Chapter 1 - Are we here yet?

A devilish pair of precocious preteen twin girls prepare to vie for attention from a horny teenage boy on a Nebraska farm.  But before they get there, Brad gets laid for his first time. 

By JimBob

(mf, 1st, mg, mast, oral, ped)




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Joyce and Jenny are bored.  They have been sitting in the back seat for four hours now, and they have exhausted every game they know to pass time on this boring drive through Nebraska cornfields.

"Are we there yet?"  With some small satisfaction, Joyce sees her father hunch his shoulders a little more.

Her Mom turns and gives her a dirty look.  "Will you knock it off?  You know that irritates your father.  Read your books."

"I'm tired of reading that boring book.  I'm tired of the boring scenery.  I'm tired of riding in this boring car, and I'm especially tired of you!"  She gives her twin a poke in the side with her elbow.

"Ouch!"  Jenny pokes her back.  The girls scuffle and wrestle in the back seat.

"All RIGHT!  KNOCK IT OFF!"  Their Dad has had it.  Red is creeping up the back of his neck. 

"Gee Dad, you don't have to yell,"  Joyce pipes up from the floor.  The girls quit fighting and each sits on their own side.  What the parents did not see is that the girls have exchanged places and hair ribbons in the pretend scuffle. 

You see, these are identical twins, as near to a perfect match as you can get.  Both are beautiful ten year old girls; same blue eyes, same pert little nose, same long brown color eyelashes, eyebrow and hair, same full lips, and the same delightful little girl bodies just beginning to bud.  There is only one tiny difference.  Jenny has a tiny round birthmark, as if touched by a fingertip, about a half inch above, and a half inch to the right of the very tip of her vulva cleft.  The girls still dress alike so Mother has them wear identical, but slightly different colored hair ribbons just to tell them apart.  Joyce is always the light colored ribbon, and Jenny wears the darker one.  That way their ribbons don't clash with their outfits.  Naturally the devilish girls love to play tricks on their friends, teachers and especially, parents.

"What's wrong, Dad?"  Jenny asks innocently.

The color advances a fraction of an inch up Dad’s neck.

"Can we stop to eat?  I'm hungry,"  Joyce asks from Jenny's seat.

"Where?"  Dad asks.  "We are twenty five miles from the nearest town."  He shakes his head in disgust.

"No, we can't, Jenny.  Aunt Min has invited us for dinner and we will be there in an hour."

"Jeez!  A whole hour?"  Even the twins don't know how they do it, but they say things in perfect unison.

"Um, can I have a candy bar then?" Joyce asks from Jenny's seat.

"Yeah, me too."

Dad's ears are starting to turn red.  The girls exchange a look.  Better back off a little.

"No candy, girls.  Wait for dinner,"  Mom says.  "Why don't you see what you can see for a while?"

"Oh, golly gee, Joyce," Joyce says to Jenny.  "We get to play the boring ‘see’ game."

"Yeah, Jenny," Jenny says to her twin.  "From see to boring see.  Hey, I see a field that I remember from the last trip."

"I see that cow that I saw in that field on our last trip," Joyce counters.

"I see that same bird sitting on the same cow that I saw in that same field on our last trip."

"Now look what you've done," Dad mutters to Mom.

"I see the same fly sitting on the same bird sitting on the same cow in that same field that I saw last trip."  Joyce smiles impishly at her sister.

"I see..."

"THAT'S ENOUGH!"  Now both parents have lost their cool.  "One more sound out of either of you, and Dad will stop this car, and kick you out!"

"Yeah, so a pervert can get us!  I don't think so, Mom."

Dad looks at Mom.  "Shall we take our chances?"

"No," Mom says.  "The poor guy would just kick them back out.  I guess we're stuck with them."

"Ha ha!  Very funny Mom."

"We're almost there."  Dad turns off the state highway onto the county road.  "Only five more miles, thank God."

The girls start packing up their games, books and assorted knickknacks they brought with them to pass time away and stowed them in their back packs.  Both are excited, because they will soon see their cousin, Brad.  He is five years older than them, and they both adore him and always vie for his attention.  Innocent vying for innocent attention, so far...

"I wonder how tall Brad is now.  He was five ten last year,"  Jenny says.

"He is on the basketball team, so he must be six feet now."

"I wonder if he has a girlfriend?"

With such idle (at least to their parent's ears) chatter, the girls pass the remaining few miles.  They are excited to see Aunt Min and Uncle John again.  They are even more excited by the prospect of spending the next three weeks on the farm while their parents go on an anniversary drive to visit old friends in California, and on a cruise.  (You readers can probably see by now why the twins are being dropped off.) 

The twins have some exploring in mind, new territory to discover.  They have done some of it at the library, finding books like God's Little Acre, Lolita, and the Pearl, and they have done some of it in bed together.  Their next journey involves Brad, though he is not yet aware of his part in their plans. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, (I love to use that line) Brad is finishing some maintenance on a tractor.  His dad stops by the barn.

"Hey, Brad, you better get up to the house and clean up.  Joan and Ben and the girls will be here soon and we can eat."

"Yeah, I'm about ready to eat one of those old tough cows,"  Brad declares pointing to the group under the shade of the big tree in the barnyard as he heads out the door.  “Old Bossy is looking pretty good.”

As Brad walks to the house he thinks, as he often does every day now, of Evie.  She was a year younger than Brad, and had come to visit her Uncle and Aunt at a house on the outskirts of town.  Evie was a big city girl, and Brad was smitten by her the first time he saw her in the town soda shop.  He had spent every day since racing through work and chores so he could spend time with Evie.  He was a big nuisance to the family she was visiting, and only tolerated because he was one of the stars on the high school basketball team.  There weren't many sports events to look forward to in small town Nebraska.

One thing Evie was good at was showing off quite a lot of flesh.  Brad was at that age where the hormones were raging, and he lost both big and little heads over the cute girl.  Evie of course took full advantage of his infatuation.  (Can you repeat after me?  Prick tease!)  Their last date happened a couple of days before Evie left to return to her home in Kansas City.  For Brad, it was now or never with this lovely little girl.

Brad picked Evie up at her house at seven.  They were going to the movie and then Brad had high hopes for the rest of the evening.  He had his first ever packet of rubbers in his pocket. After a brief debate with himself on how many he might need, he decided five might be enough.  He had wasted one of his purchase trying it on, practicing, so to speak, so he would not seem to be such a klutz in front of Evie.

Evie came out in an off the shoulder peasant blouse with a shawl, and her usual short skirt.  The blouse did not quite reach the skirt waist. In fact, it lacked about three inches of bare smooth midriff skin.  Brad had instant boner when he saw her, so he just reached over and opened her door.  Since our story takes place before seat belts, Evie jumped in and slid over so her warm hip and side was pressing Brad's.  Her warm hand on his thigh only a couple inches from his erection was not helping matters.  At first he was glad his erection had chosen to go down the other pants leg, but after Evie squeezed his thigh a couple of times, he thought differently.  It was dammed uncomfortable down there at that angle.

Since Brad was looking down at Evie's rather generous cleavage, he nearly took out two mail boxes just down the road.  Evie's gasp alerted him in time, and the rest of the trip into town was uneventful.  Brad's erection even slowly subsided. Their brief walk into the theater was past some of Brad’s male friends, and there were whistles of appreciation of his date.

They decided to eschew popcorn and drinks as they both had just had supper.  Both had ulterior motives.  Brad had designs on that little peasant blouse and short little skirt, and didn't want greasy hands.  Evie knew what was coming and didn't want Brad to have greasy hands, nor did she want slippery hands herself when it came time to stop his questing hands.

They took one of the lovers' seats in the back row, two seats together with no armrest between.  Brad had been wanting to be able to sit in one of those seats with a girl since he had turned fourteen and he had discovered girls were not such a pain after all.  Brad kissed Evie on the cheek as he put his left arm over her shoulders and pulled her close.  The lights dimmed, and the coming attractions started.  So did Brad.  The flickering lights played on Evie's legs, bare half way up her thighs, white skin glowing in the dim theater.  Brad put his right hand on Evie's cheek, and turned her head so he could get to her luscious lips. 

Brad had studied screen kisses for a year and even had kissed a girl in a closet on "truth or dare" at a party last year, but was really lacking in kissing experience.  On their first date, which wasn't really a date, just Brad giving her a ride home after a soda, Evie had taught Brad a little about French kissing in his car, before her porch light blinked as a signal to come in the house.  So he had all of fifteen minutes experience.

Evie opened her lips to meet Brad's lips pressing in, and her little tongue tip slipped out to meet his bigger, manly one. The tips danced together for a moment, then Brad forced his tongue into her mouth and explored inside it, as his cock rose in hopes of exploring between those so far untouchable lips down below.  It had to be tonight!  Evie would be gone in a couple of days.  How would he survive?  Something to remember would be his refrain tonight.  ‘I need, no, we need something to remember.’

As they continued the kiss, Brad dropped his right hand to Evie's neck and let it slide down over her bare shoulder to her arm and to the blouse stretched over it.  As he did, it suddenly struck him.  Bare shoulder!  No bra straps!  That meant no BRA!  Those puppies were just hanging there, waiting for him.  His cock became harder than it had ever been before.  His hands started shaking.  His eyes dimmed with tears of joy. 

Oh, gosh…  Maybe he needed more rubbers! He should have bought two packs and stashed one in the car glove compartment.  A dozen would probably do it.  Would the Drugstore be open when the movie got out?  Could you use the darn things twice?  He had to take some deep breaths to avert a panic attack. 

But he was not so far out of it that he neglected her lips and tongue, and her bare arm, though he changed tactics.  He let his hand slide on down her arm to where it rested in her lap.  Then he ran it up over the bare tummy and under the elastic of the blouse.  The loose elastic gave his hand plenty of room to push under and slide up to, holy of holies, the smooth warm underside of her breast.  He was holding a bare breast for the first time!  He had managed a few clutches through sweater, shirt and bra before, but this was the real thing! Oh, Man!  The pert little thing had just the slightest droop, hardly enough to notice.  He slowly and softly rubbed up over the warm nipple, and felt it harden under his palm.  Ooh, la la.  Old Bossy's teats never felt like this!  He tried the other one.  Same result. The hard nipple rose into his palm, then he squeezed it with finger tips and thumb.

Evie moaned.

He had to admit, it was much sexier and more erotic kissing a girl when you had a breast clutched in your hot little fist.  And she moaned into his mouth!  She actually moaned!  Oh man, he was so hard.  He wanted to feel more.

He had two hands.  He leaned in to her more, so he could drop his left hand down over her shoulder and with his right hand he stretched the neck of the blouse out so the left hand could reach her left breast, covering it.  Now he dropped the right hand down, rubbing over the flat tummy and down over the skirt to the bare flesh of her thigh.  As he started up her thigh, she seemed to press her legs together more.  Her hand came down and stopped his, holding it against her thigh, but stopping it from advancing.  Okay, she wasn’t quite ready yet.  He had seen the same story played out between cow and bull, stallion and mare.  It took a while, but when they were in heat, it was just a matter of time.  The movie wasn't over yet.  The night was young. 

They broke the embrace that had lasted for about half an hour.  Both stretched and then held each other loosely as they watched the movie for a while.  But the nearness of her got to Brad, those little lovelies on her chest were calling to his hands, and her lips and tongue were waiting, so he turned into her again and they kissed, lightly and then passionately.  As the kiss heated up, Brad fondled the soft breast with his left hand, and began a push up Evie's right thigh with his right hand once more. 

He started just above the knee this time, as Evie has pulled her skirt as far down as it will go.  Evie lets him get as far as where her thighs come together, a mere two inches.  Brad couldn't figure out what her problem was.  He was so hot, and she was giving him free access to her lips, her tongue, her firm breasts, why was she keeping his hand away from her pussy?  He had to touch it, to explore it.  He tried the outside of her thigh, her left thigh.  His hand got up to the edge of her panties, then her hand stopped him, pressing down, holding him still.

"No!  Not here."

"Please?  Just let me touch?"

"Maybe later."

"I can't stand it.  It hurts!"

"Oh!  Poor thing."  Evie reached down and patted it, then kept her hand down there, fingers lightly clasping his erection through his jeans.

"Aw...  No.  NO!  Oh, crap!"  No one but himself has touched Brad there since his memory started, and  Evie's warm little hand with a couple of pats and squeezes had done what it usually took him almost five minutes to do to himself.  Hot jism spurted into his jeans, up toward the waist and started a spreading warm wet spot.

"I gotta go up to the bathroom," Brad croaked out in embarrassment as he drug his hanky out and stuffed it down the front of his jeans.  When he got to the bathroom he collected several paper towels and dampened some, and went into a stall to clean himself up.  His hard problem was cured for a while anyway.  His denim jacket would conceal the wet spot if he carried it just so.

When he came out he found Evie waiting in the lobby for him.

"I had to go too."

"Let's go.  I've seen enough, have you?  We'll stop and get something..."


When they got into the car, Evie scooted over close to him again, but when Brad turned to her, she gave him a quick kiss, and pushed him back.  "Not here.  Let’s go for a shake."

“Okay.”  Brad decided that maybe a little rest and something to drink might revive him a little.  The night was still young.  Evie wasn’t due home until midnight on this last chance date night.  Brad even managed a half way coherent conversation as they sat and drank their shakes.  The young man at the counter could hardly take his eyes off Evie, and Brad was proud to be escorting such a lovely girl.

Brad was so eager and beside himself, that he did not realize that Evie took the lead in directing him to a parking space in the local lovers lane, a place he was driving into for his first time.  From the first time he had seen Evie in the peasant blouse and surely from the time he realized she was bra less, his little head had taken over.  Not a good idea, as he would learn sometime before he got much older.  Ah, but tonight, youthful passion was the thing.

When he set the parking brake, Brad reached for Evie.  She pushed his hands away.

"Let's get into the back seat."

"All RIGHT!"  Brad jumped out and ran around the car, despite his hard on, and opened Evie's door and ushered her into the back and piled in right behind her.  Nothing was going to stop him now.  His first lay!  Wait until he told the guys...

"Don't hurt me.  Go slow."

"Yes!"  Brad already had both hands up under the loose blouse and was massaging the rosy little nipples to full erection.  Evie's hand found his erection and squeezed it.  Brad had to back his pelvis away from that erotic touch.  Her hand felt hot even through his jeans.  He didn’t want another accident.

Moment of truth time.  Brad pressed his lips to Evie's and found them open.  His tongue came out to meet her darting tongue tip and their tongues danced a dance of love, as his right hand found her bare knee, the velvety smooth skin of her inner thigh.  Wonder of wonders, her legs were spread, and spread wider as his hand moved upward, soft thigh flesh warm under his questing fingertips.  Only an inch, a half inch, and there!  He was touching a girl there!  Oh man, it felt so smooth and HOT!  He had to break the lip lock for a moment to gasp.

"Ooh, Baby!”  Brad moved his fingers over to the center of her crotch.  Felt the crease in the damp double thick material there.  Followed the crease up to the thinner material and to the pulsing lump that he had been told was a girl's clit, a girl's equivalent of a boy's penis.  Brad was not really sure what he was expected to do with what he found there.  He went back to her lips as he considered this, while his fingers explored.

Evie moaned into his mouth.  She opened her legs wider.  "Please," she breathed.

Brad cupped her whole mound with his right hand.  Pulled his other hand away from her breast and up her skirt to the waist band of her panties at her hip.  Right hand to her other hip.  She closed her legs, and lifted her hips as he skinned her panties down her thighs to her knees, and then pushed them down and over her feet.  When they were clear of one foot, she opened her legs again before his hands went up each thigh and over the fine hair and smooth skin he found up there.  Now Brad was in Heaven, touching Evie’s bare pussy!  Her skirt had been pushed up to just below her hips when he went up her legs.  He took one hand away from her pussy, pushed the skirt above her waist, broke the kiss and looked at his prize for the first time. 

The moon was almost full, and it was a bright clear Nebraska evening.  The moon light shone on Evie’s bare torso, from belly button to feet, shining in the pale moonbeams.  Brad pushed the peasant blouse up and off over Evie’s head.  Her breasts shone in the light.  The nipples stood out as dark circles, and her pubic area was a dark inverted triangle between shining thighs.  His nostrils were full of girl arousal scent.  Brad’s senses were overloaded, and he was lost in the beauty of the almost naked body before him.  He didn’t know where to start.  His little head took control. 

Kiss it! Taste it!  Brad reacted to the unspoken urges that were as old as mankind.  He bent his head to nuzzle and kiss and lick those lovely breasts.  Evie’s hands clutched his head, guiding his lips from one mound to the other, and then exerting subtle pressure downward.  Brad kissed over her chest, pausing a moment to pay homage to her beautiful flat stomach and belly button, where her skin quivered beneath his lips.  Then down to her mound of Venus, over the fine, silky spreading hair and finally, to the start of the cleft and the hooded clitoris waiting there.  She surged up against him with a little cry as his lips closed around that hood and sucked it in.  Instinct had taken over for Brad.  He needed to please this girl under his lips.  He wanted to hear her cry out in passion, he needed to taste her juices.  His cock was leaking precum, dripping it and rubbing it through his jeans into the seat where it would scent his car for several days, mixing odors with droplets of her love juices so he would only have to sit in his car to have this evening play itself over in his memory.

“Oh!  Oh, Brad!  Yes!  Oh!  There, right there!”

Brad found that when he sucked that fat little clit into his lips, and then ran his tongue tip into the open end to meet and caress that smooth, hard, hot little kernel peeping out, Evie was getting more vocal and she bucked her pelvis pushing it harder and harder into his lips. 

He was curious too.  Where was this magical hole, this vagina that was the aim of every red blooded boy in Nebraska schools?  Brad tried to remember the charts in the Sex Ed classes that had caused so much giggling chatter.  He might as well check that out as long as he was in the area...

Evie whined a little and tried to hold his head as he began to move his lips and tongue on down her slit.  She was so close to that first clitoral orgasm.  But here was a country boy, who had to look around, as boys do.  She sorely missed her more mature lover, who knew what girls wanted and needed, but he was miles away in Kansas City.  Soon she would be back in his arms, and these sex ignorant country hicks could go hump their sheep. 

Brad was now running his tongue over her inner lips, savoring the flavor of her lubricating juices.  As his tongue moved deeper into her slit, closer to her vagina, the flavor grew fresher, stronger as fresh moisture was added to old by her awakening arousal. 

In spite of herself and what she felt were her worldly ways, Evie knew that Brad was doing a credible job of cunt lapping for an ignorant teen age hick.  Might as well get it over with.  She opened her legs more, thrust her pelvis up and guided his lips to her opening vagina.

Brad responded by sticking his rolled up tongue in as far as it would go, causing an answering spasm from Evie’s hips.  Brad’s gut response to the discovery of her hole was the correct one.  Now he made another good move.  His right hand came up under his chin, and as his mouth moved back up to Evie’s clit, his finger moved into the hole his tongue vacated.

“Oh.  Oh, Brad!  Yes.  Yes. YES!  DO THAT!  Oooh!”

Brad drove his finger in to her hot softness and felt the velvet flesh inside.  It seemed to close around his finger and pulse around it.  He began to pull it out and drive it home again, over and over.  Evie responded with hip bucks and squeals and grunts.  Little mewing cries broke from her lips as she responded to his renewed attack on her wildly thrashing clit with his avid lips and tongue.  Tears came into Brad’s eyes as he realized he was pleasuring this little teen beyond his most vivid dreams of what it would be like.  He doubled the speed of his tongue thrusts into her clit, and the motion of his finger.


Evie got that clitoral climax.  She hauled Brad’s head up and let him nuzzle at her nipples, as her clitoris became too sensitive for even tongue touching.

Brad caught his breath.  He correctly assumed that Evie wanted the finger gone too.  Now his erection almost bursting out of his jeans reminded him that he had a mission that had temporarily been sidetracked. 

He reached into his hip pocket and pulled out a foil packet.  His position on his knees facing Evie’s sprawled out body was cramping his legs, so he crawled up to sit beside her panting body.  Evie managed to sit up too.  She watched with interest as Brad unwrapped the rubber and then opened his jeans, pulling them half way down his thighs, and freed his raging hard on. 

Evie couldn’t resist reaching over and grasping his shaft in her hot little fist.  She peeled the skin back as Brad prepared the condom so he could roll it down over the head.  In spite of his practice he felt self conscious, and clumsy.  He dropped the rubber circle, and it bounced off his thigh onto the floor by the door.  As he bent over to the side to reach down, Evie jacked him a couple of times and leaned over to plant a kiss on the purple head.

“AW!  Shit!  NO!  Dammit!  Not again!”  Brad’s traitorous cock was spurting up into Evie’s surprised young face.  After he recovered, Brad reached into the front seat and retrieved his still damp bandana hanky out of his jacket pocket where he had put it after his theater clean up.   He wiped Evie’s cum dripping face and his wilting cock, as Evie giggled at his sorry plight.  He had retrieved his condom, now he had no place to put it.  Brad was almost in tears.  Here was a girl, almost naked, ready, willing, and he was unable.  He was embarrassed and flustered.  He felt like bawling.

Evie decided to take matters into her own hands.  She clasped his poor little flaccid member between forefinger and thumb, and tried to jack it into some semblance of a respectable prick.  Brad’s cock had nothing left for that effort.  It had strained mightily, and waited to be put to use through all sorts of erotic maneuvers, and when it got a chance, it shot its wad.  Twice in just short of an hour.  Now it felt it deserved a break.  A long break.

Brad, who just a few minutes ago was feeling invincible, was now feeling drained.  His damn cock, with its sudden tendency to premature ejaculation was screwing up all his plans, and he was beginning to see that his evening was not going to go at all as he had planned.  He was thinking that maybe bringing even one condom might have been one too many.  He was a very dejected young man, with a totally useless piece of limp, soft, unresponsive flesh between his legs.  Rats!

Evie, however had faced this kind of setback before.  She wasn’t about to give up hope yet.  Taking the little four-inch long (stretched) penis in between thumb and forefinger at its base, she bent over and licked over the little prepuce.  It twitched, the first sign of life in fifteen minutes.  She sucked all the little thing into her mouth, even taking her hand away to get it all. 

Brad’s eyes opened in surprise as he felt the faintest of stirrings down there.  Evie stretched it as far as it would go and took it between finger and thumb again before taking her mouth off.  It now had enough body to it that Evie could, by being very careful and gentle, peel the foreskin back from the wrinkled little head, and with very adroit, experienced fingers, free the entire little helmet, so the entire dark red sensitive corona was exposed.  Holding the loose skin down close to his pubic hair, she bent over again and popped the head between her lips, sucking it in while her tongue played over that sensitive rim, around to the bottom, where the foreskin attached just below that rim, that spot which she had discovered was the most sensitive part of many male penises.  The male “G” spot, if you will.

Brad’s head responded by coming up off the seat back where it had been lolling in self pity and despair.  Both heads actually reacted.  Blood began to accumulate in the little head, and it began to swell and fill out the wrinkles and regain its smooth, shiny surface.  Brad’s left hand began to pet Evie’s dark hair and run down over her shoulders and down her back.

Evie’s head began to bob as she worked the not so little anymore head with lips and tongue.  She now had enough to work with that her hand hold went to thumb and two fingers, then thumb and three fingers… then, a clasping hand that didn’t quite close around the engorged shaft.  Brad was back. 

Evie reached her other hand up in front of Brad’s face and snapped her fingers.  Brad stared uncomprehendingly at her hand.  She snapped her fingers again, opened her palm, and squeezed his shaft once with her other hand.  Brad passed her the condom he had been holding all this time.

Evie raised her head and Brad’s fully restored erection bobbed free and hard.  The evening air felt cool on the saliva covered cock.  Before it had a chance to have any reaction to the cool air, Evie clasped the shaft and setting the circle of latex on the head, she quickly and expertly adjusted it and rolled it down his shaft.  She leaned over and kissed Brad and gave him her tongue while she held him in both warm hands.  Then she broke the kiss before he could react.

Crawling back to the other side of the seat, Evie laid back to lean partially on the seat and partially on the side.  She spread her legs, one along the seat back, and one out on the floor against the back of the front seat.  She beckoned to Brad with a crooked finger with one hand, while the other arm held the skirt pressed well above her stomach, with the hand over her pussy, fingers spread in a wide “V”.

Brad jumped to get into the missionary position.  He and she fumbled a moment or two to get everything lined up, then Brad began to push blindly to get it in there before the damn thing betrayed him again.



“WAIT!”  Evie was pushing him back.  Grudgingly, Brad gave ground.  Evie cupped her hands before her lips and spat a generous dollop of saliva into them.  Then she smeared it over the end of Brad’s condom clad penis.  Then taking a firm grip on his shaft, she drew him forward and guided it between the lips of her vulva and into her vagina.  Once she got him started into the right place, she put both hands on Brad’s shoulders.  “Now.”

Though the rubber caused some lessening of sensation, Brad was not aware, because it was, after all, his first time.  He was actually going to fuck a girl!  Man!  What a sensation.  The condom did not cut off the heat, nor the soft, yielding flesh parting so easily before his rampant organ.  It had been a little iffy there, touch and go when he had trouble entering her, but now, with head and a couple inches safely in side her warm tunnel, he knew he had it made. 

He promptly made the mistake most neophytes do, he over estimated the length of his tool, and withdrew all he had and a couple inches more.  So on the inward thrust he again missed the mark, and his cock hit Evie’s left lip and skittered down over her perineum to slip between her nether cheeks.  Brad was just realizing this didn’t feel right, when Evie, with a sigh of frustration and resignation once again clasped his organ and guided it into the correct spot. 

This time Brad managed to stroke it completely home… buried it to the hilt. 

Evie gave a satisfied sigh, and Brad paused to savor the moment.  Evie threw her arms around his back, partly to convey affection, and partly to hold him in check so he would take shorter strokes when he got going again.  She brought her legs up around his butt and loosely locked her heels together for the same reason.  She was getting used to this with these brash, but untrained Nebraska farm boys.  She searched out his lips and presented her open mouth and tongue to him.  His first kiss with prick buried deep in hot girl pussy is branded on Brad’s mind, never to be forgotten.

Brad began to stroke.  Evie began to moan and pant.  Her act was not entirely put on; Brad’s penis is the longest and the biggest organ she has enjoyed in Nebraska, and that has to count for something.  Brad was being very cautious now, as he was feeling thrills and tingles in the region of his balls he never felt before.  He directed a silent prayer upward.  ‘Oh God, please, please help me not to cum for a long, long time.  I’ve been a good boy, and I need this, oh, how I need this.  So please Lord, grant me at least ten minutes, but if you can’t do that, five long ones will do.’

Evie exerted subtle pressure with her heels on his butt to guide Brad, without his knowledge, in his movements for her entertainment and satisfaction.  Coupling this with small cries of encouragement and false passion, she put on an acceptable act to fan his desire to please her while trying to hold back his own release. 

Finally, Brad gained confidence that his cock was not going to fire off at will, and he felt he had some control.  He visibly relaxed.  Well, as much as a fifteen year old farm boy can relax with his penis buried in hot girl’s vagina.  Brad began a measured stroking, feeling the soft but ribbed surface of her inner walls massaging his corona as he plunged in and withdrew half way to plunge again as a sharp little heel nudged his butt. Evie controlled the rhythm and the depth, but let Brad think it was his doing.  She gave appreciative little grunts every time he bottomed out.

The youngsters were both getting into it, the pace sped up.  Brad bent his head down and stole quick kisses and tastes of both of Evie’s breasts, and then his sweaty cheek fell onto the side of her sweaty cheek, and they both grunted out their climax together after Brad’s rabbit like finish at Evie’s vocal and physical urging.  They collapsed together, sticky with sweat.  Evie had climaxed, so had Brad.  His rubber was full of the last sperm his body had in stock. 

As he lay on Evie’s relaxed body he realized how foolish his idea of needing five rubbers for an evening had been.  He was an exhausted, but wiser Nebraska farm boy.  He had his first piece of ass.  He was a regular man of the world now.  Though he had never smoked, he felt the urge for a Marlboro, or maybe a Camel.  A cigar?  Cuban? 

Suddenly Brad realized his erection was mostly gone, and what he had left was not filling out that condom anymore.  His backward lunge almost dislodged it.  The moon had shifted enough so most of Evie was in shadow, but Brad was not all that interested anymore anyway.  He was sated, but also felt a little foolish with that milky white sack hanging loosely on his shrunken member.  He opened the door and stepped out, almost falling as he stumbled over his forgotten jeans. He held them up and went behind the car and stripped the used condom off and tossed it into the brush.  It hung up on a bush, a little white emblem of his success.

Evie lay there for a few moments, enjoying the afterglow.  She had made several conquests of these Nebraska hicks, but had to admit that Brad had shown the most promise so far.  Too bad that she didn’t meet him sooner; she could have made a half way decent lover out of him.  He was a pretty good pussy licker for a beginner too. 

She yawned, and searched the seat back behind her for her blouse and after it was on she pulled on her panties.  The car reeked of sex, and so no doubt did she, but she knew her hosts would be in their bedroom reading or sleeping, and she could just stick her head in the door on her way to the bathroom.  She slipped into the front seat a few seconds before Brad got behind the wheel.

Brad drove most of the way to let Evie off in embarrassed silence, and Evie felt no need to talk.  It wasn’t until he was almost there that Brad came to his senses.  He was going to lose this lovely girl forever, and he had just gotten to know her, in the carnal sense anyway.  He stopped the car and turned and took her into his arms.

“Oh, thank you, Evie, I had the most wonderful time.”  As soon as he said it, Brad realized how stupid it sounded so he just locked lips with her and they kissed passionately until the blast of a horn behind them made Brad realize he had not pulled off the road.  They quickly broke the embrace and shortly after pulled up to Evie’s house. 

Evie gave Brad a quick peck on the cheek and with a soft, “Bye Brad, I had a good time with you tonight.”  She slipped quickly out of the car and into the front door. 

Two days later, after Brad had to settle for a chaste little peck from Evie in front of her Aunt and Uncle, he watched her board the train and ride out of his life.  His first, but hopefully not his last, piece of ass.




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