cum!"
Alicia heard Chris's warning and delighted in the thought of him doing it inside her... of maybe making a baby in her. "Don't you dare cum in me, Stupid Brother!!" she yelled aloud as she curled her legs around his hips and pulled him in to her, not letting him pull out. "I don't want your Stupid Brother juice inside me!"

Chris thrust only a few more times before he bellowed out his orgasm. He felt the hot sticky cum boil up his shaft and squirt jet after jet of his seed deep into his sister's womb.
Alicia felt Chris slam into her and then felt his cock twitch and release squirt after squirt deep within her body, triggering another explosion of pleasure that seared its way through her.

As he came down from his orgasm, Chris hugged Alicia close to him and rolled onto his back bringing her up to lie on his body with her legs spread on either side of him and her pussy still twitching on his slowly shrinking cock.

"Stupid Brother!" she moaned in a tired but happy voice, "you squirted your Stupid Brother Juice in my mouth, you forced your Stupid Willy into my cunny, and you squirted more of your Stupid Brother Juice inside me! I really love you Stupid Brother!"

"Huh?" Chris asked, unable to believe what he had just heard, "you what?"

"Stupid Brother," she replied with a little more life in her voice, "I hate you!" but she then belied her words by hugging him tightly as she thought about the next time their parents would be out for the evening.

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