Twenty One Years Old?

By E.A. Grant

(Mgg, exhib, cons, inc, oral, anal, ws)

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It was perfect weather and I knew the girls would love the pool.  I picked them up at my folk’s house on the outskirts of the city as promised and was driving them to my condominium to let them use the new oversized pool. Because it was a weekday, it was unlikely to be very busy.

My name is Sam Oliver, I’m an assistant college football coach and you may have seen me on T.V.  By a stroke of luck, my folks live close by, so I see them and my little sister often.  My story is about an adventure I had with Sandy, my ten year old sister and her eleven year old girl friend, Terry. (As I said in the title… twenty-one, one girl ten and one eleven, that’s twenty-one! Any questions?)    

I had taken Sandy to the pool a few times that summer, but this was the first time with a friend.  I should add that I had thought about my sister in a more or less passing sexual way a few times before.  Seeing her in her two piece bathing suit, her perfect little ass tempting me, was a challenge that I really hadn’t had that much trouble controlling.  This day would be different.

I picked the girls up right at eleven A.M. and headed back into the city.  They sat in the front seat of the Explorer and chatted constantly. Sandy was a slim girl about four feet six inches tall with shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes; she is quite pretty and like I said, she has a remarkable little ass. She didn’t have so much as a hint of tits… as far as I could tell. 

Terry, my little sis’s friend, was the same height as Sandy, but a little bit heaver with long blond hair blue eyes and an impish grin.  It didn’t take very long for me to realize that she was a little forward. 

Both girls were excited about the pool.  That’s when I noticed the G.I. Joe doll that Sandy was holding.  Making small talk I commented, “Hey, Sis, that’s a neat doll. When did you get it?”

“Oh, I’ve had it a long time, Sam. But… Terry doesn’t like it very much.” Sandy said looking at her friend.

“Why not, Terry?” I asked just trying to sound interested.

“It stinks, that’s why”, she said with a satisfied, positive shake of her blond head.

it stinks?  Why do you say that?” I asked curious as to what Terry’s objection might be. 

“Don’t you tell him why, Terry or I’ll kill you,” Sandy threatened her friend without conviction. The two girls giggled and whispered into each other’s ears. 

The comments and interaction between the girls were mildly interesting, but I had to move along now in heavy traffic, so it was a minute or so before I could speak again. “Come on Terry, tell me what you’re talking about.  Why does Sandy’s doll stink?”

“You really want to know, Sam?”

“Don’t you dare, Terry,” Sandy said in again an unconvincing voice that included a giggle.  She evidently wanted to share the secret, but didn’t want to admit it.

“Well,” Terry started off and the two of them giggled again.  “Well, he doesn’t have real parts. You know, real body parts like a real man.  Do you want to see?”

This was suddenly getting interesting in more than a just passing way and I thought it would fun to keep the conversation going.  “I don’t know what you mean, Terry,” I said acting clueless.  “Show me.”  I was at a traffic light again so the timing was perfect.

“O.K.”, Terry said. Sandy had let her take the doll and Terry pulled his pants down. The doll didn’t have underwear, just smooth plastic into the “V” shape that disappeared in the space between his legs. “See?” Terry said pointing to the doll groin. 

Both girls were now looking at me, staring really… waiting for me to say something clever. I didn’t feel clever, just horny, so I led them on a bit.  “I don’t know if I know what you’re talking about. What’s missing?” Now they knew I was kidding.

“You know, Sam… he doesn’t have a ‘pecker’.  Both girls were now giggling hysterically.”

“So what,” I countered.

Terry put the doll down and gave me a cute little smile. “Real men have peckers. Right?”  Both girl burst into a fit of giggling again.

“Where in hell did you two learn that word?” I asked honestly surprised.

“Yes”, it was Sandy ignoring my question “the real G.I. Joe should have a real ‘pecker’.  Sam you know that.”

Now it was my turn to laugh, hearing the two of them use the word, ‘pecker’.  “You girls don’t even know what that word means. You don’t really know what a ‘pecker’ is, do you?”

“Yes, we do”, Sandy looked up at me and smiled again. She knew she was being naughty and she was testing me.

Then to her friend she added, “Don’t we Terry?”

“We do; honest, Sam,” interjected Sandy’s blond friend.  “We saw some pictures in a magazine, of men with big peckers at my house.  Once I even saw my daddy all naked and I saw his pecker too.  Except his wasn’t so big.”

I loved the conversation and decided to keep it going for a while. “Well, I guess you two do know what a pecker is.  And, you even saw a real one, Terry?”

“Yes, but it was small.” She shrugged her shoulders in a sign of disappointment. “Too bad you haven’t seen a real one, Sandy,” Terry added.

“I know…. I would like to,” my little sis replied as she glanced at Terry.

This was indeed an interesting conversation.  I was wondering if I should let them see mine, and wondering what kind of clever lines to use to ask them if they would like to see my dick, when Terry popped up and simply asked, “Can we see your pecker, Sam?   We won’t tell anyone.”

 (Now I have to admit something to my readers.  I have for years enjoyed flashing my cock at young and older girls…anyone really. I’ve done it in the movies, at the zoo, in Junior High, on the subway and in an elevator with an eight and a nine year old.  So showing my cock to kids was no novelty, it always gave me a huge thrill, and a super hard cock. )

I was a bit stunned at the suggestion.  After all this wasn’t some anonymous stranger, this was my little sister and her little friend who were suggesting such a thing.  Naturally, I was game. “Hey, are you guys serious? You want to see my pecker?  You know, I could get into a bunch of trouble if I do that.”

“No one will know, Sam,” Terry said   “But we both want to see it. Don’t we, Sandy?”  She was looking right at the bulge in my pants, but probably didn’t recognize what the bulge meant a hard cock. Or maybe she did.

I glanced over at my sister.  “You really want to see it, Sandy?”

“Yes,” replied my little sis. “I want to see it, too. I bet it’s bigger than Terry’s dad.”

“So you also know what Terry’s dad’s pecker looks like?”

“No, just what Terry’s told me.  I just want to see a real one too.”

“O.K. then I’ll let you.  But it has to be our secret.”  We still had quite a ways to get to my condo and I was ready to play so I added, since I’m driving, Sandy, you have to take it out of my shorts. Can you do that?”

Ya, I guess.” She looked at me with some doubt. “Are you sure you don’t mind, Sam? You won’t get mad?  You won’t tell Mom?”

Tell Mom?  Who me? “No, of course not, Sweetie… It will be fun showing it to you”

Three lights later we still hadn’t gotten my cock out, but Sandy hadn’t given up.  She had my belt unbuckled, the button unbuttoned and my zipper down.  The girls could see my fat cock head poking over the top of my BVD’s, but my cock, very hard by now, was trapped inside my tight fitting underpants. I was just as disappointed as the girls (maybe more), and they were very disappointed.

There was only one more light and it had just turned green. “Look girls, wait just a minute; we’re almost at the condo, then I can help get it out.” 

I pulled into the underground garage, parked in my assigned parking space and shut off the motor.  The garage was completely deserted.

Both girls were very excited with Sandy kneeling on the seat next to me and Terry half kneeling, half standing on the floor and bending in very close.   It just took me a second or two to push my jeans and underwear down to my thighs and twist a bit, resting back against the driver’s door to display myself. I took hold of my cock at the base and pointed it straight up and watched their reaction.  I loved the look of surprise on their sweet faces. “Do you like that?” I asked.

“Wow!” Terry said, “Ya, I think it looks really cool… It’s so long.”

“That is so neat, Sam,” my little sis gushed, “and big like Terry said.”

 I don’t know if they were turned on, but I sure was. So I asked, “Is it big like the peckers in the magazine?”

“I’m not sure I remember exactly, but yours is real. I like it a lot.” Terry said.

I let my cock lie back against my belly and gave the girls a good look at my balls. I lifted my nuts a bit and watched them stare. “Those are my balls, girls.  See how fat and heavy they are?  They are heavy because they are full of cum.”

“What’s cum?” asked Terry.

“Sperm. The stuff that makes babies in girls.”

“Oh,” she said softly.

“Is that pee dripping out of the top, Sam?” Sandy asked pointing at the pre-cum nearly touching the tip of my cock.

It was such a turn on letting them look at me like that I thought I was going to cum, but I held back. “No Baby, that’s my pre-cum.  It comes out when I get horny, like now.  You can touch it if you want to.”

She looked at me in surprise. “Really? Can I?” she asked as her hand moved tentatively toward my excited dick.

 Just then another car pulled into the parking garage and I had to quickly pull up my pants.   “Oops!  We better get you two to the pool.”

A few minutes later I had the girls in the pool and I went to my apt, put on my suit and went back to the pool myself. The girls were having a blast using the slide and the diving board.  I swam around a bit, chasing them, touching their little asses and running my leg between theirs several times. They never seemed to notice. Then my sister said, “You’re naughty, Sam, and people will see you,” so I guess they knew.

The cool water had finally got my cock in a half-hard situation so I could stop worrying about anyone seeing me with a seven inch hard-on horsing around with the girls.  After playing with both of them for awhile, I sat up on the wall of the pool and dangled my feet in the water still watching my sister and her friend.  I was still very horny.

My bathing suit was kind of a baggy affair, so as I sat there it was easy for me to adjust my dick to let my semi-hard-on show in one of the leg openings. The girls could see it by placing themselves right in front of me, but no one else could see anything. That quickly became their favorite attraction and they both found all kinds of reasons to come over to me and holding onto the pool edge, re-examine my cock and giggle. We all enjoyed the little game on and off for most of an hour.

Obviously they were both game for a little fun and I decided to go as far as I could with them.  I asked, “Why don’t we go up to my apartment and get some lunch,” knowing what they would say, but wondering just how far I wanted or dared to go.  They of course liked the idea and soon we were on the elevator on our way to the seventh floor and the privacy that I wanted. I have a studio apartment with a balcony that is spectacular. But today, no one was interested in the view.

After I had given them both a Coke, the first thing I asked them was, “So, you girls want to see my pecker again?”

Sandy twisted and turned, a little bit nervous and embarrassed, but still willing. “Yes,” she replied cutting a questioning glance at her friend. Terry nodded her eager agreement.  “Can I see the drippy stuff again, Sam?”   Sandy asked with a smile. “I want to touch it this time.”

‘Yes… yes… yes, I want to see that too,” Terry kicked off her sandals and sat up on the unmade bed.

This was going even better than I had hoped, so I upped the ante.  “O.K., fine by me, but to make it fair, you two have to get undressed too.  So, off with the bathing suits!”

Looks went between them, but there was no real resistance.  With a look of concern, Sandy said “O.K., I guess that’s fair, but you have to promise never, never, ever to tell a soul. Cross your heart, Sam.” 

“O.K. I will,” I agreed suppressing a smile.  Sealing the deal I crossed my heart.

Sandy took hers off first. I sat on the edge of the bed and she held onto my arm while I helped her take off her suit. The girls were suddenly quiet; a little tense and embarrassed, but neither hesitated to continue. They glanced back and forth between each other, but never made eye contact with me. They gave off little giggles now and then as they exchanged glances getting nude. 

Her pussy was of course hairless with a pink-red slit that I could see clearly and I looked forward to seeing it closer. Her chest was just about completely fat with the slightest bump where her tits would be in a couple of years. Her nipples were quarter size, darkest brown and seemed swollen, but that may have been the cold pool water. Or maybe not.

Having gotten my little sister naked I told her, “OK, Sandy, turn around for me, Baby.  I want to see all of you”.  I let go of her so she could turn. As Sandy turned around, I could see the most perfect ass I have ever seen on any female at any age. Boldly I cupped her fat little cheeks in my hands and squeezed just enough for her to know that I liked what I saw. She looked at Terry and suppressed a smile while I enjoyed the firmness and weight of her bare ass cheeks.  

Then it was Terry’s turn.  She stepped right up to me and let me slide the shoulder straps off her snow white shoulders.  She smiled as I pulled the one piece suit down. Terry actually had miniature tits. More than just buds they were a small handful with pretty pink nipples that were erect just like my sisters had been. I pushed the suit down her legs and off her thin body. Her cunt, hairless like Sandy’s seemed a little puffier and her cunt lips were definitely more swollen.  When she turned around, her ass was a perfect duplicate of Sandy’s. Confident that I wouldn’t be rebuked, I felt her up the same way, letting a finger brush her asshole.

“That tickles, Sam,” she said as she wiggled her ass in my hands. “You’re such a naughty boy, Sam.”

Then both girls brightened and became more animated. “O.K. Sam, now it’s your turn,” Sandy said smiling with a girlish giggle as she reached for my swim suit.

“We want to see your big pecker,” Terry piped in, using the language I loved.  She too was reaching for the waistband of my wet bathing suit.

Of course I was not just ready, but happy to show them my glass-hard cock.  I couldn’t suppress my ear-to-ear grin as the girls pulled down the suit and released my cock to view.  With my trunks down to my knees, the girls stopped stripping me and just gawked, leaving me to discard my wet trunks on my own.  They seemed more surprised than in the car.

I sat back in the middle of the bed and half laid down resting on my elbows. I opened my legs some, shamelessly displaying myself and making it easier for them to see my cock and balls while I looked at their tender young cunts and hard nipples. I patted the bed with my hands and the girls closed in on either side of me.

“You can touch it if you like, girls. If you want to see more of the clear stuff, you’ll have to jerk it up and down.”  I demonstrated and as soon as I finished, they began to jerk me off taking turns.  Soon, without the slightest resistance, my hands had slid up each of their legs. Slowly I caressed and then fingered the surface of their tight little pussies. Both pussies were getting very wet and I realized that they were getting turned on One at a time, I played in their slippery slits and toyed with their small clits as they wiggled on my fingers.

They were doing a good job now playing with my cock. Pre-cum was running over their little hands as they concentrated on my cock and moved themselves around to give me the best angle to reach between their legs to finger them. I used my wet fingers to pinch then pull their nipples gently. Both girls’ nipples got very hard.

Then something happened that actually surprised me. While they knelt on either side of me, leaning over my cock and moving it in perfectly even rhythm, with closed eyes the girls kissed. A long hot well practiced kiss of passion, obviously not their first kiss. That sight together with the great jerk off I was getting made me crazy to have more of them.

I took a hold of Terry’s arm and gently tugged at her. “Come up here, Terry… Give me a grown up kiss like you just did with Sandy.” She never hesitated and lay on my stomach. I could feel her warm breath and looked at her hot, wet, lips… a moment later I had my tongue in that sweet little girl mouth. My hand squeezed her little girl tits, and pulled on her pink quarter sized nipples. Soon I had her moaning as I sucked on those now hard nipples and pulled at them with my teeth.

Sandy was doing a good job jacking my cock, but right then I just had to have Terry’s hairless cunt in my mouth. I pulled her up to a kneeling position and she positioned her sweet little girl pussy over my mouth.  She knew exactly what to do and it was clear to me, that she wasn’t new to this kind of sex. I slowly lowered her onto my face, my mouth completely covered her dripping cunt. I sucked and sucked on her sweet pink hole, and tongue fucked her until my tongue was to tired to continue. I used a wet finger to fuck her ass while my mouth was busy on her pussy. Finally I sucked her stiff clit into my mouth and sucked it like a small cock. With her eyes closed she gave out a little shout as she came off filling my mouth with her hot cunt juice.

I was more than just a little curious as to just what this little minx knew about sex and set about exploring her cunthole with a clean finger.  It was no surprise to discover that she lacked a hymen; what was a surprise was how easily she took two fingers.  This cunt had been fucked before.  Considering all the earlier talk about her dad’s penis and sex magazines, I surmised that it was her dad that was doing her.  I seriously considered rolling her over and fucking her myself, but I had another little cunt that needed some attention.

I gave Terry another kiss and asked her to do my cock again. She sweetly kissed me back and went back to work jacking me off. It was time to get back to Sandy.  I knew now that my climax was close at hand so I just lifted my sister and sat her on my chest facing my cock and then moved her ass over my mouth.

I tongued her dark hole first, then using my thumbs spread her bald cunt open and covered it with my mouth. While I could still talk I told the girls, “Suck on my cock and put my balls in your mouth like I know you saw in the magazine.” They never answered but began to use their mouths while they continued to jerk me off. I guess Terry had gotten between my legs to suck my balls; her mouth was small of course, so she had to do one at a time.

My tongue began to move, more and more quickly, I sucked Sandy’s clit into my mouth and nursed it like a tiny cock. I could tell she liked it when I heard her moan and she wiggled her cunt for me to suck deeper. The two of them took turns sucking my cock while the other one lapped the sides. From the amount of cuntal discharge I was slurping up, I was pretty sure that my sister had come at least twice.  I was close to doing so myself, so I asked her to do something I had never done before.

“Sandy, baby, why don’t you let Terry suck my cock now and you just sit up and push your sweet pussy down on my mouth… Then piss in my mouth while I cum.”

“Uh, O.K. Sam”, she said in a strained voice I knew was from still another climax…”Are you sure?  Do you want all my pee?  I have a lot I think.”

“Yes, all of it, Honey… Please right now, I’m starting to cum.”  I pushed my cock up into Terry’s sucking mouth as Sandy’s flow began. The flow of urine was not as great a volume as I was afraid it might be. It had just the slightest bitter taste, but was really basically tasteless. It was warm and erotic.  During the flow, my tongue found her clit and I could feel my climax start its surge, my swollen cock head completely embedded in Terry’s mouth.  My hands grasped Terry’s head and held her in place awhile I pushed my cock deeper into her mouth and throat. 

My climax was the greatest ever. I flooded Terry’s mouth with a flood of hot cum. At one point I could hear her choke a bit, but she recovered from that quickly and continued to suck me until I was dry and my cock was softening. Sandy finished peeing in my mouth and I could feel her relax evidently finished with her extended organism.

We all lay together for a period, trading kisses and continuing to touch each other’s bodies. I took the time to determine if my baby sister was still a virgin or had she been fucked too.  I was curiously disappointed to find her barrier still intact, yet at the same time I pleased that I still had a shot at relieving her of it.  What to do?  What to do?  A glance at the clock made that decision for me.

“Well, girls,” I said, “it’s getting late.  Damn it, but I have to take you home now.  Your folks will be looking for you.”

“Yes, I know… but I wish we could stay,” Terry said while she fondled my balls. “When can we come back?”

“Tomorrow… We’ll be back tomorrow!”  It was Sandy now making the arrangements.

Tomorrow?  That was fine by me.  I wanted to repeat the scene ASAP and maybe see just how far they would really go. “Girls, tomorrow sounds good to me.”

The End   (or to be continued?)


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