The Girl Next Door

Part 1

By E.A. Grant

(Fg, ped, exhib, voy, cons, oral, anal, ws)

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She had the entire garage floor covered with the week’s trash. ‘It’s amazing how much trash one adult and an eight year old can create in such a short period of time’, she thought. Pam England had lost the receipt for her new blender, and it had stopped working, now she wanted to return it.   Without the receipt she wouldn’t be able to ask for a refund or even find anyone to talk to her….so much for friendly personal service.

Fortunately for her all the actual garbage went into the garbage disposal. ‘Wonderful invention the garbage disposal,’ she smiled as she combed through the trash, ‘really wonderful’ she mused with an actual grateful smile.   One by one she went through the hundreds of worthless pieces of paper.  Dozens of advertisements, all kinds of inserts, store receipts, Tommy homework computer rejects and who knew what else, but no receipt. Almost finished and very discouraged she un-crumpled another piece of paper.

“What in the world is this?” she said aloud. She un-folded the torn paper, it was obviously a torn sheet of computer paper; it was covered with hand written numbers and words that made no sense. A moment later, very close to where she had found the first piece of paper she found a second. Flattening them out and pushing the torn pieces together it was clear that she had only half the sheet…’Damn,’ she thought more curious by the second. Kathy, the baby sitter from next door, must have been doodling or working on a puzzle.   It looked almost like random thoughts… but not quite.  Then she found, with the last few pieces of rubbish, a crumpled wad containing the last two pieces of the sheet.   Her curiosity peaked but she was disappointed when, after flattening all four pieces and re-forming and taping the sheet of paper she was just as lost as she had been with only half the paper.   It made absolutely no sense…

                                                                (This is what she had found…!)    



‘Big Girl055950’     ‘big-boobs055950’        ‘Aunt-Sara055950’    ‘New-lover-Sara055950’    ‘Sara-love055950’       ‘your desire 055950’      (fuck/suck/cock/butt/ass/tits use any of these?)     ‘Bi-lover-Sara055950’     ?????

Discrip. = 22 tall, professional (?), blue and blond     big tits?    Body?  Etc.     Want (?)….. Friend/ cyber lover/pictures/????    “No meeting”   


Pam knew it must have been Kathy using Tommy’s PC paper, but what was she doing?  Pam was surprised too about the coarse words the young girl had used. The girl was only eleven years old, but quite mature for that age and Pam had used her on occasion to babysit.  Katy’s mother was right next door for any real emergency and so Pam felt quite secure using her.

“What in the world was the little sneak up to?” she wondered as she put the papers in her pocket and began to sweep up the un-productive mess she had made. She continued to think about the note off and on and Pam decided she must have been trying to decide on a new ‘screen name’ for some group. She felt better now because that made some sense. But the words she used were really something. And somehow there was something familiar about what she saw. She hadn’t known the child even knew such words. Then thinking about it realistically she knew of course, at eleven she most likely would.  And she was using an alias… kids were so much more grown up these days.

She let the whole thing drop out of her mind as the morning progressed.  Then after lunch while she was putting dishes into the dish washer it hit her like a lightning bolt. “PP/CP… Of course!   She had even used the service, was still using it in fact.  PP/CP stood for the ‘Person to Person’ net work, CP was simply a section of PtoP and meant ‘Cyber Play’.  Why hadn’t she recognized it? But her young baby sitter on an adult cyber sex network? She couldn’t believe that.  Was she even old enough for that?  Pam had used the site to have silly little cyber sex meetings. Nothing had ever really worked out, well not for any length of time. But sweet little Kathy on the site… on Pam’s site?  She wasn’t sure how she felt about that, but she smiled. “That little bitch,” she said to herself smiling, “she probably gave a made up ID, a fake name and age.”

She felt herself get a little bit excited, pleasantly excited when she realized Kathy had probably already read Pam’s ad with the ass picture.     Pam had made up a name so Kathy would never know it was her. Still thinking about Kathy looking at her picture made her a little wet.  She had posted picture of herself in the group in very tight, very short, white shorts. Her face was not in the picture, just from her knees to mid back, and centered on her ass. No problem there. For the self-pic. Pam had been standing in front of her closed bedroom drapes, non-descript tan drapes, completely unidentifiable. She smiled again thinking about Kathy looking at her picture. Would Kathy get a wet between her pretty eleven year old thighs? Would she instant message Pam?  Would Pam answer if she did?

The dirty little secret was that Pam had thought about the young pre-teen many times when she had come over to babysit. Pam loved her round full ass and would have loved to see it nude and run her hands over her. If it hadn’t been for her age and Pam’s assumption that Kathy wasn’t interested in sex, she probably would somehow have gently hit on her before now. But this would be so much more fun.  Kathy would never know who her new dominant friend was.  It made Pam’s pussy wet just thinking about it.  The only possible relationship Pam could imagine was with her as dominant and Kathy as her submissive young slave.

Pam’s husband was in Iraq for a third tour… he had volunteered to go.  That bothered her a lot.    She missed the sex and their ‘games’. It was with her husband that she had begun to think about pre-teen girls. He had made her dress and act like a pre-teen in their games and he had loved it almost as much as she had. Then he had started to bring friends home for her to put on her ‘little girl show’ for them and of course that had always ended up with her sucking every available cock. Her husband had liked watching that and she had enjoyed the tummy full of cum. Pam knew he would love a real blow job from a real pre-teen. Might Kathy be the one?

For now it was just her and Tommy.  For months and months Pam was alone with little Tommy and her imagination.   Pam‘s mind went back to Kathy. Kathy had an exciting, if fairly thin little body. The kid had a great ass in fact and budding little tits with splendid promise. Pam had let her and Kathy’s friends use Pam’s pool just so she could watch the young girls and boys.  Quickly she found she was much more interested in the girls who strutted around wiggling their pretty asses and were for the most part ignored by the boys. But Pam’s eyes were drawn to the  little bikinis that were drawn up tightly into the ass crack of the girls, some satin bathing suits even folding into and outlining the little girls pussy lips… that is if you looked carefully and Pam loved to look carefully; it made her own pussy tingle. She just crossed her legs and squeezed, bit her lip and looked away for a moment.

Now sitting alone in the kitchen sipping on a cup of tea she began to remembered instances lately that pointed to Kathy’s new femininity. Pam remembered how she had been wearing much more girlish clothes. Her clothes all actually matched lately and she wore panty-hose on at least a couple of occasions when she baby sat. Her long blond hair clearly was better maintained; he seemed to always have a brush with her. And of course there was the makeup. She must not have much direction from home and she seemed to be doing a lot of experimenting with eye shadow, blushes, liners and lip stick. Then it dawned on Pam that she had been noticing a lot about Kathy and it wasn’t just casual observation. ‘I guess I was more interested than I thought’, she allowed and then smiled; ‘they can’t put you in jail for what you’re thinking.  Good damn thing, too.’

Pam day dreamed about Kathy, remembering what she looked like almost naked in her bikini and then imagining what she would look like naked. ‘What a delight she must be,’ Pam imagined. She envisioned the young girl in her white lace training bra, her long tanned legs in nylons a garter belt but no panties… just a fine layer of almost transparent blond pussy hair or perhaps none at all. In her mind’s eye the young girl turned, flaunting her round firm bare ass.  “Oh, my,” Pam uttered realizing her own panties were now soaked.  She could feel drops of perspiration building on her forehead and the bridge of her nose and her mouth was dry.  Taking a cold bottle of spring water from the refrigerator, she took a long slow drink and while doing so, pictured Kathy with her legs spread and Pam touching her.

“Oh, good God,” she whispered out loud.  “I can even taste that little slut.”      

Pam put the cup and saucer in the dishwasher and went upstairs to take a much needed cold shower.




At dinner time Pam made a light dinner for Tommy and herself, gave him his bath and then finally sat and watched a Disney show until it was time for him to go to bed. But Cathy was never far from her mind.  ‘That little devil,’ she thought. ‘Maybe I can find her on the “Cyber Play” site.’

It really was easier than she would have imagined.  She checked out all the new members, and sure enough she found Kathy very quickly.  It was quite easy using the sheet of notes she had found. Kathy evidently had decided to use “Bi-lover Sara055950”.  Her bio said she was eighteen years old, five feet two, long light brown hair, and brown eyes.  She hadn’t posted a picture and said she wasn’t interested in a real life meeting.  Pam knew of course that Kathy was only eleven, not eighteen, and about four foot six and quite slim. Her hair was long and blond and her eyes were blue.   

Pam was thrilled (but not surprised) to find “Sara” listed in the column on the right side of the screen marked “users on line now”.  Most new players are on line as much as they can be Pam knew.        

 Pam typed “Sara” a message.

 Dolly: <Hi there Sara I see you are a new member. Would you like to talk?>

 Kathy was surprised to see the message pop up on her computer screen. It was her first message and she wasn’t sure what to do with it or if she really wanted to do anything. Her older sister had told her about the site and said it was a fun place to fool around with guys and talk dirty.   Kathy clicked on Dolly’s name in the column, but instead of being able to type, she got Dolly’s Bio. She read it with increasing anticipation.

“Dolly6969, height 5’6”, age 33, weight 120, short black hair. Love to talk to pretty people. Check album for picture.”

 Kathy clicked on the picture icon and up came a picture of Dolly’s ass in very tight shorts.  A picture from behind, half way up her back and down to her knees showed a beautiful ass covered with skin tight white short shorts, that showed nothing but teased about availability.  Kathy just stared at the ass in the picture… It was perfect and she loved it. She could feel her own pussy beginning to become moist looking at the stranger’s ass. Then she remembered that she had to type a message.

Sara: <Hi Dolly.  I’m Sara and yes I am new at this. My sister told me about the site.  How are you? >

Pam smiled when she saw the response come up on her machine. “So the little fox wants to play. Good!  So do I,” the older woman muttered.

Dolly: <I’m fine. I’m disappointed that you don’t have a picture.  I would love to see what you look like Sara.   Maybe later you can send one.  Tell me about yourself.  What would you like to talk about Sweetie?  I’m open for almost anything…don’t be shy…You sound nice.>

Kathy didn’t know what to say next.  She had hoped a boy would contact her and even would have liked him to talk dirty to her like the boys did with her sister.  But this was a female and she still had a funny feeling in her stomach… kind of a tingle.  And she had used the word “bi” in her self-description. It was not a bad feeling at all… she just typed what she was thinking.

Sara: <You sound nice too. I just don’t really have a picture.  But ya maybe later. We can talk about anything you like. I didn’t know I would be talking to a female …but it’s O.K.  I like girls too. (Why had she said that she wondered… she had never even thought about girls that way… except her sister.  Why had she put “Bi” in her screen name?  It sounded sexy she decided.)  I liked your picture.>

Pam had stripped and now began fingering herself slowly.  “She liked my picture… bingo!” she said  as she typed with one hand.

Dolly: <I’m glad you like girls as well as boys, so do I. Sometimes I like girls more because they are so soft and sensitive.  I’m glad you liked my picture…do you mind if I ask…did it make you a little wet ‘down there’? It makes me feel good knowing you’re looking at my rear end.  Do you and your sister fool around?  You said she told you about this site. I wish I could see a picture of your ass. I bet it is nice, I would love to touch it …would you like to touch mine?>

Kathy‘s mind began to swim in response to the thoughts Dolly was putting in her head. She was enjoying the conversation a lot.  But she really didn’t know how to answer; she wasn’t some kind of lesbo or anything. But this lady did make her hot.  She felt kind of funny, but it was a good feeling.

Sara: <Yes I’m a little wet. My sister and I don’t really fool around much at all.  We do practice kissing some times and tell each other stories, you know, dirty stories. LOL I wish I had a picture so you could see my butt. Some people think it’s cute.  They tell me that.  Yes, I wish I could touch your butt. I think it would be fun to feel it.>

Kathy’s mother called up the stairs for Kathy to shut off the PC and go to bed …it was a school night. Kathy, feeling like she was waking from a dream, called down to her Mom that she would, just give her a couple more minutes.

Dolly: <I would love to feel your hand on me. Would you like to play a little make believe? I will tell you what to do and you can tell me how it feels to do it?>

Sara: <O.K. I’ll try.  Hope I do it right.>

Dolly: <You’ll do fine.  Let’s start like this. Pretend I’m lying on my bed and you are standing next to the bed. We are both naked. You put a little warm oil in the palm of your hands rub them together and place your hand on my ass cheeks.  How does that feel?>

Kathy became wetter and had to cross her legs as she read the message. God, she thought, she felt so excited.

Sara: <It feels really good…now I really am wet. What should I do next?>

Dolly: <OK. Baby…Just rub my ass cheeks with the oil and let your hands slip between my legs. I really would like it if you would push a finger into my rose bud…my dark hole…can you do that?>

Suddenly the message board went blank and the message “Sara055950 has signed out”

Pam didn’t know what had happened. Had she been too direct, too fast? Or had Kathy had to close without saying anything?  She would see tomorrow.

At Kathy’s house her mother had opened her door and told her again it was time to go to bed. Kathy had quickly disconnected from the Cyber Play site and shut off her PC.  She went to bed and almost immediately slid a hand under the waistband of her pajama bottoms and between her legs, a wet finger found her clit.  Kathy thought about her new friend “Dolly’s ass”, and wondered what Dolly had meant about her “rose bud”. She drifted off to sleep with a smile on her face and a neat feeling as her finger slowly massaged her young pussy.




Pam guessed what might have happened; at least she hoped she had guessed right. It was the next evening, Tommy was in bed and Pam logged into the P to P / Cyber Play site. Yes, there she was; hopefully waiting for Pam.

Dolly: <There you are you bad girl.  I was sorry to see you drop off last night.  But I’m so glad you’re on tonight.  Can we talk?>

Sara: <Oh hi Dolly.  I’m glad you are here too.  My Mom made me get off the PC last night.  I was disappointed to have to leave you without saying good night.>

Dolly: <Or a kiss good night> Dolly waited for a response but none was forthcoming.  <Did you like playing our game baby girl?>

Sara: <yes I guess so>

Dolly: <I’m glad. You said you were wet. That’s nice.  My pussy got wet thinking about you too. I was thinking about your pretty ass. I’m sure it’s really nice. Why don’t we play another game, is that OK?>

Sara: <Sure I would like that>”

Dolly:  <Good why don’t we pretend that you’re my little slave girl and I’m a beautiful Princess.  I love you and you love me but I am the dominate person and you have to do as I tell you. Do you understand?>

Sara:  <Yes I understand.  I don’t mind being the slave. It sounds like fun.>

Dolly: <Good.  First I want you to go to the picture file and look up my name and check out the new picture I put there today.  You already saw my ass in those white shorts…you said my ass made you wet.  You’ll like this even better….it’s the front with no clothes on. No face of course. Let me know when you have it.>

(Minutes Later)

Sara:  <Wow … those are the biggest boobs I’ve ever seen Dolly!  They are gorgeous.  Mine are very small compared to yours.>

Dolly: <As long as we are going to play a game we should play it right. You should call me Mistress.  I am the Princess. You’re my slave and have to do as you’re told or there will be severe penalties. Do you understand slave girl?>

Sara: <Yes Mistress…I am your slave.>

Dolly: <What did you like about the picture slave girl?>

Sara: <Everything… but one thing in particular…your nipples were sticking out straight. That looked real sexy.>

Dolly: <Yes I was very excited about our talk last night and I got erect and hard thinking of you.  I don’t have any clothes on Sara do you?>

Sara: <I have my night shirt on and panties.>

Dolly: <Remember you’re my slave and have to do as you’re told. Take off your panties and start playing with your little pussy. Do it right now. I am already bare and fingering myself.>

A minute later…..

  Sara: <O.K. Mistress.  I took off my panties and I’m touching myself like you commanded.>

Dolly: <Good slave. I’m going to lay down on my bed now. I want you to sit on my leg and touch my nipples. Slide your little wet cunt up and down my thigh.  How does that feel?>

Sara: <Oh Mistress that feels so nice.>

Dolly: <now bend down and suck my nipple Slave girl. Suck it like a baby sucking it mother’s tit. Suck it little slave bitch…suck it good or I’ll beat your bare ass with my riding crop…suck it good. I’m very hot now slave Sara I’m almost ready to climax. Suck me hard you little slut,  suck me hard.>  Pam couldn’t believe she was talking to an eleven year old girl like she was.  But Kathy’s youth made her all the hotter.

Sara:  <Oh Mistress it feels so good to suck your nipples I think I too will soon get the magic feeling. Your tits are so sexy I wish I could really see them really suck them Mistress.>

Kathy in her bedroom and Pam in hers were furiously fingering themselves each thinking about the other. The difference of course was that Pam knew who she was cybering to, but Kathy did not. Fingers moved at an increasing speed over each engorged clit. Pam, imagining what Kathy must look like and Kathy looking at the photo of Pam’s tits. Moments later they came back on line.

Dolly: <Oh God baby that was fantastic…are you OK?>

Sara:  <Oh my yes it was fabulous Mistress. Much better than with my sister, can we do it again tomorrow?>

Dolly: <Sure we can little slave…until then good night. Give me a big kiss and a hug.> 

But Pam was already thinking about the next day and it would be different. 




It was just after lunch that Pam called Kathy’s mom.  “Hi Betty.  This is Pam.  Do you think Kathy could come over after dinner and sit Tommy for a few hours.  I have a meeting at the church I completely forgot about.”

“Oh, hi, Pam.  Oh, I’m sure she will be thrilled. She loves that kid of yours and it will give her a chance to ask you about having a pool party next week end.  She hasn’t dared to ask. I should have stayed out of it, but you know me… Mrs. Busy Body.”

“Well of course she can, but I’ll let her ask me.  I won’t say you mentioned it.” Pam smiled to herself thinking of all the near naked pre-teen bodies she would have the chance to look at.  “Tell her to call me if she can’t sit, otherwise I’ll expect her around six thirty.”

“That’s fine, but I’m sure you can count on her.”

Pam did the rest of her chores, grabbed Tommy and went grocery shopping.  Then she stopped by at the mall to check out some lingerie she has seen in a specialty shop.  Finally she picked up a pizza for supper and returned home.  She and Tommy watched a kid’s show while they ate their pizza.  Pam was getting a little nervous about what she had planned, but was also very sexually aroused and couldn’t wait for Kathy to come over.

Kathy did like to babysit for Tommy.  He was a good boy and never gave her any trouble. He liked to play games with her and never complained about going to bed on time, nine P.M.  So she was pleased to find out from her mom that Pam, Mrs. England to Kathy, had called and wanted her to sit at six-thirty. ‘Good,’ she thought, ‘that way she would be able to ask about a party for her friends.’  She even went over to Mrs. England’s a little early.

“Hi, Mrs. England!  thought I would come over a little early,” Kathy said coming in the kitchen door.

“Oh, I’m so happy to see you, Kathy.  I forgot about a meeting I have for tonight.  I doubt if I’ll be gone very long, so I should be back soon after Tommy goes to bed… I hope.  On top of everything I sprained my wrist at the gym this morning and it hurts like the devil.

“Anyway, help yourself to some pizza and the diet Coke is in the frig.”

Looking at Kathy Pam found her mouth dry and had to moisten her lips a few times. ‘God’ she thought,’ she is so cute… she has such a sexual mouth.’ She imagined herself kissing that mouth, and visualized Kathy’s full round ass. As Kathy bent over the table to take a piece of pizza, Pam watched her button-down blouse open just a little to allow Pam a brief peek at her baby tits. She felt herself getting wet and she became more excited when Kathy sat back in a chair to eat and her short skirt revealed a lot of young-lady thigh and just a peek at her white cotton panties. ‘I wonder if the sexy little bitch has any idea how horny she is making me?  But how could she?’  Still, Pam couldn’t take her eyes off the girls bare legs, Kathy didn’t seem to notice.

“I have to go change quick and get along.  You can finish your pizza and put the dishes in the dishwasher.

“Tommy you be a good boy and go watch T.V. in the playroom.  While I’m out, you be a good boy for Kathy.”

“He’ll be fine Mrs. England he always is.” Kathy smiled and re-crossed her legs.

 It was almost seven before Pam finally left the house. She had told Kathy that she would bring her back a present if she would keep it a secret. Kathy had agreed but couldn’t imagine why it had to be a secret. Another thing she didn’t understand was why Mrs. England had been sneaking looks up her skirt.  She had pretended not to notice, but she had and it got her a little wet knowing that Pam could see her panties. No… not that exactly, it was that Pam had WANTED to see between her legs. ‘Wow’, Kathy thought, ‘a grown up lady wanted to see my panties.  Wow!’ 




Tommy went to bed right on time. Kathy had only been watching T.V. a short time when Pam walked in the back door. “Hi, Sweetie,” she announced.  “The meeting got over sooner than I thought, so I’m back way early. And, yes…I remembered your present.”  She held up a small box tied with a fancy ribbon and bow. “I hope you like it, but maybe you’ll have to keep it in my house until you’re older.”

“Oh, my,” Kathy said, “it’s not my birthday or anything. Gee, thanks Mrs. England.” She took the box and looked back at Pam.  “Should I open it now?”

“Well, of course silly! But please Kathy, when it’s just the two of us why don’t you call me Pam. That’s so much friendlier.”

“O.K.” Kathy quickly unwrapped the package. She held up first a black garter belt not really knowing what it was and then a black lace thong, just a pussy patch really, that was almost as much of a mystery to her When she guessed what it was for, she blushed. Last to come out of the box was a pair of black mesh nylons in a very small size. “Oh Mrs. En.., I mean Pam, they are so pretty. But… I don’t think my mother will let me wear such sexy nylons yet.”

“I thought not, love, that is why I mentioned you might want to leave them here for the time being. I have a set just like them. You can try them on when you babysit. I know, why don’t you try them on right now?”

Kathy thought about the women she had seen in her sister’s magazine and how sexy they looked. “Are you sure you don’t mind?” the young girl asked. “I would love to.  They feel so silky and sexy.”  She blushed again using the word with a grown up. Somehow she was getting the feeling that things were different with Pam; like she was kind of a grown up special friend.

“I would love to see how you look, dear. This can be our secret. Don’t even tell your sister… It’s just between the two of us.  I know, why don’t we go up to my room where you can see yourself in the big mirror on the closet doors. You can be like a model. And if you like I can model my set for you too.” 

Kathy had long since noticed what a great figure Mrs. England had. She had noticed earlier while they were in the kitchen eating pizza that Pam had looked a few times at her exposed panties, she had deliberately let her skirt ride up. Now she was beginning to feel like something sexy was going to happen. She was excited in a strange new way.  She was at the same time scared and thrilled. Her tummy felt like she was on a carnival ride.

“O.K”, Kathy said, “I bet I won’t look as nice as you.”

“Bet you will to me, love. We’ll see.” Pam smiled.

Walking up the stairs with Pam in back of Kathy, Pam simply slid her hand under Kathy’s skirt and firmly squeezed her ass cheek. “I just had to do that, Sweetie, I couldn’t resist that pretty ass,” she told Kathy as they reached the second floor. “You have such a cute little butt…”

“I don’t mind Pam, yours is pretty too.” Kathy said looking over her shoulder and down.  Then she wiggled her ass at Pam and giggled.   Upstairs, Kathy looked up at Pam as they entered Pam’s bed room and said, “I hope the stockings fit.   My mom had a time finding regular nylons for me to wear to church.”

“We’ll see Sweetie, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be fine.”  

In the bedroom Pam sat on the side of the bed and put her hands out for Kathy. “Come over here Kathy and let me help you take off your clothes.”  Pam was as excited as the girl.  This was the first time she would actually be striping a pre-teen, although she had imagined it often. It was just too good to be true, her whole body tingled.  Smiling she looked into Kathy’s eyes as she un-buttoned her blouse.  Kathy‘s eyes smiled back in complete submission, and trust to the older woman.  Pam finished the buttons and pulled the blouse loose from Kathy’s skirt, then slid the blouse off the girl’s shoulders setting it aside on the bed. “Turn around, love, so I can un-snap your training bra.” Kathy turned around without speaking. Pam took off the bra, slid it off her arms and turned her back around.

  “Oh, My,” was all Pam could say for a moment as she stared at Kathy’s little girl tits. They were very small, more accurately described as bumps. They were half peach sized projections with fattish almost swollen looking nipples. “Your tits are so pretty Kathy…I just love the way they look. Will you let me touch them?” her eyes moved to Kathy’s for permission.  Kathy looked down at the floor evidently embarrassed at being nude in front of Pam, but said in a tiny voice.

“Sure… I… guess it’s O.K.”  She was embarrassed but it made her feel funny in a good way to have Pam looking at her. In fact she liked the new feeling a lot.

Having the child’s permission, Pam reached out tenderly with both hands. Her long supple fingers and thumbs caressed the new nipples like she was touching a fine work of art porcelain. The nipples seemed to become erect under her soft touch. Without hesitating, she bent forward and first kissed each nipple.  She glanced at the girls face and saw that her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly ajar and she was breathing in short breaths.  In turn Pam sucked each nipple gently into her mouth, played with the firm cones with her tongue and sucked them softly.

Moving back a few inches from her, Pam saw that the girl continued to have her eyes closed. Pam asked, “Do you like that my little angel?”

“Oh, yes, Pam. I really like it a whole lot,” Kathy said as she slowly opened her eyes and gave Pam a dreamy smile. “It felt like heaven.”

 While Kathy was saying this, Pam had already un-buttoned Katy’s skirt and was pulling the zipper down. The thin skirt floated to the floor. A moment later Kathy stepped out of the circle of cloth and pushed off her flip flops.   Except for her white cotton panties, she was now nude.

Their faces were only inches from one another. With her hands resting on Kathy’s bare hips Pam asked her, “Why don’t we kiss Kathy? A grown up kiss on the mouth, to show we are really good friends. I would really like that.  Wouldn’t you?” Pam remembered Kathy’s comment on the computer chat about ‘practicing kissing’ with her sister.

Kathy, happily going along with Pam, now just shook her head positively and smiled at Pam.  She closed her eyes and pushed her lips against Pam’s. The girl’s soft, moist, very warm lips sent fire through Pam’s veins. Her tongue quickly found itself running over Kathy’s lips and pushing into Kathy’s willing mouth. Pam’s thumbs slid into Kathy’s panties waist band and pushed them down. Pam felt the panty crotch and was not surprised to find it soaked. At the same time the smell of little girl cunt drifted upward. In Pam’s opinion, it was a perfect cocktail aroma of little girl piss, pussy juice and sweat. How she would have loved to have her mouth there. To clean the babies virgin hole and drink her juices. She ran her hands over and over Kathy’s fat firm ass cheeks enjoying the soft tender feel of the perfect skin. She ran her finger between Kathy’s ass cheeks and tickled the girl’s asshole just a bit. Kathy giggled and wiggled some, but didn’t really  mind or try to move away.

Smiling, Pam slid the same finger that had played with the girl’s asshole into Kathy’s mouth.

“Suck my finger, Kathy. Do you like the taste, Sweetie?”

“Yes, it tastes good to me.”

“Good girl!   I love the taste too.” Pam took the wet finger and while she once again French kissed Kathy she began to slide the finger in and out between Kathy’s legs tickling her baby clit. Kathy reacted by spreading her legs a bit to make it easier for Pam to find her hole.

Feeling it was time to move on, but not time to actually do anything extreme, Pam forced herself to stop the foreplay for the time being, and cool herself down. “Alright Sweetie, it’s time for you to take my clothes off. Do you want to?”

Kathy started to come down from what was her first real sexual high. “Ya O.K.,” was all she could think to say at first.  She did know she had wondered for a long time what Pam’s tits looked like… and her ass too. She immediately started to unbutton the three buttons on Pam’s pull over. Then she helped Pam pull it off. There they were for her to see. Pam had on a see through bra and Kathy just stared at the large tits for some seconds. “Gosh Pam, they are so big and so pretty.”

Pam loved the hungry look in the child’s eyes; she turned sideways on the bed. “I’m glad you like them. I love yours too. When I was your age mine looked just like yours do now. Why don’t you unhook my bra, love, and take a real look.” Kathy didn’t have to be asked twice and she quickly had Pam’s bra loose and then off.

Pam turned back around, her heavy tits swung a little. She was clearly excited with her dark brown nipples erect and hard.  Pam bent forward just a bit and took Kathy’s hands in hers then placed them on her own swaying tits. “It’s O.K., honey.  You can feel them all you want.”

Kathy was again struck dumb for some moments then finally said, “Oh gosh, Pam they are just too perfect. So soft and firm and they are warm as… as toast.”  She lifted one a little in her small hands and added, “And heavy too.” Her eyes flashed to Pam then back to Pam’s large tits. “I just love the way they look.” Her smile was real and broad, she was fascinated.

Pam hefted her fat tits in offering and cooed, “Suck on one of the nipples, baby.  Can you do that for me Sweetie?  That would really feel good. Suck my nipple just like you would if you were my baby.”

Without saying anything else, Kathy settled in between Pam’s legs and took a big nipple into her mouth and began to suck. Pam closed her eyes and gently moaned.  Kathy loved the new feeling of the firm flesh in her mouth and used her tongue much the same as Pam had done to her.  She felt like a baby and murmured with pleasure as a baby might have.

“Good girl,” sighed Pam.  “Just suck hard baby. Your mouth is nice, Kathy… So, so nice… Your tongue is doing really good.” Pam had her hands on Kathy’s ass cheeks and she pulled the pre-teen as close as the edge of the bed would permit.

Encouraged by the nice words from Pam, Kathy moved to the other tit and started on that nipple.  Moans and groans from both adult and child spoke to the mutual satisfaction of the moment.  Soon, both pussies still tingling, they were kissing again.

“I guess I have to stand up for you to take off the rest of my clothes, don’t I?” Pam said reluctantly breaking the kiss

Kathy would never have said it to Pam, but she was just as interested in her rear end as her tits. She had long admired the shapely ass. Now she couldn’t wait to see it.




Once Pam stood up, her tits were just the right height for Kathy to suck while the girl fiddled with the belt and zipper of Pam’s slacks.  Pam stepped out of her shoes and a moment later the slacks slid down her shapely legs to the floor and she stepped out of them.

Pam watched Kathy as she went back to sucking her nipple. Feeling Pam watching her, Kathy let go of her nipple and just looked at the beautiful tits in front of her. Then she noticed a light birthmark just under Pam’s right tit. It was light pink, no disfigurement at all; it reminded her of the shape of New York State. There was something else about it that she couldn’t quite put her finger on; she let it go.

“Well, slow poke, are you going to take my panties off?” Pam kidded Kathy. Then she took the girls face between her hands and once again kissed the soft warm lips. The pre-teens lips were beginning to feel almost hot… Kathy moistened them often. She lost her self in Pam’s sexy kiss for a minute. Finally, she looked at Pam’s see-through panties and was surprised to see so little pubic hair. She pushed the panties down over Pam’s hips then let them fall down her legs. She could see that Pam had shaved her pussy hair and Kathy liked the clean, neat look of it.

“It looks like you shave your hair down there, Pam,” she said a little embarrassed. “My sister shaves hers too. But hers is blond so it’s almost invisible.”

“Yes Honey, I trim it so it won’t show in a bathing suit.  Besides I like it anyway, so do men, especially men.  You can feel it if you like and you can touch me down there too… if you want to. Have you ever seen a grown up lady’s pussy Kathy? You can look at mine all you want to, whenever you want to, but,  it has to be just our secret… O.K.?”

“Oh, I would never say anything to anyone Pam… I promise, never.”  Kathy looked at Pam with big, honest eyes and then smiled. She looked back at the neat patch of hair and began to run her fingers through it slowly. “Gosh it’s so soft.  Curly and soft…it feels really nice to my finger tips…tickles me some.” Then Kathy realized that the hair was becoming wetter the closer to Pam’s slit her fingers moved.  Just the same as her own little girl pussy.

Pam loved the girl looking at her cunt so closely. She moved her own hands to her cunt and used her fingers to spread open her pussy lips to expose the pink interior of her opening. “Put a finger inside me, Kathy. Then I want you to suck the juice off your finger and tell me if you like the taste.”

Kathy looked at Pam in a manner of confirming what Pam had said, then she did just as she was told.  She put her finger slowly into the wet, (very wet) hole.  Kathy found Pam was not just wet, but hot and very slippery, olive oil slippery she thought to herself. Of course Pam’s adult cunt offered no resistance to the little finger.  Kathy took the sopping finger out of Pam and put it in her mouth while she looked into Pam’s sexy eyes.   She sucked the finger dry then lapped between her fingers where some juice had found its way.

“It tastes a little sweet, Pam, I like it. I don’t mind doing it with my tongue if you like. I did it to my sister once. Opps!  I’m not supposed to tell that.”

“I won’t ever tell, Baby. Did you ever kiss your sister’s back hole?”  Pam had guessed that the sexual contact between Kathy and her sister was a lot more than just kissing lessons, although it had probably started that way. “Did you Kathy?”

Kathy’s eyes looked down again and she twisted a little from side to side in a shy way. “I’m not supposed to tell… but… you promised not to tell, so I guess it’s O.K.  Yes, we did that a few times.  It really tickles.” Then with a sly smile she looked at Pam from the corner of her eyes, “Would you like me to kiss your back hole, Pam? I will if you like.” She stopped wiggling and turned her face up to Pam.

Pam again held the girls face between her hands and kissed her quite hard. Her tongue ran into the pre-teen’s mouth and over the soft inside of her lips then touched Kathy’s small tongue. Saliva flowed back and forth as the tongues played.  Breaking the kiss after two full minutes, Pam pushed a nipple into Kathy’s mouth and held the girl’s face close to her body while the youngster again suck her fat nipple. “Oh, you precious little girl slut….I do love your tongue.”

“Yes, yes dear... Now please, lap and kiss my back hole for me, love. I will do it for you later, but please do it now.”  Pam turned around. “Do you like my ass Kathy?  I hope you like it as much as I do yours.”

Kathy looked at Pam’s ass… it was perfect. “Yes I do very much Pam… it is too perfect. Just fabulous.”  Slowly, Kathy put her hands on the two ass cheeks.  They were firm, like two full halves of some exotic fruit. “Gosh Pam your butt is the most perfect I’ve ever seen!  Even in all the pictures on the net I’ve look at.” Then Kathy noticed the three small moles, dark brown, but very small, just above Pam’s waist in the center of her back going almost straight up her spine just an inch or so apart. She might never even notice them if she hadn’t seen them before.

Kathy recognized them at once.  Then she realized why the ‘New York’ birth mark had seemed to be familiar. She had seen them both in pictures of “Dolly”, on the ‘Cyber Play’ site. In her mind’s eye, Kathy could see Dolly in her white shorts with three moles and then her nude tits picture with the birth mark.

‘God …’ Kathy thought, ‘Mrs. England is Dolly!’   


To Be Continued in Part 2

In Part 2, Pam tricks 11 yo Kathy into molesting 8 yo Tommy and then uses the evidence against her to give the pre-teen girl to her big cocked husband as a home coming present.



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