Chapter 8

By Coops Cooper

(bb, exhib, Mb, mast, oral)

Ethan takes Hunter and Max back to his studio where he manages to get both boys nude, then in the privacy of his office, Ethan furthers Hunter's training...

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A Note from the author: I do not condone what is portrayed in this story or the subsequent chapters, indeed I find myself both loving (for his genius) and hating (for his manipulation) one of the characters portrayed. Please enjoy and remember this is fantasy not reality.

This is my first story submission, there will be errors with my grammar and I originally wrote the story in first person from Jack's perspective, this didn't work, so I re-edited. If there are still occasionally first person perspectives that make no sense, I apologize.

I welcome feedback, constructive criticism, views on characters, suggestions for future chapters etc. I have a general idea of where I am going with the series, although nothing is set in stone.

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Ethan arrived at his studio with Hunter and Max in tow. He had told them they couldn't go to the cinema dressed how they were and both boys agreed.  He had formulated plans in his head on the drive over, but how much of them would work? He really didn't know – he actually didn't care at this point, he knew he was in dangerous waters having two boys at once.

“There are loads of toys and different things to wear and it's fun,” Hunter explained to Max as Ethan unlocked the studio.

The boys rushed in ahead of Ethan and were in the main studio before Ethan had chance to finish turning off the alarm. “Boys,” he said beginning his plan, “before you start diving into all those toys, let’s get those costumes off so they don't get ruined.”  The two boys stopped in their tracks and turned around obediently. 

“Max, you first.” Ethan knelt down next to his new potential prize and gave his order, knowing the best way to break in a new boy was to be assertive. “Hmm, are you stuck in there?” He grabbed Max all over his front, pretending to look for a zipper making Max giggle.

"No!” Max laughed. “It’s at the back.” 

Ethan turned him around. “Ah, here.” He unclasped the Velcro and tugged the zip down, which went all the way to the top of his butt, revealing to Ethan that Max wore only a pair of underoo's underneath. Sliding the costume down Max's body, Ethan let it fall to the floor, leaving the young boy in a snowman hat and undies.

“Hands on my shoulders.” As Max did as requested, he lifted each leg, removing his shoes, socks and suit. “Good girl.” 

“Hey, I'm a boy!” 

“Oh, let me get that hat off, so I can see.” 

“I've got Pokémon undies on.  They're for boys,” Max asserted.

“Nope, girls can wear Pokémon undies too,” Ethan challenged seeing how serious Max had become. If he was to guess, Mark, Max's dad, was probably instilling the whole ‘boys are tough’ statement. “So, hat off,” Ethan said while removing the hat himself. 

If Hunter was the cutest boy he'd ever seen, Max was the most handsome. He was blonde, which he hadn't expected as Mark was dark haired. He was slim, with pale skin compared to Hunter, but not a blemish on his body. His eyes were a piercing blue and so big, that it felt like he was being looked straight through.

Turning to Hunter, Ethan began undressing him.

“See, I'm a boy,” Max said, not happy that the girl statement had been left hanging. Ethan ignored him as he took down Hunter's pants, leaving him naked.

“I'm a boy,” Max said again before looking quizzically at Hunter. “Why did you pull Hunter's undies down?” he asked in shock.

“Hunter doesn't like wearing undies.  He's brave.” 

Hunter was uncomfortable being the centre of attention in his nudity, but with Santa’s, ‘Be a good boy all year,’ statement fresh in his mind, he stood naked while Max stared at him.

“I'm brave too,” declared Max. 

“No, only boys are brave,” Ethan said casually as he collected the discarded clothes.

“I am a boy!” Max spat in anger. “See!” He yanked his undies down and let them fall to his ankles. Hunter stared at his new friend for a moment.

“Max!” Ethan sounded shocked, “Hunter is naked because he's my son and he's a model. Your daddy is going to be so angry!” 

Max suddenly changed from anger to sadness, “Don't tell Daddy,” he begged as he grabbed his undies from his ankles.

“Leave them there young man,” Ethan barked while pulling out his phone and snapping a picture quickly. “Your daddy will have to see this picture.” 

“No!” he squealed and leapt for the phone.

Hunter took a step back, not wanting to be part of being in trouble.

“Then you and Hunter play for a bit and I'll have to have a think about if I can trust you enough to not tell your mommy or daddy that you were naked if I don't tell them.”

“I won't tell them I promise.” 

“Come on let's play.  There're some swords,” Hunter piped up in an attempt to rescue his new friend.

Ethan couldn't miss a chance to train his favourite boy. “Hunter, Max is stronger and better than you; he chooses what to play, not you.”

Hunter burst into tears, suddenly fearing rejection and being replaced by Max, who he now noted had a bigger wiener.

“Hey, sweetie.” Ethan pulled his favourite boy into a hug, but only so he could manipulate him further. “I still love you the most ever, okay? You have a tiny girly boy wiener because mean Jack made you born with one, but I still love you.” He felt Hunter grab onto him tightly. “I'll tell you a secret.” He whispered so Max couldn't hear, “Yes, Max is a better and stronger boy than you, but his wiener is just normal. Lots and lots of boys are better than him too, just don't tell him, okay?” 

“Really?” Hunter asked, looking into Ethan's eyes while sniffing back tears.

“Yes really.” Ethan didn't care that eventually Hunter would figure out that that meant he was tiny where it mattered. “You boys go and play.  Max you chose the game, Mister Man.” 

Ethan watched the two nude boys play for a few minutes before choosing their outfits for the cinema. He was just approaching the boys, who were playing a dinosaur game together, chasing each other around the room, when the door slammed open and an older boy and girl rushed in, chattering away loudly, followed by a man.

Max squealed and crouched behind a prop basket, hiding his nakedness, while Hunter stood there, blushing furiously. 

“Hi!” both the older kids said as they merrily went past and into the changing room, unfazed by seeing two boys naked in the studio. Ethan was taken by surprise.

“Sorry, Ethan," apologized the new man, "I didn't realize you were using the studio today.” The man walked up to Hunter, who stood looking nervous. “And you must be Hunter.” He ran his hand down Hunter's bare back.

“Steve, no,” Ethan said stepping forwards.

Steve nodded and stepped away. “I can't wait to try the new menu,” he said.

“You'll have to wait. A good menu takes time to prepare.” 

Steve cast a glance over to where Max was hiding himself and smiled before heading off into the changing room after the older two kids.

“Come here, Max.” Ethan said once they were alone again. “Stand next to Hunter and hold his hand.” 

“Why?” Max asked as he walked over.

“Because I asked you to.  Come on.” 

The naked boys held each other's hands and Ethan snapped a picture. Max looked very uncertain, but seeing that Hunter didn't move, he didn't either. 

Moving in close again, Ethan blocked Max's view of Hunter and gently began rubbing him to an erection, while leaning in close and whispering, “When I move, I want you to look at Max's wiener and stare at it okay?” Hunter nodded and squeaked as Ethan made him feel good, his erection hard as ever again. “Good boy.”

Ethan stepped back and watched as Hunter did as asked. He snapped another picture, one that made Hunter look turned on by his friend.  “Good boys!  Now a quick hug if you're best friends.”  The boys complied and Ethan caught it on camera.

With Steve and two of his company’s older kids nearby, he dressed the boys quickly in shorts and t-shirts.

“You forgot my undies.” Max stated as he was dressed.

“I know, but we are running low on time and we need you to pose some pictures for Mummy.”

That made sense to Max, who loved the idea of posing for photos for his mummy. Ethan, however, wouldn't miss an opportunity to train Hunter some more.

“Hunter, I want you to show Max some of the poses, okay? It'll show me you're a big boy and save time so I can just snap pictures.” Hunter now smiled, thankful to have the job of helping his friend.

As always, the poses started out pretty standard, just like any of series of kid’s online, start out slow and easy, shots the parents can see and then do the shots they can't. Ethan thought of all the other online child models and how he could spot which photos would be shown to parents and which wouldn't. His hardest job right now was getting shots of just Max and shots of them together with Hunter teaching him.

As the shots progressed to the more erotic ones, Ethan made sure to capture them side by side, legs spread, head back, their packages on display. He had to wonder if Hunter was aware just how much he was showing off now and if the soon to be six year old star cared.

Here.” He passed a teddy bear with a blue outfit to Max to hold and feigning that Max was holding it wrong, he passed a pink outfitted one to Hunter.

“This is a girl's one,” Hunter stated obviously.

Ethan sighed, “You're not in the photos, you silly monkey. You just need to show Max how to hold it.”

Sated, Hunter did as he was asked, unaware that Ethan was deliberately making him look like the girly one of the two.

Next Ethan posed Max lying on the floor, but looking like he was jumping, and shooting down, everything was hanging out. He snapped away, knowing he'd edit the picture so that it was too dark around the leg hole of his shorts to see anything. Max's parents would forever show it to their friends, hang it on their wall and give it out to family, unaware that a slight re-edit would give everyone a surprise.

After the photo shoot was over, Ethan gave them both a hug, pulling them close and telling them how proud he was of them for doing a fantastic job.

“Right, then! Max, you can play with the toys for a bit okay?” he said while lifting Hunter. “I need to get Hunter's help with something real quick.”

“Okay,” Max sang as he rushed over to the props.

Ethan carried Hunter into his office and stood him on a bench once the door was shut and while  the boy was distracted with the new environment, pulled down his shorts in a swift motion.

“Hey!” Hunter giggled, only quieting down when Ethan gripped his wiener and manipulated it into a fast erection.

“You're so pretty, Hunter, lots of people want to touch your boner.” 

Hunter giggled nervously, “That's silly.”

Ethan began rubbing him properly and Hunter rose onto his tip toes, trying to follow Ethan's fingers. “No, it's not," Ethan declared, "and I bet lots want to taste it too.” Before Hunter could respond, Ethan engulfed his boner in his mouth.

Hunter squealed and giggled, “Don't, it's dirty!” 

But Ethan held on tight, pushing Hunter's hands away from trying to protect himself. He ran his tongue over the soft yet rigid erection, pushing it to the roof of his mouth (which it barely reached), while pressing his tongue flat against its entire length.

It was a mix of flavours, salt, pee and Hunter.  He was certain he'd recognize the taste of Hunter, as he swirled his tongue around it, eliciting a high pitched moan from the rather confused boy.

He continued to hold him tight, letting him know that he had no choice, while taking in his balls too and pressing at the sack with his tongue.

Hunter giggled and tried to pull away, but received a sharp swat to his bare butt which quickly stopped any further attempts.

“It tickles!” Hunter squealed, while trying desperately to not move for fear of another stinging smack.

Ethan pulled up ever so slightly and forced his tongue into Hunter's foreskin, a stronger taste of old urine assaulted his senses as he managed to get the tip just inside and he knew he was cleaning the boy's head.

Hunter quieted down, now realizing it was going from tickling to feeling very good and he moaned again.  Ethan pushed his tongue around, finding it difficult to make the rigid thing move even slightly as it was so hard.

“I need to wee,” Hunter squealed out suddenly and Ethan pulled off abruptly.

Hunter’s erection danced in front of him at a 45 degree angle, glistening with spit, but Ethan held him in place.

“I don't think you've been rubbing it right,” Ethan said as he stared into Hunter's eyes. 

Hunter looked worried apologizing, “I'm sorry.” 

“I need you to show me what you've been doing, pretty boy,” Ethan said as he took a seat on the bench next to him. As Hunter started to grab at himself, Ethan pulled his hand away. “No, on me. I will know then if you're doing it right.”

Hunter was filled with a mix of confusing emotions as he realized what Ethan was saying and soon he had a lot of confusing thoughts as Ethan pulled down his pants and sat next to him fully exposed.

Hunter stared in wonder and confusion, taking a moment to realize that he was looking at a boner, just bigger. It looked scary to him and it had hairs, and his balls were big.


Hunter tore his eyes away from Ethan's adult erection and looked into his eyes, red faced and uncertain. “I don't want to.” 

Ethan knew it was just he was scared of it being new and so different. “I just thought you wanted me to be happy… I guess I was wrong.” 

In his head, Ethan quickly played out his different options. His first was to stand up and pull up, which he envisioned would make Hunter burst into tears and beg to do it, but he quickly decided on the second option. He stayed seated and delayed moving as his statement sank more into Hunter's mind.

“Why has it got hairs?” 

“Most grownups have hairs.” 

“It's big.” 

“It needs you to rub it.”


“Because I need to know you do it right so that you grow up properly.”  Hunter frowned. He didn't want to do it, but he didn't want to upset Ethan and he wanted to grow up properly. “Are you going to be a good boy?”

The memories of Santa telling him to be a good boy, came rushing back to him as he tentatively reached out a hand and first poked at Ethan’s erection and then tried gripping it with his finger and thumb.

“Put your hand around it like this.” Ethan grabbed Hunter's wrist and wrapped his hand over Hunter's to demonstrate.

“It's warm,” Hunter stated absently.

“Now, up and down,” Ethan demanded as he removed his hand from Hunter's. He was clumsy as he expected him to be. “Use both hands.” 

Hunter's second hand joined the first as he began to tug up and down on his first adult erection.

“Good boy,” Ethan praised. 

Gone was the uncertainty as the little boy's fears over seeing it were gone; it was a wiener, just like his, only bigger.

Ethan loved breaking in the new kids, with their raw techniques.  He got to see them flourish and change over time and although Hunter wasn't very good, it was good enough to feel good. He reached out and lifted Hunter's t-shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor as the boy continued to jerk him. 

Suddenly Hunter's hands jolted away, just as a trickle of pre-cum oozed from the tip. “Keep going.”

“But you weed,” Hunter stated.

“Don't make me angry, Hunter.  Keep going.” 

Hunter frowned again, this time in slight anger and some confusion, but his hands returned, trying desperately to avoid the ‘wee’ as it rolled down towards his hands.

Eventually he had no choice but to let it touch his hands as he rubbed. It caused him to stop, standing completely still as if trying to avoid being hurt as it pooled between his thumb and index finger of his left hand. He watched the growing pool and cast a glance at Ethan, who said nothing this time.

Ethan knew this part was important for Hunter to experience, at his own pace. And like all of the children he had trained in the past, curiosity got the better of Hunter and he removed his hands.

He studied the stuff on his hand, as it trickled down the back of it before his eyes. Then ever so slowly, he poked it with his other hand.

“It's slimy,” Hunter muttered to himself before sniffing at his hand.

And the moment had passed. “Come on, keep going,” Ethan ordered, bringing Hunter back out of his exploration.

His hands returned to their job and continued rubbing up and down, now ignoring the dripping, slimy substance that was getting on his fingers and causing his fingers to slip along the skin of the adult cock.

“Good boy.”

Hunter continued rubbing for a few more minutes. “Do you need to wee yet?” he asked innocently.

“Nearly.” Ethan knew the question was not asked for his benefit, but most likely because Hunter's arms were tired from all the action.

Finally, with a grunt, an orgasm wracked his body. The grunt distracted Hunter, who looked up to see if he had hurt Ethan. 

The first blast of cum arced up and onto Hunter's chest.  The second blast was landing on Hunter's tummy and left side before Hunter realized what was going on. He let go of Ethan’s erection as if it was suddenly radioactive, but the third shot hit him on his lower tummy before he had chance to move.

He bolted backwards, tripping in his shorts and falling backwards onto his butt in fright as a fourth and finally a fifth load of cum, trickled out and onto the tiled floor.

As Ethan came down from his climax, a silence took the room before suddenly, Hunter burst into tears. “I'm sorry,” he bawled out.

“Don't cry, you silly boy.  You did good.  In fact you did exactly right.”

A few seconds of crying passed before Hunter managed to stop himself as he registered what was said. “Why did you wee on me?” He looked down at himself as he stood back up and began squirming slightly as it trickled into the crease of his legs and by his balls, tickling him and making him want to wipe at it to stop it, but leaving it alone out of fear still.

“It's not wee.  It's man milk.  It helps you grow up,” Ethan gave the clichéd line that always worked. “But you need to leave it on you to work, okay?” 

Frowning as he looked down over his body, the boy declared, “But it's all over me.” 

“That's good,” Ethan said, pulling up Hunter's shorts. Before he had chance to pull the t-shirt back on, cum had gathered around the waistband of the shorts. Pulling the t-shirt over the boy's sticky chest and tummy, Ethan smiled declaring, “You are such a good boy, Hunter. I'm so proud of you.” 

Hunter smiled, but then pulled at his t-shirt complaining, “It's sticking to me.”

“It's okay, it'll dry.” Leading the young boy out of the office he asked, “Shall we go to the cinema now?” 

Hunter beamed a massive smile, wiping away his spent tears answered, “Yes.”

Ethan drove both Max and Hunter to a cinema in a different town, allowing them to pick a film they wanted to see.

“You smell funny.” Max had said at one point.

“He smells likes big boy,” Ethan had replied for Hunter, who smiled happily at the praise in front of his new friend.

As Ethan parked his car, his phone rang. It was Jack.

“Hi, is everything okay?” Ethan could hear that it wasn't, as Jack sniffled and coughed, then the sounds of vomiting. 

“No, I've come down with something. I've sent the boys to a sitters.  I'll…” Silence for a few seconds, “… I’ll text you the number, so you can take Hunter there.”

“Don't be daft.  I'll keep him over night.” Ethan wrapped the conversation up as fast as he could, happy that his plans for the weekend were coming together.

The cinema was a genuine treat for Hunter from Ethan, but only because Max was so new and he would be going back to his dad after the cinema, otherwise Ethan would have had more fun.

Instead, he had to settle for watching Hunter fidget, pulling at his clothes to stop them sticking to him and grabbing at himself because he was so horny. His evening, however, was only just beginning.



The End of Chapter 8

LINK TO Part 9

As always, remember this is fantasy, not reality.


A note from the Author: I welcome feedback, constructive criticism, views on characters, suggestions for future chapters etc. I have a general idea of where I am going with the series, although nothing is set in stone.

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