"Yes, Daddy"


By E.A. Grant

(Mg, inc, father/daughter)


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Slowly Gene drifted back to consciousness from his peaceful deep sleep. Bit by bit his mind began to clear.  He felt just wonderful, warm, cozy, safe and happy.  His eyes fluttered open into the semi darkness; the moonlight cast soft shadows over the room.  Life didn't get any tenderer, more complete or more fulfilling than this. 

He became aware of the soft flesh pressing lightly against his stomach.  "Yes," he whispered with a smile as he turned his head, his daughter's sweet nude butt warm against his belly. ‘Mmmm delicious,’ he thought while he snuggled still closer to her, his cock beginning to grow.  "Are you awake, Sweetheart?" he asked little Nancy in a low gentle whisper. 

No Answer. 

He bent to her and moving the white blonde hair away, lightly kissed her ear. "Ahh, Baby, I love you so much," he whispered as he repositioned himself.  Moving his hips, his cock pushed against her ass, his hairy thighs pressed against the smooth back of hers.  His semi-hard cock fit snuggly against the edge of the deep crack between her ass cheeks.  Slowly he pulled her plump round cheeks apart and slid his cock between them. 

‘Just like a hot dog in a roll... a sweet warm roll,' he thought. Oh, he loved the feeling of having his cock enveloped in his daughter’s buns.  He pulled the sheet up to cover her shoulders and keep her from being cold.  At only nine years old, she was already an experienced lover.  For the past two years Nancy had been her father's lover, their incestuous affair being warm and satisfying to the both of them. 

A pretty girl if just a little over weight for her four feet nine inches, Nancy had long almost white blond hair that hung to her waist when not in a braid.  She was flat chested, but had adorable puffy nipples that had been sucked, stretched and pulled so much by her father and his friends that they now stood out permanently in proud little points.  Her ass was the most perfect part of the girl.  Almost adult in size and shape, her ass nude was an attraction that the men who saw it, always admired.  Similar to two peach halves, they were fat round and firm, the smooth skin was silk-like and just invited testing by male hands. 

Nancy had a good reason to be tired.  She and her Dad had kissed, touched, sucked and fucked for hours last night, going on well after midnight.  With the cock strap he’d been given as a gift, he could keep an erection for hours, hours in which to wantonly indulge in his incestuous lust and passion.

For only nine, she was a good lay, a great lay in fact. They had both enjoyed it very much.  Fucking his nine-year-old daughter was a fairly new experience.  She had been sucking his cock, along with a few friends' cocks, for almost two years... right after Beth had left them.

But fucking?  That was new, only a few months old. 

Lying on his right side, Gene slid his left hand down over her hip, then over her tummy and onto her flat chest with the raised nipples.  Slowly he began gently rubbing his index finger in circles over her firm nipples.  A moment later he brought his finger to his mouth, wet it and returned to the swollen nipple to use the now lubricated fingertips in slow friction-free circles.  He cuddled even closer and rested with her head under his chin.  The smell of her shampoo was a familiar, delicious scent that pleased him.


It had started innocently enough right after his bitch wife left them for a friend and moved to the coast.  One morning soon after she had left, Gene was taking a shower with the master bath door open.  Then stepping out of the shower he could smell something burning... “Damn it, my toast!” he cursed. 

Thinking that Nancy was still sleeping, he moved nude down the hall quickly and turned into the kitchen the smell getting stronger.  The toaster on the counter was sitting empty, no toast. 

"I took it out, Daddy,” came the small voice from behind. “Sorry, it burned.” His pretty seven-year-old daughter Nancy was sitting at the kitchen island in her Donald Duck pajamas, eating a bowl of cereal.  "You don't have any clothes on, Daddy," she observed without a trace of mirth.

Gene was startled.  "Oh, shit!  I didn't know you were up, Honey.  Um, I'll go put some clothes on, but you don't really have to be embarrassed... after all, I'm your father."

"I'm not embarrassed, Daddy."

Sifting his balance to the other leg, he was suddenly aware of his long flaccid cock swinging back and forth.  Gene wasn't embarrassed either, indeed he unexectedly found that he was stimulated by being caught naked and by Nancy looking at his cock, which she was doing.  In fact she was staring. 

She looked up at him, "You don't have to be embarrassed, Daddy.  It's just you.  Anyway, I think it's fun with no clothes on." She smiled at him and her eyes went right back to his cock while she munched another spoon full of cereal. 

"You're right, it is fun, Nanc."

Relaxed and confortable in the situation, Gene poured himself a cup of coffee and regarded his young daughter as she studied his big prick. ‘Aren’t you the little tart,’ he thought to himself.

Thinking back, he may have seen a glimpse of her nude over the years since she was a baby, but it had been only fleeting.  Fleeting or not, whenever he thought about those few times when he had seen her little bare ass, it had always given him a funny feeling in his belly, and a yearning for more.  But that wasn’t anything he felt he could safely do, and he longed for the days when she was very young and when they were alone.  Then he played with her nipples, her ass and even her little pussy.  For hours and hours he toyed with her body “babysitting”, while his bitch of a wife ran about doing her errands or whatever.

He watched his daughter’s eyes as he casually fondled himself.  Her eyes grew large with wonder as his erection grew.  ‘Well, isn’t this interesting,’ he thought to himself. 

He knew that she was too young to remember the games he played, but he certainly remembered.  Still, as she sat munching her cereal, studying his cock, he wondered if maybe deep down, she did remember the times he rubbed his cock over her tiny nude body or remembered his cum splashing on and across her bare skin as he brought himself off.

Starting that morning, the household dress code became very relaxed. Most often he now walked around nude.  Very soon, at Gene's suggestion, Nancy was doing the same thing.  He loved it and so did she.  To Gene her whole nude body was beautiful, a sight he always enjoyed.


He felt his cock, now fully hard, start to move up and down in its warm ass-cheek blanket.  Pre-cum had started to lubricate the crack.  A little spittle delivered on his fingertips made the makeshift pussy feel very real, very special.  He moved slowly soaking up the fine, stimulating, ripples of pleasure his baby girl's ass was sending through his body.


Back then it had been very natural to drift from nudity to more erotic endeavors.  Nancy loved to sit on his knee and play “Horsy”.  Bouncing her up and down naked on his bare knee, Gene felt the growing wetness.  Sometimes, he would grip her by the hips and slide her back and forth in her own girly juices. She loved it and it always gave him a hard-on. 

Then there were the kissing lessons Nancy had actually asked for.  A simple question had resulted in long kissing sessions in a semi-dark playroom as they half watched T.V. in the nude.

"Daddy," Nancy had said watching a movie on T.V, "the girl looks like she has her mouth open while they are kissing.  Does she really?"

"Yes, Honey, she does. So does he. It's a kind of grown up kiss."

"Can you teach me to do that?  I want a grown up kiss from you."

Nancy stood up and sat in her dad’s lap.  She spread her bare legs and straddled his legs facing him, her nude chest to his nude chest.  She wrapped both of her arms around his neck. They were both completely nude, of course, as that had become the norm.

Putting his arms around her waist, he pulled her a little closer and their lips met.  She evidently didn't notice, or chose not to notice, the hard cock pressing against her pussy. 

Her lips had been so sweet.  Like warm honey, the soft moistness had thrilled Gene.  Her saliva too was sweet and thin, and he drank in her wild honey taste.  He would remember that first kiss forever. 

He ran his tongue slowly over her soft lips then slid his tongue into her slightly open mouth.  It had been a special moment.  As their tongues tangled, she took her father's lead and ran her small pink tongue into his mouth.  He was pleased to hear her moan in pleasure when he started to lightly rub and pull on her nipple. 

It was the first time since she was a baby that he had touched her, that is, sexually touched her.  A minute later his other hand trailed down her tummy, down to her cunt very slowly, prepared to pull away if she became frightened or objected to his advances.  She ignored the advance and he let a finger just touch her wet hairless cunt lips. She did pull away, but not to object. 

"That feels so nice, Daddy; it tickles. I like you to do that." Then looking down she saw his erect cock.  She’d seen him hard many times before, but had never commented about it before.  “Is that what Jenny means by a hard-on?  Can I touch it?  Jenny’s daddy lets her touch him."

Jenny, Gene knew, was Nancy's best friend and a forward little girl.  Now he knew why.  "Of course you can touch it, Baby.  Mmmmmm.  That feels good, baby, real good.  But sweetie, this has to be our secret.  Daddy could get into a lot of trouble if anyone found out."

"I won't tell a soul Daddy.  It'll be our secret. I promise...”

“Not even Jenny.”

“She won’t tell.”

“She told you about her daddy, didn’t she?”

“She didn’t mean to.  We were just talking and it just came out.”

“I know.  That’s why you have to very careful and not say anything to anyone.  Does Jenny’s daddy touch her a lot?”

“At his apartment, she stays naked with him like I do with you.”

“And he’s naked too?”

“Of course.”

“And they touch each other?”

“Uh, huh.”

“What else to they do?”

“They kiss and they lick each other.  All over.”


He pulled his cock free of its ass cheek tunnel.  Now he was very horny and he knew he had to fuck his daughter again.  Pushing off the sheets he repositioned her on her tummy.  Then he spread her legs quite wide and lay between them, his mouth close to her ass.  Spreading open her ass cheeks with his hands he ran his tongue over her tiny pink rose bud.

He moaned, loving the familiar feeling, smell and taste of her tender puckered hole.  Slowly he pushed a wet finger into her, spreading her sphincter gently, then a second finger.  They had played the "back door" game so often, it now opened easily.  The room was getting lighter as morning dawned, and he had no problem seeing the open hole when he took his fingers out.  Smiling at the delicious sight he pushed his tongue as far up her asshole as he could.  He tongue fucked and sucked at her hole for some minutes until he realized she was pushing against his face.  She was at least partly awake now.  He took a moment to ask her, "Happy birthday, baby.  Does that feel good?  Does Daddy's little girl like to have her back door opened?"

"MMMMMummm", was the only response he got from the nine year old; that and her rotating hips pushing her open ass hole against her father's mouth.


That first night of overt sexual play, she was nearly eight.  Emboldened, Gene took Nancy to his bed.  That night, and many nights afterwards, in this same bed, he had kissed her and fingered her to her first little girl climax.  The kisses had been very grown up and erotic. 

At first she had kept a hand on his hard cock, but eventually stopped as she was absorbed in the parade of new, dynamic feelings her father was introducing her to.  The thrill of the new stimulations was overpowering for the young girl. 

When their lips were not locked together, Gene sucked her nipples.  Several times his fingers slid into her tight girl cunt, but he didn't take her virginity... that would come later. 

Gene lost himself in the new thrill of his young daughter. Gene moved to her completely bald cunt, a porcelain white, puffy cunt with a faint pink slit down the middle. 

Spreading open the delicate lips of her tight little girl hole and lapping gently, he tasted his daughter for the first time.  It was a taste that was instantly addictive.  His tongue, finding her clit, he began to suck and toy with it.  It didn't take long.  All of a sudden something happened when she reached what she knew was a peak.  Her nine-year-old head spun, sparkling stars raced across her minds eye, her brain flashed and exploded in brilliant flashing colors. 

"Oh!  Oh!  Ohhhhhhhh! Daddy... It feels so good, so good.  Ooooooo, Daddy, ooooooo... Oh, Daddy, yes!  Yes, Daddy, aw, aw, aw.  Hmmmmm. ooo Daddy...  yes, Daddy...  yes, Daddy. Ohhhhhhhh!"

"I love you Nancy... your Daddy loves you." Then he had held her tightly, and kissed her as she finished her climax with his finger in her wet slit. 

In the soft glow of the bedside lamp turned on low, what a beautiful sight she had been.  Her little seven-year-old body glistening with sweat and her face flushed from her first climax.  Her nipples stood up firm and excited, her little girl cunt swollen and her clit visible and blood engorged. 

Gene knelt over her tummy facing her and had her take his cock in her hand.  “Is this what Jenny and her daddy do?”  Even though she wasn’t exactly sure, Nancy nodded in agreement.  Supporting himself with one hand he placed his other hand over hers and helped her jerk him off. 

Looking down on his sweet daughter's pretty face and little seven-year-old body, he whispered, "I think you’re going to be Daddy’s `little slut', sweet heart, just like Jenny is her daddy’s little slut.  Would you like that, Honey?  Daddy’s little sex slave.  Would you like that, Honey?"

"Yes, Daddy," she said still a little breathless.  "Yes, Daddy that sounds like fun."

"Good, girl ... Squeeze Daddy's cock harder baby, I'm going to cum off real soon.  Don't let it scare you.  It will be white sticky stuff that always comes out when I have a climax.  O.K.?" Gene approached his climax quickly.  "Oh, yes. Oh, yes... Oh, you sweet little slut!  You make Daddy very happy... very, very happy.  Aww Aww."

He could feel his climax rising from his balls into his cock, his prostate fully charged with his cream.  "Baby, get ready for my cum,” he hoarsely whispered. “Open your mouth, Nancy... Open it, my pretty little slut." A moment later he released his pent up load.  "Drink Daddy’s cum, baby, drink it like a good little whore."

Long white ribbons of cum pumped out of Genes fat cock head as Nancy continued to pump his cock. The first string of cum landed on her forehead, tailing off with a string across her nose and cheek.  Nancy had obediently opened her mouth and the second burst hit her nose, the rest disappearing into her mouth. 

Gene bent closer to his daughter's face, his fat cock head only a few millimeters from her lips, the rest of the loads went directly into her young mouth.  He loved the look of his cum on her tongue, on her face and running over her lips.  As he finished, he wiped his dripping cock head off on her lips. He kissed her, lapping away his own cum on her lips.  It had been a great night they would never forget.


It was daylight when Gene finally turned Nancy's nine-year-old body over, and pushed his three fingers up into her soaking cunt.  She was ready and anxious to start.  "Oh Daddy, I want you to do it to me again.  My pussy is so wet and hot... I need it now.  Please do it really hard like last night.  Please, please."

"Oh, fuck yeah, baby.  I'm really hard again for you.  Spread your legs wide, you little slut and use your fingers to open up your hole.  Daddy will put it in you nice and slow."

As Nancy's now experienced fingers spread her own outer lips, Gene carefully pushed his wet cock head into her.  Nancy's cunt stretched to accept it.  Slowly he fed his cock deep into the girl, finally seating all seven inches of it into his young daughter. 

Pumping slowly, he built up a familiar rhythm that satisfied both of them.  As he moved, Nancy was almost completely covered by her father, disappearing under his adult body.  Her solid legs wrapped around her fathers legs, her pelvis rising to meet her father's demanding thrusts. 

"Oh...  Yes, Daddy  fuck me ... fuck me hard... really hard.” Gene really loved to hear his baby girl say 'fuck' when was fucking her.


Back then, when she was seven, everything was new.  She had learned to swallow her Dad’s cum and seemed to really like it.  She loved to jerk him off while they watched T.V.  She even began lapping and sucking his asshole without being asked or shown, just doing what Gene had been doing to her.  But mostly she had loved to suck his cock. 

In their bed she would sit on her father's chest facing his feet and suck him off almost every night.  In that position he could lap and suck her ass or her pussy.  She often came off three or more times a day by the time she was eight.  And she was always ready to play "sex" or "back door" or "Suck the cucumber", with Daddy. 

Soon after she began sleeping with him every night, her best friend Jenny came over to spend the night on Nancy's eighth birthday.  After cake and ice cream, Gene had Jenny telephone her daddy.  Taking the receiver from the girl, Gene told him that Jenny was over to spend the night.   Jenny’s father was then shocked to hear Gene tell him that Gene knew all about his sexual activities with Jenny.  His fear was of discovery was relieved when Gene went on to invite him over for a night of sex games with the girls. 

That night had been fun, two girls and two dads.  Neither shared their daughter with the other, but instead, each watched as the other girl sucked off their daddy and watched as they each ate and fingered their prodigy.  Gene wasn’t at all surprised to find it incredibly erotic watching the other man as his young daughter sucked him off, but what he did find surprising was just how incredibly hot it was to be watched as Nancy sucked his cock.

Soon thereafter, Gene let his best friend watch while she gave him a blowjob.  She did it all including lapping her Dad's balls and kissing his dark hole.

Seeing how much the man enjoyed watching, Gene had asked his daughter if she would do him a favor and do the same thing to his friend. Nancy, who liked the man a lot, thought it was a great idea, so Nancy gave him the same kind of attention...  All three had loved it, especially Gene. During the threesome, Gene had gotten behind her and lapped her ass and fingered and sucked her cunt to climax. 

It wasn't long before she was servicing his cronies that came over to play cards once a week.  The first night, Gene had surprised them all when he pulled her night shirt off and had her serve them drinks naked. The rumors they had heard from their mutual buddy wasn’t bullshit after all!  Generously, Gene gave them permission to feel her as much as they liked. To a man, they were all gentle with her, stroking her butt and stroking everywhere else too.

Then Gene had Nancy sit in his lap, leaning back into his chest with her legs splayed to either side and displaying her cunt.  The men were breathless as Gene began fingering the little girl’s cunt, but were absolutely panting after he asked, “Have any of you boys seen a girl’s cherry?”  Lewdly her spread open her cunt so that the thin membrane of her intact hymen was displayed inside her canal.

Gene was eating up the adulation he was receiving from his friends for his brazen show. He let her little pussy lips close and continued to gently finger her slit.  Suddenly he had an urge, an urge he found impossible to control.  He paused his fingering for the moment, then certain that every eye was glued to his daughter’s cunt, he did it, abruptly ramming his middle finger all the way up her cunt hole. 

Nancy jumped and yelped as her maidenhead was suddenly and unexpectedly ripped away forever. Holding her firmly with his arm across her chest, he continued to finger fuck her deeply, soothingly telling her that soon it wouldn’t hurt anymore and that it would never hurt like that agin.  Then pulling his bloodied finger from her violated hole, he proudly displayed it to his friends. 

“God, her blood is all over his pants,” observed one friend.

Basking in his own perversion, Gene called for the cards to be dealt.  “Winner of this hand gets a blow job,” he announced.  The game continued for several more hands until one by one, she had sucked each and every cock while the others, eager for their turn, watched and waited. 

By the end of the evening she was completely soaked with cum and had a belly full of sperm.  She was Daddy's little cum dump and cock sucker.  That night and every poker night thereafter, she always got good tips for her waitress service.


Gene was lost in an erotic fog as he drove his fat cock deep into his daughter’s tight hot twat.  His cock head was so sensitive he could feel every ripple in her young canal.  "Oh, you little fucking whore... How Daddy loves to fuck his little girl... You are the best fuck I've ever had, baby.  I love my little fuck toy." He continued to kiss her as they fucked. 

Tell daddy what you want, baby," he cooed.

The sound of her little girl's voice replying, "Fuck me, Dady. Fuck me," nearly drove him crazy.

Ceaselessly pounding into his daughter, their two bodies glistened with sweat.  Gene's fingers found Nancy's nipples and began pulling, twisting pinching at them.  "Oh, Daddy... do it, do it, oh, Daddy... your little slut is starting to cum, Daddy." She said breathlessly, "Yes, Daddy... Yes, Daddy, do it to me hard. Fuck me, fuck me." Her voice rose in the still morning air, "Fuck me, Daddy!!!” Gene slid his hands under his daughter's ass cheeks and pulled her small body tight against him, her legs splayed wide, while he just plowed his long cock deep into his nine-year-old daughter.

The deep fucking he always did had battered her cervix open until it had long since ceased to be a barrier, the spearhead of his long cock penetrating into her womb with each stroke.

"Cum, you little bitch, fuck your Daddy!!!" He raised his voice as he began to feel his own climax steaming up from his balls. 

Gene felt her start to cum and felt himself cumming at the same time.  He wove his fingers into her hair while forcing himself deeper and deeper into her cunt...  They kissed brutally… lustily... completely, while he filled his own daughter with his hot cum, the two lovers melting into one another.  His cock tingled for minutes, and he savored the clasping feel of her cunt contracting around his spent cock.  Before he withdrew it from her flooded cunt, it was completely soft.

Gene rolled off his panting daughter a minute later.  Her body heaving, taking in gulps of air, her precious girl cunt still a little open, ran with her father’s white cum.  It ran from her hole down the crack of her pussy and onto the sheets.

"That was wonderful, Baby... really wonderful," gasped Gene trying to catch his breath.  "Now, do like Daddy likes... clean my cock with your mouth.  That's it you little whore, lick it all clean." After cleaning her daddy's cock, the little girl sat upright, proudly beaming at her lecherous daddy.

"Today is your ninth birthday," he said brushing a strand of hair from her face, "and you've been such a good girl, Daddy has a surprise for you.  I know how much you like to do sex, so it will be fun for you."

Is Jenny and her daddy coming over tonight?” she asked hopefully.

“You’ll see,” he said kissing her cheek, “It’s a surprise.”  Gene smiled thinking about tonight’s poker game, watching his daughter, the birthday girl, fucking all his poker buddies.  



The End


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