Chapter 7

By Coops Cooper

(Mb, mast, exhib)

With Jack's consent, Ethan takes Hunter on an outing where Santa gets to see Hunter...

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A Note from the author: I do not condone what is portrayed in this story or the subsequent chapters, indeed I find myself both loving (for his genius) and hating (for his manipulation) one of the characters portrayed. Please enjoy and remember this is fantasy not reality.

This is my first story submission, there will be errors with my grammar and I originally wrote the story in first person from Jack's perspective, this didn't work, so I re-edited. If there are still occasionally first person perspectives that make no sense, I apologize.

I welcome feedback, constructive criticism, views on characters, suggestions for future chapters etc. I have a general idea of where I am going with the series, although nothing is set in stone.

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It had been two weeks since the last time Jack and his boys had seen Ethan and that was down to all three of his boys ending up with a viral stomach bug over the previous weekend. Christmas was fast approaching, money was tight, Hunters birthday was tomorrow, work was picking up the pace and Jack had little time to get jobs done. Add to that, that Hunter was grabbing at himself all the time, to the point that Jack had given up telling him to stop; things were a bit hectic.

Ethan however, stepped up to save the day again and Jack was once more finding himself thankful for his new found friend. A month or so previous, Ethan had offered to take Hunter on a day trip and that day was now here, timed to fit in with Hunter's 6th birthday. 

For the past couple of weeks, Ethan's time had been filled with requests to see more of the boys, especially Hunter, and his money had been steadily rolling in from his bosses. So, when he told the bosses in Russia of his devious plan, they arranged it for him.

And now he stood in town having met Jack and his boys there, with a special bottle of water in hand. Yes, he planned to have Hunter for the day, that was going to happen, but the water was laced with a virus that would have Jack throwing his guts up by the end of the day and bed ridden for a couple of days, giving Ethan the opportunity to offer his aid.

“Have you been waiting long?” Ethan asked. Of course Ethan knew that they hadn't, but he smiled warmly and noted smugly that Hunter sat next to Jack, in his model's pose, displaying everything for all the passers-by, who got the extra treat of an erection on show.

Hunter blushed when he realized Ethan was looking up his shorts, but he didn't move, knowing it was okay to let people see, just not mean old Jack.

“No, maybe ten minutes, if that,” replied Jack.

Ethan offered Jack the water, but was refused. “I insist," Ethan pressed. "I kept you waiting.  Plus I have one for myself and juice for the boys,” he added, pulling out the mentioned drinks as Jack took the water.

With a little too much interest, Ethan watched Jack take a swig of the water. “So, I hear someone is six tomorrow?” he said lifting Hunter into a hug, squeezing him tight as he saw two police officers approach and walk past.

Hunter giggled, “Did you get me a present?”

“Hunter! You don't ask people that,” Jack scolded choking back some water in shock.

“It's okay.” Ethan smiled and looked into Hunter's eyes, “Yes, you little monkey, you've got a present and we are going to spend the day together today doing some cool things.” 

Without words to express his gratitude, Hunter hugged Ethan tight and Jack looked on jealous of the bond his son seemed to have made.

“I hate to be a pain, Jack,"  Erhan told the boy's father, "but we have a busy day planned! And don't worry…” He spoke quieter, “I'll figure out why he's pushing you away. He’ll be a changed boy later, I promise.” 

Jack felt his jealousy melt away at the promise of help, “Thank you. We have a day at the park to look forward to.”

“The park? Wow, I wish we were going to the park,” Eathan said excitedly for Zach’s benefit and who had been looking a bit dejected. Zach smiled.

“Thank you,” Jack said as they parted ways,

“You be a good boy, Hunter,” Jack added in parting. Hunter ignored Jack and continued to hold onto Ethan as they left.

Thirty minutes later, they arrived at the studio. “Why are we here?” Hunter was unable to hide his disappointment.

“We need to change into nicer clothes. We can't go and see Santa without dressing up can we?”

Hunter’s eyes lit up at the mention of seeing Santa and he dashed into the studio with renewed vigor. Ethan followed behind, excited for different reasons.

“Clothes off, Hunter,” he said nicely as he went to retrieve the planned outfit. Hunter didn't hesitate and stripped off naked before Ethan returned. 

Ethan smiled as he came back. Hunter stood there naked, rubbing himself idly as he waited, his little erection standing out from his body. He took his time arranging the custom made outfit, giving Hunter more time to pleasure himself.

“Good boy," Ethan praised. 

Hunter paused, realizing what he was doing.  Having been chastised so much by Jack, his immediate thought was, ‘Stop, I'm in trouble.’ But then realizing he was being a good boy, he renewed his efforts, now deliberately manipulating his new toy.

His speed increased and he kept looking to make sure Ethan was watching as he rubbed up and down furiously. He was definitely rough with himself and clumsy still, but that added to the innocence that Ethan wanted him to have for now.

All too soon, Hunter stopped rubbing and let go of his twitching erection, “It needs to wee now,” he stated as a matter of fact. He was obviously on the verge of orgasm and he had gotten there quickly,

“Good boy.” Ethan knelt down in front of Hunter and grasped his erection, “You're very pretty, Hunter,” he said soothingly as he squeezed his erection a little too tightly, causing him to yelp.

Letting loose of the boy's penis, Ethan grabbed the clothes he intended for Hunter to wear; a homemade elf costume.  It fit snugly to Hunter's body, the greens and reds making him look like a completely different boy. The best feature of the costume, of course, was the customization; a Velcro fly that would perform as required, that is until Hunter spread his legs, at which point they'd tear open and he'd be fully exposed.

Ethan looked him over, spinning him around slowly. A slight bulge at the front showing he was definitely a boy, and the shape of his ass shown off from behind, with the snug fabric pulling into his crack. To those interested, Hunter would have them mentally un-wrapping him and to those morally ‘norm’ people, as Ethan liked to label them, they'd turn their noses up, ignore him or think it was last year's costume he'd outgrown. 

Basically, it was with this knowledge that Ethan led Hunter through a busy shopping mall away from his home town, holding his hand and taking every opportunity to stop and look in shop windows, especially when he saw sneaky glances from men and the occasional woman.

The promise of seeing Santa was enough to keep Hunter quiet as Ethan looked in more shop windows than Jack. Had he not been worried about losing that treat, he'd have been complaining by now about all of the stopping and starting. Not only was he bored now, but his wiener was itchy again and standing up. He grabbed it between his finger and thumb at the top and squeezed it lightly, gently making himself feel good while trying, in his nearly six year old mind, to be discreet, using the constant stops and looking in windows to conceal his actions.

“It looks like someone must be on their way to see Santa.” 

Ethan turned to see the voice belonged to an elderly gentleman, “Yes, we're on our way there aren't we, Hunter?” 

Being addressed directly, Hunter turned red and let go of his elf trousers, blissfully unaware of the small tent his erection was straining to make, “Yes and I'm going to tell him what I want for Christmas and it's my birthday tomorrow.”

“It's a lovely costume, are you an elf?” 

Ethan couldn't judge if the old man was into Hunter or just being overly friendly, like most elderly, but he listened as Hunter said yes.

"You have a lovely son, you must be proud.”

“Oh, I am. I'm a very lucky daddy.” Ethan felt Hunter squirm next to him, obviously not comfortable with the lie that was just told.

“Don't forget to ask Santa for something expensive,” the man said with a wink before walking off.

Ethan noted the tent in Hunter's bottoms and smiled to himself as he marched Hunter down the centre of the mall and to the event he had read about. At the centre of the mall was a Santa’s grotto, dozens of other children and their parents. 

“Now then, Hunter...” He crouched down next to his little tent making elf and hugged him. “We are going to be having lunch with Santa today, but so are all these other boys and girls. So I want you to go and play and have fun…” For the first time in his life, he felt affection for the money maker in front of him, as he saw Hunter's eyes light up at the mention of having lunch with Santa, “But, there's a job for you to do, okay?” 

Hunter nodded excitedly, willing to even eat vegetables right now if that was the job.

Whispering conspiratorially Ethan explained, “When you're playing with all of the other boys, I want you to see if…” He paused to make sure no one else was listening and also to check that Hunters erection was gone and was now simply a bump, “… If any of the other boys wieners’ are making bumps in their pants like yours.” He motioned downwards, drawing Hunter's attention to the small bulge, “If they don't, it means you have the biggest wiener here and boys with bigger wieners are strongest and better.” 

Hunter blushed again, but nodded seriously at his job.

“Good boy.  Now go play.” 

Hunter dashed past one of Santa’s helpers and joined the other dressed up children who were playing in a fake-snow cleaner’s nightmare.

Ethan presented the tickets he had bought and was shown to a table, close to where Santa would be sitting. He made small talk with the other parents, while surreptitiously taking in the views around him.

A girl, about Hunter's age, caught hi eye.  She too was dressed up as an elf, her skirt, which came to mid-way to her knees, kept riding up when she went down a slide, flashing off her panties constantly. The slide seemed to be a favourite play activity.

Passers-by would look on with smiling faces at the children playing. A few lingering too long, much to Ethan's amusement.

“You've been sent here too?” a young man asked as he sat down close to Ethan, “My wife insisted.” 

Ethan appraised the man quickly, good looking and if he were into men, he'd be hard. “I'm not married, it's just me and my son.” 

“Oh, sorry. Which one's yours?” 

He gestured towards the very energetic Hunter saying, “The little elf, throwing himself into those snow drifts. Money is a bit tight this year since his mum passed, so I had to make do with last year's costume.” He said it loud enough that a few other parents heard, thus excusing the way he'd dressed Hunter.

“He seems as boisterous as my son; he's the snowman on in the snow globe.” The man gestured.

Ethan looked and saw what he assumed was a boy and possibly cute, dressed in a full snowman costume, all that was visible were hands, feet and a face. From his height he judged him to be Hunters age.

“Very cool. Christmas is so special.” Ethan stared slightly longer than required, but he was trying to get a good look at the guy's son, unfortunately the snowman costume was bulky; good for hugs, bad for the poor boy inside who would be sweating buckets. 

“If you say so," the man replied.  "I've still got to figure out another present for the wife.” He rolled his eyes, “It's all about money.” 

Seeing an opportunity, Ethan dived in with both feet. “Well, I'm a photographer; I take a picture of my son, put it in a cheap frame and send it to all of my family as a Christmas themed present from him… Cheap and effective.” He added a chuckle for good measure, which was drowned out by another much louder bellow as Santa walked in.

All of the children stopped playing and stared in wonder as Santa took up his seat and started busying himself with an over the top scroll of paper.  He then began rummaging through a sack and placing presents next to his chair, hmm’ing and grunting as he worked.

The children gravitated towards him, almost as if under a spell, while some scurried to their parents suddenly afraid or unsure. Hunter was one of the spellbound, gathering in a semi-circle around the red suited man who acted brilliantly, pretending to not notice the gathered children.

“You're a photographer?” the guy asked. Ethan nodded, noting that the snowboy was in the spellbound crowd of children. “Professional or just as a hobby?” 

Ethan was an expert at emotional fishing with parents. “As a professional. If you're interested, you could bring your son to my studio and I can put together a Christmas album for your wife as a present.” 

“Oh… Ho, Ho, Ho!” Santa ‘suddenly realized there were children standing around him, “Where did all these children come from?” he asked of his elves. “Hmmm…” He looked at his list, “Is Jessica Roberts, one of these children?” 

A little girl approached slowly, until Santa smiled and patted his lap. She leapt up and straddled his lap and hugged him.

“You could do that before Christmas?” the father asked.

Ethan returned his attention to his target and nodded again, pretending to be otherwise distracted and slightly uninterested. “If that's what you wanted, I could have it done within a day or two.” 

“How much would I owe you?” 

“Not much… Oh, damn… It's Hunter's birthday tomorrow and I promised him a day of fun today and tomorrow.” Ethan had dropped his hook.

The guy looked crestfallen. “Don't worry, I understand.” 

“I know!  What if your son has a play date with Hunter? I could squeeze some pictures in at the same time and my boy still gets his fun day.” 

The guy shook his head. “I can't unfortunately. I’ve got errands to run after we’re done here.” 

“Well, what if I took him off your hands for a few hours. I honestly don't mind.  It'll be a good distraction for Hunter, as he lost his mum just before Christmas last year.” 

Ethan could see the guy was suddenly conflicted. He obviously had reservations about letting his son go off with a random stranger and son, but he was also obviously now unwilling to say no after the heart sob story Ethan had partly made up; the hook was in.

“Ho, Ho, Ho!  Is Max Taylor, here?” The guy looked around as snowboy went and leapt onto Santa’s lap. 

With the noise of the mall and Christmas music playing, you couldn't hear what Max was asking for. Max's dad, however, was wrapped up in watching his son, even if he couldn't hear, and was taking pictures on his phone. Five minutes is all he got, but it was a long time, especially for Ethan who wanted to negotiate access to Max.

“Daddy!  Look what Santa gave me,” Max said happily as he approached the table afterwards, the spell now being broken.  Of course it was a wrapped up as a present, but it didn't stop the excitement.

Hunter was waiting patiently until finally his name was called and he followed what the other children had been doing, running and leaping into Santa’s lap. As he spread his legs to straddle Santa and hug him, the sound of Velcro was muffled.

“Ho, Ho, Ho!  And…” Santa stumbled on his sentence as he looked down to the small boy on his lap. Hunter’s wiener and testicles were hanging out fully exposed to his eyes as he looked down at him, “and… ummm… What err… What would Hunter like from Santa this year?” Santa tried to look for any recognition in the boy's face at the fact his pants had opened up completely in front, but he found none.

“Lots of things, Santa, but mostly I want my daddy to love me.” Hunter looked hopefully into Santa's eyes.

Santa looked distractedly at Hunters groin, in fact, why was the boy not wearing any underoos


Santa smiled at Hunter's prompt, until he realized Hunter had followed his gaze down onto his exposed groin. Surprisingly to Santa, Hunter made no move to cover himself, instead he merely blushed slightly. “It's okay, Santa, you can look at my wiener,” he whispered, although no one would have heard anyway.

“What?” Santa choked out.

“It's okay, Santa. I'm a good boy.” Hunter parroted everything he had been told by Ethan over the last couple of months, “But don't tell my daddy, he will be mad at me.”

Santa's nervous face was covered by his beard as he cast a nervous glance towards Ethan, who he assumed was Hunter's dad. He was now worried Ethan might find out and began thinking of ways to get Hunter covered up.

“Am I a pretty boy?” 

The last thing Santa wanted was a crying boy running back to his dad with his bits hanging out after being on his lap! “Yes, Hunter, you’re very pretty,” he said, happy to see Hunter smile. “Now, let's do those pants back up,” he said jovially while trying to keep up appearances to all of the onlookers, suddenly thankful for the little shed he was in that blocked the view from three sides.

Carefully and slowly, Santa reached down with shaking hands, and attempted to pull the Velcro together, his fingers nudging Hunter's wiener completely by accident.  Failing to pull the Velcro together, he quickly realized the problem was that the pants were far too small and Hunter's spread legs were keeping him exposed.

Due to a fortnight of constant near orgasms three times a day, the slight touch from Santa had Hunter's wiener reacting, quickly standing up to full attention. Giggling, Hunter looked up into a rosy cheeked Santa “Santa, you made my wiener a boner,” he happily announced. 

Santa looked up in terror, hoping no one had heard what Hunter said. No one came barging in to rescue the poor boy, so he shifted Hunter on his lap, bringing one of the boy's legs to join the other at one side of him. “Ho, Ho, Ho,” he said nervously to cover what was happening.  As he settled, Santa was thankful Hunter's pants had closed together, but the Velcro wasn't clasped and now he couldn't close it as the boy was side on. All he could think was, he was thankful Hunter had a small erection for a boy his age, as it was hidden from view... had he'd been bigger, it would have probably been sticking out.

Thinking himself clever, Santa reached over the boy's lap and retrieved a present from the floor in the boy pile.  Pressing his arm into Hunter's crotch, he felt the little thing poking back at him.

As he sat up with the present, he was pleased to see the Velcro had re-attached. His troubles, however, weren't over yet as he realized that his own pecker was now on alert.  While trying to will his errant erection away, Santa told the boy, “Now then, Hunter, yes you're a pretty boy, but remember, you need to be a really good boy all year, or you won't get presents next year.” 

In Santa’s mind, this statement would hopefully put an end to whatever the little boy had been up to today, and if he was being abused, it would hopefully put an end to it because the boy would want to be good for Santa.

Unfortunately, Santa only succeeded in re-affirming everything Hunter had been told by Ethan.

In fact, as Hunter got down and went back to Ethan with a present in hand and a little tent in his pants, he was now certain beyond a doubt that Ethan loved him and Jack was mean. He would be a good boy for Ethan all year.

“Did Santa say you were a good boy?” Ethan asked, noting with internal glee the shifting, uncomfortable eyes of the mall Santa, who appeared to be waiting for someone to shoot him.

“Uh-hmm., Hunter said, while inspecting his present.

“Well, how would you like to go to the cinema after lunch, with snowboy Max?” 

The proclamation of the cinema had Hunter's attention, while he casually inspected the other boy closely, happy he couldn't see a bump in his pants, “Okay.” 

After another twenty minutes of play, lunch was called and Santa called the children to the table for lunch. It was with trepidation that he realized he was sitting next to Hunter, the young exhibitionist and his completely unaware father, who would probably bury him in the fake snow if he found out what had transpired. 

Ethan enjoyed every minute of the lunch and although he didn't know what had gone on in that little shed, from the way Santa was acting, he was fantasizing that little Hunter had a fun time. He only hoped Santa hadn't made his boy have an orgasm, he liked him horny.

“Are you sure this isn't a problem? He can be a bit of a pest.” 

Ethan smiled.  How the guy ‘Mark’ had changed his tune! He even had Mark thinking he was being a burden by letting him take Max for the day. He loved how good he was at manipulation, “I'm sure it's not a problem, Mark. You have my contact info and address, Max will have a great time and you'll have a Christmas present from him for your wife.” 

They shook hands as the Lunch With Santa was finished and both Hunter and Max talked excitedly about what film they wished to see. For Ethan it was turning out to be a good day.



The End of Chapter 7

LINK TO Part 8

Have a very happy Christmas folks and have a very prosperous New Year. As always, remember this is fantasy, not reality.


A note from the Author: I welcome feedback, constructive criticism, views on characters, suggestions for future chapters etc. I have a general idea of where I am going with the series, although nothing is set in stone.

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