The Manager


by E.A. Grant

(Mg, MMg, pedo, inc, oral)

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It was very easy really.  The investment group that owned ‘Summer Towers’, owned two dozen similar properties in N.Y. City.  All were upper middle-income, high rise apartment buildings.  Frank Morgan was the manager of this one, Summer Towers.  It was unspectacular. Twenty one stories, seven apartments to a floor. That meant one hundred and forty seven apartments.  Morgan lived in one, a few were always being renovated or painted, a couple in eviction and a few were unrented.  So there was lots of movement… just what he liked. 

If he had stolen money from rents, he knew that sooner or later he would get caught. On the other hand, if a few apartments simply were not collected (and there were always cases like that) well, that was a part of doing business. The perfect set up for a pedophile.

That brings us to our story. On one sunny morning in late July 2008, Frank was sitting behind his desk reading the Times and drinking his second cup of coffee when the light on his intercom lit up. 

“What is it, Sally? I’m quite busy.”

“There is a Mr. Ray Choler here sir, #809; he would like to talk to you about his rent. He’s late.”

“Can’t you handle it, Sally?  Give him 30 days, then he’s out.”

“He has his daughter with him, sir. He said it was personal.” Frank could hear his secretary turn toward the wall and whisper, “She is really cute, Frank… you’ll love this one.” Sally of course knew all about her boss’ propensity for pre-pubescent pussy.  She actually joined him ‘collecting rents’ from time to time. She liked young pussy too.

“Oh… I see. Well, by all means show Mr.   What’s his name again?  Oh, ya, Choler… Ray Choler, right? … Let him right in.” Frank started the hidden recording device that he would be keeping as a permanent record.

Seconds later the door opened and Sally, with a knowing grin on her face, showed the father and daughter into Frank’s office. She carefully snapped the door knob lock closed on her way out.

After a brief introduction, that included an introduction to the daughter, Mr. Choler hesitantly explained his situation.

“It’s a big problem for my wife and me to pay the rent this month, Mr. Morgan… I hope you’ll understand.”

“Please, Ray, call me Frank. My friends all call me Frank. Yes, I understand.  Life and its little surprises. But you have to understand  my job as manager is to collect the rents due the owners. So, there is not much I can do really. Of course, on occasion there are special circumstances.”

Ray seemed a little put back, but continued.  He looked confused, “Thank you, Frank. Well, Mister… I mean Frank… Someone told my wife… it was Brenda Scott, #811, she and my wife are good friends…”  Frank nodded that he was familiar with that name.  Encouraged, Ray continued, “Well, she told Tilly, that’s my wife, that…” Ray hesitated trying to find the right words.  “Well, uhhhhh… she said that sometimes you, uh,  make ‘special arrangements’, for some ‘special circumstances’ as you call them.”  His stomach in a knot, Ray forged ahead.  “ You know,  uhhhh, like with uh, Martha here. She is quite advanced for her age and... Uh, well maybe... You know… if you’re really slow and careful … well, uhh  you could … uh, kind of, uh, you know…  do things.”

Ray had broken into a sweat and he hesitated, clearly nervous as how to proceed.  Frank knew perfectly well where this was all going and was enjoying the father’s discomfort.  After a pregnant pause Frank prodded, “Kind of do things?  What things?”

Uhhhh, you know…”

“No, I don’t know.”

Ray had no choice but to come right out and say it.  “Sex things,” the father whispered. “To my girl, I mean.” Ray looked down quickly and fumbled about opening a folder he had carried in.  With his hands trembling he offered Frank the contents.  “I have some, uh, pictures of her… naked.  Here… or  you could take more. She is very curious, about sex and very cooperative for her age.”

“Ray, you mean you’re going to let me fuck your daughter… right?” Frank leaned forward on his desk a friendly smile on his face.  He liked to make the parents sweat. He wanted to be sure they knew who was in charge. “You’re right, she is very pretty. I would enjoy some time with her. You don’t mind if I fuck her, do you, Ray.”

“Well, maybe not that far,” Ray fidgeted, “you know, not all the way.  Maybe just a … well, you know, with her mouth.” Again Ray couldn’t find words. Frank didn’t help him.

“No, I can’t do that, Ray. Of course I would want her to suck my cock… and she will.  But let’s be perfectly clear about all this… I’ll be fucking her too. Fucking her and whatever else I want to do to her. Of course you knew that when you came in here, didn’t you, Ray?”

“Yes, sir, I guess I did,” the father replied just barely audible. “But, I was hoping… well, that you’d understand.”

“I certainly understand, Ray, and so do you.”

 “I guess… I guess it’ll be okay. Her mother and I talked about it, and she left it up to me.”

Martha hadn’t said a word. She just sat and listened with her big nine-year-old eyes going back and forth between her dad and the stranger. Wearing a white blouse, a red skirt and red sneakers with white socks that had lace on the top edge of them, Martha was a tall quite thin girl about four-foot-ten or so, perhaps seventy pounds with long brown hair. She had a blue butterfly clip holding her hair back, held in a pony tail with a blue fuzzy elastic, but Frank guessed that it would hang to her ass if it were loose. Mentally he could picture it spread out on a pillow.

She was pretty with large brown eyes with flecks of silver in them, but what struck Frank the most about her facial features was that Martha had full moist, kissable lips. Frank could imagine his cock between those fat lips.

She seemed very relaxed with a faint smile on her porcelain perfect face as Frank regarded her critically.  She was just what Frank liked… a young girl, made available for sex. 

This happened quite often to Frank. A father or mother, who he was sure used their own children, offered them to pay the rent. He would bet anything that this girl had been sucking her dad’s cock since she was two... or younger. He also bet that this girl had been fucked… fucked many times.  That was fine with Frank, he hated to break in virgin pre-pubescent girls... It was noisy and messy; of course, sometimes that was necessary.  But with an experienced young girl, they knew what their tight little cunts were made for.   

Frank looked at the pictures Ray slid across the desk to him. She was even prettier nude than with clothes on. One picture was her in a bath tub smiling up at the camera, another was her on a bed with her legs spread, her fingers spreading her own pussy lips open and the third was her on all fours showing a close up of her back hole and cunt; here too she was holding herself open for the camera.  No pictures were with an adult.

“These are very cute, Ray.   I’ll just keep them in her file.” He slid them off his desk and into a drawer. Ray looked surprised, but didn’t object.  This would become part of a permanent record that would prevent Ray or his wife from changing their minds and calling in the authorities. And he would use the video he was taping and the pictures to guarantee that Martha would continue to be his slut as long as he wanted her, even after the rental payments resumed. With a file full of incriminating information, the parents wouldn’t be able to change their minds. “What have you told her, Ray? About the rent, I mean.”

Ray looked at his daughter then back at Frank. “No details of course, just that we were going to meet you and she should be very nice to you and uh, do things you wanted her to do.” Turning to his daughter he asked her, “Isn’t that right, Baby?”

“Yes, Daddy, that’s what you told me.” She smiled at both men. “It’s okay if you want to touch me,” she offered while blinking her eyes.

“Well  that sounds like just the kind of girl I like, Martha. Why don’t you come around to my side of the desk and sit in Uncle Frank’s lap.” He watched her look at her father who nodded his approval and Martha with her head down walked around the desk and stood in front of Frank.  Frank lifted her up and sat her in his lap. He let his hand lie between her bare thighs. He could feel his cock grow.

“Give Uncle Frank a nice kiss, Martha.” She bent her head up to him and kissed him on the lips. Frank's fingers boldly slid up her thighs and he felt her pussy through her panties. “That’s not a very grown up kiss, is it?  I know, let’s get rid of these panties.”

Looking to Ray he ordered in a cold voice, “In the future, when she comes down here, make sure she is not wearing underwear or I’ll send her back to you with the bill for rent.” Frank helped Martha out of her panties and was surprised to find her cunt quite wet and glistening. He ran his finger up and down her slippery slit then pushed a finger deep into her pussy…  She never objected, just smiled at him, confirming that she was use to this. She did wiggle into a better position and then she closed her eyes for a minute, enjoying the pleasure of it. 

“Open your mouth, Sweetie,” he said.  She opened her mouth as she had been ordered and he put the finger in her mouth with the sticky, warm, pussy juice on it.

“Do you like the taste, Honey?  The taste of your own cunt juice?” She shook her head ‘yes’.  “Good, then suck my finger clean. My, you are a sweet little whore aren’t you, Martha? A young little fuck whore.”  Martha closed her lips around his finger and sucked on it, mimicking a blow job.  His cock turning into steel, Frank mused that she would be (probable already was), a great cock sucker.  God, how good his finger in her mouth felt. 

Frank then told Ray to help him undress his daughter.  He stood her up on his desk and watched Ray start to take off his daughter’s clothes. It was almost as much fun for Frank, to watch a parent getting their child ready to have sex with him than the sex itself… almost.  

“I want to suck her little tits, Ray. Take the little whore’s top off.”   Martha never tried to help, but just watched as her daddy took off her blouse for the stranger. Her chest was flat of course, but she had large, quarter-size brown nipples that were also quite puffy.  Frank loved them as soon as he laid eyes on them.

“My Martha, you have truly beautiful nipples.” He kissed one.  “Push her skirt off now, Ray.  I want her naked.” Ray did as he was told and Frank gazed at the nine-year-old’s hairless  puffy mound, and just below it,  the dark pink slit, obviously wet and a little swollen.

“Sit down on my desk top, sweetie,” he said never looking up at the girl, “and spread your legs… I want to look at your little girl cunt… Do you like me looking at your pussy, Martha?”

“Yes, I guess so… Uncle Frank. It feels funny… but good to have you look at me.” She spread her legs opened further, offering a better look while she watched the reaction on Frank’s face.

“That is because your dad has made you into a slut, Martha… a fuck slut. Tell Uncle Frank you want to be his fuck slut.”

“I do … I do want to be a fuck slut for Uncle Frank.”

“Make her nipples hard, Ray… pinch them some.”  

Frank couldn’t wait to get his cock out. He unbuckled his belt and pushed his pants and underwear down.  His average length, but fat steel-hard cock jumped free, pointing right at Martha.  It was already dripping pre-cum.

Martha looked at Frank’s hard cock and reached out to touch it without having to be asked.  Frank was pleased as she closed her two small hands around it. Her hands felt almost too good.  He was afraid he would cum, so he took her hands away.  Now he kissed her with an open mouth while he fingered her sweet smooth cunt; first one finger, then two. The girl was obviously not a virgin, indeed, she’d been fucked before and quite recently. He moved away from her mouth to ask her.

“Looks like Daddy has been playing with your pretty little pea hole, Martha, hasn’t he?”  Martha tried to look to her father for an answer, but couldn’t see him well.

“Yes, sometimes, and sometimes Mommy does it with my vibrator,” she finally said.

Ray had been teasing his daughter’s nipples into erection and now they stood straight out from her chest. She had very large, dark tan nipples that judging from their size and shape, must have been sucked often.

Frank was more amused than surprised. “Do Mommy and Daddy suck on your pretty nipples like the whore you are, Baby?”

“Sometimes… and my little brother, Jimmy too.  But he bites me and that’s not fun.”

“Do you want Uncle Frank to do it now, Honey?” 

“I guess so,” she finally said, seemingly embarrassed about the family secrets she had confided to him.  Martha’s huge pretty brown eyes looked into Frank’s;  the silver flecks suddenly came alive… almost apologizing, and then she turned her head to the side a little and smiled mischievously. “You aren’t mad, are you, Mr. Frank?  I like your fingers in me even better than Daddy’s. Do it some more.”

Frank melted into her charms. “You are such a cock teasing little slut, Martha… I'm sure that we will have lots of fun together.” He kissed her tender moist lips. He ran his tongue around the edge of her lips then slid his tongue into her warm wet mouth again.  He added a third finger in her pussy and pushed them all in deeper. Martha moaned then began to suck on Frank's tongue and once again took hold of his throbbing cock.

Frank moved again, his lips locking onto her nipples.  A minute later they were red and elongated from Frank’s mouth and from her father’s pulling, twisting and pinching.  Frank sucked a hard nipple into his mouth and pulled at the second. Frank’s tongue slipped back and forth over the firm flesh. God, he wanted all of her at once, her tiny tits, her cunt, her mouth even her dark hole… He wanted all of it and he wanted it now.   

Slipping his fingers out of her hot slippery cunt, he stood and stepped out of his trousers.  Picking her up from his desk, he pulled her to him.  He forced a finger into her ass.  She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. He buried his face on her chest and sucked again on her swollen nipple.

Frank reluctantly broke the embrace. “You have me very hot, Martha.  I want your little slut body right now.  I want your fuck hole.” He put her down on the carpeted floor and turned to Ray.

“Take out your cock Ray and get down on your knees on the floor. Get in front of your slutty daughter.”  Turning to the girl he said, “Now you get down on all fours, Sweetie.  I’m going to fuck your little whore cunt just like a doggie.”

The small girl did just as she was told with a few sideways glances at Frank’s very fat cock.  “I think that’s too big, Uncle Frank.  It’s going to hurt me, I think.”

“Don’t worry, Martha.  I’ll go real slow, Honey and your pussy will stretch.  You’ll see.”  Frank got behind her while her dad knelt in front with his cock inches from her pretty face.

As excited as he was to fuck the little wet hole in front of him, he had to take a moment to admire and appreciate what he had in front of him.  Martha was quite a slim girl, but her ass was full and round. A very fuckable ass one might say. Her swollen wet pussy lips, clearly visible, were inviting him into her body. Kneeling he bent and spreading her ass cheeks, he exposed her pink rose bud. Slowly he lapped it and pushed his tongue as far into her as he could.  She seemed to relax and the dark hole opened a tiny bit for him. Then he lapped her cunt lips, wetting them even more and moved his cock close to the sweet pink opening.

Frank’s cock had never been more ready to fuck a little girl.  At nine, Martha wasn’t the youngest he had had, but very nearly so. He rubbed his plum sized cock head up and down over her slit stimulating cock and pussy.  Juice flooded from her as he started the head into her love canal.

“Go ahead, Ray, put your cock in the fuck-slut’s mouth… make her suck you.”

“It’s too big, Uncle Frank!  It’s too big… It’s going to hurt me!”  Martha whined trying to wiggle her ass away from Frank and avoided putting her dad’s cock in her mouth.

“Shut up you little whore!  Suck your daddy’s god damned dick or I’ll spank your ass good!”  Frank did slap Martha’s ass cheek turning it instantly white that then turned into a red hand print.  He grabbed her by the hips and pushed his cock into her in a slow steady pace.

“Oh…oh…oh…  Daddy, it hurts me … Make him stop.  It’s too big, arwww arwww… stop … stop!  Daddy… Daddy…”  She was crying now.   Martha cried in minor pain from Frank’s thickness, even as her dad’s cock entered her mouth. Then, “Mmmmfmmmfmmmf…” and a gurgling were all that Frank heard as Ray’s cock filled her mouth.  From her expression, she was clearly in some pain, but as soon as Frank’s cock was completely in her, he stopped and she seemed to relax.

“Come on, Baby, suck Daddy’s cock like you always do. Suck it, Honey… suck my fuck stick,” Ray said while his daughter began to suck him.  Ray had fist full of his daughter’s hair as he began to face fuck her. “Suck, suck Baby,” he kept telling her. Now she was sucking her dad harder and harder, evidently relieved of some pain from Frank’s fat cock spreading her open, her body adjusting to him.

Frank was basking in the heat of extraordinary feelings.  The feelings from her hot super tight cunt as it wrapped around and squeezed his throbbing cock.  Then he started to move in and out of her, fucking her tight twat.  At the first movement she seemed to freeze anticipating more pain but that didn’t happen. After a couple of strokes she began to push back into him increasing his pleasure. At the same time her father was pushing hard into her throat obviously close to his climax.

“Don’t climax yet, Ray.  Hold on for just a second or two.” Frank too was close because of her tightness. Now he sped up his fucking motion, pulling her by her hips onto his cock harder and harder on every stroke, no longer worried about her comfort.

“Now take your cock out, Ray and jerk your cock to a climax.  I want to watch you cum all over her fucking, cum-slut face.”  Ray did as he was told, removing his cock from his daughter’s mouth and jerking it hard.  Frank grabbed hold of Martha’s long hair and pulled her head back while her father shot his cum over her pretty face.  Some cum landed in her hair, some in her mouth, but most over her face, neck and chest.

Watching the incest scene in front of him, the father shooting hot cum all over his daughter’s face, gave Frank a tremendous thrill that made his balls explode and he came deep inside the nine-year-old’s cunt. It was great, he thought… one of the best. He continued to fuck her, his cock surrounded by his own cum, until he got soft and slid out of her now, wide open cunt

Fifteen minutes later, finished and dressed, Frank gave Martha another kiss while he squeezed and rubbed her bare ass (he kept her panties). She smiled at Frank, her face still sticky from her father’s cum.  “Ray, when you leave, why don’t you make an appointment for next week with Sally, my secretary? I’ll expect to use your slut daughter once a week to trade for the rent.  Is that satisfactory with you?”

“That’s perfectly agreeable, Mr. Morgan. It’s up to you.  You’re the Building Manager."



The End


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