Young Tasha, on a trip with a groping family friend, takes refuge for the night in a sleeper car with a man she just met...

By Pops 4476

(Mg, 1st, oral, fondle)

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Her name was Tasha. She was a little over 4' tall, and maybe weighed 90 pounds. Her hair was shoulder length, and light brown, her eyes bluish/gray. She had thin lips that still curled into a pretty smile. You could tell she wasn't very self assured.

She was sitting in the observation car. I struck up a conversation with her. I had seen a man with her, but he had stepped away. She said he was a close family friend, and she had always called him “Daddy” but he wasn't related. He had asked her to join him on this cross-country trip. It was an excuse to get away from school, so she said, “Yes.”

She was very friendly and open, telling how she had been on the track team at school, but that was over now. When I complimented her on her smile, she ducked her head and said she didn't get that much. I'll admit she wasn't in line to be the next supermodel, but she was cute, and I was interested.

I told her I had a sleeping compartment. She said she wished they had, because it was too uncomfortable to sleep in the coach seat, and she hadn't slept much at all the night before. Here was my opportunity.

“Have you ever been in one of the sleeper's, Tasha?” I asked.

“No, but if it has a bed, it would be better than this. And besides,” she lowered her voice as she looked around, “I like Jeff and everything, 'cuz I've known him forever, but he tries to, you know, touch my butt and stuff when he thinks I'm asleep. I'd rather have my own bed.”

I don't know why she chose to share that bit of information with me, but I'm glad she did.

“Would you like to see mine? There's an extra bed I'm not using. I'd be glad to share.”

“Really? That would be so great.” Her head fell. “I don't know if he would let me do that though. I mean we don't really know you or anything. I think you're nice, but I'll ask him if you don't mind.”

“Sure. We'll ask him when he gets back.”

Her companion walked back to the table a few minutes later. I introduced myself, and we started talking. I had told Tasha she should let me suggest the new arrangement. I made up a story that sounded believable (to me at least), and he bought it. I told him how she reminded me of my daughter, and that I missed out on a lot of her life because of a divorce. I told him about a job I did (that sounded honorable), and finally suggested the arrangement.

“Wow, that's some offer. I don't know, though. I mean since we don't really know you.”

“I understand your concern and apprehension. She mentioned she didn't sleep that well last night. I've been there, which is why I took the sleeper on this trip. The top bunk is totally free. I'll step out while she gets ready for bed, then turn the light off while I get into bed. Totally honorable. I'll treat her just like she was my own.”

Tasha flashed her eyes at him. He knew she hadn't slept well, and in fact had almost caught him rubbing her butt. He really wanted her mom, and was afraid word would get back to her.

“Well, I guess, if you want to,” he said looking at her.  She gave him a hug and told me she would get her bag.

“I'll follow you so I can show you where the compartment is, Tasha.” Turning to him, I told him good night and that she would see him in the morning.

Helping her with her bag, we walked through the train cars until we reached the sleeper. I told the attendant that I had run into my niece on the train, and she would be joining me. He looked at me like he knew Tasha wasn't my niece, but a $100 tip I offered him in a handshake made him realize he didn't really care about my family tree.

I stowed Tasha's small bag after I closed and locked the door. The compartment was small for one, and cramped for two. The seats face each other, folding out to make a twin sized bed. The overhead bunk folds down for a second bed. That part had been true.

I pulled the curtains closed over the door, and partially over the window. As I was about to say something else, the train lurched and I fell backwards into one of the seats. Tasha landed in my lap.

Of course, I took the opportunity to place a hand on her butt when she landed, and the other went to her waist. One of her arms went around my neck as she landed, her legs spread. If only she had been wearing a skirt!

She turned to look at me, and I just smiled. I didn't move my hands, leaving one cupping her cute little denim covered butt.

“OK, you can sit down if you want.”

She laughed, and stayed where she was. “Thank you.”

“I'm glad he agreed. I like talking to you, Tasha. And I like the fact you trusted me enough to say yes, especially since we just met.”

More smiles as she relaxed on my lap, laying her head against my chest.  “There's something about you,” she said.  “I can't really describe it, but I feel safe, more safe than with him.”

“Tell me about him. Why did you agree to go with him on the trip if you don't feel safe?”

“Duh! To get out of school!” she giggled.

“Oh, okay,” I laughed back with just a chuckle.  My smile faded and lowering my voice I asked in a most sincere way, “I'm gonna ask you something, Tasha. You don't have to answer if you don't want to, but I'm curious. Has he tried stuff with you before?”

“I don't know, if,  um… I should say.”

“Whatever you want to say stays between you and me,” I told her.

That must have done the trick.

“Well,” she began, not looking at me, but out the window as if the memory hurt.

“Like I told you before, he's been a family friend, like forever. He likes my mom, but she doesn't want anything more than friendship from him. The last time I took a trip with him was last summer. I noticed he looked at me different, but I figured it was 'cuz I was getting boobs. They still aren't big, but a little bigger than last year.”

She stopped as if thinking about how to say it, never mentioning the fact that my hands were still on her butt and stomach. I patted her butt, then moved my other hand up to her bare arm, hugging her to me, my hand still on her butt. I wanted to see where it would lead.

“He never did anything, well, until last night. I guess he was wondering if he could do stuff with me like he wanted to do with Mom. I wore sweats to sleep in last night, so I was comfortable, but they were kinda tight. When I curled up in the seat, I laid my head on the window, and I guess my butt touched him. Anyway, I had my eyes closed forever, and he musta thought I was out. I could feel him touching me real light, you know? I didn't open my eyes completely, but just enough so I could see that's what he was doing. I shifted around so I was sitting more, then finally fell asleep. I kept waking up, 'cuz I really wanted to curl up again, but I just didn't want him to touch me.”

“Does it bother you that someone wanted to touch your butt, or just that it was him?” I asked her with my hand still on her butt. She had to know it.

She turned to look at me, half-raising so her butt was firmly in my hand. “You mean like you're doing now?”

“Yep. Exactly like that.” I gave her a pat, then a squeeze. “Do you like it when I do it?”

“It's different with you. I don't mind. I mean, you're nice, and it was just weird with him.”

She settled back against me, and I now rubbed her butt openly. “I bet lots of boys have wanted to touch you, Tasha.”

“Not really. I liked when you told me I have a pretty smile, 'cuz I don't get that much,” she said while staring out the window.

I turned her face to mine; her small mouth just inches away. I looked into her blue eyes, and noticed a wetness there. I was probably the first guy to be nice and pay her compliments. Even though I had ulterior motives, I still was probably the first, and meant what I told her. “I do think you have a pretty smile. And I think you are pretty, and very sexy, too.”

“You must need glasses. I'm none of those.”

My response was to pull her face towards mine and kiss her, gently at first, then with more passion. She responded slowly at first, then wrapped her arms around my neck and returned the kiss. My thought was she had probably not experienced that either. As we kissed, I continued to caress her butt. It was firm and I loved it.

When I pulled away, there were tears running down her round cheeks.  “What's wrong, Tasha? I didn't mean to make you cry.”

She buried her face in my shoulder and mumbled no one had ever kissed her before. I wasn't sure at first how to proceed, but I knew I wanted her in my bed and not the top bunk.

Turning her to face me again, I kissed her, this time with much more passion, which she returned. My left hand went from her arm to her stomach and waist. She raised her right arm so I could move unrestricted. My right hand continued to rub that sexy butt.

I moved my left hand up to cup a half-apple sized breast. She moaned into my mouth and I continued to massage the small mound. When I pulled back, she looked at me. Neither of my hands had moved.

“Tasha, I know what you said about him, and I don't want you to think I'm just trying to take advantage of you. I'm not, I think you are very sexy, very beautiful, and I want to go as far as you'll let me. If you want to do nothing more than what we're doing, you can still sleep here. If you just want to go to bed, that's fine too. I'll step out and you can change.”

Her response was to place a hand over my left one. It felt so warm, but the meaning was clear.  “I liked you when I saw you. I've heard the girls at school talk about doing stuff, but the boys aren't interested in me at all. I don't really have many friends, and none of them have done anything either. I want to learn stuff, and I think you'll be very gentle. If you want to, that is.” Her eyes closed as she held my hand on her small breast.

“If you really mean that, stand up and let me make the bed out. We'll go from there.”

She reluctantly dropped her hand, and stood up. I quickly made the bed, creating an even smaller place to stand. I turned to her and simply told her to undress as far as she was willing.

Looking me in the eyes the entire time, she unbuttoned her shirt first, letting it slide from her shoulders and down her arms. Ah, a simple bra with hearts on the cups and straps. Next the shoes were kicked off; bare feet with no polish on the nails. She reached behind her and unhooked the bra, letting it fall on top of her shirt. The nipples were eraser sized and standing proud in the cooler air.

She took a deep breath, still looking into my eyes. I was smiling as she undressed for the first time in front of someone of the opposite sex. My erection was at full staff already. Unbuttoning her jeans, unzipping, she then hooked her thumbs in the waist and pushing them down, with one arm on my shoulder for support as she pulled them off her legs. Now only those matching panties remained. Her mound was pronounced under the thin cotton. Another deep breath before those came off too. A light covering of blonde hair covered the prize.

“This is how far I'm willing.”

My cock now stone hard, I pulled her face to mine and kissed her deeply. My hands roamed over her smooth skin as we kissed. Her arms were around my neck, her body pressed against mine. As she pulled back, she lay back on the bed, telling me it was my turn.

Now, I'll admit I'm not the world's best physical specimen. I have a few extra pounds around the middle, and I refer to my cock as a turtle sometimes, because it likes to stay small and hidden unless it has a reason to get excited. When it's excited, it stands a little over 6” and is thick. Not a porn star's equipment, but it gets the job done.

She watched as I had done with her, and I looked her in the eyes as she had done to me. Finally nude, I lay on the bed next to her. The bed is only twin-sized, so it was a tight fit. (no pun intended). Her skin felt wonderful against mine. I held her and started kissing her again. One of her slender legs moved across mine, almost brushing my erection.

Now, I could touch bare butt and enjoy it more. We must have kissed like that for almost half an hour. It was long, passionate, and tender. I was throbbing, and could feel her heat against my bare skin.

I turned her onto her back and continued kissing her body. What I didn't kiss, I touched. I moved onto the floor next to the bed as I worked my way down her petite frame. Each nipple received attention. My left hand was on a bare thigh, inching higher. Her legs spread slightly as if she was unsure, but still willing to try.

I kissed across her flat tummy. She was in great shape physically from running track, and her body was amazing. I could smell her scent as I neared her mound. Her breathing was shallow as I kissed lower. Moving my hands under her bottom, I turned her in the bed so one leg was hanging off the edge. I moved between her thighs and continued to kiss. No talking. I kissed over the top of her mound, down her right thigh, back up, across her mound breathing softly against her slit. Down her left thigh and back up. I looked up at her, her nervousness and anticipation obvious. Raising my eyebrows in question as to whether I should proceed, she saw this and nodded, biting her lower lip.

My mouth found her nether lips, my tongue snaking out to tease the slit. Tasha moaned and took my head in her small hands, pulling me closer, her hips rising to meet my face. I continued my assault on her mound, my hands moving under her to cup those sexy butt cheeks once more.

Her taste was amazing, her moistness turning to full wetness as she enjoyed her first ever oral sex experience. I knew she was getting close, and I would stop to look at her, before she pulled me back to her mound. I was teasing her, because I wanted it to build. I slid a thumb part way into her hole, finding the barrier I suspected would be there. She winced as I bumped it, but settled back into the pleasure I was giving.

When I finally let her reach the goal, she put a pillow over her face because she realized how loud she was! I gave her one last kiss on those puffy lips, hoping my cock would meet them soon. I moved up into the bed and cuddled her against me once more.

When her breathing returned to normal, she rolled over and kissed me, never hesitating because of where they had just been. Her small hand moved down my body and found my erection. It jumped at the touch, and I almost came.

Looking in my eyes as she pulled away, she told me she had never given a blow job, but wanted to “do me” after what I had just done.

“Maybe later, Tasha. Tonight, is about letting you learn the good things. I want you, and want to be inside you. If you're ready.”

“Tell me what to do,” was her response.

I pulled her over fully on top of me, her sparse hair tickling the cock that was about to take her cherry. She ground her mound onto my erection as she kissed me again. My hands were roaming over her body, cupping, squeezing, caressing.

I finally looked up at her and told her to rise up on her knees. She got the idea and moved into position. I held it for her until she lowered enough to spread her lips on the tip. She was so wet; there was no need for lube. She looked at me again and asked if it would hurt.

“Yes, for a minute. Just drop down quick, and it'll give way easier. That's why I put you on top.”

She did as I told her, the pain causing her to tear up again, biting her lip. She paused and I thought she might back out. She didn't. Instead, she lowered herself more, feeling her body stretch to allow me inside her. Holding her hips, I would raise her a little, then lower her, causing it to stretch a little at a time.

Before long, I was fully inside her. Tasha closed her eyes, her hands on my chest as she began to ride my cock. Instinct took over. She would move up and down, back and forth, whatever felt right to her. I loved watching her, my hands moving from hips to breasts, back to hips, straying by to rub her clit. I thought she was close, and was right. Her eyes closed tighter, her body trembled and she shook as it overcame her.

As she finished, she looked at me. “Did you finish?” she asked me.

“No, but I want you to get off, and lay down. It's my turn to show you.”

Before I came, I had been inside her missionary, with her legs back over my shoulders, and doggy. When I did her doggy, my thumb found her butt, pressing into her sphincter. She moaned and bucked against me. I knew then that I would take it before the night was over. I was right.

We rested a few minutes, with cuddling and kissing. She thanked me for being gentle and teaching her things. I told her there was more. As I got hard again, I put her back into position on her hands & knees. I think she knew what I was about to do, and buried her face in the pillow.

I slid into her still wet pussy lubing my cock (yes, I had done it without a condom. I had a vasectomy some time ago and knew she wouldn't get pregnant from me). I began to tease her butt with my thumb. She pushed against me as I prepared her. When I pushed my cock inside her, I could hear her moan into the pillow, but she pushed back more. I knew I had her!

Before the night was over, we had done it four times. I came every time, and I lost count of how many times she came. She swallowed most of my load the first time she tried. I was impressed. We managed to take a shower together the next morning, and you guessed it, did it again. This time, I held her impaled on my cock, her legs around my waist.

We parted at my stop. Her companion looked at us wondering what had happened. She simply said she had a great night's sleep and felt fine. She told him we had a lot in common and would stay in touch.

Stay in touch we did. I travel a lot, and when I had opportunity to visit her home town, I looked her up. She was more self-confident, and told me even though she still couldn't date, she was aware of guys noticing her. When we met, she was wearing denim shorts that were extremely short and tight. A black tank top was cut low enough to show the swell of her breasts, which still hadn't grown much larger, much to my pleasure. I was still the only man she had been with. I was proud of that, and took advantage of her willingness to learn again before I left town.




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