Part 2

By Pops 4476

(Mf, ff, Mff, spank, Mdom, bond, 1st, inc)

Having successfully adjusted Jenna's attitude, Rick turns his attention to her stubborn cousin, Kaelyn...

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I had taken my two 13 year old nieces with me on a trip. Working as a security consultant for hotels and resorts, I traveled frequently, and had never married. My two sisters had complained about how their daughters were getting on their “last nerve” so I suggested they come with me for a week.

Both sisters had instructed me to use whatever I felt necessary to keep them in line. The first morning we were at the resort, the girls found out how far they could push Uncle Ricky. Read Part 1 for more details. Now, on with Part 2.

I pulled on a pair of shorts and t-shirt after Jenna and I had cleaned up a little. She left off her panties and bra as she pulled on the same shorts and top she was wearing before our punishment session. I took a couple of items out of the bag I reserved for work, and walked to the other bedroom where Kaelyn was impatiently waiting.

“It's about time!” she said haughtily when I walked in. I kept one hand behind my back, holding the extra items I had retrieved. “I thought you said we were leaving. You are just as bad as my mom. She says one thing, and does something else. I wish I hadn't even come on this little trip. Where's Jenna? I heard her screaming. She's such a loser. I can't believe she let you spank her. Did you enjoy looking at her naked butt? I bet you did, you're probably a perv too.”

All this came out without giving me a chance to get a word in. I just stood in front of her, looking down.


I slapped her across the face so hard she fell over on the bed. Before she could react, I was on her, and secured her wrists behind her back with a plastic zip tie. She began to kick and scream, but I pushed her face into the bed, and sat on her legs.

“Now you listen to me, you ungrateful little bitch! I've had enough of your spoiled brat attitude. It ends here and now. I have never laid a hand on you before today, but that's over. Jenna has decided she wants to make a change for the better, and we both want to stay. You don't have a choice in the matter any longer.

“Here's what's about to happen. You will be punished and you will stay right here on this bed until I decide to release you. You will learn, sooner or later, that I mean business and so does your mom. She tried just letting you do whatever you wanted, thinking it would make you a better person, but she realized you need discipline, just like we did.

“We both know that your worthless daddy was only good for creating you and leaving you both a lot of money. He hasn't come around to see you in over two years. Do you want to know why? It's because he doesn't want you to find out he's gay and has a boyfriend.  He's the wife of that couple, too. I know because I saw them.”

She had stopped struggling and I relaxed my grip on her back. She turned her head towards me, but her hair covered her face.

“I don't believe you! He's not gay! You better get off me, Uncle Ricky. This isn't funny anymore. You're hurting me.”

Jenna walked in with the rest of the items I had outlined in the plan we had discussed. Her cousin couldn't see her yet, and I didn't make her aware. I moved off Kaelyn's legs. She immediately started to roll over, but I stopped her, holding her in place.

“I didn't say you could get up. I told you that you were staying on this bed until I said you could get up. I meant that. You don't have a choice in the matter any longer. Jenna and I both want to stay and enjoy our vacation. Either you decide to be nice, or you can stay right here for a week. It's up to you.”

She stopped struggling, apparently waiting for me to relax my grip. When I did, she kicked at me with her bony little legs, which I easily deflected. I gave her a hard SMACK on her ass, which got her attention. 

Quickly, I cut the zip tie and moved her left arm around and up towards the heavy, wooden head board. Using one of the straps Jenna had brought me, I secured that arm to the board before she recovered from the shock and tried to get away. Now, however, the fight was on.

Kaelyn began to get very loud and try to get away. I just sat on her back and grabbed her other arm, securing it in the same way. Jenna handed me a towel, which I used as a gag. That really got her attention. 

She tried to sit up on the bed, but I grabbed one ankle and pulled her down. Using another strap from my willing accomplice, I secured  Kaelyn's left leg to the foot of the bed. Before she could twist away, Jenna grabbed her other ankle and I secured it as well.

I took the pillows and shoved them under Kaelyn's slender body, raising her hips. She was sobbing into her gag, tears running down her face. Her dark blonde hair was quite a mess now, as she had fought so hard to get away from me.

“Now, Kaelyn, you might as well stop fighting. You aren't going anywhere until I say. Before that happens, you will be punished. And that punishment will continue until I believe you are sorry and will do better.”

Jenna handed me the last item she had brought. Using those scissors, I cut the shorts and panties from my niece. Her ass was just as skinny as I had thought, although a little tone was beginning to develop. An obvious tan line revealed where her bikini had been.

The top was next, and I removed it the same way. Three more snips of the scissors, and her bra was in pieces, laying on the floor with the rest of her useless clothing. Kaelyn was now totally nude in front of her cousin and myself. She was crying harder now, her embarrassment very obvious.

I moved into position and began to deliver her punishment. I had given Jenna five smacks on each cheek. I doubled this for Kaelyn. About half-way through, she stopped struggling and just lay there, crying into her gag.

Jenna hadn't said a word the entire time she had been in the room. She motioned to get my attention and I moved to her vantage point at the foot of the bed to see what she was pointing at. Because of the way I had secured Kaelyn to the bed, Jenna had a clear view of her cousin's slit. When I looked at it, the inner pink folds were obvious as well as the fact that she was dripping wet! Both of my nieces evidently loved pain.

Jenna pulled on my shoulder and whispered in my ear: “Is that how I was?”

I nodded.

“Are you gonna do her like you did me? I mean, you know, do sex with her?”

I shook my head in a “no” response and whispered I had other plans for now. Jenna just grinned and took my hand. She placed it over her own mound. I could feel the wetness. She whispered she got so hot watching me spank Kaelyn, she wanted me again. I told her that was exactly what I had in mind. She grinned at me, flashing her braces and started to go back to the other bedroom. I took her arm, pulling her back into my arms, and kissing her.

She responded with as much passion as she had earlier. Her body felt incredible pressed against mine, knowing neither of us were wearing anything under our shorts and tops. My cock was hard and she knew it.

I pulled away, and moved towards Kaelyn's head. I moved her hair from her face and looked at her. Taking a chance, I knew, I released the gag. She surprised me.

“I can't believe you did all this Uncle Ricky. Why?” she asked through her sobs.

“I told you, Kaelyn, you needed to be punished for what you had done. Your mom has let you get by with whatever you wanted to do for so long that you are a spoiled brat. I want to find my sweet niece again.

“There's something else you should know.” I motioned for Jenna to come over where her cousin could see her before continuing.

“You are both smart girls. Kaelyn, you know what incest is, right?” She looked at me, questioningly, but nodded.

“Your moms and I have been involved with each other since we were kids. Jenna found out she got turned on when I spanked her earlier, and now she knows first-hand about incest. It's obvious how much you were turned on when I spanked you.

“I'm going to tell you just how it is, Kaelyn. I won't use cute little girl terms, I'll just say it. Your pussy is dripping wet. Your pussy is wet, and my cock is hard. But before I show you what happened with me and Jenna, I want to know one thing: how much have you done sexually? And I want the truth, too.”

She opened her mouth, closed it, then answered: “I'm still a virgin, but that's about it. I've been playing around with Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, and sometimes their kids, from next door. Between them, we've done everything except him putting it in my... my pussy. Mr. Roberts and their son Greg did it in my butt and my mouth. Mrs. Roberts and Kayla showed me how to do girl sex, and used a strap-on on my butt.

“Sometimes, some... sometimes Mr. Roberts would lay on his back and she would be on his, his, thing... his cock, while I would sit on his face. Kayla and Greg would be doing stuff while I played with their parents. Please let me up. I'm so sorry, they told me not to tell anyone and I haven't before now.” 

She turned her face back to the bed while Jenna and I took in her latest revelation. Jenna's mouth was hanging open. She finally found her voice and started asking questions.

“You mean, Kayla? The Kayla who does the show with us? And her brother Greg who is younger than us? How long have you been doing this? When did you start? You let him put it in your butt? Tell me, Kaelyn!”

I was standing behind Jenna as she moved over next to the bed and was making an attempt to coax the information from her cousin. Putting my arms around her waist, I pulled her bottom against my very erect cock. Reaching around my niece, I began pulling her shorts down. She didn't resist as the garment left her body. She lifted her feet, one at a time, to step out of them. Without waiting for me, she lifted her shirt over her head, leaving her just as nude as her cousin and as nude as I would be very soon.

Kaelyn's mouth opened in shock as she watched her cousin and uncle undress. Jenna asked her again about her experiences with the neighbors. I had seen Kayla from time to time, and had watched her on some of the web shows, so I had an idea who she was talking about. Kayla was their age, built about like Jenna with brunette hair and was on the cheerleading squad with her.

“Kayla kinda hinted around that we could have some fun... if I wanted to," Kaelyn said. "I didn't know a lot about sex stuff, and one day Greg was there so Kayla showed me how to suck him off. Her parents caught us and said if we were gonna play, they were gonna help. They had set me up with that one. The four of them had been playing together since Kayla was 8.

“I was scared, but excited, you know? I told them I was a virgin, and not ready to do it yet, so they said they would show me everything else. Greg isn't very big, but he's cute and he squirted and then Mr. Roberts said I could see what a grown man's cock is like. He isn't that big either, but he's bigger than Greg. He squirts a lot more.  Mrs. Roberts is a little bigger than Kayla, but she taught me a lot”

Kaelyn saw me standing behind her cousin, caressing Jenna's body. I was rubbing my cock between the cheeks of her ass, and down between her legs. As it peeked from between Jenna's thighs, the tip was obvious to Kaelyn.

Jenna was moving against me now. I pulled back enough to adjust for the right angle, and slid easily into her pussy. She moaned in pleasure as she pushed back onto my cock. Kaelyn's eyes opened wide as she watched us fuck through her tangle of hair.

“You guys are really doing it! Jenna! Really? Uncle Ricky is putting his cock in you?”

“Oh, yes he is! Cousin, this is the best thing ever!! We didn't do it like this before, but...

" I like it, Uncle Ricky,” Jenna answered, "Oh, do I like it, Uncle Ricky!

"You really gotta feel this, Kaelyn.  It feels so... so good!"

I had no complaints either! Jenna was letting me pump at my own rhythm. She lay her head on the bed and I could feel her fingers brushing my cock as I slid in and out. She was playing with her clit as I fucked her from behind. I looked over Jenna's head to my other niece.

Kaelyn, why didn't any of them take your pussy?” I asked her as I pumped slowly into my niece.

“I told them I wasn't ready for that yet, and I didn't want to get pregnant. They held me down to do my butt the first time. When Greg did it first, Kayla was playing with my pussy, you know, and it felt really good once I got used to it.

“When Mr. Roberts wanted to do my butt, I wasn't sure, but he did it and it hurt more. After a few times, it started being ok, but the strap-on hurt the most. Kayla and her mom both did it to me with that.

“They told me that from now on, whenever I came over, and that should be at least three to four times a week, I'm supposed to get undressed as soon as I walk in the door.  Then I am to take care of whoever is at home and let them do whatever they want.”

She was breathing hard just watching us slowly fuck, and I could feel another orgasm building in my balls. Jenna was breathing more shallow now, and squeezing my cock with her pussy. I reached under her, leaning farther over and pulled one of her nipples. When I did, she yelped and came hard, massaging my cock with her cunt.

"That's a girl.  Cum on my cock, Jenna.  Show Kaelyn what's she's missing," I said. "Squeeze my cock, baby.  Oh, fuck yeah I'm gonna cum in your sweet cunt!"

I filled her pussy full a second time and held inside her as I emptied my balls once more. Now that Kaelyn had told us her story, I knew what would happen next. They had turned Kaelyn into a submissive and she loved it! She needed someone to tell her what to do, and for the next week at least, that someone would be her uncle and possibly her cousin, Jenna.

Kaelyn, you said you sucked Mr. Roberts and Greg, right? Did you ever taste Mrs. Robert's pussy after she had sex? Did you eat cum from her pussy?”

She nodded, now ashamed at what she had told us.

“I'm going to release you for now, Kaelyn, but here's what you will do. You will clean my cock, and Jenna's pussy with your mouth. You will service both of us. You won't argue, because if you do, I'll restrain you again, and punish you even worse than before. Do you understand?”

She nodded.

“Not only that, you will beg us to let you service us. You will beg me to fuck all of your holes, teaching your cousin how to suck a cock. You will also beg me to take your pussy. Do you understand that?”

Another nod as I released her legs, then her arms. She looked up at me, her big, brown eyes still misty from crying.

“Uncle Ricky, I've been bad. Will you please let me suck your cock? Please let me clean it for you.”

I sat on the bed, and Kaelyn began to show me just how well her neighbors had taught her the fine art of fellatio. They had been very good teachers, and she was a fine student!!

She held the shaft in one slender hand, while cupping my balls gently with the other. Her lips were sliding up and down my shaft, while her tongue worked to clean any remains of my coupling with her cousin.

Jenna watched, wide-eyed, as her cousin performed oral sex on me. She had obviously never seen that before, judging from the reaction on her face.

“Doesn't that taste bad?” Jenna asked.

Kaelyn pulled away only long enough to shake her head in a “no” response and offer my cock to her cousin. Jenna moved onto the bed, looked up at me smiling, then lowered her head to my cock.

Kaelyn had cleaned most of the juices from my shaft, which was now returning to its erect form. After letting Jenna suck a couple of minutes, I told her to lay between my legs, with her back to me.  I hooked her ankles with my ankles and spread her open while one of my hands went to her little titties, the other pointing and directing Kaelyn to Jenna's cum seeping pussy.   Kaelyn's caught on right away and moved to begin her second task. 

"Hold it, Kaelyn!" I said rather forcefully.  She looked up at me in confusion.  "Haven't you forgotten something or do you want me to spank your ass again? You will ask your cousin permission to lick her pussy."

"Oh!  Okay..."

“Jenna? Would you let me, uh, clean your pussy for you, please? I'd love it if you let me taste Uncle Ricky's cum that's inside you. Please?”

Jenna was still pretty dumb-struck by all that had happened this afternoon, but she nodded her assent. I wrapped my arms around my sexy niece, cupping her firm little breasts as Kaelyn began to demonstrate how well she had learned cunnilingus. Judging from Jenna's reaction, she had learned that well also.

My cock was pressed between us, resting against Jenna's back. I was massaging her breasts, teasing the nipples and pinching them as Kaelyn cleaned her pussy of my cum. Jenna was arching her pussy up to meet her cousin's ministrations as another climax neared.

Kae, Kae, KaelynNNNNNNNNN!!!” she screamed out, as she held her cousin's head when it finally hit. Kaelyn sat back on her heels, wiping her face with her hand, and looked at me. Her big, brown eyes were soft and pleading.

“Uncle Ricky? I'm ready to lose my virginity now. Would you fuck my pussy please? I know I'm wet, but if I'm not, I am so sorry. Please spank me again for not asking you sooner.”

I slid out from under Jenna, who was still gasping for air, her entire young body twitching as she recovered from her orgasm.

Kaelyn, because you asked so nicely, I will do both. Bend over the bed and let me check you.”

She quickly moved to the requested position. I stood behind her and roughly ran my hand between her legs. She was damp, but not as wet as she had been. Without warning, I brought my hand down on her bare ass several times in rapid succession. She jerked with each SMACK, but never pulled away. Each time, she asked for another.

After half a dozen swats, I told her to lay on the bed next to her cousin and spread her legs. As she complied, I took a good look for the first time at her nude form from the front.

Her body was still developing, as I mentioned earlier, her shoulders prominent, her breasts were little more than bumps, about the size of half a lemon as she lay back on the bed. Although her stomach was flat, and defined ( she was in gymnastics as well), her hips were still bony. What surprised me was the fact that her mons, while covered in a light dusting of hair, was very plump. Her body would gain some definition within the next few months, but for now, her pussy mound was begging Uncle Ricky to violate it.

I looked up into her eyes and said, "Beg for it.  Beg me to do it."

She looked up from staring at my stiff pecker and deferentially said, “Please, Uncle Ricky. Put your cock in my pussy and fuck me.”

Jenna had recovered enough to watch what was about to happen. She raised up on one elbow as I moved between Kaelyn's legs. My cock was at full strength and dripping pre-cum. I hadn't been able to perform this much in a while. Having two sexy 13 year old girls in front of me was a great incentive  and an excellent natural drug. I moved over my niece and simply told her to put it where it needed to be. She took my shaft in her small hand and guided the tip between her swollen lips.

Nestled in the maw of her virgin pussy I told her again, "Beg for it."

"Oh, please Uncle Ricky, fuck me!"

I watched her eyes as I moved forward. Jenna would tell me later she watched as my cock stretched her cousin's lips, how they seemed to bulge, and how she could even see the impression of my cock as it slid in and out.

I was quite surprised to feel her hymen give away.  She winced, but oce I had penetrated her hymen, I began to push more and more with each stroke. Soon, I was fully inside her with each stroke. She was taking it all with barely a grimace of pain. After a few moments, she was pushing against me, matching my strokes.

“Kiss your cousin, Jenna. Kaelyn, play with Jenna. Bring her off again.”

The girls looked at each other and moved to comply. Kaelyn's slender fingers reached for Jenna's pussy and began to stimulate the sensitive nub of her clit, then work two fingers into what I knew would be a very wet pussy. Jenna moaned into her cousin's mouth as she spread her legs wider to give more access.

Picking up her legs I continued to pump, increasing my depth and pushing forcefully until I was pushing against her cervix,. My niece was getting fucked.

Since I had filled Jenna twice within the last hour, this one took a little longer. I instructed Kaelyn to turn over and for Jenna to sit in front of her. They understood what I wanted and quickly took up the positions.

I slid into Kaelyn from behind while she began working on bringing her sweet cousin off once more. I fully intended to take both girls in the ass before much longer. Not now. This time, I would fill little Kaelyn just as I had done with Jenna twice.

Soon, her mouth actions were becoming erratic, although Jenna didn't seem to mind. Jenna came once more, and Kaelyn had her first orgasm induced by a cock in her pussy. It was within a few more strokes that she received her first pussy load of incestuous cum.

I pulled out and lay on the bed next to her as she collapsed next to Jenna. I held out my arm to her, which she accepted, snuggling into my embrace. I kissed the top of her head. Jenna crawled over the top of us and snuggled into my other arm. She got a kiss on the head as well.

“Well, Kaelyn, Jenna, how do you feel now?”

Kaelyn looked up at me and smiled sweetly. “Thank you, Uncle Ricky. I know I've been a little bitch to Mom lately. I will do better, I promise. As for the sex, well, I'm sore, but I'm glad you were the one who did that first.  Mr. Roberts kept wanting to, but I told him I just wasn't ready.”

“Did they force you to do anything, Kaelyn?” I asked her. If she had offered the least resistance, I would have stopped short of the sex. The spanking? Well, she was going to get that no matter what.

“Yes sir. Like I said, Kayla was showing me how to give a blow job and her parents walked in. That was the first time the three of us had done anything. Kayla and I had fooled around some, like oral and stuff, but that was the first day Greg was involved.

“I was scared and tried to hide, but they just jumped on me and said this is what we're gonna do. Then they did it. They told me the first time that I should come back the next day. I didn't want to, but I did anyway. I guess maybe that's why I've been so bitchy with mom. I wasn't sure what was going on.”

Now it was Jenna's turn to speak. “I had no idea Kayla was doing stuff with her family. Are any of the other girls doing stuff?”

“Maybe one or two, I'm not sure. I didn't know Kayla was either until that day,” Kaelyn responded.

“Uncle Ricky,” Jenna looked at me, “what else are you gonna show us? I never heard about some of that stuff she said, and I SURE never thought about doing it in my butt! I had heard about blow jobs but never did that before. Is that why you brought us this week, to do stuff with us?”

 “Girls, I've been wanting to spend time with the two of you for a while. Until your moms told me how you had been acting lately, I hadn't given it much thought. When I spanked you, Jenna,” giving her a squeeze, “and saw how wet you were, I knew I wanted you. I didn't think you would object, especially once I made you cum the first time.”

She blushed and just nodded, mumbling: “I was hoping you might want to do something this week, Uncle Ricky. I didn't expect this, but I'm not complaining either. I know I haven't been the best daughter in the world my mom, but she just doesn't seem to care what I do anyway. We started doing the web show because we were all bored, and probably all spoiled. Thank you, Uncle Ricky, for all of this.”

I kissed the top of her head, then continued:

“When Kaelyn was so defiant, I decided to do to her what my parents did to her mom once. She refused to undress and get ready for a spanking. She said she had been good all week and didn't need one. Mom grabbed her hands and pulled her across the table, then dad tied her down.

“He took his pocket knife and cut her clothes off. We just stood back and watched, both of us scared to death. Once he had her nude, he whipped her with a belt. I could see her pussy was getting wet, and I had to look away because I didn't want to get hard again. I had done that once, and the folks got pissed!”

Kaelyn began to toy with my cock while she lay there beside me. She looked up at me and asked very sweetly: “Uncle Ricky, is Jenna going to learn how to please a girl, too? I have some cum in my pussy that should probably come out.”

END of Part 2



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