Part 2 - Falling In Love

By JimGee

(Mg, 1st, oral, cons, nudity, exhib)

Jim and Sam grow closer together and develop a full sexual relationship, a relationship based on love...



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Day 8 - We were on the trail and on our way again.We saw a lot of animals as we continued our hike to higher altitudes.At one point we had to halt and back off as a black bear blocked our path.We waited what seemed like a long time until he was gone.We didn't want anything to do with him.We stopped for lunch at a place that had a view of the valley below.It was a crystal clear day and we could see far off into the distance.That was unusual for the 'Smoky Mountains'.There is a reason that they have that name.

We stopped several times during the day to just take in the views.At least that was the excuse I used to stop.I needed to rest as the trail became more and more difficult.Late afternoon we came to a nice clearing about the size of a football field.It was nice and decided that we would make camp there for the night.It was a nice level area that had a little stream snaking along side the clearing.It was just what the doctor ordered allowing us to bathe there.I sure needed to freshen up as my dried cum on my crotch was itching me.It didn't seem to bother Sam though.

We gathered wood to make a fire.The fire would allow us to enjoy a hot meal.I even bought stuff to make smoores for desert.That would be a nice treat for Sam.I was amazed at how much I'd started to care for her.The sex stuff aside, I liked her.I enjoyed her company.It started to get dusk so we decided it was time to clean up.We went over to the stream.There was no hesitation as we shed our clothes.We helped each other wash paying special attention to each other genitals.†† She seemed to be really fascinated with my dick.We played in the cold water for a little while longer until the mosquitoes chased us into the tent.

Once inside Sam said she was cold.I dried her with the towel and rubbed her.That seemed to help.She slipped into the sleeping bag.I dried myself, turned off the light and slid in beside her.She cuddled right up to me seeking my body warmth.She felt nice snuggled up against me.I wasn't surprised when her hand found my dick.For some reason she seemed to like to hold him!

I said to her:"You seem to like him so much, why don't you give him a little kiss?I bet he would like that.I know I sure would."Without any hesitation at all Sam slid down and planted a kiss right on the end of my dick.That was followed by a few additional kisses on the shaft before she planted another kiss on the head.I pulled her up to me and kissed her on the lips.Her pucker was stiff and tense; a little girl kiss.

I instructed, "Relax your lips and enjoy our kiss and don't be in such a rush."With that said our lips met again and it was much better."Now, open your mouth and let our tongues touch.That is called a French kiss." Again our lips met and she did open her mouth.I traced my tongue over her lips and teeth and finally into her mouth.Her tongue met mine and she let out a little moan.It wasn't long before she was really into this kissing.To my delight, she never let go of my dick.It was now at full attention.

Sam broke our kiss and said, "Let me kiss him again."Okay by me!

She slid down and planted a wet kiss on the head before taking the head of my dick into her mouth.I could feel her tongue exploring the piss hole in the end.She could taste my pre cum that started to leak out.She moaned, then pulled away and said, "I like to feel him in my mouth.I like the taste too.

I answered, "You know it is better if I do that to you too.Can I kiss your kitty?"

"Hmmm, okay," she replied.

"Here get on top of me and lower yourself so that I can kiss her."

Once in position I inhaled and could detect her light scent.It was delightful!I couldn't wait to taste her.I first planted a kiss on her mound just above her slit.I took my tongue and gave a broad lick along the outside of her outer lips.Finally, I could wait no longer and parted her labia's inner lips with my tongue so that I could taste the nectar within.

Sam let out an, "Oooooooooooh, yea!ĒThere was no doubt that she liked what I was doing.I used my tongue and tickled her perineum and gave it a kiss.

Sam spun around and asked:"Can we try what you were doing to me last night?I want to see if you will fit inside of me.I want to feel him in me.Please!"

I answered, "Sweetheart, I don't know.It will hurt when he breaks through the little piece of skin that is protecting your hole.It may even bleed a little.I don't want to hurt you."

"I want to try, Sam replied."If it hurts too bad then we can stop.Please!"How was I going argue with such a plea?She wanted to give me her one time gift.

"Okay, you be on top," I said, "so you can stop whenever you want to."

"Oh thank you!" she gushed.She gave me a very wet and tongue-in-my-mouth kiss.

Sitting up, she positioned her pussy in line with my dick head.I held my dick vertical and watched in the moonlight as she started to lower herself.I could see that she was biting her lower lip. As the end of my dick started to penetrate her I could feel her barrier.Sam just said, "Oh," and dropped down.Suddenly about 2 inches of my dick were up inside her very tight little kitty.Sam said softly, "That wasn't bad.It hurt just a little.He feels so big in me."

"Just hold it there until you stretch out and it feels better," I told her."Then you can take more of me inside you.Just take it slow.We're in no hurry."

After a couple of minutes I could feel her raise up a little then slide more of me into her.There was now about 4 inches of me inside this beautiful little girl.†† Up, then down again and 5 inches were in her and I could feel me bottoming out against her cervix.

Pulling her to my chest I asked, "Are you alright?I'm all the way inside you.How does it feel?"

"I'm okay, it feels good and so full.Your thing makes me feel stuffed and warm inside.What do we do now?"

I answered, "When you're ready, just raise up and lower yourself.Just do whatever feels the best for you.This is your first time and you need to do whatever feels good to you.I'll help make you feel good by rubbing your clit."

So with that she started to fuck herself on my dick.Using some of her lubricant I used my finger to gently rub her clit in a circular motion.Her humping was getting faster and faster.I could feel a tightening in my balls.I was getting close as well.I was delighted when she let out a low scream and started to shake all over.Her hips were going wild as her orgasm took over her motions.That pushed me over the edge and I started to pump spurt after spurt of my cum into her tight, no longer virgin, vagina.She slumped onto my chest and went limp.Her sensory overload was just too much.I held her until she returned to this world.

When her eyes came back into focus she looked at me and said, "Wow!That was so good.Is it always like that?"

"It's not always that good," I answered, "but it should be.I'm glad you liked it."With my softening dick still inside her I gave her a kiss on her forehead and said,"Sweetheart, you may be a little sore there in the morning.You gave your little pussy quite a workout.

"I've never felt like that before," Sam said."I really want to do that again and again."

"For sure we can do it again, if you want," I replied knowing full well that we'd do it again and again."I enjoyed it as much as you did.I liked being inside you.Did you feel my cum filling you?"

"Yea, I liked that too!"

"Good, I'm glad you did, Sweetheart.Now, we need to get some sleep.The hiking in the next couple of days will be tougher in section of the trail."

I pulled her in and gave her a passionate kiss and whispered in her ear."You are very special.Thank you for letting me be your first.I will never forget it."Still holding her in my arms, my dick flaccid, but still between her legs, we drifted off to sleep.

With the sunrise day 9 started.It promised to be a great day.Not a cloud in the sky and a gentle breeze to help keep it cool.At altitude the breeze in the early morning was cold.When Sam opened her eyes I asked if she slept well and how she felt.She said that she slept like a log.

I watched as she reached down between her legs and probed with a finger.She said:"It's a little sore.Not too bad.I think I'll be okay to walk.I kind of thought it would be really sore, but it isn't too bad."

"That is really good, Sam.I was worried that I really hurt you.Let's get up and get our day started.We have a tough hike ahead of us today.By the way, you look beautiful this morning."That got a big smile from her.We peeked out of the tent before emerging.No one or no animals were in sight.We both headed into the brush to have a pee.I insisted that I clean up between her legs so that I could make sure she was okay.I was pleased that she was only a little red.Everything was as I expected it should be.

I planted a little kiss on her mons and then said, "Let's dress and have breakfast," which was a good idea as it was rather chilly in the buff.

Before long we were packed up and on our way.The morning hike was nothing special.It consisted of just a lot of up and down over some fallen trees and big boulders.We had fun and the morning went by fast.When we stopped for lunch we were joined by a group of young hikers going in the opposite direction.There were 6 young boys and girls with two adults.We talked about the trail and what each of us could expect.They told us that a couple of hours away we would find a nice place to camp alongside a small pond with a little water fall.They said they were there last night and it was a perfect spot.

After lunch we parted company and headed toward the spot they told us about.It would be good to get cleaned up in the waterfall.I just hopped that the water wasn't too cold.We stopped at one overlook and watched two bald eagles soaring high overhead.What majestic birds they are.Sam was the one that wanted to continue on to our planned campsite.

When we arrived we found the spot just as it was described to us.The waterfall wasn't very big and it had a small pool at the bottom that was sufficient to wade in.We both looked forward to getting in and cleaning up.We just hoped that no one else showed up to share the spot with us.We set about gathering some firewood.It wasn't long before we had a nice pile that would see us for the evening.We explored the surroundings a little until it was time to eat.I got a kick out of watching Sam bounce along having a good time.

We decided to get cleaned up before we ate dinner.That way the air wouldn't be quite so cold as it would get when the sun decided to take a rest below the horizon.We both shinnied out of our clothes and waded into the water.It was cold at first but we kind of got used to it.The water came up mid thigh so the pool wasn't too deep.

I looked at Sam and it dawned on me that in the last week she had lost some of her excess fat.Not that she was fat before, just a little plump.As I looked at her I realized she was a beautiful little girl.She caught me looking at her and demanded, "What!"

I answered, "I was just admiring how pretty you are.No, not pretty.You are beautiful!"

That brought a big smile to her face.She waded over to me and gave me a big hug.She said, "It has been a long time since someone has told me that.My daddy use to tell me that, but I thought he said that just because he was my daddy."

I looked down at her. "Samantha, you are beautiful and don't ever think you're not.Now, let's get washed so we can get back by the fire and warm up."We waded over to the waterfall and took a 'cold' shower.I helped Sam lather up paying gentle attention to her nipples and little pussy.I pushed a finger up into her vagina to see how much it hurt.She told me that it didn't hurt too much.That brought a smile to both our faces.We rinsed off and made it back to shore.We dried off and went to stand by the fire to warm up.We didn't have any clothes on, but covered ourselves with our towels.

Once we were warm we dressed and I turned my attention to making us some dinner.We both were hungry and were looking forward to something hot to eat.After dinner we sat on a log enjoying the fire.I was really pleased when Sam decided she wanted to sit on my lap.It seemed to me that she was really growing attached to me.I'm getting to where I'm coming to the realization that I'm getting attached to her as well.

It was starting to get dark when we heard some noise coming down the trail from the direction we were going to be heading in the morning.Someone called to us:"Hello, might we join you and camp here tonight and share your fire?"

I yelled back, "Yes, come join us.You are more than welcome."

When they arrived I saw a young couple probably in their early 20's.They introduced themselves as Terry and Sharon Larsen.I introduced myself and said this is my daughter Samantha.They sat down for a few minutes and we exchanged pleasantries.They then proceeded to set up their tent and asked about the pond.I told them that the water was pretty cold, but not unbearable.I told them that we both took baths earlier in it.

They said that they needed to clean up too.With that they headed to shore of the little pond.It was just at the edge of the campsite.Sam and I watched as they both quickly shed their clothes and waded into the water.They were totally unconcerned about their nudity.Sam just looked at me and smiled and I patted her inner thigh.††

We tried not to stare, but couldn't help ourselves.We both watched the couple as they soaped up, rinsed, and came out to dry off.When they were dry they wrapped their towel around themselves and gathered their clothes.Just as we had done, they stood by the fire to get warm.

I said, "Feels good to get warmed by the fire huh!"

They both nodded and Sharon said, "This fire feels so good.We both needed to get clean.I hope our nudity didn't upset either of you, but we just wanted to get it over with before the night air got any colder."

I answered, "No, you're fine.We were a little surprised that you just shed your clothes in front of us as complete strangers.It is okay though.Sam has seen me naked on this trip, so I don't think it is a big deal."

Sam piped in, "It was okay."

Looking at Sharon, Sam said, "You are so beautiful.I hope I get a body like yours when I grow up."

"Thank you Samantha,l" Sharon answered with a smilke, "that is a very nice compliment.You're pretty now.Don't be in a hurry to grow up.That will happen soon enough."

Terry then said, "I hope you don't think us rude, but we're going to turn in.We are both tired and need to get some sleep."†† Terry and Sharon nodded to each other and they headed to their tent.They slipped inside and zipped the cover shut.Sam and I were sort of alone now.We decided to turn in as well.I doused the fire making sure it was fully extinguished.

In our little tent we stripped down and slid into the sleeping bag.I told Sam that we better just go to sleep.I don't want to do anything that might get us in trouble.Sam said she was disappointed but understood.She spooned back into me.She pulled my hand around and pressed it into her left tit and just held my hand there.I rubbed and tweaked her nipple.I gently rolled it between my thumb and finger.

I whispered in her ear, "Sweetheart, good night.I like holding you like this.It makes me feel warm inside."

Sam whispered back, "I like you holding me like this too.You make me feel safe." Then she surprised me by adding, " I love you Daddy."

Now that last statement kind of caught me by surprise.I needed to think about that a little.As I drifted off to sleep I was wondering what I should do about her when this hike was over.

Day 10, I awoke before Sam.I rose up on an elbow and just looked at her.She looked so peaceful.I pulled back the sleeping bag to reveal her nude body.I thought to myself 'she is so beautiful.I was enjoying her company.It is a good thing we couldn't play last night, it gave her pussy a chance to rest and heal more after losing her virginity.I just knew that tonight I'd bury my dick inside her again.She was so tight and hot; it felt like I was in a glove.I had a smile on my face when Sam opened her eyes.She asked, "What?"

"I was just thinking how beautiful you are," I said. "I don't mean just because we did sex things.You are pretty, smart, and fun to be with.I'm glad that I was the one that came to your rescue.You make me happy."

Sam repled, "I'm glad it was you too.And you make me happy too.That includes the sex!"She kind of blushed as she said that.I shushed her as I didn't want our neighbors to overhear.I leaned down and gave her a light kiss on the lips.With that I got up and stuck my head out of the tent flap.I looked up to find a cloudy sky that looked to threaten rain.

When Sam and I emerged from our tent we were both surprised to see that Terry and Sharon were gone.It was amazing that they were so quiet that they could pack up and leave without either of us hearing them.They must have been on a tight schedule and needed to hurry along.They hiked late in the day yesterday and were up and gone early this morning.†† That pace was not my idea of enjoyment.

While I fixed us breakfast, Sam busied herself packing our gear so that we too could get on the trail.As we sat and ate she kind of gave me a funny look.It was my turn to ask, "What?"

Sam answered, "I was just wondering if Terry and Sharon had sex last night or if they didn't because they were worried about us hearing them.Remember you told them we were father and daughter.Wouldn't they be shocked to learn that my 'daddy' was the one to take my virginity?I wonder if they would have been so quick to leave."

"You little stinker, I said with a smile."We better get on the trail and make some progress before we get caught in the rain and have to stop.We don't want to get too far behind schedule.With that we gathered up our little trash and started walking the trail.

We walked for a while in silence.Neither of us said anything, lost in our own thoughts.We came to a nice overlook area and just stopped to admire the scenery for a while.Way off in the distance I could see that it was raining.It was hard to tell if it was coming our way or not.We decided to get moving to find a good place to stop in case the rain did overtake us.

It was about 1:00 when we came to a nice spot and stopped to have some lunch.As we were eating it started to drizzle.We quickly put up our tent and stowed our gear.Climbing inside we sat and finished our lunch.It started to rain a little harder.It was a gentle rain and appeared as though it would last for a while.I took off my shoes and stretched out to relax.Sam did the same and cuddled up against me.It was nice to hear the raindrops on the tent and feel her warm body up against me.

Apparently Sam felt the same as we both fell asleep.It was late afternoon when we awoke.The rain had stopped and a little fog had descended on our position.We had no dry wood to start a fire, so it looked as though we would have our dinner warmed just using a small can of Sterno.It was better than nothing and would just have to do.

After we ate we just watched out the flap of our tent as the fog got thicker and thicker.We settled in for the night.It was getting darker and before we knew it everything was pitch black.With the moon and stars blacked out by the clouds we could see nothing.Neither of us was tired as we had that big nap in the afternoon.We closed the flap on our tent, undressed and climbed into the sleeping bag.†† We cuddled up enjoying the warmth of each otherís body.

Sam said, "Jim, what are you going to do with me when we get to the end of the hike?I don't want to go back to that home.That mean woman might just sell me again.I'm scared what might happen to me then."

I responded, "Sam, I told you before, you're safe now.I'll make sure nothing bad happens to you."

"Won't you keep me?" she asked."You told those people I was your daughter.Why don't you just keep me and I'll be your daughter?I promise I'll be good."

I said, "Sweetheart, I don't know if they will let me keep you.I'm not married and you're a little girl.The law may not let that happen."

"I'll tell them that I want to be your daughter!You saved me and are good to me.I want to be with you forever."I pulled Sam to me for a hug and kissed the top of her head.

She was melting my heart.I had to admit to myself that in these few days she had made it into my heart.I liked her and wondered how and if I could adopt her.Hell, I could probably just keep her.She told me that that woman at the home said her records would read that her uncle picked her up.I doubt that the man that bought her would go to the police.That would raise too many questions.

"Sweetheart, we'll see what can be worked out.I can't make any promises as to what will happen.No matter what happens, you will be safe.That I can promise!"With that I slid down a little and kissed her neck and worked my way down to her nipples.She had no hint of her tits starting to grow.

But her nipples responded to my attention and nibbles.Sam let out a moan showing that she liked what I was doing to her.

I concentrated first one nipple then the other.I worked back and forth between them.I kissed down her body stopping and dipping my tongue into her belly button.She had the cutest little giggle when I blew raspberries on her tummy. I moved lower and kissed her mons.Pulling back the cover I moved between her legs.I spread them so that I could get at the objective of my ministrations.I started to kiss her inner thighs.Working from her knee to valley where her leg joins her crotch.I moved to do the same to the other leg.All the while Sam was making meowing sounds.

Finally I slid my hands under her taking a little bun in each hand.I raised her so that I could have full access to her.I inhaled deeply lost in the scent of her arousal.I extended my tongue and with just the tip I penetrated her inner lips to sample her juices.They were exquisite and I told her so.I then broadened my tongue and starting at her perineum, I licked up through her slit, across her vagina to her clit.I lapped as much of her juice as I could.The flavor was ambrosia to me.I sucked her clitoral hood into my mouth and using my lips used a little jacking motion.She was so small that it was difficult, but it was having the desired effect.Sam was moaning and squirming her little bottom.It wasn't too long before I could feel the little bead of her clit coming out from its protective sheath.When I touched her clit Sam really started to squirm.

I moved my tongue down to her vaginal opening and stuck it in as far as it would go.I was treated with a good amount of little girl arousal juice.I lapped up every drop that I could get.I lowered my tongue and teased her little rosebud.At the first touch she let out a cry and pushed her bottom tighter into my mouth.Apparently she liked what I was doing to her.It was getting harder to stay in contact with her as she was moving around so much.I could tell that she was getting close to her orgasm, so I returned my attention to her clit.Sam grabbed my head with both hands and seemed to try and pull my head inside her.I flicked my tongue back and forth against her clit and that pushed her over the edge.She let out a loud moan and started to shake all over.Then her body went rigid and her legs clamped tightly together trapping my head.I slowed my sucking on her clit and waited for her to relax the grip on my head.Slowly her orgasm subsided and her body relaxed releasing my head from the trap.

I slid up next to Sam and just held her in my arms.It seemed like a long time before she said anything.Finally she said, "Wow, that was a big one.I tingled all over my body and saw white lights.The only thing that would have been better would have been if you were inside me."

"I would have liked to be inside you too, Sam, but I think your little hole needs more time to heal.We don't want to rush it and do some damage to you.I can wait.I just wanted to make you feel good."

"What can I do for you, Jim, to make you feel good?"

"You don't have to do anything for me.I enjoyed what I did for you.That is enough to satisfy me.I really like how you taste!"

Sam didn't say anything.She gave me a nice wet kiss.Next she slid down and before I knew it she had my dick in her mouth.I was rock hard and what she was doing felt so good.I told her that she needed to be careful as I was close and it wouldn't be long before I would cum.Sam didn't say anything, but just kept on sucking.She had about 3 inches in her mouth.I could feel her tongue working around my shaft as she sucked.I could feel a tightening in my balls and knew that it wouldn't be long until I came.

I whispered, "Sam, you need to stop.I'm going to cum."She just ignored me and kept on sucking.She was bobbing her head up and down adding to my arousal.I could feel the release coming.The first blast shot up the shaft into her mouth.There was no reaction from Sam.She just kept on sucking.Two, three and four more spurts shot into her mouth.Then I was done.I could feel Sam swallow my load.She kissed the tip of my dick.She climbed up and planted kiss on my lips.She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue inside my mouth.I could taste my cum on her tongue.I returned the favor and used my tongue inside her mouth.It was very passionate!

Snuggling up to me Sam said, "That was nice.I like the way you taste too.I hope I can do that again with you." My thoughts exactly! Then she added, "I like the feel of you in my mouth.You are special!"

We just cuddled, enjoying the feel of each otherís body.I thought to myself, 'I need to find a way to keep her in my life.'I held that thought in my head as I drifted off to sleep.

When I looked outside the tent flap day 11 was greeted with bright blue, cloudless skies.Sometime during the night the rain had stopped.Our tent was wet and wouldn't dry before we needed to pack up and be on our way.I don't like packing a wet tent, but we couldn't wait until it was dry.We need to cover distance and waiting now wasn't in the cards.When we stop this afternoon, it should have time to dry out before bedtime.

The going in the morning was slow.The trail was wet and the footing in many places was muddy and slippery.We stopped for lunch at a place with another spectacular view.Sam looked at me and said, "I never thought much about the outdoors and hiking.I like this hiking, especially with you.You know so much about the trail, its history and nature.You make it fun.I hope we get to do this again sometime in the future."

I just had a simple answer. "Me too!"

We sat there in silence and finished our lunch.During this silence I thought to myself,'I need to find a way so that we can be together after the hike.I need to find a lawyer that can help figure this problem out and make it legal.'

As we continued our hike the sun had dried out the trail making our footing more stable.Our pace picked up and we made better progress.We came to a spot that looked like a nice place to camp.It was level and had an unobstructed†† view of the sky.I wanted to stop early so that our gear would dry in the sun.We fell into our routine collecting firewood, setting up the tent and arranging our gear.When that was accomplished we went off to do a little exploring.I let Sam lead the way as I enjoyed the view, watching her little bottom sway back and forth.She is so cute and I liked the way it kind of wagged at me.As I watched her I felt a little stirring in my dick.He sure liked the view too.I think she was doing that extra waggle on purpose.

The sun was getting lower in the sky so we headed back to camp to have some dinner.I lit the fire and before long we were enjoying a hot meal.For desert I broke out the makings for smoores.††† Sam sure seemed to like them.We limited ourselves to two each, so we could have them again another night.As the sky became darker the stars came out; we just sat and stared at the heavens.Up here at altitude with the air so clear and no city lights to obscure any of them, the stars were so bright and numerous.It was impressive and as we watched in awe of the display above us, we even saw a couple of shooting stars.

All too soon it grew quite late we decided to call it a night.We had another tough leg of the trail to hike tomorrow, so we needed a good night's sleep.Once inside we quickly shed our clothes and snuggled into the sleeping bag.Her body felt so nice up against mine.As badly as I wanted to fuck Sam, I told her though that we needed to get a good night's sleep so we wouldn't be tired in the morning.She complained a little saying that she wanted to play with my dick and feel it inside her.But I insisted that we needed to just get to sleep.As we lay facing each other, her hands gently held my dick.I could feel her finger rubbing the head as her other hand encircled the shaft.It felt so nice.I almost gave in to a little sex play.Sam said she liked the way if felt, hard and soft at the same time.I put my arms around her and pulled her against my body.I kissed her on the lips first and then her forehead.That is how we fell asleep.

Day 12, started with a clear sky and crispness in the air.It looked like a perfect day for hiking.As we emerged from the tent we both needed to take care of nature's call.We had both become so familiar that we both peed in front of each other.Sam watched as my stream arched and splattered on the ground.I too watched as she dropped her pants and panties, squatted, and let loose her stream.I thought to myself, "What a wonderful sight'.When she finished, she handed me some toilet paper and with a broad smile on her face, asked me to wipe her.So with great care and attention to detail, I bent down and gently wiped between her legs.

Sam looked into my eyes and said, "You do that so nice.It feels so good.Want to play?"

I leaned in and kissed her forehead and said, "You little tease.I'd love to play with you, but that will have to wait until tonight.We need to eat and get on the trail.We have a tough section ahead and we need to get started."I cupped her mound and continued:"With your permission, I'll play with this tonight."

"I hoped you would want to do something with me," she said with a smile."You have my permission.I guess I can wait until tonight."

We ate a cold breakfast, packed up our tent and gear and started down the trail.†† For the next hour we made good time, then the going slowed as the trail presented obstacles that we had to traverse.It was slow going and when it was lunchtime we were quite ready to stop.We both need to have some nourishment and rest.

The spot where we stopped wasn't anything special.It was just convenient.We ate, discussing the trail and how difficult it was.While we were eating a small group of hikers stopped and had their lunch with us.They told us that the trail ahead of us wasn't too bad and that we should plan to stop where they had camped.It was alongside a stream and was very peaceful and kind of off the main trail.They showed me on the map just where they had stopped.We told them what they had to look forward to.It was a nice to visit with them.When we were done we said our goodbyes and we departed.

After 4 hours of hiking we came to the turn off that they had told us about.The pathway didn't appear as though it was used much.The campsite was about a 15-minute walk through a thickly wooded area.The path opened to a picture perfect open grassy area.I smiled; they did not steer us wrong.It was a great place to camp and was very private.I was sure most hikers never even ventured here. Sam and I quickly set up camp and started to gather firewood for the night.When all was set I announced to Sam that I needed to bathe and get clean.I suggested that she do the same.

We both tested the stream's water temperature.It was cold and we would clean up as quickly as we could.I started the campfire so there would be a source of warmth after our cold bath.We striped out of our clothes, grabbed our towels and headed to the stream.The water was only knee deep.I sat down and got myself wet.Damn, it was cold!I quickly lathered up, rinsed and got the hell out of the water.

Drying off I watched Sam as she slowly waded into the stream.She looked at me and whinned, "This is too cold!I don't want to."

I answered, "I did it.You can too.Be real quick.When you're done we can cuddle by the fire to warm up."I could tell she didn't want to, but she quickly wet herself, lathered up, and quickly dunked to get the soap off.In a flash she was out of the water.She was shivering as she dried off.We went back to the campfire.I wrapped the sleeping bag around me.Sam climbed inside with me and sat on my lap.It wasn't long before we were warm again.The fire was so welcoming and felt so good.

As I sat with her on my lap I couldn't help but think how much I had grown to like this little darling.No wait a minute!I realized that I'd fallen in love with her and I wanted her to be in my life forever.That thought started my dick to come to life.Sam looked at me when she felt my shaft start to grow under her bottom.She had such a beautiful smile while she squirmed getting my shaft situated in her butt crack.She laid her head on my shoulder and seemed to purr contentment.I moved my hand to her chest and gently massaged her nipples.Rubbing them in a circular motion they were soon standing tall.

Sam whispered, "I like this.Hold me forever."

I pulled her to me and kissed the top of her head.Yes, I realized that I'd like to hold her forever too.After a little while I said, "Sweetie, as much as I'd like to sit like this longer; I need to make us some dinner.I'm hungry and I'm sure you are too."

She looked up at me gave me a little peck on the lips and said, "I'd rather fool around, but that can wait until later.I'm hungry too.I'll help."With that we got up, slipped on some clothes and started to warm our meal.It wasn't fancy, but it tasted good out here in the wild.We decided to save the smoores until tomorrow, our last night on the trail.After dinner Sam climbed back onto my lap as we watched the flames of the fire dance.It was rather mesmerizing.

The fire was dying out when Sam looked up to me and said, "I think we need to go to bed.I want to feel you and have you inside me.I like the way that feels." Who was I to argue?

So with that, I doused the fire making sure it was completely out.We secured our stuff and slipped in the tent.Naked, we embraced enjoying the feeling of our bodies against each other.Almost instantly my dick was rock hard in anticipation of having a little sex play with her.Sam told me to lie on my back and let her play.I did just as she asked.

Sam straddled me capturing my dick in her pussy slot.Her pussy lips seemed to kiss my shaft.I could feel her slit was slick with her juices.She put her hands on my chest to brace herself and stared to slide her pussy along my shaft.Each time she contacted her clit with my shaft, she let out a moan.Her eyes were closed and her tongue was just peeking out between her lips.She was concentrating on the good feelings that were generated by our contact.My dick was oozing pre cum as my excitement mounted.

Sam suddenly stopped.She opened her eyes and said, "Don't you dare cum until you're inside me.I want to feel you squirt in me again."

Softly I replied, "Anything you say, but if I tell you to stop, you'd better stop and let me calm down or when I cum, it will be your fault."With that she resumed rubbing herself on my shaft.I reached up and started to play with her nipples.A couple of times she bent down and let me suck and lick them.As her breathing became faster I could tell that she was getting near an orgasm.With one quick movement she tilted her pelvis and on the next stroke I slipped into her vagina.We let out a moan together as we both welcomed the coupling.God, she felt so tight, hot, and wet.Her vagina walls seemed to ripple gripping my shaft so tight.It seemed as though my senses could feel every fiber of her.I couldn't hold still and started to match her rhythm.

I told her she better stop for a minute.She did, but not long enough.On the very brink, I gasped that I was going to cum.All she said was, "Okay".I didn't realize how close she was to her orgasm.I could feel the tightening in my balls and my dick seemed to swell in anticipation of my orgasm. I squeezed and squeezed to stave off the inevitable.Sam was riding me faster and faster. A drop of her sweat hit my chest she was working so hard.

I reached between us and grabbed her clit between my thumb and forefinger.With that added attention her stroking became even faster.I could feel myself getting closer too as I struggled to hold off as long as possible.

Letting out a loud moan, I announced to the world, "I'm cummmmming!"

With that the first blast of my cum erupted from the end of my dick.God, it felt so good that I almost passed out!That blast seemed to send Sam over the top.She grunted then she emitted a gurgling sound as her full orgasm hit.Her body was shaking all over.I could feel her vagina contracting as her hungry pussy coaxed more of my cum from the end of my dick.Squirt after squirt erupted inside my little lover.She was small and I was filling her up.I could feel some of my cum leaking and running down my over my balls.Just as my climax drew to its end, Sam collapsed onto my chest.She was totally limp and spent.

I just held her in an embrace enjoying the afterglow of my own climax.I enjoyed waiting for her to come back to the land of the living.She felt so light lying on top of me.I think that was the most intense climax she has had thus far.I was so honored to be the one to provide it for her.I could feel her vagina still griping my slowly deflating dick.

It seemed like a long time before she moved.She kissed my chest then whispered, "Wow, that was nice.I saw brilliant white lights and shooting stars.I tingled all over.Then everything went black.What happened?"

I answered, "You had a really big orgasm and I think you may have fainted.I just held you in my arms until you came back to me.I'm glad you liked it."

"I'd like to do that again," Sam said, "but I'm too tired.Will you just hold me and we can go to sleep?"With that I kissed her, then rolled us to where we were on our sides facing each other.I cuddled her to me, enjoying the feeling of her body against mine.†† Her breath tickled my chest hair as we drifted off to sleep.The last conscious thought I had was that I loved this little girl.

The morning brought day 13.This would be our last full day and night on the trail.Tomorrow we'll arrive at the access where I had left my car.This trail adventure would be over.

I woke up with Sam still in my arms.Her warm body against mine was a nice feeling.It made me smile thinking how nice this was.It was only a few minutes and she started to stir.I leaned down and gave her a kiss on her forehead.She opened her eyes and gave me a big smile.She said:"This is a nice way to wake up.Let's just stay here in bed and cuddle all day.Okay?"

I didn't answer her right away but finally said, "As much as I'd like to spend the day here with you in my arms, we need to get up and get moving.We don't have provisions for an extra day.So we need to get up and get our day started."

That received a little groan from her before she said, "Okay".We emerged from the tent to a cool morning.I lit a fire before we headed into the woods to take care of nature's call.I went to the stream and washed my bottom and dick.The water was cold, but I needed to get rid of the dried cum.As I finished, Sam watched me.She was hesitant, but decided to do the same.When she was done she looked at me and said that she couldn't wait for a hot shower.I laughed and agreed with her.

We warmed ourselves by the fire and ate our breakfast.It was so peaceful here.I decided that someday I'd, no we'd, come back here and spend a couple of days.This spot was so special.When we finished we packed our gear and made sure all our trash was picked up.I doused the fire making sure all the coals were extinguished.One last look around assuring the area was as we found it; then we were off.Back at the main trail we resumed our course.It was turning out to be a beautiful day.This morningís section was mostly up hill.After lunch, according to the map, the trail would descend into a high valley.There would be a couple of possible campsites located there.From that point it would be only about a 5-hour hike to where I had left the car.

As we walked through the wooded areas, Sam dominated the conversation talking about nothing in particular.She kind of skipped along and seemed to enjoy the hiking.She had a constant happy smile on her face and her eyes seemed to sparkle.Yes, she was a happy little girl.

Nothing special happened during the walk that day.We passed two groups heading the opposite direction.We just exchanged pleasantries with them.Both groups seemed to just want to be on their way.I guessed that they had limited time and were on a tight schedule.We made it to the valley.It was just late afternoon, so we took our time selecting where we wanted to make camp.

We picked our spot and set our packs on the ground.Before we set up camp I pulled Sam in and gave her a big hug.I said, "Tonight will be our last night out here on the trail.I want this to be so special for you.I don't know what will happen when we get back to reality.I promise that I'll do what I can to make you my daughter.No matter what, you will be safe.That I promise you!Now as tonight is our last night.I want to make love to you.Not just have sex, but I want to make love to you and show you how much you now mean to me."

Sam didn't say anything; she just pulled my head down and gave me a kiss, right on the lips.I pulled her tighter into my body.Somehow Sam snaked her hand between us and pressed her hand into my crotch.I held her like that for a little while, and then it was time to set up camp.When we had everything set up, we proceeded to collect wood for a campfire.There were several tree stumps around a fire pit that we could use as seats.I was hoping that we'd be alone tonight.

For dinner I reconstituted beef stew.We ate that with pita bread.For dessert we finished off our smoores.When we were done and our dinner dishes taken care of, Sam came over to sit in my lap and watch the flames dance in the fire.She snuggled in to me and we both seemed to enjoy the secure feelings.Total darkness enveloped the sky before we realized it.

Sam looked up at me and asked, "When are you going to make love to me?"

"Are you ready?" I asked.


With that I carried her to the tent.I set her down and told her to get ready inside while I took care of the fire.When I returned and looked into the tent entrance Sam was naked lying on top of the open sleeping bag.She said, "Leave the lantern on, I want to watch what you do."

Inside I closed the flap and quickly shed my clothes.I knelt down beside her, looking at her little girl body I said, "You are so beautiful!I love you Samantha and I want to make you mine forever."I reached out with my hand and rubbed her chest encircling her little nipples.I watched them swell up as the stimulation had it effect on her body.I bent forward and place a light kiss on her forehead.I then moved to her cheeks, noise, eyelids, ears, neck, and finally her mouth.She opened her mouth and accepted my searching tongue.

She sucked on my tongue trying to get more and more of it into her mouth.She wrapped her arms around my neck keeping our contact.Her tongue pushed into my mouth.This little girl has become a great little kisser.My hand moved down her body across her belly to her pussy mound.I cupped her mons in my hand and moved in a slight circular motion.I dipped my finger into her groove and felt moisture.She was responding to my attentions.

I broke her grip around my neck and moved down her chest.I kissed and licked around her flat little breasts.First one, then the other.Finally, I sucked a nipple into my mouth.I flicked my tongue back and forth across the nipple.It seemed to get even larger standing as tall as it could.I moved to the other breast and repeated the ministrations.My dick was now at full attention.I was hard as a rock.

Continuing my plan of attack I moved lower and kissed her tummy.I dipped my tongue into her belly button.That elicited a giggle from her.She pushed my head down toward where she wanted me to give her attention. I worked my way down and kissed her pussy mound.I inhaled!I could smell her arousal.It was the most wonderful smell in the world.I gave the right lip a kiss, then the left.Finally, I kissed the slit were the two lips met.It was as though her pussy was kissing me back.God, I love this little girl!

I spread her legs so that I could move between them.I sat back on my haunches and looked at the spectacle before me.Her pussy was now open and I could see her vulva.Her inner lips looked like the pedals of a most delicate flower.She glistened with moisture.I could see the opening of her vagina where my dick was the first to enter.I looked down and could see some of my pre-cum leaking out in anticipation of entering that little hole.

I picked up her left leg and placed kisses on her ankle working my way up her leg.I took my time working my way up.When I reached the hollow where her leg meets her body I stopped and moved to her other leg.Again I started at her ankle and kissed my way up.I took my time, enjoying making love to her.When I again reached that hollow spot, I planted kisses in the hollow on both sides.I moved up and planted a kiss on the top of her mons.

I raised both legs and pressed them toward her chest.That raised her bottom and spread her open even more.I held her like that and marveled at how delicious she looked.I bent down and kissed both cheeks of her bottom.I moved in and licked her little rosebud.I could taste a faint hint of nuttiness where she missed just a trace as she wiped herself.I made a point of my tongue and pushed at her back opening.Her anus was unyielding.I moved to her perineum and kissed and licked there.That skin was so smooth as my tongue could taste some of her juices that had leaked from her vagina.

Sam had reached down and had grasped my hair trying to move me to her pussy.She was getting so excited and was having a hard time being still.I relented and allowed her to guide me.I made a broad lick from her anus up to her clitoris.I gathered in as much of her taste juice as I could get.It was ambrosia and I couldn't get enough.I stuck my tongue into her vagina as far as I could in an effort to get more of her juice.I moved to her clit and grasped it between my lips.It was so little, but was standing as tall as it could.I flicked my tongue across it once.Sam let out a big moan.Next I planted little kisses in the middle of her vulva.Her inner lips seemed like they were kissing me back.Again, I moved to her clit and took it between my lips.I worked on it with my tongue.That sent Sam over the top.She let out a low scream and started to shake all over.Her legs went straight and clamped around my head.I could taste more of her nectar as her climax continued.I slowed my licking and allowed her to finish her orgasm.

When she relaxed her grip on my head with her legs, I moved into position and placed my dick at the opening of her vagina.I moved my head up and down and back and forth spreading my pre-cum.

Sam opened her eyes.Looking at me she mouthed, "Yes, please!"

With that I slid my dick into that tight little hole between the legs of the girl I'd fallen in love with.Her vagina was so tight, hot and welcoming.I pushed all the way in.I could feel her cervix push back as my dick bottomed out deep in my little lover.I held still enjoying the feeling that was overwhelming me.Sam wrapped her legs around me and seemed to be trying to pull me even further inside her.I kissed her on the lips.She opened her mouth wanting my tongue inside her too.I pulled my dick out about an inch before sliding him back in.We repeated this shallow movement several times before I pulled almost all the way out of her.With just the head of my dick still inside, I reached down with one hand to find her clit.I stroked in again burying my dick as deeply as I could.I was getting close.I could feel a tightening in my balls.I tried to think of something else to prolong this experience.It wasn't working.I worked her clit trying to get her to come with me.

I couldn't take it any longer.I stroked hard and fast.My balls pulled up and I could feel my climax fast approaching.I worked her clit.Sam was moaning and moving her bottom faster.I could sense that she too was getting close.I let out a big "Oooooooohhh!" as my sperm erupted from the end of my dick into the tightest little pussy in the world.I pushed as far into her as I could.I could feel her vagina rhythmically squeezing my dick coaxing all the sperm from it that it could get.Two, three, four and five spurts were drawn from the end of my dick.I was spent.Oh, my God!That was fantastic!

I looked down at Sam's face.Her eyes were wide open, but were glassed over.She had a slight smile on her lips.Her eyes were unfocused and staring somewhere other than here.She was in a different world.As I watched her face, I could still feel her vagina working my dick even as it had started to soften.††† I stayed still, watching my little darling, waiting for her to come back to me from where ever she was.

I moved back and pulled out of her vagina.I planted a little kiss on her pussy mound.I looked and could see some of my sperm leaking from her vagina opening.I extended my tongue to taste the combined mixture of our juices.I liked the flavor that was created.I moved up alongside Sam and just held her.I don't remember how long it was before her eyes refocused and she looked at me kind of expressionless.She whispered, "Wow."

I agreed and pulled her into a more encircling embrace.I whispered to her,"Sweetie, this was my turn to see bright lights and shooting stars.That was the best fuck I've ever had.Honest!You are so special."

She said, "And that is why you need to keep me and make me your daughter.Then we can do that whenever we want."

I couldn't argue with that.I just kissed her on the forehead, cheeks and lips.There was nothing else to say.I pulled the sleeping bag over us, turned out the lamp and held my little darling close until sleep overtook us both.I think that was the most peaceful night's sleep I've had in a long, long time.

When morning came it was day 14 and the last day of my/our adventure.I awoke and could feel Sam's fingers around my soft dick.Apparently during the night she wanted to hold him and was still holding him when morning arrived.It wasn't long before Sam showed signs of waking up too.

Waking up she didn't let go of my dick.She continued to just hold him.I had to admit, it felt nice.Sam looked up at me, smiled, and in a very soft loving kind of voice said, "Good morning, Daddy!"

I answered, "And a good morning to you too, Daughter."That brought a huge smile to her face.She wrapped both arms around my neck and gave me a big wet kiss.I added, "That was so nice last night.Thank you!Now, we'd better get up and get our day started.We don't have too far to go, so we can take our time.But we do need to get moving. Okay?"

Sam answered, "Okay, daddy."

With that we rolled out of the sleeping bag and pulled on our clothes.By this time they sure needed to be washed.They almost stood by themselves.Not really, but they did need washing.We folded the tent and stowed our gear.We next ate a cold breakfast.The sun was warming the day and our last hours of the hike would be leisurely and enjoyable.We shouldered our pack and then hand in hand started down the trail.We passed an older couple.We talked for just a couple of minutes before continuing on our separate ways.

As we left I could hear the wife comment, "Isnít it nice to see a father doing something in nature with his daughter."Then they were out of hearing range.I smiled to myself.If only they knew.

A couple of hours later we arrived at the access point where I had left my car two weeks ago.We loaded our gear in the trunk and were ready to go.Sam looked at me and asked, "Daddy, can we go to McDonalds?I'd sure like a happy meal."

I said, "I think so, I'd like some fast food too."

So off we went.My hiking adventure was over for now.I'd walk this Appalachian Trail again, maybe trying another section next time.But I would also come back to enjoy the special campsite off the trail that was recommended to us.Now a new adventure in my life was about to begin as I would make Sam part of my life... Legally.


Let me know if you liked my story.I'd be please to hear from you... good or bad!There may be more to this story in the future.We'll see!

Thanks! JimGee



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