Smiling Blue Eyes

By E.A. Grant

(Mg, Fg, MF, MMg, cons, ped, inc, exhib, voy, interr, oral, anal, ws)

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It was raining ‘cat’s and dogs’ when he showed up at his brother’s house.  Raining so hard he decided on just beeping the horn and having his niece run out to the car. No need in two people getting soaked.  Paul had never cared for India his eight year old niece so it was a real surprise when his brother called and asked if he could watch her for a couple of days while he flew to Albany on a company emergency.  

Of course he had seen her often enough, they had many dinners together and Sunday was football day at his brothers house, where a few guys would get together every week during the season for the game, pizza and beer.  India was always there and Paul played with her as the years passed, but he hadn’t realized that she was growing into such a pretty girl.   Being a bachelor with no obligations except to himself, Paul always gave his niece expensive birthday and Christmas presents; she was always pleased to see him.  His brother and daughter India had lived alone since India’s mother had decided she needed her freedom four years earlier.  

 “You can pick her up first thing on Friday morning and bring her back Saturday night or Sunday morning, whatever you like.”  The brother sounded hassled. “Sales up there have fallen through the floor and I have to do something. I really appreciate this Paul.  She is a good girl and I’m sure she won’t be any problem… Just set her in front of a TV and forget her.”

And that was that. He tried to visualize what the girl looked like now and realized he had a not seen her in a few months because he had been away.   All his memory would give him was a mixture of pictures from the recent past.  What he thought of first was her smiling blue eyes. 

Now it was pouring and he wondered how to handle that. Just as he decided to get out of the car and run for the front door, she came running out in a bright yellow, hooded, plastic raincoat with classic Disney characters printed all over it.   She jumped into the car carrying a small bag of clothes and clutching her favorite doll wrapped in a plastic bag. Her father stood in the protection of the doorway and waved goodbye to Paul and his daughter.

“Well, hello India”, Paul said as he beamed at his niece, “It’s been a few weeks since I’ve seen you.   You look like you’ve grown a lot since I last saw you.”  Paul took her small bag and placed it on the rear seat. “That’s a pretty raincoat and I see the doll has a raincoat on too,” he prattled on aimlessly, trying not to get upset by all the water on the leather seats of his car.

The situation with the wet seat accepted, he thought, ‘God she is a pretty little girl,’ as he got his first real look at her. It had never dawned on him to think of her as a female before, now he found he couldn’t help it.     

“Yes, Uncle Paul, her name is ‘Molly Casey’; sometimes I call her ‘Miss Casey’.  It depends if she is being good.” She pushed the hood back off her face and let it hang on her shoulders, and smiled up at Paul. “Do you like me?” she asked unexpectedly.

Surprised by the question Paul had to think a second…  “What kind of question is that India?  Of course I like you. I like you a lot, I always have.”

“I like you too,” she said and smiled up at him batting her sparkling blue eyes.

Her smiling blue eyes were indeed startling.   They were probably very normal in size, but looked larger. Long, almost invisible lashes added to the delightful face. Her long strawberry blond hair, held off her face by blue butterfly barrettes, disappeared down her back covered now by the raincoat.  She had an adorable upturned nose and skin that was slightly tanned while a rash of freckles peppered her nose and spread across her cheek bones.  Her plump lips were drawn up in a sweet innocent smile exposing snow white teeth.  

‘She isn’t simply pretty,’ Paul thought, ‘by god, she is beautiful!’  Without knowing why he would even be thinking such a thing, Paul wondered how her fleshy lips would look with lipstick on them. He decided they would look very sexy, very grown up. He thought he best think about something else.

“Uh, well, Sweetie… off we go.” Paul looked carefully and pulled away from the curb and headed into the town business district.  “Why don’t we take your things to my apartment then decide what to do. We have all of today and tomorrow to do whatever we like… any ideas?”

“Hummm…..  Well…  I would really like to see a movie in a theater… Daddy and I never do that.  Can we go to a movie, Uncle Paul?” She looked up at him with those eyes... of course she had learned how men loved her eyes, strawberry blond hair and wet full lips. “Can we?”

“Sure we can, India.   What are uncles for if not to take pretty little nieces to the movies? Just tell me any other ideas you have.  Deal?”  

“Yep, deal.” She smiled and scooted over closer to Paul laying a hand on his thigh.


It had stopped raining by the time Paul and India reached his apartment several miles away.  India put her bag in the guest room and hung up her clothes.  Paul checked the paper and found that the movie India wanted to see would be starting soon, so he told her they had to leave right away.

“We don’t want to miss the beginning of the show, do we Sweetheart?”  Paul hurriedly went into the bathroom, but left the door open as he waited for her reply. He stood there and let his piss flow. “Well, do we?”

“No, of course we better not,” she said.  She sounded much closer than he thought she would be. He turned his head around and she was in the door way watching him, or more precisely, she was staring at his cock.  She looked up at him then back at his streaming cock.

“Uh, India, you’re not supposed to be in here looking at me while I tinkle,” Paul said somewhat nervously.  “It’s my fault, Sweetie; I should have shut the door.”

“It’s O.K. I watch my daddy all the time.  He doesn’t mind me watching him pee.” She smiled at Paul but didn’t move and kept watching the stream of piss until he finished. The mirrored walls made it easy for her to see him from all angles.

Paul decided to just ignore her and when he finished he pushed his surprisingly warm semi-hard cock back into his pants. “Does your daddy really let you watch?”  Paul asked neither quite believing nor sure why he had asked the question.

  “Yep!  And he watches me. He says it’s just in fun, so it’s alright. But… but I can’t tell anyone.”

“But you just told me?”

“Because you’re my uncle.”

Paul didn’t know whether or not he should believe her, but for now he would just let it be that she had told him.

They were just a few minutes late when they got to the theater, and had to find seats in the dark crowded theater. Finally settled down, they both began to watch the film when a very tall man sat directly in front of India.

“I can’t see anything, Uncle Paul,” India whispered.  “The man is so big.”

“Do you want to sit on my lap?” Paul responded in a similar whisper.

“Yes, good idea.” She moved over and sat on her uncle’s lap. Her legs spread open over his, her head back on his chest, one foot slowly swung back and forth.

Paul could feel his cock getting hard under the small girl’s ass from the swinging of her leg. A little embarrassed, he could feel the heat from her bare legs through his jeans and enjoyed the feeling.   Then he wondered if she would even notice his erection.  A few minutes later the movie became very exciting and India leaned forward on the empty seat back in front of her and began a series of wild movements, every part of her body moved to the exciting chase, but with her little ass still sitting on Paul’s cock, her ass moved and wiggled the most. Up and down, side to side and back and forth.  The stimulation was delicious… an incredibly fast movement followed by long turns of slow, soft movements.   Finally Paul needed relief, but each time he thought he would cum, she began to move slowly.  Now Paul realized that India was moving in deliberate ways to excite him, including rotating her chubby little ass in a circle over his cock.  Who had taught her how to do that? He knew it wasn’t his imagination.

Pulling her back a little he whispered in her ear, “You’re teasing your uncle aren’t you, India?”  He heard her giggle a little and then she squirmed around some more confirming his impression.  There was no mistaking her intent now; she was actually enjoying rubbing her ass up against his cock.  Emboldened Paul whispered, “Can you feel my big thing under your butt, baby?”  Almost as soon as he said it, he had second thoughts, maybe she would start crying or run from the theater.  She didn’t, she squirmed again, very deliberately. 

“Yes,” she turned her head and whispered,“I can feel it. It feels big too.”  She looked back with a poker face but turned away smiling. Then turning back with a giggle added, “It feels bigger than my dad’s.”     

Now his cock felt so good that he was taking a chance on someone seeing or hearing him. Without asking, Paul slid his hands under her skirt and grasped her panty-clad hips. She was so small his hands almost circled her waist. He began pressing her down on his cock and moving her back and forth in long even strokes. He was controlling her body and she was evidently fine with that. She just stared ahead and watched the movie while Paul pulled her ass back and forth over his covered erect cock.

Moments later Paul started to cum inside his pants.  He pulled her back to him and whispered “Now, India… right now, kiss me, Honey.” As if just waiting for him to ask India turned her head and with her eyes closed and puffy wet lips she kissed Paul. The kiss lasted half a minute while his cock shot streams of hot cum inside his jeans. Paul’s fingers were busy, his right hand played at her little cunt,  covered by her white cotton and lace panties, while the fore-finger and thumb of his left hand kneaded her nipple on her flat chest.

Finished, he realized that her hand had been feeling his covered cock for the last minutes.  She cupped a hand over his ear and whispered to him with a giggle, “Your jeans are all wet and sticky, Uncle Paul.”

Back in the real world now, Paul was embarrassed to have the eight-year old touching his cock.  He was suddenly keenly aware of the people around him in the crowded theater. Sliding down a little in his seat, he looked to his right and then to his left to see if anyone was watching. One man was.  The man’s hand was moving under his coat (that lay across his lap). He was looking right at Paul and India. He smiled at Paul when he realized that Paul was looking at him, smiled, nodded a greeting and kept his hand moving.


They stopped at McDonalds for dinner and India was the perfect little angel. She really was an angel Paul thought… perhaps one with some adult experiences with her father, but an angel none the less.

“Do you and your dad ever play grown up games in bed, India?  You know, games that you’re not supposed to tell anyone about?”  He tried to be nonchalant about the question but his ears were tuned for the answer.

“Sometimes we do. But it’s a secret, so I can’t tell you.”  She finished her coke and made gurgling noises with the ice and liquid that was left. “I don’t think he would really mind though, as long as it was with you, Uncle Paul.”

“I’m sure he wouldn’t mind at all, Sweetie.” Paul wondered if that was true.  “Your daddy and I are very close.  I know, let’s go home and maybe you can teach me some of your games.”

She gave her uncle a big smile.  “O.K.”  She wiped her full lips. “Let’s go!” and taking him by the hand led him from the restaurant.


It was a short ride from McDonalds to Paul’s apartment and the two chatted away.  Once in the apartment India disappeared into her room to change for bed and Paul put on his pajamas,  turned on the TV, then laid down on his bed and waited for her.  ‘Are you crazy?’ he asked himself. ‘Are you fucking nuts?’  A moment later, before it had formulated in his mind, his creeping self-doubt was sweep away she jumped up on his bed and sat beside him.

She was just as cute as a button he thought. She had on a yellow Donald Duck tee shirt and plain white panties. She looked very shy, but very willing with a big smile and an expectant attitude.  Paul continued to be fascinated with her wide slightly puffy lips.  As he looked at her,  imagined those lips around his fat cock.

Breaking the ice she asked, “Do you want me to show you a game, Uncle Paul?”

With the pressure off for him to make the first move, Paul answered, “Sure I do, honey… What do you have in mind?” “Well, it is a game that gets us both undressed,” she said matter of factly.

Paul was expecting something like this, but this was still a surprise. He hadn’t misread her at all.  He was now very curious just how much his brother had taught his daughter.  “Did your dad teach you this game, India?”

India smiled at him. “Yes, he taught me.   It’s way more fun than just taking off our clothes. Now, we just need a deck of cards.”

Paul could feel his stomach tighten, and his cock getting hard, “Cards... ummm, that’s easy,” Paul croaked as he reached into his bedside table drawer. With a minor excited tremble in his hand, he handed her the deck of cards.

She put it on the bed between them and with the cards facing down, just mixed them up haphazardly for a few minutes. “It’s simple. You just pick a card and then I do and the lowest card has to take off some clothes. Simple right?”

“Yes, very simple,” Paul smiled at himself thinking this must have been how his brother first got India to get nude in front of him.  Paul was definitely getting another hard on.

“Then go ahead… you go first”. India was serious now… she wanted to win, not realizing that somehow her clothes would be coming off too.

Paul lost the first hand and took off his pajama top; the next two hands were lost by India. Paul loved the look of her nipples, pink rose colored areola with definite darker nipples protruding from her flat chest.   Her second loss was even more thrilling because as she rolled onto her back to removed her white panties she opened her legs and Paul could see the bright red of her inner cunt as well as her tightly closed, pink, rose bud anus.

“You are such a pretty girl, but really pretty with your clothes off, India. I bet your daddy loves to see you strip.”

“Yes, he does… he says it makes him sexy and makes his thingy hard.” She smiled as she took a card that beat Paul’s ten of hearts. “You lose your bottoms, Paul!” She seemed real interested in what his cock looked like.

The full eight inches of his cock quickly came into view and India’s eyes got very large. “That’s a lot bigger than my dad’s, Uncle Paul.” She seemed to be very impressed and just stared at it.

“I’m glad you like it, India,” he said leaning back so that he was fully displayed.  Now more confident than ever, Paul started an adult video and adjusted the volume so it wouldn’t disturb them.  He had selected the movie on to show her things she perhaps hadn’t seen.  If she were interested, he would watch it with her and teach her as she went along.  She glanced at the movie a couple of times, but didn’t seem either surprised or really interested in watching it.

 “Now let’s play some more, Sweetheart,” he said.  “How about the winner gets to touch the looser? O.K.?”

That seemed to bring India back into the now. “O.K.” she said, her voice low and suggesting that she wasn’t quite sure.

Paul won the next hand.  He leaned forward and kissed and sucked on her nipple.  She giggled and said it tickled.  But she also said she liked it.

He won still again.  This time he laid India back on a pillow and kissed her slowly.  The full wet lips fulfilled their promise to him and he loved the feel and taste of her mouth.  She knew how to French kiss and Paul silently thanked his brother for training India. Her little tongue played with Paul’s tongue and he ran his hand over her bare hips. He forced himself to stop before he came off and ended the play.

“Alright, honey,” her uncle said slightly out of breath, “one more hand and then I have a game for you.”  He picked up a five… India picked up a six.

“I’ve never touched my Daddy’s cock Uncle Paul.  I watch him pee and when he’s playing with himself,  but I can’t touch him.   He keeps saying some day he will let me and a lot more, but not till I’m older.  He say’s for now he’ll just let me watch him and see when the white stuff comes out.  So… can I touch yours, Uncle Paul… pretty please?”

“Of course you can… that’s the game, my little lover.  Touch it all you want.” Paul opened his legs to let her get as close as she liked. 

His neice moved in very close and wrapped her small hand around his rock hard, eight-inch cock as far as she could; her fingers couldn’t meet, she squeezed it a little.

“Is it always so hard, Uncle Paul?  And hot feeling?   What’s the stuff coming out of the hole on the top?” She stared at the pre-cum as a single line of pre-cum flowed from his cock and over her small hand.

“No, it’s not always hard, just when I get turned on by a woman or a really pretty girl like you.  That’s pre-cum, it is kind of how my cock says hello to a beautiful girl.”  Paul reached down and picking up some of the nearly transparent fluid on his finger, painted India’s lips with it.  “That’s what I always do with my grown up girl friends, Sweetie… then we kiss.”

India let go of Paul’s cock and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Paul could taste his own pre-cum on the girl’s lips. The little eight-year old was driving him crazy.

“O.K., little lady, now how about another game?” He was running a finger between her legs now and her only reaction was to open her legs a little further.  “This is a slave and King game. I’ll be the king the first time, O.K.?  You’ll be the slave.  This is simple too. You have to do everything I tell you to do or… you’ll be punished. You said you’ve never touched your dad’s cock, so this will all be something new. I’ll be right back.” Paul returned in a minute with a can of whipped cream and a still very hard cock.

Assuming a stern if comic look, Paul asked the giggling India. “Do you accept me as your king, slave India?”

“Yes, mister king,” she answered with a big smile.

“Then you know you must obey me or be punished, don’t you?”

“Yes, mister King.” She giggled.

“Good … then let’s start. I want you to lap and suck away all the whipped cream I put on myself.  Do you understand my command?”

“Yes, mister king… and I love whipped cream.”

They both smiled and Paul put some on each of his nipples. “Now lap it all off, slave.”

India lapped away the two spots of cream and sucked a little on each of Paul’s nipples.

“Mummmm good,” she said.

Lying back, Paul raised his legs, holding his cock close to his body.  The hissing sound struck him as particularly obscene as he put the nozzle under his testicles and squirted some cream on his dark hole. She lapped it clean without a word.

Paul then put cream on each of his balls.  “Now slave India, after you lap the cream away, I want you to kiss and suck on each of my balls.”  He watched as India unhesitatingly lapped them clean.  She the sucked each ball into her small mouth and let her tongue play with them. Paul watched the girl closely and couldn’t believe how special it was to see her soft young lips surround his balls one at a time and suck them into her mouth like a big lollypop. 

The last blob of cream he used was on his cock head.   She did his cock head just like the rest.  Lapping it clean and sending thrilling shivers through Paul’s body.

“Now you are my secret little cock lapping princesses, India. Now I’m going to show you how to really please your daddy when he gets home. Do you want to learn how to make him very happy?”

“Yes, Uncle Paul.  I really do.”

 “That’s good, Honey.”  He ran a hand once again over her fat little bare ass, he could tell she like it.  Emboldened he stated, “Does your daddy ever let you kiss and lick his cock, Honey?” 

 “You mean like the girls in the video?”

“What video?”

“When daddy got the call from his work, he was showing me a video.  There were two naked ladies, licking and swallowing a man’s thing.”

“Ummmm, ya.  Have you ever done that for him?”

“No...  But I think he wanted me too.”

“Ya, I’m sure he did,” her uncle replied.  Emboldened he stated, “I’m going to teach you how to suck cock, baby.  Would you like that?” 

“Suck cock?  You mean like the ladies in the video… You mean like that lady in the video now?” she asked pointing to the lewd scene playing of the TV.  “Ya!  I would!  Would you really teach me, Uncle Paul?”   

“It will be my pleasure, little one.” 

Paul slowly showed her how to lap the sides of his cock and then to put the head in her mouth.  She was a natural with her tongue playing with the hole in his cockhead right from the start. Holding her head, he moved his cock in and out of her mouth in a fucking motion, sometime deeper, sometimes less so. 

The sight of his cock moving into that sweet little mouth was incredible.  Enjoying knowing she had made him very happy, her smiling blue eyes stared up at him.  Her beautiful lips pressed tightly around his fat cock shaft as it slid in and then the slurping, wet sound when he brought it all the way out. Her tongue lashing the head and pressing into his hole brought Paul to the point of climax.

Quickly he turned her onto her back and got over her.  Thrusting his cock in her sucking mouth for the last few strokes before he came, he face fucked the eight year old.  Entering her throat, he felt her little body thrashing beneath him as she gagged. When he started to cum, he pulled his cock out of her mouth while it was still pumping. Her mouth holding several spoons full of his seed, she gasped for breath as he finished shooting long hot strings of silver gray cum all over her pretty face. Cum flew into her hair and fell across her face in interesting patterns. Cum, fell across her forehead and in an eye… into an ear.  When he was finally spent, her face was splattered in thick globs of semen… some ran from the corners of her mouth… some bubbled out of her little turned up nose. Sitting on her chest he wiped his cock head across her freckled cheeks. Finally finished, his cock began to soften some.

“I have just one more thing for you to do for me tonight, slave. Are you willing… no matter what it is?”

“Yes, mister king. I like this game!” Her cheeks were flushed, her lips hot and her voice raspy. She was very turned on.

“You are such an adorable little slave, India. I just love you… really I do. Now I want you to taste a little of my pee.”  India didn’t hesitate when he spoke, she just swallowed the rest of his cum and opened her mouth wide.

Without saying more Paul leaned forward until his flaccid cock was directly above India’s open mouth. Slowly he pissed a few ounces into her mouth where it mixed with her saliva and his cum. Then she swallowed. “God damn,” he muttered in utter amazement.


The shower that followed their sexual games was gentle and fun for both India and Paul.  Lots of touching and tickling… kisses and hugs.  Each with a bar of soap washed their favorite parts of the other really well . India washed his cock and balls and he washed between her legs. Then he began to piss on her chest.  To his surprise she ducked her head down and began to drink his piss.  That turned them both on and as soon as he was through he lifted her up and put her on his shoulders facing him. He began to suck on her little girl clit and she began to piss in his mouth just as he had done to her. They both were very happy to be playing like this.

Again, they washed each other carefully and Paul came to bed with a new erection. To Paul’s chagrin, India took it upon herself to put back on her flannel Cinderella pajamas.  Regardless, Paul smiled at his niece and pulled her into his bed.

India sat up and stared at her uncle’s stiff problem.  ‘It’s just not fair,’ she said to herself. “Uncle Paul, Daddy told me I had to wear my pajamas to bed this weekend. Do I have to with you?” The big blue eyes begged knowing her uncle couldn’t resist even if he had wanted to. Of course he didn’t want to.

“I really like those pajamas, India, but you don’t have to wear them to bed with me,  honey.  Like your daddy, I like you bare, so tonight, let’s go naked in bed.”   Without hesitating she pulled off her P.J.’s.  Then he added,“ You said your daddy wouldn’t let you touch his cock, India, but it seems to me that you like to touch mine and you do it so well.”   He put her hands on his hard cock.  “Just pull it up and down slowly like I showed you before.”

 India was very interested in how the hard cock looked and felt. “I can see the veins pushing out on the sides, Uncle Paul…does it hurt?  And the skin is so soft just like silk. I like to watch the clear stuff come out of the hole in the top.”  She used a finger to wipe away the clear fluid and stuck the finger in her mouth. “Ummm, good,” she giggled and continued to jack off her uncle’s hard cock.  Her big blue eyes looked up at Paul as she pulled his cock, her fingers unable to completely surround his thick cock meat so that she needed two hands, but she had found a rhythm that suited them both.

She went about the job of bringing off her uncle with complete seriousness, kissing his cock every so often to his utter delight. Paul had un-braided her hair in the shower and now her long blond hair hung over her shoulders and down her back in long, wet strands.  Her full pink lips pressed together in concentration as she pumped and pumped his dick.   

“Oh, baby girl… that feels so, sooooo good.  Just keep doing it that way, honey, your fingers feel fantastic. Do it… ya, ya … do it… do it, India.  Squeeze hard, Baby.  Your Uncle Paul is going to cum again… pull it, baby... pull it. That’s a girl … just like that… Oh shit, oh fucking shit… I’m cumming girl, I’m cumming!”

India’s arms were on fire from all the hard work. Once Paul began to shoot hot cum into the air she slowed down and watched the erupting geyser. She laughed as it splattered over Paul’s chest and caught some with her hand.  Tiny fingers pushed the cum around in her own palm.

“It’s really slippery, isn’t it, Uncle Paul? Like oil … a little bit anyway.”

“Ya, it is, sweetie,” Paul said feebly recovering from his climax. “You tasted it already.  You liked the taste don’t you?”

“Uh… I don’t know,” she replied remembering the slightly bleachy taste before her uncle peed into her mouth.  “It was O.K., I guess.”

“It didn’t taste bad, did it?”

“No, it was… different.”

“Most girls learn to love that taste, and I’m sure that you’ll be one of those girls.  Go ahead, be a good girl, lap it up, sweetie.”

India lapped up not just what was in her hand, but the cum that was all over her uncle’s belly now.  When she was done she crawled up into her uncle’s arms and closed her eyes. It had been a fun but tiring day.

Paul pulled the covers over himself and his niece, turned off the light.  As he drifted off to sleep, he dreamed of fucking her pretty mouth still again.


During the night, Paul had woken finding himself softly running his erect cock up and down the crack of India’s ass.  It was a feeling like no other and he didn’t want the sensation to end. He could feel his hot cock moving toward another climax. He rearranged her slightly bringing her even closer to him and draping her leg over his own.  He pushed his cock into the crack between her legs so that his cock head could slide back and forth over her moist pussy. While his cock slid back and forth, his hand moved over her hip and his fingers began to play with her stiff little clit.  

Repositioning himself, he savored the feel of her full soft ass cheeks as he ran his fingers over her.  India never woke, even when a few minutes later, he spread her little girl ass cheeks with his thumbs and tongued her pink rose bud. His tongue went deep into her hole and he was crazy to satisfy himself again. Knowing he only had seconds to spare, Paul repositioned himself again.  Pushing his cock between her legs, he simulated fucking her with a back and forth motion designed by him to make himself cum.  And cum he did… all over her outer cunt lips, the new lubrication only added to his pleasure. As he began to slow down he reached between her legs from the front and stuffed finger load after finger load of his cum into her cunt… her virgin cunt… slicken with semen, his finger went into her very easily.  Then Paul went back to sleep with his semi-hard, cum covered cock between her ass cheeks and dreaming about tomorrow. 


Morning dawned bright and beautiful.  When Paul came into the room, India was in the kitchen eating a multi-colored cereal that turned the milk a rose color and watching cartoons on TV.   She was kneeling on the chair, wearing her kitten t-shirt, but no panties.

Paul paused to soak in the sight of her delectable bare buns.  “Good morning, Sweetie,” he finally said as he bent and kissed her cheek. “Did you sleep well, Honey?”   

”Yep… really good,” she said not taking her eyes off the TV.  “That’s a nice bed, Uncle Paul.”  She took a mouthful of cereal and after swallowing stated, “I felt you kissing my bum in the night too.” She giggled and added, “I liked that. I liked that a lot.”   Taking another spoonful into her mouth, she munched while she kept watching the cartoons.  She swallowed and declared, “But my pee hole was all stuck together with your white stuff… YOU’RE A BAD BOY!” Then she looked at him and was not surprised to find him nude.  Not just nude but stroking a stiff cock.

He didn’t say anything and neither did she, she knew what he wanted. Their eyes were locked together on one another as he walked the few feet to her. Kneeling on the chair as she was, she was just the right height to take his cock into her mouth. Placing his hand on the back of her head, he pushed the head and a little more into her eight-year-old cereal and milk filled mouth. Her saucer sized, smiling blue eyes, stared into his while her little tongue slid back and forth over his sensitive cock head. Then her full lips formed tightly to his cock and she began to suck it.  He watched his dick slide in and out of her mouth in while her hands began an even jack off rhythm.   

His hands encased her head so that he could control the speed and depth of her sucking action. He moved her head back and forth enjoying the delicious tingling feelings. Minutes passed too quickly… then ! 

“Stop baby… stop…s top…oh yes, your mouth is a gift…Christ I’m gonna blow and I want to do something special,  something different.”  Carefully he removed his ready to shoot cock and held it pointed at her bowl of cereal. 

“Now pull it a little more.” She took hold of his cock, “Oh yes, Oh yes…do it, baby… Do it, India, hmmmm, fuck yes, he hissed as his spewing cock pulsed.  That’s it baby.  Keep pumping the cum into your milk.”  She was doing just as he asked and holding her Uncle’s fountaining cock, directed the spewing cum over the surface of the milk where it floated for a moment before it sank to the bottom of the bowl.

“That was so special, India,” her randy uncle gushed.  “You are the sweetest girl I ever met. I love you India.”

She smiled at her uncle knowing he really had enjoyed her mouth. “Daddy likes that too, Uncle Paul… but he doesn’t have as much white stuff. I love you too, Uncle Paul… I always have.” She smiled again before asking, “Are you going to pee a little in my cereal?  I know it’s nasty to do that, but I find it kind of exciting.  I don’t mind, really I don’t.  It doesn’t taste as good as your white stuff, but I don’t mind it either.”

“You really like pissing games, don’t you?  O.K., sure,” was all Paul said as he added a couple of ounces of piss in her milk.  India hummed away as she mixed everything together and finished eating her breakfast, going back to the program on the cartoon channel like nothing was unusual.  Paul made an attempt to braid her hair while he considered everything that had happened in the past twelve hours, concluding that maybe she and her daddy had done more than she had admitted to.  He was thinking on this when his thoughts were distracted by the telephone ringing.

Paul answered the phone. It was his best friend, Ben, asking if Paul was up for some fun that night, quickly suggesting that they hit a tittie bar.  Paul told him he had a better idea and asked Ben if he would like to come to Paul’s house that evening. He told Ben a little about India and quickly Ben agreed to come over with his camera and equipment. While her uncle was on the telephone, India finished her breakfast and put her dishes in the sink.  Then she moved into the TV room. 

Once he hung up he asked her, “Do you have a short skirt with you, India?” 

“Yes  ... my green mini skirt...  I wear it over shorts.” She looked up at him for a minute. “How come?” she asked with a curious questioning smile.

“I have a friend that likes to take pictures of little girls. I think you you’ll really like him.  He’s coming over tonight.  He wants to meet you and take some pictures of you while he’s here.  It will be fun to see you model some sexy clothes. I know, you can play being a fashion model and model some clothes for him like a big girl.  Would you like to do that?”

“A model?  Oh yes… cool!  That’ll be fun!” she gushed with abundant enthusiasm and radiating her fantastic smile.

 “I’m sure you will need some mesh stocking and… what else?  A garter belt?  Some heels?”  Without vocalizing, he added in his mind, ‘And maybe a small pink vibrator?’

She abandoned the TV now and gave him all her attention, “Yes!  Lets buy all those things and some lipstick too!”

“Definitely lipstick!” he answered.

Then she smiled at him. “I bet I know what kind of pictures you really want,” she giggled. ”Naughty ones… like Daddy takes.”

“Well, ummm, maybe some of those too… if you like.”  What else did Daddy do with her he wondered? “I’ll make you a deal, sweetie.  If you’re a good girl and agree to do everything I tell you to do, then we’ll go to the mall shopping and buy you all the stuff for the pictures.” It was a little before noon now so they had plenty of time.

“Really?  You promise!” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Absolutely… is it a deal?”

 “Deal!  I have a special store where the lady is always nice,” she said. “She’s a friend of Daddy’s. Can we go there?”

“Sure, if you like. Just show me where to go. But first…” Paul lay down on the sofa.  With one leg on the floor, he draped the other leg over the back rest, lewdly displaying himself. 

“What do want me to do?” she asked with a slight frown.

“Remember last night when I kissed and licked your bum?”

“Ya,” she grinned.

 “I want you to do that to me.”


India wore her mini skirt to the mall to please her Uncle Paul.  She felt a little embarrassed to be wearing it in public since Uncle Paul had insisted that she not only not wear shorts, but not wear panties either!  Still it was exciting and sexy too.

On the ride to the mall Paul, kept her skirt pushed up high enough for him to be able to see and touch her little cunt whenever he choose to. Each time he ran his hand over her leg she would pretend to be looking out the window and not notice his familiar hand. But the smile Paul saw reflected in the window glass showed the truth.

They found a parking space close to the main entrance and Paul parked their car. Before they got out, Paul bent down and gave India a long soft kiss that they both held for a long time.  A lady walking by at just that moment was shocked and surprised to see the adult man giving the little girl such a romantic kiss.  She stopped and watched them as they got out of the car and glared at Paul who simply ignored her, holding hands they entered the mall.

“Lacy’s store is on the other side of the food court, Uncle Paul,” India said as she skipped along. “I bet you’ll like her… Daddy does.” They moved along the crowed walkway looking in windows and enjoying the many displays and laughing at others.   It wasn’t long before India and Paul realized that some men and older boys were looking at India’s bare legs.  While they stood in front of one display window Paul watched as one older man reached down and patted India’s ass.  She giggled,  but didn’t move until Paul led her away.

“I think that man liked your short skirt, India. I think a lot of men do.”  Paul smiled and added, “I can almost see your chubby ass cheeks.” 

India just giggled at being so naughty in public.  “I know they do,” was all she said.  Moments later they were walking into the “Silk Hose Boutique”.   “This is where Lacy works, Uncle Paul… Daddy brings me here sometimes.”

Lacy was waiting on a customer when Paul and India walked in.  She gave India a big ‘hello’ and a wave and said she would be with them in just a moment.  They walked slowly around the store looking at all the stocking, garter belts and bodices displays in all kinds of colors and designs, shapes and sizes.

“I hope they have something that will fit a little girl, India.  This store looks like it is just for grown up ladies.”

“Don’t worry, Uncle Paul.  She has the all the little girl stuff in back.  She likes me and really likes to dress me… and I like her too.  She’s really cool.”

The customer left with an arm full of packages and as he left, Paul saw that Lacy locked the door and put up the “Out for Lunch” sign.  Joining Paul and India she smiled at Paul.  I’m Lacy, you must be the handsome uncle.  India’s dad said you might be in with our girl while he was away. Glad to meet you.” 

While Paul considered the statement implying that she had been waiting expecting him, the lady dropped to one knee to come face to face with India. “How is my favorite girl today, India?  I’ve missed you.”

“I’m fine. And I’ve missed you to Lacy. This is Uncle Paul.  Lacy, we are going to take pictures in a little while.”

 Lacy gave Paul a quick glance with a faint smile and a raised eyebrow. “Oh, really, sweetheart?  Pictures… Isn’t that wonderful, India?”  She turned back to the girl.  “But first, my big girl kisses.”  Holding India’s waist with both hands, she pressed her lips against India’s full lips quite hard.  It shocked Paul to see that their tongues were playing.  Lacy’s hands dropped to India’s ass cheeks and ran under her skirt, smoothly and without hesitation.  “Hmmm, you forgot your panties, darling,” said the woman cutting another quick glance at India’s uncle before resuming her kiss and feeling up the girl’s bare buttocks.  Paul was sure the two were old friends and was certain that his brother had brought his young daughter to this store many, many times.

A few minutes later, Lacy, Paul and India were in the back room. The two females ignored Paul who sat off to one side and watched as Lacy first stripped the girl bare before laying India down on a well used cot.   Paul, watching the open molestation of his niece, exposed his cock and began to jack off. 

“Spread yourself, India.  You know how we play… Open the flower for Lacy.”  Giggling, knowing what was coming, India spread open first her legs, then her outer lips.  Sitting on the cot beside the girl, Lacy immediately bent and began to noisily lap, suck and fondle with her tongue.  India’s clit was quickly erect and an electric thrill swept through her quickly.  Paul nearly lost it when he heard his niece gasp as she came.

 “Delicious…” was all Lacy had to say as she paused for a moment and moved to sucking India’s nipples.  Lacy’s two finger were now sliding into India in the absence of her tongue.  Lacy’s left hand continued under her own skirt to finger and rub her clit.  As Lacy again kissed India it, was clear to Paul that the older woman was close to her peek … she was.     

“Come sweetie… Get down between Auntie Lacy’s legs and suck me, Honey, like I did for you, Baby.” India knew just what her friend wanted and needed.  They quickly changed places and India’s head was soon moving up and down between her friends legs. Paul knew something had happened when Lacy pulled her legs up higher and stiffened slightly. It was moments before he realized that India had pushed three fingers up her friend’s ass while she was sucking her to a climax.  “Suck me girl, please, please….suck me, suck me,” the woman hollered.  “I’m cumming… now, Baby!!”  Lacy grabbed both of India’s braids and pulled the girls mouth tight against her cunt, and let go. The flow of cunt juice and piss flooded into India’s mouth that she held in her mouth and slowly swallowed.

It was a few moments before Lacy could open her eyes.  When she did she saw the large throbbing cock in her face.  Without hesitation, her lips surrounded the drooling thick organ and she sucked it with the gusto that only an experienced woman could do.  Paul had been so close watching the two females that he lasted but a few moments before he was pumping his offering into the woman’s voraciously sucking mouth.

For the moment, all three were sated and it was time to get down to business.  Lacy picked out several outfits, all of them entirely inappropriate for a girl of India’s age and had India model them for her uncle.  Dressing and undressing in various stockings, skimpy panties and garter belts, it was fun watching the older woman with his niece and how she lovingly stroked India’s while smoothing out wrinkles in the skimpy thin fabric, as well as caressing her when nude.  In total ease, India strutted and posed in crotchless panties and other sexy outfits for her uncle. 

Watching his niece, Paul marveled at the uninhibited exhibit by India.  Whatever doubts he harbored about inviting Ben over tonight were now put to rest.  She was indeed a girl of many talents… and no stranger to any of them. His brother had definitely been holding back on him.  Wow!      


On the way home from the mall, Paul and India stopped for a quick early dinner at McDonalds. Paul settled India into a bench seat at the side of the restaurant had her open her legs and display her pussy to men nearby. It wasn’t long before several men were seated across from them checking out the cute little eight-year-old but pretending to be reading papers or looking out the window.  Paul and India ignored them and at one point Paul even pushed India’s skirt up a bit so the men could get a better look. They ate slowly and when they finally left, the men they left behind were a buzz about the pantyless girl.             

 Back at home twenty minutes later, they put away the new nylons, garter belts, panties and lip stick. India dressed in the outfit they had decided upon, Farmer Brown coveralls.  Then with lipstick and eye shadow applied, they waited in the TV room watching more cartoons.  Paul sat behind her, braiding her long strawberry blond hair.  After two attempts, he had the knack.  Soon he had her strawberry blonde hair in two shinny braids, securely fastening them with blue bows at the ends.  Paul had always loved the feeling of girl’s hair.  As a boy one of his jobs was to braid his sister’s hair before school and he loved the sensual feeling as it slid between his fingers and over his hands.  

Uncle Paul had finished her hair and was just put the finishing touches on her lipstick when the door buzzer rang.  Uncle Paul knew who it was and answered it…  Ben had two bags full of photo equipment and what all. 

 India was very surprised… he was a black man.  Not just a black man but a huge black man.  ‘Like a football player,’ India thought, with big muscles, a big smile and big hands... huge hands.  India wondered if his ‘thing’ was big too.  Her eyes drifted to his crotch.  She swallowed hard… yep, that was big too. For security, she moved close to her uncle.

“My,” Ben said in a big booming voice, not loud, just friendly.   “You must be India! Your uncle told me a lot about you. I see he wasn’t lying when he told me how pretty you are.  He also said that you liked to have your picture taken. Is that true, Honey?”

“Ya, I guess,” India replied meekly, suddenly shy. She looked down at the floor not knowing what to do.  She wiggled her shoulders and twisted her toe a little inside her red sneakers. She could see the lace at the top of her sock sticking out from under the leg of her Farmer Brown overalls.

“I’ve known your uncle for a long time, and he’s never lied to me.  You know what else he told me?”  She looked up at Ben. “He told me that you were a lot of fun to be with.  Is that true too?”

“I guess,” she stammered and looked to her uncle for support.  Then suddenly her expression brightened.  “Do you want me to put on a dress for the picture?” Smiling now, glad that she had thought of something to say.  “I brought my blue dress in case I needed it.”

“No, I don’t think so, Sweetie. I love what your wearing, the overalls with the poodle on the top and your pretty red tee shirt.” 

She was delicious Ben thought. He had never fooled around with anyone this young, at least not a white girl, but she was a cute one.   She had adorable freckles across her nose and over the crest of her cheek, and those gorgeous blue eyes; big, smiling, dancing blue eyes.  His large dark eyes bore into her as he stated, “You’re a very pretty little girl, India.”  And she was he thought. Lowering his voice he added, “So pretty, you don’t need clothes on at all.” 

Ben expected a reaction to his forward statement and he got one.  As the knowing smile spread across her pretty face, he started to get hard. Then she whirled about and with a wave of her dainty hand, led him into the TV room.  Her fat little wiggling ass was just perfect and he couldn’t take his eyes off it.

Paul noticed him staring at her ass and said, “That’s pretty nice, isn’t it, Ben? I had my tongue up there while she was asleep last night.”

“You bastard!  You’ve been holding out on me, Boss.” Ben laughed.  “But you’re absolutely right, it is a pretty little ass and by god, she’s gorgeous!”

Ben did take a few pictures of India wearing her overalls, red sneakers and tee shirt.  Then he thought it would be fun to start taking some “special” pictures of India. 

Paul said, “She has a couple of outfits all laid out, Ben.  Why don’t we start with them?  Go ahead India start modeling your new things for us while Ben takes pictures of you.”

“O.K. Uncle Paul but you fix the lights like we planed… like a real fashion show.” Smiling and giggling India went off bouncing down the hall and into her uncle’s room.  Paul turned on the small picture spot light he had pointing at an original painting and directed it to the low table he and India had decided to use for a stage. He dimmed the other lights and turned on some soft background music.

“Alright Ben, we might as well get undressed ourselves. She won’t be at all surprised.” 

She was surprised though, Ben’s black cock was longer and fatter than her forearm.  She stopped dead in her tracks and starred at the semi stiff organ.  Ben was proud of it and lewdly fondled himself while the pretty little white girl starred in awe.

Gathering her wits, India began the show. Ben had his camera ready as Paul chose a chair close to the ‘stage’. India first modeled her matching panties and bra sets.

She had on her blue and white mini-skirt, but no top except her bra.  Her bra of course was just for modesty.  She didn’t have any tits, just little fatty pads that barely protruded from her chest, with interesting tan nipples in the middle of them.

Grinning she swished and swayed to the music while Ben took all kinds of pictures. Soon he was telling her how to stand or sit or lie.  He had her pull up her skirt so he could take pictures of her white lace panties. He had her sit and spread open her legs and had her stand, bend over and pull up her skirt so he could get pictures of her white covered ass. He did the same with her red silk outfit, except because of the fine material, the silk followed her contours closely. The silk went into her ass crack making her seem nude, and her cunt lips were outlined perfectly in a true ‘camel toe’ picture.  Ben kept stroking his cock and India kept looking at it wondering what it would feel like in her hand or mouth.

Next India wore her ‘invisible’ set. A clear see through set of bra and panties. Ben had her go through all the same poses but now knowing just what her tiny body looked like.  He took pictures of her nipples and her young hairless pussy.  Still fascinated with her ass, Ben took extra pictures of it.

For her last pictures, India wore a black satin set. The thong patch barely covered her small cunt and left nothing to the imagination in the back.  The bra was the same. Two tiny patches covering almost nothing.  What did take away the breath of both men was her black mesh net stockings and her black garter belt.  She looked positively whorish and almost looked like a much older girl. She kept rubbing her own legs and bare ass knowing it was driving the men crazy. “Do you like my stockings?”  She asked both men knowing the answer. “I bet you do.”  Ben snapped away, but Uncle Paul finally decided to move on to the next phase of sexing the girl.

“Why don’t we all go sit on the couch, India.  Its pretty dark over there and we can talk and fool around.”

Then Ben added “Ya, with you in the middle, Sweetie. I’ll set up the camera on the tripod and take pictures with this clicker.” He held up the shiny black camera auto clicker.

Paul was already sitting on the couch, Ben sat next to him. India got onto her uncle’s lap with her black mesh nylons, her black thong panties and black bra then gave her uncle a big kiss. Reaching over Ben took her chubby little ass in his big hand and squeezed it. 

“That’s a really nice grown up ass, India.  Can I see it totally bare naked later?”  The camera blinked signaling a picture taken of Ben’s hand on the girl’s exposed soft ass cheek.

“Hmmmmm” India replied clearly teasing the big black man, if my Uncle Paul wants me to.” She could feel her uncle’s cock getting hard in his pants. She liked knowing she had that effect on him. It was really cool. She wiggled a little and looked at him, an impish grin on her face. Paul smiled at her and pushed his cock against her hip

“Sure you can let Ben see you naked, Honey. That’s why he’s here.  Then we will all be naked. I bet you like seeing his cock, don’t you Baby?    Remember that zebra we saw on the nature channel?  Remember his big cock hanging down?  Well, Ben’s cock is like that, isn’t it Honey?    

“You mean his thing has stripes?  I don’t see any,” she giggled looking at Ben’s dick.

“No silly, you know what I mean… it’s all black… very, very black.    I meant the size.  He’s got a horse cock.” Paul said grinning at Ben, in better light you can see it for yourself… if you want.”

Paul stood India on the floor, un-snapped her bra and pushed her panties down and off. “See how horny you have made me, India?”  He held his fully erect cock straight up and stroked it gently using only his thumb and two fingers… pre-cum had begun to seep from the hole in the purple head.  “ I can’t wait to see your pretty little pee hole again.” 

India moved to the middle of the small room waiting quietly for Ben’s attention.  She seemed shy all at once.  Paul was sure it was a theatrical shyness and not real. She looked at the floor, put a finger in her mouth and then lifted her eyes slightly looking at her uncle’s eight inch cock.  She wiggled a bit, remembering sucking it the night before, how she had enjoyed the taste of the pre-cum. And it was bigger than her Dad’s, longer and fatter. She had loved the silky smoothness of the skin and the heat she could feel when she put her hands around it.

Then “he” was between her Uncle Paul and her. His huge ...really huge hard cock and full hanging ball sack were looming above her head.  The menacing black pole dripped crystal pre-cum, the skin glistened like black coal. She didn’t know how big it was but the head was bigger than her fist and it was longer than her forearm. Curiously, the head was much lighter in color than the ebony stalk, a very pleasing brown, almost tan in color.  But how would she ever get it into her mouth? And if she did, how much cum would he want her to drink.    She could feel the heat building in her pussy… a tingle, a tickle, a thrill in her belly like being on a Ferris wheel. Ben moved and she knew that Ben was kneeling behind her and now she felt his lips kiss the back of her neck.  She liked that and she could feel his thumbs working to open her ass cheeks. She knew he liked her ass, liked it a lot.  

“Pretty little girl… I can hardly wait to kiss you all over… every inch of you. You don’t mind if I kiss and play with your ass, do you, India?”

“I don’t mind.  It feels really neat,” she replied while thrusting her ass back at the black man’s face.  

His hands came around to her front and a black finger slid down her white tummy to her slit and then he rubbed her gently. She took in a big breath and closed her eyes as he gently pinched and pulled on her nipples. His fingers felt soooo-soooo good. She heard him sigh. India’s closed her eyes moistened her dry lips with her tongue as she felt his mouth and tongue kissing and lapping all the way down to the crack in her .

As he kissed all across the plump cheeks of her buttocks, she heard him say, “Such a sweet little girl you are, India. Are you going to suck my cock, Honey?  Suck it like you sucked your uncle’s cock last night?”

Opening her eyes, India looked at her Uncle for the answer, but he just smiled at her and continued to stroke his cock.  “Hummm… I guess… If Uncle Paul thinks its O.K. and… if you really want me to. I mean, if it’s not too big.” She spread her legs still more as the tongue explored the depths of her back crease.

Staying on his knees Ben came around to face and kiss India. “Ya, I really want you to, honey and I think your uncle won’t mind either.  As for it being too big, you’ll manage, Sweetie,” he whispered huskily, looking into the girls sexy blue eyes.

As she put a finger in her mouth again, she felt Ben sliding his hands up and down her legs and again squeezing her ass. As hand slid over her ass, one finger traced her ass crack. Ben couldn’t believe how turned on he was over this eight-year-old, or how willing she was. He could hardly wait to get his tongue up her back hole and into her baby soft pussy.

From experience with her own dad, India knew what she wanted. Turning her back to him and bending slightly she spread her own ass cheeks giving Ben a good look at her dark hole and tacit permission to kiss, suck and finger it. Ben bent and lapped it slowly for several delicious minutes before he pushed a fat middle finger up her ass. He heard her gasp at the intrusion, but after just a few moments her puckered hole relaxed and she began to move back and forth on his finger.  After just a few strokes Ben removed the finger and patted her ass.  “We’ll have lots of time for that a little later, my horny little girl.”

Paul loved watching Ben as he molested his willing niece. Just the thought of giving his niece to Ben made his dick hurt.  They worked together and had been buddies since high school.  The two had had many a sexual adventure together, double teaming women of all ages, mostly MILF’s they ran across on the job, horny married women who weren’t getting enough from hubby, but also girls, white girls and black girls, that they met in pickup bars, girls who let them have their way with their body and mothers that let them fuck their teenaged girls. 

Paul’s cock was throbbing with need as he continued being the photographer. The contrast of the huge ebony black against tiny India’s milky white skin was tantalizing, but the sight of Ben’s big hands stroking her fat nude butt was almost too much.  “Yes… yes… Ben squeeze that little ass,” he rasped in mounting lust. “Isn’t she great?’’  Paul was stroking wildly now and feeling fine. “Christ sake, finger that hot wet pussy.  Let’s see if her nipples are hard.” Paul watched as Ben pushed spread her ass cheeks began fingering her dark hole.

Ben turned India sideways so Paul could see everything and moved to be in front of her again. Leaning forward he bent to her and kissed her lips.  His fat pink tongue ran over her lips slowly before he pushed his big tongue into her mouth. He was rewarded as she sucked on its thickness. He felt her tiny tongue circling his and a hand went between her legs, one finger sliding back and forth over her slit.

“Put your arms around my neck, darling… time we did some real kissing and playing around.” India’s arms circled Ben’s neck and their lips met again.  Moments later while they still kissed India dropped her hand down he grasp Ben’s cock.  ‘Yes’ she thought ‘it really is big’.       

The entire time he had been there, Ben had been watching for and expecting some resistance, some indication of limits, but whatever he did, he found complete acceptance.  Confident that she would let the two men do whatever they wanted with her, Ben’s black horse dick now achingly throbbed in anticipation.

The two men stared at her nipples.  She had pink quarter sized areola, her nipples were very hard and extended the size if peanuts, just waiting to be sucked. Ben was mesmerized.   He just stared for a full minute, before he bent and took one between his thick lips while India ran her fingers into the mass of kinky black curls on Ben’s head. She closed her eyes in bliss, she could feel his fleshy lips latched to her chest while he sucked and lightly bit her.  

 Moving in close to Ben and India, her uncle took more pictures while his cock obscenely drooled pre-cum onto the floor. Then he knelt beside them and took her other nipple into his mouth.  Paul sucked; his hands were all over her, but mostly her ass cheeks and between her legs. Little by little he worked a finger up India’s ass hole, then two.  She froze waiting for the pain to stop…her Daddy had taught her how.  Paul was amazed at how easily her anus had allowed his assault.  Then India put an arm around each man’s neck while they sucked on her little girl nipples.

Ben hadn’t known what to expect when he began to suck India’s nipples but now he was nothing but pleased.  The nipple itself had swollen beautify and the areola surrounding the nipple itself had swollen.  To Ben the areola felt, to his tongue, to be just as pebbled, if smaller, than an adult female.  Ben ran his hands slowly over her chubby smooth ass again and again now that Paul had stopped for a few minutes. He couldn’t believe that a little girl’s ass could feel so spectacular.

“I think my cock is going to break in half if you don’t feel it, India.”   Ben had stopped sucking and Paul was again taking pictures. “Come see what I have just for you, India.”

“I know what you have, Mr. Ben. You have a big dong just like Uncle Paul’s big dong, maybe even bigger.”

“Maybe bigger?  It’s a lot bigger, darling,” he laughed.

“But I do want to hold it.”  India giggled and wrapped her hands around the thick black cock.  She knew from the big size that it was going to be hard to suck, but she really wanted to try it so she could tell her father.     

Suddenly she found herself up close and personal, face-to-face with the biggest dick she’d ever see in her entire life.  At such close range, India stared in semi-disbelief. Ben’s jet black cock was as long as her hand and fore arm together (11 ½“) and as fat as her lower arm.  The throbbing brown head was as big as her fist and his balls were like two plums in a black silk sack. Up close, it looked bigger than the zebra’s thing!  It wasn’t stripped either, but was a deep indigo black, so black that it was slightly iridescent.

“Oh my!” were her first hushed words. “Oh my!” 

She stared in awe for a few moments, then she looked up at big Ben smiling down on her like King Kong smiling down on Faye Ray. “Kiss it,” he ordered.  “Kiss my black dick.”  If she wasn’t frightened up that point, she should have been frightened now. But she wasn’t, just awestruck. 

Without looking away from his enormous cock, she finally said, “Gosh, that’s a big one, Mr. Ben. I hope I can make you feel good.  But I don’t know if I can get the top in my mouth.”

She felt her uncle running his hand over her bare butt and heard him whisper in her ear, “I know he’s too big for you, darling, but you can kiss it and lick it, can’t you?”

Reaching out she put both hands around the head.  She watched as pre-cum slid out of the hole in the crown and ran down over her hand. “It feels funny. It’s really warm.”  She took her hand away and lapped the pre-cum off the back of her hand.

Paul took the final pictures of India tasting Ben’s pre-cum with a huge smile and kissing the massive head of his big dick.  Fingering her anus while she kissed Ben’s dick, her uncle said, “O.K.,  let’s go into the bedroom, so we can all get comfortable.” 


With his big black hand cupping her little butt, Ben effortlessly lifted the naked girl and followed his friend into the bedroom where he deposited her on the bed.  The two men looked at each other and back to their prize.  Paul gently laid India back onto the bed.  Kneeling over her, facing her feet with his cock close to her mouth, his voice betraying his excitement, Paul said, “India, start sucking my cock darling. I’m dying to feel your mouth around my dick.”

With his young niece nibbling and lapping at his turgid dick, her uncle lifted and spread her legs wide apart at the ankles for Ben.  “Get a taste of that sweet little cunt, Ben, you’ll love it.”

With pre-cum wetly drooling from his mammoth member, Ben crawled in between Indi’s legs and used his thumbs to spread open her small cunt.  His pink tongue flicked over India’s clit. He felt her tense and begin to wiggle her pussy in his face. His tongue went deeper while his tongue scooped out little girl cunt juice. “Hummmmm, you’re delicious baby,” he mumbled while nibbling.  He was half hoping she would pee a little so he would get a taste of that.

He sucked her tiny cunt faster and faster until finally she took her uncle’s cock out of her mouth and cried out for Ben to please stop. “It felt really good Mr. Ben” she said between gasps for air. “But it feels too good now…. I need to rest.” Ben moved away smiling.  The girl had had a climax and would have more, many more.

Paul turned around and put his cock back into India’s mouth. “Suck it, Baby I was so close…. so, so close. Finish it for me.” Paul watched his cock disappear deep into India’s mouth.  Her fat lips stretched to the maximum while Paul fucked her mouth faster and faster. He was holding the sides of her head now, as he slid in and out. It didn’t take long until he was pulling out of her mouth and jerking his own cock as a flood of cum poured out.  He shot some cum back into India’s mouth and then over her face.  Cum ran down her cheeks and into her hair.  She swallowed quickly and never gagged. Her tongue was covered with the white silver love juice.

The cum had been hot and salty… just the way she had grown to like it. India lapped the sticky white strings of cum from her young tender lips and smiled at her Uncle Paul.  When she closed her mouth she swallowed softly, small white cum bubbles formed at the corners of her mouth.

Ben stretched out next to India.  “Well, little girl are you going to show old Ben how you can make my cock feel really good?  Come on little lady, get down between my legs and lap those big black balls.” 

India wiped cum from her cheek and quickly got between Ben’s legs. She was curious about the large globes, they were much bigger and heavier than either her dad’s or Uncle Paul’s. She lifted one in each hand, they were so big she couldn’t get even one in her mouth, but she tried. Ben was clean shaven so she didn’t have to worry about pubic hair in her mouth; she hated hair in her mouth.  Her little tongue lapped up and down his huge pole. She rolled his now wet balls around in her hands while she lapped away the growing lines of pre-cum streaming down the long shaft.  Holding the black pole with both hands and moving them up and down, India tried twice to get his fat cock head into her mouth.  On the third try it popped in.  She sucked on it, moving it back and forth a little bit while she jacked him off.

Kneeling as she was lapping Ben’s cock, left India’s ass wiggling in the air.  Paul got behind her and started to lap her asshole while he fingered her tiny pussy hole. She moaned as he sucked her ass and pushed his tongue into her dark hole loving the taste. He replaced his tongue with two thick long fingers. Her ass tightened around his fingers then slowly relaxed and she started fucking his fingers pushing back to get the total length inside herself. Paul began sucking on her cunt, his tongue teasing her clit while he sucked her outer lips into his mouth. The release of a small amount of pee into his mouth wasn’t a surprise. She had done that the night before.  He sucked all the juices into his mouth, savored the eight-year-old’s mixed cunt juices, then swallowed.      

 “You have to stop now, India… or I’ll cum off right now.”  It was Ben. “God, I need to fuck in the worst way,” he moaned.

“You know she’s too small for either of us,” reminded Paul.  “No penetration… it would hurt her.”

“I know, I know.”

“Besides, I already told you, her dad should be the first to fuck her.”

“O.K., O.K..  You’re the boss, Boss.”

“Lie on your back, Ben,” instructed Paul.  Ben’s massive cock lay against his belly fully hard and huge with anticipation. Paul lifted India onto Ben’s horizontal cock and spread open her lips to expose the wet inner cunt to Ben’s rigid pole. Paul slid her back and forth, riding Ben’s leaking cock like she was sliding back and forth on a banister. In a moment Ben’s cock was coated with India’s slippery, sticky, cunt juice and she slid easily. 

India loved the feeling and realized what she had to do.  Quickly she learned to lean forward and slowly drag her clit over his cock length. After a few dozen strokes, she moaned, shuttered, bit her lip and closed her eyes while her second climax surged through her small body. 

“I’m ready now if you are, Paul,” Ben moaned obviously close to cumming. “I can’t hold it any longer.”

“O.K. with me.”  Her uncle moved her off the huge black man and instructed her, “India, just sit on the bed while we cum on you, darling… You’ll like this part too.”

India was getting tired and was glad to be just sitting.  Her little cunt had never felt so used or so good.  Her dad would be happy when she told him all about it. “O.K. ready,” she said, sitting Indian style, her little cunt, red from use, exposed to the men. 

The men knelt beside her and jerked their cocks.  Suddenly a flood of cum engulfed India.   Cum shot out from both men and covered her face like a thick, silver-white mask.  Cum soaked into her hair and ran off her chin. Globs of cum shot into her open mouth and even covered her closed eyes.  Ben had the most, a flood really of hot cum to give her and kept shooting after Paul was done.  Then Paul scooped some cum from her chest with a finger and forced it into her red pussy and fingered her for a minute.

All three were motionless for several minutes as they basked in the afterglow of a great cum.  India was the first to stir.  “I’m all sticky,” she complained in jest. She had used a finger to scoop up some of the cum to ‘taste’.

“Ya, you’re a fucking mess, little one,” Ben added.  “When we talked on telephone this morning, I thought your uncle was full of it, but so far he hasn’t lied about anything he’s told me.  You know what he told me?  He said that you liked special showers.”

“That’s a good idea, Ben,” piped in Paul.  “Let’s give her a special shower.”

Ben carried the cum-covered girl into the bathroom and laid her down in the bathtub.  Paul was the first to get a stream of piss flowing.  The splashing sounds against his niece’s skin triggered Ben’s flow.  India squealed in delight as the twin torrents of warm yellow piss played across her body and splashed onto her face.  Her tongue lapped out and then her mouth opened.  Ben took aim and filled the oral cavern with his last spurts of pee.

Once the last drops had dripped from the two men’s cocks, Ben turned to Paul and asked, “How long did you say she was staying with you?”

“At least until tomorrow.”


The flickering harsh bright light of a sun ray dancing upon his face woke Paul up.  Then he noticed the gentle motion of the bed.  Rolling over on his side, he his pretty niece, her strawberry blond hair in total disarray, sitting atop the massive figure of his best pal, slowly rocking back and forth, siding the great black cock along her young pussy slit. Her eyes were closed and her face was mask of pure contentment.  Paul reached out and stroked the girl’s bare leg.  Opening her eyes, she looked at her uncle and smiled. 

To Ben’s disappointment, she slid off his cock and took up a similar position with her uncle, treating his morning erection to a slow faux-fuck.  Paul closed his eyes and concentrated on the sensations of slick pussy on his stiff prick.  Floating in bliss, he felt her little fingers on his nipples, rubbing and pulling.  “God, does it get any better than this?” he moaned out loud.

Ben replied to his rhetorical query and jarred Paul back to present with the statement, “Damned right!  We could fuck her!  Really fuck her!”

Paul’s eyes flew open.  He was about to speak, but Ben cut him off stating, “I know.  I know.  Her daddy gets to do her first.” 

Confident that Ben wouldn’t do anything stupid, especially with his niece, Paul drifted back into the delightful dream-like trance of his sexual pleasure.  It was mere moments before the motion on the bed jarred his eyes open again.  Looking up, he saw Ben stepping across him, standing and straddling him.  From his perspective, Paul was looking straight up at the black ass, cock and balls of his good friend.  Watching  between Ben’s black squatting legs,  a smile spread across Paul’s face as Ben pressed the brown tip of his great cock to lips of his niece while she continued to slide back and forth along her uncle’s cock. 

With the sight of India’s sweet lips molding around the fat peckerhead, Paul’s cock nearly burst from a surge of blood into his already stone-hard dick.  Then her little pink tongue lashed out and flickered under the rim of the brown cock crown and lashed at the black meat underneath.  It was almost too much for any man to endure, but with the depleted state of his nuts, his dick merely throbbed and ached in a most tantalizing manner.  Paul reached upwards to pull on one of the girl’s nipples, distended and swollen from a weekend of play, his other hand slid up a long black leg to fondle the dangling heavy nut sack of his partner.

That’s when the telephone rang.  Paul of course ignored it.  It rang four times and answering machine picked up.  “Hey, Paul!” squawked the machine.  “I’m back and just leaving the airport.  I’ll swing by your place and pick India up.  Should be there in about, oh, fifteen, twenty minutes.  Thanks, little brother, I owe you one.” Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

“Shit!” exclaimed Paul his attention was instantly redirected and focused on the new situation.  He slapped Ben’s butt and urged, “Come on Ben, you’ve got to get your black ass out of here!”

As reluctant as Ben was to leave, he understood the urgency, pulling his cock head from the girl’s mouth.  A long strand of foamy spittle connected the massive cock to the girl’s small mouth for a moment, stretching until it broke, falling between her nipples and then running down her tummy.  Passion overrode sensibility for a moment and Ben pushed his dick back to her mouth.  Paul slapped his ass again, sending Ben to gather his stuff without so much as a thank you to the girl.  She wasn’t cognizant anyway and continued to slide her pussy on her uncle’s cock.

Paul gently lifted her bodily from his dick.  “C’mon, baby.  We’ve got to get you cleaned up!”

India’s little pussy, red and swollen, was throbbing with need.  She didn’t want to stop.  She was having too much fun, but she didn’t have much choice as Paul carried her to shower.  The cold water startled her awake.  She squealed and tried to hop out, but her uncle held her in place and began to soap her down.  By the time the water had warmed up, Paul had scrubbed away the cum and dried juices from a long night of fun.  Hastily he rinsed her off.  After towel drying her, he rushed from the bath and instructed India to get dressed quickly as her father would be there any minute. 

Not bothering to dry himself, Paul merely pulled on a pair of gym shorts and rushed out to make sure Ben was gone.  He was, along with his camera equipment.  Paul rushed back into the bedroom.  India was still only half dressed, taking her time like women do.  She had her things picked out and he stuffed all of India’s remaining clothes, including her new ones, into her back pack.  He glanced about for anything incriminating and seeing none, put the back pack down.

“Hey, Paul!”   Paul’s head jerked in the direction of the front door.  “Hey, Bro!”  His eyes shot to the girl, bare from waist down examining a rolled up thong and trying to get it straightened out. 

“Get dressed!” he hissed and hurried to the door, closing it behind him.

“How was the trip?” Paul nonchalantly asked as he strode into the living room area. 

“So, so,” replied his brother.  “Just glad to be home.”

The two brothers sat on the sofa, chatting about this and that as usual until India came from Paul’s bedroom carrying her back pack and doll.  Her hair was still very wet and hung in strands about her face.  Nonetheless, she was still pretty.  She ran to her father and laid a very undaughterly kiss on his lips.  Paul looked away as if distracted by something.  He looked back and saw that his brother was holding her to him with a hand on her ass, as he continued to French the girl. Paul glanced away, struggling to stifle his knowing smile.

 “Uncle Paul bought me some new clothes, Daddy.  I can’t wait to show them to you.”

“Well, maybe after we get something to eat,” her father replied. 

Turning to Paul he offered, “How about Sunday brunch?  My treat.”

“No, not today.  I know you two will want some time together, besides I have some paper work to catch up on.”

“That’s fine, Paul.  Well, I’m famished.  You ready baby?”  India turned to her uncle and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him like she had kissed her father.  Paul glanced past India to see his brother’s reaction.  He wasn’t looking, he was looking at the sheer black satin thong and bra that he’d discovered wedged between the seat cushions.

India broke off her kiss and sprung up ready to go.  Her daddy thanked Paul again for looking out for her and then slyly pressed the two small and thin garments into his hand, whispering, “I think one of your girl friends left this.”

He walked out to the parking lot with his brother and niece.  He wanted to say something and end the charade he and his brother were playing, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it.  ‘What the hell, he’ll know soon enough,’ Paul thought as they got into the car.

Returning to his apartment from the outside, the smell struck him.  The smell of sex hung heavily in the air, funky pussy odors and funky man odors, mixed with funky ass odors.  No way could his brother not have noticed it.

He lay down on the sofa and turned the TV on to watch the Sunday morning news shows.  As he examined the bra and panty set, his thoughts drifted away from the lies-du-joir coming from the yakking administration official and instead he thought of the taste of his niece’s pussy and the taste of her sweet ass.  Soon the exhaustion of a long night of sex and more sex overtook him and he drifted away to dream of the little girl he had discovered this weekend.

The telephone woke him from a deep sleep.  Glancing at a clock as he groped for the cordless telephone, he was surprised at how late it was, it was almost 5 PM!  The answering machine began to pick up as he finally found the errant phone and answered.  “Ya?”

“Just what the fuck do you think you were doing with my daughter?”  It was his brother and the tone of his voice was harsh and demanding. 

The pit of Paul’s stomach sank, as he thought, ‘Did I misread all this?’

“You made her suck your dick?  You made her prance around nude for you and your buddy, Ben?  You let him finger her asshole?”

“Uh, uh, uh,” stammered Paul.

“Let me tell you something, little brother… she had a great time!”


“She’s something else, huh?” said the laughing voice.  “She showed me that trick you taught her… you know, sliding her pussy along your cock… Damn!  Wish I’d thought of that!  Anyway, I just want to let you know that I know, and now we both know, if you know what I mean.   I’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time, Paul, but I really didn’t know how you’d react.  Shit, I’d hate to be sent to prison by my own brother!  Anyway, she had a great time with you and Ben and I appreciate you looking out for her.  Maybe you’d like to do it again sometimes… But you know, as usual you fucked up.  You did everything but fuck her.  Let me tell you, Paul, she’s no virgin.  I personally can vouch for that.  In fact, India’s a great fuck.  Very enthusiastic and she likes it all ways.  Oh, well, you had your chance…”   Paul was speechless. “You still there, Paul?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Are you busy?”

“Uh, no…”

“Want to come over for pizza?”

“Uhhh, pizza? Pizza... Yeah! You bet!  I’ll be right there.”


The End


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