By Lasiter

(mg, mmbg, Mgb, bg, voy, oral, rim, prost, ped)

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The company’s bottom line was growing increasingly anemic.  So, it came as no surprise to me when the powers on high at corporate sent down their edict that 10 percent of payroll had to be cut.  They didn’t give a hoot how I did it, I just needed to pare ten percent of the payroll.  I was to be the hatchet man… of course being the local manager, that was partially what they paid me to do.  My choices were limited.  I could fire someone or I could cut everyone’s hours by ten percent. 

I checked my personnel files and then went around and chatted with each of the ten folks who worked for the company and me.  Then I sat down to figure out who among the ten most deserved to be canned.  I didn’t have any slackers and I didn’t have any single troops who could be sent home to live with mom and dad again.  Everyone was married, everyone had kids, everyone did their jobs superbly; I wasn’t married and didn’t have kids, so the most likely candidate was myself… but that wasn’t an option.  So, I decided to spread the pain, cut hours and therefore pare down the payroll.

I gathered my troops and delivered the bad news.  Not surprisingly, there was a universal clamor of pissing and moaning.  If fact, it got downright ugly. 

“Okay, okay people!” I shouted to regain control.  “My only other choice is to fire one of you guys.  Now I’ve already studied and agonized over this and frankly, I can’t bring myself to fire any one of you.  So we’ll put it to a vote.”  

I was ready for this so I pulled out my flip chart with three columns.  Each employee’s name was written on it in the first column, the second column was for the name of the co-worker they would fire and then in the third column was a space where they were to sign their name.  Naturally, none of them wanted to be responsible for getting someone fired, so no one stepped forward.

“What’s the matter, guys?  No one has the balls to step up and ruin someone’s life?”  Silence.  “That‘s what I thought!  I’m not going to do it either.  So starting Monday, everyone’s hours are cut from forty hours a week to thirty-six hours a week.  And if you don’t like it, you can do everyone else a favor and quit.” That shut them up. 

As a manager, I was on salary so my pay wasn’t to be cut.  I knew that, but no one else needed to know that.  In a show of solidarity and willingness to share in the sacrifice, I cut my hours too.  Hell, everyone knew exactly what needed to be done, what to do and no one needed me or anyone else standing over them to be sure that they did it.  In fact, I had such a good team that ran things so smoothly that without fiddle farting around, I could get my job done in about twenty five hours a week.  Cutting my hours would not affect productivity in the least. 

I let everyone pick a half day to go home and that went smoothly, giving the guy with the most seniority first choice of his off hours and letting the least senior guy take whatever was leftover, that way I always had nine guys on hand to get the job done.   For myself, I decided to split my off hours into two hours on Tuesdays and two hours on Thursdays; that way I wouldn’t get behind on my own work. 

On Tuesday afternoon, with the reduced hours policy in place, I took off two hours early at 3 PM and went home.  I arrived at 3:25 PM, planning to read a book.  With book in hand and with a high ball, I settled in my easy chair.  Presently I heard voices… kid voices coming from my backyard.  

Now my backyard has an eight-foot privacy fence and is gated.  I kept the gate closed, but saw no reason to put a lock on it as I never lounged around in the nude like the previous owners had and I never had any problems before.  “What the fuck,” I muttered crossly.  That was closely followed by, “Fuckin’ kids.” 

I had bought the house several years ago after living in various apartments, condos and townhouses.  I simply hated hearing other people clopping around above my head, hearing the too loud TV next door through the thin walls, and I hated listening to the yelling and screaming that seemed to go hand-in-hand with high density living. I found a quiet, well-maintained neighborhood of modest homes and bought one along with a lawn mower and all the other crap that goes with maintaining a single family detached home.  I never regretted it, except when the termites assaulted the place and when a water line broke under the slab.  Despite those trials and tribulations, I gained what I wanted the most, peace and quiet.

I rose and looked out the back through the partially opened blinds where I saw three kids in my backyard.  My initial impulse to yell at them was tempered by the odd age-mix of the intruders.  There was the neighbor’s boy who was about ten.  I really didn’t know his name at the time, just that he lived a few houses down and across the street in a rental house with his mother, a comely looking woman in her early thirties who had a steady stream of male house guests.  Then there was a second boy, much older, maybe thirteen whom I didn’t recognize.  But, I did recognize the third kid; she was the blonde curly-haired younger sister of the first boy and maybe seven. 

The two boys were talking and the older boy handed the younger boy what appeared to be money.  The boy turned to his little sister.  Without any undue prompting, she pulled down her shorts and her panties and then pulled her t-shirt over her head!  The older boy walked around the young girl as she stood naked, on display, in my backyard.  He said something to her and she sat on the ground, leaned back and spread her legs open.  Her brother then stepped over to the gate and acted as the lookout while the other boy sat on the ground with the girl and began playing with her pussy. 

I’d never thought about kids before in a sexual way, but as I breathlessly watched the little girl being molested, I was keenly aware of the massive hard-on I was sporting.  Things quickly progressed from there.  The older boy pushed his pants down and stuck his dick in her face.  She didn’t hesitate to take the kid’s dick in her mouth.

Within a minute, it was all over.  After the kid apparently came in her mouth, he pulled up his pants and hurried out of my backyard through the gate.  The little curly-haired girl stood up and pulled her clothes back on.  A moment later, she and her brother went out the gate and into my side yard. 

I went to the front of the house and looked out my kitchen window.  The older kid was nowhere to be seen.  I heard the annoying jingling tune of an ice cream truck and then saw the brother and sister dart from the side of my house to the street where they waved down the ice-cream man. With the money he’d just gotten for whoring out his little sister, the brother purchased them each an ice cream cone.  Then they strolled back to their own house with the unkempt yard to eat their treat.  I watched them until they were finished.  The boy then mounted his bicycle and rode away; the little girl dashed off on foot the opposite direction to play with a gaggle of kids her own age down the block. By that time, I had a wilted prick and a handful of spunk from whacking off. 

Try as I might, I couldn’t get back into my book about the Peloponnesian Wars and the rigors of Sparta.   My mind continuously replayed over and over the lurid scene that had played out in my backyard for the price of two ice cream cones.   The whole thing took place in five, maybe six minutes, but it occupied my mind for hours and hours. Eventually that night I began to analyze what had occurred before my dick fell off from self-abuse.  I surmised that what I had witnessed wasn’t a first time it had happened… the boy and his sister were too polished in their assigned roles.  Secondly, I realized that they had used my backyard because it was 1) private, 2) accessible and 3) I never came home from work earlier than 5:30 PM.  The timing was easy to figure out too.  School was out at 3:20 PM and with my car secreted away in my garage, they had no idea that I had come home early.  I had only one real question; how often did this shit this occur?   Every afternoon?  Once a week?  Once in awhile?   

The next day at work I was able to keep it out of my mind … that is until mid-afternoon.  I was sorely tempted to bug out early and see what, if anything, took place in my backyard afterschool was out.  A phone call just before 3PM from a superior nixed that idea… too much to do before five.  The next day, however, I came home at 3:25 PM and waited to see what developed.  Nothing developed.  The ice cream truck came and went without customers.  Looking out my kitchen window, I saw the little girl across the street playing hopscotch in the driveway all by herself.  With all that curly blonde hair, she was cute as could be. 

Close to five o’clock, the brother shows up on his bicycle accompanied by an older kid.  Not the one from the day before, but a new kid.  The brother talked to his little sister and the three disappeared inside the house.  Damn!

Now I had a new question to answer.  Why my backyard on Tuesday and not in their house like on Thursday? I could speculate, but to get solid answers, I needed information… intel as it were. How to get that intel?  That was another question.

It was obvious that nothing would take place in my backyard that afternoon, so I made plans to go to the Elks Lodge, have a beer or two and then catch a show at a titty bar. 

It wasn’t until Saturday morning that I gained any information on my neighbor and her kids.  I was up bright and early to mow my grass.  As always, I started in the back then moved to the front lawn. I had just finishing cutting the front when I saw the neighbor lady and her overnight guest come outside.  They chatted for a few minutes alongside his pickup truck and then he drove away.  

Her grass hadn’t been cut in a month.  In that weed infested eyesore I saw an opportunity.  Before she could get inside I waved to her and then walked across the street to talk to her.

“Ummm, I don’t believe we’ve met,” I said as I stood before her.  “I’m Joe Jones and I live across the street.”

“I know where you live, and I know who you are,” she replied.  She smiled and then added, “I do talk to my neighbors.”

“Well, I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself earlier.”

“No need to explain.  My name is Heather.  Heather Smith.”

“Nice to meet you, Heather.”  It was nice to meet her.  She was pretty, ten years younger than I was and had a nice rack.  It was also obvious that she put out and put out often.  I lifted my eyes from her chest.  “Look, I can’t help but notice that your grass hasn’t been cut…”

“I don’t have a lawn mower.”

“I figured that much.”

“And I don’t have the money to pay a lawn service.”

“Ummm, well, the city can be a real stickler when it comes to high grass and I’d hate for you get fined.”

“I can get fined?  For high grass?”

“Yes, you can.  I know that you’re a single mom with two kids and limited means.  I was wondering if maybe I could help you out by cutting the grass for you before Code Enforcement gives you a ticket.”

“Oh, I couldn’t impose upon you, Joe.”

“No problem.  I have my mower out and I have the time this morning to do it.”

“Well, it does need cutting,” she said in a wistfully.  “But I can’t pay you.”

“You don’t have to pay me, Heather.  I’m just being neighborly.”

“That’s so sweet of you, Joe,” she said batting her eyes at me. 

Good grief!  That yard was like a jungle!  My poor mower couldn’t go two feet without choking on the high weeds or hitting some discarded toy.  I placed the wheels up as high as they go and managed to beat the weeds into submission, and in the process hacked up a naked Barbie doll, a ball, and a toy truck.  Lucky for me, there wasn’t any “grass” in the back, just scattered weeds and bare dirt. 

When I had finished cutting the back, Heather brought me a tall glass of iced tea.  We chatted for the next half hour or so as I drank a gallon of tea.  During this chat, I discovered what I wanted know… that she worked Tuesday through Saturday and was off Sundays and Mondays.  I learned that she worked from noon to eight on Saturdays and from ten to six on the other four days, except on Tuesdays when she got off early around four.  That explained a lot.  The kids used my yard on Tuesdays when Mom might show up early; on the other days, they used the house, as the coast was clear until after six.  I also learned that Tommy was indeed ten and Bethany was seven.  I wanted to learn a little more about her and her kids, but she begged off saying that she needed to get ready for work. 

So, on Tuesday, I waited to see what might happen.  A little before four, I heard my gate close and heard voices in the back.  This time there were two older boys, one was tall and thin, the other short and stocky.  I saw the exchange of cash and then an argument broke out.  “That’s all you’re gonna get,” I heard the tall older boy tell Tommy.  “Now you and your sister strip!”  As the two younger kids stripped, I heard the tall boy say to the other older boy, “See, I told ya!  They’ll do anything… Anything you want.”


“Yes, anything,” the ringleader replied as he began undressing down to his birthday suit.  A moment later four kids were naked in my backyard. 

“Let’s start with blowjobs.  Randy, you get Tommy and I get the little slut.”

“Hey, I want the girl,” Randy protested.

“You will, you will.  This is just for starters.”  The ringleader then ordered Tommy to “suck Randy’s dick.”  Tommy went to his knees before the stocky older boy and took his cock into his mouth.  Meanwhile, the tall ringleader had little Bethany do the same for him. 

As the two younger kids sucked dick, the four of them couldn’t have been more than six feet away from the window where I was watching.  While I had an unobstructed view of the kids having sex, their view of me was obscured by the reflective coating on the windows to block the afternoon sun. Had they been able to see me, they would have seen me furiously spanking the monkey.

After minute or two, the boys switched off with Randy being serviced orally by Beth, while the ringleader was sucked by her brother.  I heard the ringleader say to his friend, Randy, “Good thing we beat off before coming over here.”  That may have increased their staying power, but Randy was taking no chances.  He pulled his just-developing adolescent cock from the pre-teen’s mouth, pushed her down into the grass and climbed on top of her. 

I could hardly believe my eyes… the little girl was going to be fucked!  Randy blindly stabbed his dick at her cunt and I suspected that Randy had never done anything like this before.  On his fourth try, he seemed to get it right and he began pumping away furiously.  A few minutes later, he was done and lay still on top of the small girl.  Finally, he pushed himself off and stood up.  I had a clear shot at Bethany’s just fucked cunt, all red and puffy and glistening wet.  My view of her sex was obscured almost immediately by the bare buttocks of the ringleader. The way he slotted into her on the first try, told me that unlike his buddy, he’d done this before.

The ringleader lasted a respectable amount of time before he began jerking through his orgasm.  Bethany just lay there seemingly lifeless after the kid got off her.  The tall boy then turned to Tommy, “Your turn, cocksucker.”  The insult didn’t faze Tommy and he willingly mounted his sister for the entertainment of the two older boys.  The ringleader hurled insults at the two copulating pre-teens and prodded Tommy between the ass cheeks with his big toe until Tommy cried out. 

“My toe is up his ass,” I heard the tall boy declare. “If you want, Randy, you can cornhole him.”

“Naw,  I want some more of that pussy,” Randy replied.

“You paid for it.  You ready?”


The tall kid shoved Tommy with his foot and dislodged him from his little sister.  As soon as she was available, Randy had a second go at her.  This time he lasted a lot longer.

With my own prong rejuvenated, I whacked my cock while watching Randy and then the tall kid fuck Bethany for a second time. It was well past five before the two older boys had their fill of pre-teen pussy, dressed and then exited my yard.    To my surprise, little Bethany seemed to be none the worse for the experience as she popped up to get dressed. Once Tommy and Beth were dressed, they too exited my backyard. 

I flopped down in my Lazy-Boy recliner.  “Holy shit!” I declared to the ceiling.  What I had just witnessed was simply unbelievable.  Cute little Bethany had just been fucked five times by three boys, her older brother included.  She also sucked two dicks as did her brother.  “Un-fucking believable!”  Before last week, I never imagined little kids doing this sort of thing. 

Then it struck me.  Tommy was pimping out himself and his little sister for hard cash.  No way did a ten-year old kid come up with that idea on his own.  He’d learned to take money for sex.  I wasn’t at all sure how much the two kids were paid for sex this afternoon, but considering who was paying, it probably wasn’t much… after all, how much cash money do thirteen year old boys have at their disposal?  Still, who taught them to sell themselves like that?  The answer was obvious.  They had seen their mother taking money for sex from the various men who camped out over there.  Perhaps some of those same men had paid the kids when the mother wasn’t at home. 

Then another thought occurred to me.  Until last Tuesday, I was unaware of what was going on in my backyard. Even last Tuesday I could say that I wasn’t aware of anything until after it was too late to do anything about it… it was after all, a quick feel and quick BJ and then it was over.  Not today… I suspected that they might show up and show up they did.  I knew full well what was likely to take place and instead of putting a stop to it… I watched.  I watched and masturbated as it escalated far beyond what happened the week before.  I watched as a seven-year-old girl was repeatedly fucked by older boys.  I was, I suddenly realized, just as guilty as the boys were.  They were all minors, but I am the adult and, under the law, I was far guiltier than the boys who did the actually fucking.  I could have stopped it, but I chose to watch it and feed my own craven lust.

It troubled me all the rest of the week. Every time I thought about it, and those memories came often, I’d pop a boner.   I found some solace in the fact that most likely, no one knew that I was home when it occurred and no one else knew what had taken place in my backyard other than the kids themselves.  By the end of the week, I had stopped worrying about it so much and made plans to buy a good quality video camera to have on hand for the next time my backyard was used like that. 

Saturday came and as usual, I cut my grass.  There was no incentive for me to cut Heather’s grass this week, so once I’d finished, I put away the mower, the weed whacker and the blower and called it a day.  I casually observed that like all previous Saturday mornings, there was a fancy pickup truck parked in Heather’s driveway.  Tomorrow morning, there would be a different car or pickup truck parked in the driveway, and Monday morning, still another vehicle. 

Then while eating a ham sandwich just before noon, I saw Heather’s garage door open and watched as she drove away for work.  The pickup truck was still parked in the driveway and it remained parked there until late in the afternoon.  It wasn’t until after the top of the line pickup truck drove off that the kids came outside to play.  It wasn’t hard to imagine what had gone on over there all afternoon. 

The following Tuesday was a total bust.  I had considered just leaving my garage door open to signal to the kids that I was home, but I thought better of it.  Actually, I never seriously considered shooing them away as I really wanted to try out my new high definition video camera.  As soon as I came home, I set up the camera on a tripod pointing outside.  I had previously hooked up cables to my 52” LCD TV to use as a monitor.  Then stripped down, I waited for the little whores to show up and put on another show for me.  To my chagrin, they never showed. 

Then on Saturday, there was a change of routine.  Not on my part, but Heather’s part.  By the time I got to the front yard around nine AM, the pickup truck that had been there since last night was gone.  Not only that, but Heather drove away soon thereafter dressed to kill.  She wasn’t going grocery shopping.  I realized that with a little luck, the kids would be home alone all day.

I finished up with the yard, took a quick shower and then with a cold brew in hand, went out to sit on my front porch, something I never did.  I sat and I waited.  Soon Tommy and Bethany were outside playing, Bethany in a cute little two-piece bathing suit that was long on the little and not much else.  Tommy was barefoot and shirtless as he was wont to do. 

I wasn’t sure if I had the courage to actually go through with anything and just about chickened out of my ill-defined impromptu plan.  Tommy looked in my direction.  My hand moved as if it had a mind of its own and waved to him to come over.  Warily he approached. 

By the time he crossed the street, I was a nervous wreck.  Still, I managed to find my voice.  “Tommy, I saw your mother leaving this morning.”

“She had to go to work early,” he offered with no prodding. 

“I see.  So she’ll be gone all day?”

“I guess so.”

I had one last chance to back away from the precipice... instead, I pressed ahead.   “Well, there was something I wanted to talk to her about, but… I guess I could just talk to you about it.”  Tommy just looked at me without changing his expression.  “It’s about you and Bethany.”  He just stared at me.  “About what you and your sister do when your mother isn’t home.”

“We don’t do anything,” he defended.

“I’m talking about what you two do in my backyard after school on Tuesdays.” His eyes began to dart about nervously.  “I’m talking about what you two do with other boys in my backyard.”

“We don’t do anything.”

“Maybe not last Tuesday afternoon, but the Tuesday before and the Tuesday before that... you and your sister did plenty.  You know how I know?  I was home early from work and I watched what you did with those older boys.”

“Mama will skin us if she finds out we were in your backyard,” he blurted.  “We’re not supposed to trespass or go into anyone’s house without their permission, but… we didn’t break anything.”

“No, you didn’t break anything.  Let’s just say that you were just tending to business.”  I took a deep breath.  “So tell me, how much do those boys pay you?”

“Uh, you’re not gonna tell Mama are you?”

“That depends.  If you’re honest with me and don’t lie to me.  Now how much do those boys pay you?”

“Uh, that depends.”

“Depends on what?”

“What they want to do and how much they have.”

“Okay, fair enough.  Let’s say three weeks ago.  There was just one boy.  Bethany took off her clothes and she put his dick in her mouth.”

“Oh, that’d be Charlie.  He had six dollars.”

“And week before last… There were two boys.  A tall one and a short one named Randy.”

“Blake gave me twenty dollars, but he should have paid more.”

“How much more?”

“Five dollars more!”

“Twenty five dollars for all that?  Hell, I’ll take that deal,” I told him feeling more comfortable and bold.  “But I don’t want to take advantage of you.  I’ll give you fifty dollars if you and your sister will spend the day with me… inside.  I’ll even buy you a pizza for lunch.”

“A pizza?  Really?”


Tommy began to dart back home and fetch Bethany.  I stopped him, told him not to attract the attention of the other neighbors’ and to sneak into my backyard like they always did.  He nodded and calmly walked back across the street.  Meanwhile, I went inside and watched from the kitchen window.  ‘Have you lost your mind?’ I asked myself.  ‘What the fuck are you doing?’ The two kids ran off down the street and I quickly lost sight of them.  The minutes passed and no sight of the kids.  I was beginning to think to that I’d blown it and I felt relief mixed with disappointment.  Then I heard a rapping on the sliding glass door leading out to my patio.  Sure enough, there were the two little whores grinning at me through the glass. 

I slid the door open and the two youngsters eagerly came inside.  “Hello, Bethany,” I greeted the cute curly haired little girl.  Beth beamed at me, her blue eyes sparkling.  I wasn’t sure what I liked best, seeing her dressed in the scandalously skimpy bikini she wore today or not dressed at all. 

As far as I was concerned, Tommy had fulfilled his purpose and I pretty much ignored him.  Still I couldn’t just get rid of him either just in case Bethany got scared.  Then he surprised me by holding out his hand.  He wanted the money and he wanted it first.  I was sorely tempted to tell the little prick to just wait outside on the patio until I was finished, but I thought better of that; no need to piss off the little bastard.

I quickly regained the upper hand by offering them ice cream.  The eyes of both kids lit up at that offer.  “I only have chocolate.  Is that okay?” 

In unison, the two kids shouted, “YES!” 

I herded them into the kitchen and served up the treat.  Then to ease Tommy’s mind about the cash, I pulled two twenties and a ten from my wallet, showed it to Tommy and then placed it in a drawer where he could easily retrieve it later on.  That seemed to satisfy him.

By the time Beth finished her ice cream, she had a goodly portion of it on her face.  “You’re a mess!” I told her with a laugh.  “Here let me get you cleaned up.”  I bent down to her cherub face.  She didn’t seem alarmed, so I pressed ahead and licked across her lower lip.  Finding no resistance, I licked across her upper lip.   Soon I was probing between her lips.  Her mouth opened to accommodate my tongue, which was greeted by her little tongue.  For several minutes, I just kissed the little girl and she kissed back.  She knew how to kiss and I didn’t think she learned to kiss from the boys as their primarily interest in her was getting their rocks off and not much more. 

Bent over for several minutes, my back began to ache.  I straightened up and gazed down at her smiling up at me without a trace of chocolate ice cream remaining.  My hands went to her back and I untied her top… no resistance encountered.  With her top now discarded, I told her to stand in the chair.  She did and slowly I lowered her bikini bottoms until she could step out of them, using my shoulder for balance.  My dick was about to rip through my pants at that point.  I gazed at my prize, a naked little cutie who was mine to do with as I pleased. I began laying kisses on her neck, her flat chest and nips, down her taut belly, past her belly button and kissed my way over her bare mons and then down one leg to her foot and back up the other leg to her pussy.  I looked up and saw her smiling sweetly down at me.  There wasn’t a trace of fear or reluctance in her sweet expression.

I caught a glimpse of motion out of the corner of my eye, and turning, I saw Tommy in the final motions of kicking his shorts away.  That’s when I realized that Tommy expected to be included in whatever happened.  As far as he was concerned, I had bought both of them for the day.  It’s not what I really had in mind, but what the hell, maybe he could suck my dick and maybe I’d like that.

I stood and scooped Bethany up in my arms and carried her to my bedroom and my unmade bed.  Gently I laid her down on the rumpled sheets.  I felt a tugging at my clothes.  It was Tommy and he was working on my shorts.  I let the kid strip off my shorts and my boxers and then let him strip off my polo shirt. 

What to do first?  Faced with a plethora of salacious options, I gazed down at the naked little sex toy while her brother’s hands rubbed my bare hairy buttocks.  Before the kid latched onto my prick like a lamprey, I made my first move.  I sat on the bed at little Bethany's feet and spread her open by the ankles.  Her vulva was silky smooth and her pretty little pussy was closed like a clam shell. My hands slid up her legs from her ankles and I lowered my face into her crotch.  She only had the faintest smell as I wallowed my face into her and nuzzled my nose into her demure slit.

I rested her feet on my shoulders and pried her labia open to reveal her pink interior.  My tongue lashed out and I tasted the sweetest thing in my life.  Like her aroma, she tasted clean and fresh with just enough saltiness to enhance her flavor.  As I began seriously licking her cunt, I was of the opinion that I could do this all day.

Then something happened that forever altered my views on sex.  Before discovering the kids in my backyard, I was a straight, heterosexual man who lusted after women… big titted women, small titted women, it really didn’t matter… I liked women, and only women.  I had tried marriage, but that was disaster that I was loath to repeat.  Why buy it when you could rent it?  Best yet, rent it for the price of a nice dinner.  But, here I was… I had crossed the line and was actively engaged sexually with a little girl… I was a pedophile.   The transition from women to pre-teen girls had been seamless.  But, as my buttocks were pried apart and Tommy buried his face in my ass, that was an epiphanic moment.

“Holy fuck,” I muttered into Bethany’s little pussy as Tommy’s tongue began probing into my anus.  No one had ever played with my asshole before.  I wiped it, I washed it, but it was never the source of erogenous pleasure… not until now.  I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have my ass licked like that.  Suddenly I was thankful that I had showered before making my purchase this morning, lest I be too rank for analingus from the young but experienced ass eater.   For the next half hour, I munched Beth’s pussy while her brother munched and laved over and in my asshole. 

My tongue was getting tired, but I didn’t stop, not if that meant Tommy stopping too.  The kid gave up first.  He pulled away and let my cheeks close, taking a moment to rest his head on my ass.  I waited for him to resume, but it was apparent that he wasn’t.  My own oral laving came to a stop, and I too rested my head in crotch of the young girl.  No one was moving, but suddenly the position I was in became quite uncomfortable.  I had to move.  I pushed myself up dislodging Beth’s legs from my shoulders and back.  I rose up across her prone body and in doing so, my ass slid out from under Tommy’s head.

Beth had this look on her face that said that she was exhausted.  I didn’t think she was old enough to orgasm, but then I realized all the little shudders were for real and I had never given her a moments rest between any of them.  She was physically wrung out, her face damp from sweat.  I kissed her on the forehead and she opened her eyes. She stared up at me with wonder in her blue eyes and I pondered the question, ‘Could I fuck her?’  Could I fuck her without hurting her?’  She certainly wasn’t a virgin, but young teen boys aren’t fully grown men. Men had certainly played with her, but had men fucked her, or had she only been fucked by boys early in the process of maturing?  I was between her legs and had I pressed the issue, she was helpless to prevent it.  

On the one hand, from a legal standpoint, I may yet deeply regret what I’d done so far, but I certainly had no regrets from a moralistic standpoint.  I hadn’t seduced them… I bought them and not through some third party who was exploiting them.  But, if I penetrated her and truly injured her in the process, that would be something that I could never forgive myself for.  With a lurch to the side, I rolled away onto my back, my seeping cock flinging precum in a wide arc. 

God… I needed to cum!  And, even though I might have had reservations about ramming my cock up her young pussy, I had no reservations about having her go down on me as that was what I had in mind all along.  I reached over, took her by the arm and pulled her on top of me. 

I assumed that she’d know what I had in mind without telling her.  I was wrong.  She crawled on top of me and sat up straddling my hips, the warmth of her pussy pressing into the length of cock and pinning it against my stomach. She wiggled her hips and I felt the hot wetness as her pussy lips parted and molded around my dick.  Then she began to slide, back and forth, dragging her sweet pussy back and forth against the underside of my prick.  I wasn’t expecting that, but once she started, I knew I didn’t want her to stop... ever!  She was fucking me, yet she wasn’t fucking me. It wasn’t intercourse, but it was the closest thing to it.  I lay speechless watching the young girl working over my prick with her sweet pussy.  No longer did she look exhausted and worn out.  She beamed down at me with a most angelic smile as she happily humped me.

Quickly, all too quickly, I felt my orgasm building.  I tried to hold back, but like an inexperience teenager, my cock exploded uncontrollably, pumping out copious amounts of spermy sauce onto my belly, eliciting mirthful giggling from my young lover who was delighted that she gotten me off.  Even after I had stopped ejaculating, she slid back and forth, smearing her slit with my cum until my cock softened to a useless state.  Only then did she slide off to the right, leaving me still trying to catch my breath.  

I felt a motion on my left side, and glanced down to see Tommy scooting into position to blow me.  But, rather than directly taking me into his mouth, he instead lapped and licked my dick.  He was soon joined by his little sister and the two kids proceeded to clean the cum off not only my dick, but my belly too.  With all the splooge licked up, they began taking turns sucking my flaccid dick.  I didn’t remain flaccid for long. 

So far, I certainly had gotten my money’s worth and I wondered what was next.  Tommy pulled away and Bethany climbed back on top.  Soon she was sliding along my dick again.  That was fine by me!  But, after a few minutes, Tommy moved up alongside my head and pressed his dick into my face.  I wasn’t ready for that and I pushed away from him and in doing so dislodged Beth from my cock. 

Tommy looked hurt from the rejection.  I quickly salvaged the situation by telling him, “You know what I want? I want to see you and your sister fuck.  Really fuck.”  His face brightened up at that and taking charge, he mounted his sister in the missionary.  

He humped away like a rabbit at a furious pace.  I placed my hand on his ass and applied pressure to slow him down.  “Slow down, Tommy.  Fuck her, but fuck her so that she enjoys it too.  That’s it, nice and slow.”  Despite my admonition, his pace once again steadily and rapidly increased.  Soon his motions became jerky and I knew he was getting his rocks off.  Of course he didn’t cum inside her or cum on her; his nuts were too immature to produce sperm. 

Tommy hopped off leaving his younger sister sprawled out like the little whore she was.  As for me, my good senses had departed from me some time ago and had not returned.  I quickly moved between her legs in a squatting position.  I pulled her by the legs until her cunt and my rampant member made contact.  I humped my hips forward and slid the head of my dick along her slippery furrow, fucking her much like she had fucked me, but not actually fucking her, and using just the head and not the entire shaft.  I closely watched my cock crown plowing along and between her lips while holding her legs under her knees and spreading her wide open.  The stimulation to my cock just under the head was intense and I felt my balls begin to boil in short order.  The tingling in my dick increased to the point of no return.  Hunching forward just a bit changed the angle of my cock.  Catching the maw of her cuntal cavern, I seated my glans and began to ejaculate, squirting my seed directly into her pre-teen vagina as I groaned out my pleasure.   

When I finally opened my eyes, I was still holding her like I had been, my cock head still wedged between her now leaking lips but my deflating dick was bent. 

With my ardor sated, I looked into the little girl’s face and my sensibilities came roaring back. ‘Oh, my fucking god!  What have you done?’ 

Bethany smiled up sweetly at me.  She wiggled her hips and my dick fell out of her.  “Can we do that again, Mr. Joe?” she asked in a soft childish voice.  Despite my own misgivings, apparently I had done good with this nymph. 

“Maybe later, sweetheart, after I’ve rested up a bit.”  I pushed her legs around my torso and fell onto my side. 

I may have been finished, but Tommy wasn’t.  Once again I felt him between the cheeks of my buttocks.  This time I lay still and concentrated on enjoying the sensations of being rimmed. 

I must have dozed off as I woke from having a crazy dream about finding a pirate’s treasure only to lose track of it while shopping at the mall.  The kids too were asleep.  Bethany was snuggled up in my arms while Tommy was snuggled up against my backside in a rather lurid manner.  I tried to go back asleep, but I had my nap and now I had to take a leak in the worst way.  As I extracted myself, I woke them both. 

“I’m hungry,” Tommy declared sleepily.  I guess eating my ass wasn’t very filling.  “Can you order the pizza now?”

“I’m not ordering a pizza,” I replied.

“But you said!” 

“I said I’d buy you a pizza.”  He looked at me quizzically.  “I’m taking you and Bethany to Showtime Pizza.”  That got their enthusiastic attention and they bolted out of bed.  “But first, I think we all need to take a bath.”

They followed me into the master bath.  I turned on the water in my walk-in shower and then took a leak.  Soon we were all in the shower and washing each other.  I scrubbed down both kids with soapy hands, paying particular attention to Bethany’s cunt.  I even washed Tommy’s cock and balls and washed their assholes.  Nothing was off limits and that included Bethany playing between my cheeks while her brother soaped up my cock and balls.  We stayed and played in the shower until the hot water gave out with me getting another blowjob, this time from Bethany and my leg pissed on by her brother by “accident”.  Accident my ass!  Pay back can be hell and revenge is best served up cold; I wondered if he’d ever heard that.

We dried off and I brushed out Beth’s hair as best I could.  Then I sent them to get dressed.  When they came back from the kitchen, I knew that there was problem.  They had both come over barefoot and they needed shoes, and both would need a shirt.  As much as I hated to send them home (lest they be seen coming and going from my house), I had to send them home to fetch what they needed.  They went out the back the same way they came in.  I opened the garage door and waited for them to return.  They weren’t in the house thirty seconds before they came charging back across the street.  Tommy now had a t-shirt on and pair of flip-flops.  Bethany had flip-flops on, but no shirt.  I considered sending her back, but resigned myself to taking her in her skimpy bikini. 

We had no problem gaining entrance to Showtime Pizza despite Bethany’s lack of dress.  I suppose that technically she had shoes and a top that passed for a shirt.  Looking around, I noticed that Bethany wasn’t the only little girl scantily dressed.  But, that didn’t stop people from staring at her.  Men mostly… men who had taken their own kids out for fun.  Men, who like me, sat a table, drank beer and ogled whatever taut little ass that came by. 

While the kids burned through their tokens playing the games, I sat and watched while waiting for the pizza, doling out tokens whenever they needed.  I’d never been in the place before, but I certainly saw the attraction of the place for kids.  There was a stupid stage show with guitar playing puppets and of course the games… lots of games.  Games that awarded tickets like a slot machine.  And, just as at an adult casino, the patrons squealed in delight at a payout, no matter how paltry in the long run. 

The cheese pizza came and I rounded up the kids.  Returning to the table, I saw that we had been joined by man and young girl who was older, but dressed much like Bethany.  They sat opposite of us and as I served myself, the man muttered, “The pizza stinks.” I shrugged and took a bite.  His culinary assessment was on the mark.

Those your kids?” he asked a minute later.

“No, I’m looking out after them for a neighbor.”

“Oh, I see.”  Then he winked at me and added, “She’s a cute one.”

Trying to be polite, I asked about the near naked little girl with him.  “Is she your daughter?”

“Naw, she’s my girlfriend’s kid.”  He smiled and informed me that, “Her mama’s at work.”  Then he changed the subject and complained about what a rip off the pizza joint was.

“So why do you come here?”

“To keep her happy,” he replied cutting his eyes towards the girl.

I tried to change the subject, away from the kids but, a few minutes later he was back on subject.  “If you want, there’s a real nice pool at the apartment.  You could bring your kids over for a swim, then later maybe we could let the kids have some fun.”  I had a good sense of what he was suggesting, but I wasn’t interested and after I declined, he packed up his pizza and beer and moved on. 

I saw him again just as we were leaving.  He was walking with another man who was also accompanying a partially dressed little girl.  I then watched as they got into their pickup trucks and the second man followed the first out the parking lot and onto the boulevard.  Swap party?  It wouldn’t surprise me.

By the time I pulled into my driveway, I was feeling guilty.  Here I was loathing this other guy, but in reality, I wasn’t any different than he was… maybe not an advanced pedophile like he was, but a pedophile none the less.  With guilt now bearing down on me, I made a decision.  Entering the kitchen, I told Tommy not to forget his things in the kitchen drawer.  He looked puzzled for a moment.  I walked out of the kitchen, sat in my recliner and picked up my book.  He and his sister came in a minute later and he asked, “You want us to go home or to stay?”

“Why don’t you kids just go play,” I replied. “Go home and play.”

He hesitated a moment, then he thanked me for being so nice to them.  Nice to them?  I had used them and now I had to live with that, that and the fear of being discovered.  Once they were gone, I hit the bottle and got shit faced drunk, something I rarely did and never by myself.

It surprised me the next morning that I didn’t feel hung over.  Then again, I did sleep for nearly twelve hours.  I was still lying in bed, looking up at the ceiling when I heard a knock at the front door.  “Who the hell?” I muttered when the knocking persisted. I rolled out of bed, pulled a pair of boxers on and plodded to the door.  Looking through the peephole I saw Heather standing there with her two kids by her side.  

A knot my stomach formed and I thought, ‘Oh, fuck.  She knows!’  She knocked again and I saw that she appeared somewhat agitated.  Was she just impatient for me to answer or was she pissed off?  Then it occurred to me that if she were here to cut my balls off for yesterday, she probably would have sent the cops.  Taking a deep breath to calm and steel my nerves, I unlatched the door and opened it partially.

“Joe!  I need to talk to you!” she said getting right to the point.  “Can we come in?”  I wasn’t exactly dressed to receive company and tried to stall for time.  She wasn’t having any of that and brashly pushed her way inside.  Closing the door behind her and the kids, she delivered a stern stare before getting to the purpose of her visit.

“You gave them ice cream and took my kids to Showtime Pizza yesterday?”  It was more of a statement than a question.  “Tommy and Beth tell me you were very nice to them.”  That was something of a relief to hear.  “That’s not all they told me.”  I wanted to throw up. 

“Also I wanted to thank you for cutting my grass the other day.”  The grass?  She’s talking about the grass? “You seem to be willing to help me and I appreciate that.”  What in the fuck is this broad talking about? 

“How would you like to spend more time with Tommy and Beth?”  More time?  “My boss wants me to go out on his sailboat with him and few customers.  I’ll be gone all day today and tonight.  I won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon.  So for two hundred dollars, I’ll let you watch out for my kids today like you did yesterday.”

I was thoroughly confused by this time.  “What are you saying?”

“I want you to watch out for my kids until tomorrow.  They like you and I don’t think you’d ever hurt them.  I also need the money.”

“Come again?”

“The two hundred dollars you’re going to pay me this week and every week hereafter.  Every little bit helps you know.”

“You want me to pay you to babysit your kids?”

“You can cut my grass for me too.”

I know I stood there for a minute or more not knowing what to say.  Then suddenly my boxers were unsnapped.  I looked down and little Beth had them down to my knees.  She grinned up at me with her blue eyes sparkling and took my cock in her little hand.  SPRONG!

Heather looked at my condition and laughed, “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’!” 

She turned to her kids and told them, “You two do as Mr. Joe says.  I don’t want to hear any bad reports.  Now Mommy won’t be home until tomorrow, but I’ll be home when you get home from school.”  A moment later, she was gone and I was standing naked in the foyer with my boxers at my ankles with Tommy and Beth smiling up at me. 

Tommy quickly shed his shorts and then asked, “Mr. Joe, do you want Bethany naked too?” 

With those two little whores, I never really had the chance to say ‘no’… not that I would have.


The End


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