The Girl Next Door

Part 2

By E.A. Grant

(Fg, bg, Mg, blackmail, Fdom, ped, exhib, voy, reluc, oral, anal)

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Kathy had no idea what to do with this new information. If Pam was the lady that had been writing such sexy letters to her on the ‘Cyber Play’ site, and she clearly was, shouldn’t she say something?  She decided no not yet. Pam could have told her she was the one that had been talking to Kathy, but she hadn’t. Kathy decided to wait while she thought about it.

Kathy hadn’t been honest with Pam anyway. When she talked to her as a much older “Sara” on the net, she had said she and her older sister had only kissed. The truth was, she was very experienced in cunt sucking.  Back when she was nine her sister had caught Kathy and her best friend in Kathy’s mother’s room looking at Polaroid’s of her mother, father and a second man all fucking each other. To keep from telling on her, Kathy had agreed to finger her sister to a climax whenever she asked. Fingering had turned into fingering her sister’s ass and sucking her to multiple climax’ over the last two years. Actually she very much like it and her sister had also often sucked her off as well.  Now she would see what Pam had in mind for her.

Pam bent over bracing herself with her arms on the bed and waited for Kathy to touch her shapely bare ass. Pam moved her ass in small circles waiting for Kathy. “Please love, kiss it now.  I so want to feel your tongue on me.”

Kathy didn’t say anything, she just walked in close to the edge of the bed and looked at Pam’s smooth round ass. She could see Pam’s closed pussy lips and saw the slit was wet with dew-like droplets of pussy juice. She is really ready thought Kathy. Her little hands separated Pam’s ass cheeks and she stared at Pam’s dark tightly closed back hole. Kathy could feel her own juice begin to run down her leg.  She was oh, so ready to “do” Pam’s ass, but she had to act new to all of this and not let Pam know about her experience.

 “I’m not sure what to do Pam; I’ll just do stuff and see if you like it. I love the way your dark hole looks with your sex hole just below it. It looks like there is some pee on it… but I don’t mind.”  She bent forward and gave a tentative lap near the hole. She could smell Pam’s sweat mixed with the sex smell of her cunt. Out came the tongue a second time… this time she brushed Pam’s dark hole.

Pam’s hole seemed to tighten when Kathy’s small, pink tongue touched it. Pam moaned and Kathy began to lap it in long, slow strokes, almost it seemed, like she was carefully painting the crack from Pam’s pussy then up to the top of the crack with her saliva. Up and down the little girl’s head went slowly while her small tongue sent shivers over Pam’s body.  Kathy did it several times before she pushed two wet fingers up Pam’s ass hole. She fucked the hole with her fingers a few times then added two fingers from the other hand. Slowly she spread Pam’s hole open just a bit with her fingers, then pushed the tip of her tongue into the open hole as she withdrew her fingers.

“Oh, God Kathy,” Pam moaned as if in pain, “Where did you learn to do that? I love it baby... Keep tongue fucking my ass hole as long as you can, Baby. I love it… ohhhhhh my god!”  Pam reached back and spread her ass cheeks as far apart as she could to encourage Kathy to push her tongue, as short as it was, just a little deeper into her brown tunnel. She wiggled a bit and pushed back into Kathy’s face hoping to extend the great asshole tongue fuck just a bit longer and deeper. Pam’s face relaxed enjoying the smooth electric feeling in her ass, “Mummm, Oh you marvelous little eleven year old slut… You really know what you’re doing, dear.  Obviously this isn’t your first rodeo. Mummmm oh-oooh oooh.”

Kathy started to finger Pam’s pussy, first playing with her clit, but Pam’s surprised her by stopping her.

“Come sweetie, let’s get you on the bed. We have to take our time, or I’ll be finished before you even get started.

Kathy let her fingers slide out of Pam’s cunt and stopped tonguing her ass. “I’m glad you liked that.  I like to do it,” the young girl said.   Smiling demurely, Kathy crawled into the middle of the large bed and lay on her back.  She watched Pam lie down next to her and couldn’t believe how incredible excited she had become. Whether it was the sexually charged atmosphere, Pam’s light perfume or just carnal need, she knew she was ready, her cunt was tingling. Her sister could get her very excited, but not like this.

Lying next to Kathy supporting herself with her arm Pam bent down and kissed the small hot lips of her lover.  She ran her tongue over Kathy’s lips moistening and tasting them.  Pam’s hand rubbed Kathy’s almost tits, pulling on the nipples in a deliberate attempt to get the girl sexually excited. When she moved her hand down to her hairless pussy, she realized she should not have worried. The little girl was a virtual flowing fountain of cunt juice. She immediately slid one and then two fingers deep into her.

“You are a horny little bitch, Kathy. I can see and feel that you really like this. .  I really like being with you, you are such a delicious little cunt.  I think I’ll keep you, keep you as my little fuck toy.  Would you like being my fuck toy, sweetie?”

“Oh, Pam I want you too.  I want to be your fuck toy.  Ohhhh, please keep doing that to my pee hole please.”  Kathy really didn’t know what to do to please Pam.  She could feel Pam’s tits sliding over her side and chest as Pam moved.  She spread her legs open as far as she could and lifted her hips some so that Pam could get her fingers deep into her.  “That feels so, so good.”

Kathy began pushing her hips up and into Pam’s fingers.  Faster and faster she moved fucking Pam’s fingers.  Without warning, Pam withdrew her fingers and got down between Kathy’s thighs. Her tongue dove into the hot wet little girl hole drinking in ounces of little girl cunt juice.  Two fingers of her right hand pushed quickly without restriction into Kathy’s ass. Her tongue’s rapid fire licks at Kathy’s clit had the anticipated effect.

Kathy came off with a loud scream while she held Pam’s head against her pussy, her fingers locked in Pam’s hair, her hips rocking violently.  Then Kathy collapsed in a near faint, her arms loose at her sides while she drew in air and tried to quiet her heart. Sweat ran off Kathy in streams… she glistened from head to toe, her tongue moistening desert dry lips, her belly rising and falling with each deep breath.

Pam had slowed down as well but continued to slowly suck, lap and tongue Kathy’s hot cunt.  She had been barley able to keep up with the silvery flow of juice when Kathy had cum but she had managed and she loved the delicate sweet taste and feel of the young girl’s cunt.  Pam too had climaxed by using a finger on her own clit. When she realized how she was turning Kathy on, she had started fingering herself and hearing Kathy climax had sent her over the edge too.  Even afterward, she could still feel the electric thrill. God damn, but this little bitch had her going.  Tomorrow she would show her a lot more.

For now however, she would have to get Kathy home. She had promised Kathy’s mother she would be early and didn’t want to ruin a perfect situation.  She would have to be careful not to create any suspicion with the unwitting mother.       




Pam was pleasantly surprised to see Katy’s name light up as “ON NOW” in the cyber group.  She looked forward to seeing if she would talk about what they had been up to.       

Dolly: <“Hi, how are you tonight sweet heart? I’m so glad you are on…Are you busy?  I am so hot, I need you to suck my tits again little slut.>

Kathy was thrilled to see her friend was on the site already. Of course Pan didn’t know that Kathy had discovered who she was, so the conversation should be fun.

Sara: <Hi Dolly!  Boy,  you wouldn’t believe what happened to me today when I was supposed to be baby-sitting.  The lady, I won’t tell you her name, made love to me. I really liked it and I think we are going to do it again.>

Pam couldn’t believe her good luck. The little slut was going to tell her about their time together. Then a plan began to form in Pam’s mind to expand the entire, “Kathy, the girl slut story.”  ‘This is just too good.’ she thought.

Dolly: <Oh dear, this sounds exciting. What did she do?  Did you like it?>

Pam kicked off her slippers un-tied her robe and began to finger her already sore cunt.

Sara: <Oh yes! I loved it!  You wouldn’t believe how nice she was and how I had the greatest climax ever. I bet you would have liked being there. Anyway this is how it happened.>

Kathy went on to describe in detail all the action between her and Pam the last couple of hours.  Pam was pleased that Kathy was so ‘into’ the whole thing.  But how into it was she? Pam decided to test her. When Kathy finished, she was seemingly out of breath, she had made many typing errors evidently because she was so anxious to tell her tale.

Dolly: <My, my you do seem to be excited Sara… I don’t blame you at all. I can tell you really like sex. I’m sure you’re going to be a good lover when you get older and have more experience.   Experience is really important.>

<Do you ever think about men, Sara? About fucking and sucking them? I bet you do… tell me the truth. You and your sister must look at nude men in magazines and talk about them, don’t you?> 

 Pam could see her plan coming together with the horny little slut just following along perfectly. Pam smiled and continued to finger herself while she waited for a reply from Kathy. For her part Kathy wondered what Pam had in mind. She seemed to be leading her somewhere. Truthfully she couldn’t wait to find out where. 

Sara: <Well… this is the truth, so I hope I can trust you.  We have a magazine with men and my sister and I sometimes look at it and pretend one of us is a man and do it to the other with a vibrator of my sister’s.  That is fun…lots of fun. Men have big things….don’t they?”

Dolly: <Yes, they do have big cocks, honey.  You should use big girl words like cock and pussy or cunt. But yes, they are big, at least some of them are. You never saw your Daddy?  Or some boy?>  

Sara: <No never… I wish I did.> 

Dolly:  <Would you like me to tell you how you can see a cock?> 

Sara: <Sure I would…how? >  

Dolly: <Well, it is really simple and you can get some practice too.  You said you baby sat for a boy didn’t you?>  

Sara: <Yes.  He’s eight years old.  His name is Tommy.  Why?>

Dolly: <Well since his mother seduced you, she can’t mind if you seduce her son.> 

Sara: <How?…he is so small….well he isn’t that little, but he must have a small thi—cock.>

Sara couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Pam was suggesting she do something sexy with Tommy. Too strange Kathy thought. But it did get her mind thinking… Why hadn’t she thought of this before?

Dolly: <You don’t care if he has a small cock, Sweetie. You can just play with it, he’s a boy, he’ll love that. And then you can kiss it or even practice sucking it like you would a grown man. Just don’t mention anything to the mother. No need to get her upset. Just do it in his room.   You’ll have a reason to be in there and you can hear anyone coming.  Maybe if you baby sit tomorrow you can give him a bath and play with him in the water.> 

Sara:  <I don’t usually have to help him. I bet it would be fun and he would like it too.    I’m sure I can figure something out…..Thanks for the idea, I’ll think about it.  Good night Dolly. My mom just yelled for me to get off the P/c, so I have to go.>

Dolly: <O.K. Lover….have fun and we can talk again soon.>

Later that evening, Pam received an e-mail. Her husband, Bill, unexpectedly was given two weeks leave and he was in route this very minute! By late tomorrow morning he’d be home! Pam couldn’t believe that she’d be seeing her big cocked husband so soon and she was ecstatic! Then it struck her… “Oh, my god! It’s perfect! Perfect!” She turned back to the e-mail and spoke to the screen, “Oh my darling, do I have a delectable surprise for you!”




Kathy was too sore from the day’s activities to play with herself and when her sister wanted to crawl in bed with her, she knew what would happen.  She had told her she wasn’t feeling well …maybe a cold, and she would like to be alone that night.  She fell asleep thinking about Tommy’s small cock (she really hadn’t seen it but just for a few seconds), and wondering when she would get to really see it. It wouldn’t be long.

The next day was Friday and Kathy had an arm load of books when she came home from school. “Tons of home work, Mom. It’s not fair. It will take me all weekend in my room.”

“Well, maybe you can do some at the England’s, Honey. Mr. England is home on leave! It was all so unexpected and Pam is so excited! Pam wants you to babysit so they can go out for dinner. I told them you would be over at six thirty.  You can take your home work with you.”

‘So that was Pam’s plan,’ Kathy reasoned, ‘to let me fool around with Tommy while they were out.’ Pam England still didn’t know that Kathy knew she was Dolly on the sex play site. Kathy kind of liked knowing that and keeping it her secret.  ‘Good I can use the extra money,’ she thought. ‘If Mr. England pays me, he’ll give me a good tip too.’ Kathy could feel her pussy getting wet thinking about the green light she had to molest Tommy.  ‘This is really too good to be true!  And it was all achieved on the web!  Super cool!’

At six-thirty sharp Kathy rang the door bell of the England’s. “Well, hi Kathy, I haven’t seen you in a very long time. I’m always out of town it seems. But you are as pretty as ever.”

“Hi Mr. England.  Thanks. Are you guys going to be late tonight?”

“No, not really.  We should be back by eleven or so. Looks like you have a lot of books.   Home work?”

“Yes.  No T.V. tonight. Is Tommy in watching T.V. now?”

“Yes, he is.” It was Pam that was putting on her coat and entering the living room. “You can send him in for a bath at seven Kathy.  And then you can read to him if you would.”  She looked at Kathy in a very easy way. No hint whatsoever…no stiffness, lack of eye contact etc, of what they had done together the day before, or what ‘Dolly’ had suggested.

“I’m sure everything will be fine Mrs. England,” Kathy said putting down her load of books. “Have a good time.”

Five minutes later she was alone in the house with Tommy. He hardly paid any attention at all when she walked into the T.V. room.  At seven sharp Kathy had Tommy get ready for his bath. She went with him into the bathroom and started filling the tub.

“How come you’re coming with me, Kathy?”

 “Your Mom said for me to help you with your bath, Tommy.  She said I should wash your back and neck. Guess you haven’t been doing such a good job.”

“I like to have my back washed.”  Tommy smiled at her as he dropped his ‘T’ shirt, pants and then his boys BVD’s.  Then he stepped into the tub.

Kathy was thrilled to see his little soft cock with the small ball sac dangling between his legs. She decided that she would start right off talking about his privates. “Boy-o-boy Tommy you have a pretty big cocker.”

“Is that what they call it, ‘a cocker’?”

“Yes,” Kathy said as she started to wash his back. “It’s fun to play with it, let me show you.” Kathy soaped up her hand and sank it under water where she closed it around Tommy little cock. She could feel her own panties getting wet from the sexual stimulation. Her hand bean to rub and gently squeeze his cock and then his small balls.

Tommy couldn’t take his eyes off her hand. Then he giggled…“That tickles, Kathy…. I like the feel of your hands.”

Kathy was feeling crazy excited at feeling her first cock and didn’t want it to end.  She had seen so many thing in her sisters magazine and she wanted to try them all. Well, most of them anyway.

“Kneel down in the water, Tommy so I can wash your bum.  You will like this too.” Kathy couldn’t take her eyes off Tommy’s semi hard cock. Her hands had done that, she thought as one hand went under her skirt and fingered a hot pussy.  When Tommy was in place she washed his ass with lots of soap and soft hands. Her fingers quickly found his cock and balls again and renewed her soapy massage from behind and between his legs.  His asshole was also a fascinating thing for her and she washed it carefully, rubbing over it time and time again.  Tommy didn’t seem to mind.  In fact the boy helped out by reaching back and spreading his ass cheeks for her.  Then being very daring, Kathy slid a soap covered finger into him. He still didn’t object, so she slowly finger fucked him for a minute.

After ten minutes Kathy wanted to do more but wasn’t sure what. “O.K. Tommy let’s get out of the tub.  I’ll dry you off and we can go to your room to put on your PJ’s. Then I can read to you if you like.” Tommy would have preferred if she just continued fingering his asshole, but he didn’t say anything and got out of the water.

In Tommy’s room, it would be awhile before Kathy would let Tommy put on pajamas.  She had dried him well, so he was not at all cold.  She put him in the middle of the bed and sat next to him. Without saying anything she began to jack him off using only two fingers on the small cock. Tommy loved it and watched Kathy wondering what else she would think of. He liked everything so far. “That feels so good Kathy… really, really good.”

Kathy just stared at the little boy cock as she jacked it slowly up and down. It fascinated her and she couldn’t believe she was doing what she was doing.  Her cunt was dripping.  She had Tommy grab his own legs behind the knees (like in the pictures), and pull them back and apart.   She got between his legs on her belly and slowly put his cock into her mouth… just like in the magazine. It really didn’t taste like anything special, but in its own way it was super delicious… the best thing she had ever tasted. The effect on Tommy and on her was magic. Her lips slid up and down over the boy’s cock flipping the tip with her tongue like a real pro.  Tommy moaned and pushed his cock closer to her when she drew his balls into her mouth and played with them using her tongue.

Her finger was back between her own legs as she sucked and lapped, she was very close to cumming.   Tommy was lying back now and just moaning, but also breathing in faster and faster gasps. His cock had grown to a full two and a half inches but very thin, about the size of a wooden clothes pin. She pushed his legs up a bit and licked his asshole before going back to lapping his balls and cock.

Kathy had two small electric climaxes before Tommy stiffened and started to cry scaring Kathy. “What’s wrong Tommy?” she asked.  “Did I hurt you?”

“Oh no … no… no it just feels so good I cried that’s all. Can you do that again, Kathy? Oh… Please… Please.” Tommy looked at her starry eyed still trembling from his first climax.

“Yes, I promise the next time I come over O.K.  But you can’t tell anyone about it. Cross your heart? Alright I’ll do it again the next time I baby-sit.”

The England’s found Kathy in the T.V. room still doing her home work when they arrived home.




 Once Kathy had gone, Pam and her husband did a quick check of the video re-run.  They were pleased, quickly stripped and climbed nude into bed.  They set the review option on their closed circuit system and lay back in each other’s arms to watch, their hands slowly stimulating each other’s privates.  They both smiled at the action on the screen; their hands began to move more quickly as they viewed Kathy with their son, the thrill of sex spreading down their legs all the way to their toes.   

The hidden camera in the bathroom and the second one in Tommy’s bedroom had worked perfectly. Even the audio was clear, undeniable and stimulating to the England’s. The little slut had taken the bait and molested their son.  The hidden video cameras had picked that up clearly, proving the act, bathroom and bedroom, beyond any doubt.  Now she and her husband Bill had themselves a real sex slave. Pam slid her mouth over her husband’s cock while Bill moved his finger and pushed them up Pam’s ass.  This was glorious.

“Oh, this is going to be fun, Bill,” Pam murmured to Bill as she once again re-ran the video. “Now we have a real sex slave… we can force her to obey us or we’ll tell her parents and she’ll go to jail.  Of course she wouldn’t go to jail, but she doesn’t know that.  She won’t want her mother to know what a naughty little girl she is.  We can use her any way we like.”  They fucked and talked into the early morning.

Saturday morning Pam checked the P to P site to see if ‘Sara’ was on the site.  Pam smiled as she saw the name SARA, lit up and waiting.      

Dolly: <Hi there!  How is my sexy little friend today?   What happened last night?   I can’t wait to hear about it.>     

Sara:  <Oh Hi Dolly!  Gosh you wouldn’t believe it. I did what you said and sucked Tommy’s cock.  It is small like I said. He really liked it and I promised I would do it again for him. First I gave him a bath. That was fun and I got him hard…you know he wasn’t that big but he definitely got hard and stiff.>

Dolly: <Oh that is so cool, baby. Did you let him do anything to you?>

Sara:  <No, I didn’t even think of it. I did finger myself and I got that great feeling too. Next time maybe I’ll get in the tub with him or the shower. And make him kiss my pussy like Mrs. England did to me.>

Dolly: <Well I’m so glad I suggested it to you. I wish I didn’t live so far away. I would love to watch you and Tommy or have you lap my pussy. When are you going to go over to their house again Sara?  I can’t wait to hear about it.>

Sara:  <I don’t know for sure, but Mr. England is home from his traveling so maybe they will go out to night.>

Later that day Kathy’s Mom got the call from Pam asking if Kathy could baby sit for them that night. “Oh, I’m sure she would, Pam. You know how she loves to baby sit Tommy.”

At seven o’clock sharp Kathy rang the door bell at the England’s. 

Pam met her, “Hi Kathy, come right in, Baby.”  As soon as the door was closed to any prying eyes, Pam dropped to her knees pulled Kathy to her then gave Kathy a very long deep kiss.  Kathy was a bit surprised at first because she thought Mr. England might catch them, but then she lost her fear in the magic of the kiss and smooth rape of her mouth by Pam’s tongue.  Pam broke the kiss. “I love kissing you Kathy.  You like it too don’t you?” She squeezed Kathy’s ass cheeks with her hands and stood up.

“Yes Ma’am, I really like it a lot.”  Then with a question on her face she asked, “Is Mr. England home? I didn’t see his car in the driveway.”

“Yes he is Kathy.  We put both cars in the garage so no one would know we had stayed home.  And we took Tommy to his grandmother’s house so the three of us could be alone.”  Then she asked without any explanation, “Are you a virgin, Kathy?”

Kathy looked down so she wouldn’t have to be embarrassed by looking at Pam. “Well, like I told you, I kind of lost the special bit of barrier or whatever it is, when my sister fucked me with her vibrator. But I’ve never had a boy put his thin- , I mean his cock in me, if that is what you mean.  My pussy is too small.” Kathy was clearly getting nervous. This was a new conversation for her and she wasn’t sure what to think. “Heck, Pam…”

“Tonight you are to call me Mistress or Ma’am.”

“Well, uh, okay, Mistress.”

“That’s better. And Bill… you are to call him Master.”

“Uh, okay.”

 “So you have never had a grown man?  Is that right?”

No!  I never even seen a big man’s cock. Even in the magazines the cocks are hidden.  Some day maybe I will, but I’m just too little down there now.

“No you’re not, honey.  That pretty little cunt will stretch open just fine, you’ll see.”

Kathy felt butterflies in her stomach.  Knowing what she knew about Mrs. England, she had a bad feeling about all this.  “No Mistress, I don’t want to.” Kathy said trying to sounded firm “I’m scared. When I’m bigger it will be better I think.” Kathy was fidgeting now.  

Pam saw how nervous she was and smiled.  Then she firmly took her hand and led her into the T.V. room and sat next to her on the couch. Pam put her hand in Kathy’s lap.  “Look Kathy. I want you to let Mr. England fuck you; to be your first cock.  You know you’re a slut Kathy… don’t you?   Sluts always want to get fucked and suck hard cocks. Don’t worry, little girl, he’ll be very gentle.”

But Kathy had made a decision, “No!  No, I don’t want him to!  I think I want to go home now.”

Bill England had been in the hall listening carefully to the conversation. Now he went into the T.V. room. “Hi, Kathy,” he greeted as he sat on the other side of her. She was trapped between them. “How are you tonight? Pam said you and she are really good friends now, especially after the other night in our bedroom.  Did you like that Sweetie?”

Kathy didn’t know what to say so just said, “I guess so.”

Bill let his hand slide onto Kathy’s thigh, “Oh, I think you do know, Kathy, so don’t fib. Did Pam tell you what we have in mind for us tonight?”  He had heard the conversation so he knew what had been said.

Kathy was very scared but spoke up a little. “She said that you and I should have sex together. But I don’t want to, maybe someday, but not now.”  Kathy tried to get up but both Pam’s hand and Bill’s held her back. “Please let me go.”

“No, not yet, you dirty little whore,” said Pam.  “First we have a movie for you to watch.  Then if you want to go home you can. Is that O.K.?  You’re going to like it, Slut Kathy.”

“Yes, you’re going to like it, Kath.”  Bill looked down at her. “It’s only a half hour or so. Then you can leave. That is… if you still want to.”  Bill started to slide his hand up under Kathy’s skirt but she used two hands to stop him.

She didn’t have much choice but to watch whatever it was they wanted to show her. “O.K.,” Kathy looked from one to the other, “but you have to let me go home after it’s done.  Right?”

“You won’t want to leave baby, I know you won’t, but… if you do, yes,  you can leave.” Pam smiled at her and tried to kiss her but Kathy turned her head.

Kathy imagined that the England’s were going to show her one of those sex videos that her parents kept hidden but she and her sister had watched several times. But that wasn’t it at all. Her jaw dropped open as the screen came to life and she could see and hear herself with Tommy in the bathtub. She watched as she played with his cock and ass. Later in the video, she watched as she sucked his little cock until he came off in her mouth. At the end of the vid, she heard herself say, “Yes, I promise the next time I come over. O.K.?  But you can’t tell anyone about it. Cross your heart? Alright I’ll do it again the next time I babysit.”

 When the video was finished the screen went black. Kathy knew she was in big trouble ….really big trouble. She started to cry. “I’m really sorry Mr. England... please don’t tell my parents… Please don’t!”

“Kathy your parents are not the big problem here. The Police are.  This is proof of child rape, pedophilia they call it. If I give this to the police, they will put you in jail for a long, long time. Probably you would never be free again. Would you like that, dear?  Your parents would hate what you’ve done and never visit you.  You would never see your sister or any of your friends again.  Would you like that?”

“No… No!  Please don’t tell the police. Please Mr. England….  No police, please.  I’m a good girl. I’ll never do it again.”

She was still crying and sniffing when Pam took her face in her hand, Pam’s thumb pressed into her cheek on one side and her fore and middle finger on the other and she squeezed and jerked Kathy’s head around toward her. “Stop you’re fucking crying you little whore. All we want you to do is fuck Bill now and then and later maybe some of his friends. Shut up!”  Pam in her anger at Kathy’s tears was also very sexually agitated. She quite violently kissed the girl; she already had her mouth squeezed open so her tongue just pushed in and rolled over Kathy’s tongue.  She was surprised at how Kathy soon relaxed and enjoyed the kiss. Pam’s hand massaged Kathy’s cup cake sized tit, then finding the nipple she pulled on it. Bill’s fingers butterflied their way up and down Kathy’s bare thigh.

Bending down toward Kathy’s neck, Bill let the tip of his tongue run up and down Kathy’s exposed neck.  Kathy wiggled a little, but didn’t try to stop him. Bill was pleased that she had relaxed her legs some, the tension in her body slowly melted away, his hand found her white cotton panties that were soon very wet.

“You are such a sexy little girl, Kathy. You make my nipple hard and my cunt wet,” Pam whispered. “ I just love your slut mouth…hell your whole body!  Now it’s your choice, honey.  You either go to jail or you can do what you were born to do, be a fuck toy.  You alreadt said you wanted to be my fuck toy.  You can even suck Tommy’s cock whenever you like.  You can have lots of fun with us, darling.  Lots and lots of fun.  The kind of fun you love.  It’s really quite simple… Are you going to jail or aAre you going to be our sex slave, Kathy?  I bet you’ll love it!  An .if you’re a good girl, we’ll pay you some good money….a lot better than just babysitting.”

“Are you going to do as we ask Kathy?” added bill.  “Or do we go to the police with this video?”

“Stop scaring her, Bill,’ admonished Pam.  Of course she is going to be a good little girl, a good little girl fuck-slut.  You just have to be nice to her.” Pam winked at her husband while she smoothed Kathy’s hair.

“Now, you’re going to be a good girl and let Bill be your first big man to have sex with you.  Isn’t that right, baby?”

“Will you be with us, Mistress?” Kathy snuggled into Pam’s chest but left her legs spread for Bill’s fingers. “You won’t call the police if I do it.”

“No… no police, Sweetie,” reassured Bill.  He kissed her for the first time gently on the lips, then he lapped her lips and pulled gently on her lower lip with his teeth. “You’re going to like fucking, Kathy.  It is great fun and you’re going to really like sucking grown up cock.” He kissed her again this time Kathy seemed to kiss him back at the same time. “I know you like me, sweetie, and you’re going to like my fat cock just as much.”

It wasn’t long before Kathy was well into her new position as the England’s house slut and whore. They gave her a half a glass of wine.  The truth was that Kathy really did think Bill was a very sexy man.  Losing her virgin status to him really wouldn’t be so bad she thought. And what choice did she have? Fuck him and maybe some other men or go to jail. Not much of a choice.

Bill moved Kathy’s hand down to feel his hard cock still inside his paints. She felt it, squeezing it and moving it up and down like in her parent’s videos. She liked the way his cock felt, but it was scary too.  She was sure he wouldn’t be able to get it into her.  She wasn’t sure if that was good or bad. She did know it made her fingers tingle, and she knew it she was going to try to fuck him.

“Can we do a fashion show?”  Kathy asked getting off the couch; she was more and more into the new sex challenge game… Kathy’s first fuck.

“Sure we can” Pam answered, “You have all those new clothes to show off.  Bill would love to see you in those nylons. He has seen me before, but I’ll put them on too so you won’t be the only bare girl. You like to look at my body, don’t you Kathy?”

“Yes”, Kathy said without having to think about it, “you’re really pretty.” She grinned clearly more relaxed.

“Before you go upstairs to put your things on Kathy, come over here,” instructed Bill.  “Now that you’re our ‘sex slave’ and ‘house slut’, you have to understand right from the start, that it is your job to do anything we tell you to do without hesitation. Do you understand, girl? You obey or the video goes to the police and you go to jail. Now right now, I want you to unbuckle my pants and take my cock out of my pants. Do it quickly, you little whore.”

She hesitated a moment and Pam lifted her dress and slapped her on the ass very hard. Kathy jumped and cried out from the sting of the slap, but even more out of surprise. Things really had changed; she couldn’t decide whether that was good or bad.  Immediately she started to undo Bill’s belt, a mixture of confusion, fear and anticipation on her face.  She struggled some un-buttoning his pants; neither England helped. Finally when she did get the buttons undone she unzipped the fly, pulled the pants open, then wiggled them lower a little and freed the fat cock.  

Kathy was amazed to see what a real man’s cock was like. Bill’s cock was un-circumcised. His semi hard-on was thick, but in the way a condom full of warm water would lay on its size. The thick member was warm but not stiff and hard. The skin almost covered the head but not quite, the pink tip poked out leaking pre-cum.  Her panties began to get wet again. “Gosh that is really big, Mr. England. I don’t think it will ever fit… even if I were older.”

Pam and Kathy dressed together in exactly the same outfits as few clothes as there were. When they returned to the T.V. room holding hands Bill had unscrewed all but one of the overhead lights. Under that light he had placed a low table giving it the effect of being a stage with a spotlight on it.  Slow grinding background music was perfect for a strip club dancer. Kathy however, was no practiced strip club dancer.   She realized that this was a one girl show and that she was the girl. 

 Pam helped her to step up onto the low table and showed her how to sway her hips to the music. Kathy easily learned and in a moment was swaying perfectly her arms out stretched as Pam showed her. On Pam’s command she turned half way around and then all the way continuing to sway seductively.  She blushed uncharacteristically.

Bill was thrilled when Pam and Kathy came into the room and by the time Kathy began her slow gyrations his cock was hard as steel and he had began slow stroking it.  Katy was wearing black fish-net nylons with a black elastic garter belt holding then in place. She had on the black silk thong that had a thin lace patch of lace over her hairless pussy and just a thin string up the crack of her ass.  On top she wore a see through black lace bra, through which he could clearly see her muted nipples. Pam wore exactly the same outfit and sat next to her husband taking over stroking his cock. Bill sat back happy to have Pam do the stroking and took over giving Kathy’s instructions.

“You look so great, Kathy,” her new master said. “Love that outfit.  Look how big and hard you made my cock.” Bill was sitting very close to Kathy, only about four feet. Kathy never looked him in the eyes, but she did look at his stiff cock and was pleased. She quickly found that her simple gyrations were fun and knowing she was turning on a grown up was just as much fun or maybe more fun. 

“Take off the bra, Katy. I want to see your nipples.”

Katy smoothly twisted the bra, unfastened the clasp and let it fall to the table and then with a saucy kick, on to the floor.  Instinctively she rubbed the newly freed cupcake-sized tits with the erect tan nipples.

“Damn, don’t you look delicious, sweetie. Keep moving girl and pull on your nipples a bit… Yes, just like that.” Now she was looking at him almost defiantly, but with a sexy smile, while she twisted and pulled on her own nipples. Kathy was getting excited too and wished they could stop so Mr. England could suck her nipples.

“Keep turning Baby ….oh yes …oh yes.” Bill spoke to his wife, “pull on that cock, Pam, this is fucking great… the little cunt is perfect for us.”  Bill was staring at Kathy’s profile as she turned. Her ass was just perfect… full, firm and round. Now she had her back toward them and he had her stop turning. 

“Stop there, Kathy, but keep rotating your hips… just like that… ya, ya Honey, just like that.   What a sweet ass! Suck my cock, Pam while I look at her ass.  What a great ass!  Bend over Kathy.  Use your hands slut, to spread your ass checks apart. Yesssss !”  Bill looked up at Kathy’s ass hole and had to fight the impulse to get up and suck it. Between her legs the thong hung a little loose so he could see not only her dark hole, but her pussy lips glistening in the reflected light. It was driving him crazy with a carnal desire to rape her back hole. 

Kathy kept grinding slowly while she let Bill look at her ass. She felt sexy and warm. She really enjoyed showing the grown man her private parts.  She could see the effect on him and that pleased her.

“Keep turning, Honey… keep showing me your hot body.” Bill knew he would soon be able to fuck that ass hole but not yet. ‘Maybe in a few weeks, maybe even sooner,’ he thought looking at his new toy. “Now stop turning. Let me see your front again. Just keep swaying a little, Sweetheart.  Spread your legs apart, love and spread your little pussy lips open like you did for Pam in our bed.” Kathy knew just what her new master wanted and did it in the most sexy manner she could. She tilted her pelvis and showed him her little girl, inner wet pink cunt.

Bill loved the sight.  “Oh, baby, that is fantastic!  I want to fuck that sweet little hole of yours so bad.”  He pushed his cock deeper into Pam’s mouth.  She began to think that that would not be so bad after all… if it would fit. She looked again at his fat long cock and shuttered… she made up her mind to try really hard to let him fuck her. It might hurt a little, but she could take it.

“I can’t take this, Kathy… Lie down on the table and open your cunt for me to look at.”

Kathy was more than willing and wished someone would begin to touch her. She lay on the table top in front of Bill and Pam, pulled up her legs and spread them apart.  She held them in the air with her hands opening up her cunt.  She was ready to fuck and so was Bill. Pam just wanted to see the young girl get fucked and become their sex slave and slut.

The England’s had lots of parties and having a sex slut in their bedroom for anyone, male or female, to use would make their parties really special. Pam couldn’t wait.  But first they would have to break her in and Kathy seemed ready.

“Come with me, Kathy,” said Pam. ”Now is the time to make a big girl out of you.”  Kathy took her hand and a minute later they were in the England’s bedroom. Only the master bath provided a little light. Bill pushed the bedding aside and left only the smooth green sheet. Pam put Kathy in the middle of the king sized bed, then tied her legs spread apart with satin ropes that had been prepared earlier.  As she tied her, Bill was finger fucking the girl who didn’t object to the strange treatment.

After kissing her mouth, Pam knelt in back of Kathy’s head.  She rubbed Kathy’s tits and watched as Bill inserted a vibrator into the girl’s young pussy. It was bigger than she was used to and she let out a protest that was short of a stop request.  Pam knew that it would become more painful, so she gagged Kathy and held her hands, and kept her down. Bill was obsessed with the thought of fucking the eleven year old and worked the vibrator for some minutes waiting for her cunt open more and more and run rivers of pussy juice.   Kathy was quite helpful and wiggled her cunt to get use to the vibrator.  It didn’t hurt at all once she was use to the size.  Still she knew it was smaller than Bill’s cock.

Bill wasn’t working very hard yet, but was still sweating heavily as he watched his finger push and pull the vibrator, moving it in and out of the girl’s snatch. Finally Bill took the vibrator out of Kathy’s sopping cunt.

She watched as he put a thick layer of lubricant on his cock.  He moved in between her splayed legs and watched as his big cock moved toward her defenseless virgin cunt until he  introduced the tip of his fat cockhead to the small, open, waiting hole. 

He felt Kathy tense as she felt the cock head at her opening. Pam pinched her nipples to distract her as Bill, using firm pressure, introduced his fat purple cock head into her with a pop. She tried to cry out, but the gag quieted the protest to a muffled sound.  After waiting for her body to adjust to the invasion, Bill pushed further into the mysterious canal.   The girl held her eyes tightly closed and helplessly grunted into the gag.  There would be no reprieve for the new  sex slave.  An inch at a time the big cock moved into her, violating and stretching her cunt wider than ever before.  The short penetrating invasions were followed by a short rest and adjustment period, Then the same routine again for another agonizing inch of cock meat. Kathy was sweating profusely now and twisted with each new push to get away.  Unfortunately for Kathy, with Pam holding her hands and kneeling on Kathy’s shoulders it was impossible for the girl to escape the inevitable.

It took almost half an hour for Bill to get all eight inches of his thick throbbing cock into the squirming girl.   It had been a glorious half hour for her master, an grueling half hour for the helpless fuck toy slave.  The most torturous was when he had bottomed out on her cervix and then pushed it back and then open, to allow the last three inches of man-meat  to violate her very womb.  She had stretched to accept him, but she was almost delirious from the procedure. It hadn’t been as painful as she might have imagined, but it was exhausting as giving birth. Kathy just lay there and waited while she caught her breath and came back into the now.

After a minute or two Bill started the fucking motion that had been the object.  There was no blood; her hymen had long ago been destroyed by her sister’s vibrator. Now she felt Bill's thick cock inside her moving slowly.  She had done it, she thought; she had taken his big cock into herself and now he was really fucking her!  The pain soon mellowed into pleasure.  She was very proud, happy and horny. Kathy started to move slowly by instinct, fucking back him.

As they began to move faster and faster, Pam let Kathy’s hand free and removed the gag.  Kathy put her arms around Bill’s neck and began to fuck him harder.  Grabbing a fist full of her hair, Bill sank his cock deep into the eleven year old and began to cum and cum.  He filled the small girl’s womb with a cup full of hot silver cum.  She would be leaking his cum until well into the next day.

Pam lay down beside Kathy while Bill came in Kathy’s cunt and kissed her. Kathy responded to Pam with a deep kiss and exchange of mouth juice and tongue play.  Kathy could feel the new sensation of a man cumming inside her.

An hour later, freshly fucked and freshly showered, a happy but sore Kathy was ready to leave for her home. She knew things had changed… she would be fucking Mr. England as well as making love with Mrs. England. 

To be sure there would be no mistake, Pam with Bill still nude from the shower beside her, spoke to Kathy in a businesslike manner.  “For not reporting you to the police, Kathy, this is what we expect from you.  It is actually very simple.  You will make yourself available to us whenever we demand it.   In return, you will be paid generously for your services.”

“Now, Bill will only be here for two weeks before he has to return to his unit in Iraq.  I’ve already talked to your mother and she knows that you will be babysitting for us lot, even spending the night.  During these two weeks Bill will be fucking that sweet pussy of yours quite a lot.  Some of his buddies will be over here to fuck you too.  We expect you to fuck us or our friends whenever we tell you.”

“In other words, from now on you will be our house whore and general sex toy.  You do understand, don’t you, sweetie?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I understand.  Of course you have to remember that I have hard copies of all the internet conversations from you, including your wanting me to touch and molest Tommy.  You won’t go to the police with your silly video of me, but I can go to the police and tell them you raped me.  I have the proof… in here and on my panties.  So I don’t know who has who, but the money had best be good.  Tonight has been scary at times, but I’m not afraid anymore.  I really love to fuck.  Best of all, I know I’m going to love getting paid for it too.”

Pam just stared at her. “You little bitch.  It seems we have caught each other, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, Mistress,” the young girl replied with a grin before turning her head upward for a kiss.





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