Several people have asked for more Tammy stories, so here you go.  Some people have wondered if the events in the first story (Tammy Is First) really happened.  No, they did not.  The girl was real, but her name was not Tammy, and she is a grandmother now.  She was just part of the gang at Jim's pool that Jim sat and dreamed about.



And loves it...

Tammy and Jim are at it again, but there is an accident.  Will everything come out all right in the end?  Okay, it's a bad pun, but you have to read the story to find out why.

By JimBob

(Mg, 1st, cons, ped)

From the Pool Series, this group of stories features Tammy, Janet's little sister and an adventurous little girl. Stories of this subset include TAMMY IS FIRST, TAMMY GETS IT, and TAMMY FINDS A FRIEND.

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It is Friday, and my boys are both invited off on sleepovers.  They went to the houses of their friends with their backpacks when the friends went home from swimming.  The house will be empty this evening.  The kids are all drifting off home after an afternoon of swimming.  The last group leaves, and then in a few moments, one comes back.

"What did you forget, Tammy?"

"I need to go, and all the paper is gone."  There is a toilet and shower in my pool house.  The shower never gets used.  The toilet often does.  The kids take my "Don't pee in the pool" rule seriously.

"Come on, you can use my bathroom."  I get the sense of urgency.

"Good, cause I gotta go bad."

She runs in through the sliding doors, and disappears into the bathroom.  I go into the other bath and get a fresh roll of paper for outside.  I wait by the bedroom door for her to come out.  She does, pulling up her bottoms.

"Everything come out okay?"

Tammy just nods.  "Thanks, Jim"

"You're welcome."  I start to straighten up lounges and pick up pool toys.

Tammy doesn't go.  "Can I help you, Jim?"

"Don't you have to get home?"

"Nope.  Mom won't be home until late.  Just bossy Janet is there now."

I get a thrill.  Mom being late has given me an opportunity for a little fun with Tammy before.  "Wait here," I tell Tammy.  I go out and shut the garage door. Then I go back, and I take Tammy's hand and lead her back into my bedroom.  She does not resist. 

“Oh boy, we're gonna do it!” she says with unconcealed excitement.

“You bet,” I replied evenly in an attempt to conceal my own excitement.

I leave her by the bed while I go to the linen closet and pull out a large bath towel.  I spread it out on the bed, and Tammy jumps up and lies down on the middle of it and giggles.  She is such a pretty little girl.  Well, not really little.  She is eight years old, but has the body of an older and bigger girl. She is not fat, just big boned and what we used to call husky.  She has breasts like a ten year old, but hers are from baby fat, not development.  She has the best nature of any child I have ever met, and is the most open and direct child I know. 

"Hey, Tammy, you know you don't have to do this stuff if you don't want to.  You know that, right?”

“I know.  I want to do it, it feels good.  We know how real good now.  Why do you think I came back?”

“To pee?”

“Nope.  Didn't have to pee.  And no toilet paper wouldn't have stopped me if I did.”

“Oh.  You know something?”


“You get a tickle for fooling me like that!”  As I said it I jumped on the bed and held her down.  Then I tickled her ribs and got her under the armpits.  Then as I laid on her with the full weight of my body, I pushed her damp bikini top up above her baby fat mounds on her chest, and I licked her little nipples to full hardness. 

Tammy was a mass of giggling flesh, and could not mount a proper defense.  Nor did she want to.  She had just recently found that her nipples were getting sensitive, and appreciated male attention.  After I had sucked each little mound in my mouth and ran my tongue over the nipple for a while, I pulled Tammy's top off over her head.

It seems I had pulled her top up above her boobs once before for a long session of rubbing, and she had gone home and changed into a sundress with a very low back. Her mother had spotted the red mark her suit top had made high up on her back.  Tammy had been able to put her off by telling her mom that she had twisted the back strap putting it on, and had worn it most of the day that way.  But that was enough of a close call for us.  I won’t make that mistake again; best that I just strip her naked, but why rush things?

Now I looked into Tammy's big brown eyes, and I think I am going to introduce her to another delight of sex.  I haven't kissed her yet either, our business has been strictly her satisfaction.  She has had a good orgasm every time we have rubbed our genitals together, and that is what she thinks this is all about.  I rectify the kissing lack with a quick peck to her lips.  She is surprised.

“I like you a lot, Tammy.  Is it okay if I kiss you?”

“Are we gonna get married?”

“If we kiss, it doesn't mean we have to get married.”

“Lynn says...”

“Lynn was telling you stories.  You see me kiss girls by the pool sometimes.  It just means we are good friends.”

Tammy thinks about this.  She has seen me kiss girls I didn't marry.  “Okay.  But you gotta promise you won't tell my Mom.”

“Okay, we won't tell your mom.”

I gave her another quick one, then a little longer one. Then another.  She met me on the third one, and I held it longer, just a pursed lip kiss, no open mouth, no tongue, no hurry.  I get up off of her as she eyes the lump in my suit that has been pressing into her mound.

As she watches, I ease my swimsuit down past my erect cock, and down my legs, and kick it to one side.  Then I bend over and peel her swimsuit bottom off.  She lifts her butt to help me.  I spread her suit bottoms and top out so she could get into them quickly if need be.  I pick mine up and straighten it out too.  It never hurts to be prepared.

Tammy spreads her legs in anticipation that I will soon be crawling between them.  We had found on our first meeting how nice it felt to rub my bare erection in the grove of her bare pussy, exciting both her clitoris and my cock in the process.  We had found the best way was lying down with me on top, though sometimes, she likes to get on top and ride me.  We had done it a few times since, not always bare though.  But when we were bare, Tammy always got nice and wet and slippery.

I crawl between Tammy's legs, and together we adjust our bodies so my cock is up along my belly, and nestled in the cleft of her pussy.  I can feel the warm lips around the bottom part of my shaft as I make a few slow test strokes. 

Tammy reacts as she usually does when she is satisfied with what I am doing.  She closes her eyes, and turns her head to one side.  I increase the pace.  Tammy starts to get wet.  My cock slips easier in the groove, and I can press down harder because there is no more friction.  I am thinking about the first time we did this, on the swing in the back yard.  Tammy had a climax then, and judging by the noises she is making, she will have one now. 

As my mind wanders, so does my control.  I pull back too far.  My cock drops out of the groove, and down.  When I make my next thrust forward, the head of my cock is lined up with Tammy's hole.  My thrust, which I cannot stop at first, and do not want to stop later, drives my hard cock deep into Tammy's eight year old vagina.

Tammy and I both grunt in surprise.  I did not pop her cherry, it was gone.  It seems that Tammy and Janet took baths together, and experimented together.  Tammy lost her virginity at the age of six, to a hair brush wielded by her eight year old sister.  Tammy has told me about it.  She was way more concerned about her mother's reaction than about the pain and the blood.

Tammy's eyes have popped open, and she stares up at me in surprise.  I remain still after my initial thrust, enjoying the feel of tight little girl cunt enfolding my rod.  Now that I am there, I wonder why I didn't think to try to penetrate her before.  Then I remember.  Tammy was usually the one on top, and in control, and Tammy likes to have her clit massaged.  

I am on her and in her now though, and it feels great, not that the rubbing wasn't nice.  But I am in control, and I decide I am going to have my orgasm this time, in the proper old fashioned way.  I make a slow withdrawal, then I stroke back in, deeper.  There is plenty of girly lube and precum to keep the friction down.   The tight sheath causes my foreskin to rub my penis.  The soft wrinkles and ribs on the inside of her tube massage the corona and the head as it plows through them. 

After six slow strokes I stop, deep in her.  My hairy pubic bone is pressing against her clitoris. She has grunted at my last two full deep strokes.  I want her to learn that we can fuck, and she can still have her clit massaged.  If she doesn't cum from my fuck, I will bring her off with my fingers… or my tongue.  She hasn't felt that yet.

“Tammy!  Are you all right?  Does it feel good?”

Tammy opens her eyes again.  “Uh huh.  I like this.”


“No.  It feels full down there, and kind of tickles all over.”  She rubs her little nipples as if to show me where.

“Okay then, here we go.”

I start to fuck her in earnest, stroking long and slow, and then shorter and harder.  Our bodies slap together because I make the short strokes quick and deep.”

Tammy giggles and then bites her lips as a small crisis hits her.  Her hips begin to move in unison with my strokes.

I have to giggle a little too, as the action of our bodies brings back a teenage saying, describing how the strokes are slightly varied.  It goes like this, ‘Hit the apple.  Hit the peach.  Hit the pear.  And make like grinding coffee.’

Tammy is grinding coffee like crazy.  The little girl really got into our clit rubbing sessions, and she is into this fucking stuff now.  Tammy is not shy about helping to make herself feel good.  So far we haven't worried about making me feel good, but that is about to change.

Tammy is a big enough girl that by just bending a little, I can reach her lips with mine.  It is time to try another kiss.

Tammy's eyes fly open again as I kiss her on the lips.  I start the kiss closed mouth, but open my lips slightly and slide my tongue out.  Tammy keeps her lips closed. I break the kiss.

“Hey, Tammy!  Open your lips a little.  Do what I do.”

Tammy nods and I kiss her again, finding slightly open lips.  I feel her pursed lips relax.  They open slightly, and my more insistent tongue opens them more. I let my tongue play with her lips, knowing that soon her tongue will have to come out and investigate.  Finally, I feel the tip touch mine.  I follow it back into her mouth when it retreats.  I chase it around her mouth, and then retreat back into my own mouth.  Her tongue follows.  I suck it in and suck on it.  Tammy breaks the kiss.  She is breathing heaver now.  Probably just not used to breathing through her nose.  I don't kid myself that it is passion.  She is only eight. She just knows that this stuff feels good.  But I feel passion.  The kissing is for me.

But wait!  The little nipples on her chest poke up hard and erect.  I can see a faint blush of red over the tops of her little breast mounds, and up her chest to her neck. Tammy is feeling something.  The chest flush means passion to me.  My little girlie is awakening to sex!  I may have a regular sex partner in this girl.  Forget Janet.  I can have an eight year old that responds, and enjoys it.  So why chase that contrary little bitch?  But I know I will.  I enjoy the chase.

What I am doing is trying to think of something besides how much I am enjoying this fuck, as I wait for Tammy to reach her climax.  This is so exciting, actually being in an eight year old pussy that I could cum right now.  I don't want to do that. When the crisis hits Tammy, I want to cum in unison with her.  I've done it a couple of times when we were just rubbing, and it was a kick.

A funny thing I have noticed about little girls is that they will try to hide their orgasm from me, because they are somehow ashamed that their body has responded to what their mothers have drilled into them is nasty, and not allowed by good little girls.  Yes, they did allow it, and yes they did enjoy it, but no, they don't want to give me the satisfaction of seeing them enjoy it.  Does this make sense?  Tammy has no inhibitions.  She enjoys it, she allows it, and when she cums, she announces it; an honest and open little girl, a real rarity.

Tammy's grunt of frustration brings me back again. I suddenly have a clue as to why she is not coming along as she usually does.  Tammy is used to having a clitoral orgasm.  When we rub, my penis and her clitoris are in constant contact.  Now, I am in her, and she is getting only the bumping of my hard pubic bone on her clitoris.  So, digital stimulation, or go for the “G” spot.  “G” spot, I decide.  I change my position, and the depth of my stroke, so her little tickle spot inside under and toward the rear of her clit gets a good rubbing by the head and corona of my penis.  I can tell by her reaction that I have hit pay dirt.  The hips begin to pump, and she responds to the thrills and tingles she feels from inside her little pussy.

Bang!  In less than two minutes she is there. 

“Jim!  Oh!  Jim.  Oooh!”  She writhes and twists in the throes of her first vaginal orgasm.  I don't know if they feel different, and right now I don't care.  I thrust myself in deep, and I cum, propelled to it by her movement under me and around my cock. I squirt my semen up into her cervix in great shuddering spurts, until she is full, and it is running out.

Tammy is not surprised at me shooting; she has felt the hot juice on her belly before.  She has now felt it going up inside her.  Now that I can think straight again, I remember why that is a no, no, with little girls that have to put their panties on and go home.  Semen runs back out. It stains panty crotches.  It dries on panty crotches. Mothers sometimes see these stains and crusty crotches and ask questions that little girls are not prepared to answer.

I take Tammy into my bathroom, and from my medicine cabinet, I pull a strange tool to have in a house full of men; a douche syringe. I sit Tammy on the toilet while I fill the douche bulb with warm water.  Then I have her spread her legs and I rinse the milky semen out while Tammy wiggles and giggles, until the water runs clear.  Then I give Tammy her bottoms with a big wad of toilet tissue to catch the few drips that will continue to make their way out in the next few minutes while the two of us play a game of eight ball in the rec-room.

After we finish the game, (I let her win,) we go back into the bathroom.  Everything is fine with Tammy, so we discard her pad, and she heads off for home.  She is a happy little girl, and I am a satisfied man.  What could be better than that? 


I think there is another Tammy story floating around in my head.  Watch for it.


My stories are fantasies.  None of my characters are real people.  Do not try this at home, or anywhere else.


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