Emma Watson and the Virgin Ritual

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Warning the following story depicts acts of consensual sex between teenagers. If stories concerning this disturb you, then you really shouldn't be looking for stories like this, should you?

This story is purely a work of fiction and fantasy. The depictions within are not based on the real life preferences of Emma Watson or any other character living, dead, imaginary or action figures, and any resemblance should be put down to coincidence. The author hopes that if anybody mentioned in the stories reads them, they will regard them only as flattery. If they can provide technical expertise that can be of use in future stories in the series, then please drop the author an email.

Well that's it, we've finally finished that damn film. The last few days of filming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire have been making me question why I want to be an actress. Yeah, I know the money is great, if I was allowed to spend it, but I've just spent 3 months making this film, and the long hours were getting to me. I have no idea if that Latin crap that I have to say had any meaning before JK wrote it, but after repeating it thirty times, it sure doesn't now.

I got a lift back to the hotel to get on with some school work. Yeah, I know, boring. There is a little party tonight, but the biggie is tomorrow, in London, and I've got this little number that will finally get Daniel to notice me! I wanted to get some of this fresh country air into the room, but there is this crow sitting outside my room making one hell of a racket. Well, I suppose if God had meant the outside world to be noisy, he wouldn't have invented double glazing!

I walk over to the bed, and am about to lie down on it when it vanishes. Yep, vanished. I fall onto the stone floor. Hang on, this place has carpets, doesn't it? I can hear some music, chanting. I didn't turn on the radio did I? And since when does XFM do Gregorian Chants? I think these are questions not best thought about when your nose is pressed up against a cold stone floor in your hotel room, so I better get up.

No, the situation has not improved. This is not my hotel room. This looks like some of the the castle sets for the movie. How'd I get back here? Well at least I've solved the question of the chanting, it is coming from four robed and hooded guys sitting facing each other at the side of the room. There is a roaring fire in the room, and candles hanging from the beams across the ceiling, which aren't doing the best at lighting the scene. There isn't a window, or at least I can't see anything outside of this room. The walls are mostly bare stone. On either side of the fireplace there are bookcases, one with a load of bound volumes gathering dust, the other with various jars and pot, all with hand written labels.

I turned to the men to get some answers. “Where am I? What am I doing here?”

They didn't answer, they just kept on chanting. I couldn't see their faces underneath the hoods, so I couldn't tell if they were looking at me. Certainly their heads hadn't moved since I'd been speaking to them.

I tried again, and a again, but they were not even reacting to me. Dammit, don't they know who I am, I'm one of the most famous people in the country, how dare they just ignore me. I'll give them a piece of my mind. I start to walk towards them when voice comes from a darkened corner.

“I would suggest of you, for your own safety, you do not interrupt my apprentices. I will try to answer any questions you have,” an old man, must be in his late 50s, stepped out of the shadows in the corner of the room furthest from me, “but forgive me if I know not the answers, I am but an old sage who may not be familiar with all your vernaculars.”

He smiles at me. Dressed in along flowing blue and green paisley robes, it is obvious that his guy is loaded, but why does he live in a dump like this, no electric lights, come on? He is thin, with a friendly, if weathered face and a vague attempt at a beard. The way he looks at me, it is like some of the fans do, you know, adoration, but this is different, there is satisfaction there as well. Even though, there is something about him that I think I could trust.

“So where am I then?”

“That is a good question, perhaps would will find that it matters not to you in the grand scheme of things, but at the moment, it means a lot. Come over there then, and I will open the shutters and allow you to see. It may answer one question but I can assure you, it will present you with two questions that are infinitely more important to you, my Lady Watson.”

Intrigued, I walked towards him. As my eyes were adjusting to the gloom, I saw he stood beside a set of shuttered windows. He pushed them firmly and the room was engulfed in sunlight. However it was not, like normal sunlight, it was red. Yeah, my first thought is sunset, but no, the sun is still high in the sky. High in the red sky. Purple clouds streak over a rolling landscape. Blocking out the total wrongness of the whole red sky thing, I surveyed the landscape. It was countryside, as far as the eye can see. We were perched high on a hill, overlooking a large, flatish, wooded valley. I'm guessing that the river that ran though it was about 4 miles away, in the distance, over the other side were more hills. I don't see how this could answer my questions. I don't think I've ever seen this before. Well, I don't think I have.

I looked at the man again and he nodded, thinking to himself, then he looked down at me. “Before you is what I believe you would call London, and I'm told this would be what you would call Highgate. I believe that is a small village that is part of a great city. Now, I predicted you would ask me two questions based on the view this window presents you. Again I will try and answer them to the best of my modest abilities”

I think that something very strange is going on. Thinking about it, I've been down to London a few times, and yes, I've been to Highgate, but this can't be it. There are no houses, no people, no buildings anywhere. I looked again, concentrating, thinking about the views I remember from standing on the Archway bridge and on Hampsted Heath a few months ago. Yeah, it sort of fits I guess. But why are there no signs of life. I'm guessing that this guy wants be to believe that he was some guy in a Middle Ages castle, but surely London existed then? We've done about it in History, haven't we?

“Okay, so you want two questions. My first is what is the deal with the red sky? And, look I know that there were people in London since before the Romans, and this place doesn't look like it is Roman, so are you trying to make me believe you have taken me back in time?”

“Yes, good, good questions, you have seen disparities between this world and your history and you will see more soon I grant you. I will answer the second one, saying that in your world, this would be 1280 AD, in the reign of Edward Plantagenet, however the answers to both questions are tided together in that this is not your world, yet, soon your world may be just like this.”

“Please, you didn't bring me here to give me a lecture on the greenhouse effect and make me do some stupid public appearance hugging a seal?”

“No, this has nothing to do with any houses from your world, green or otherwise, it goes much further. It relates to the destruction of man kind here and very soon in your world. Have you studied much about the universe?”

Oh great, just what I need, astronomy lessons. “Not really, not really been that interested, just look up and there are like, stars, you know?”

“Dear child, this goes beyond the stars, this is about the fabric that binds the universes together.”

“Look mate, I may not know much, but there is only one Universe.”

“I believe that in your world, in your time, scientists had realised this truth about the cosmos, it is a truth that we have known here for generations. Imagine if you will, a galaxy has countless stars, and the Universe as you call it, has countless galaxies. If you were to go outside the universe, there is something like a pool of bubbles. Each bubble, some expanding, some shrinking, some popping, all different are universes. Each has there own rules about how things work, some are similar to this, some vastly different, most last less than a second, some will go on forever and beyond. Given that there are countless universes, there will be some that are similar to each other. This world belongs to a universe that is almost identical to yours.

“Now, imagine that somewhere else, there is another universe where man has conquered many worlds and rules many races. In this universe, like your own, there were many times when man has fallen and betrayed their cruel beast like nature. It happened that one of the races they abused had the abilities that man had never encountered and destroyed the whole human race. These creatures developed a way to jump universes and they aim to destroy humanity wherever they can find it. This is the latest world they have attacked, and I would not doubt that after this world falls, yours will be next.”

“That's a great story mister, but who are you and what do you want with me?”

“All in good time, all in good time. Come, I want you to see this...”

He waved over to an oak table, sitting on it was a, oh god, I can't believe I'm going to write this, a crystal ball. Let's just overdo the tacky!

He noted my scepticism as he sat down at the table, he waved his hands around it for a few moments and I saw images begin to form. Hell, if he is going to all the trouble of producing a light show for me, I might as well enjoy it. I sat down opposite him and watched as the ball showed frightened faces, people running, scattering around. I saw one girl, about my age, standing still, then vanishing into thin air. A mother, clutching a baby ran into a shack, and the shack vanished. Within minutes there was nobody left, no sign of people ever having lived there. As I watched, trees, ferns, grass spouted from the ground, growing at an accelerated rate and blending in with the forest that surrounded the village. I was shocked.

“Where did they go?”

“We don't really know, blinked out of existence and all signs of them erased from the Earth. All we know is that is is some kind of magic, much more powerful than our own.”

“Your own?”

“Yes, I told you earlier I was a sage, in many ways that is true, I have travelled this world and learnt many secrets from many men, but it may be fairer on you to think of me as a mage, a magic user. I have a few apprentices in this tower, some you see here, others help me cast a spell that hides this building from them. Across the continents there are a few like me, hiding from the onslaught. There are but very few of us in total and we are in no place take on these creatures.”

“You said that they all these people were magiced away, can't you reverse the spell or something?” I really can't believe I said that!

“No, the effects are only temporary until the creatures leave this universe, and which point we think the spell will be irreversible. These creatures use a magic that is much more powerful than anything that we can wield. I fear that without an out-worlder who can rival their power, we have no hope. This I'm afraid is where you come in, you are the mage we need.”

Oh dear God! This has to be a joke, some massive prank. I looked around to see if I could see where Ashton Kutcher would burst from yelling Punk'd. I looked at the nameless man again, he was serious, he believed that I am Hermione Granger!

“I'm sorry Sir,” now I was going to have to break his heart, “but I just play a magic student in films. Oh, I get it, you don't have films here. Well, they are like stories, acted out. You know, fantasy. I'm an actress. I pretend to be able to do this tricks and then some guy with a computer comes along afterwards and does something technical and when the film comes out, it looks like I can do magic, but I can't. I'm really sorry ”

“Lady Watson, please do not think that just because I come from a world were celluloid has not yet been invented, that I do not know the difference between a character in a story and a real person. This kind of person could not have managed to bridge the gap between universes, see across time just like you can see across that valley, and be able to summon back your beautiful self from your room at the right moment. Ever since I knew about the coming of the creatures, I have been watching your world to see if I can see the signs of the one child who we believe can defeat them.”

“But I'm just an actress.”

“However, you are an actress who has been exposed to magic, that was no coincidence, that was fate.”

“It wasn't fate, it was a script. I don't know what you think, but magic doesn't exist. It's crap, it was how people used to explain things before science explained them.”

The man laughs, and hold his hands together as if he were cupping something. Wow, it's glowing. His hands are glowing. He's moving his hands apart now and it is like he has a ball of fire floating there, and it is growing bigger as he moves his hands away from each other. He flicks his hands and the fire shoots across the room exploding against the stone wall and disappearing, sparks and cinders falling to the floor. “If magic doesn't exist, what was that? What was it that brought you here?

“I don't know, but it doesn't exist. Look Mister, err, I don't know what, but you've had your fun and told some good stories, but I don't believe anything you are on about, just let me go home.”

“I'm afraid that even if I had the power, I do not have the inclination. My child, you have to understand, if I send you back, these creatures will soon follow you and destroy humanity on your world. Your world is more defenceless than this, and will likely suffer the same fate as this world.”

“But we have armies, guns, nuclear weapons.”

“In your time you may have devices of war that would shake the world, but I remind you that these creatures will not attack at your time, they will attack centuries, if not millennia before, when humanity does not have the methods nor the desire for a unified response.”

It looks like he has no intention of letting me return home without me playing along. I get the feeling that he doesn't want to hurt me and he some how is actually in awe of me. I guess I might as well play along. If anything, it'll give me a decent chapter for that autobiography they want me to write. So, I'll ask, err, what is his name?

“Sir, before we go any further, tell me who you are.”

“Quite right, dear lady. It was unfair of me not to give you my name, if after all, we have to work together to defeat these creatures. My name is Benshaw, Lord of the Heath Hill, Keeper of the Silver Keys and Third Mage Protector to the King's Court.”

Benshaw, no wonder he didn't want me to know his name. It's a bit crap. Oh well, at least he has a lot of titles to make up for it. Though if, as he says, this Kingdom is in ruins, I guess they're worth shit-all now.

“So, Benshaw, what do you want me to do?”

“In the end, you will use your magic to defeat these creatures.”

“But, I've told you, I don't have magic, there is no magic in my world.”

“Miss Watson, there is so much that you do not know about your world. Or rather, there is so much that you do know about your world, but you do not see what the stories really mean. Magic exists in your world. It is far stronger than the magic that I can draw on. It flows through every cell in your body, waiting to be called upon. Far back in your past, some men learnt to use this magic, they performed great feats, you called them gods. Many cultures had them, groups or individuals who used magic to help or hinder their peoples.

“A group of men, unknown of number or of purpose, managed to destroy all these Gods, their workings were recorded in legends and myths and dismissed as the same. Since then, nobody has been able to harness the magic forces and the scientists, theologists and rationalists that plague your world have ridiculed and persecuted anybody who tried. They were unaware that only certain people can utilise these forces. You are one. In fact you are, in almost a thousand years of searching, potentially the most powerful magic user that I have ever seen.”

“Okay, Benshaw, how to I, like, do magic then?”

“Not too soon my child, not too soon. Magic cannot be cast by a girl, only by a woman.”

Now, I'm not dumb, but I almost missed his meaning in this. Almost.

“By a girl...you mean?”

“Yes, I mean a virgin. Your sexual energy is a fundamental part of the power of this magic.”

Well, if he had waited a couple of days, I'd have gotten Radcliffe for sure. I'd planned the whole thing out.

“Well, Benny, you are out of luck. Tell you what, zapp me back, let me go to a party, I'll get drunk, loose my cherry to my co-star, then zapp me back here and I'll be, like, you know, able to magic people and stuff.”

“I fear, I have not explained this to you. The reason I took you when I did is because you were planning to loose it at the ball you recounted. This is not acceptable. To become in touch with your magical side, your first has to be a magic user. To fully see your potential, your first five, all within 60 minutes, have to be magic users.”

I looked around the room again. There was Benshaw and his four robed guys. I take it these were the five magic users he had in mind. No way, no way at all.

“My lady, I sense you are reluctant.”

“Fucking yes I am reluctant. I have no fucking intention of being gang-banged for whatever sick joke you are playing.”

“Look into your heart, you will know that I only speak the truth. I fear that the time has come to set the plans in motion.” He directed me to watch his crystal ball thing. Then he turned to his robed minions. “Apprentices, I command you to stop your chant and reveal your faces.”

As their words stopped the motion in the ball stopped and then headed off in a different direction.

“What you are seeing, Miss Watson, is an eye view from one of these creatures. They have sensed an off-worlder. My four apprentices were hiding your presence. Those in the room below are hiding my tower and the signs of its occupancy, but these creatures will focus on you and will now track us all down and destroy us unless you stop them first. I would say that we have no more than two hours before they arrive here.”

Now what is a girl supposed to do? Looking at the four faces of the unhooded guys, and wow, talk about cute. They all look about 16ish, give or take, and damn, they are hot. I have to admit that I am rather horny. Oh, screw the rather, every breath I take makes me want more and more to rip of my clothes and beg them to fuck me. Well, it's not like it'll hurt much, Maggie Smith gave me a bit of valuable advice, that a vibrator is a good friend to have for long weeks of filming and living in hotels. I've got quite a collection now.

So, well, I guess that's decided then.

“Fine, okay Benshaw, you've got your wish, now I warn you, there will be trouble if kiss-and-tells or photos appear in the News of The World.”

“My Lady, by doing this, you will save us and be forever held in our gratitude. I choose not to tell you how many years it will be until somebody invents the camera-recorder, but fear not, not a word will pass from this room. When this is over, the outside populous will not know what endeavours have been taken to gain their return. I am but an old man who needs not another story to add to his collection and my apprentices are only allowed to speak the words of magic until they are deemed worthy.”

Wow, hunky, strong and silent. I've got to get me a few of these guys to take home with me!

“Do they have names?”

“What does it matter if they do?”

“I don't know what it is like for you, but I'm a fourteen year old girl, a fourteen year old famous actress, and a virgin. A virgin who had been planning her 'big night' for ages, and having thought I knew the name of the boy it would have been with, it would be nice to know the names of the guys who are going to take his place. I don't want to remember them as just some hot guys from another universe!”

The guys smirked, silently to themselves. I'll give them something to smirk about.

“As you wish, My Lady. That is Washburn, he is Stestone, that one is Pleasday and the final one is Poise. Is that to your satisfaction?”

I guess it is. Well, here goes nothing. I reach up and cross my arms like I'd seen those girls do in the pay-pay-view films at the hotel. I pull off my jumper and give them a good eyeful of the real Emma Watson. I figure, I'll leave on the simple A-cup bra for the time being, it's not like I really need to be totally naked, is it? Unfortunately, the next part is necessary, here comes the jeans. What do I mean unfortunately, I want them to pick me up and fuck me, hard? I unhooked the waistband and let my jeans fall. Just two pieces of black cotton are protecting my modesty, and part of me is telling me that that is at least one too many.

Poise is the nearest of the boys to me, so I mouth to him that it was up to him to help me if he wanted to get any. No, false modesty here, I know that a lot of people fancy me, must mean I have a pretty good body for my age, it can't just because I'm an actress can it. Well, I guess they've never seen me act, so, let's see. Well, he's up already and out of his robe. No underwear? Saves time I suppose. Since those pay-per-view movies are cut to to hell, I'm not an expert on dicks, but this looks like it is seven inches, which I hear is more than respectable. I don't think I can help but lick my lips at the prospect.

Benshaw seems to have taught his boys well, Poise isn't diving in, no, his hands are all over my body instead. Yesss, this is, this really is getting me wet. I can't believe I'm forcing a guy's fingers to my pussy, but if I don't get something in there soon, I can't be held responsible for my actions. His fingers are under my panties and, yes, oh, fuck yes, there are inside. Oh My God, that feels good. I grab his face and bury my tongue in his mouth. He backs me up against a dresser and lifts me up, aiming his cock at my exposed pussy and thrusts forward, gently.

Oh, fuck yes, this is what I'd thought it'd be like, only better, hotter. I'd wanted hard and fast, but slow and strong is doing me fine. His strong arms are holding my waist as I wrap my legs around his arse. It was no use trying to fantasize, I wanted to see Daniel's face on him, like I do when I masturbate, but no, this is all too real. I want Poise here and now, I want him to fuck me forever. I grip the furniture as he pounds into, skin slapping on skin. He is as silent as the rest of them, only his breathing is slightly faster, but I am panting, encouraging, living on the building wave of pleasure.

I can feel him spurting inside of me, ramming his cock deep into me with each dose of cum, spraying my insides. As he withdraws I momentary regain reality. Stestone is naked and coming towards me.

He is muscular, toned, as he walks, the curves of his chest muscles move in their own ballet. I'm drooling already. Downstairs, he doesn't disappoint either, smaller, but not by much. Silently he picks me up, holding me in the air, effortlessly as he sits down on dresser and starts to lower me. Cluing in, I reach hold of his penis, the first once I've ever held, and aim it my pussy, which willingly accepts it's new friend.

His warm hands are still around my hips, letting me get used to him inside of me. He starts lifting me up and down on his shaft, my lips feeling every vein on his cock. I let him do all the work, drifting back into that happy world of lust that Poise had introduced me to.

I can feel Stestone slow his rhythm, I guess from fatigue. Reaching behind me, I grip the top of the dresser and work my feet onto his thighs. Taking the initiative, I pump away on him, raising my lithe little body and plunging it down on him, time and again. This is all coming to me so naturally. His fingers work themselves up my body, deftly removing my bra and taking its place. With two hands caressing my nipples I succumb to my first orgasm brought on my another person. I can hear the scream, but it is like I'm in a different place, looking at this beautiful young girl, giving herself with all her passion to these strange men. I am watching my own eyes open see the lust in them as I survey the two waiting apprentices. I can see the sweat and juices glisten on my pussy, shaved and now glowing as this fantastic implement sank all the way in and out again.

Both my arms as stretched behind me, hands locked on that dresser, and I can see smoke from the gaps in my fingers, I can't feel the heat, but I can see the flickers of the start of a fire. Benshaw stands in the corner of the room, not looking at me per-say, but at the smoke from my fingers. He was the grin of a man who is satisfied that a plan is coming together. A Hannibal look if you want.

Now I'm back, in my body, just in time for Stestone to cum inside me. Feeling him shrink inside me, I slacken my pace and come to a rest in his lap, held close to his rapidly beating chest. Again, not a word is spoken. I move off of him and turn round to see burn marks on the wooden furniture, but my hands seem perfectly fine. Imbued by more energy that I think I've ever known, I beckon Pleasday forward, placing my hands against the reassuringly solid stone walls, I face away from the boy and spread my legs wide. He get the idea and takes me from behind. Standing at close to six foot tall, the force of his up-thrusts lift me off my feet.

Oh, my god, this is good, so good. Poses, positions I have seen in films and magazines are flashing through my mind and I want to try them all. Surprised at my own strength, I push back off the wall and give myself enough space to bend over. Pleasday is still in me, thrusting, filling up my sex like he was born to do it. Perhaps he was? One thing I could try is, what do they call it? A roast?Yeah, that's it.

Washburn is looking left out. Another bronzed body, he is skinnier than the rest, an athletic six-footer with six inch weapon, looking ready for use. My fingers direct him over, but my eyes tell him what I want. I want to taste a real-live cock. My lips fit around it perfectly and I examine his head my with tongue. Washburn starts moving, mirroring the action of his colleague, both boys spearing me. Pleasday cums inside me, another load flooding my pussy sets me off again.

I can see myself again, a pale little body sandwiched between these two heaps of masculinity. My long, fair hair falling off my shoulders and back at all angles. Does my hair really look like that from the back? Sweat glistens on my arse as we share an orgasm. I see Pleasday pull out of me and help Washburn lay me down so I'm on my hands and knees. Washburn enters me and takes up his previous rhythm, pounding my pussy with his hard cock, lubricated by my saliva. From up on in the rafters I can see my pussy lips follow his cock in and out of me. As my orgasm fades, I come back to myself. The feeling in my pussy is stronger, more real. I'm aware that Washburn as not got long to go and I try to milk him with my pussy, I want to feel him cum in me. Now!

He doesn't disappoint, it feels like litres of his fluid are emptying inside of me. He hold me, cupping my breasts for a few moments before I rise off him. He, like the other three are worn and spent, but despite the orgasms and the sex, I have never felt like I have more energy. One more dick left. Let's see what the old man is packing.

He unties his robe which floats in the air as he steps out of it. The robe's departure to find hook startles me briefly, then I turn my gaze back to Benshaw. It's a good thing I'm horny as hell, cause after these guys, he is a disappointment. As far as 50 year old guys go, he's doing pretty well for himself, not much flab, not your average spindly wizard stereotype either. What's he packing, well, 4 inches is my best guess. Dammit, I'm gonna have to lean more about imperial measurements. And penises.

I wonder how many girls he's had before? Perhaps the local wenches have a thing for wizards or sages or whatever he claims to be. I approach him. While his cock shows that he is up for it, he maintains a calmness that is at odds with the passion and sex that saturates the room.

“Close your eyes child.”

I feel I have to obey him. I close my eyes and yet feel at ease with the room around me. What on Earth? Wow! My feet are lifting off the ground, I'm levitating, but I don't sense any harm will come to me,. I'm guessing that this must be Benshaw's magic that is lifting me up, laying me down so I'm floating on my back in mid air. I can sense him near me and I know I must spread my legs again.

He enters me, slowly. His hands on my tights, holding me close as he pulls out and goes in again. His arms are forcing the rhythm, pushing me away and pulling me onto his cock. Almost effortlessly he is able to do this as I glide, friction free, suspended in the air. I wonder if I can learn how to do this trick? Bet Daniel would love it!

I don't know if he is getting anything out of it, but after those four hunks, even with the magic thing, the old wizard is not doing to much for me. I trace my right hand down my body, it almost feels as if sparks are flying out as I brush my skin with my finger tips. I head straight for my clit and start rubbing. My left hand is clutching my breast, teasing my nibble. Benshaw speeds up, I can hear him grunting and I know he must be close. I speed up my actions and feel the orgasm building inside me. It hits in time with Benshaw and once again my mind leaves my body, and I'm looking down on myself, lying in ecstasy on a cushion of air as Benshaw withdraws, spent.

I see his cloak return to him and he puts it on. He walks over to my side and makes a gesture over my face and everything is black.

I wake up. I don't think rested is the right word. Invigorated may be. I have never felt so alive. I'm no longer naked and an no longer floating in mid air. Both of these are good things. I'm lying in a hammock, and dressed in an old brown tunic.

My attempts to extract myself from the hammock don't exactly go to plan. It seems to take exception to me moving and throws me to the ground. I brace myself for a landing that never comes. I miss the floor my a matter of inches. I hear a cough and turn to see Benshaw pointing at me and with a flick of his wrist, I'm on my feet again. Handy thing this magic, ain't it? The room is bathed in natural light. The window shutters were open and the candles have been put out. The air in the room feels much fresher, my noise triggering memories of childhood trips to forests.

“That rest should have done you good, my child. The ritual is complete. Now you need to prepare, you need to come to terms with your powers. First task, the simple magic of a fireball. Imagine that you are sending a ball of fire towards me. Do not worry about hurting me. The ritual hath made us invulnerable to your magic.”

“How do I, I mean, are there any words that I should say? Do I get a wand to point?”

Benshaw laughed. I'm not sure how wizards are meant to laugh, but this wasn't it. It certainly wasn't the stereotypical evil wizard on the verge of destroying the world cackle, or the absent minded Merlin laugh, more of a bloke who had been reminded of something he'd heard down the pub. Hearty, but well meaning is the best description I can give it.

“You, my child, are too powerful for words. They are used only to focus the mind. Wands, well they are must mere toys. All you have to do is imagine, focus your mind and imagine the ball of fire.”

Well, here goes nothing. So, lets think...

Wow, that is like, so cool! In a flaming hot way. I did it, I did it. This ball of fire just formed in my hands and fired towards him. Benshaw didn't flinch, it set his robes alight, but not him. He somehow doused the flames, but wow, I can do fire! It makes my pussy tingle a bit too!

“So, what else can I do?”

“In here, very little without me having to repair my abode. I suggest we leave the tower to continue this discussion. We shall meet over there.” He pointed to a fallen tree outside. “Now, I am sure that you have noticed that this room of mine does not have a door. It does have a window, but we are eight floors from the ground. It will be a good test of your abilities to make your own way there.”

With that, Benshaw and his four studs vanish. I guess it would be useless calling after them so let's head to the window and see what is what. The fallen tree was a few hundred meters away, and a long way down. You get a great view from here. Who'd have thought that there were vultures in London? It's so cool how they float on those updraughts. That's it! I wonder. Okay, Emma, imagine.

Wow, it worked, I'm a vulture. Now, spread my wings, and let's see. I jump and feel the air beneath me, carrying me up, holding me as I glide. It seems to easy, it is if I can sense where the currents are, and know where to fly. I can see the tall, bleak tower, standing alone against the landscape. Man, I've so got to try this again, now let's land.

Ouch. Now, I've got to work on that. I imagine myself as Emma again and I feel myself transform. The tingly feeling is back, and even stronger. I guess it makes it more enjoyable! The lingering taste of raw meat doesn't.

Benshaw was smiling. He was surrounded by the four studs from his room and another six, slighter, robed figures, their heads obscured, but their figures, as much as I can tell, were girls. No wonder those boys knew what they were doing!

“That, may I say, was a superb performance. My faith may well be justified. Now, first there is something you should know. Your powers have limits. I don't know what they are, but sooner or later, if you stay in this world they will run out. You draw your magical powers from your own world and can't draw them from this. There is good news though, these creatures will have the same limits, for they are also out-worlders. Also, they have been in this world for days now, and their powers may well be drained by an amount. These creatures, being beings of magic, may have adapted to be able have greater reserves of magic than you, or they may not. This I cannot tell.

“Also, I cannot protect you from their magic. Our powers, which have brought us both fame and fear in this world are but distractions to these creatures. They seem to have figured a way to be immune to the magic of this world. Your out-worlder magic is much stronger and they will not expect such a powerful out-worlder to be here. They will come as a group, and I believe they will want to take their time, extracting their revenge on what they believe is the last of humanity on this world. That is our hope.”

“Benshaw, I know this is err, a bit, well, I don't know how to say it, but when I did those magic spells, well, I felt,” look girl, you fucked him, at least you can say the word to him, “I felt tingles in my pussy.”



“Ahh, like I said, your magical ability and your sexuality are tied together. Heightened sexual pleasure can lead to magical experiences, such as travelling out of you body, and using magical will increase your sexual tension. I believe that is why the gods of your myths were always having sex. If you can find a way to use this to your advantage, then truly we shall have victory today. But do not fear if you can't. I have faith in you Emma Watson, you will not fail us.”

“So can you give me any spells I can use?”

“Alas no. The magic of this world, bound in incantations and gesture, that I am familiar with are powerless against these creatures. Even if you were to be able to access my spells, they would have no power. Your greatest weapon is your imagination. With power like you possess, anything is possible, do not be afraid to let yourself go. A point to be wary of is, however, these creatures learn and adapt with a speed and genius that is incredible, so I doubt that the same spell will work on two of them. We still have some time, I do not expect them for half an hour at the least. Enter the woods and practise, invest some spells and try them on the trees or whatever you find in there. When you are victorious, these great oaks will be but memories to us, and my people will be returned in their place.”

I guess I better get some moves together then. I doubt yelling Expelliarmus will do much.

Let's try freezing spells. Yep, that worked.

Lightening works too.

With each spell, that tingling in my pussy is getting stronger and stronger. I really can't help it, I've got to get myself off if I'm to think straight. I move my hand down and into the pocket of the tunic, and score, there is no lining, and I have easy access to my naked, and horny, twat. Each touch of my fingers sends a jolt through my whole body, I've never been this up for it.

Looking around, I can see that I'm alone here, so I lie down conjure myself up a vibrator. I let it work its magic on my clit as I finger myself. The hot beat of the sun warms me as I make love to myself in the clearing.

Footsteps, light on the grass startle me. Squinting into the sun I see one of the girls from the castle. Silently, she bends down and replaces my fingers with hers and my vibrator with her tongue. Already worked up, I loose it completely as I feel her lick all the way down my juicy slit. Once again I can feel myself leave my body and I am looking down on this maiden eating me out. I scan the sky and see a group of dots in the distance. I am able to zoom in and get a better look. To my astonishment, they are unicorns, a whole flight of them.

I apologise tot he girl and stumble to my feet, they just about seem to work! I run to back to where Benshaw is standing with his minions.

“Unicorns, there are unicorns coming this way.” I point to where I had seen them a few moments ago.

“So, they have found us, the battle for humanity is here.”

“What, unicorns are the creatures? I thought they were meant to be good?”

“Perhaps they were. The universes wrap around each other in some dimensions, and sometimes images and visions can slip though as dreams. Without the understanding of their true natures, the bards of your world made them good and noble beasts. Perhaps, they once were, before the turned against humanity. Be warned though, these ten creatures have killed millions of millions of men, and will continue if we do not stop them here and now.”

“I guess it's time to kick pointy horse butt then!” I smile, trying to mask the fear.

I figure that surprise would be the best strategy, so it is time to revert to being a vulture. Instinct tells me to take off into the breeze and I am soon amongst the over aerial scavengers, circling the last remaining humans in Highgate. I watch the unicorns approach, they are wingless and seem to gallop across the sky. The last of them is barely a mile away, I guess it is time to try some moves. I hurl one of the trees that I knocked down earlier into the sky and straight into one of the beasts. The creature falls to the ground, underneath the remains of the great oak, and I can feel its mortality slipping away. One-nil to Hogwarts!

I try the same move again, and an foiled as the beasts vanish the tree trunk in mid-flight. I guess it is time to go a bit X-men on them. It seems second nature to be able to call a lightening strike from out the sky and fry a second of them. As it falls I can see buildings appearing in the distance, the plan is working, their spell is becoming undone.

They are looking along the ground, trying to find the source of the magic. They have no idea that I'm up here. I can see some sort of ray of light being cast on Benshaw and the kids, there seems to be a shield around them, but I can sense that it won't last long, I need to work fast. I also need a good frigging, I don't know much about bird anatomy, but something is tingling. An idea hits me, if I could only grow. Well that was easy. My wings must be thirty feet wide, I bet this will blow the mind of Bill Oddie.

Swooping down from up high, I grab two of the unicorns in my talons and fly off. I can feel them crush in my grip and I let them drop into the woods. Two more of them are after me so I shrink to normal size and try to hide in the tree tops. I morph through being a magpie to a wild boar and trot back through the wood to where the mages are still holding off the four unicorns that remained there. I change back into Emma Watson, film star, blasting two of the creatures with balls of ice and fire.

At that moment, the shield vanishes and so does Benshaw and his crew. I am alone in a strange world. And horny. I can't help but touch myself and I go off again. Again, I am out of my body, watching my head fly back in orgasmic ecstasy and emitting a roar of epic proportions that rips leaves and branches from trees and destroys two more unicorns. The two that had chased me to the other side of the forest turn and start heading back as I came to again.

I have no idea what is going on with my brain now, it seems to be on auto pilot as I levitate into the sky.

“Hear me, I am Emma Watson and this planet is under my protection and I bid you gone.”

With that sparks shoot from my hands, killing the last of the creatures. Drained, I fall from the sky, crashing onto the grass below.

I wake up. Once again, I'm in a hammock. Once Iagain, I try to get out and it throws to to the floor. Once again. Benshaw stops my fall. Benshaw, he's alive. So is everybody else. I run to the window and see countless villages running down to the Thames, with smoke coming from the fires of the houses and shacks.

“Lady Watson, you have saved us all. My gratitude will never be enough. Your time with us has been all too brief, but I feel you desire to return home.”

“That I do Benshaw, that I do. I've had enough of mythical creatures trying to kill me for one day!”

He smiled at that.

“I must warn you, Lady Watson, that tempting these powers might be in your own world, limit yourself. Remember, those ancient gods were stripped of their powers by creatures in your world, and I have no doubt that somewhere the will be creatures who will do the same to you. Attract yourself as little attention as possible and refrain from their use, especially in public.”

“Thank you for your warning. Now how do I get back?”

“These are shoes that when worn will take the wearer where I send them.” The old man opens a cupboard and takes out.... No way, he's shitting me. Ruby slippers!! I put them on and he hands me a package. “Your garments are in here. In preparation for the evening that you have planned with the boy you call Radcliffe, I have included a few candles like those I used used earlier, they lower inhibitions and raise passions, as I think you found.”

He smiles as I catch on to what he had done. The old git.

“Benshaw, will we meet again?”

“That will be something for you to find out.” With that he cast his spell and I find myself back in the hotel. This time I did manage to flop out on the bed without it vanishing.

As for me and Daniel, that is another story for another day.

xxx Emma