It’s My Party

[Mf oral anal 1st]


This is a fictional account of consensual sex between teenage girls and teenage girl's fathers. If you have found this story and this kind of thing offends you, then please learn how to use Google properly.

Judy is a bitch and she will pay. That is all.

Well, obviously not all, because it’d be a short story if it was, but that is the jist of the thing. Judy is a bitch and she will pay.

For fuck’s sake, it was my party. It was my party, my 14th birthday party. I’d been planning it for weeks, because that would have been the night I’d have gone all the way with Johnny. We’d being going out for eight months now, and for the last few he has been dropping hints, well not exactly hints as Johnny ain’t the tactful type.

Cute, yes. Strong, yes. He’s the captain of his school’s football team, and also plays for the county. So, he’s strong, good looking, charming and all that, and I loved him, why wait? Well, I wanted my first time to be special. I didn’t want fumblings somewhere. I wanted it in my garden, under the stars with my parents well out of the way. Obviously, this hadn’t registered with Johnny. Certainly Judy wasn’t in on the memo.

So, one moment, I was making out with Johnny. Then he was off to the kitchen. An hour later, one fucking hour later, I found him. His tongue was down the Judy’s throat. The fucking bastard.

Well, they left pretty quickly. I think I managed to keep myself together for the rest of the party, but when everybody but my best friends had gone, I collapsed in tears.

Judy goes to my school, St Margaret of Cortona Roman Catholic Girls’ School. She is supposed to be one of my friends. I guess you could say she is not now. We were, I guess, both ‘Queen Bee’ types. We liked people to be around us. We liked to look good, have expensive things and have hot blokes. Yes, I could be bitchy, but I’d never do that to her. She had her group of close friends, and I had mine, but we all tended to go around as a large group. We all went around each other’s houses. I’ve been round to Judy’s a few times, I’d met her family. Her family ...

I had an idea. I remember the sly looks he used to give us. How he used to find excuses to wander in during our slumber parties. I guess you might call him a bit creepy, but I was flattered. It showed that we were growing into young women that an old man might be interested in us.

Back in school, I didn’t give her the satisfaction of being angry with her. I blanked her and so did my friends. Her best friends looked uncomfortable. I heard that most of them were outraged, but they didn’t want to tell me so in case she heard that they were talking to me. It didn’t matter.

Judy had PE on Tuesday, and Kel managed to ‘borrow’ her phone for a few minutes. She managed to note down her dad’s mobile number. The same day I gave Amy twenty quid and some of my dresses from last season in return for a new mobile phone and some credit. Most importantly, this was a mobile that nobody knew the number for.

Wednesday, 4pm, the first text message sent to Judy’s dad: I SPENT 2DAY IN SKOOL NOT WEARING PANTIES.

I didn’t get a response. That wasn’t a surprise. 


I sent 4 more on Thursday, still no reply, but I actually got a hook on my 3rd time on Friday. It was 5pm when he asked me what I was wearing. I told him a smile and a towel.

After two days, the texts were exchanging rapidly. So I took it up to the next stage. Normally I’m not one for MMS, but there is no say you can text a picture of a shaved pussy to a dirty old man.  Well, no, I didn’t do that first, but that was the eventual aim.

The first was a shot from the front, clothed. Of course I didn’t show my face, but I showed most of the rest of me. Maybe he could tell that I was 5ft 4. He certainly could tell that I was pretty slim. I was wearing a white t-shirt with a lowish neck and some buttons between 32B boobs. Some of my shoulder length red-brown hair was visible in the picture. My stonewashed cutoff jeans showed off my long legs.

Of course he asked for more. The next shot was of the t-shirt with buttons undone. Then with my top off and just white lace bra. Next were a few shots of me in my white panties. By the next Tuesday, the pictures were naked, not only boobs and pussy, but me fingering myself and me playing with Robert. Robert was my vibrator.

By now I had prepared the next stage. I’d borrowed five HD video cameras. Most of my friends had them, I’d figured out exactly where in my room I could place them for best coverage. Then I asked to see him. I knew that my ‘rents were out of the way almost all Saturday. Certainly enough for me to slip him in and out, so to speak. I texted him and asked him to be free after lunch on Saturday. He was. I asked him to come around, he could. I asked him to take my virginity. He promised me a time I’d never forget. You and me both love, you and me both.

Saturday morning, I showered, shaved (legs and snatch) and set up the cameras. I got two up on shelves covering the whole room. Another one was on my dresser, looking side on at my bed; I’d got one hidden in the headboard of my bed. I’d thought about putting the last one in the chandelier looking down, but I decided on fixing it to the top of my computer, so it looked like the webcam. I fixed them all to be triggered from my computer and make one final check that all the batteries were on full. Then I relaxed.

Okay, so I played with myself a bit. I was wondering if I should be going through with this. Yes, I did want my first time to be stars, moonlight and fireworks, but If I waited for that, I couldn’t have my revenge on that bitch Judy. Anyway, when word of what Judy had done had spread, it would make me look like easy pickings, I needed to remain top of the pile. I’d learnt from my parents to be ruthless when it comes to getting what you want. My mum had always taught me that having brains was the most important way to get ahead, but if you can use your body to get an advantage too, then go for it. Anyway, I’d invited him now, no turning back, no regrets.

Just before 2pm, I got a text saying he was outside. I pressed record on the computer and walked down from my room. I was wearing a white blouse and a short pleated skirt and white knee socks. I opened the front door and saw a black Audi parked on our drive, I waved at him to come in, and turned back into the house. Seconds later I was looking at him.

“So, it was you ... err ...”


“Chrissy. What a beautiful young lady you are.”

I giggled. “I bet you loved watching us grow up. I saw how you liked looking at us when we stayed over. I wished I had a daddy like you. That’s why I want you for my first time ... come on”

I grabbed his hand and led him down the hall and up the stairs and across the landing. I let go of his hand ran into my room, closing the door as I went. I bent over as he came in, with my skirt around my waist and holding my bum apart.

“Do you like the look of this Daddy?”

He nodded and started on his belt. I watched as he dropped his jeans. He was in his early forties, short cut dark hair and clean shaven. Well built, he kind of reminded me of what Johnny may be like in twenty-five years. He took his shirt off and I saw that he worked out; these were the first proper male muscles I’d seen in real life. I licked my lips. Maybe, just then I wasn’t pretending. He was a very sexy man. He dropped his briefs and I got a glimpse of his cock. I’d never actually seen Johnny’s dick, every time we got each other off, we always kept our undies on. Now I had six inches of hard cock smiling at me.

“Do you want to suck on this?”

“Oh yes please Daddy!”

I unbuttoned my blouse and then knelt town at his feet. I looked over his meat for a few seconds then grasped it and started to pump like I had seen online. Shyly I kissed his head, with eyes wide and starting at his, I started to take the whole length in my mouth. It tasted odd, a bit bitter and a bit salty, but good. I started to work slowly on him, sucking this guy off, but he had other ideas, very soon he was thrusting his cock into my face, his balls slapping against my chin as he held my head.

“Is this your first time bitch? You are good. Better than my wife, fuck yeah.”

I smiled to myself. I liked to know I was doing a good job. Remembering what I’d read on the forums, I started to swallow and soon he couldn’t control himself. I got one load down my throat and then he pulled out, blasting my face with another. It tasted good. I swallowed it all and licked the rest from my fingers. If all cum tastes like this, I could see myself wanting more of it.

“Fuck yeah. Now get up on that bed, I want to taste your cunt Chrissy. Do you want that?”

“Oh, yes please Daddy. Please eat me out .”

I got up on my bed and spread my legs. He pulled my skirt off and I lay there, vulnerable. He didn’t go straight for my snatch, instead he kissed me on the lips. Our tongues intertwined and then he pulled back. I felt him kissing down my neck and onto my breasts. My breathing grew heavy as he teased my nipples then carried on down. Finally he got downstairs, kissing the inside of my legs then licking my lower lips. First one finger, then two entered me, exploring my depths as he worked me up with his mouth. I was panting hard and quickly, not able to take any more, I felt the heat rise in my loins and was overcome by an orgasm. I screamed and spasmed, calming down I demanded him inside me and he obliged.

He stood up and rubbed his cock along my entrance, then with one long thrust he took my virginity. Emotions and passions were washing through my brain. All I could fell was his giant bit of man filling me up, making me a woman. At that moment, I loved him for it. At that moment I wanted to confess. But I also wanted it to carry on; I wanted to always feel this good. At the back of my mind was that picture of Judy and Johnny laughing at me during my party in this house.

“Daddy, can you lay down now? Can I ride you please Daddy?”

He smiled and got up, lifting me up with him. He them fell backwards onto the bed with me impaled on his dick. My teenage legs had helped me to excel at sports and now they helped me to fuck his dirty old bastard. I knew that the camera in my headboard was getting a fantastic view of my shaved cunt being pounded by this cock.

“Daddy, is this how you imagine fucking Judy? Is this how you want it to be? Do you imagine watching her shaved pussy receiving you, I bet you do Daddy. I bet every time you see her legs, you imagine them pumping up and down on you. Or do you think of them wrapped around your face?  Aren’t you waiting for one night when your wife isn’t in so you can show her what a real man is like, how a real man fucks? Show me, show me what you want to do to that pale young body. She is beautiful, isn’t she. Judy is too sexy for all these little boys isn’t she daddy? Isn’t she? I bet you could make a real lover out of her? What would you do Daddy? Pretend I’m her,  Daddy?”

He rolled me over and pulled me onto all fours, facing my headboard. He went behind me and fucked me again, harder and more brutal now.

“You loving his Judy aren’t you. You’re loving having Daddy’s cock inside you? Scream for me bitch! I know what kind of slut you are, I hear what you get up to, what your friends talk about. You want this don’t you?”

“Oh my god yes Daddy, fuck me hard Daddy, fuck your baby girl!”

The bastard was now fully into having incestuous sex with that bitch Judy. He was taking me doggy style and his nuts were bashing my arse. I knew there was one more level to go though.

“Oh yeah, I love how your cock feels in my cunt Daddy. But look at my arse. Isn’t it tight like Judy’s. It’s a pert, ripe arse like Judy’s. It wants to be fucked Daddy, it is betting for your cock.”

I felt him spit on my tight hole, then a finger enter it. I’d fingered myself enough to be used to that, but now, as he withdrew from my cunt, this was the real test. His dick just penetrated my hole, and it is now or never I thought and pushed back, screaming with pain and joy. His huge hands on my tiny waist dragged me into him and pushed me away as the massive girth of his baby make filled my anus.   

“Jesus Daddy, that is so big, fuck me daddy, fuck my arse hard, Fuck Judy’s arse.”

I was rubbing my clit as he banged me stupid, I came and came. Glad that we lived well away from any neighbours.

“I’m going to cum, oh Judy, I’m going to cum.”

“Cum in my pussy Daddy, let me have your seed daddy!”

He pulled out of my arse and rammed back into my cunt, pumping it full of spunk. He collapsed on top of me. I glanced at the clock, nearly 2 pm. Perfect. Minutes later my phone rang. It was Kel, pretending to me my mum. I looked around my room in shock and panic.

“Quick, my parents are coming back, they need to get something from the house, they’ll be back in ten minutes!”

With a kiss and hurried dressing, I bundled Judy’s dad out of the house. I returned to the computer and turned off all the cameras. After a few minutes, I had downloaded all the movies to Kel’s Laptop and opened up the movie maker. I spent the rest of the afternoon taking bits of all five films and making a director’s cut. It was wonderful. Then I uploaded it to a file sharing site and passworded it.

I just uploaded one of the cameras from the shelf onto my computer. Just in case the police were to take it, I didn’t want all the movies on there. I’d made sure that the sound was turned down on this one. I hid the rest of the memory cards and fell asleep.

Sunday, I was stiff, but happy. I went round to Kel’s and dropped off the laptop, then I went to the police.

I told them how Judy’s dad had touched me at a sleepover. How he’d talked to me and told me how special I was. I told them how he used to talk explicitly about sex with me and how he had shown me porn. I showed them the messages he had sent to my phone then, crying I explained how he’d convinced me to let him come around and fuck me. I told them how I thought we were in love and it was only once I told my friend today that I could see how stupid I was. Broke down crying about how I’d given this man my first time, and how he had robbed me of it. I produced the memory card, saying how he asked me to record it, so we could watch it together. They told me how brave I was to come forward. I got coffee and cakes. A new policeman came into the room and whispered something into the ear of the woman who was leading the interview with me. She nodded and whispered something that sounded like ‘give him the full works’ then she smirked, and reassured me everything would be alright.

I imagine that it was about this time that Judy and her mother got texts and emails giving the location of the video and details of how to open it. I counted the three minutes and twelve seconds before his wife would see him say that I was a better cock sucker than she was. I was eating a second chocolate éclair when the twenty-two minutes and eight seconds past when Judy would see her dad pretending he was fucking her.

Mum and dad came into the interview room, crying, and I cried too. They said I’d been brave, and I said I’d been stupid, they agreed, but they said he couldn’t hurt me anymore. I cried some more. They asked me if I wanted to go to school on Monday, I said that I should, I couldn’t let this mistake stop me.

I was in the playground as Judy walked into school. I saw her look at me, and I saw the rage build in her as she broke away from her mum to come charging over to me, ready to launch at me. All I had to do was step out of the way and leave a leg out and she went crashing to the floor.

“Judy, next time, think twice before you fuck with me.”

She lay there, crumpled and bleeding on the concrete, and started to cry. You would cry too if it happened to you.