By Lasiter

(mf, mg, mmf, bond, voy, exhib, interr, humil, oral, inc, 1st, reluc, lang)

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It was proving to be a long hot summer and school had been out for only two weeks.  Erica and her brother Luke were desperate for something to do.  Out on their grandfather’s farm, they were isolated and only had each other’s company.  That was fine for a day or two, but then it got old, real old.

“Why don’t you put your stupid dolls away?” demanded Luke of his ten-year-old sister.

“Why don’t you just go and get lost!” retorted the twelve-year-old boy’s sister.

“Hey, you know, that might be a good idea!” replied Luke.  “C’mon, let’s go into the woods.”

“It’s scary in the woods!”

“It is not!”

“Is too!”

Luke had every intention of getting Erica out in the woods and having a little fun her, you know, running off and leaving her.  She was terrified of the woods and what may be lurking behind the next bush.  Then he’d keep out of sight and watch as she tried to find her way home.  In his mind’s eye he envisioned the ambush, of Erica shrieking in terror while he laughed his ass off at her.  Yeah, he’d get in trouble with Poppy, but it’d be worth it.

“Oh, c’mon, Sis.  It’s not scary.  Besides I’ll be with you.”

Her doll’s head had fallen off the day before and Poppy had done his best to fix it, but it still hung loosely and threatened to fall off again at any moment.  As such she had to be very careful with her doll, and being very careful wasn’t a lot of fun. Her options were limited and she desperately wanted to do something, anything to relieve the boredom. She didn't trust Luke, but maybe this time... “You won’t run off and leave me again, will you?”

“No,” her brother lied stiffling a smile.  “I promise. I’ll stay with you.  Listen, I know of really neat place.  You’ll really like it, Erica.”

“What kind of place?”

Ummm, it’s an old barn and it, ummm, has all sorts of neat stuff in it.”

“Like what?”

“I dunno.  There’s a tractor, and an old car, and…”

“That’s sounds boring,” rebuffed his little sister.

“And… there’s kittens!”

“Kittens?” she asked hopefully.

Luke noted the glee in her eyes and knew he had her.  Of course there weren’t any kittens, wasn’t any barn either, but she didn’t have to know that until she found out for herself, and by then it would be too late.  “Yes, kittens.  Must be six of them,” her brother said struggling to keep a straight face. 

“Okay, I want to see the kittens.”

“Well, then c’mon, Sissy.”

The two kids headed out across the dusty gravel road and then skirted the freshly plowed field.  Their grandfather was plowing that field, but he didn’t notice them.  He turned his tractor just as his two young charges for the summer slipped into the woods. 

Luke followed a trail that snaked through the hardwoods and pines.  He really wasn’t sure where he was going, he was just going.  He was mostly interested in finding the ideal spot to spring his trap.  They came to a fence line and Luke led the way across.  Little did he realize that they had stepped onto the McCutty farm.  His grandfather had warned him of trespassing on the McCuttys, but he really wasn’t at all sure where that was.  All he really knew was that the McCutty boys were mean, just like their father.  So mean that his grandfather thought the whole family should be in jail and not free to run about.

Erica followed her brother, growing more apprehensive by the moment.  Suddenly an old barn appeared, tucked away between some small trees.  It was in sore need of repair.  “Is that it?” she asked hopefully.

“Sure is,” replied her surprised brother.  “C’mon, let’s look inside.”

It was wide open, the doors having fallen off and left rotting on the ground.  Sun shone through a hole in the roof.  There wasn’t much inside the dilapidated barn.  No tractor, no old car and no kittens.  It was pretty much bare except for some broken tools, ropes, wooden crates and few old blankets.  There were also several large spider webs and a wasp nest.   “Let’s get out of here,” pleaded Erica.

“Just a few minutes, Sis.  Let’s check it out.  Maybe there’s buried treasure in here.”

“If there is, it’s not ours,” she wisely replied.

Luke ignored his sister and poked about the barn until he was satisfied that there really wasn’t anything of interest there. Suddenly there were two older boys standing in the open doorway.  They had a girl with them, a black girl and she was unsuccessfully trying to get away from them, but the rough-looking white two boys were much too strong for her.

“Hey, Quince!  Look what we have here!  Trespassers!” said one of the boys.

Surprised, Luke froze in his tracks while Erica cowered in back of her brother.

“Look at all the damage they've done, Quince!” said the oldest of the two.  “Look, they even put a hole in the roof!”

“Did not!” protested Luke.

“And they stole all of Pa’s tools,” said the other brother.

“There wasn’t anything here to steal!” pleaded Luke indignantly .

“Liar!  That's because ya already stole it all!  You’re going to jail, both of ya!”

“No!  You can’t do that.”

“Hell, if we can’t!  We could shoot ya down if we wanted!”

“I’ll go get the guns, Clem!”

“Stay put, Quince.” Clem turned his attention back to Luke.  “So what are ya doing here?  Ya thinkin’ of fuckin’ that girl?”

Luke stuttered, “N, n, no, we were just looking.”

“This barn is for fuckin’ girls,” stated the younger McCutty boy.

“Well, uh, we were just leaving.”

“The hell you are!” interjected the older boy.  “Ya ain’t goinnowhere!”

The McCutty brothers had an impromptu pow wow to discuss this newest development.  Suddenly they released the black girl and told her to skedaddle.  Luke had seen how she had been resisting the two boys and was surprised when she didn’t turn and run off.  Instead she put her arms on her hips and demanded, “Yo ain’t gonna do me?”

“Well, if that don’t beat all,” said Quince the youngest of the  McCutty brothers.  “All that fussin’ was just an act?”

“Ah don’ want yo ta thinks ah’m easy,’ she replied coyly cocking her head to the side and taking a defiant pose.

“Hell girl, you ain’t nuthing but a black assed slut, aren’t ya?  Well, girl, if ya wants some white dick, then you better get your nigger ass naked!  Now!” demanded Quince.

She had been fully expecting to be raped, but the racial slur stung and she glared at the boy. Realizing that she would just have to take it in order to get the job as a housegirl she rationalized, 'Da don' mean it.'   After all, she had been warned about the McCuttys long before she came looking for the job. The verbal abuse would just have to be accepted along with the sexual abuse.

Luke was now really surprised as the black girl pulled her dress over her head.  She wasn’t wearing anything else underneath, so she was naked in a flash.

“Hey, boy!” called out the larger of the two McCutty boys.  “Ya want some poontang?  Trade ya this hot nigger whore for that piece of tail ya brought.  How about it?  Trade?”

“She’s my sister,” Luke protested feeling suddenly protective.

“The hell ya say?  Well… sisters fuck.  She fucks doesn’t she?”

“No, she doesn’t.”

The older boy snorted, “Well, she will.  Won’t she, Quince?”

“Yeah, she’ll fuck alright.”

“I, I think we had better go,” said Luke.

“Ya ain't goin' nowheres, boy, and that lil’ pussy ain’t goin’ nowhere either.  Not 'til we finish with her."

Knowing that they were in a bad situation that was going to get much worse, Luke grabbed his little sister by the arm and shouted, “Run, Erica!  Run!”  It was a gallant attempt, but they really had nowhere to go, not with the two McCutty boys blocking the way out.  They tried to make a break for it anyway, but Luke just found himself sprawled out onto the ground after being tripped.  A booted foot landed on his neck and he heard his little sister scream.  Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that one of the McCutty boys had Erica in his clutches. 

Struggle as she might, Erica was no match for the older boy. He easily hauled her over to the side of the barn and just as easily, tied her hands over her head to a hook set into a support beam.  Once she was restrained, the McCutty boy began stripping her.  He yanked her t-shirt up and over her head, leaving it still on her outstretched arms, but above her head.  Then he went after her shorts.  The elastic waistband of her red shorts offered no real resistance.  Erica kicked at him, but that just made that much easier for her antagonist to slip her shorts and panties completely off.  Ooooo! Looky here!  She ain’t got no hair!” he called out as he exposed her bald pussy for all to see.

The pressure on his neck was relieved and Luke was yanked to his feet.  He felt the powerful grip on his arm and knew it was useless to resist.  A moment later he joined his little sister, who was now nude for all practical purposes.  He too was tied to a support beam with his hands over his head.  Then, like his sister, he was stripped.

With their two new prisoners under control, the two McCutty boys casually discarded their own clothing.  Erica had never seen a boy’s dick before and she was fascinated by the sight of the organs of the two well endowed males.  She glanced to her left and saw her brother’s pecker too.  It wasn’t nearly as large as the McCutty boys’ dicks, but she was fascinated nonetheless.

“Here’s the deal,” said the oldest boy.  “This here’s a fuckin’ barn and there gonna be some fuckingoin’ on real soon.  The only question is, who’s gonna fuck who?”

“I know,” said his brother, “Let’s you and me do the white girl.”

“Who’s gonna do the nigger?”

“I dunno.  Him?”

The older boy thought for a moment and then asked Luke, “Boy, ya ever fucked a girl before?”

“No,” answered Luke truthfully.  He’d thought about it, imagined doing it, but he’d never actually done it before.

Lordy be! I think we got ourselves a couple of virgins, Quince.  Wha’cha say we make this a memorable experience for them?”

Wha’cha got in mind, Clem?”  Clem took his younger brother aside and they had a whispered conversation.  After a few minutes the two broke off the discussion.  A decision had been made.

Clem looked over at the naked black girl and called to her, “C’mere, girl!”  The black girl sauntered up to him, making an exaggerated sway of her naked hips as she did.  “You’re hot nigger bitch, ain’t cha, girl?” She just smiled saucily at the older white boy.

Clem turned his attention back to Luke.  “I don’t suppose your sister knows how to give a blowjob, does she?”   Luke shook his head.  Certainly Erica knew nothing of those matters.  “Well, you and this nigger are gonna show her how to do it.”  He slapped the black girl on her bare rump and directed her to her assigned task.

Quince was now standing near Erica, running his hand over the bare skin of her tummy and flat chest.  “Now you watch real good, sweetie.  Watch and learn.  After she does your brother, you’re gonna do me and my brother.”

The black girl stood before Luke.  He’d never seen a naked girl before.  That wasn’t exactly true, he’d seen Erica naked, but that was years ago.  What he’d never seen before was a naked girl with tits, full tits.  Black or not, he liked what he saw and at the touch of her cool hand on his flaccid prick, he immediately began to get hard.

“See what she’s doing to your brother’s dick?” Quince asked.  “She’s making it hard.  Ya think ya could do that?”  Erica was too scared to answer.  “Now, watch and learn,” he instructed. 

Erica watched as the black girl knelt in front of her brother.  Actually she didn’t have much choice as Quince held her face in his rough hand and held it so that she couldn’t turn away. Not that she really wanted to.  Her eyes grew wide as the pink tongue darted from the coal black face to flicker across Luke’s proud organ.  It was with wonder that she saw her brother’s erection grow even larger as his prick was licked.  The black girl spent several minutes just licking Luke’s prick.  As Erica watched, she became aware that she was increasingly feeling peculiar and that she was sort of short of breath.

The black girl stopped for a moment and asked Luke, “Do yo likes dat, honey?”

“Yeah!” he gasped.  “It feels real good.”  Then his eyes rolled back into his head as her big meaty lips slipped over the spongy head of his young prick.

“See how she sucks on his dick,” whispered Quince to Erica.  “I think your brother likes it.  Ya think ya can do that?”  Transfixed on the scene playing out just a few feet away, Erica nodded that she could do that.  “Good girl,” cooed Quince as his free hand continued to roam across her bare skin.  Wha’cha say that we give it a try?”

Luke was in heaven.  He’d never felt anything so good in his life.  The black girl teased his cock with her fleshy lips and tongue.   She was an expert at blowjobs and she gave him her best.  Lazily, Luke looked to his right and saw that Quince was untying Erica from the hook.  With her hands free, Quince slipped the remaining clothes over Erica’s arms and carelessly discarded her t-shirt on the dirt floor.  As the talented mouth danced all over his virginal prick, it didn’t register on Luke what was actually transpiring with his younger sister, even as Erica knelt before Quince and his large dick.  The tingling announcing his impending climax increased to the point of no return and he let his orgasm flow from his prostate, the powerful spasms sending electric shocks throughout his body.  His balls had begun making sperm a few months before and a modest load squeezed out of his dick and into the black girl’s mouth.  Like a fish on a hook, his body twisted and turned as the pleasurable sensations flooded his youthful nervous system.

Erica had a little trouble getting Quince’s prick into her mouth.  It wasn’t that he was particularly large, it was simply her mouth was rather small.  Despite having a mouthful, Erica relished the texture of the erect prick that now occupied her mouth, exploring it as best she could with what she had.  “That’s right, Honey.  Use your tongue,” praised Quince.  “Now move it in and out.  That’s a girl!  Ya catch on quick.  Ya sure ya ain’t done this before?”

When Luke had caught his breath, he first looked down at the black girl smiling up at him, her white teeth gleaming against the dark color of her face.  Next he looked over to his sister as she sucked cock for the first time in her life.  Quince seemed to be enjoying it and Luke found himself identifying with his antagonist in a way that would have been impossible just a few moments before. 

“Keep suckin’ my dick, bitch!  That’s it, Baby.  Ooooo, yeah… I’m getting’ ready to blow.  Keep sucking and don’t stop!” the older boy groaned.  Luke observed that the boy tensed and then began to jerk.  Erica observed that the cock swelled even more in her mouth and then began throbbing.  “Swallow it, ya fuckin’ slut!” Quince cursed.  “Swallow it all!”

The flood of sperm took the young girl completely by surprise. She choked and began to sputter.  Globs of white goo shot from her nose as she struggled to control the onslaught.  Quince showed mercy and pulled his erupting dick from her mouth, sending several shots of cum into her face and onto her flat chest.

Once his younger brother had finished, Clem stepped up to the young girl.  He grabbed her by the hair and turned her to face toward her own brother, still tied to the hook.  Luke was shocked at the sight of cum dripping from his sister’s face, but not so shocked to object when Clem pulled her head into his crotch.  Erica instinctively knew to open her mouth and the big dick was forced into her mouth.  He was a lot bigger than his brother was.  Still she somehow managed to get more than just the uncut head into her mouth.  Clem began humping into her face while pulling her head back and forth, raping her mouth.  Erica relaxed her jaw as much as she could and several more inches of hard fuck-stick slipped into her mouth. 

“Get ready, girl… Here it comes,” hissed Clem through his clenched teeth.  Erica knew what to expect this time, but the large volume of the oldest boy’s load was more than she could manage.  Unlike Quince, Clem showed little mercy as cum shot from the young girl’s nose.  Just as Erica thought she might drown, he pulled her off his spewing dick, allowing her to gasp for air, and then shoved his cock back into her mouth to finish.  Erica had no choice but to breathe through her nose and in doing so, sucked cum mixed with snot back into her throat.  At least she could breathe, even if she did rattle from the thick liquid that partially blocked her nasal passage. 

The face fucking stopped and Clem just held her head steady and savored his orgasm.  ‘How does it do that?’ she wondered as the once mighty cock in her mouth begin to shirk and became appreciably softer.  It was all so strange.  One moment it was hard and now it was soft and pliable. She knew that she’d have to investigate this discovery further.

To Erica’s disappointment, Clem pulled his now soft dick from between her nursing lips.  Ya like this shit, don’t ya?” he asked.  Erica didn’t answer.  It was one thing to be doing it, but now that it was over, she felt embarrassed about it.  “Answer me, cunt!” the boy demanded.  Erica nodded her agreement.  “That’s what I thought,” he said with a hiss.

Clem turned to Erica’s brother.  “Hey boy, your little sister likes suckin’ dicks. Wanna take bets that she’ll like fuckin’ too?” 

He turned back to the still kneeling girl.  With his bare foot, he pushed over onto the bare ground.  “You’re gonna need to be lying down for what’s comin’ next, cunt.”  Erica looked up at her tormentor, unsure as to what and unsure if there was anything she could do.  Rape was the last thing on her mind as it never occurred to her what men and women do.  Clem kicked at her ankles.  “Spread your legs, cunt,” he said with an evil grin.  He nudged her again and she complied with his demand, spreading her legs apart and leaving her virgin sex on display and vulnerable.

“See, she wants to fuck,” Clem said to Erica’s brother who was still bound and helpless. Futilely Luke struggled.  Clem stepped up to him and offered, “Ya want me to let ya go?”

“Yes!” barked Luke.  Clem suddenly grabbed him by the balls, sending a nauseating wave of discomfort throughout his system.

Ya gonna be a good boy?  Be a good boy and do as we say?”

What choice did he have?  He had to do something, anything to protect Erica as best he could, but he knew he had no chance at all in his present situation.  “Yes,” the defeated boy replied.   Luke was relieved when the iron grip on his pubescent testicles was relaxed.

Ya try any funny business, boy, and both of you, you and your sister, will regret it.  Ya understand me, boy?”


“Now, tell me the truth.  Did ya enjoy your blowjob?”

“Yes,” replied Luke truthfully.

“Felt great didn’t it?”

“Yes.  Yes it did.”

“Felt better than me grabbing your nuts?”


“Here’s a secret.  Feels even better to slide your dick into a wet cunthole.  Would ya like to do that?  Fuck a girl?”

“I, I guess.”

“Hear that, Quince?  Boy here guesses that he’d like to fuck a girl.”

Clem turned back to Luke.  “You guess?  What are you?  Queer?  Ya want get fucked in the ass instead?”

“No!  No!”

“Then what is it, boy?  Fuck a girl or be fucked in the ass? Don’t matter none to us.”

“Fuck a girl!” blurted Luke.  “I want to fuck a girl!”

“Okay, have it your way.”

Clem turned to his brother.  “Quince, get their clothes and run’em up the pulley.  Don’t want them getting the idea that they can run off.  Hell, I guess they can, but they won’t have no clothes!”  Quince immediately gathered Luke and Erica’s clothes, tied them in a bundle and the hoisted them to the barn’s rafters.

He moved close to Luke’s face again, “Ya run boy, I’ll sic my dogs on ya.  They’ll tear ya pieces and bite your dick off.  So, ya not gonna run, are ya?”

“No,” came the whispered reply.  

Luke was thankful when the pressure on his arms was relieved.  Clem quickly untied his wrists and then in an unexpected friendly manner, tousled Luke’s hair saying, “Ready for some fun with these cunts, boy?”

Luke merely nodded, knowing that to do otherwise wouldn’t be the smart thing to do.  Clem again turned to his younger brother.  “Quince, seeing how this here boy ain’t never fucked a girl before, how about if ya give him a live demonstration?”

With a huge grin, Quince walked up casually to little Erica still lying spread open on the dirt floor.  Stroking his cock to a renewed erection, he stuck out his foot and rubbed her between the legs.  Quince looked at Luke, then looked at Erica and back to Luke.  With trepidation Luke and Erica watched as Quince’s cock swelled.  Quince smiled down at the young girl he was molesting with his foot and then turned his attention to the black girl who was standing by watching the developments unfold.  Ya ready to be fucked, girl?” Quince said addressing the black girl.  The black girl looked at him with confusion written across her face.  Quince withdrew his foot from Erica’s virgin pussy and stepped boldly towards the black girl.  Luke too was now confused as he was sure that Quince was going to fuck Erica.

“Lie down!” Quince ordered the startled black girl.  “Lie down and spread’em!” The black girl hesitated.  Impatient, Quince hooked his foot behind the black girl’s ankle and pulled her leg out from under her.  With a thud, she hit the dirt floor.  Spread’em, I said!”   The startled black girl’s legs had flopped open on their own accord and within a fraction of a second, Quince had mounted her, pushing her legs up and out.  “Put it in!” he ordered.  Surprised but pleased at the unexpected turn of events, the black girl reached between her legs, grasped Quince’s cock and guided it to her fuck hole.  Quince shoved his cock into her fully with one thrust.  Immediately he began banging her energetically and just as immediately her black legs surrounded his buttocks, her heels pulling him into her on each and every stroke.

Slap, slap, slap, groin met groin, the impacts sending her black titties into wild gyrations. She grunted in pleasure as her pussy was used.  The sight and sounds of the primal fucking sent Luke’s cock to full attention. For several minutes Quince pounded the girl.  Suddenly he stopped, pulled out and stood up.  “Don’ stop, Honey!  Don’ stop now,” pleaded the black girl.  Quince stepped away and to the black girl’s delight, Clem got between her legs.  Again the fucking was brutal from the get-go and again the black girl was in heaven.  These white boys knew how to treat a black girl, or at least how to treat this black girl. 

The slapping sounds once again ceased and Clem pulled out of the girl.  She didn’t protest this time as she knew it wasn’t over, it was only beginning.  Clem rolled her over and got her on her hands and knees.  Quince ran his cock into her.  The two boys took turns with her, fucking her until they were about to unload and then pulling and yielding her receptive cunt to the other.   Luke was amazed at how they maneuvered her into seemingly impossible positions and then fucking her hard.  At one point they had Luke support her bent over while they plowed into her from the rear.  On and on it went until the boys, communicating by telepathy, unloaded in secession into her unprotected cunt. 

A hush fell across the barn as the coupling ended.  Once Clem had caught his breath, he left the black girl, now covered in dirt, exhausted on the bare dirt floor.  He too was now covered in dirt and wasn’t in the least concerned about it.

“Okay, boy, your turn,” Clem said to Luke.  Luke was ready, that’s for sure and stepped towards the fucked out black girl.  “Not her!” said Clem.  “Her!”  Confused Luke turned and saw that Clem was pointing to Erica.  “Fuck her,” was the incomprehensible order.

“But, but…”

“I said, fuck her.  Either you do her or Quince and I will do her.  Your choice.  Ya said that ya wanted to fuck a girl… ya never said which one, so…”

Luke was grabbed from behind, his arms pinned behind his back by Quince’s powerful grip.  Clem stepped over and straddled Erica facing her feet.  He looked between his legs and said to her, “Ya ready to be fucked?”  He didn’t wait for her reply; instead he grasped her by the ankles and held her wide open as Quince frog marched her brother to his vulnerable sister.

“Your choice,” Clem reiterated.  “Either ya do her or Quince and I will do her.  Your dick’s a lot smaller than ours, so if ya don’t want her hurt, do her!”

Luke knew he really had no choice.  He was going to have to fuck his little sister.  “Okay, okay.  I’ll do it.”

Clem beamed at him.  “That’s the spirit!  Hell, you’re gonna like this, boy.  You’re gonna like it so much that I bet ya gonna thank us for it.

“Let him go, Quince.”

Quince released Luke’s arms and shoved him forward.  Somehow Luke had maintained his erection and he got into position like Quince had done with the black girl. 

When Erica felt her brother’s cock nuzzle into her cunt, she cried out, “No, Luke!  No!”  Luke shoved his prick into his sister. She gasped as her hymen was torn away.  “It hurts, it hurts,” she cried.  “Take it out.  Please take it out.” 

Luke hesitated.  The last thing he wanted to do was to hurt his sister, but… it felt so good.  He withdrew and pushed back in.  God, it felt good.  He stroked again, reveling in the feel of a tight cunt caressing his cock.  He closed his eyes and shut out his sister’s protests and continued to rape her, enjoying it more and more with each stroke. Soon her protests died away and his trusts became more urgent.  Hands directed his hands to the proper position to hold her legs back as he fucked his little sister.

Luke was lustfully lost in the act and when he finally emptied his balls into his sister, it took him several minutes to realize where he was.  As his brain began to function normally, he looked down and into his sister’s face.  She was smiling at him.  He smiled back and rolled off to the side.   Clem and Quince were standing nearby and clapped their approval of the incestuous inaugural performance.

“Didn’t I tell ya that ya’d like fucking?” said Clem.

Still out of breath, Luke nodded.  He did like fucking… liked it a lot.  He was still basking in the afterglow when his clothes hit him in the face.  “Better get out of here,” said Quince.  “If Pa knew ya was trespassing, he’d…”

“That’s right,” interjected Clem, “Pa hates trespassers more than anything.  We don’t want ya to end up in the bottom of an old dry well jus’ because ya wanted to do your little sister.”

He then turned to the black girl.  “What’s yer name?”


“Well Missy, why don’t ya git your black ass up to the house and introduce yourself to Pa.”

“Kin ah gits my clothes?”

“Pa don’t like house girls wearing no clothes, so ya just git like ya is.”  With a swat to her bare ass, Clem sent the girl out of the barn naked and to the house.  By that time, both Luke and Erica had put their clothes back on. 

Ya better git now too,” Quince told them.  “Git before we change our minds.”  Luke grabbed his sister’s hand and fled the barn.

In silence the two pre-teens quickly walked back home through the woods.  Luke was in big trouble and he knew it.  What would he say after Erica told Poppy what had happened and what he'd done?  He'd be better off in the bottom of that dry well.  Luke was nervous and anxious when they ran into their grandfather as he was finishing for the day. 

The old man looked at the two kids, covered in dirt and remarked, “What in hell happened to you two?”

To Luke’s relief, Erica answered, “We were just playing.”

“Playing what?”

“Just playing.” 

The old man shook his head and chuckled saying, “Well, you kids get cleaned up and then come help me put on supper.”

Next day after breakfast, Erica and Luke watched as their grandfather headed to the tractor shed to begin his day of work. 

“What do you want to do today?  Play with your dolls?” asked Luke.

“No.  Dolls are stupid,” answered his little sister.  “How about if we go play in the woods?”

Luke's eyes brightened. “Really? I know where there are some kittens.”

“You're such a lair, Luke," she said with a smile while suggestively pushing her shorts down slightly. "But okay, show me.”


The End


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