By T. Nelson

(Mg, Fsolo, exhib, voy, oral. toy)

A chance enounter with a permissive mother and her daughter presents Ted with an unexpected opportunity.

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Ted was taking his usual Saturday morning at the local Denny's, eating breakfast and reading one of his own porn stories, which was keeping him mildly aroused.  Fortunately, there were not a lot of other visitors at this hour, so he didn't worry about anyone noticing his private vice.

Then a gorgeous woman came in and took the table next to his.  With her was a young girl about twelve, who took a seat on the window bench across from what Ted presumed was her mother.  The girl was even more blonde than her mother, and quite striking.  For a minute, Ted could not keep his eyes off her.  She had pubescent A-cup titties and was wearing a low-cut, short sundress with no bra.  Every time the girl squirmed in her seat, the dress would flip up and reveal the girl's shiny silk panties.  Ted had a fascination for young girls' panties.

When he finally tore his eyes away from the girl, the waitress showed up and took the woman's order.  It was then he really noticed the mother.  She was not even as modestly dressed as her daughter.  Her white sundress was quite thin, and cut very low in front, revealing impressive breasts.  She was also braless, and the bumps of her nipples were clearly obvious through the dress's fabric.  She had amazing legs that went all the way up.  The hem of her dress couldn't have been more than two inches below her crotch, and as she made herself comfortable in the chair, Ted saw a brief flash of her panties.

What a pair, he thought to himself, referring both to the woman's gorgeous tits, and the mother-daughter combo.  Neither the woman nor the girl seemed to have any concern at all that their underwear was on display.  And those tits!  Ted felt his partial erection throb and twitch a few times, as he fantasized sucking on those tits.  Then he fantasized that the daughter was watching as he fucked the mother.  That had always been Ted's second favorite masturbation fantasy.  His top favorite was having the mother watch him fuck her daughter -- up close and personal!

As luck would have it, the story he was reading, which he had written the night before, was about a prostitute who enjoyed having her young daughter watch as she fucked her clients.  Invariably, this led to the girl masturbating, which just made the clients hornier.  These two could have come right out of his story!  Ted enjoyed writing his own porn and most of them involved young boys and girls watching their parents fuck, and eventually being fucked by their parents.

He took a big sip of his coffee and glanced at the youngster.  He caught her eye and smiled at her.  She smiled back.  And then she did something that stunned him.  She brought her feet up, braced her heels on the edge of her seat, and then slowly spread her knees, giving him a clear view of her white, silk panties.  He couldn't take his eyes off her panties.  She spread her legs even wider, causing the silk to pull tautly over her genitals and reveal their shape.  He could see her camel toe as clear as day from only seven feet away!

Ted's erection throbbed.  He looked up into the girl's face, and she was looking straight into his… and smiling broadly at him.  So, she was watching for his reaction!  She was showing her panties on purpose!  She wanted him to look at her crotch!  God, what a fucking hot little cock tease!

As he pondered this thought, his hardon throbbed and slipped out of his underwear, making a noticeable tent in his lap.  Ted glanced at the mother, who was busy with her purse, and decided to perform a little experiment with the girl.  He looked back at her, and then down at her lovely panties.  And then he parted his own legs, revealing the tent his erection was making in his light summer-weight slacks.  He reached down and squeezed his erection once, then removed his hand.  He looked back into the girl's face.  Her laughing eyes were focused upon his crotch.  He glanced down again at the loveliness between her thighs.  She had inserted two fingers into her panties from the side, and she was rubbing her twat while slowly writhing and rotating her hips.

Ted's penis went to full erection!  She was masturbating for him!  Damn, he had never seen a girl that age engaging in such blatant sexual behavior, and it triggered his lust as nothing else could ever do.  God, he wanted to fuck that child!

The door to the kitchen banged open loudly and the waitress approached the woman's table with a large tray.  Ted closed his legs.  The girl closed her legs and sat upright.  The waitress dropped off the food and turned away.  The mother opened her napkin, and in so doing, dropped her fork.  It hit the floor and bounced toward Ted.  She turned toward him, and bent over to retrieve the fork, and in doing so, revealed her breasts in their entirety.  Ted marveled at her large, firm nipples, and the dark aureoles that framed them.  The fork had bounced off his shoe, and in reflex, he moved his chair back and parted his legs.  As she picked up the fork, she glanced up at his extremely obvious erection, which at this point was only two feet from her face.

Ted didn't know what to do except just sit there with his stiff dick poking a tent up in his slacks.  She paused halfway back to a full sitting position, her breasts still displayed before his lustful eyes, and she looked up into his face.  She smiled at him and then straightened up in her chair.  Ted thought furiously.  He picked up an unused fork from his table and offered it to her as a replacement.

"Why thank you," she said with a silken southern accent, "you are a gentleman."  Her voice lowered to a sensuous whisper as she bent closer to him, revealing her breasts to him again.  "Pardon me if I seem a little bold, but I couldn't help but notice that you seem very... aroused.  Perhaps you're interested in me... or my lovely daughter?  It's perfectly okay either way.  But I'm curious as to which one of us has gotten you so... excited."

As she finished her question, she made a point of looking down at his erection again.  Ted could not believe his ears.  He gave the most diplomatic answer he could think of.  "Well, a bit of both, actually.  Your daughter is just as hot as her mother."

"Yes, my daughter is quite the naughty little nymph, isn't she?  Has she been showing off her panties again?  She's gotten real bad about doing that, especially with strangers in public.  I swear, I don't know where she gets that from.  If she has offended you in any way, then as soon as I get her home, I'll spank her little fanny."

"Oh, no," said Ted, "please don't do that.  I wasn't offended at all.  I find her behavior very... well, endearing.  I hope you're not offended, but... I find her... uh... quite fascinating."

The woman grinned down at Ted's obvious erection, and said, "Yes, I see that you do.  And I'm not offended at all.  In fact, I'm flattered that you find my daughter so appealing."

Ted was a little startled, but found the woman's acceptance of his sexual state as quite erotic.  His erection throbbed again.  Seeing this, the woman invited him to pull his chair over and join their table.  "There's no sense anyone else seeing your state of agitation and making rude judgments.  You just sit here with us."

Ted moved his coffee and his manuscript over to the adjoining table and placed a napkin in his lap.  The woman smiled at him and offered him a pastry, which he accepted.  She asked what he was reading.  He didn't want to say that it was porn, which it was, and so instead he said, "Well, it's an essay I'm writing.  Just a rough draft, really.  It's about how kids learn about their own sexuality from their parents."

"Oh, marvelous!  So are you against it or in favor of it?"

Ted grinned.  "Well, I'm not against it.  In fact, the idea of kids learning about sex directly from their parents... well... I guess I'm in favor of it."

"Wonderful!  I'm all for it.  I don't think children can learn about sex too early, if you ask me.  Why, I learned all about it when I was only nine years old.  Would you like some jam?"

Ted nodded while he digested this piece of information.  He looked over at the girl who brightened up now that she was once more the focus of his attention.  In a quiet little voice, she said, "I know all about sex.  You have a hard-on, don't you?"

The mother responded discretely, "Clarisse!  Please!  You'll scare the gentleman away.  And if you do that, how will we get a ride back to the house."

"Oh, you need a ride?  I'll be glad to take you anywhere within reason."

"Thank you so much.  By the way, I'm Marilyn and the naughty little girl who can't seem to keep her panties on is my daughter Clarisse."

Ted looked down and saw a pair of panties on the bench next to the girl.  She leaned back and when her mother glanced down at her food, the girl raised her dress hem, revealing her hairless twat to Ted.  With her other hand, she delicately spread her pussy lips.  Ted lost all sense of self control.  He stared shamelessly at the girl's bare genitals as his penis rose once more to full erection and began throbbing uncontrollably.  He glanced up and smiled at the girl.  She licked her lips sensuously and inserted two fingers into her hairless pussy and started masturbating.

This tableau was interrupted by the waitress again, who brought the bills.  Ted whipped out a credit card and paid for all three meals.  Marilyn thanked him kindly and then explained that she lived just five blocks away, but her car was in the shop.  Ted graciously offered his car again, and while doing the multiplication tables in his head to keep his erection down, he hustled the three of them out to his car.  The child asked to sit in front, so the mother opened the front door for her, and then seated herself in the back seat.  As Ted started the car and put it in gear, Clarisse slid over next to him, her thigh pressed against his.

She leaned close and whispered, "I'm only eleven years old and I don't have any panties on.  And my pussy is all wet and sticky.  Do you like to fuck little girls?"

He made no attempt to control or conceal his erection.  The girl grinned and lay her hand down on his thigh.  Slowly she slid it back to where his penis was throbbing, glancing up at his face to judge his reaction.  He just grinned back at her and pulled into the street.

From the backseat, "Thank you so very much for the ride, Ted.  Ever since Clarisse's father died a few months ago, we've had to depend on help from our friends and sometimes from strangers.  That's not always easy with a girl as precocious as Clarisse.  Some men don't, you know, appreciate her the way you do.  She's very aroused by older men who are attracted to young girls.  She has an incredible talent for finding such men.  A talent, by the way, which I encourage."

He blurted out, "Are you okay with her, you know, coming onto men who are sexually attracted to her?"

"Of course I am, Ted.  I knew Clarisse was flashing her young pussy at you in the restaurant.  I never try to stop her.  It reminds me of how my father raised me."

Clarisse's little hand finally found its target, and she grasped Ted's rigid cock through the thin fabric of his slacks.  A wave of dizziness swept over him.  "Mommy, Mister Ted's dick is really hard.  He's letting me touch it just like Daddy used to do."

"I'm sorry, Ted, is she bothering you?  I'll stop her if she is, but I would much rather let her enjoy her little game."

"No.  Actually, she's not bothering me at all,” he croaked. “You're right, she is very precocious.  But I like that.  Yes, I... I do appreciate sexy young girls, especially ones as sexy as your daughter.  So, what's this about Clarisse and her daddy?  Did her father let her touch his dick?  You don't have to tell me, but I must admit my curiosity is inflamed."

"Well, Ted, her daddy had strict rules for raising children, and one of them was to educate them about sex and their bodies as early as they wanted to learn.  Clarisse was allowed to watch her father and me have sex all her life; and we often went naked around the house.  When she was eight, she wanted to know what Daddy's penis felt like, and so of course, we allowed her to touch it, and even to give her father an erection.  We wanted her to be educated, you know?  You don't think we were terrible, do you?"

Ted was having some trouble navigating the turns, but he managed.  "No, I don't.  In fact, I admire your decision.  I think it's wonderful.  If Clarisse were my daughter, I'd let her play with my dick.  Especially if her mother enjoyed watching."

"I knew you would understand, Ted!  You are obviously a man of refined sensibilities."

"So, was her father, uh..., sexually attracted to Clarisse?  Did he find it erotic to have her touching his dick?"

"Oh, yes!  Incredibly erotic.  And so did I!  I still remember the first time that Clarisse made her daddy cum!  Gosh, he covered her from head to toe in his semen!  It was beautiful!  We don't think it's wrong at all for parents to be sexually aroused by their children.  Or for children to see their parents having orgasms."

Ted's cock was throbbing painfully.  The sensation of Clarisse squeezing and rubbing his erection was just too erotic for words.  On impulse, he reached down and slipped his fingers between her thighs.  Her legs parted and he found his fingertips rubbing around between her damp pussy lips.

"Mommy!  Mister Ted is playing with my cunnie!  He's making me really hot!"

He said, "I hope you don't mind, Marilyn, but I just had to see what her pussy felt like."

"Oh, that's just fine, Ted!  You're welcome to touch my daughter any way you want.  Here's our house on the left.  Just pull on up the driveway.  Would you like to come inside?  Please say yes."

"Yes, Mommy!  Make Mister Ted come inside.  I want him to touch my cunnie some more."

The three entered the cool confines of the living room.  The girl led Ted over to a large, comfy couch and made it clear that he was to sit there.  He did.  Marilyn dropped her purse and stuff next to an overstuffed chair facing the couch.

"Do you mind if I get a bit more comfortable, Ted?  It was a bit warm outside."

He nodded his approval as the girl jumped on the couch next to him and immediately grabbed for the bulge in his slacks.  Ted decided that if the mother hadn't objected by now, she wasn't going to, so he dug his fingers into his crotch to completely free his dick and balls from his underwear.  He pulled some slack in his pants so that his erection could stick nearly straight up.  The girl was delighted to be able to play with his dick more freely.

"Look, Mommy!  Look how big Mister Ted's dick is!  It's even bigger than Daddy's!"

Ted relaxed back into the couch and spread his legs.  He slipped his hand under Clarisse's short dress and fondled her smooth ass.  Almost trembling with lust, he let his fingers slip between her thighs until he could feel her pussy lips again.  When he looked up, the mother had slipped off her dress and dropped it on the floor.  She was wearing only panties and as he watched, she gracefully removed them as well, and sat back in her chair.  She was totally naked and beautiful in an outrageously erotic way.  She had a petite body, about five feet two inches tall, with a narrow waist; full perfect D-cup breasts, pendulous with just a hint of sag; hard black nipples; a smoothly shaved pussy with large pouting lips, glistening with moisture.

"I hope you don't mind, Ted, but I'm a very sexual person.  And the fact that my eleven year old daughter is playing with your stiff cock, and you being a total stranger and all, has gotten me very aroused."

Ted was stunned speechless for a moment.  Then he felt the daughter unzipping his fly.  He made no attempt to stop her, but watched in fascination as the girl extracted his throbbing erection.  Marilyn made no objection, and indeed, seemed delighted and even aroused to see her daughter playing with his sexually aroused penis.

"Uh... Marilyn, please tell me more about your husband's sexual practices.  I find it fascinating.  The whole subject of sex with children and incest is, well... I find it very erotic, as you can probably tell from my hard cock which your daughter is playing with; and the fact that my fingers are rubbing her hairless pussy.  Tell me more."

"Ted, I'm very pleased that you have such a mature understanding of erotic family love and incest.  But Stan wasn't just my husband.  He was also my father.  And my lover since I was nine years old.  Clarisse is our second child together, and our plan was for him to impregnate her as well… until he died.  You don't mind if I pleasure myself, do you?  I often pleasure myself in front of the children, and watching my daughter play with a strange man's cock is making me uncontrollably horny."

She had pulled a large dildo from under her chair, and was inserting it into her pussy.  Slowly, nine inches of the thick, lifelike cock disappeared into her wet and horny cunt.  And Clarisse was indeed playing with his cock.  He looked down at her small elfin hands sliding up and down his eight-inch erection, touching the thick veins much as a blind person would read brail, rubbing his dark, ruddy cockhead, fondling his over-sized testicles.  Ted knew this was wrong, to allow an eleven year-old child be in such intimate contact with his genitals, but he had already surrendered to his wanton pedophile lust.

"Oh, god, Ted, I just love masturbating in front of small children.  Almost as much as I love seeing my children molested by horny strangers."

Making full eye contact with him, and smiling sensually, she fondled her heavy breasts and started stroking the sex toy into her damp pussy.  Her nipples were hard and huge.  Meanwhile, Clarisse had removed her dress.  She placed her mouth over the rigid head of his dick.  The feeling was painful ecstasy.  His fingers were deep inside the girl's tight little pussy, which she seemed to enjoy.  Her pelvis was methodically rocking as he finger-fucked her.

Ted muttered, "That's a good girl.  Yes, baby, kiss my dick... stroke it... see how much you can fit in your mouth... oh, yes!"

The mother said, "Do you have kids, Ted?  Do you have sex with them?"

"Yes, Marilyn, I do.  I have a girl, twelve.  And yes, I have sex with her.  So far, I just fondle her budding titties when we take baths or showers together, and I've finger-fucked her pussy a few times.  I let her masturbate me.  I haven't fucked her yet, or started oral sex, but I want to.  Every time I jack off, I fantasize about fondling her body, slipping my hand between her legs, getting her aroused, penetrating her vagina and shooting my cum deep inside her cunt.  You do understand, don't you?"

Marilyn's breath was coming faster.  "Oh god, yes, Ted!  My father was the same way.  I still remember the first time he fucked me with his beautiful cock when I was only ten.  And the time when I was fourteen and he would fuck me when I was pregnant with my first child."

Clarisse lifted her mouth off of Ted's dick.  She had gotten the red and swollen head very wet with her spit.  A long streamer of saliva and pre-cum stretched between his dick and the girl's lips.

She looked up at Ted and said, "You like me sucking your cock, Mister Ted?  I really love your big cock!  It keeps twitching and moving when I suck on it!  Would you like to cum in my mouth, Mister Ted?  Would you?  I'm really good at sucking cock!  My daddy let me suck his cock all the time!"

Without waiting for his approval, the girl rearranged herself so that Ted could push his fingers even deeper into her slick baby pussy, and then she bent over and took two inches of his cock deep into her mouth.  The sudden thrill caused him to flinch with shock and unmitigated lust.  Her head began bobbing up and down at just the right speed, while her tongue swirled sensuously over his turgid cockhead.

Ted looked up at Marilyn, his eyes silently requesting permission.  Marilyn shoved her dildo deep and groaned.  She said, "Yes, Ted, cum in my baby's mouth.  Show me what a filthy pervert you are."

Ted looked back down at the top two inches of his cock disappear into the eleven year-old's suckling mouth and he knew it was already too late to stop.  As the pressure built up in his groin, he said to himself, "Yes, I'm a filthy pervert!  Face-fucking a little eleven year-old slut!  Eleven years old!  Eleven!  With my wicked cock down her throat!  YES!  Suck it little slut!"

A deep satisfied groan filled the room as his cock volcanoed an enormous stream of semen into Clarisse's mouth.  The girl didn't even pause, but kept stroking her lips up and down his trembling shaft.  Ted's entire body clenched, raising his buttocks just an inch off the couch as his cock spurt out a second and a third load of cum.  Thick gooey cream bubbled from Clarisse's lips and drooled down her chin.  She began to spasm and shake, giving every indication that between his fingers in her cunt and his spurting cock in her mouth, she was having her own orgasms.

Marilyn muttered, "Oh god, you came in her mouth!  You sick fuck, you filthy, child-molesting pervert, oh god, oh god, that is so fucking hot..."

Ted's eyes rolled up in his head and a tsunami of dizziness overwhelmed him for a moment, and then it was over.  Well, not quite.  He was still amazingly erect, in fact, painfully so.  Semen drooled down his cock and all over Clarisse's hand.  And all over her chin and petite little pre-adolescent titties.  He drew in a lungful of air and fought to catch his breath.

But the girl wasn't finished.  She was moaning and whimpering and feverishly stroking his cum-lubricated penis.  "Mommy, look!  Mister Ted cummed all over me!  And he's still hard!  And it's so big!  I'm afraid it won't fit inside me!  Mommy?  Do you think Mister Ted's cock will fit inside my little pussy?"

Marilyn was grunting loudly as she rammed the dildo between the swollen lips of her shaved cunt.  "Yes, baby, I'm sure it will!  Oh god, I want to see the nice man fuck you, Clarisse!  Make Mommy cum, baby!"

Ted found himself stunned again.  Here he was with a woman he had never met before and she was openly masturbating and inviting him to fuck her eleven year old daughter who had just sucked the top two inches of his rigid eight inch cock and made him cum!  Of course, he was going to do it!  He was already guilty of indecency with a minor and child sodomy!  Statutory rape sound real good right now!

The little girl rose up on her knees and positioned herself over his lap. Ted admired her slim hipless body and her pipe-stem legs.  She was just barely over four feet tall.  Her tits were just beginning to swell on her chest and her large nipples were extraordinarily puffy.  Eagerly, she lowered her naked body down, and rested her crotch on his cock.  He glanced up at Marilyn and saw that she was staring at the sight of her daughter's bare ass, and the head of his cock pressed against the girl's pussy lips.

He could feel her weight slowly press down on his cock.  The pressure on his cock increased until it was almost uncomfortable, and then his cockhead stretched the entrance to her vagina and popped inside!  Clarisse moaned softly and shivered all over.  She rocked her hips forward and bent her head down so she could see his penis sliding so very, very slowly into her tight lubricated cunt hole.

"Mommy!  Mommy!  Look!  Mister Ted's big cock is fucking me!"

Marilyn's eyes had glazed over and she was energetically reaming out her own cunt with the dildo.

Ted muttered out loud, "Oh my god!  I'm finally fucking a pre-adolescent girl!  I've always wanted to do this!  This is what I want to do to my own daughter!  I want to fuck my little girl just like I'm doing now to Clarisse!"

Marilyn responded, "Oh, my god, yes, Ted!  There's nothing wrong with those feelings.  Nothing!  Your girl is probably just as horny for your big throbbing dick as my daughter is.  You should bring her over here and together we can introduce her to the joy of her father's cum love.  That's what we call it in our family.  Cum love and cunt love."

Clarisse had impaled herself down until almost all of his erection was deeply inside her uterus.  Ted grasped the squirming naked girl about the waist, and helped her lift and lower her body upon his hard cock.  He looked up at Marilyn who was now in the throes of her masturbation climax.  Her eyes were glued to the sight of Ted's wetly glistening erection piston in and out of her young daughter's vagina.  She was grunting loudly, pinching her nipples and slamming the dildo into her hungry cunt as fast as she could.

Gasping for breath, she grunted, "Oh, Ted, let's cum together!  Yes, I want you to cum inside my baby girl!  Just like my father used to cum inside me!  Oh!  OH!!"

At that point, Ted held Clarisse steady and rocked his pelvis up, fucking the young girl with total abandon.  He fantasized that she was his own daughter, hot for his horny cock.  The living room was filled with the sounds of heavy moaning, creaking couch springs and flesh slapping naked flesh.  Thwak!  Thwak!  Thwak!  Thwak!  Thwak!

"Mommy!  Oh, Mommy!  Mister Ted is fucking my cunnie with his big cock!  I'm gonna cum!  I'm cumming, Mommy!  Oh!  OH!!  OOOOH!!!!"

Ted felt a liquid pressure build up in the base of his cock, a warning that he was about to ejaculate.  For a whole two seconds, he thought about what he was about to do:  fill the unprotected vagina of an eleven year old child with his gooey seed, making him forever-more a child molesting pedophile.  Should he surrender to his wicked perversion?  Should he stop now before it was too late?  Lust and guilt warred within him.  He thrust his cock upwards while pulling the child down, ramming his erection into the back of her uterus, reveling in the feel of her hot, tightly stretched slick vaginal walls caressing the entire length of his tumescent, child-raping cock.

Ted grunted loudly and let fly with a flood of hot sticky semen, shooting out of his cock like water from a fire hose.  He could feel the hot jizm fill Clarisse's pussy.  His cock kept spurting cum as he kept thinking the words, ‘I'm your daddy, I'm your daddy, I'm your daddy.’ 

Marilyn let out a big moan and stiffened in her chair.  "Yes, Daddy!" she yelled and then surrendered to her own orgasm.  "Yes, fuck my baby!  Fuck my baby, Daddy!  Fill her pussy with cum!"

It was pretty noisy for awhile as the three had multiple orgasms.  Finally, the girl flopped back on the couch and her mother relaxed into her chair.  Marilyn's body tightened, she clenched her teeth and groaned loudly as yet another flurry of powerful orgasms wracked her body.  As she did so, she emitted a loud bubbling, fart-like sound.  A huge amount of vaginal fluids spurt out from under her lovely butt cheeks, splashing all over the vinyl cushion of her chair.  A strong reek of sex filled the room.

Clarisse said, "My mommy always squirts when she cums!  Sometimes she lets me lick it up!"

Marilyn kept reaming her cunt deeply for another minute and a half.  Ted and Clarisse watched silently as the mother put on an incredible display of multiple orgasms.  Twice more, she squirted thick watery secretions from her vagina.  She finished and sank back into the chair, exhausted.  Her eyes opened and she grinned.  She spread her legs wide as Clarisse kneeled in front of her and began licking up the copious fluids.

"So, Ted, back to your daughter.  How sexually along is she so far?  What's her name?"

"Her name is Emily, and yes, I want Emily to suck my cock and I want to fuck her virgin little cunt hole.  I want to make her pregnant like your father did to you.  I know Emily's already finger fucking herself.  And I've finger fucked her perhaps a dozen times, and I've gotten her to masturbate me a few times.  I would love to have her watch you have sex with your kids.  I'm so hot for my daughter that every time I see her naked, I have to go and jack off.                                                                                 

"Oh, Ted, you don't have to explain to me.  I understand.  I have two other children.  Clarisse there is eleven, and I have Joey, thirteen, and Amanda, nine.  They're at music practice right now.  But I've been fucking and sucking Joey for a year, and both girls and we really enjoy sex with each other; tongues, fingers, vibrators, whatever.  Would you like to try fucking a nine year-old?"

"No kidding?  You'll let me fuck both your daughters?"

Ted was trembling and shivering with unbridled pedophile fuck lust. 

He stammered, "Yes!  Thanks!  Listen, I have to go pick up my daughter Emily in a little while, take her home, get us some lunch... you know... and... and... could I bring her over here later this afternoon?"

"Of course, Ted, of course!  I'll make sure we all have some clothes on when you arrive."




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