Part 1 - Rescued

By JimGee

(Mg, fondle, oral, 1st, cons)

While hiking along the Appalachain Trail, Jim rescues a lost orphaned girl who has escaped from a rather bad man. Days from civilation and having no other choice, Jim takes her along, sharing his limited food, tent and sleeping bag with her.

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I grew up in a family that loved the outdoors.  As a family we took many camping and hiking vacations.  That love of the outdoors carried through to my adult years.  I'm 26 years old and decided to hike a section of the Appalachian Trail.  I've done some research as to experience levels for the different sections of the trail.  I consider myself to be very advanced and in good shape, so I should have no trouble with any section I decide to hike.

Like I said I'm 26 years old.  I'm 6 foot tall, weigh 190 pounds with dark brown hair, blue eyes and consider myself physically fit.  I'm decent looking, but would never pass as a model.  I have the face that would just blend into a crowd.  For a career I am a teacher and I have taught 4th and 5th grades.   Being a teacher I have the summers off which allow me to spend as much time in the outdoors as I want. 

Well, this summer I selected a rather difficult section of the trail to hike.  I figured I'd be on the trail for about 2 weeks.  About midpoint there would be a place to restock supplies.  That way I could lighten my load when starting out.  I packed my equipment and double-checked everything to make sure I had what would be needed.  Other than the midpoint stop, there would be no running to a store if I forgot something.  Finally with all the arrangements made, I had a friend follow me to my end point.  There I left my car.  Then he drove me to the starting point.  With my car at the end, I could take additional time if I found something I wanted to explore further.  My time table was open ended this way. 

I said good-bye to my friend and headed to the access point.  I oriented my map to make sure everything was as I expected.  Then I was off!  The trail has some designated campsites along the way.  One can stop anywhere along the hike, but there are benefits to using the provided sites.  The first night I met up with another couple that was hiking in the opposite direction.  I enjoyed talking to them and learned some of what I could expect up ahead. 

Day 2 - The next morning we said goodbye and I was off on my own again.  At this point I was starting into a very remote area.  It was so quiet and peaceful.  I was lost in my thoughts and couldn't believe some the vistas that the trail offered at elevated locations. 

I stopped for lunch at an overlook and felt like I was on top of the world.  Day 2 of my hike was a little more difficult, but nothing I couldn't handle.  Starting tomorrow the trail would become even more difficult.  I was told to expect that the terrain would slow my pace.  Thus far I was enjoying this much more than I thought I would.

Day 3 started with the temperature a little cold in the morning.  However, the temperature started to rise as the sun ascended higher and higher.  I stopped for lunch and was resting when I heard a non-nature sound coming from just over a hill not too far from the trail.  I decided to investigate.  As I cautiously drew nearer, it sounded like crying.  What I discovered was a little girl sitting on a log.  Her head was in her hands and she was sobbing.  I looked around and saw no one else with her.  I made some noise as I walked toward her.  Startled, she jump up and was ready to run.  When she saw I wasn't an animal I could see her relax a little.

Stopping about 10 yards from her I asked, "Young lady, why are you out here all alone?  Are you lost?"

She hesitated then answered, "I'm lost.  I don't know where I am."

I asked, "What is your name?  How old are you?"

Slowly she answered, "Samantha, but everyone calls me, Sam.  I'm 9 years old."

I asked, "How long have you been out here alone?"

"We arrived yesterday," Sam began.  "Early this morning I ran away from the man that brought me here.  He was mean and hit me.  The first chance I had I ran and ran.  I hate him!  I never want to see him again."

I started to ask whom that man was, but started with this first.  I asked, "Where is your home?  I bet your parents are worried about sick you!"

Sam lowered her eyes. "I don't have a home anymore.  My parents were killed in a house fire.  I was sent to a foster home.  I hated it there.  It was crowded and not nice.  I was transferred to another home where there were only girls.  It was better there, but something was different and strange.  One day this man came.  The lady in charge had all us girls line up.  The man looked at us and he picked me.  I could see that the man gave the lady money.  She said that my file would say that my uncle picked me up.  That man grabbed my hand and we left.  Once in the car he hit me and told me that I better mind him.  I was scared and he had a mean look on his face.  I thought that he was going to do bad things to me.  The next day he drove up what he said was an old logging road.  We came to a place where started walking into the woods.   The first chance I had I ran away.  He chased me for a while but I was faster.  I ran and ran until I couldn't run any more.  That is when I realized I was lost."

I asked, "Do you have any food?  Are you hungry?

"I don't have anything," she rep;ied, "and, yes, I'm very hungry and scared."

"Well, Sam, you're safe now.  I won't let anything happen to you.  Here, let me get you something to eat." 

I pulled a couple of packets from my backpack.  When I gave them to her she wolfed them down.  After drinking some water, she smiled and said, "Thank you, Mister." 

I told her that it was a couple days walk before we could get more supplies.  We'd need to be careful how much we ate.  We needed to stretch out what I had, because I didn't plan for two people.

We started walking and to my surprise Sam took my hand.  I was a little worried as to how she was dressed.  It was not hiking clothes, nor were they warm enough for the temperatures at this altitude.  Nighttime will be really chilly up here.  I'd have to buy her some better things, if they had anything at the mid-point stop four days away.  Until then I might have something she could use.  Sleeping would be interesting.  I only have one sleeping bag and it gets cold at night up here in the mountains.  She will have to get in with me or she will be very cold.

We walked for a long time in silence.  Finally she looked up at me and said, "Thank you for helping me.  I was scared and didn't know what to do.  What is your name?"

"You're quite welcome, young lady," I said.  "Helping you is my pleasure.  My name is Jim."  She smiled at me and then just looked ahead.  I studied her.  She was maybe 4'6" tall.  Her build was a little on the chubby side, not fat, just a little heavy.  She had dark brown hair cut in a shaggy wedge, coal black eyes, cute round face with dimples when she smiled and a little upturned nose.  All in all she was a pretty little girl.  She wasn't a showstopper, but was very nice to look at. 

We walked and talked about nothing in particular.  I was surprised at how fast the time seemed to pass with her by my side.  Before I knew it, it was getting to be dinnertime.  We arrived at a rustic campsite.  Before we did anything we both set to collecting some firewood.  That would provide some warmth in the evening and allow for me to heat up our meal.  Sam seemed to have fun gathering twigs and small branches as I collected the bigger pieces.  It didn't take too long before we had enough so we would have a fire until bedtime.  The next thing I did was set up my little tent and unpack and arrange the sleeping bag.  The next order of business was to refill my water bottles for tomorrow’s leg of the hike.  Finally it was time to eat.  I offered Sam two choices.  She wasn't too enthused about either, but chose the beef stew.  Before long we were eating. Despite her reservations, she seemed to like how it tasted as she had cleaned her plate.

When we were done she told me she had to go to the bathroom.  I told her to just go into the weeds and squat.  She replied, "It isn't tinkle, I need to poop." 

"Oh, in that case, follow me."  I took some toilet paper and my shovel and led her into the woods a little way.  I showed her how to dig a little slit trench.  I gave her the paper and instructed, "Ok, now you just drop you pants, squat over the trench.  Do your business.  Then fill in the trench.  It's that simple."  With the instructions given, I headed back to the campsite giving her a little privacy.  She seemed relieved that I left her alone.

When she returned to camp I asked her if everything went okay.  She blushed a little and said, "Yes, I feel a lot better now.  Thank you for everything today and thank you for taking care of me." 

I answered, "Sam, I don't know what that man had in mind bringing you out here.  I'm glad that you got away from him and that I found you.  You're safe now, so you can relax and try and enjoy the hike."

We sat around the fire as the night darkness closed in on us.  I told her that it was probably time for us to get some sleep.  I went to the brook and started to clean myself up.  I washed my face, brushed my teeth.  And did a little more washing of my body parts.  Sam just kind of watched me and didn't say a word.  When I was done I told her that she needed to wash up too.  I told her, "I don't have an extra tooth brush.  I know it's weird, but you can use mine.  I'm sure you don't have any bad germs and you need to clean your teeth.  I won't watch you wash up.  I promise.  You need to clean yourself."

With that I turned away while Sam washed herself.  I'm not too sure what all she did, but I did see that she used soap.  She said it was funny to use my toothbrush, but her mouth felt clean now.  We retired into the tent.  I closed the flap and started to undress.  I told her that she needed to strip down to her panties before crawling into the sleeping bag with me.  I left my boxers on and slid into the bag. 

Sam just looked at me.  She said, "I don't want to get in there with you almost naked."

"Well, It is up to you, but it is going to get pretty cold tonight.  If you insist to stay outside the bag, you can use my jacket to try and stay warm."  She seemed relieved that I wasn't going to make her undress and get into the bag with me.  I said good night and turned off the flashlight.  I don't think it took me too long to fall asleep.  It had been a long and eventful day. 

Sometime during the night Sam shook my shoulder.  "Mr. Jim, are you awake?  Mr. Jim!"  Groggily I said that I was awake. "I'm freezing, can I get in there with you?" 

I asked, "Are you sure?" 

"Yes, I'm so cold," she said through chattering teeth. 

"Okay, take off everything except your panties and crawl in here with me." 

In a flash I felt her sliding in next to me.  I zipped up the sleeping bag and could feel her cold body up against me.  She was shivering.  As I wrapped my arms around her pulling her to my body I asked, "Sam, why did you wait so long?  You should have done this earlier.  You're shaking all over."

"I didn't believe you and I thought you were going to do bad things to me." 

I told her, "Sweetie, I told you, you are safe with me.  Now let's get some sleep.  The morning will come soon enough." 

It wasn't too long Sam stopped shivering and I could feel her relax.  Her breathing slowed and soon she was asleep.  She had a big stressful day and she was tired.  I gave her an extra hug and drifted off to sleep myself.

Morning light came and the sounds of nature flooded in from outside.  I found that to be the best kind of alarm clock.  I realized I was not alone in my sleeping bag and remembered Sam.  I was a bit concerned as I had my morning hard-on and it had somehow found its way wedged between her legs against the crotch of her panties.  I didn't quite know what to do, so I just lay still.  Sam was still asleep, so I carefully reached down and gently lifted her leg so that I could pull my dick from between her legs.  I sure didn't want to scare her.  Once that was accomplished I tried to wait, but nature said I needed relief now.  I stirred and started to slide out of the bag. 

My movement woke Sam up.  She asked, "Where are you going?" 

"I need to go to the bathroom," I answered.  "I have to pee real bad.  Somewhere there is a tree that needs watering."  That brought a cute little giggle from her. 

She said, "Me too!"

So with that day 4 started.  We dressed and I gave her my little jacket to wear, as it was still chilly.  We went separate ways to relieve ourselves.  That accomplished, I set about making a little fire so we could have some breakfast.  What we ate wasn't fancy, but did chase the hunger away.  It wasn't too long before the campsite was as we found it.  I made sure the fire was extinguished properly before we started on the trail. 

I enjoyed the walk that day chatting with Sam and getting to know her.  She turned out to be a delightful little girl.  It is so sad that she lost her parents.  I felt real compassion toward her.  The day was filled with walking and exploring.  I tried to answer her questions and explain as much about the trail as I could remember from my research.  We covered a good distance and made it to my planned campsite about 30 minutes before sunset.  We quickly set up camp and gathered wood for our campfire.  We both were tired and after we ate we just enjoyed sitting around the fire.  I was a little surprised when Sam sat next to me and pulled my arm around her shoulders.  I pulled her up tight against me and we just watched the flames dance.  It was a nice evening.

We washed up and brushed our teeth and secured the campsite.  We turned in for the night.  There was no hesitation on her part this time getting into the sleeping bag with me.  She kind of snuggled up next to me and before long she was asleep.  I just held her close and enjoying the warmth of her body next to mine as I drifted off to sleep.  Sometime during the night I woke up as I thought I heard something outside.  I laid awake for a while listening, but there was only quiet.  I must have been dreaming. 

As I was listening, Sam moved and turned a little.  Her hand somehow came to rest on my dick.  Oh my!  Her contact started my dick to harden.  As much as I tried, I couldn't will it down.  It grew to full attention.  Thankfully he was still inside my boxers.  She didn't move her hand, it just lay on top of me.  Up until that point in time I had not had any sexy thoughts toward Sam.  I must admit that her hand felt nice setting on me.  After a little while my dick returned to its flaccid state and I drifted off to sleep again.

When I awoke in the morning of day 5 I was quite shocked to find Sam's fingers curled around and holding my dick.  He was still inside of my boxers and Sam had her hand around him.  Once again my dick sprang to life and in no time at all I was fully hard.  Sam's breathing was slow and paced as she was obviously still asleep.  I wasn't too sure what I should do about this.  I just pulled her close in for an embrace and just lay still.  The morning sounds were getting louder outside so I decided to just wait until she woke up and see what her reaction would be. 

It may have been 10 or 15 minutes before I detected signs that Sam was waking up.  She didn't move her hand as she looked up at me and smiled.  She said,  "Good morning." 

"And good morning to you young lady."  It was about that time that she realized where her hand was and what she was holding.  She froze and just looked at me.  I didn't do or say anything.  I just waited to see what would happen next.  I was surprised when she gave my dick a gentle squeeze, and then let him go.  She brought her hand up to my chest and just cuddled into me.  She felt so nice like that.  Maybe I just imagined that she gave him a squeeze. 

After a few minutes I said, "I think it is time that we get up and get our day started.  I need to pee."  I made no mention of the fact that she had held my dick. 

"Okay," she said and we slid out of the sleeping bag.  She looked at me kind of funny and her eyes fell to see my dick now sticking out of the fly.  She had a slight smile on her face as she turned away and started to get dressed.  I wondered to myself what that was all about?

On this day 5, we had a very enjoyable hike on this section of the trail.  Some of the vistas were spectacular.  We had lunch perched on an overhang that had a view that seemed to go on forever.  About mid-afternoon we came to a fork in the trail.  I checked the map and saw that one direction led down to where there was a stream fed pond.  The other direction was the continuation of the Appalachian Trail. 

I said to Sam, "I don't know about you, but I need a bath.  This pond will give me an opportunity to get clean all over.  I'll also wash out our underwear.   I don't know about yours, but mine need washing.  It is up to you if you want to get in the water or not, but I think you'd feel better if you washed.  Maybe even smell better."  I laughed and she gave me a pout look.

When we arrived at the pond I was pleasantly surprised to find it bigger than I expected and it provided a nice spot to camp for the night.  Sam agreed that this would be a nice place to spend some time.  So with that we set up camp.  With the tent up and our gear secured it was time for a swim.  I asked Sam if she wanted to go first or wait until I was done.  I promised I wouldn't look.  She said that I should go first. 

At the edge of the pond I striped down and waded into the pond.  It had a very gradual drop-off.  When I got waist deep I told Sam she could look.  When I turned around she was already looking.  She had never turned around.  I just said, "You little stinker.  You peeked!"  She just laughed.

I turned and started washing.  It was only a minute or two until I heard splashing.  I looked and Sam had shed her clothes and was wading out to me.  I must have had a shocked look on my face because she said, "What?  I saw your thing this morning.  It's no big deal now.  Besides, I don't have any boobies, so it's no big deal for you to see me." 

Oh, how wrong she was!  My dick immediately sprang to full attention as I looked at her little slit.  I only had a quick view before her pussy slipped under the water.  The water was cold and the chill had an effect on her nipples because they were standing as tall as they could.  Sam just smiled as I looked at her.  She asked:  "Want me to wash your back?  Then you can wash mine.  It's easier that way."  With that I handed her the soap and turned around.  She started to rub the bar over my back.  I had to admit what she was doing felt good.  I was shocked when her hands slid under the water and she washed my butt.  Another shock was when her fingers slid between my buns.  She giggled saying, "Need to clean there too!"  This was my turn to blush.

Another surprise was when she moved around me and started to wash my chest.  I was like a statue and just let her wash me.  Another surprise was when she dropped her hands down and grabbed my dick.  "Oooooh, it's really big," she said in mock surprise.  For some reason I let her pull me back into shallower water.  A few steps and the water level was mid thigh giving her clear view of my fully erect dick.  Sam just held him with one hand and cupped my balls with the other.  She exclaimed, "Wow!  This feels really nice.  One of the girls at the home told me how it was hard and soft at the same time.  She was right."

Sam bent down and took a closer look turning my dick one way then another.  Finally my spell was broken and said, "Sam, honey, you shouldn't be doing that.  It isn't right.  I'm old and you're young.  I could get into a lot of trouble and go to jail."  

Sam replied rather emphatically, "We're out in the middle of nowhere!  Who is going to know?  I'm sure not going to tell anybody."  With that said she bent down and kissed the tip of my dick before releasing him.  I noticed that the water level was now such that I could see her butt and pussy too. 

With that Sam turned around and said, "Now wash my back, please."  She turned and smiled.  "And don't forget to wash my butt and kitty.  They need to be clean too!"  I started to protest but stopped.  I took the soap and lathered up her back.  I didn't forget her butt.  There was no hesitation as she spread her legs a little to give me better access.  She then turned around for me to do her front.  Her legs were still spread indicating that she was granting me full access.  As I washed her chest I paid particular attention to her nipples.  She really didn't have any tits, but her nipples were sensitive as indicated by the moans when I pinched and tweaked them. 

I worked my way down her body and got a giggle out of her when I stuck my finger in her belly button.  Her giggle made me smile.  When I bent down and blew raspberries on her tummy she let out a big belly laugh.  Once calmed down she said, "Now stop that!  We're supposed to be getting clean here.  Now get back to work."  Following her instruction, I lathered up my hands and reached for her pussy.  One hand attacked from the front while the other reached around behind and attacked from the rear.  Sam let out a big "Oooooohhhhh!" as I slid my fingers through the folds of her little pussy.  I had her lower herself so that I could rinse all the soap away.  I couldn't resist and probed her hole just a little.  She got a strange look on her face and put her arms around my neck.  She said her knees turned to jelly.

I thought that was enough washing and said, "The water's cold.  We're both turning a little blue.  We need to get out and dry off."  That said we both headed to shore.  Neither of us tried to cover our private parts.  I guess we felt that there was no need for that now.  I took the one towel we had and dried her first.  Then with the damp towel I dried myself.  I went back to the water's edge and washed out our underwear.  They would dry by the fire, hopefully before we turned in.  If not then, for sure they’d be dry by morning.

When we had the campfire going I set about making us something to eat.  We both needed a hot meal.  I was able to hydrate some beef stew.  The only thing I had for bread was a couple of tortillas.  We must have both been hungry because in no time at all our plates were clean.  I checked our provisions and knew that we needed to get to the mid-point stop and re-supply.  I now wished I had brought extra, but who knew I'd pick up a lost little girl?

When we turned in for the night, the sky decided that the forest needed some watering.  There was a light drizzle that fell until about midnight.  It was nice lying inside the tent listening to the raindrops hitting the nylon top cover.  I was sure glad that we were inside and dry.  I turned out the light and both Sam and I slid into the sleeping bag.  Sam slid back into me and pulled my arm over her and pushed my hand down to her pussy.  I was surprised that she didn't have her panties on.  I asked her why she wasn't wearing them.  She answered, "You've seen me naked, I don't need them now.  You should take your boxers off too.  You will be more comfortable."  I didn't move but gently massaged her mons.  Sam rolled onto her back and spread her legs a little allowing me complete access to her kitty.  As my finger slid through her slit she purred, "Jim, my kitty likes it when you rub her.  It makes my tummy feel funny.  I like it!"

As I was fingering Sam, she slid her hand inside my boxers and wrapped her fingers around my dick.  I was rock hard and her hand sent electric sparks through my body.  It felt so good.  We lay there fondling each other for a while when she declared, "Jim, there's something coming out of the end of your thing.  Is that pee?" 

I answered, "No that is called pre-cum.  It is a lubricant that is to mix with the girl's lubricant.  Together they make it real slippery so that the penis will go inside the girl’s vagina.  That is how a baby is made.  Didn't you learn about that?"

She answered, "Kind of, I guess.  Mom and Dad explained a little, but I didn't understand what all they were telling me.  Where does it go inside me?" 

I answered, "Here feel this."  I took my finger and pressed at the entrance to her vagina.  "Feel that?  That is where a penis enters the girl’s vagina.  The penis goes in there and when it gets excited enough, the sperm shoots out the end and into the girl.  If it’s the right time and they are lucky, the sperm will meet with an egg and they will make a baby."

Sqeezing my hard dick Sam said, "I don't see how this will go inside me.  It's so big."

I answered, "Well, I don't know if it would fit inside of you.  You're pretty small and have a lot of growing yet to do.  A girl or woman's vagina will stretch to accommodate a boy's penis.  It hurts the first time it enters because it needs to be stretched.  If her hymen is still there she will probably bleed a little the first time.  But after that, there should be no pain.  It is important to just take it slow the first time." I took my finger and poked it inside her vagina, just a little.  "Remember, from this seemingly little hole in your bottom, a baby will come out.  So it will stretch more than you think."

Sam squirmed a little and said, "Put your finger in me a little more.  Nobody has touched me there before.  It feels funny."  I pushed in a little and she flinched saying, "Ouch.  That hurt." 

"That is your hymen," I explained.  "You're still a virgin and that little piece of skin protects your hole.  When I pushed on it you felt the some pain.  It needs to be broken before my finger or a penis can go in you.  To lessen the pain, a girl needs to have love made to her so she is aroused and produces the lubricant we talked about."  With that said, I just rubbed her little pussy while she just held my dick in her hand.

When I awoke the next morning, day 6, Sam was still holding my dick in her hand.  I took her hand, removed it, and just watched her sleep.  She looked so peaceful.  I smiled to myself realizing that I liked having her around.  She was fun and she seemed to like me.  Then I thought about what we had done the night before.  I knew what I had done with her was wrong and I felt uncomfortable about it.  I must have had a worried look on my face when Sam woke up and looked at me.  She had concern in her voice when she asked:  "What's the matter?  Are you okay?"

I looked down at her and relied, "I was just thinking about what we did last night.  It was wrong and society would send me to jail for touching you the way I did if they found out.  We can't do that anymore!"

"Well, I liked what we did last night," Sam rejoined. "I don't see what was wrong with it.  You didn't make me do anything and I won't tell anyone.  I promise!  Please don't feel bad about us.  I like you."  She gave me a big hug pressing her naked body up against me.  Then she announced that she needed to pee.  So we started day 6 of my planned hike.  Tomorrow we should be at the midpoint re-supply point.

This portion of the trail led down and seemed to be easier.  Time passed with Sam and I walking holding hands.  It seems that she had attached herself to me.  She has this look about her when she looks at me.  I don't know how to quite describe it.  Then I remembered, this morning she said she liked me.  I'm not too sure where this was going to lead.  What would happen at the end of the trail?  Where would she go and what would happen to her?  I decided not to think about that and just enjoy her company and the hike.

We passed another couple of hikers on the trail heading in the opposite direction.  They told me that ahead was a very nice campsite.  It would only be about 4 hours from there to the location where we could get off the trail and get some supplies.  I was pleased to hear that, as our supply of food was quite low.  I hadn't packed for two.

When we arrived at the campsite we discovered that there was a sheltered picnic table area.  We could sit on benches to eat our meal.  We pitched our tent not too far away where we found a level spot.  There was a fire pit and some firewood that someone else had gathered.  I made a fire and we sat and talked a little.  I asked her, "Sam, do you want me to call someone in authority when we get to the store tomorrow?  Someone may be looking for you.  They might think you were kidnapped.  I don't want either you or me to get in trouble.  Heck, I don't even know if you really want to be out here with me.  Maybe you would be happier back in a foster home where it would be more comfortable."

Sam gave me a funny look.  "I like being here with you.  I feel safe and you're protecting and taking care of me.  I don't think anyone is looking for me.  That bad man bought me and I don't think he had plans to keep me.  I don't know what would have happened to me with him.  I'm enjoying myself with you and want to keep hiking with you.  It's fun... I'm hungry, can we eat now?"

While we ate, Sam and I discussed what we would buy the next day at the store.  I hoped that it was stocked well enough so I could get her some better clothing.  I told Sam that she would have to carry some stuff in a backpack I'd buy for her.  We had another week of hiking before we arrived where my car was waiting.  I couldn't help but wonder in the back of my mind what would happen when this hike was over.  Until then I'd just enjoy the hike and Sam's company.

When it was bedtime, Sam stripped naked and slid into the sleeping bag.  I asked her, "Aren't you going to wear your panties?" 

"No, I like being naked.  Besides you've already seen me naked and I've seen you naked.  Come on!  Get undressed and climb in."

I turned off the flashlight and Sam cuddled into me.  It wasn't too long until we both drifted off to sleep.  At some point during the night she turned and we were facing each other.  I must have been having an erotic dream, as my dick was rock hard.  This beautiful woman was jacking me off.  I was getting more and more excited.  I opened my eyes and was shocked to see in the filtered moonlight that it was Sam who was playing with my dick.  I pretended to be asleep and watched her, trying not letting her know that I was awake.  I could sense that I was getting closer to an orgasm.  I didn't know if I should wake up and admonish her, warn her, or just let it happen.  As I was trying to decide my dick decided for me.  I shot my first spurt and it landed on her belly.  The next spurt was on her hand and up her arm.  Two more spurts were on her hand.  Then I was done and my dick started to soften.

Through eye-slits I watched her reaction.  She brought her hand up to her face and smelled my cum.  Then to my surprise she stuck out her tongue and licked some giving it a taste.  She drew her tongue into her mouth and swished my sperm around.  She must have decided that it tasted okay, because she licked more off her hand.  I then watched as she reached out and grabbed her panties.  She used them to clean up the remaining sperm.  Finally, she leaned up and kissed my chest, rolled over and was soon asleep.

I couldn't believe what just happened.  The little darling jacked me off, ate my cum and seemed to like it.  I smiled!  She had used me, not that I really minded.  I decided to wait and see what the morning would bring.

Day 7 started with a beautiful sunrise.  I could hear the birds chirping outside.  I was just lying there when Sam stirred.  She looked up at me and said, "Good Morning.  We get to go shopping today, huh!" 

I answered, "Yes, we do.  If anyone asks; you lost your backpack and you are my daughter, remember?" 

"Yes, I remember," she said.

I asked her, "Did you sleep well?"

"Oh yes!  I had great dreams," she declared. "I'm hungry.  Let's get up."   With that she got up, pulled on her panties (yes, the ones with my cum on them) and finished dressing in a flash. 

Dressed, she smiled at me as she headed out of the tent.  I followed suit and it wasn't too long before we were packed up, had a quick breakfast, and were ready to go.  It's amazing how fast a girl can move when there is the prospect of shopping just down the path.  I guess it's a female thing!

We arrived at the small store just before noon.  They had a little diner inside where we enjoyed a good hot meal including a sundae for desert.  That sure brought a smile to Sam's face.  We went through the store selecting what we would need to complete the hike.  The storeowner didn't seem concerned about any of the items we bought.  I guess it isn't unusual to buy clothing and such.  People just don't always know what they'll need on the trail.  Sam selected pants, sweatshirt and a backpack more to her size.  I paid using my credit card.  The amount was way more than I thought it should have been, but there was no alternative if you wanted the stuff.

With everything packed, we were ready to start the next segment.  The shop owner answered some questions about the next leg of our trek.  It would be more rugged and the trail had a lot of ups and downs.  We should expect the going to be slower than the previous weeks hike.  About 1:30 we were back on the trail better prepared for our adventure.  Sam sure seemed pleased with what I bought for her.  She didn't complain about carrying her pack either.  For the next two hours the trail was a steady climb.  We went higher and higher and the views became more and more spectacular.

We walked until the sun was getting low on the horizon.  We selected a campsite and stopped for the night.  After we set up and secured our gear we sat down to rest.  I made dinner and we just sat and talked while we ate.  When we were done we cleaned up and just sat and relaxed until it was time to turn in.  All in all it was a good day.  Sam's being with me at the store didn't raise any questions.  I scanned a newspaper and didn't find anything about a missing girl.  I couldn't help but wonder in the back of my mind what that bastard had in store for Sam.  I smiled to myself; she was safe now!

Sam was the first inside the tent and she was naked in a flash.  I asked, "No panties?" 

She smiled and answered, "Nope!" as she slid into the sleeping bag. 

She watched as I undressed.  Naked, I slid into the bag along side of her.  I turned out the light and was immediately hugged by the naked little sweetheart.  Sam said, "Thank you for everything.  You're my hero.  My knight in shinning armor."  With that she gave me a kiss on the lips. 

"Sam, you are more than welcome.  I'm glad I was there for you.  You're safe now."  I kissed the top of her head as she hugged my chest.  I felt a little hand slide down and come to rest on my dick.  She didn't do anything, but just held it.  As much as I didn't want him to, he started to grow under her touch.  I didn't do anything I just lay there waiting to see what she would do next.  I was surprised when I heard her breathing slow and her body relaxed.  She was asleep leaving me with a hard-on.  I started to think about tomorrow's hike and soon my dick was soft and I too drifted off to sleep.

Sometime during the night we moved into a spooning position and she was pressed back into me.  I was awakened when I felt movement against me.  I pretended to be asleep, as I wanted to see what Sam was up to this time.  She reached behind her to rub my dick.  As expected he rose to the occasion and was erect in no time at all. 

Lifting one of her legs, she pulled my dick between them and pushed it up against her pussy.  She lowered her leg trapping my dick in her pussy slot.  She then used her hand to rub the head of my dick against her little clit.  As she got excited, she became wetter and wetter.  She started to move her hips back and forth sliding me in her grove.  A couple of times she changed the angle of her hips and I could feel the tip of my dick at the entrance to her vagina.  She applied a little pressure, but did not force it.  Then she would go back to sliding my dick through her groove.  Again she moved my dick head to the entrance of her virgin vagina.  She pushed harder this time and I could feel her labia relax a little and I felt me starting to slide into her tight little hole.  When she felt pressure against her hymen she froze.  I wasn't too sure what she was going to do.  With my dick partially inside her, she jacked my shaft and It wasn't too long before I climaxed, spewing my cum into her and against her hymen.  At that point I let her know that I was awake. 

I decided it was best to act like I was the one at fault.  I told her how sorry I was that I must have been having a sexy dream and used her in my dream.  I said I'm sorry over and over again.  All this time my dick was still between her legs.  Her little crotch was a mess with my sperm.  Finally Sam said, "Jim, it's okay.  This is nice and you shouldn't feel guilty.  I kind of liked it."  With that she snuggled her butt back into me with my dick still between her legs. "Lets go back to sleep," she declared.  "We can clean up in the morning.  Good night!"  That was all that was said.  So with my dick somewhat flaccid still between her legs and against her vaginal opening, we went back to sleep.

When we awoke in the morning I was still between her legs.  My sperm had acted as a binder.  We were stuck together.  When Sam realized that we were kind of glued together she kind of mocked me and said, "Now look what you have done.  We're going to have to hike like this all day."  She started to laugh.  It was contagious because I started to laugh too. 

When we calmed down she said, "We need to get up, I have to pee." 

"Me too!" I replied.

So we carefully and gently managed to unstick ourselves.  We threw on some clothes and headed out to take care of nature's call.  I was surprised when she followed me a short distance into the woods to where I was peeing.  She dropped her pants, squatted, and peed right there with me.  I guess after what happened last night, modesty was no longer necessary between us.

THE END of Part 1

To be continued in Part 2...




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