Mary's Education, Part 1. (gg(both 6), Mg(6), Fg(6), Cons, Pedo)

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Story Intro:
The first year of Mary's attendance at Sera Elementary School, where the pupils learn all about sex, along with all the other subjects.
You may want to read "Sera Elementary School" for background on the school and as a prologue to this story, although it is not strictly necessary.
My grateful thanks go to Red Rose and Sam Hammer for their help with the chapter and story titles, and to the numerous people whose names I've borrowed.

Mary's Education, First Grade:

Mary's Uniform:

"Come on sweetie," Joe Newton called to his little girl Mary. They were in the process of buying all the necessary equipment for Mary's first year at her new elementary school, but six-year-old Mary preferred to stop and look at the toys in the shop windows. "We only need to get your new uniform Mary," Joe said cheerfully, "and then we can go home."

Mary turned and looked over at her daddy and grinned brightly, she then skipped from the toy store window over to him and clasped his hand in hers. "Ok daddy," she said happily.

It wasn't long before they found the clothing store Joe had been looking for, "Cookson Clothing". They walked in to see the store filled with all manner of clothing for children, from infants and toddlers up to young teens. Joe looked around until he spotted an assistant and approached her. The instructions from the school stated that he had to speak to Geri Cookson about the uniform, and no one else.

"Could I see Geri Cookson please?" he asked the assistant politely.

"Please follow me sir," she said and then led him to the back corner of the store, where large selections of different school uniforms were displayed, and up to another assistant. She looked about thirty-five, had her brown hair tied up in a bun and was wearing the signature uniform of the store. "Geri," the first assistant said casually, "another one for you," and then left the three of them alone.

"How can I help?" Geri asked.

"My daughter needs her school uniform," he explained, "for the Sera Elementary school."

Geri nodded and gestured to one side, "This way sir." She rapidly picked out the required items, and then led Joe and Mary into a spacious changing room. There was a large mirror on one wall, with a chair placed beside it, and a bench seat against the adjoining wall. Once Geri had closed the door she handed the clothing to Mary with a smile and indicated the bench, "You can change into these over there."

Joe helped Mary to quickly strip off her pink T-shirt and denim skirt showing her pale blue little girl panties with teddy bears on them. However he took his time dressing her again. Slipping the white nylon short blouse onto her small body and fastening the buttons one by one. Sliding the grey pleated short skirt up to her hips and zipping it closed with the bottom hem at mid-thigh and the waistband leaving her rounded tummy exposed. Slipping the chocolate brown waistcoat over her arms and fastening the single button above her tiny bellybutton. Finally he clipped the scarlet tie to her collar and stepped back to admire his daughter.

Mary moved to stand in front of the mirror and stopped still staring at herself. She didn't know what to think about the school, but she liked the way she looked. It made her feel very special in a funny kind of way.

"The uniform is completed with knee high white socks and black shoes," Geri said, and then whispered to Joe, "You do realise there are no panties allowed?"

"Yes," he whispered back, "but Mary doesn't know yet, I'm going to surprise her on her first day."

Joe and Mary walked back to their car loaded down with packages; he had bought enough of the uniforms to last the year, allowing for Mary's growth. Geri had also let him have a number of the tiny swimming costumes and skimpy gymnastic outfits as well, even though those activities didn't start until the second year.

"I like my new uniform daddy," Mary announced sweetly.

"So do I honey," Joe smiled at his daughter, "I think it looks very cute on you."

+ + +

Mary's First Day:

The first day of school dawned bright and sunny. Joe was up early preparing everything for Mary's first day of school. The night before, he had given Mary her bath and, as usual, he had played with her chubby little pussy as he had washed her. She had liked the rubbing but he didn't want to push her too fast, and Mary didn't know there could be more.

When it was time, Joe went into Mary's room and gently woke her. "Mary," he called as he gently shook her awake, "it's time to get up."

"Mmm daddy," she murmured as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, and then kissed him noisily on the cheek.

"Do you want me to help you get dressed sweetie?" he asked, hoping she would say yes and dreading the day she would be independent of him.

"'Course daddy," she smiled up at him.

"Ok," he smiled, "you go to the bathroom, have a wash and I'll get your clothes ready."

Mary scrambled out of her bed, her short T-shirt had ridden up while she slept, and was wrapped around her chest while her white cotton panties were twisted to one side displaying a plump pussy lip to Joe's avid gaze. She quickly dashed to the bathroom while Joe got out her school uniform.

When Mary returned, she rapidly stripped and dumped her T-shirt and panties in the laundry hamper. "Up onto the bed sweetheart," Joe said as he patted the covers and then picked up her socks while she clambered back onto the bed. He stood and admired his naked daughter's slim body for a moment, where she lay on the bed smiling up at him. Her shoulder length mousy brown hair was spread on the cover, framing her petite elfin features. Her tiny dark pink nipples marked her flat chest, and her oh so tender plump little pussy nestled between her slender thighs.

"Foot," he said finally and took a breath to calm himself. When Mary raised her leg he added, "point your toes and push," and then slid the white cotton sock over her dainty toes and on up her calf to her knee. Mary raised her other foot and pointed it at Joe and he quickly slid the other sock up to her other knee. "Whoa!" he exclaimed smiling as he pretended to fall over Mary but catching himself on his hands on either side of her body. Her legs were still raised over his shoulders and his head was between her knees over her tummy. Mary giggled at his antics, and then squealed and laughed when he ducked down and blew a loud zoober on her bellybutton.

Mary giggled because the zoober had tickled, but it also made her twinkie feel good, almost as nice as when daddy rubbed or stroked it.

Joe stood up again smiling, and hauled a grinning and still giggling Mary up until she stood on the bed. He quickly dressed her in her white blouse and brown waistcoat and then held up the grey skirt for her to step into.

"But daddy," she protested cutely as she lifted her foot to step into the skirt, "you forgot my panties!"

"No I didn't sweetie," Joe smiled to reassure her, "you won't be wearing them at your new school."

Mary looked puzzled rather than concerned. "But why daddy?" she asked as her daddy fastened the skirt around her waist.

Joe smiled at her fondly, "They'll tell you that when you get to school honey."

As she stood on the bed Mary could feel the skirt lightly stroking her butt. It made her feel naughty and that made her twinkie tingle. She shrugged off her puzzlement and nodded, "Ok daddy," and then grinned.

. . .

After parking in the school lot, Joe led Mary up to the school entrance carrying her little pink rucksack. She was amazed by all the children walking into the school, all of them wearing the same uniform, and all looked to be her own age. Suddenly Mary spotted a familiar face in the crowd, it was Cindy her friend from kindergarten.

"Cindy!" she yelled loudly, and then pulled her hand from her daddy's and ran to meet her friend. Cindy turned at the sound of her name. She was about 3'6" tall, only a little taller than Mary herself, and she had shoulder length hair also, but hers was a golden blond. She had pale blue eyes in a cute rounded face that lit up with a grin when she saw Mary running towards her. Their long slender legs flashed in the sunlight and their skirts flapped behind them as they ran towards each other with their daddies trailing behind them. They flew together into a brief but tight hug, and then began chattering animatedly about their summer and this new school.

Joe admired Cindy's firm little body as he approached, and could see her father doing the same to Mary. "I didn't know you were bringing Cindy here Jack," Joe chuckled as they shook hands.

"Looks like we both kept it secret Joe," Jack smiled back.

The two fathers urged their still chattering daughters in through the school entrance and followed the posted signs to a large room that was filled with the other children and their parents.

When the last of the children and parents had trailed in, a woman Joe recognised as Susan Bellamy stepped to the front of the room and announced herself. "Hello, I'm Miss Bellamy the headmistress of the school, and I would like to welcome you all here." She paused a moment and then continued, "Given how many there are of you, we will be splitting you into two groups. One will have Mrs Graham as your teacher; the other will have Mr Wilson. We know how frightening your first day in school can be, so if you want to, you can choose to change groups to be with your friends."

At that all of the children began chattering amongst themselves. Cindy and Mary turned to each other and Cindy said, "You wanna be in the same class?" Mary just grinned and nodded vigorously.

At the front of the room Mr Wilson and Mrs Graham had moved to either side of Miss Bellamy, who then spoke loudly over the din, "Please move to stand in front of one of these teachers when your name is called out." She then proceeded to call out each child's name in alphabetical order and assign them to a teacher. When Mary's name was called she was directed to Mr Wilson's group, but when Cindy's name was called, she was assigned to Miss Graham's group.

"Miss?" Cindy called out as she raised her hand, "can I go to Mr Wilson's class with my friend Mary?"

Miss Bellamy looked up from her clipboard and at Cindy where she stood between the groups. "Of course you can Cindy," she smiled, and then made a note on her list.

Cindy grinned as she skipped over to hug Mary, and Miss Bellamy continued with the rest of the list. Once all of the children were assigned, and friends reshuffled, the children waved goodbye to their parents and followed their respective teachers to their new class.

Mary and Cindy walked through the corridor, following Mr Wilson, until he reached their new classroom, and followed him inside. As they were finding themselves desks to sit at, Cindy giggled and whispered to Mary, "I'm glad we're in Mr Wilson's class. My sister Karen says he's nice, an' he'll play with you if you ask him to!"

Mary didn't know what Cindy meant by that, so she looked at her new teacher properly for the first time. He was tall, towering over those around him, and was wearing grey slacks and a dark blue polo shirt. He had sandy brown hair and dark hazel eyes, and his smiling face looked open and kindly as he chatted to the girls near him.

At that moment an older girl in uniform entered the classroom, as she did Mr Wilson stood and greeted her with his distinctive British accent, "Ah Maggie, thank you for coming in to help on your day off."

"Glad to help sir," she said as she looked up at him adoringly.

She had a mop of brown curly hair surrounding her slightly rounded smiling face and liquid brown eyes. She had a creamy-coffee coloured complexion that looked smooth and soft. She was taller than the others in the class were and Mary guessed she was older than they were.

Mr Wilson turned back to the noisy class and said loudly, "Ok! Settle down!" When the noise level dropped he continued, "Welcome to my class. As you already know, I'm Mr Wilson, and I will be your teacher for this year." He paused for a moment then continued, "The rules of this school are a little different than most other schools, but your parents know them and agree to them, and we all expect you to follow them." He then went on to explain all the rules that would be considered normal school rules.

"And finally," Mr Wilson said smiling, "the special rules..." He then grasped Maggie around the waist and lifted her easily to stand on top of his high desk. "The school uniform has two forms," he said as he indicated Maggie stood on the desk, "This is the one for all 'outside of school' times, like when you're travelling to or from school, or when on school field trips."

"However, when you're inside the school," He then paused dramatically, "this is the proper uniform..." and at his nod Maggie quickly unzipped her skirt and took it off. There were a few quiet gasps from around the room as her plump little slit came into view; one of the boys even snickered briefly. Mr Wilson continued, "You will all be expected to remove your skirts or trousers once you have arrived here in class. As you are now in class, please remove them now."

Mary had not expected this, her daddy had told her about not wearing panties but she hadn't expected no skirt as well. Beside her, Cindy had already stood and was removing her short skirt and folding it neatly, as if she already knew about it. Mary watched as Cindy's firm rounded butt stuck out as she bent over, and how her fat twinkie pushed out between her thighs. It looked so soft that Mary had the urge to stroke it to see just how soft it really was, but Cindy sat down again before Mary could lift a finger.

Cindy grinned at Mary and nudged her. "You've gotta take off your skirt Mary," she said as she turned sideways in her seat and spread her knees slightly showing her plump slit to her friend. "I wanna see your cunny, like you can see mine."

Mary blushed with embarrassment at being caught peeking, and then realised it was ok to look because Cindy wanted to look at her too. She swiftly stood and took off her skirt. Feeling bold, she bent at the waist away from Cindy to put the skirt away in her rucksack, showing Cindy her twinkie just as she had seen Cindy's. When Mary sat again she grinned back at Cindy, and her twinkie was tingling at the thought of showing off like that.

Once most of them had removed their skirts, however reluctantly or eagerly, one of the four boys in the class of fifteen raised his hand timidly. "B-but sir?" he stammered, "everyone will see our Tinkles!"

Mr Wilson simply smiled and said, "And you are?" as he looked at him.

"B-Billy Preston sir."

"Yes Billy, everyone will see your Tinkle... and you will see everyone else's. But you don't have to take off your trousers if you don't want to," with that Billy sighed and grinned. Mr Wilson continued, "but you may be the only little boy who wears them inside the school." He then pointed to another of the few boys in the class, who was stood calmly folding his trousers with his pale and hairless little cock and balls proudly on show. Billy slumped in his chair looking embarrassed and sullen, Mr Wilson just sighed and continued, "Billy, no-one will force you to take off your trousers, it is your choice, just remember it is a school rule that your parents understand and have agreed to."

After a moment Mr Wilson continued, "Once the other years return tomorrow, you may see students playing with their own and each other's genitals. This is perfectly normal, but if they ask you for privacy, please leave them alone. You may engage in sexual play with anyone you wish to, but you must ask them first and they must agree." His face then grew stern, "If anyone hurts you or sexually touches you when you didn't want it, tell me or another teacher. Even if that person is an adult." He then smiled again and added, "And please don't play during class time, save it for recess," he then looked towards Mary and grinned, "I mean you as well..."

Mary was surprised; she wasn't doing anything. She looked around and saw that Cindy was gently rubbing her twinkie with a dreamy look on her face as she stared at Mr Wilson. Mary felt so embarrassed for her friend; she quickly nudged her as everyone else in the class snickered and giggled.

"As I said," he smiled at Cindy, "please save your 'playing' for recess." He then continued, "Friday afternoons will be devoted to sexual health classes, where you will be taught all about your bodies and the pleasure you can get from them." Then he looked at Cindy again, "although some of you obviously know something about that already!" then he smiled warmly taking the sting from his joke as the others giggled again.

. . .

The rest of the day went past in a blur for Mary; there were so many new things to learn and so many new people to meet. At first she was constantly feeling embarrassed by her semi-nakedness, so much that she would hide her crotch behind her hands, but as the day progressed she grew more and more used to it, even coming to enjoy the feeling of airiness and freedom it gave her. At the end of the day, when her daddy arrived to pick her up, she joyously squealed, "Daddy!" and ran to hug him tight, completely forgetting that she still had a bare butt, until she felt his large hand gently cupping it which sent a thrill coursing through her.

As they drove home Mary chattered excitedly about what she had learnt that day. Leaving nothing out, even telling him about Cindy getting caught 'playing' during lessons. As soon as they got in the house with the doors closed, Mary quickly stripped off her skirt and announced, "This is the proper uniform daddy!"

Joe knew then that he had made the right decision for his little girl.

+ + +

Sex Ed for 6 year olds:

Her first Friday was exciting to Mary. She knew the afternoon would be spent learning about their bodies, and she was eager to learn. Almost every day this week she had seen something new during recess. She had seen Cindy rubbing herself as Mary watched from a distance. She had seen two fourth grade girls rubbing each other as they kissed. And she had seen one third grade girl sucking on the wiener of a sixth grade boy.

As she sat in class after the lunchtime recess, Mary found herself trembling slightly with excitement. She wasn't sure what the class would be like, but she was looking forward to it.

"Ok, settle down!" Mr Wilson called from the front of the classroom, "We all know what this afternoons lesson will be ... and I need some volunteers."

Immediately Cindy's hand shot up startling Mary, who then looked around seeing only a few were brave enough to volunteer. Mr Wilson smiled as he pointed at Cindy, "You Cindy, ... and I need a boy as well," he then looked surprised, "Are you sure Billy?"

Billy Preston had surprised everyone; he had been shy on that first day not wanting to take off his pants, but when he did everyone noticed his large wiener, even though he tried to keep it covered.

"Well, if you'd both come up here," Mr Wilson smiled at Billy's nod, "and stand on my desk." Once Cindy and Billy were stood on Mr Wilson's high desk facing the class he began. "We'll start with the correct names for all the parts of the genitals." He then indicated for Billy to step forward. "Who can name this?" he said as he pointed to Billy's two-inch long flaccid dick.

A number of hands were raised tentatively and when Mr Wilson pointed to them they offered, "pecker", "willy", "tinkle" and "wiener". Mary hadn't heard of most of them.

Mr Wilson shook his head and said, "This is a Penis, it can also be called a Dick or a Cock or any of the names you just used. However you will be expected to remember the proper name, Penis." He then shifted his point of aim lower. "And these are his Testicles," he said smiling, "also called nuts, balls, bollocks and a host of other names." Mr Wilson then gestured for Billy to step back and for Cindy to step forward. "Who can name this?" he asked again as he pointed at Cindy's plump little slit.

Again, only a few hands were tentatively raised, but the answers "trickle", "coochie", "muffy" and "cunny" didn't please him any more that the ones for Billy's penis had. He shook his head sadly, "Ok, everyone gather round."

When everyone had moved closer to his desk, Mr Wilson asked Cindy, "Can you sit on the edge and spread your legs for me please Cindy." When she was comfortable he crouched beside her to explain. "This," he said lightly tracing his finger around Cindy's plump pussy, "is Cindy's Vulva, also known as her pussy. And these," he continued as he traced his finger over her gently flushed labia, "are her outer Labia, or outer lips." He then smiled up at Cindy's blushing face, "You don't mind me doing this, do you?"

"N-No," she stammered, "I like it," then she blushed even more at her confession.

Mr Wilson smiled kindly at her and then turned to continue his explanation. He used the fingertips of his left hand to gently prise Cindy's plump labia apart to reveal her pink interior. "These tiny lips," he continued as he gently caressed them, "are her inner Labia, or inner lips. They extend up to the Clitoral hood," he then rubbed his fingertip over the hood of Cindy's clit causing her to gasp. "Which hides the Clitoris itself," he then pushed the hood up and back to expose Cindy's tiny but erect clit to the class, "also known as the clit or love button or any number of others."

Mary was watching avidly as Mr Wilson exposed Cindy's charms to them all. She felt tingles buzzing through her vulva; she even liked the sound of the proper name better than 'twinkie'.

"The inner labia also extend down to the Vagina itself," Mr Wilson continued as he drew his fingertip down Cindy's slit until it was poised at the tiny entrance to her rapidly dampening hole, and then he briefly wiggled it causing Cindy to moan softly.

Mr Wilson stood and looked at the awed faces of the children around him and smiled. "Ok, I want you to break into groups and look at each other's genitals, and I want you to name each part for each other." He then lifted a very wobbly Cindy down off of his desk.

Cindy and Mary returned to their desks to start their explorations, but before they had even begun Billy joined them and shyly asked, "Can I be in your group?"

Mary looked around the class; everyone was splitting into small groups with each of the four boys split one to a group. Then she saw one girl stood still, looking unsure which group to join. Mary stepped over to her and announced, "Hi, I'm Mary, do you wanna join our group?" The girl nodded shyly and then followed Mary back to join Cindy and Billy. "Guys, this is..." Mary started, then turned to the girl for her name.

"Deedee Carmel," she smiled shyly, "but you can call me Dee."

She was a beautiful little girl. She was slightly shorter than Mary but had wonderfully shiny long golden blond hair down to the middle of her back that was currently held in a ponytail by a pale green scrunchie. Her slender face was smiling shyly; she had a cute button nose, deep blue-green eyes and her smooth golden tanned complexion held just a hint of a rosy blush. Nestled between her slim thighs was a delightfully plump little slit.

The four of them stood looking at each other for a moment, wondering who would show first. Then Cindy suddenly jumped up onto her desk and spread her legs wide grinning, showing her slightly moist slit to the others.

Billy stared for a moment and then whispered to Cindy, "Do you wanna tissue? I think you pee'd."

Cindy looked at herself and hotly denied it, "No I didn't!"

"When a girl gets aroused," the voice of Mr Wilson startled all four of them, "her vagina secretes a special slippery liquid, that allows the boy's penis to slide easily into the girl's vagina during sex." He then smiled at them and indicated Cindy's shiny labia, "That's why we give you the wipes Cindy," then he moved on to the next group.

Cindy blushed furiously, jumped off the desk and began to rummage in her bag for her wipes. Mary smiled knowing that Cindy had enjoyed Mr Wilson touching her, then turned to Dee and timidly asked, "Can I see your..." she was hesitant to say it, "vulva?"

Dee giggled slightly and then nodded bashfully. She jumped up to sit on Mary's desk and then spread her legs. Mary bent over to stare entranced at Dee's plump vulva, even with her legs spread her labia were close together forming a thin line. Mary looked up into Dee's face, where she was nervously nibbling at her lower lip. "Can I... can I touch you?" she asked softly. Dee's face flushed as she smiled slightly and nodded bashfully once more.

Mary moved in a little closer to Dee's spread crotch, and then very gently stroked the tip of her fingers first down one plump lip and then down the other. "So soft," she whispered to herself. She was oblivious to the world around her as she very gently stroked Dee's pussy. She gently prised Dee's firm pussy lips apart to reveal her tiny clitoral hood and almost non-existent inner labia. As Mary watched, Dee's hood filled out and changed to a rosy colour. Mary shifted her hands and tried to hold Dee's labia apart with one hand but repeatedly failed. Dee reached between her own thighs and held her labia apart for her. Mary flashed a grin of thanks up at her new friend and then returned to her exploration.

She trailed her fingertip around the inner edge of Dee's plump labia, around the tiny entrance to her vagina and then up to the swollen hood. Mary gently moved the hood around, causing Dee to stifle a gasp. As she pushed and rubbed Dee's clitoral hood, Mary could feel something small and hard inside it. She realised with delight that it must be Dee's clitoris. She grinned up at Dee and whispered excitedly, "I can feel your clit!"

"Uh huh," Dee moaned, she knew just what Mary was playing with, and it felt wonderful.

Mary looked at Dee's flushed face and knew she wanted to see what that felt like. She pulled her hands away and stood grinning at Dee's disappointed groan. "My turn," she said quietly still grinning, "move your butt, I wanna sit there."

Reluctantly Dee hopped off the desk and allowed Mary to sit in her place. Then she knelt between Mary's wide spread legs and began her own examination of Mary's cunny. Mary was already holding her plump lips open, so Dee began gently stroking along and around her tiny inner labia.

Mary felt shivers of excitement spread through her loins as Dee gently stroked her pussy. She had to stifle a moan when Dee's trailing fingertip swooped round the entrance to her vagina and back up towards her clit. Tingling shivers rippled out from her vulva when Dee finally touched the hood. She hardly dared to breath as she felt Dee begin to rub at her hard little clit, sending bolts of pleasure up to her nipples causing them to rapidly harden in response.

Suddenly Dee's touch was gone and the wonderful feelings were fading as Mary opened her eyes, that she hadn't even realised she'd closed, and looked to see Dee smiling mischievously at her while sucking her fingertip. Mary looked down at herself and found that she too was moist, just like Cindy had been. Embarrassed, she quickly jumped off the desk and delved in her bag for some wipes.

+ + +

Masturbation 101:

Friday two weeks later, Mary was tingling with excitement again; the rumours were flying as to what this afternoon's class would be about, but no one really knew. She sat at her desk impatiently waiting for everyone to come in from lunchtime recess, with her pussy tingling in anticipation. She liked calling it her pussy now, because she always liked it being stroked and petted.

When the last of the children had wandered in, Mr Wilson called, "Ok settle down!" When he finally had quiet he continued, "Today's lesson will be about Masturbation for fun. That is playing with your genitals, or those of another, because it feels good." He paused for a moment and looked at the keen faces before him, some were nodding knowingly while others were simply smiling. "By now I'm sure you all know that rubbing yourself feels good," he smiled at them as they smiled back at him, "but what you may not know about is the explosion of good feelings that is called an Orgasm or cum, spelt C U M, not C O M E."

"When a boy is old enough and has an orgasm, it is usually fairly obvious," Mr Wilson continued smiling, "because he ejaculates semen from his penis. Semen is a thick whitish liquid that is full of sperm, and you will learn more about sperm in biology later."

"Eew gross!" Louise protested loudly.

"Not so," Mr Wilson shook his head, "sperm are required for girls to have babies when they are old enough. However," he looked at the outspoken girl sternly, "today's lesson is masturbation, not biology, and besides, I doubt that any of you boys will be able to ejaculate just yet." He then looked around the class again and continued, "Girls can have an orgasm as well, but it can be harder to achieve and may not be so obvious," he paused and then joked, "except to the girl having it of course."

Once the snickers and groans has subsided Mr Wilson said, "Ok, I need two volunteers to show off their masturbation technique." Not one child put their hand up, not even Cindy who had volunteered the previous time.

"Nobody?" Mr Wilson asked disappointed, "Don't forget, you will need to pass a test on masturbation. Masturbating yourself, another or allowing another to masturbate you could be tested." He then noticed that Dee was tentatively raising her hand. "Yes Dee," he asked her, "do you want to show us how you do it?" when she hesitantly nodded he said, "well, come up here and sit on my desk... so we can all see."

Dee was blushing furiously as Mr Wilson lifted her up to sit on the edge of his high desk and everyone moved in closer to watch her play with herself. She propped her feet up on the closest front desks and spread her legs wide, giving everyone a clear view of her plump hairless pussy.

She began to rub around the top of her slit with her right hand, and gently probe at her hole with the middle finger of her left. She felt deeply embarrassed by doing this in front of the class, but strangely she also felt very aroused. She pressed her fingertips more firmly at her top of her slit, until she found her small firm clit beneath its hood. She rubbed briskly back and forth, feeling jolts of pleasure ripple out from her clit every time it slipped out from under her fingers. She quickly brought her other finger up to her mouth and slathered it with saliva before she returned it to her pussy and began pushing it slowly into her tight vaginal sheath. She could feel each pulse of pleasure from her clit cause her passage to squeeze on her invading finger, and each squeeze sent answering ripples back to her clit.

The class watched in rapt silence, not one of them was willing to disturb Dee's demonstration. Her breathing was becoming rapid and her pussy was clutching tightly at her invading finger. The whole area of her vulva was almost glowing with the rosy blush of her arousal.

Dee glanced around at all the enthralled faces of her classmates, and noticed Mary watching intently. Her mouth was slightly parted and her tongue was licking her lips. Dee watched Mary watching her, Dee idly thought to herself, Suddenly her pleasure ramped up to a whole new level. Dee gasped slightly as the jolts of pleasure radiating from her clit got much stronger and spread throughout her body. She increased the tempo of her fingering and rubbing. "Ooohh!" she moaned aloud, as she thought of Mary masturbating her.

Dee's fingers were a blur, rapidly pumping in and out of the entrance to her tight pussy and vigorously strumming on her clit. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open as she moaned and groaned her way higher, on towards her onrushing orgasm.

Dee's little fantasy of Mary rubbing her clit suddenly changed, to Mary doing it to Dee in front of the class or even the whole school. Dee groaned loudly as her body trembled and spasmed with her sudden explosive orgasm. It was much stronger than any other she had ever felt before and felt like it would last forever. Dee panted and puffed as she slowly returned to normal, and heard Mr Wilson talking about her wonderful cum.

"Well, that orgasm was certainly obvious," Mr Wilson joked with the stunned children still staring entranced by Dee's performance. He lifted Dee from his desk and stood her on her wobbly legs. He crouched down beside her and steadied her with his hand gently cradling her rounded bottom. "Why don't you clean yourself up," he suggested gently, "and return to your seat while I clean my desk, hmm?"

Once the small spots of Dee's orgasmic juices had been cleaned away, Mr Wilson turned to the class and asked, "Ok, so which of you boys is going to demonstrate for us? It's obvious you were all aroused by Dee's show." All the girls turned to look at each of the four boys, and all four had hard little erections poking out from their crotches. "Well," Mr Wilson sighed when none of the boys volunteered, "I guess I'll have to demonstrate then."

Mary was surprised but delighted, she had been trying to see her daddy's penis for the last few weeks, but she had not managed it so far, and this would be the first adult penis she would get to see.

Mr Wilson quickly undid his belt, stripped off his trousers and laid them over his chair. He then removed his boxer shorts and displayed an impressive erection to the class. He laid his shorts over his trousers, and then moved to the front of his desk and sat on the edge, where Dee had been, with his hairy legs spread wide.

The children were awed by Mr Wilson's seven-inch erect penis as it jutted from the thick forest of his pubic hair with his large hairy balls dangling below. "As you can see," Mr Wilson chuckled, "Dee's performance aroused me as well." He gently wrapped his hand around his shaft just below the bulbous head of his circumcised dick. "This is the most commonly used method of masturbation for a man," he said, and then began to slowly pump his hand back and forth along his shaft. "As you can see," he said after a moment, "the outer skin of the penis shaft slides easily over the firm inner flesh. This larger purple end of the penis is called the glans, and it is very sensitive." Mr Wilson continued his slow pumping action for a few more minutes before he asked, "Would anyone like to do this for me?"

Mary felt an intense desire to see what it felt like to masturbate Mr Wilson, but she didn't want to seem too eager. She needn't have worried though, two hands shot up before any of the others.

Both Cindy and Dee were eagerly holding their hands up above their heads straining to be picked first, but they were quickly followed by the remaining girls, including Mary. "Ok," Mr Wilson continued, "why don't you all line up and you can all have a go." Cindy jumped up to be first in the line, but Mary and Dee hung back and then joined the end after Tomas.

Cindy clasped both hands around Mr Wilson's shaft and began to vigorously pump them up and down. "Whoa," he chuckled, "not so fast. I don't want to cum before everyone has had a go." Then he looked at Cindy's aroused smiling face and asked, "You've done this before, haven't you?" Cindy's only reply was to nod and grin back at him.

Mr Wilson allowed each of the children in line to look at and feel his erect penis, as well as pump it a few times. As each one gripped him Mr Wilson corrected them, making them loosen their grip when too tight, or tighten when too loose. Last in the line were Dee and Mary, by now Mr Wilson's cock was straining and throbbing with his rapid heartbeat and was leaking precum profusely.

Mary looked at the massive erection feeling both nervous and excited; she had never seen her daddy's cock before but she knew she would be asking to see it later. She tentatively felt the silky soft skin if the outside, and marvelled at how hot and hard it felt. She had to use both of her small hands to carefully surround the shaft just below the angry purple head and began to slide them down and back up the shaft. After only a few pumps Mr Wilson said, "Very nice Mary, very well done," and then stopped her so Dee could have a go.

Dee looked at the large erection excitedly; she had never seen an adult penis before, since her father had left before she was born. She felt her pussy tingle as she reached out to clasp the veined shaft firmly and began to pump it. She knew she must be doing it right when she heard Mr Wilson moan and she felt it throb and get even harder.

Suddenly Mr Wilson groaned and his cock pulsed in Dee's hands as it began to squirt jet after jet of whitish thick fluid. His orgasm was so strong that the first jet landed on the thigh of one of the girls stood at the front of the class, causing them all to jump back a step and Louise to protest, "Eww gross!"

. . .

When Mary and Joe were in the car driving home, she could hardly contain her excitement. She squirmed so much that Joe noticed. "Are you ok sweetie?" he asked, "You keep fidgeting."

"Yes daddy," she said contritely and tried her best to keep still, but her excitement soon got the better of her. "We learned how to mastrubat today! ... erm matruebat ..."

Joe chuckled lightly, "Do you mean Masturbate sweetie?"

"Yeah!" Mary enthusiastically agreed, "It was excitin', we watched Dee do it, an' then Mr Wilson did it!" She then laughed, and added, "He made his penis squirt his semen onto Jenny's leg."

Joe had been introduced to Dee and her mother Jen a few weeks before when picking up Mary. The thought of watching such a sexy little girl rubbing her pussy had his dick rapidly inflating in the tight confines of his slacks. Then what Mary had said sank in, she had seen her teacher jerk off and cum onto another girl and was excited by it! "Mmmm!" he groaned at the thought.

"Daddy," Mary asked concern colouring her voice, "are you ok?"

"I'm fine honey," Joe replied, "that is very exciting isn't it."

The rest of the drive home was in silence, Mary continued to fidget and squirm, her little pussy constantly buzzing excitingly. She was itching to play with it but knew she couldn't when she wasn't in school or at home.

As he drove with only half his mind on his driving, Joe kept imagining Dee as she played with her clit and came in front of the class.

When they finally arrived home, and Joe had parked in the driveway, Mary tentatively asked, "Daddy, can I ask you somethin'?"

"Of course you can sweetie," he said as he undid his seatbelt and turned to face her.

Mary released her own seatbelt and turned in the seat to face Joe, lifting her knee and calf up onto the seat in the process. As she turned her skirt lifted to display her plump and flushed pink pussy to Joe's avid gaze. "Daddy," she asked uncertain what his reaction would be, "Um... will you help me with my homework?"

Joe was lost in his thoughts and desires looking at Mary's obviously aroused little pussy. "Sure honey," he replied distractedly, "I can do that."

"Great!" Mary cheered and turned to climb from the car.

Joe suddenly realised what type of homework she might mean and rapidly got out of the car as well. They both dashed to the house and inside feeling excited.

As soon as the front door was closed Mary slipped off her skirt and shoes, and then grabbed her daddy's hand. "Come on daddy," she encouraged him, "I wanna practice!"

Joe allowed himself to be pulled along the hallway and into Mary's bedroom and stood while Mary quickly stripped off her waistcoat and blouse, and then jumped up onto her bed, naked except for her long white socks. She lay back on the bed with her head propped up against her pillow and spread her knees wide before stroking her fingers around her damp pussy slit, causing Joe's erection to become painfully hard in his slacks.

"I've gotta do it myself," she breathlessly explained to him, "an' let someone do it to me, an' do it to someone else too!" she then smiled up at her daddy feeling very aroused at being so bold for him. "Will you watch me daddy?"

"If you want me to honey," he smiled as he sat on the bed at her feet.

Mary nodded vigorously while grinning widely. She relaxed back against the pillow and began to trail the fingers of both hands over her plump pussy causing thrills to spread around her crotch and tingles in her clit. She pushed her fingers in the top of her slit and rubbed them in a circle, feeling for her hard little nubbin. She gasped as she found her tiny clit and felt a thrilling flash of pleasure burst from her pussy.

Joe watched feeling aroused and excited to the core; his little six-year-old girl was openly masturbating while he watched, and she appeared to be enjoying it.

Mary felt shivers of excitement spread throughout her body as she rubbed at her hard little clit. She moaned with the feelings as tingling shivers of pleasure spread up to her nipples causing them to rapidly harden and tingle in turn. Unexpectedly the rubbing of her clit turned painful. "Owie!" Mary yelped and looked down at herself.

Joe quickly looked to see if there had been any damage. "You're very dry honey," he gently explained, "why don't you use some of your spit to make it slippery." He then moved her fingers up to his mouth and generously slathered them with his saliva before putting them back on her aroused clit hood, "That should make it feel better."

Mary grinned at her daddy, the good feelings were back and the rubbing was feeling much better. She dragged her fingers over the entrance to her vagina and felt a rush of pleasure. She continued rubbing her clit with her spit-coated fingers, as she slid her other hand down to circle and play with the entrance to her hole. The pleasure she was feeling increased rapidly, as her fingers rubbed frantically over and around her hard little clit. The pleasure kept building up, like a bubble being blown up inside her tummy, getting bigger and bigger, until she felt like she really needed to go pee. Suddenly a large tidal wave of warm good feelings washed outwards from her pussy, radiating to every corner of her body. "Mmmmm," Mary moaned languorously as she slowly relaxed from her very first orgasm, still gently stroking at her sensitive pussy.

Joe was astonished, and aroused beyond anything he had ever felt before. His little girl, his little six-year-old girl had just made herself cum. And it had looked like a good one. Joe quickly stood and slipped off his pants and boxers, releasing his rampant six-inch uncircumcised erection.

"Mmmm daddy," Mary groaned sexily, as she sat up and reached for her daddy's big hard penis. "Can I practice on you now daddy?"

Joe sat down again at Mary's feet and smiled, "Of course you can honey."

Mary moved her daddy so he was sitting back against her pillow and knelt beside him. She reached out and carefully grasped her daddy's penis around the middle. She felt another thrill of excitement holding the hot and hard shaft, and slowly began to slide her hands up and down. "Daddy," she asked quizzically, "why do you have this extra skin?" and gently wiggled his foreskin with her finger.

"That is called the foreskin honey," he explained patiently, "some boys will have it removed when they are babies, while others don't."

"Oh, ok," she said mildly and then continued pumping him for a few moments. She didn't feel right kneeling beside him, so she quickly shifted herself so that she was straddling his knees and resumed pumping on his hard shaft.

Joe was delighted; his little girl was sat on his knees with her legs spread wide, clearly showing her inflamed pussy flesh to his avid gaze. While she slowly jerked him off, both of her hands were only just big enough to wrap around his shaft. Her look of concentration, with her little tongue peeking out the side of her lips while she pumped him, was sweet but almost comical, but he knew better than to laugh at her. "Mary," he said quietly, gently stroking her cheek with the back of his fingers to get her attention. "Sweetie, why don't you use some of your spit to make your hands slide over my cock easier."

Mary let go of her daddy's penis and then spat generously into her palms. "Like this daddy?" she asked as she then circled his shaft with both her hands and slid them easily up and down.

"Hmmm," Joe moaned at the wonderful feeling of her little hands gliding over his shaft. "That's great sweetie," he groaned, "and use your thumbs at the top here," and indicated the sensitive part of his glans.

When Mary rubbed her thumb over the spot he had pointed to, her daddy let out a loud groan and she felt his penis throb even harder. She looked up to see if he was ok, and saw his eyes were closed and he was smiling. Mary grinned to herself as she looked back at what she was doing; her daddy must really like it a lot. As she pumped him, a blob of something clear oozed out of the little slit at the top and then was smeared around his glans by her movements. She wasn't sure what it was, but it wasn't like Mr Wilson's white stuff so she just continued her pumping action.

Joe was enjoying immensely the feeling of Mary's hands sliding over his shaft. But he soon felt the familiar tingling feeling at the base of his spine that told of his impending orgasm. He opened his eyes and watched Mary pumping for a moment then his gaze slid past his dick to Mary's spread crotch and her flushed and swollen pussy. The plump lips were slightly parted by her position and he could see a small bead of her sexual secretions oozing from her tiny hole. The sight of her obvious excitement at masturbating him knocked Joe's own arousal up a notch. The tingle at the base of his spine flared and he felt his balls pull up and clench. He groaned aloud as he felt the liquid fire sensation rush up his shaft as his cum spurted from his dick.

Mary felt her daddy's penis throb and become even harder. He then suddenly groaned and his hips thrust upwards and a spurt of semen shot up and fell back onto the backs of her hands. Mary continued to pump his shaft, watching it spurt again and then again until the last dribbles oozed from the small slit. She pulled her semen-covered hands off her daddy's penis and looked at the blobs and smears of whitish liquid.

Joe opened his eyes after one of the best cum's he had ever felt and looked at his daughter and grinned blissfully. Her hands were covered with his ejaculate and she was rubbing her fingers together, feeling how slippery it was, before she shrugged and wiped them off on her tummy.

Mary smiled as she looked up at her daddy. "Now you gotta do me daddy!" she said impishly. They quickly swapped positions again and Mary lay back with her head propped up against her pillow and spread her knees wide.

Joe looked at Mary's spread puffy little pussy with lust; he wanted to dive in to lick and suck her, bring her to orgasm again and again with his mouth, but he knew that Mary would be learning about oral sex in due time and he should wait until then.

"Rub my pussy daddy!" Mary said impatiently, and wriggled her hips around to capture his wandering attention.

Joe leant over and reached between her widespread thighs to lightly stroke her plump, flushed outer lips causing Mary to mew softly as he trailed his fingertip up and down her slit and gently probed at her tiny hole.

"Mmmm," she moaned sensuously, "play with my clit daddy, it feels so good."

Joe was happy to, he scooted closer and brought his other hand over to the top of her slit and gently rubbed at her engorged clit through it's hood with his thumb. He quickly dribbled saliva onto her slit and then slowly eased his spit slick fingertip up into her tight sheath until he felt her hymen, and then began to move it around in small circles, rubbing all around inside the entrance.

Mary groaned as he used his thumb on her stiff little clit and wriggled her hips around. What her daddy was doing felt really nice, but was not quite enough, not quite right. "Rub it harder daddy!" she moaned softly, wanting to explode with good feelings again.

Joe heard Mary's low moan and quickly dribbled even more saliva over her clit before rubbing his spit soaked thumb in firm circles around her stiff little nubbin. Joe could feel the hard little clit rolling around under the pad of his thumb, every time it moved he could feel her vaginal entrance pulse on his fingertip. He kept up her stimulation as she told him; when she said harder, he pushed firmly. When she said faster or slower, he rubbed faster or slower as directed, doing what she wanted when she wanted, letting her control everything.

Mary was panting rapidly; she could feel the build up of a really big bubble of pleasure. It kept expanding inside her and she could feel the pressure building as her hips flexed in time to her daddy's rubbing. Suddenly an image of Dee doing this to her flashed into her mind and the bubble burst. Mary came hard as a thundering climax washed in pulsing waves out from her clit and pussy to every part of her body making it tingle in response.

Joe watched Mary explode with a little awe; he was amazed that his little six-year-old girl could climax so powerfully. He gently withdrew his juice-covered fingertip from her still fluttering hole and quickly popped it onto his mouth. The taste was slight, but distinct; sweet and yet salty, and it hot-wired straight into Joe's libido, he knew he would want more of it, lots more.

+ + +

Oral Sex 101:

Mary was again tingling with excitement as she sat at her desk waiting for everyone to come in from lunchtime recess. She had been practicing masturbation at home all week, both by herself and with her daddy, but had not had the courage to practice at school in case she looked silly to the others.

When all of the children had finally wandered in, Mr Wilson called, "Ok settle down!" When he had quiet he continued, "Today's lesson will be about Oral Sex. That is using your mouth, lips and tongue to give pleasure."

"Eew gross!" Louise protested loudly.

Mr Wilson sighed and looked at Louise. "Why is it gross Louise?" he asked calmly, "I haven't even told you what it is and you are already complaining." He sighed again and continued, "Would you say it was gross if I kissed your cheek?"

Louise blushed a little at being singled out but shook her head, "No."

"What if I kissed your neck?" he asked, again she shook her head, "Or kissed a nipple?"

Louise blushed again and again shook her head, "No."

"Would it be gross if I sucked on your nipple?" Mr Wilson asked.

Louise' eyes widened and her blush looked more from arousal than embarrassment. Again she shook her head, "No."

"Well, all of these are using your mouth to give pleasure," Mr Wilson stated. He then looked around the class and asked, "Can anyone else give me a different example?" he paused for a moment and then continued smiling, "one that does not involve the genitals." He waited, but none of the children volunteered. "No ideas?" he prompted, "Well, what about this..." He then leant over beside Louise, cupped his hand around her ear and began to whisper quietly to her alone. "I want to slide my tongue between the lips of your sweet little pussy and taste your little girl juices. To push it deep into your tight, little hole, and then suck and nibble on your proud little clit."

As he whispered to her, Louise gasped and her eyes widened even further. The blush on her face spread down to her neck and her breathing quickened. She rapidly grew more aroused as Mr Wilson's whispered words inflamed her desires and passions. She moaned and whimpered as his depraved litany continued each word seeming to stoke the fires of her arousal.

Suddenly Mr Wilson stopped and stepped back to the front of the class. "And that," he said looking at Louise' excited face and body, "was using my mouth to excite her biggest sexual area... her mind." He then stepped in front of her again and lifted her chin so that he could look deep into her limpid eyes. "Would it be gross if I did all of that to you?" he gently asked. Then, to his amazement, Louise stiffened slightly and shivered briefly before smiling dreamily and shaking her head.

Mr Wilson stepped back to the front of the class. "However," he announced smiling, "it is generally accepted that Oral Sex means using your mouth on someone's genitals." He paused a moment to allow what he had just said to sink in and then continued, "I want you to get into your groups and practice kissing each other, remember to open your mouths and use your tongues."

Billy, Cindy, Dee and Mary looked at each other unsure how or where to start. Mary was a little surprised when Cindy said, "Come here Billy," and then pulled him in close and began to kiss him. Billy looked a little hesitant at first, and surprised when Cindy forced her tongue between his lips, but he soon began kissing her back.

Mary wanted to watch further but Dee pulled her round so they were facing each other and smiled tentatively. Neither of them had told the other about their little fantasies, and neither knew how much the other really liked them.

Dee stepped closer to Mary and slowly moved in to kiss her. She was feeling excited and nervous at the same time; she wanted to kiss Mary so much, but did not want to make a mistake and look a fool.

Mary was so excited at the thought of finally kissing Dee that she couldn't wait any longer. She quickly moved in to Dee and kissed her softly, lips to lips. They both shivered with excitement as their lips touched softly and sensuously for the first time.

Dee poked her tongue out between her lips to lightly and hesitantly lick at Mary's closed lips before easing the tip between them into her waiting mouth. Dee groaned inwardly as she felt Mary's tongue tentatively lick at her own.

They both quickly advanced from hesitant swipes and pokes to a passionate duel where each squirmed their tongue back and forth between their mouths, like a lingual struggle for dominance. Both Mary and Dee were blushing and panting for breath when they finally broke off the kiss to look sheepishly at Cindy and Billy watching them impatiently.

They swapped partners, so that Billy and Mary kissed while Dee and Cindy did the same, and then swapped again so Billy and Dee kissed while Cindy and Mary shared the first proper kiss of their friendship.

As Cindy and Mary were still kissing, Mr Wilson called for the classes attention. Mary swiftly broke away from the kiss and looked to the front of the room. She was surprised to see that Maggie, the smiling older girl from her first day, was again stood next to Mr Wilson.

"Thank you again for volunteering Maggie," he said to her as he rested his hand on her shoulder and smiled at her. He turned back to the class and announced, "Now you are going to practice your oral techniques on each other, but first Maggie and I will demonstrate." He then helped her onto the edge of the high desk where she spread her legs wide, clearly showing her plump hairless pussy to the class.

Mr Wilson stood beside Maggie and lightly traced his fingers over her plump labia. "Use your tongue to lick around her labia," he said, "and between them into her slit." He then pulled her lips apart to show her moist pink interior. "Use your tongue to rub and flick at her clit and hood," he continued as he rubbed his finger around Maggie's clitoral hood, "and try to push your tongue into her vagina too," he then moved his finger down and slowly pushed it into her hole to the second knuckle. "Also," he added, "sucking hard around the clitoris makes it very sensitive."

Mr Wilson then suited actions to words, he moved Maggie so she was lying on the desk sideways to the class. "Now I want you all to get close and watch as I perform oral sex on Maggie." He then leant over and began sucking and licking on Maggie's slit.

Mary did her best to get close and see what was happening, feeling very excited by the idea of licking and being licked. She was disappointed when she could not see enough, Mr Wilson's head kept getting in the way, but she could see how much Maggie was enjoying it, and hear it too. Mary watched Maggie's body as she squirmed and wriggled, and listened to her moans, groans and screams as she came with a strong orgasm.

Mr Wilson stood again and wiped his juice-covered lips with his handkerchief. "Remember to allow yourself to be guided by your partner's reactions..." he said, "if they like what you are doing, keep doing it." He then helped a limp Maggie up from the desk and softly asked her, "Are you ready?" When she nodded her assent Mr Wilson quickly slipped off his slacks and boxer shorts and laid them on his chair before leaning against the side of his desk. His seven-inch erection jutted out from his body as he leant against his desk, sideways on to the class. Maggie knelt before Mr Wilson and looked adoringly up into his eyes. She reached for, and gently grasped his stiff cock before licking it from the base up to the flared crown of the glans.

Mary watched in awe and excitement as Maggie first licked Mr Wilson's penis all around the shaft and head, and then slid the fat mushroom shaped glans into her mouth and sucked as she pushed her mouth down onto it. Mary thought curious and excited, she couldn't wait to see and feel for herself.

"When you are sucking a penis," Mr Wilson explained to the class, "it is best to stimulate it with your tongue as much as possible." Then he looked down at Maggie and said, "If you would Maggie." Maggie then pulled up and off of his dick with a wet sucking slurp and looked up to smile at him. "Just as a girl's vulva is sensitive but her clit is very, very sensitive, so a boy's penis is sensitive and this area here is very, very sensitive." He then indicated the area at the tip of his dick between the small slit at the end and underside of his glans.

Maggie leant forward and demonstrated just what he meant. She poked her tongue out of her mouth and licked the underside of his glans, swirling the tip all around the area indicated, forcing Mr Wilson to groan with pleasure.

"Yesss..." he hissed with delight, "just like that Maggie." After a moment of simply enjoying Maggie's talented tongue he continued his explanation. "You know that the object of oral sex is give your partner as much pleasure as possible," he smiled, "not to give them an orgasm as fast as possible."

He waited for the giggles to die down before he continued, "As you know, when a girl or woman climaxes it can vary from only getting a little wetter to spurts of juices flooding from her vagina." He then smiled down at Maggie's bobbing head, "But when a man climaxes, or a boy once his body has matured enough, there will always be ejaculate, only the amount and thickness will vary."

He paused a moment waiting for Louise to comment, but she remained quiet. "A woman's vaginal juices and a man's semen are not poisonous, they can be eaten and swallowed," he then smiled down at Maggie again and stroked her hair lovingly, "some people like the taste so much they can't get enough of it."

Maggie suddenly increased her sucking and bobbing on Mr Wilson's cock, working herself up and down the shaft with abandon. It didn't take much of this extra stimulation to drive Mr Wilson over the edge he had been teetering on for some time. He came with a loud groan of pure ecstasy as Maggie pulled back and rapidly began swallowing while Mr Wilson huffed and panted with his orgasm.

Once Maggie had cleared her mouth and was giving his deflating cock a tongue bath, Mr Wilson smiled tenderly at Maggie and said, "Thank you Maggie. That was wonderful as always." He then turned to the class as if just remembering they were there, cleared his throat and announced, "In the short time we have left, I would like you to split into your groups and try using your mouths on each other." He then added, "but don't try for orgasms," he chuckled, "you can try for those as homework."

Mary turned to look at Cindy, Dee and Billy and smiled tentatively, unsure where to begin. She felt disappointment mixed with relief when the end of class bell rang before they could do anything. She was disappointed that she would not be licked by Cindy or Dee, but relieved that she would not look foolish by not knowing what to do.

As Mary and Cindy were packing up their bags and putting on their skirts, Cindy suggested, "Mary, get your dad to talk to my dad." She then smiled mischievously, "We should have a sleepover to practice this."

. . .

Mary sat quietly as her daddy drove them home. Even though she and daddy had been masturbating each other for the past few weeks she was very nervous about this next step, but very excited too. She really wanted to see what it felt like to have her pussy licked, and she wanted to try licking and sucking her daddy's penis. But she really didn't want to make any mistakes.

As Joe drove, he knew something was up with Mary; she was not usually this quiet on a Friday, she would normally be telling him all about the sexual health lesson she'd had. He continued to drive in silence for a while before trying to break the silence. "So how was school today Mary?" he asked lightly.

"Ok," Mary said, and it was as if the dam of her fears had been breached as it all came flooding out. "Mr Wilson showed us how to use our mouths, an' he licked Maggie's pussy 'til she cum'ed, an' she sucked his cock until he spurted into her mouth, an' she swallowed an' everything."

"Well, that sounds like fun," Joe said lightly but feeling elated at the excitement that was evident in Mary's voice. He knew it wouldn't be long before he would be able to finally taste her little pussy directly, and she would suck him too. "Did you get to do anything fun?" he asked still keeping his tone light.

"Not really daddy," she said a little sadly, "but we did kiss a bit." And then her voice became wistful, "I liked kissing Dee... I liked it a lot."

Joe's heart nearly skipped a beat with that news. He had never thought of his little girl with another girl, but now the image would not leave his thoughts; Mary and Dee kissing, and then stroking each others bodies, then playing with each others pussies and finally sucking each other to orgasm in a 69. By the time they reached home Joe's dick was straining in his pants and the small wet spot where his pre-cum was leaking was evidence of his excitement and arousal.

Neither of them spoke as they entered the house, Mary simply grabbed her daddy's hand and pulled him along the hallway to her room. When she got there she quickly stripped off her clothes, and then jumped up onto her bed naked. She lay back with her head propped up against her pillow and spread her knees wide before stroking her fingers over her damp pussy. "Daddy," she said finally breaking the tense silence, "please lick me... lick my pussy!"

They were the words Joe had been longing to hear from Mary since she had started school. He would finally get to taste her little girl slit and make her cum with his tongue. Joe quickly stripped off his shirt and slacks, freeing his rampant six-inch erection, before lying down on Mary's bed between her widespread legs. He lowered his head slowly, taking his time to admire the prominent mound of her vulva that was only parted slightly, even with her legs widely spread. As he got close Joe could delay no longer; he stuck out his tongue and swiped it up from the base of her pussy to her clit in one firm lick.

Mary shivered slightly and sighed, "Ooooh," with pleasure at the feeling of her first real lick; it was different to being rubbed but it felt great too, and she knew she would be doing it a lot.

Joe felt Mary's shiver and smiled to himself as he lapped at her pussy in earnest. He slowly lapped all over her plump, firm vulva until she began to moan softly in time with each lick. He then eased the tip of his tongue between her labia at the base of her slit until it slid slightly into her vagina, and was rewarded with a taste of her exciting juices.

Mary groaned as she felt her daddy's tongue intruded into her, while it felt strange to her it also felt good. Briefly, she wondered if her daddy would want to poke his penis into her, like she had seen some of the older students doing at school, and whether it would feel this good too.

Joe vigorously assaulted Mary's bald little pussy with his tongue. He lapped all over her labia, he tried to push the stiffened tip into her tiny vaginal sheath and he sucked and strummed at her tiny clit. As he orally stimulated her pussy he reached up her body to gently stroke and play with her erect little nipples causing her groans to increase in volume.

Mary didn't know it would feel this good; she really liked playing with herself, but this was different. She was breathing rapidly as the feeling of a huge bubble of pleasure built within her. She flexed her hips up at her daddy's mouth, grinding herself on his lips and tongue, straining for her cum. Suddenly the bubble burst and Mary screamed as a thundering climax washed over her in waves of pleasure.

Joe felt Mary's tight little cunt squeeze on his intruding tongue as she came, and was again awed at how his little six-year-old girl could cum so strongly. He gently lapped at her still spasming pussy as she wound down from the heights of her climax, tasting her ambrosial juices for as long as possible.

"Mmmm daddy," Mary groaned sexily, as she sat up, "that was great! Can I suck on you now?"

Joe sat up and smiled, "Of course you can sweetie."

Mary quickly hopped off the bed and moved her daddy so he was sitting back against her pillow and then knelt over his knees. She reached out and carefully grasped his penis around the middle and pumped it up and down a few times before licking tentatively at the clear liquid oozing from the end. It didn't taste of anything much, so she pushed her lips over the end and sucked it into her hot little mouth.

Joe hissed and said softly, "Be careful of your teeth honey, ok?"

Mary pulled her mouth off of her daddy and apologised, "I'm sorry daddy, I'll be more careful." She then smiled up at her daddy again before squeezing her lips over the spongy head of his cock. She ran her tongue all over the glans invading her mouth, licking and tasting the smooth skin, trying to force her tongue into the tiny hole at the top.

Joe groaned at the feelings Mary was evoking from his loins. He had never felt a blowjob that had felt as good in his life. Mary's inexperience was far outweighed by her enthusiasm and her willingness to please.

Mary slowly pushed her mouth down onto her daddy's cock until she felt it bump into the back of her throat. As she gained confidence the action of her tongue on her daddy's cock grew firmer and more assured.

Joe grunted with pleasure at what Mary was doing with her tongue. "M - Mary," he stammered, "I'm gonna cum..."

When she heard what her daddy said, Mary suddenly increased her sucking and bobbing on her daddy's cock, vigorously washing it inside her hot, wet mouth with her tongue. She felt his hips jerk as he grunted again just like Mr Wilson had earlier. She pulled back until only his glans remained within her lips and began swallowing rapidly as spurt after spurt of her daddy's hot semen was shot into her eager mouth.

+ + +

Practice makes perfect:

Mary was very excited, it had taken a few weeks before Mary, Cindy and Dee were able to arrange a good date for a sleepover, and she was looking forward to practising with Cindy and especially Dee. When the doorbell rang, Mary jumped up excitedly and ran to answer it, closely followed by her daddy. She opened it to reveal Dee and her mummy, auntie Jen. Mary squealed, "Dee!" and embraced her in a hug before grabbing her hand and dragging her into the house unceremoniously.

Joe smiled indulgently at Mary as she dragged Dee past him, then looked up at the woman stood in the doorway. "Hi," he smiled as he shook her hand, "I'm Joe, Mary's dad. You must be Dee's mom."

"Hi Joe," the woman smiled back, "call me Jen."

As Joe ushered Jen into his house he looked her over approvingly. She was an older version of Dee, she had long honey blond hair down to the middle of her back and deep blue eyes in a smiling friendly face with a slender body under her light summery dress. As he showed her into the lounge, the doorbell rang again and Mary came thundering out past them to answer it.

"Cindy!" Mary squealed again, and as with Dee, she gave her a brief hug before dragging her into the lounge too.

Joe smiled apologetically to Jen and returned to the open front door to let Jack in, and then guided them both into the lounge where their three daughters were giggling loudly. The three parents knew exactly what the sleepover was for, but they were all a little surprised when they entered the lounge to find Dee, Cindy and Mary all naked and giggling as they playfully rubbed at each other's pussies.

When Mary spotted them stood in the doorway, she jumped out of the group fondle with a squealed, "Daddy!" and then ran to him grinning and dragged him over to the sofa. She reached for his belt and started to loosen it then unzipped his slacks and pulled them down to the floor along with his boxers. She pushed him back to sit on the sofa before kneeling between his legs and slurping his hard smooth cock onto her mouth.

Joe was surprised by Mary's actions but was delighted when she slipped her hot velvet lips over the crown of his dick. With a start he remembered the others and looked up feeling guilty and embarrassed. He saw that Jack had been stripped from the waist down and was sat at the other end of the sofa with Cindy slurping on his dick. While Jen was sat in the armchair totally naked, her dress crumpled on the floor beside her, and her legs spread wide as Dee knelt and lapped at her sopping cunt with apparent enthusiasm.

For a minute there was only the sound of their combined heavy breathing and the slurping of three six-year-old tongues, punctuated intermittently by a moan or groan of pleasure. Then Mary pulled her mouth off her daddy's cock and called out, "Next!"

Joe realised that the girls had arranged this, when Cindy pulled back from Jack, and Dee pulled away from Jen, and then all three moved over. Mary knelt before Jack and slurped his dick into her mouth. Cindy moved to start lapping at Jen's clean-shaven but sopping cunt. And Dee moved to kneel in front of Joe himself and first licked his dick before engulfing it in her hot little mouth.

Dee felt a shiver of excitement course through her body as she licked up the length of uncle Joe's cock. She was tasting Mary on the shaft and she was about to suck Mary's daddy. She sucked the spongy head into her mouth and rapidly licked her tongue all over it. She felt another shiver of excitement when she heard uncle Joe moan with pleasure, she knew she was doing it right.

Mary felt excited to be sucking on a different cock to her daddy's. Uncle Jack's cock was longer than daddy's, but it was thinner and it was easier to play with it with her tongue as she sucked, and it tasted a little different. She sucked and tongued it eagerly, and almost forgot to call out the next change.

After another minute of wonderful tongue action on his straining dick, Mary called, "Next!" and they all moved again. Mary to Jen's cunt, Cindy to Joe and Dee to Jack. The difference was immediately apparent; Cindy must have been sucking Jack for a long time before they started in class, because she was an expert cocksucker. Mary and Dee had been exciting because of their enthusiasm, but Cindy knew exactly where to lick and when to suck. She brought Joe to the brink of orgasm three times before Mary called time again.

Mary was hesitant when she looked at auntie Jen's pussy, it would be her first and she wanted to learn how to do it right. She leant closer and tentatively lapped at the flushed and swollen labia before licking along the widespread slit where the creamy juices were flowing. Without really thinking about it, Mary began licking and sucking how she liked her daddy to lick and suck her, causing auntie Jen to groan with pleasure. Mary enjoyed licking and sucking auntie Jen and only after a long time remembered to pull back and call, "Next!"

The three girls pulled away from the adults and stood in the middle of the room grinning. "Daddy an' uncle Jack," Mary said smiling, "me an' Cindy can practice with you any time we want, so Dee is gonna suck you now." Then she turned her smile onto auntie Jen and said, "An' me an' Cindy will practice on you."

Joe watched eagerly as Cindy dived between Jen's legs and began lapping while Mary stood to one side and sucked on Jen's erect nipples. As Mary sucked, Joe saw Jen snake her hand between Mary's thighs and fondle her puffy little pussy. He dragged his eyes away from the arousing sight of two six-year-old girls pleasuring a grown woman, to see Dee vigorously bobbing her head up and down on Jack's dick as he grunted.

Dee quickly returned to sucking uncle Jack; she bobbed her mouth up and down over his shaft while pumping him and licking the top. She pulled back up to the top when she heard him grunt, and lapped at it until she felt her mouth flooded with his semen. When he had finished spurting, she rolled it in her mouth, tasting it for the first time. She thought it was a bit thick and salty, but not too bad.

Joe watched Dee suck Jack dry and then wash his cum around her mouth before swallowing and turning to him and smiling. She then scrambled over to between his legs and swiftly plunged her mouth over the head of his shaft. After the stimulation he'd received it didn't take her tight lips and rapidly licking tongue very long before he too was cumming into her sucking mouth.

Dee sucked and tongued uncle Joe, rapidly working him up until he too spurted into her eager mouth. She tasted him as he came, and found she liked his taste more. She licked and lapped at his cock until it slowly shrank, then she looked up at him and pouted.

Joe looked down at Dee's pouting face and smiled, "Don't worry, that felt great, but I need a rest before we can do it again."

Dee smiled at uncle Joe, feeling relieved, and turned to see Cindy still lapping at her mummy while Mary was sucking her nipple. Excited by a sudden thought, Dee stood behind Mary and whispered nervously, "Mary, you can practice on me if you want..."

Mary was feeling a little frustrated, Cindy was still lapping at auntie Jen's pussy and she didn't want to swap. Although the fingers rubbing and stroking her own pussy felt nice, Mary really wanted to lick auntie Jen again. When she heard Dee's nervous whisper it was like her body lit up, she turned to her and excitedly whispered back, "Do you mean it?" when Dee nodded Mary clasped her in a hug and then quickly laid her down on the floor and dived between her legs.

Mary licked and sucked Dee's plump pussy, tasting her for the first time. She kissed and licked Dee's bulging pussy lips and she sucked on her clit and strummed it with her tongue. When Mary tried to push her tongue between Dee's pussy lips and into her hole Dee began panting and moaning with pleasure.

Dee felt jolts of exquisite pleasure shoot through her six-year-old body, radiating from her pussy. The fact that it was Mary licking her, and in front of their parents, just made the feelings even stronger. Without warning, the pressure of her approaching climax ramped up and then like a tidal wave crashing down on her she came. Her body arched up off the floor, nearly throwing Mary off, as she screamed out her pleasure.

Mary continued to softly lap at Dee's rosy flushed pussy as she panted and caught her breath. "That looked like it was a good one," Mary smiled as Dee sat up.

Dee nodded, "It was, now it's your turn," and then she quickly rolled Mary over onto her back and latched her mouth onto her plump pussy. Dee orally assaulted Mary's pussy expertly, as she had been doing with her mummy for ages, and rapidly brought her close to cumming. Dee teased Mary mercilessly, she brought her almost to the brink and retreated, brought her close again and retreated again. As she had been taught by her mummy, Dee repeatedly brought Mary to the edge of climax until she heard her moan, "Dee... Please..." then she feasted on her lovers pussy with abandon, driving her up to and over into a thundering climax.

The three six-year-olds and three adults 'practised' with each other until late into the night, until all six dropped into an exhausted slumber where that sat or lay.

+ + +

The Practical Exam:

"Mary Newton." Mary heard her name being called from the examination room. It was the last week of term and Mary was about to take her 'Sexual Health' practical test. She was nervous about the test, but excited too, nervous about answering the questions, but excited about sucking or masturbating someone new. As she walked in through the door she saw Miss Bellamy and her daddy sat in chairs against the far wall. "Daddy!" she squealed as she ran and jumped onto his lap feeling much better.

"Mary," Miss Bellamy smiled, "your father has told me that you have always done your sexual health homework," then she smiled again. "So first, I'd like you to show me all the parts of his sexual organs, and then masturbate him to orgasm."

Mary slid off of her daddy's lap and nodded seriously. "Ok Miss Bellamy," she said as he stood, slipped down his slacks and boxers and sat again with his knees apart. Mary touched or pointed to each of the parts of his penis before spitting onto her hands and then grasping it near the head. She pumped her hands up and down over his hard shaft and used her thumbs on the sensitive spot under the spongy head. She kept up a smooth even rhythm until she felt the shaft throb and get even stiffer. She knew he was about to spurt so she quickly ducked down and popped the head into her mouth as he came.

"Mary!" Miss Bellamy chided her, "You were supposed to masturbate him, so I could see him cum!"

Mary pulled her lips from her daddy's cock head and turned to Miss Bellamy and opened her mouth to show her the semen pooled there, before closing it and swallowing. "But Miss Bellamy," she protested when she had cleared her mouth, "I didn't want to get it on my uniform, an' besides," then she blushed a little, "I like the taste."

"Hmmm..." Miss Bellamy smiled, "well, ok. Next you must please me orally." She then stood and opened her robe to reveal her totally naked body before sitting again.

Mary smiled and then climbed up onto Miss Bellamy's lap, knelt straddling her legs and leant over to kiss her. Mary slowly pushed her little tongue into Miss Bellamy's mouth and explored, licking and playing with her teeth and tongue. She pulled her tongue back into her mouth, inviting Miss Bellamy to follow, and then gently sucked on it causing her to moan softly.

Mary pulled back from the kiss, leaving them both panting, and sat on Miss Bellamy's knees. "Miss Bellamy," she asked quietly, "could you rub my pussy while I suck your nipples? Please?" then, as Miss Bellamy rubbed softly at her smooth, hairless pussy, Mary leant forward to suck a nipple into her mouth. She used her tongue to flick it and make it erect, and then sucked hard on it before doing the same to the other.

Mary continued alternating between Miss Bellamy's nipples for a while, making her groan, and then pulled away and slid off her lap before spreading her legs wide. Mary looked at Miss Bellamy's juicy pussy; there was a well trimmed growth of hair on the mound above her slit, but her large outer lips were hairless and glistened wetly. Mary bent close and took a tentative lick; the taste was not as sweet as Dee's but she liked it nonetheless and went back for more. Mary lapped and licked at the large rubbery lips, she sucked on the prominent clit and flicked it with her tongue and she drove her tongue as deep as she could into Miss Bellamy's vaginal sheath.

Mary rapidly drove Miss Bellamy up and over into the throes of a climax but kept latched onto her spasming pussy as she came. She continued to suck, flick and lap at the streaming pussy in front of her, and drove Miss Bellamy into a second screaming climax before trembling hands pushed on her head and shoulders, forcing her away from Miss Bellamy's enflamed pussy.

"Th - Thank you Mary," Miss Bellamy panted breathlessly, "you have done very well, I think we can safely say that we will be glad to see you back here again after the summer holidays."

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