South of France


By JimBob

(Mg, fondle, mast, oral)

A chance encounter on a beach in France between an old man and a young girl.

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Today is my third day in Saint Cyr-sur Mer.  I am in a quaint little hotel, almost on the beach.  The weather is beautiful, and so are the girls.  I love the scanty bathing suits they wear, and the girls in their short dresses almost drive me up the wall.  I am especially attracted to the young girls.  The very young girls.  I go to the beach this morning and I see the little girl that I have seen before around the hotel, playing by herself in the sand.  I am determined to make her acquaintence today.  I approach her, and bend over, pretending to be interested in what she is doing in the sand.  She looks up, pretending that she was not aware of my approach from my first step off the path.

I smile at her and she beams back at me.  She has beautiful features and a lovely little body that she is really showing off in her little sundress.  She is sitting in the sand, and she turns her body slightly to face me directly.  Then she lets her knees drop apart so she can dig her little cup into the sand between them.  She either does not notice, or does not care what a view I have of her little green panties.  As she spreads her legs wider, I see the panties are of a tramsparent material, a very sheer light green.  I can see her little pudenda in all its glory, the fat little lips stand out white between smooth tan  thighs.  The  little cleft between them is slightly parted because of her wide spread legs.  I swear I can even see the little bud of a clitoris barely peeking out.

I cannot help it, I try to adjust my painful erection discretely, but I see she notices, and the grin widens.  I squat before her to get a lower and closer view.  As if she has anticipated my intentions, her legs open even wider, and the dress slides up until nothing is blocking my view of those see-through panties from  where they disappear between her thighs, to the hem a couple of inches below her belly button.  I see I was right about her clit, it is peeping out, almost as if she is already excited.  I notice that as I am scanning her crotch, she appears to be scaning the bulge in my shorts.  But she is such a small girl...  How can she be so aware?

Oh, how I long to brush off the few grains of sand that stick to those panties.   I would be so gentle... 

"What is your name, Sweetie?"  As I ask I realize she will not understand me.

"I am Mariette!"  She answers in English!  She speaks and understands it.  I cannot believe my luck. 

"Do you live at the hotel,  Mariette?"

"Yes, with my Maman and Papa.  They own the hotel!"  The last is said with very apparent pride.

"Oh that is very nice.  I am Jim.  I am going to be staying there for a while.  Perhaps we can be friends?"

"Yes.  I don't have many friends to play with.  Will you play with me, Jim?  Will you be my friend?"

"Yes, I will be your friend, and we will play games together.  How old are you Mariette?"

"I am four, but I will be five very soon.  Then I will go to school."

"Four is a very nice age.  I know lots of games for little girls and men to play.  Some are secret games.  Can you keep secrets?  Not tell anyone, even Mama and Papa?

"Oh yes.  I am very good at keeping secrets.  I even have a secret hiding place.  I never tell anyone about it, but if you will be my friend, I will show you."

"Well, that is very nice of you, Mariette.  Of course I will be your friend.  We will have some good fun together." 

Then, God help me, I have to do it.  I reach down between her legs, and I slowly brush the grains of sand off the tight spread of her panty crotch.  Oh, how smooth and warm it is.  I wait with my breath held for her reaction.  Did I just blow it?

Mariette giggles shyly, and makes no move to stop me.  She just pulls her skirt in so she can look down there too.

"You have some sand on your pretty panties," I say.  “Do you mind if I brush all the sand off good?  Those are such pretty panties, we don't want them to be all sandy, do we?"  As I speak, I look around.  The nearest people to us are over a hundred yards away, walking away from us.  One of the perks in booking an off season vacation.

Sweet little Mariette says, "You can brush my panties off.  I don't mind."  She giggles again as I brush over the tickle bump.  She is ticklish.

I have a green light to go.  I slowly, savoring every moment of this encounter, extend my fingers toward her crotch again, and play them over her little love bump and down the crease.  Then I brush all the sand on the smooth, tender inside skin of her thighs off.  Little Mariette sighs in contentment as I return my attention to her little clit for the third time.

"Um.  Mmmm."

"That feels good, huh?"

"Mmm Hmm."

"Why don't you get up on your knees now, so I can brush the sand off your bottom."

The compliant child hastens to do so.  I hate to lose the sight of crotch that I had, but I want to get things moving along.  I stick my hand under her short little dress, and brush my fingers down one cheek.  I feel bare skin!  Is the child wearing a thong?  Or is the flimsy material just caught in her rear crack? 

Either way, I have to see.  I crawl around behind, and lift the thin skirt.  Oh man!  The most beautiful little plump behind I have ever seen on a little girl!  The flimsy panties make a vee at the small of her back and then disappear between round little cheeks.  I very, very slowly brush the sand away from each little cheek and as I do, I find it necessary to steady her with my large hand resting on her round little belly.  Through the thin dress I can feel the indent of her belly button, and under my spread out little finger, I feel the start of her mound and the top hem of her panties.  I spend much more time cupping and squeezing little round cheeks than I do brushing.  Mariette giggles.  She loves the attention… all of the attention.

Finally, I can stall no more.  "There you go, Mariette, all clean."  My last action is to reach between the cheeks, capture a pinch of panty material between thumb and finger, and tug it down, out of her butt crack.

Mariette seems a little reluctant to stop, lifting her dress and craning her neck to try to see each little panty clad cheek is all clear of sand.  Finally, she sighs and nods.

"Now, what should we do?  Go for a walk?  Or would you like to show me your secret place?  We could play a game..."

"Secret place!"  Mariette bends and collects her assorted little cups.  She hands some to me so she has a free hand, and allows me to hold her little hand as we walk and she tells me about what she likes to do on the beach. 

I notice we are heading for a rock formation jutting out into the sea about two hundred yards away.  We reach the formation, and I follow as she leads me over a narrow ledge over the water.  I can see that not many people would attempt this course when there is a wide level walkway on the other side.  She slips into a little opening between two rock ledges, and I follow with a little difficulty.  There is some differences between a small girl, and an old man, agility being one of them. 

We are in.  No one can see us from any side.  There is a big log that must have been thrown into this little nitch during a storm.  It makes a nice seat.  Mariette drops her cups and twirls around, arms spread wide and dress swirling up around her thighs.  I can see this is her "let your hair down and be yourself" place.

"See!  No one can see us here!” she exclaims.  She gets a conspiritorial smile.  She leans close and whispers.  "Sometimes I take my clothes off in here."

I fake a surprised expression while my heart races.  "No!  You do?  Sometimes I take my clothes off in secret places too!  Now I know we will be good friends because we think just alike!  This is a wonderful secret place you have here.  You are a wonderful, very special little girl for showing it to me and sharing your secret with me.  Now, can I give you a hug and a little kiss to make us friends forever?"

My flattery has gotten to the lovely little thing, because she blushes prettily and comes right up close to me.  I kneel to get down to her level, and take her into my arms.  Ah, the sturdy little body in my arms is sheer joy to hold.  Little girl sweat and soap, and sweet shampoo odors mixed fill my nostrils. 

With my hand on her back, I fold her little body up tight to mine and then I kiss the sweet little pursed mouth she presents to me, and then I kiss her again.  Her eyes close and her body relaxes. 

The third kiss lands on much softer lips and I hold it longer, but no tongue as yet.  We must kindle the flame of passion first.  Already she is a hot little flirt, and I'll bet she has already been petted by men.  It will be easy to arouse in this little girl, because those passions simmer just below the surface. I know how to bring her passion boiling to the surface...

Finally, we break the embrace.  I have a feeling that here is a little girl who has not been embraced enough by her papa, and she is humgering for a man's gentle touch. 

"Mariette, let's play a game.  Do you want to play?"

"Oh yes, Jim."  She is suddenly animated and cheerful, ready for anything.  As I sit on the log, she is at my knee, ready to do anything I propose.

"Okay, this is a tickle bear game.  I am a big teddy bear, very kind and gentle, and you are my sweet little honey pot.  I have to try to find where the honey is at by tickling my honey pot with my tongue.  When she giggles and laughs, I know I have found the honey and I get to eat it all up.  Do you want to play?"  I stick out my tongue and waggle it at her.

"Yes!  Yes, Jim!  I like tickle games."  The child laughs, claps her hands, and dances up and down, excited by the prospect of being tasted all over.

"Okay, you lie down on the log here, and I will start to look for your tickle spot.  Remember, when you start to laugh, you give it away where the honey is, and tickle bear will eat it all up."

She giggles with delight as she lies on her back on the log, and arranges her skirt so it is as far down her thighs as it will go.  I arrange her body so her legs are slightly spread, and her arms are at her sides. 

Kneeling beside the log, I taste a little shin with my tongue.  She laughs, then clamps a hand over her mouth.  I taste a kneecap with just a little flinch and a giggle.  I move up and taste on her midriff of her dress, then on her thigh on her dress, then her chest between her breasts on her dress.  I sit back on my heels and frown as I survey her body.

"What is wrong, Jim?" she asks in an apprehensive little voice.

"Something is keeping me from smelling and tasting the honey,"  I say.  Maybe  there is too much stuff in the way."

Mariette sits up.  "I know! I could take my dress off. It is just in the way."

"Hmmm.  Yes.  That might work.  Clothes sometimes get in the way, don't they?"

Little Mariette reaches back and opens the tie at her back, and two snaps at her neck, and slips the skimpy dress off over her curls.  "There.  Try it now."  In only her transparent panties, the little girl is just like naked.  I try to keep my breathing under contol.

I start down by one foot and take little licks all up her legs.  The child giggles at some extra ticklish places, but as I lick them more, she becomes used to it and stops, so I shake my head no, and move on.  She is clearly loving all the attention.  

Her little belly button almost becomes the honey pot!  Oh, lots of giggles and wiggles there, but finally I have to move on.  I move up to kiss ears, cheeks, forehead, eyelids, nose.  No honey.  Then to neck, shoulders, little hollows by the collar bones, and down to the little pips of nipples that stand up under my licking tongue.  Another indecisive place! 

The small girl sighs between giggles as I administer to these immature little titties, and one little hand strays over a thigh to make an adjustment down where the tickles and thrills I have started are causing a small rush of feeling. 

I seemingly reluctantly decide that the titties are not it after all.  I move my tongue down to where the filmy green panties barely cover the mound, but do nothing to conceal it.  My tongue barely brushes over the mound.


I think she was anticipating that touch.

Once again I stop, shake my head, and frown.  Mariette opens her eyes to see my frown.

"What is wrong, Jim?" she asks again, raising herself on elbows to look down at her body where my tongue so recently brushed.

"I think I am close, but I just cannot seem to get a clear scent."

"I'll take my panties off.  That will help."

"Yes, I think you are right.  Let me do it.  May I?"

"Yes."  Mariette lies back down, and lifts herself as I slowly slip her panties down over her hips, then her thighs, knees, legs, and off over her little feet.  I press them to my nose for a long healthy sniff as I survey the lovely naked little body before me.  Perfection in a small bundle.

"Mmmm.  Yes.  The honey was definitely in these somewhere."

Mariette chuckles with excitement and delight.  What is going to happen to her when Jim finds the honey?

After she lies back down, I lean over and start at the little red line the  elastic left right above her mound.  My lips and tongue are approaching her most private parts, already stimulated to a high degree.  The little girl struggles to supress her natural instinct to laugh at the strong thrilling sensaton of my tongue on her heretofore untouched flesh. 

Where before the tongue strokes were light and casual, now they are strong and full of purpose.  The stroking tongue tip goes over the mound, into the top of the cleft.  A hand on each knee gently urges the legs to part… and then to part more.  I now straddle the log, and now my face is right above my prize.

The tongue reaches the clit!  A peal of shrill laughter rings out.  Mariette tries to supress it, to no avail.  She has lost.  Her legs are open wide, and somehow, Jim has got his shoulders between them now, so they cannot close.  The thrill moves through her lower body.  She wiggles and laughs.

I have  found her honey!  My sensitive tongue tip caresses, and then pummels the little clitoris that peeps from the hood as it engorges with blood for perhaps the very first time in her short life.  The old tongue has brought many a small innocent clit out of hiding for the first time.  Little Mariette may or may not reach an orgasm this time, she is young and untried.  But she will go home a wiser little girl, and she will be looking for this sensation again and again with boys and men. 

No more shrill laughter now. I proceed through all of the little delights of her wide open cleft, down to the small hole with its hymenal veil, and small perforation, barely room for the tiniest tip of the tongue, surely hardly enough for my little finger tip.  Yes!  The little finger, well lubricated with saliva, makes it to the first joint.  Now, tongue back to clit, finger moving in and out in minute thrusts.  And in to the second joint with only a small gasp of discomfort from the girl.  The tongue on her clit is thrilling her small body so other small pangs are hardly noticed.  The perforation is stretching ever so slightly each time the larger joint is pressed in until finally, the finger slips into the little slit until the knuckles press against pussy lips and it can go in no farther. 

Now the wrist is twisted, the tongue renews its stroking caress, and the girl is penetrated deeper than ever before.  There is no pain, only a thrill laden clit thrusting out on its own to meet the tongue, and the hips starting to thrust the hole up to meet that invading finger, that new sensation she has never experienced before.  Her honey is starting to flow to ease the friction and make the finger's slide in and out easy and painless.  Now to the next finger.

No, not the ring finger.  Not the fore finger.  No, of course not the thumb.  Jim is a gentle man, remember?  The index, or middle finger, well lubed with a mixture of saliva, and Mariette's baby juices, just now starting to flow make the tip slippery enough to slide right in.  Only the tip and the first joint.  The second joint is a little too much at first.  Slightly deformed from a dislocation, the joint stretches the thin veil to the breaking point.  The girl gives a small start and grunt of pain at the sharp sting.  It is only momentary, there is the quick thrust, and the finger is gone, replaced in a split second by the sensitive tongue tip.  It feels the minute tear at the side of the perforation, tastes the sharp tang of the single drop of blood.  The perforation will heal in a day or so, but it will accept  the index finger easily next time it is introduced.  The little operation is done.  Now for pleasure...

"Sorry for the little sting.  I kind of slipped trying to get the honey.  Um, you have the sweetest honey I ever tasted in your honey pot."  I lift my head and speak to the girl, who opens her rather glazed eyes at my voice.  Now comes the million dollar question.  "Mariette, can the tickle bear eat the rest of your honey now?"

Mariette smiles at me and lays her head back.  "Yes, Jim.  Eat all of my honey up!"

I crawl up close enough so I can reach those lucious little lips.  I kiss her, hold it, then allow my tongue tip to brush her lips as I break the kiss.  I see her tongue come out to taste her own juices on her lips.  I am on my way back to the honey pot to get the rest of her honey.  She relaxes and spreads her legs wide as I suck her clit up between my lips.  Such a tiny little bud for such powerful emotions it can arouse.  Her little hands come up to clutch my hair in a double grip as her hips thrust her mound up into my face.  Her body tenses as she strains to reach her peak.  This tiny little body shivers under my caressing fingers on bareness of belly and chest.  Mariette does not yet know what she strains for, but she strains mightly to attain it, and she does!

Tiny cries escape her as she strains up against me, pulling my face down into her.  She strains, and then suddenly relaxes, and the hands no longer pull me in, now I am pushed away.  The little clit is pulsating in its swollen hood, I can see it plainly.  I watch and let the little one bask in the thrills and fire and tingles for a full minute.

I creep up, off the log now, beside and over her, and once again I kiss the little mouth on the lips that are slightly parted in her totally relaxed state.  I slip my tongue between them.  Her eyes fly open.  Big brown eyes stare up into mine.  They close again, and a little tongue comes out to meet mine.  Our tongues play together and then my tongue becomes more insistant on entering her mouth.  Her lips relax as the kiss lasts, and my tongue explores her mouth. 

Her tongue follows mine back into my mouth as I withdraw it.  She tastes her honey in my mourh.  I break the kiss.  She opens her eyes as she licks her lips and savors her honey.  She lifts her head a little to bring her lips back to mine, and I reach down between our bodies and cup her sex in my hand.  As our tongues explore, my finger finds her clit, and I gently caress it.  The passion comes out.  She moans and thrusts her pelvis up against my hand

The kiss becomes deeper, more demanding on my part.  She does nor resist. Her hips more in time with my stroking finger.  I dip into the honey pot of her slit, and I find her juice is slowly oozing, she is wet and slippery.  I use the honey to coat her clit and make the fingering more free and easy.  She has another climax as we kiss. 

I sit back and watch as the small chest pumps, and the tummy flutters.  After a minute she turns on her side and regards me calmly.  A two climax, very relaxed little girl looks up and down my body.

"You cheated, Jim."

"Why do you say that, Mariette?"

"I don't have my clothes on, but you do.  You said you took your clothes off in secret places.  Bears don't wear clothes, I know that."

I unsnap my belt and strip off my T shirt and shorts.  My underwear comes last.  

Mariette eyes my erection.  She reaches a hand out to explore it.  She sits up.  Grasps it with both hands.  She pulls my foreskin to the tip and slides it back.  She giggles as my penis bucks in her fingers.  Has she fondled a male organ before?  No, it was just an accidental touch.  She does not do it again until I show her what feels good to Jim.  Then she jacks me to an orgasim in a few two handed strokes.  She shrieks as the first spurts splatter on her belly and thighs.  I dig out my hanky and wipe her off as she examines her cum soaked hand still holding my cock.  I start to wipe that off too.

"No, Jim!  I want to taste your honey."  She pulls me closer, extends a little tongue to the purple tip of my penis, and tastes it, and then licks a wider swath across it.  She lets me clean her hands, but she insists on cleaning my cock with her tongue.

We dress and we make our way back to the beach, where we use her cups to build sand castles for a couple of hours.  We leave an elaborate village behind for the tide to take when we return to the hotel, hand in hand. 

Every day, Mariette and I meet on the beach.  Her parents view me as a lonesome old man who is a harmless friend to their daughter.  We play on the beach.  We play in the waves.  We have make believe tea parties on the benches.  We play hide and seek around the hotel.  We walk to the little shop for ice cream.  And every day, we go to our secret place, and the naked tickle bear looks for honey on the naked little girl..  And every time, the honey is hidden in the exact same spot, but we don't care.  And I get every bit of it, and so does Mariette  So the days pass...

And then one day, old Jim has to go.  Both I and Mariette cry at the parting.  But there will be other men for Mariette.  Perhaps even Jim will return some day.


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