by   E.A.Grant

(gg, Mgg, pedo, inc, voy, oral, anal)

While his wife took their son to an out of town playoff game, Jeff had to babysit his two preteen daughters. Little did he know when he came early from work that afternoon that his relationship with the two girls would so be irreversably changed.

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Jeff had fallen asleep watching T.V. when the phone woke him.

“Honey,” she was giddy with excitement, “you just won’t believe this!  Billy’s team just won their division semi-finals and will be going to the finals in Cincinnati. Isn’t that great?”  It was his wife Lilly who had taken their son to his game at the civic auditorium before Jeff had gotten home from work. Most of Billy’s games were Saturday afternoons and he always worked on Saturdays.

Yaya that’s wonderful, Lilly.” He wasn’t really surprised their son was on a really superior team.  “When is the game in Cincinnati?” 

“Wednesday evening. I’ll drive him. I know you’ll have appointments.”

“Okay and you’re right, I do.  I’d love to see him play, but work has to come first. I’ll watch the girls. Tell him congratulations for me.”

Billy, their fourteen year old, had lettered in three sports that year and was the star of his AA league basketball team.  So the following Wednesday, Lilly took the lengthy drive to Cincinnati.  It would take her over three hours driving each way, and she had to leave over two hours before Jeff was suppose to be home.  She and Billy wouldn’t be home until quite late.

That meant that the girls would be by themselves for a short time, an hour or so, before their dad got home, but they had done that many times before and it had always worked out fine.  Jenny, the nine year old, and her seven year old sister, Carol Ann played together beautifully and just simply did home work or watched T.V. until one of the parents got home. They were ideal children their parents thought, with no naughty ideas, harmful thoughts or habits to give concern.   The girls simply behaved exceptionally well; that however, turned out to be not quite true.

It had seemed like good luck when ‘that’ evening, Jeff’s last appointment of the day had cancelled. So he just did a little paper work and happily went home almost an hour sooner than he was scheduled to.

On his way Jeff stopped at a local ice cream shop and bought the girls a treat before continuing on to his home.   Entering quietly, hoping he could surprise them, he put the ice cream in the freezer before he went looking for his girls.     

The T.V. was on in the playroom, but performed for no audience... no girls there. That surprised him some, but he decided they must be in the bedroom they shared and where they often did their home work close to their desk and computer.   Jeff went down the hall to see what they were up to not overly concerned because they were so trustworthy and reliable.

He stopped at the entrance to their room. What an inconceivable sight he found waiting for him. Little Carol Ann was lying on her back, on her own bed, her long brown hair spread out around her on her pillow like a halo… while her older sister Jenny leaned over her. They were kissing! Kissing? Yes… deep open mouthed mature kissing. Both girls were dressed in simple cotton night shirts, one pink the other green. Eyes closed they moaned into each other’s mouths. Carol Ann was wiggling a bit in concert with her moans while Jenny seemed totally absorbed in licking her sister’s lips and letting her tongue dart in and out of Carol Ann’s mouth, while every once in awhile both of their faces seemed to disappear behind a veil of Jenny’s straw yellow hair.

Jeff couldn’t move.  He couldn’t believe his eyes really.  What the hell was this all about? 

He didn’t know what to do, but he did know that what he was watching was a totally erotic sight. He just watched for a minute or more while his cock began to grow hard then harder. Were these really his girls?  

In addition to kissing her younger sister, Jeff saw that Jenny had one hand under Carol Ann’s night shirt. Jeff could tell from the movement that she was rubbing her sister between the legs. Evidently, judging from the looks, the wiggles and the moans, they were both enjoying it.   When Carol Ann legs slowly spread apart a little to give her sister’s fingers more room, Jeff could see his daughter's panties.  The first thing he noticed was that the crotch of her white cotton panties was a wet grey color, the panties wet with discharge from her  excited young vagina.  Jenny’s finger slid under her sister’s panties to find her clit and moved in a practiced knowing routine. 

Jeff had to rearrange his hard cock as it grew to its maximum, so it wouldn’t hurt him trapped twisted in his shorts. A few minutes passed, then Jeff made a sudden instinctive decision, and boldly walked in on the girls, a non-committal look on his face.

“My, my,” he said with a slight smile growing but still, ‘matter of factly ’.  “You two do look like your having a good time.  Do you mind if Daddy watches?”  He put his hands on his hips in an authoritarian manner and hoped they would see the bulge in his pants. It excited him to know that his own girls could see the outline of his large erect cock.    It occurred to him that this display could be a lot of fun if he could handle it properly.   Jeff simply stared at them with a questioning, but non-threatening expression.

As he entered there were two audible gasps, four startled large brown eyes and a rush to pull down night shirts.

“Daddy, you’re home!” 

“Oh, gosh…!  I mean… You’re not supposed to be home now… not yet.” Jenny’s eyes were beginning to tear. She looked quickly at her sister then back to her dad.  “We weren’t being bad, Daddy, we were just play acting.”  She had taken her hand out from her sister’s panties and was subconsciously wiping her fingers dry on the sheet beside her. 

A naturally more bubbly, buoyant Carol Ann just sat up and smiled her angelic smile and added, “Oh! Ah… Hi, Daddy… ah… yep we were just playing.”

Jeff was more than a little sexually aroused. He had watched the girls grow and was fascinated with their young bodies. Still he had not, for many years, seen their nude bodies and had never really thought about them as sexual beings.  His wife on the other hand was much more interested in her son and his apparently limitless athletic abilities and paid little attention to the girls.

Jeff walked the three steps to the bed rubbing his cock through the thin material of his pants. Clearly now the girls had noticed his erection.   Now, close to them, he could smell their arousal and urgently he wanted, no needed, to see their young wet pussies.  

They looked at him not quite understanding the strange way their daddy was acting. “Are you mad at us Daddy?” Jenny asked, her watery eyes moving rhythmically from his bulge and the hand moving over it, to his eyes, back and forth like a pendulum. “Are you going to punish us? Will you tell Mom? Please don’t tell Mom. We’ll be good girls. We won’t do it again… we promise,” her lips quivered and she seemed about to cry. “Don’t tell Mom, we’ll do anything you want us to.”

“Yes, Daddy, we promise. We won’t do it anymore,” said the much less concerned Carol Ann.  She too kept looking at her Daddy’s hard-on.

“I don’t think there is any reason to punish you girls," he repied.   "After all you were just play acting.  On the other hand, we had better not let your mother find out about this or she will make one of you go live with Aunt Nell. What you’re doing is fine with me… Really it is… It’s just natural… it’s not at all a bad thing.  But we have to keep this a secret, just between the three of us. Mommy may not agree with me on this.  In fact, I’m sure she won’t.”

“You mean you won’t tell Mommy?” asked Carol Ann hopefully.

“No, darling.  I won’t.”

“Thanks, Daddy!” Carol Ann jumped from the bed and landed in her daddy’s arms, gave him a big wet kiss with her legs wrapped around his waist and said with complete, even angelic sincerity, “We won’t ever do it again, we promise.”  She smiled and hugged her Dad.

“No, never again, Dad,” added Jenny.  “We just saw it in a movie and wanted to try it.” 

“What kind of a movie, Jenny?” Jeff asked sitting on the bed and putting an arm around each girl. He was really wondering about what kind of movie they had watched that showed how to finger a pussy.

“Oh, just a movie on regular T.V.,” Jenny answered.   “We thought it looked like fun. All the kissing stuff you know.” She blushed a bit and added,“And it was fun, but you said it wasn’t bad… right?”

Jeff smiled letting the girls know that there would be no consequences.  He put Carol Ann back on the bed beside her sister. “And tell me… the part where you put your hand between your sister’s legs?  Was that on T.V. too?” 

The girls looked at each other, partners in crime, they knew he had caught them, they were busted. The girls looked into their own laps and didn’t answer.   They hung their heads embarrassed.

Jeff almost laughed. “Well, tell me where you learned that? I’m not mad at you. I love you both and I’m not going to tell anyone.”

Carol Ann did the honors. In a tiny voice looking at her hands in her lap she hesitatingly answered, “From the movie in your bedroom, Daddy; the one in the machine last week.  I don’t remember the name.”

Jenny popped in, “Ya, it was in the machine, so we just turned it on when you and Mom were out.”

“What else did you see, Jenny?” Jeff waited for Jenny to answer, but it was Carol Ann that spoke first.

“We saw lots of stuff, Dad… you know… stuff grown-ups do.”

Ya,” Jenny added, “boys and girls… you know… doing it. We saw a boy with one of those ‘pee-pee sticks’ hard like yours…,” she said looking over at her dad’s cock.”

“And then girls with girls doing it too, Daddy.”  Carol Ann added evidently proud of herself.

“Are you mad?  Don’t be mad…please don’t tell Mom.” Jenny’s big brown eyes pleaded with him again.

“Girls, I won’t tell Mom. I promise. I thought it was really beautiful… two sisters making love. I really liked watching you too.  So this can be our secret.”  Jeff stroked his daughters’ hair and added softly, “Will you please do it again so I can sit and watch you?”  Jeff looked back and forth between the girls. 

They looked at one another not really knowing what to do or say. It might be fun to let him watch, but he was their Daddy.

Jenny’s mind flashed back to a picture of her big brother, Billy, lying at the foot of the bed nude with his hard cock. He often watched his sisters and jacked off, even telling them what to do, when to do it, etc. Then he would fuck her… she loved that part. Jenny wondered if her Daddy was going to fuck her like her brother did.

“I guess so if you want us to, Daddy.  It feels kind of weird.  But, you’re not going to tell Mom right?” Jenny looked at her father very seriously waiting for an answer.

“No. I said I wouldn’t.”

Carol Ann spoke up quickly, “Or Billy either, right?” Billy the fourteen year old brother and sometimes tormentor that liked to see them bare butt naked when their parents weren't home and who often put his thing inside Jenny.

“No, not your mother nor your brother.  This is our secret.  Whatever happens will be just our secret.” Jeff gave them both a squeeze and a kiss on the forehead. He momentarily wondered why he hadn’t kissed their mouths.   But, he knew quickly that if all went well that would come too.     

“Alright then,” Jeff said getting comfortable at the end of the bed.  He kicked off his shoes and smiling at his two girls said, “Do it, girls… Let me see you kissing like you were before. You lay back Carol Ann.”  They seemed a little hesitant, not really knowing how to start this as it was all so new.   Jeff added in a firmer more authoritative voice. “Go ahead… do it now. Just pretend that I’m not here.” Jeff continued to rub his cock in clear view of the girls and to the pleasure of them as well.  He was so very much enjoying having the girls looking at the big bulge in his pants.

Jenny looked at him with some mistrust. Could she really trust him?   Yes, she decided with some excitement in her pretty brown eyes. Still she had to ask one more time, “Are you sure it’s okay, Daddy?”

“Yes, I’m sure, Baby.  I watched you from the hall for awhile and I loved seeing you girls enjoying yourselves. It made your Daddy's dick hard… You can see that can’t you?” He watched them look at his covered cock again, then back at him both smiling relaxed smiles.

Ya,” said Jenny “I see that,” looking again at the big bulge in her daddy’s pants. It was, she judged, a lot bigger than her brother's.

Still not quite sure, Carol Ann interjected, “Cross your heart, Daddy and swear to God you’ll never tell.” Carol Ann was all business for the moment. “Swear you’ll never tell Mom.”

“Okay, okay, okay... I cross my heart and swear I won’t tell a soul.” Jeff knew then that he had them in his confidence and under his power… they would do as he said and best of all, keep silent about it..

“Oh, goody, Daddy! I can’t believe you’re really going to play with us…. with our secret game.” Carol Ann was obviously pleased and looking forward to the new turn of events.

Jenny’s eyes were still fixed on Jeff’s erect cock. “Will you let us see your pee-stick, Daddy? That’s what Billy calls it anyway. You can almost see our pee holes, so it only fair.”

“Okay. in a few minutes.” Jeff grasped his dick between his fingers almost surrounding it so the girls would have an idea of how big it was. Their eyes grew huge at the sight, but they were satisfies to wait for the few minutes.

Jeff watched as Jenny moved over next to her sister, hip to hip, bent and kissed her, her father still on her mind, but in a new sexy way. She wanted to give him a good show. It was really exciting and she couldn’t wait to see her Daddy’s big cock.

The girls were hesitant for the first few moments, but soon warmed to the idea of being watched by their father and even found it a new pleasant sensation. It gave each of them a new funny feeling in their tummies. Finally they began to show off a bit for him and Jeff loved that. Tongues moved between mouths without hesitation and moans becoming a little theatrical were even louder than before.

After a few minutes of hotter and hotter kissing, Jeff spoke up mildly, but firmly commanding,  “Jenny, you should be fingering your sister like before.” He had spoken with a strange dryness in his throat now that the girls were more or less exposing their panties to him.  He immediately realized what fun it was to direct his girls.  “Carol Ann liked you fingering her, Jenny, and I loved watching you doing it to her.”  Jeff continued rubbing his cock hard, but still kept it covered.

Without even looking back at her Dad, Jenny smoothly slid her hand back under her sister’s night shirt and Jeff assumed into her panties. Carol Ann just as smoothly and experienced, spread her legs open and raised her knees a bit exposing her crotch. The girls seemed to have no trouble getting back into their ‘make believe lovers’, roles.  Their mouths, their tongues, cunts and fingers worked in unison.   

Imagining the glistening cunt lips of his youngest daughter, Carol Ann, was an almost irresistible picture.  He immediately thought about how much he had enjoyed his own little sister at about that age, perhaps a little younger. He had been twelve or thirteen when he had first face fucked her. Then for the next couple of years he had cum-off in her mouth whenever he felt the urge. His sister had liked it and even came looking for it. His little sister loved being his ‘slave girl’, now Jeff wondered what it would be like to cum in Jenny’s nine year old or Carol Ann’s seven year old mouth. What would it be like to have two ‘slave girls’… his own daughters?    His two daughters had obviously been playing sex games for some time and were totally relaxed with each other.  Now he thought he would like to join them at least some of the time, maybe to just watch maybe more. Jeff’s cock pulsed as he imagined Jenny and Carol Ann taking turns, wrapping their lips around his cock and sucking him to completion.

Jeff couldn’t take his eyes off Jenny’s hand, half covered by Carol Ann’s night shirt, as it moved up and down over Carol Ann’s young sex.  Again he could smell the tell tale feminine odor of excitement and couldn’t believe how aroused he was becoming by it.

“Now, both of you girls... pull your night shirts up so Daddy can see your pretty panties.”

Giggling a bit and glancing at one another, both girls responded smoothly and in unison pulling their night shirts up exposing their panties to their dad's gaze.   They continued their little French kissing show, enjoying more and more the fact that their daddy was watching. ‘How crazy is this?’ Jenny thought.  ‘We were afraid that Daddy would find out and now he is doing all this stuff with us!’      

It was the first time since the girls were very little that Jeff had looked at them intimately, the first time, even, he had seen their thinly covered crotches. Carol Ann’s white cotton panties with the wet crotch and her sisters blue panties with yellow elephants prancing across them amazed him.  He wanted to tear off the panties and sink his face between first one girl’s thighs and then the other’s. But, how could he even think such a thing? He tried to clear his head of such thoughts, but without success. He did, however, for the moment control himself.  He didn’t want to scare either of them.  He might not touch them, but that didn’t keep him from directing what they were doing, from watching and thinking.

“Lift your knees up, Carol Ann and spread open your legs a little more.”  

She did just as her dad asked, pleased and excited to be taking her father’s instructions.   Now he moved in a little closer to their sex like an ant drawn to sugar water, but this sugar water Jeff owned and it was dancing to his tune.

“Why don’t you both take off your panties so your Daddy can see your pretty little pussies?” More aggressive now, Jeff, without waiting for an answer, reached forward and slipping his fingers under the elastic waist band and started to pull down Carol Ann’s panties. Perhaps just a bit embarrassed, she looked at her sister, hesitated, but then helped him by lifting her butt and wiggling her hips and chubby ass. In just a moment he tossed her panties aside, he had his first real view at her glistening engorged clit and cunt lips. His mouth went dry and he had to swallow, then re-moisten his lips.  Carol Ann’s pussy lips were red from the friction of her sister’s fingers and soaked with her wetness and of course completely hairless.  Jeff loved it.   He immediately began to help Jenny out of her panties with about the same action. Soon both girls lay in front of him their night dresses hiked up over their waist, legs spread apart and little pussies very much on display. Glances passed back and forth between the girls as they watched their daddy staring at their bared cunts.

“Finger her again, Jenny," he said huskily, “just like before. Stick your fingers up inside your sister’s cunt for Daddy.”

Jenny started to finger her sister. It took her mind off of her Dad for the moment. Carol Ann’s eye lids slowly closed as her sister kissed her again.  

Jeff was thrilled to watch the little girl action his daughters were showing him.  Both girls seemed to really be into fingering.  Jenny’s fingers quickly became covered with her sister’s slick juice and bubbles of white foam slid off her fingers. Jeff, getting more and more into a domination mind set directed, “Jenny take your fingers out of your sister cunt and lick them… lick your sisters pussy juice, Honey. I bet it’s delicious.  Daddy wants to watch you.”

With a bit of hesitation Jenny looked at her daddy and confessed, “I did it before Daddy, like the girl in the movie, but it didn’t taste like anything.  But, I’ll do it again if you want me to.”

"I want you to," he huskily replied.

Jenny was obviously enjoying the idea of her father watching, it was a bit like being an actress on TV.  Looking her father straight in the eye, she put the juice covered fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. 

“Okay, now it’s your turn, Daddy." Dipping fingers back in her little sister's slit, she then offered them to him saying, "You suck my fingers with her juice.”

Jeff couldn’t think of a thing he would rather do, so of course he agreed. Jenny wet her fingers once again in her sister’s cunt. Carol Ann opened her eyes, and rested up on her elbows to see her Daddy do it… if he dared.

Smiling, Jenny put the coated finger into Jeff’s mouth.

Mummmmm,” he said, “just like new honey. Honey from my very own Honey’s honey pot.”  It really was delicious Jeff thought, he could see that this was only the beginning of something they would all three learn to love.

Now their attention seemed to change. “How come we can’t see your pee-pee stick Daddy?” Carol Ann asked still up on her elbows, her head slightly cocked to the side, a serious questioning expression on her pretty face. Only the glimmer in her blue eyes gave away the teasing nature of her testing question. "You’re looking at us.  You should let us see you too, you bad boy.”  Then she giggled.

Jeff, of course loved the idea of showing his two daughters his thick dick. He just hadn’t been able to think of a good reason to expose himself until now.

“You’re right, Sweetie, Daddy has to play by the rules too.”  Jeff didn’t just pull out his hard cock; he gave them a show. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly then slowly edged his pants down to his knees. He loved the tension on their faces and the expectant look.  His cock was so hard the head was above the elastic waist band.  He pushed the white BVD’s down and watched the girls as his cock came into view.  Jeff lifted one knee and spread open his legs so the girls could get a good view of his fat cock and balls.    He stroked his dick for a minute, just letting the girls stare at his manhood. He had watched their faces and loved the look. Their mouths hung open and for the moment their eyeballs turned into large globes.

Jenny summed up how they both felt. “Wow!  It’s really big, isn’t it?”

The girls were amazed at the huge eight inch cock, the dark blue veins standing out on the sides of his amazing looking tool and the fat, smooth shaven, egg sized balls that hung so low.  “Wow, Daddy yours is really neat. It’s bigger than the guy on the DVD and a lot bigger than Billy’s pee-stick.”

Jeff had forgotten about the DVD and what the girls might have seen on it and then he wondered when they had had the chance to see their brother’s dick.  He would ask them about that, but not quite yet; not just now.

Jeff watched as the girls examined his cock. Their eyes went from his stiff cock to his eyes and back again. Both seemed fascinated.

“It looks like it is ready to pop like a fat balloon, Daddy.”  Jenny grinned and her eyes flashed back to her Dad. “Doesn’t it hurt you?”  

Carol Ann jumped in with, “What’s the gunky stuff coming out of the hole on top, Dad? Is it pee?” She too looked up at him, but her eyes went right back to the hard wine colored dick head and its thin discharge of pre-cum.

Jeff was thrilled to explain about his cock and continued to slowly jack it. “No, it doesn’t hurt and it won’t pop like a balloon. It feels really good when it’s hard from looking at your pussies.   That clear liquid is just my cock telling me to hurry up and do something because it’s really excited.”  Jeff kicked off his pants and shorts spreading his legs open even wider.   

“Come here,” he said to both of them and wetting his finger in his own pre-cum putting a thin smear on each girl’s lips.  “lick Daddy’s juice off your lips girls. I bet you’re going to like the taste.”

The girls slowly licked the precum off their lips not knowing what to expect. Then Jenny said, “It tastes good, Daddy… a tiny bit salty and slippery too.”

Ya, that was cool, Daddy.” Carol Ann said, her tongue trying to find more of the slippery sauce on the corners of her mouth.

Jeff didn’t want to cum off yet, so he stopped stroking and asked the girls, “Do you two know how two kiss and lick between each other’s legs?  Maybe that was on the DVD you looked at.”

“No, that’s yucky, Daddy! We never do that.”   Carol Ann made a face and shook her head no.

“Isn’t that dirty, Daddy?” asked Jenney. “There were two girls that did something like that in the movie… but we didn’t know what they were really doing.”

They had started to let their legs come back together.  “Keep your legs spread apart for Daddy, kids,” Jeff said firmly, “Daddy likes to look at his special girls’ little cunts… that is the right word, ‘cunts’, but you can only say it around me. Now, do as I say. I want to see your cunts.” Jeff smiled at them as they opened up their legs again obeying his command.  Without even knowing it he slowly began to jack his cock again, while he looked at the wet glistening cunt lips with deep longing and barely constrained lust.

Only a half hour had passed since he had come into their room. He had gone in that short time from never thinking about his girls sexually to lying on their bed jacking off and looking at their sweet cunts. And best of all the girls liked it and were behaving like perfect little sluts.  It was just the strangest kind of luck that had set up this scenario. How easy it would have been for him to have arrived home on time and never have known what a sexual delight he had missed. 'Life is funny,' he mused in his short diversion…I might have been finger fucking them from the time they were babies or I could well have never touched them and missed all of this. Now he would enjoy them.

Then he answered their questions, “Kissing a girl's cunt isn’t dirty at all.  In fact it is very clean and it’s a lot of fun. It tastes nice if you’re the kisser and if you’re getting your cunt kissed it feels really wonderful.  I know you’ll both love it. You can even do grown up kisses to each other’s pee holes.  And you have to suck on the little stiff clit that’s like a small finger, to make each other have a bunch of especially strong fun feelings.”  The girls looked at each other in obvious confusion.  They had no idea what he was talking about.

“I can see you don’t understand, do you?  Well if you want me to I can explain and show you how grownups use their mouth on hot little cunts like yours. Do you want me to help you?”

The girls were conflicted. He was their Dad so they shouldn’t have been embarrassed …still they were. On the other hand if he didn’t show them what to do, who would? And they wanted to know. They loved fingering each other.  They acted very shy and neither girl would look him in the eye, but both said almost together. “Ya, I guess so, alright show us.”   

“Okay, let me show you about your clit first. Carol Ann lie down on the bed, raise your knees up a little, and open up your legs as far as you can. I’ll show Jenny first and then I’ll show you when she lays down.”  Jeff lay down between his daughter’s spread thighs. With his nose an inch from Carol Ann’s young cunt, the aroma set his balls on fire, his other daughter Jenny beside him watching. Holding Carol Ann’s ass cheeks in his hands he directed Carol Ann’s finger into position and told her to open up her cunt by moving back the outer lips. “This is the clit, Jenny ,“ he explained as he touched Carol Ann’s stiff little knob… (She jumped at his touch) “You can touch it with your finger. I think we should call it your sweet spot.”

Delicately Jenny duplicated her Dad’s movement and Carol Ann jumped just a bit again. “You can tell how sensitive it is, can’t you, Honey, by the way your sister jumps. Now watch me as I kiss and suck her pussy. You can hold her legs open for me.”

Jenny watched her Dad closely, very closely. She was most amazed not by her sister’s cunt but by her father’s thick long tongue as it smoothly worked its way over the Carol Ann’s tender pee-hole folds . Her mind was in a whirl from everything that had happened in the last few minutes.  But it was her Daddy’s naked body that fascinated her the most and made her feel funny all over. He was a handsome man of course, but that wasn’t news. The smell of him up close like this was electric… Was it his smell or his cologne? She knew all men didn’t smell like he did, not her brother, not her uncle, just him. His skin was so smooth, tan and firm; she had never noticed that before. His whiskers kind of scratched when he had kissed her but that had felt sexy. She looked at the hair on his arms, smooth, soft and dark. She started to sweat when she remembered the beautiful sight of his cock. So long and strong looking… a grown man’s cock, the hair around it neatly trimmed and glossy black. Her sister moaned indicating her pleasure at the tongue stroking by her daddy and that brought Jenny back to the here and now.

It was more than just a labor of love for Jeff; it was a thrilling out of body adventure. He watched himself and thrilled at what he saw.  Jeff` could see himself touching his girls and hear his own voice suggesting things to do and special positions for his daughters to move into.  It thrilled him to the bone. He couldn’t even think about anything except his daughter’s sweet dripping pussy’ for the next few minutes, its shinny silver-pink lips, sweet taste and oh, so slippery feel.

With Jenny’s eyes on him studying his every move, he first teased his seven year old's clit, her sweet spot, then began to suck it slowly. Carol Ann’s body responded with a wiggle and became very animated when he began to tongue fuck her hole. She enjoyed the intimate tickling feeling, and best of all it was her Daddy’s tongue doing it!  Sweet juice ran into Jeff’s mouth continually… the thin sweet liquid was like a mystical erotic tonic that had him under its power. Several times while her Daddy sucked her pussy, Carol Ann cried out and grabbed her father’s hair holding his head tight against her cunt.  She had enjoyed several mini-climaxes, each time there would be tension and a little flood of juice.  Jeff abandoned her super sensitive clit and with long slow strokes licked her outer lips then pulled gently on them. At the same time he slowly pushed two fingers up her ass and finger fucked her ass.

Exhausted, she finally relaxed and quietly moaned her approval, not so differently than she would have if her Dad had been giving her a back rub, but understanding it was not a back rub and that they were into a new relationship.  Quiet now with her eyes closed, she seemed like she was in a trance set off by her own Daddy’s tongue and fingers. A quiet time where she tingled in every bone in her body with that special super-sweet feeling in her tummy.

“I love you, Daddy,” she said in a tiny voice, her eyes still closed. Her mind roamed through fields of shooting stars, soft rainbows and the moody music of princes, princess and castles in distant lands.  She ran her fingers through her Daddy’s hair as he gently licked her pussy clean. 

Pulling away finally, Jeff pushed two fingers into his youngest daughter’s tight seven year old pussy.  In her submissive state her cunt opened easily and covered his fingers with her foamy juice.   Removing his fingers he turned to Jenny and painted her lips with her Carol Ann’s sweetness. Acting impulsively and without warning, Jeff grabbed a surprised Jenny and kissed her very hard placing her hand around his cock and holding it in place making her roughly jack his cock up and down.  Frightened by his unusual behavior, Jenny at first was scared of her dad. But, intuitively she understood that not only she was not in any danger, but rather he was offering her a new thrilling experience… a sex experience between daughter and father. She surrendered to the moment and began to lean into the embrace, enjoying the new feelings.  Jeff tasted Carol Ann’s cunt offering on Jenny’s lips… a sweet wine  an aphrodisiac and fuel for his heightened desire. Jeff kissed her deeply and held her tightly in his embrace for minutes. His hands slid down to her bare ass cheeks that he grasped tightly. He could feel her pointed hard nipples against his bare chest or thought he could, his fingers found the stiff buttons and he lightly pinched them.   The smell of sex from the two girls excited him like he had never been excited before.

Carol Ann, the tired seven year old, lay half asleep beside her sister and father as they excitedly kissed and fondled each other.  Jeff sucked on his older daughter’s lips, bit on them and sucked her tongue into his mouth.  He was pleasantly surprised when she began to do the same to him. The kisses were fantastic, magical even. It had to end, but Jeff was still disappointed when Jenny, relaxing for a moment, looked up at him and asked with a dry throat.  “Can I kiss between Carol Ann’s legs now Daddy? I really want to.  That looked like fun, special fun and I know I can do it.” Jenny smiled at him, all hesitation or sexual embarrassment having melted away in their kisses.

“Of course you can, Sweetie. You saw what I did. Just do the same thing.” His other daughter had opened her eyes when she heard her name. She looked up at him and smiled. “Carol Ann pull your legs back toward your chest, Baby, so your sister can make you feel good.” Then he turned back to his nine year old. “Just kneel between Carol Ann’s legs, Jenny, bend down and kiss your little sister’s pussy. Then lick and suck her sweet spot.  She’ll love that.  You’ll see.  So will you.”

Jeff watched as his youngest daughter held her legs back and open  her cunt for Jenny to get a good look and taste of the cunt she had fingered so many times. Jenny knelt between Carol Ann’s legs and bent her head down to take her first taste of girl pussy.  Her tongue immediately attacked the sweet spot licking and playing with it until all at once surrendering to the temptation she sucked it into her mouth.  Jeff watched Carol Ann’s face closely seeing the passive sweet face become more animated and then flush slightly as she bit her lower lip to the sensations her sister was sending through her.  She strained to push more cunt into her sister’s mouth, twisting her fingers into Jenny’s thick yellow hair, holding her sister at her sweet spot.

The whole scene thrilled and ignited Jeff, his eyes rested on the erotic sight of Jenny’s upturned undulating ass. Bending down the way she was, her ass rose high in the air. Was it a target, a challenge or a warning?   The tan tight little rose bud with its wrinkled lips an obvious objective.

Jeff ran his hands over Jenny's delectable ass cheeks… the sensation made his finger tips and palms tingle as they passed over his nine year old's silky smooth, firm ass cheeks. Her ass, his ass for the taking, the cream-pinkish color of a ripe peach, drew Jeff like a lover’s enticement. Kneeling behind her he spread the splendid cheeks apart and kissed, tongued and invaded her butt hole with the stiff tip of his tongue. He heard her gasp then relax and moan approval.

“Oh, Daddy... Oh, Daddy… Mu… mmmm that feels so nice.”

Wholly on display, the tan rose bud was perfect as he began to affectionately tongue it.  After a moment he ordered Jenny firmly, “relax your asshole, Jenny. Daddy wants to show his Baby a new game.”  Jenny seemed to understand and relaxed the muscle in her butt and Jeff pushed his tongue into his nine year old’s asshole.  Jenny’s Daddy was doing something special. In just a minute she was moving her ass slowly in circles, a sign of her pleasure and satisfaction.   

Jenny was doing a good job for her first pussy eating attempt; pleasing her little sister and enjoying every second herself. She was holding her sister's outer lips apart, tonguing her clit as well as diving as deep as possible into her dark tunnel with her small willing tongue.   Still the distraction of her asshole being lavishly rimmed held most of her attention.

“Oh… oh… Daddy that feels so good.” She took a another moment to savor the rich feeling of having her asshole tongued by her father.  She bit her bottom lip experiencing the new pleasure. “Keep doing that to my back hole, Dad.  Yes… yes… Daddy… please, please... that feels really special,” Jenny said taking a moment away from sucking on Carol Ann’s cunt to enjoy what her farther was doing to her. 

While he did her ass, Jeff made a loose fist of his right hand then ran his knuckles slowly back and forth over Jenny’s nine year old slippery clit.  Already erect and excited, it quickly grew stiffer and larger.

Jeff was quickly letting things get out of control. He was close to a climax himself and knew his daughter must be as well. Continuing to suck and tongue fuck Jenny’s ass, Jeff couldn’t remember ever having so much fun with a female. The fingers of his left hand continued to spread open Jenny’s ass cheeks apart while his right hand explored her pussy. He assumed naturally that she was a virgin, so moved carefully. He let one finger then two fingers slowly slide into her cunt up to the second knuckle. He added a third finger and went in almost the full length of his fingers, but still finding no resistance pushed them deeper. Then his fingers picked up speed. He found no barrier and realized the truth, she was indeed no virgin; she had been fucked before, and he suspected who had fucked her. A wave of relief swept over him admitting to himself that he had wanted to fuck her and the realization that there was no reason he couldn’t do anything he liked.

Jenny had stopped sucking her sister and was on all fours now enjoying having her ass sucked and tongued. 

“Daddy wants to fuck his pretty little girl, Jenny,” he whispered to his daughter.  He had made the decision without a lot of thought, but he had definitely decided that this little girl, his little girl, his little slut girl, was going to get fucked… by her Daddy. “I bet Billy has done it a lot to you, Honey.  Hasn’t he?”

Jenny hesitated to answer.  Then knowing her dad must somehow already know said in a tight voice, “Sometimes… Are you mad at me, Daddy?”

“No, I’m not mad at all,  Sweetheart.”

“Well, I let him do it on his birthday last year for the first time.  I told him that would be his present, but that it was just suppose to be that one time.” She hesitated again then added, “Of course he did it again anyway. Lots of times.”  Both sisters watched Jeff’s reaction which was a non-reaction. “You’re not mad at me, Dad?”

“No, I said I wasn’t and I’m not, Baby.”  Jeff continued to smile at her while he ran his fingers in and out of her cunt.

She knew then that he not only wasn’t upset with her, but somehow was even pleased.  Maybe she thought it was because he wanted to do it to her. In fact she thought she was sure that was the reason. Putting his thing in her like Billy had done is what her daddy wanted to do. Then she thought again, ‘Does Daddy really want me like Billy had?’ She knew the answer before she had thought the question.  But the first time it had hurt her a lot and Billy’s pee stick was a lot smaller than Dad’s.

Looking back over her shoulder at her father’s cock she asked with some doubt in her voice, “Don’t you think you’re too big, Daddy?   It looks really big.”

“If he's done you a lot, honey, it shouldn't hurt too much. It doesn't hurt when he fucks you now, does it?"

"No, and it feels really good too."

His daughter wet cunt lay right in front of him. "Still, it might hurt just a little until your cunt stretches," he said half believing himself, "but then it will feel really good. So, lay your head down and keep your ass in the air. Your daddy's going to fuck you, baby.” It pleased and encouraged him that Jenny remained in position for him to take her from behind. Given the green light, he knelt behind his daughter and brushed his cock over her sex, getting the head very wet. The female odor was strong now and excited him even more making him the slightest bit dizzy.

“Carol Ann,” he said with a smile to his seven year old who was on her side watching now, “you can help Daddy fuck your big sister.  Just come over here and spread her cunthole open so Daddy’s cock can start into her.”  

Sucking his older daughter’s asshole had set him on fire.  Now he had to do what he had to do, fortunately his daughters were cooperating... so far.

Carol Ann took her job as helper very seriously.  She was fascinated by the spectacle and very happy to be a part of it and especially pleased be so close to her Dad’s fat cock. She knew the new rich odor was from his pee stick. She stared at the swollen purple head still dripping its neat liquid and wondered how it would ever fit in her sister.

“Just open her cunthole, Honey… Use your fingers to spread her pretty cunt open for me.”  Carol Ann did as she was told and the dark pink interior of Jenny’s cunt was visible until Jeff started to push his cock head into the tight darkish opening.

Slowly he applied constant pressure. “Just relax baby. Daddy won’t hurt you. I just want to fuck my baby girl. Relax, Honey… relax…”  Slowly his cock began to stretch his daughter’s small cunt canal. At first, eighth of an inch by eighth of an inch then quarter inch by quarter inch, Jeff’s cock disappeared into his daughter's tiny opening.

But then she tried to stop him.  “No, Daddy no… it’s too big… Please take it out, take it out”  Jenny’s eyes were squeezed shut her lower lip sucked into her mouth as her teeth bit down trying to create a distracting pain.

“I can’t stop now, Baby.  Just hold on for a moment…not much more.  Be a brave girl.  It will stop hurting.  You’ll see.”

He had started sweating and sweat ran from his forehead and down his cheeks.  Some of the earthy salty liquid found its way into his mouth, but most dripped off his chin. Sweat formed on his hairy chest ran in rivulets over his belly and disappeared into the space beyond and below his pulsing cock. Still the slow penetration continued… it would be inches more, but her cunt would stretch.  

“Daddy… Daddy… Daddy, it hurts too much… Oh, please, Daddy stop… Stop!   It’s too big, Daddy.”  Jenny tried to pull herself forward and down trying to get away from her Dad’s hot fat cock that felt like it was splitting her in half. 

“You better stop, Dad,” urged Carol Ann.  “Jenny says it’s too big.”  The young girl’s eyes were full of concern for her sister, perhaps even wondering if she were going to be next.

He was past the point of stopping.  “She’ll be fine, Carol Ann.  She’ll be fine,” hissed the father through clinched teeth.  “Reach under her and pinch her nipples… that will help her feel better.” Happy to be doing something, Carol Ann immediately began pulling and pinching Jenny’s nipples.

“It’s almost all the way inside you, Jenny,”  she offered as her sister seemed to be resigned to what her Dad was doing and though she was still crying a little, seemed less panicked than a minute before… even accepting.

Then Jenny spoke up, the panic pushed to the back of her voice, “Do it slow, Daddy, please,” Jenny asked, her sobbing stopped as she tried to tolerate the invasion. “Just go slow, so I can get more used to it.” She had surrendered her cunt to her father’s lust… now it was his to do as he liked.  It seemed a mountain of tension disappeared as the last half inch of Jeff’s cock slid surprisingly smoothly into his daughter.

Carol Ann was busy pinching her sister’s nipples when her Dad took her right hand and told her, “Keep pinching Jenny’s nipple with one hand, honey, and stick your middle finger of your other hand up your sister’s asshole while I fuck her. She'll love that.”  Carol Ann had never done or seen anything like that, not even in the videos she and Jenny had watched, but she did as she was told. She was surprised at the funny feeling she got when she stuck her finger in her sister… the asshole seemed to squeeze her finger, then her sister moaned  her name.

“Oh, Carol Ann that is so nice keep doing that.  Just like that.”

“You girls are now Daddy’s special sex pets,” Jeff said with his own eyes closed while he began  moving in and out of his nine year old daughter.  “This will be our secret and we can play this game whenever we want to.”

Mummmm…” Jenny moaned in response to her Daddy’s slow fuck. “It doesn’t really hurt now, Dad… it feels kind of good…That’s nice… just do it slow. Mum…mmmmm.” Her young cunt was relaxed, but stretched a great deal.  

“Keep pulling on her nipples, Carol Ann.”

Jeff pumped away, the captive of his own darkest desire, a prisoner of his own lust. Eyes closed, hands grasping Jenny’s slender hips, he forced every inch of his long cock into her.  “Oh, Jenny, you have such a tight cunt… Fuck, I love you, Baby.  Yes, my Baby… yes… your Daddy loves you. Your daddy loves your cunt. Your daddy loves fucking you.”  Jeff’s head tossed back he fucked his daughter faster and faster, totally at the mercy of the sensations in his cock. He surrendered to her pussy completely without apology. Each movement of his cock brought new un-familiar tingling vibrations, sensations of human pleasure that he had never before known and would not quickly forget.   It was not just his cock head; every millimeter of the shaft felt alive and flooded his brain with flashes, sparks and flames.    Until that moment Jeff had never really understood the meaning or the implications of a tight cunt.

Slowly in and out for minutes then faster… neither father nor daughter spoke, each in their own misty, sensation filled world. Jeff was in heaven fucking Jenny.  It was all so terribly wrong, yet so wonderful.  Fucking her.  He was fucking Jenny,  his own nine year old daughter… his daughter.  He loved every incestous moment of it. 

Then Jeff was aware that he was close to cumming.

With his eyes still closed he said, “Carol Ann… Baby, Daddy needs you to help him.”  He hesitated as his plunging cock sent his mind spinning again. When capable to speak he said…“Get in back of me, Sweetie and gently rub Daddy’s balls.  You can kiss them too and use your tongue too, Honey.”

Carol Ann was fascinated with all of this. She had seen her brother Billy fucking Jenny, but this was very different. First of all it was her father fucking Jenny and second his pee-stick was so much bigger, and third he was doing it from the back... like the neighbor’s dog did to other dogs.  She didn’t like it when her sister was in pain, but now that Jenny seemed to be enjoying it, she was very pleased and loved the idea of being a part of this strange turn of events. She quickly moved into position and watched for a moment as her father’s dangling balls moved slowly back and forth. Hesitant at first, but then with more confidence, Carol Ann began to rub her Daddy’s balls. Cupping one… then the other in her hands, she thrilled at the experience and suddenly she wanted to be in her sister’s place. She wanted to fuck her father too.  She made a plan to ask Billy to fuck her and then maybe her Daddy would do it to her too. Carol Ann began licking her Dad’s asshole. It was nasty, but she thought he would like that… Jenny certainly had.  Her little tongue went up and down the ass crack while her hands kneaded his balls gently, his cock sliding rhythmically in and out of her sister.

Jenny began to push back with her little ass looking for more cock.  Then the words he was waiting for, “Oh, Daddy that feels so good! I’m getting that special feeling again… oh… oh… yes, yes, fuck me, Daddy.  Fuck me faster.  Fuck me hard, Daddy!”

Jeff needed no second invitation. He began to plow his cock deep into his nine year old daughter in faster and faster strokes until he exploded deep into her hot tight hole. He could feel her trembling with her climax while he filled her tiny cunt with his white gray cum. Hot and sticky, he could feel it immediately surround and lubricate his thrusting cock. Carol Ann’s fingers on his balls and her tongue licking his asshole was a thrilling compliment to his cock inside her sister. They had been all he needed to blast into Jenny’s hole.

Carol Ann noticed that everyone, her daddy and her sister, were very still, and she noticed how her daddy seemed to completely out of breath.  After a long moment she heard her sister say, “Daddy, I can feel your hot stuff inside me. It feels like a lot and it’s so nice and hot.”  Then she felt her sister wiggle her ass and cunt to get more cock, but all of it was deep in her already. Her hand slid up from his balls to the juncture of father and daughter and Carol Ann felt the vast wet stickiness as it seeped from her sister’s freshly fucked cunt hole.

Jenny felt the small hand of her sister and pushed and wiggled back into it and the cock that was now magically becoming softer inside her.   “I love your big cock inside me, Daddy… Now that it fits!  I love it… love it!”

Now without being asked, Carol Ann moved around and kissed her sisters mouth. “That was really cool Jenny,” she said breaking the kiss. “You didn’t see me playing with Daddy’s balls or kissing his bum hole.”  She stuck out her chest, her erect nipples leading the way for her sister to see what she wanted. Immediately Jenny understood and began sucking her sister’s nipples like she had so often in the past.

Jeff left his cock inside Jenny as long as possible enjoying the pleasant tight warmth of her young hole. Still his dick softened some and after a minute or so the tight little girl cunt forced his fat, but soft, cock out. Jenny’s ass was pitched up at such a sharp angle that Jeff could clearly see into her cunt opening.  The hole had stretched and stayed open for just a minute while the view gave him a new semi-hard dick. Then when she moved slightly it started to close and his cum began to drain out.  Quickly Jeff got down and began to suck up the evacuated cum. It was a strange mix of his cum and her pussy juice, he loved the warm honey taste of it.  He continued to lick her clean until there was no more juice.

Jeff lay back on the bed, rubbed his tired, but not too tired cock as he watched as Jenny first sucking her younger sister’s nipples and then licking her cunt until she too climaxed. Then the girls both lay back and rested, wondering what had just happened.

Just a couple of hours before Jeff could never have imagined in a million years the scenario that had just unfolded.

Fifteen minutes had passed since Jeff's cock slid from his oldest daughter's cunt. Sitting on the bed together resting, the girls cheeks were flushed rose color from the activity and their heightened state of arousal. Jeff’s cock was coming back to life, so he thought that he should take advantage of the moment and make a suggestion that the girls would take more as instruction.

“You girls keep looking at Daddy’s hard cock.  Would you like to feel it now?”  He spoke softly and watched for their reaction as he smiled at them.  “It feels good for me when someone plays with it a little.”

They both seemed interested, but again were shy or embarrassed about being with their Daddy.  Even Carol Ann, the more forward of the two girls, just giggled, biting her bottom lip as she stared at the hard pole and did nothing.

“Well… who would you like to touch it first? Jenny? Or you Carol Ann?” He looked from one to the other, pleased at their hidden grins.

“Maybe,” Carol Ann said, then she burst into giggles again and hid her face in her hands.  Jenny just laughed a nervous laugh at her sister. She really wanted to touch it in the worse way, but couldn’t say so. Her sister wanted to as well.  Carol Ann wanted to know if the shiny hard cock was as hard as it looked or was it soft like a balloon.

Jeff knelt down in front of the two girls, his hand held his hard prick  straight, about even with their faces. “I know you want to, so let me help you.” Jeff gently took Carol Ann’s hand in his and slowly moved it to his cock. She immediately grasped it firmly although her fingers didn’t reach all the way around his cock. She decided it was indeed just as hard as it looked and that pleased her. Jeff showed her how to use both hands and move her hands up and down to help him jack off.  A minute later he was giving the same lesion to Jenny.   The feeling of their soft small hands on his cock was unbelievable.  Carol Ann even began rubbing his balls while Jenny stroked him. He just loved the feeling and the sight of the small hands on him.  Jeff knew well what he wanted from the girls next, but wasn’t sure how to get it. He wanted to see his cock in one of their mouths. His cock was again at full mast and hard as glass. He could make them suck him of course, but that wasn’t the kind of fun he wanted.  They would think his cock was dirty, so he decided to use the impasse as a plus.

“Okay, girls, let’s do something of a different game. But first we have to make sure Daddy’s cock is nice and clean.”

All three were nude as they walked down the hall and into the bathroom. Jeff turned on the shower to the delight of both girls, adjusted the water temperature and the three entered the warm misty atmosphere of the shower enclosure.  The girls grabbed big sponges shaped like flowers in pretty pastel colors. 

“Okay, Daddy, are we going to wash your pee-stick now?” the unrestrained Carol Ann asked. “I want to wash you first, okay?”

“No, me first!  I’m the oldest,” her sister said looking at her Dad for support, and feeling some special right to his cock. Her pussy was burning a bit from the sting of water on her just fucked cunt, but that passed quickly.

“Wait girls, we can all wash each other for as long as we want, so there is no need to fight. But this is a simple problem to solve anyway.  Carol Ann you can start by squirting liquid soap all over my butt hole and my balls.  Then you start washing there. In the meantime, Jenny, you squirt soap over Daddy’s cock and wash it good with the sponges and your fingers, in a couple of minutes you can change places.  Alright?”  He looked back and forth between them and even in the mist could tell they were smiling, anxious to get started and of course it was Carol Ann that started off first.

She hummed as she began to spread soap over her dad’s heavy balls from the back. “This is fun, Daddy.  You’re going to be real clean.” Then she giggled.

Jenny was only a half step behind her sister. She carefully squirted soap over Jeff’s huge cock and began to wash it with her sponge and her fingers. The sensations to Jeff were unbelievable.  The four small hands, twenty little fingers moved all over his genitals like a musician’s fingers playing an instrument.  What a wonderful melody… a sexual rhapsody,

The girls by now knew how to please Daddy and they meant to do just that. They loved the feel of his fat cock and couldn’t get enough of touching it.  Carol Ann’s hand slid between his legs and washed his asshole bringing new flashes of pleasure to his excited brain.   Still, he had to fight the needs of his body.

Jeff knew he had to stop them or he would shoot his second load in the shower, and he wasn't certain if he could get it up a third time.

“Alright girls that’s enough for now, Daddy’s turn to wash you two.” Taking one of the sponges he knelt in the shower and began to have some fun washing their bodies.  From flat chest to hairless cunts and baby smooth butts, it was all good. Twice he stopped to suck their nipples and ran his finger up into Carol Ann’s pussy.  Washing their back holes, he fingered both and got nothing but satisfied moans in return.   His two arms, his two hands, his two girls... what could be more perfect... one cock, but two cunts.

He continued to play as long as he thought he should and then shut off the water and stood the girls in the middle of the bath room while he dried them. While he dried one, the other would be drying him then as he dried the second, the first would carry on drying him. It all worked splendidly. They were all experienced now in touching special places and he was not at all sure who was enjoying the touching game more himself or the girls. It was he decided, too close to call as all three seemed to love the play.

Jeff carried both girls back to their bedroom.  He sat them gently on the bed and pulled back the sheets. “Okay. now that we are all nice and clean, let me show you a new game. First, Jenny, why don’t you get between Daddy’s legs and make Daddy’s cock really hard again. You know how."

"Carol Ann, you sit next to Daddy and kiss me like you did before… like with your sister.”

Carol Ann was more than pleased to continue the kissing scene while her sister jacked Jeff to a full erection which proved not to be a very difficult job.  Actually it had never gone completely soft.  From the moment he first saw his daughters from the hall ‘playing’ until now, his dick had never been less than semi-hard.

“Gee, Daddy, you smell good from the shower soap.” Carol Ann looked up at her Dad.  “Do I smell good to?”

“Yes, Sweetheart, you smell just wonderful.”  Jeff had trouble concentrating on his youngest daughters question with the electric touch of Jenny‘s small fingers around his cock. Quickly he was fully hard and beginning to leak pre-cum, ready for more incestous play with his eager daughters.

Jeff continued to kiss and fondle Carol Ann’s nipples while Jenny played with his cock and watched the pre-cum run over her own fingers. She smiled and jacked harder using the transparent liquid to help lubricate the strokes. Then she stopped stroking and bending forward first kissed the throbbing cock and licked the watery juice away, enjoying the mild sweet-salty taste.

“Oh, God, Jenny,” he moaned. “That feels so nice to your Daddy.  Please don’t stop, baby.”  He moved Carol Ann up some so he could suck her nipples.  The seven year old's nipples were erect as little pink erasers as Jeff tongued them holding her in place with one hand and finger fucking her small willing cunt with the other. Then he felt Jenny’s tongue testing the head of his straining cock.

“Oh, yes, Baby, that feels so special.” He sat up on his elbows to see his nine year old licking his dick. Her mass of long yellow hair screened off any good view, so reaching forward and taking her veil of hair away from her face and his cock, he placed it over her other shoulder and out of way of what he wanted to view. 'What a gorgeous sight,' he mused, her small wet tongue sliding up and around his straining bulbous cock head.

“Alright girls, it’s time to learn the new game I promised you. You know now that Daddy’s cock is very clean… you just cleaned it, so the game will be to put Daddy’s cock in your mouth, Jenny, and then you suck on it. Just suck like a lolly pop, baby.  Kneel next to Daddy’s side, Jenny and put Daddy’s cock in your mouth.   Carol Ann you get between my legs and lick my balls and up the sides of Daddy’s cock while your sister is sucking the top of my cock.  The game is to see how much of the white stuff you can swallow when Daddy shoots off his cream.  If you swallow all of Daddy’s cum, Jenny, or if some gets out and your sister swallows it, then you both win a prize.”

The girls looked at each other and then at their father.  Jenny answered for both of them, “We saw the girl in the movie do that, Dad. But we didn’t know that a cock can be really clean then, but we do now. So alright, we’ll do it. Won't we Carol Ann?.”

The girls were getting into position when Carol Ann bright eyes sparkling asked, “What is the prize Dad?  What will we tell Mom?”

Jeff hadn’t really thought that through, but he said with only a bit of hesitation, “First we can go to the ice cream shop and you can have anything you like.”  He watched their eyes light up. “And second I have a catalog in my room and you can each pick out some sexy panties… some grown up panties in small sizes. Would you like that?”

“Yes,” they both agreed.

“And we can tell your mother that we just had a little bet on the high school game on TV and you won. So I had to buy you ice cream. When I get your panties delivered I’ll keep them for you and you can wear them when we’re alone.”

The two girls seemed satisfied with the answer from their father and shifted their attention to his hard cock. They both loved the feel of it. More familiar with it now, they were less hesitant and began to touch it in knowing ways.

“Keep licking the top, Jenny, and when you’re ready just open your mouth real big and slip the whole top in your mouth. Then let your tongue play with it while you move your head up and down, like I was fucking your mouth.” 

“Carol Ann, play with my balls, Honey, then start licking them.  Remember to lick up the side of Daddy’s cock too.”

It seemed like they knew what to do intuitively, either that or they had seen a lot of porn videos… they just needed little coaching. Kneeling at her dad’s side, Jenny immediately spread her legs open so her dad could finger her and then after just a couple of kisses started to suck her dad’s cock.  She did have to open her mouth quite wide, but not excessively so, and his cock head and an inch or so of cock disappeared. From there it was just a matter of jacking him off with her mouth… that’s how she pictured it.   Jenny began to suck the fat knob and run her tongue over the firm tender tissue of the head. Slowly up and down her head began to move, a wet slippery passage that drove her dad to the edge of a world class climax. Her eyes went from the cock in front of her to her dad’s eyes whose facial gestures left no doubt of the effect of her mouth.

Carol Ann was in her own world of licking balls and the thick stalk of her daddy’ dick, but still aware of her sisters efforts so close to her. She had liked the feel of his shaved balls earlier and now the perfume of fresh scented soap just added to her pleasure.  Now she enthusiastically licked his tender egg sized balls and slowly sucked them one at a time into her mouth. She changed her position and licked the sides of his cock while he sister sucked the first couple of inches at the same time. 

When Jenny started to actually suck his cock and then when Carol Ann began to take his balls into her wet warm mouth, Jeff just laid back moaning and closed his eyes. He floated away in a state of euphoria.

Jeff, where ever he was, was not in his daughter bed getting a two-daughter blow job. In the clouds or in some parallel world… dreaming perhaps… but where ever it was, he liked it. The incredible smooth sweet feeling, like melted milk chocolate rushing through his veins, was nothing he ever could have imagined. This was heaven… or what heaven should be, and he never wanted it to end.  No thought of the source of the feelings, no thought of the girls, just warm rich pleasure.  Jeff’s fingers automatically buried themselves deep into Jenny’s cunt.

Then the mountain was crested, the fruit taken and Jeff began to cum in his daughter’s mouth.

Almost afraid to break the spell, Jeff nonetheless warned the girls. “Here it comes, girl. Daddy’s going to shoot the white sauce.  Remember you have to swallow it all to win the game. Keep sucking, baby, keep sucking my dick.”

Both girls were immediately on guard knowing this was the grand finale.  Carol began to jack off her dad’s cock at the base while Jenny began to suck with renewed dedication and energy.

His hand clasped the back of Jenny’s head preventing her from pulling away as he climaxed totally without holding back in any sense. He poured cum into the waiting mouth of his nine year old’s mouth. Jenny swallowed as quickly as she could and she did a great job ingesting glob after glob of her Dad’s hot cum. But toward the end, when she couldn’t swallow fast enough to handle the flood, she let a stream flow down his cock and Carol Ann quickly licked it away and waited for more.

Jeff at the height of his peak tried to push more cock into Jenny’s small mouth, he held her head in place and face fucked her, gagging her as his cock went into the back of her throat, but he was done anyway.  Then he relaxed, drifting back into a warm abyss, a contented smile on his face knowing that he had just made his nine year old daughter a cum slut, his cum slut, Daddy’s little whore.  Jenny and Carol Ann licked his sticky hot cock clean even while it began to deflate.  

A minute later Carol snuggled up to her dad while Jenny went to pee. “Did we do it good, Daddy?  Will you fuck me someday?” she asked breaking into his near slumber.

“You did a great job, Sweetheart. Yes, I’ll fuck you, Honey. Maybe sooner than you think.”

“Goodie! Did we win the game?”

Opening his eyes and smiling at his worshiping seven year old he answered, “Yes, Sweetie, you won fair and square. You were both just fantastic.  Would you like to do it again soon?”

“We sure would, Dad,” answered Jenny as she came back from the bathroom. “You’re a lot more fun than Billy.  But, we’ll still want us to play with him.”

Jeff still didn’t want to get into a conversation with the two girls about their brother, in fact he had decided to talk to Billy first and then decide what to do.

“I’m glad you both enjoyed it. We can do it a lot more… and Jenny will learn to fuck me really good, maybe even Carol Ann. But for tonight girls you both should get your night shirts back on and get in bed. When Mommy gets home she’ll want to see you sleeping. Remember this is our secret… no telling friends or anyone, not even Billy. Now it’s time for bed.”

"But what about our ice cream?" asked his youngest.

"It's getting a bit too late, baby. Tomorrow, baby. I promise. Now, off to bed you two!"

Both girls realized that they really were getting tired.  Jeff followed them to their room. He tucked each in and gave each a very un-fatherly French kiss while he gently rubbed their cunts for a minute.  Minutes later both girls, cozy in their beds, were sound asleep.


It was almost two hours later; Jeff was still up watching T.V. when Lilly got home.  She checked on the girls, then came into the bedroom with Jeff.

“Can you believe it? The stupid game had to be postponed 'til next week. I’m sorry, darling, but you’ll have to sit the girls again.  How were the girls tonight?”

“Oh, they were just fine, as always.”

“I looked in on them. They were smiling in their sleep, so I guess they’re happy. Did you play any games with them Jeff?”

“Yes, we played a few new games… We all enjoyed it.”

“That’s nice. Did you make sure they had their showers before they went to bed?”

“Yes, dear, they had their showers.”        



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