Jim meets Tammy, and the little girl has no problem letting Jim knows that shes hot to trot.

By JimBob


From the Pool Series, this group of stories features Tammy, Janet's little sister and an adventurous little girl. Stories of this subset include TAMMY IS FIRST, TAMMY GETS IT, and TAMMY FINDS A FRIEND.

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We have been living here in our new home for three weeks now. The boys are growing comfortable in their new school and are starting to bring home friends, or have them over as soon as they change into play clothes. Likewise, some days one or the other of mine is a little late, having to stop at someone's house to see some new toy or game or wait for the friend to quickly change. Today I hear my younger boy's voice and another higher pitched one. As they are required, Barry brings his new friend in to meet me.

"Hi Dad, this is Tammy."

Hi, Tammy. Im Barry's Dad. My name is Jim. I'm happy to meet you."

"Hi, Jim." She smiles a wide smile, Brown eyes sparkling impishly up at me. Her body is sturdy, and she is almost as tall as my ten year old boy. She is a pretty little girl, almost a head taller than Barry, and quite a bit huskier. How did these two pair up, I wonder? She has brown hair cut short around a round face. Lots of freckles cross her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She is in a shirt, sweater and a fairly short skirt. I have seen her around the neighborhood with her older sister, Janet.

"Tammy, does your mom know you are at our house? Are you supposed to change clothes before you play?"

My mom ain't home."

"Yeah, Dad, we checked. Her house is locked."

"My mom sometimes is late on Fridays; she has meetings."

"Okay, but you should stay inside until you get a chance to get your play clothes on."

I leave them in Barry's bedroom on the floor with some of Barry's cars. Tammy is a real little tomboy, I can see. She also doesn't have any inhibitions about showing her white panties off. I guess Barry is used to it, as he doesn't seem to notice, but the wide white expanse of crotch draws my eyes like a magnet. I go and get them each a couple of cookies and leave a glass of milk on Barry's desk for each of them. I don't want to disrupt the panty show by making them sit at the table. I will use the hand vacuum on the cookie crumbs. As Tammy bites into a cookie, she looks up at me and catches me looking at her panties. She has to be aware, as she looks at me, and then down at her crotch, and then back at me with a knowing smile. I excuse myself and leave the room, feeling my blush spreading over my face at being caught. I go back to my desk.

"Jim? I have to go pee." Tammy is standing by my side.

"Oh! Okay, I'll show you. We are all boys here, so when you go potty here, be sure you check the seat. We usually leave it up." I escort her into the boys bathroom, and put the seat down for her. She is already backing up to the seat as I turn to go. As I turn back to close the door, she has her skirt hiked up showing her panties, hands hooked in the waistband, and they are down to her mound so the top of her slit is showing. She is looking right at my face and her panties are below her pussy when I shut off the view.

Whew! Hot little thing. I have to stand in the hall and control my stirring cock before I can go into Barry's room to collect the glasses. I hear the toilet flush, and Tammy comes out of the bathroom, and plunks herself down on the floor again, skirt up, legs wide apart and white crotch flashing before my eyes. Once again I get caught. Darn. It has been too long, and I can't control my eyes; nor something else. Again I get the knowing smile from Tammy as I hurry out of there and back to my desk.

A few minutes later the sounds of scuffling, giggling children come from Barry's room, and then Barry calling.

"Help! Dad! Help me. She's got me."

I have to go check this out. Tammy has Barry down and is tickling him. Barry is no match for the bigger girl, and he knows it. I watch for a while and let him suffer.

"Dad! Get her off me. Tickle her! I got to go! Right now!" He has a hard time getting all this out between laughs.

I am enjoying the sight of Tammy from the rear, panties stretched over plump bottom and over her mound, which is rubbing itself on Barry's hip as he turns and twists under her, as she lies on him. Tammy turns her head to watch me watching her.

The little vixen knows she is giving me a show, as I see her purposefully tilt her butt up at me. I decide to join in. I tickle her sides, and as she laughs, Barry manages to throw her off.

"No Fair! Two against one!" she protests giggling.

Tammy is no longer interested in him. An almost sexual tension charges the air as Tammy rolls off Barry and whirls herself around to face me. I suddenly find myself kneeling between Tammy's wide spread legs, almost in the missionary position as she falls back laughing as I tickle her ribs. Her skirt is clear up to her waist, legs and panties are exposed.

Barry has run to the bathroom and shut the door. Suddenly, Tammy sits up, bracing herself with arms behind her. She looks down, as I am, and then she looks back up at my face. But I cannot look away this time. I am fascinated by the sight of her mound under the white cotton, and the cleft plainly visible as an indentation running down the center of the mound and down between her legs. And at the top of that indentation I see the unmistakable sign of the lump of her clit. Apparently her rubbing it on Barry has excited her and caused her own little erection.

As I lean over her, she lets herself back down. We are quiet now, no tickling, no laughter. I lean into her more, finally laying on her lower body with my erection in my jeans pressing into the hump of her mound in her panties. I support myself on knees and elbows, and slowly rub my hard cock over her solid mound. Her brown eyes gaze up at me as I look into them. She gives me an questioning hip buck up into my hardness. I bear down on her harder and she grins and answers with another series of hip bucks. In the next two minutes, we have ourselves a hard little dry fuck on the carpet as we grind our privates together.

Then we hear the toilet flush. I rise back up on my knees again and take another look at her panties. I place one palm down on her mound, and rub the bump for a moment with my thumb. Then I reach up and pull her skirt down as I rise. Tammy rolls over and crawls over to one of Barry's cars as he comes out of the bathroom.

"Dad? Can we go outside on the bars?"

"Okay, I guess so. Just don't roll around on the ground. No more wrestling and tickling." Barry looks at Tammy and she grins back at him and at me.

"Don't worry, I don't want to tickle anymore."

"Me either," says Tammy. They head for the door to the play yard.

I go back to my desk, but my mind is on white panties and I cannot concentrate. The voices in the play yard do not help. Finally I give it up and go outside with the kids. The two of them are climbing on the jungle gym and as soon as she sees me, Tammy calls out to me and then hangs upside down by her knees.

Barry glances at her panties and then away... my gaze is fastened on them. Barry says something to Tammy and she turns herself right side up and they both wave to someone they can see over the fence. Sure enough, a moment later I hear voices and Tommy and the two brothers from the corner house walk through the gate.

"Oh, oh," I mutter mostly to myself. I can see the handwriting on the wall. Now we have four boys and suddenly Tammy is excess baggage. I see Barry is trying to let her down gently, but she is being dumped. I decide to step in.

"Hey Tammy. I'll bet you are pretty good on the bars. Want to show me some of your tricks?" I lure her over to the parallel bars close to the swing set. When we move off, the boys all leave through the gate. Tammy doesn't notice. She has an audience. She is soon upside down again and asking for a push. I move around her and try a push on her butt, full palm on a round cheek, finger tips in the crack.

"No, dummy. My back! You got to push my back, so I can swing."

"Okay." So I push her back, and admire the roundness of her soft little bums in her white panties. She shows me all her bar tricks. As I get several crotch shots, I try to memorize them, and then suddenly, she is sitting on the bar, and looking at me with a little curiosity, and a serious expression on her face.

Uh oh, I think.

"Jim, when we were fighting before, remember? In the house?... What was you rubbing on me? You had something hard in your pocket."

"Ah, Tammy, do you know what boys have down here?" I point at my crotch.

"Uh huh. I seen some before." She is more at ease than I am. Good, because we need to clear this up. I can't have her asking her mom or sister to explain to her what I was doing.

"You did? Where?"

"I seen Mandy's little brother. He pees in the bushes." She wrinkles her nose. "I seen my cousin too when he was a baby. They got peenees."


"Yeah, peenees." She extends an index finger and puts her hand in the vee of her crotch as she sits, finger extended to illustrate what it looks like to dumb old me.

"Okay, that was what you felt rubbing on you."

"Uh uh! No way! It was too big and hard."

"Uh huh. Way! I am a man and so it is bigger, and you made it get hard so I rubbed it against you. How did you like it?"

"It feels good! Me and Janet do that in bed sometimes... Well, what happened to your big old hard thing then?" She pointedly looks at my crotch which is about ninety percent normal.

"It doesn't stay hard all the time. Usually it is smaller and soft and behaves itself. But when a very pretty girl comes over to my house, and she sits so I can see her panties... Well, then he gets all hard and stuff. And my penis feels good when he is rubbed too."

Tammy looks at my pants. She gets her impish grin, and spreads her legs wide, giving me a good wide panty crotch shot. "Look, Jim!"

I look, and I let it happen. I have been fighting it during the conversation, and doing a good job, but now I let it "all hang out." My little guy rises valorously in my pants and shows off by visibly jerking out against the confining fly a few times. "There you go."

"Ooh!" Tammy is suitably impressed. Her eyes are big and round. She closes her legs as if to see if she can shut it off.

I wish I had that much control, I would love to see the look on her face if I could pop it up and down like that. But I cannot. "He wants to be rubbed first." I offer.

"We could do like we were doing before in the house."

"I know another way. Let's go on the swing."

"Okay!" Tammy is off the bar before I can move. We head for the swing set.

I have one swing that is set a little higher for me. I sit on it and rearrange little Jim so he is pointing up to my belt, and then pat my lap for her. "Climb up here facing me."

We get ourselves arranged and I lean back so she can put her wide stretched little panty crotch right up against my bump. She rolls her hips back and forth. rubbing herself against the bottom of my cock, and I help by squeezing and relaxing my large gluteus muscles as I clutch a butt cheek in each hand, helping her motion. It is just not as good as our earlier effort.

"I can't hardly feel it." Tammy sits up and looks down between us. "Maybe you should take it out of your pants. They are too tight now sitting down."

"I don't know... Do you really think so? What if someone comes?" I have been trying to think of how to broach this idea myself, and now my stupid conscience is trying to screw me up. But Tammy is on it.

"If I sit close and pull my skirt over like this, no one can see."

"Okay, but if someone comes, remember, stay still. Slide back a little." I slide my zipper down as Tammy watches closely and I dig in my jockey shorts and pull out my hard cock with some difficulty. When it is free and erect, I stroke it a few times as she watches. "Want to try it?"

Tammy looks at my erection, purplish head straining up, foreskin peeled back, all ready for action. She touches first one finger to the shaft and then to the head, pushing it to one side and watching it spring back upright.

"Its hot!" She grasps it, and then releases it as it jumps in her fingers and I grunt with a jolt of sensation. It has been a long time since anyone but myself has held it. "Ooh! Did that hurt your peenee?"

"No. It feels extra good when you touch it. It thinks you are a very special little girl."

"Um, can we rub now?" She scoots forward and releases my cock.

"Sure. Slide on back up here." Now I can almost feel the lips of her pussy and the cleft on my cock as she rubs her panty crotch against my bare skin. The loss of all the layers of my shorts and pants and fly zipper makes a big difference. A lot more sensation through just the thin layers of soft cotton. I have a daring idea. "Hey! Tammy!"

"Huh?" She is starting to feel it, I can tell by her dazed response.

"If you took your panties off, we could feel it even better."

Tammy sits up and looks up at me for a moment. "Okay."

I'm shocked. I expected a refusal, but I underestimated my little girl. Tammy scoots back, swings a leg around and slides off my lap and in a flash has shucked her panties. I can't see anything as she does it all so fast and by reaching up under her skirt. She steps out of her panties and holds them up and I take them and stuff them in my pocket. Then she is back on my legs, and I am having an up close and personal look between her legs, as she swings one over and scoots forward again.

"Darn! I didn't hardly get to see your thing, I told her hoping for more.

"Oh. Okay. Here. Look." She flips her skirt up over her chest and sits back so I have a clear view of "her thing." Damn! With her legs spread open by having a leg on either side of my hips, she is quite a sight.

"Um! Nice." I take in smooth thighs leading up to a rather wide open pussy. She is a big boned girl, and she has wide sex lips and a big mound, nothing little or delicate about Tammy. She is not fat, but what you would call husky. Her cleft is wide and deep between thick lips. I can see the beginnings of pink inner lips and the vagina with its opening gaping up at me.

Tammy is not a virgin. Where she lost her hymen I can only wonder and speculate now, but it is gone and has been gone for a while. Unless she is a very cool customer, I cannot believe she has lost it to intercourse, as she seemed so innocent about that when we talked. I store this information away for another time, and continue my visual tour. I can see a little urethra opening, and just above, a rather large clitoral hood, dark brick red against paler pink sides, and a engorged reddish-pink clit peeping out.

I can see signs of arousal, a small amount of moisture oozing out of the vaginal opening, and down over her perineum. I thought I had felt some moisture when I took her panties, now I am sure I had. She is not real wet, but our play has caused her juices to start flowing.

Tammy slides forward and glues the cleft in her pussy against the bottom of my cock. I am neither long nor thick, and her larger than average eight year old girl pussy envelopes the bottom of my average man cock nicely, as she starts rolling her hips to provide the proper motion to excite her clit against the bottom of my erection. I feel her clit rubbing over the tender spot where my penis shaft joins the head. Now my hands clutch smooth warm flesh on her rear cheeks, and my finger tips dig into her crack almost to her little anus.

The feeling is delightful, for both of us, as I hear little mewling moans from Tammy every time I thrust myself up at her. Suddenly, she goes into almost a spasm of quick lunges and then one straining climax. She reaches a quiet orgasm and then relaxes against me, breathing almost as hard as I am against my chest. I have not climaxed, but decide against trying for one now. She will have to go home soon, and she does not need any more mess. I hug and pat my little girl on her back and fanny as she recovers. She sits up and blinks at me a couple of times and then she pops a big grin. Tammy is back.

"That was a real good one. That was my best one yet. We're gonna do that again, but I better go home now. My mom should be home." She slides back, looks down at my still hard cock, and then grins up at me and giggles. She rubs one hand up my cock and then shows me her fingers. "I got your peenee all wet. I always get wet now."

I reach in my back pocket and pull out a hankie. "Let me do it." I wipe off her hand. Then I lift her dress and wipe her slit and perineum and then my slick penis. The odor of her little girl musk scent fills my nostrils. As she slips her legs free and stands, I pull her panties out of my pocket, and bring hem up close to my face for a sneaky sniff. I love to smell little girl panty crotch. The pheromones floating in the air go into my nose and directly into sensory receptors in my brain and send signals to my cock, and he jumps in response. Tammy catches it out of the corner of her eye, and giggles and pets it a couple of times before she accepts her panties.

"Is he going to go soft now? I'm not rubbing on him anymore."

"Yes, he is going to go soft very soon now." 'As soon as you leave and I can get to the bathroom,' I think. "You aren't going to tell anyone about what we did, our rubbing, are you Tammy?" I stuff little Jim back into my pants.

Tammy pauses with one leg in her panties. "I should say not! I had my panties off. My mom would kill me!"

"Good girl. We don't want to tell anyone about our fun, right?"

"Nope. Not even Janet. Bye, Jim. Don't forget!" She pauses just before opening the gate, and turns and gives my still hard cock a quick rub and a squeeze through my pants, and then she laughs all the way down the driveway.

No, I think, we especially don't want to tell Janet. I hold my hankie to my nose as I turn and head into the house. That one will go under my pillow and will not be washed anytime soon.



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