Sexual Perversions #1 - 1965

By Greg Moran

(bM+, nc, oral, anal, ws, exhib, voy, mm, mast, Mm, inc, reluc)

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FOREWORD: All of the stories of the Sexual Perversion series here are true. The names have been changed, but the events actually happened to me. Oh, the grunts and the groans and the massive amounts of cum are exaggerated, but the cocks and the cunts and hard, forced fuckings are all true. Writing these stories gives me a chance to relive the perverted years of my early life and enjoy the raw sensuality that was then... Greg Moran

I was 11 years old in 1965.

I was a chubby kid; roughly 5 1/2 feet tall and I weighed about 150 pounds. I had a smooth, round ass and my hairless cock and balls were less than 5 inches, hard.  I had red hair, and glasses with lots of freckles.  I smiled a lot and was a cute kid. I was told that I looked like Tommy Norden, who played Bud on the TV show, Flipper (but I had a brush cut). I was the kind of pre-pubescent boy that older men and boys would have found eminently fuckable.  And, being adventurous and knowing nothing about sex at all, I would have simply gone along with whatever sucking and fucking anyone wanted to do to me...

However, when I was 11, I didn't think about fucking or sucking as sex - I really didn't know anything about sex.

My brothers and I used to camp out in a tent in my parents' huge backyard during the summer.  We would camp out alone or with my friends or with my brother and his friends.

In that summer of '65, I was out in the tent by myself one night.  It was a hot, humid summer night and I was lying on top of my sleeping bag.  My pajamas were drenched with my sweat, so I finally took them off and lay there naked, fondling my hairless, sweat-slicked penis and tight, little ball sack and running my hands over my wet, naked flesh, enjoying the sensations that I was inducing. Our next door neighbor had a swimming pool and I finally decided that my sweaty, wet, pre-pubescent, little body was going skinny dipping.  

So, I snuck out of the tent, still nude, slipped across our yards, climbed over the fence and went swimming. It was a great feeling of exhilaration.  The water was fantastic on that hot night and the fact that I was getting away with doing something indecent or naughty was exciting.  As the water enveloped my young body, a memory came into my mind that I had not thought about since it happened.  The sensuous caress of the water made my little dick get hard and I had this amazing flashback to another swimming pool years earlier...

My father belonged to Club Thirty Three Fillmore, a prominent Men's Club in the City.  They had formal dinners and lounges where men ate and smoked, plus the squash courts and tennis courts and a huge indoor swimming pool.  When I was about seven years old, my father took me swimming on a "Father and Son night" at the Club. We got undressed in the locker room and my father told me that because this was a Men's Club, nobody had to wear bathing suits.  This was fairly normal - boys and men often went swimming nude in together in those days.  In my innocence, I stared at all of the adult and boy cocks that were visible.  Most of the boys were pre-adolescent, like myself, and had tiny hairless penises, but the men all had huge (to me at the time anyway) fat, hairy cocks with heavy ball sacks that swayed underneath.  I had only briefly ever glimpsed my father or my brother's cocks.  I didn't think anything of it at the time, but the men seemed in all stages of erection, from fully hard and throbbing to soft and flaccid as I walked by...  Nobody, including my father, seemed to think it was strange that my eyes were riveted on their cocks...

I had been swimming since I was a baby, so as soon as we got to the pool, I dove into the water to go off and frolic with all the other men and boys.  I didn't see my father again until the end of the night.

In retrospect, there were probably only about 10 or 15 boys there and maybe about 30 or more men altogether, many of them older than my father and the other fathers of the boys.  But it seemed to me at the time that the pool was filled with hundreds of naked bodies as we played and splashed each other.  

As I was playing in the shallow end, one of the men asked me and another boy my age if we were good swimmers and could hold our breaths.  When we both told him we could, he told us that we were going to play a game where he and a bunch of other men would stand in a circle with their legs open.  We were supposed to escape the circle by swimming between their legs without getting caught.  It sounded like fun...   The other boy got caught the first time and the man that caught him pulled him up and sat the boy's little naked ass on his hard, throbbing cock so it stuck out between the boy's legs.   I managed to evade capture until I swam between the legs of a third man.  His hair was grey and his pubic hair felt hard and scratchy against my ass as he sat me on his hard, fat cock.  His knees buckled slightly and I heard him groan as I wiggled on his stiff rod to get more comfortable.   I tried to turn to him, concerned, and I asked, "Are you okay?"

"Oh, yes, son... I'm better than okay," he said as his hands came around the front of our bodies, holding his large throbbing manhood against my tiny cock and balls, squeezing us both...

I felt a tingle in my little dick at his caresses and I got a stiffy, just like I did when I had to go pee. 

"Uhh..." I muttered, embarrassed now, "I think I have to go pee."

I wouldn't have minded going pee in the water; I did it all the time underwater when I had a bathing suit on.  But his cock and mine were both right above the waterline and everyone could see if I started pissing.  Besides, I figured he would have felt my hot piss anyway, the way his hard cock was rubbing against mine. 

"It's all right," said the old man, "since nobody has any swim suits on, the Club doesn't mind if you pee in the pool.  Go ahead."

That was fine by me and I let my little bladder loose and started peeing on the old man's cock, my piss shooting past as I let go.

Another man in the circle jumped over to me and put his face to our crotches, getting his lips right on my little wiener as I pissed forth and he began to drink my piss, engulfing my small cock with his mouth. 

'Ewwww,' I thought, startled. How could an adult do such a disgusting thing?  But his lips excited me and I was proud to be the center of attention just for peeing, something that I would normally have to do in secret. 

So, I continued to piss my hot waste into his mouth. 

By this time, all the men around us had erections sticking out just above the water.  The other little boy was laughing as the man holding him was squeezing the boy’s legs together around his cock and pistoning his hard, adult manhood in and out between the boy's legs, bouncing the lad up and down as he panted and watched my little peter get the pee sucked out of it.  Then the man groaned and I saw a white spurt of cum shoot out of his cock as he lifted the little boy up and slid his hard meat along the boy's ass crack, catching the spurting top of his dick on the boy's tiny asshole.

"Owww," the boy instantly complained as the man's bulbous cock head pressed against his anal ring, coating his ass crack and anus with his cum.

The man that was sucking my little dick helped lift me as the old man on whose cock I was riding put his hands on my waist, sliding me up his cock, until my tiny asshole too was resting on top of his cock head.  The younger man held me in place and continued sucking me, as the old man slid his hands down to my smooth, boy butt.  I could feel the younger man's hands wrapped around the old man's hard cock, pumping it up and down under the water.

The old man groaned with excitement as he placed his hands on either globe of my pure, sweet ass, and stretched my ass cheeks out, placing the tip of his hard man flesh right at the tiny boyish opening to my ass.

Now it was my turn to say "Owwwww!" as I felt his cock head painfully stretch my small anus.

"Noo!  Oww that hurts!" I cried out as the weight of my body and the man sucking on my dick began to force my virgin ass bud open to the old man's ravening dick.

"AAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIII," I screamed as I felt the fat, hot flesh burn into my little boy hole.

The water and the old man's pre-cum lubricated my asshole slightly, but it didn't matter.  I was being held by both men, with the older one stretching me open, while the one sucking my boy cock and balls applied pressure, forcing me to stay in place as the old man's cock penetrated me. 

"NNnnnOOOoo, AAiiieeee," I wailed, crying as his fat cock head skewered my small asshole.  

I tried to get loose, but the man in front wouldn't let me and had captured my entire cock and balls in his mouth.  I screamed as the tortuous fat flesh ripped into my virgin boy pussy.  The more I struggled, the wider the old man's cock stretched my asshole. 

"AAAaahhhh," the old man groaned and then, as suddenly as it began, I could feel his hot sperm let loose right inside my asshole, the man whose face was on my cock furiously pumping the old man's meat, his hands slamming against my ass underwater.  The pulsing cum lubricated my deflowered virgin ass bud and his cock slid in a little deeper...

"Noo, Noo, Nooo, Noo, AAEEEeeeiiiii!!" I cried out as the head of his fat cock lodged in my asshole; his hot cum squirting in my ass and then out the sides of his thick dick. 

Sobbing now at the incredible pain, I was bawling to be let loose, impaled, unable to get free of his fat cock head until finally, spent, he pulled his dick painfully from my blazing asshole and the man that had been sucking my penis gathered me into his arms.  I put my head on his shoulder, grasping him around the neck and wrapped my legs around his naked waist, straddling his rock hard dick as he caressed me.

"Shhhhh..." he said, his hands soothing my naked back and caressing my ass, my boy ass crack slick with the old man's cum sliding to the base of his hard, throbbing cock.

"It feels much better after the first time," he said gently, his hard cock throbbing on my hot asshole.

"N-n-noooo," I whimpered. "It hurts.  I don't like it..."

I was dimly aware of other little boys screaming in pain as they got their young asses fucked, but I was trying to hide myself in my cock sucker's protective arms and didn't care about anything else.

"Shhhh..." my cocksucker repeated as my tears dripped onto his naked chest,

"Why don't we try another game...  Why don't you lick and suck one of these nice men while I make your pretty little hole feel better... Okay?"

"Uhh... uh... I... uhhh," I moaned in assent, just wanting the tearing pain in my ass to go away.

"Okay, then," said my captor, walking me over to the side of the pool where one of the men sat, his legs spread open, his large hairy cock sticking straight up.

"Grab this man's prick and start licking it while I make your sweet little boy hole feel better," said the man holding me as he turned me around between the legs.

I reached out to the angry, hard rod of flesh in front me as the man behind me slid down, holding up my legs in the water and put his face to my ass.

"Ooooo," I said in wonder as I felt him spread my ass cheeks and he began to lick my ravaged hole.

The man in front of me moved my hands to his naked thighs, grabbed his own cock and began rubbing it across my face. I turned my head away in surprise, but he coaxed me back and rubbed the purple crown across my lips, leaving a trail of slime on them.

"Ohhhh..." I breathed out, my mouth open, as the other man tongued my asshole, worming his way inside my young anal bud.  It felt so good.  It felt great!  I stopped crying in amazement at how good it felt after the old man had just raped me.

The man sitting by the poolside forced his big cock past my lips, opening them further and forcing his mushroom cockhead into my open mouth.

He stretched my mouth wide as he slid in a few inches. He just kept it like that for a minute, while I writhed in pleasure at the man soothing and stimulating my asshole, the guy in front enjoying the feeling of having his dick jammed in my 7 year old mouth. Then he began slowly pumping it in and out, stopping so the head was just at my lips before pushing it back down. He moaned with perverse pleasure.

Each stroke seemed to go deeper and deeper and I began to gag, his fat cock stretching my mouth harder and harder. 

"Nnnnnn..." I tried to protest, but again both men held me in place, the one fucking my young mouth holding onto my head.  He began to push my young face up and down on his hard meat, force fucking my mouth, driving his manhood in and out between my lips while the man behind me fucked my asshole with his tongue.

"Nnnn - nnnn- nnn..." I tried to gasp, struggling again as the man now raped my mouth, painfully slamming his fat penis into my throat, choking me, bruising my soft inner palate.

Tears began running down my face again and snot was coming out of my nose; I could hardly breathe, but he just kept up his rape of my mouth, forcing my face up and down on his hard flesh.  He sped up his pumping, battering my throat and choking me until he moaned out "Ohhhhh fuck! Eat me boy... Ahhhhhhhhh!" 

The next thing I knew his hot cum was shooting into my throat. Blast after blast of his salty spunk kept spurting into my mouth.  I choked and gagged as I tried to swallow and breathe.  I made mewling sounds as I felt his hot jiz forced from my throat into my nasal passage and exploding from my nose.  I felt like I was blacking out... 

Again, I felt horrible and hurt.  I didn't understand anything that was happening...

When the man finished cumming, he let me go and I gasped for air, the cum still choking me; my nose dripping with cum as I gagged and tried to breath. 

The man who had made my asshole feel so good again took me into his arms, kissing me now, using his tongue to lick up his friends cum and my tears and snot cum from my nostrils and everything.  I began to space out on the total sensual overload... My mind shut down...  Everything became indistinct...  I seemed disassociated from my body...  There was another bout of terrific pain as my protector now lubed up my asshole, shoving his fingers inside as he still caressed me and told me to relax, kissing my face and hair.  Then, he finally lifted me up on his hard meat and fucked his stiff cock into my ass.  I feebly struggled and tried to protest again as he sunk the entire length of his hot pole into my newly opened asshole.  It still hurt, but not nearly as bad until felt his man flesh pushing into my intestines, cramping my stomach...

"NNNooooooooo," I cried again, moaning in insensate pain as his fuck rod jammed inside of my boy body, squeezing my internal organs, forcing itself deep into my bowels.

I was in a dazed nightmare and I just moaned and whimpered as he fucked me. 

All the while he kept kissing me, shoving his tongue into my mouth while tearing my entire rectum open to his marauding flesh as I haplessly bobbed up and down on his hot raping cock.  I swooned as he came, pumping my guts full of his man jiz... 

I felt men's hands caressing my naked boy flesh... I groaned as he pulled me off of his raping tool and I felt a new tongue in my asshole, drinking his cum, again soothing my abused shit hole. 

I lost track of time and space as hands and lips tweaked and teased my little boy nipples; mouths sucked my cock and balls; men licked my face; thrusting their tongues into my mouth.

Delirious, I sucked more cocks that night, feeling their hot cum bubble into my throat and drip from my lips...  More men raped and fucked my feverishly hot boy hole as I spaced out in an orgy of degradation and boy loving...

I saw a fat older boy, maybe 10 or so, sandwiched between two men.  He was yelling too, but his face was in ecstasy.  It looked like both men had both of their cocks inside his ass...

There was a younger boy, maybe 5 years old, sitting on a man's lap who had his cock shoved up the boy's asshole.  They were sitting on the shallow end steps and the boy was crying as the man held his head by his hair and directed the boy's open mouth to catch the hot piss of other men who surrounded the couple, peeing on the boy's face and naked body.

On a low table on the pool deck, I saw a boy lying on his back, his legs held up in the air, his head lying backwards over the table edge, as an extremely hairy man fucked his open ass while another fucked his long cock into the boy's throat.

Everywhere, young boys were getting fucked and sucked, some squealing with glee; others semi-comatose like me; and still others shrieking and crying in pain...

At some point, I came back to reality when my father took my hand and led me back to the shower room.  His semi-hard cock looked red and used.   He gently washed me as we showered and I began to come out of my daze.  We got out of the shower and he laid me on a bench and he knelt down, spreading and lifting my legs as he inspected my asshole. It felt hot and torn and mushy, but it also felt okay as my father rubbed something on it, gently coating the inside of my anus with his finger.

"You're fine," said my father and he gently kissed me, raising me up off the bench and began helping me get dressed in my confused and spaced out state of mind.

After we finally got dressed and were in the car, my father said to me,

"Greg, I'm sorry.  I shouldn't have brought you to the Club.  Don't tell anyone about this.  Pretend as if it never happened.  You don't have to worry, it won't happen again...  You must forget about it...  I'm sorry..."

My asshole was radiating heat from multiple rapes and my throat was sore with the taste of cum still strong and present.  But, through the pain and bewilderment I felt, I was amazed that my father was actually talking to me and apologizing...

My father was a very private, very stern, and very low key emotional individual.  He never, ever apologized for anything.  We never, ever talked about sex or any kind of emotional issue. He was never, ever emotionally contrite with me.  I had never him seen him like this and I never would again.

I really had no clue as to what had just happened at the Club and since my father said forget about it, I did.  We never talked about sex at all and I had no idea at 7 years old what "sex" was.  None.  To this day, I cannot be sure exactly what happened at the Club, but I remember my father apologizing to me with crystal clarity.  And, I totally forgot what happened at the Club until that night in the pool, almost 5 years later.   And, what I remembered was cocks and sperm and fucking and sucking all mixed together in one kaleidoscope that made my little dick hard.

Many, many years later, I found out that my oldest brother Jeff had been to the Club and been fucked in the same kind of way and that my father had also fucked him when he was my age.  As far as I knew, my other brother, Mark, or my sister who was way older than all of us, had never been abused in that way at all.  But, we never went to the Club again and after that last conversation, my father never mentioned it again, apparently driving it out of both of our minds. My father never again touched me sexually and I eventually just forgot about the whole experience as too weird and too disconnected to remember.

But this was the first time ever skinny dipping naked in the hot night...  These memories suddenly flooded my mind... I had completely forgotten about it...  And the memories coming back to me were not entirely real...  It was as if it happened to someone else, but...  my little cock ached with excitement. 

Remembering, I opened my legs and reached around behind me to my asshole and started to gently worm one of my fingers inside myself.  I groaned at the unexpected pleasurable sensations. 

I played for awhile in the pool, softly finger fucking my asshole and squeezing my hard little prick and balls. 

However, I was still totally clueless about sex.  I literally didn't know what had happened at the Club or what I was doing to myself right now.  It was just sensations.

After playing with myself for awhile, I finally got out of the pool.  Then, for the sheer perverse danger of it, I spent another half hour or so creeping as close as I could get to my neighbor's house. At the end, I just laid there, stark naked, on my neighbor's back doorstep at 3 AM or so, my hands running over my wet flesh, caressing my tiny erection and fingering my asshole, while my heart beat rapidly at the danger of being  found out. This was the beginning of my love affair with perverse nudity and danger.

Later on that same summer I camped out again, with my best friend, Eddie.  It was another hot, sweaty night.  We were still up and very much still wet and perspiring at midnight.  I told Eddie, "Nobody's awake anywhere, let's go swimming next door."

Eddie was a little hesitant, but when I quickly shucked off my underwear and stepped outside the tent naked, he did the same.

I stared at his cock with fascination.  Although he was the same age as I was, eleven, his muscular body was already well into puberty.  His skin was soft and smooth, but there were tiny wisps of curls between his two pink, boyish nipples. He was thinner than I was and his flat stomach sported an innie belly button.  Below that his cock looked huge compared to mine.  It was nestled in black, curly pubic hairs than ran down over his large balls.  I was awe struck that he should have a man's penis and balls on his little boy body.  I looked down at myself to see if there was something wrong with me.  But no, I was the same, it was Eddie that was odd.

"How come you're so big?" I asked in all innocence.

"I dunno," he said looking at my little penis, "I just am."

"Can I touch you?" I asked, embarrassed, but mesmerized as I continued to stare at him, my own little cock feeling "twitchy" and starting to rise.

Eddie shrugged as I reached out my hand and touched his man sized cock.  As I gently rubbed it, he began to get hard...

I didn't know what I was doing.  I still hadn't a clue as to anything about sex and erections or anything and I didn't even know why I found it fascinating to touch his stiffening cock.  But, I did.

As he grew, my hand jumped back to my own little, now stiff and throbbing, penis and I squeezed it, amazed at my friend's huge six inches of pulsing meat.  We both stared at his dick in my hand until we finally just got embarrassed and we ran off to jump in the pool.

It was weird, but I didn't think about it much as we just enjoyed the two of us skinny dipping in my neighbor's pool. 

We swam around for awhile, rubbing against each other as we tried to grab one another or dunk the other guy.  We wrestled in the water, rubbing our hard cocks against each other, our wet, naked bodies embracing.

We were hyped up and I suggested that we run around naked and go skinny dipping in as many neighborhood pools as we could. Eddie agreed and we jumped out of the pool and ran to the street. He put his back against a tree to shield him from the street and the streetlights. I ran right up to him and pressed my naked body against his.

Our crotches touched, my naked, hairless cock pressing into his dark haired pubic mound, our cock flesh mingling together. I pressed even tighter against him, our wet, naked flesh joining, as a car drove by, briefly lighting up my backside with its headlights.  We froze there for a moment, our pricks throbbing against each other, his larger hard on poking into me and my smaller one rubbing against him as we hugged tightly.  Then I laughed and ran across the street to crouch behind some bushes. Eddie ran across too, right into me and knocked me forward so that he was stretched out on top of me with his big, hard dick in the crack of my ass.

We lay there for a second and I could feel his quivering rod rubbing against my asshole, pulsing against my anal ring.  "Uhhhhhhhnnmmm," an involuntary moan escaped my lips as I tried to grip his thick cock with my ass cheeks.  His hard meat felt good against my asshole as my cock throbbed against the grass. 

We both started moving; Eddie sliding his boy cock between the sweat slick globes of my ass and me rubbing my wet asshole against his pulsing meat.  Again, remembering the Club, I wanted him to stick it in my ass.  I groaned with the memory, Eddie's hot meat sliding up and down my ass crack and then I also remembered the incredible pain...  More car lights flashed over us, but this car's brake lights went on and it started immediately slowing down...

"Shit," I said throwing Eddie off of me, "he saw us!  We gotta run."

We ran through a backyard, through the bushes and into another block before the car even stopped fully.

We didn't care.  We kept on sneaking around like maniacs, giggling and bumping into each other, our wet, sweaty flesh sliding against each other, as we crawled through the grass or leapt from bush to bush and ran past the streetlights.  We kept on rubbing up against each other, touching each other's ass or cock or balls, even while we were sneaking into the neighborhood pools.

We clasped each other in the pools, our wet bodies drinking each other in as the debris from our sneaking washed off of our hot flesh.  The excitement of slithering our stiff dicks around on each other's naked body was incredible. 

Our hands just naturally caressed the other boy's prick and ass. We humped each other's naked flesh.  Every time we paused, we would press against each other, not really knowing what we were doing, but knowing that it felt great.

Our rods stayed hard all the way around the neighborhood, until finally, we made it back to our own tent. We dove in and zipped up the mosquito netting and hugged each other on our sleeping bags - just for the sheer joy of it all.  Then Eddie finally started rubbing his hard on as I gripped it between my sweaty thighs. Almost immediately he groaned and grabbed my naked body, thrusting his cock under my balls; jerking and quivering as his boy cum spurted out at the base of my ass crack onto our sleeping bag and between my hot, sweaty thighs.  I remembered the groans and moans of the men at the Club and I just squeezed my thighs tighter around his cock until he was spent. 

We fell asleep that way, me just gently rubbing up against him with my still hard boner, because - in spite of everything, I still knew absolutely nothing about sex.

I knew we had a great time.  I knew that it felt fantastic to touch each other like this and that, but I still hadn't a clue as to what was happening.  I was still totally innocent.

It was a wonderful night.

After that night, Eddie never wanted to run around naked again, but I started going as often as I could - sometimes skinny dipping, sometimes running around bare ass naked for the sheer dangerous thrill of it.  It always made my little dick hard.

Another hot night during the summer, I camped out with Jimmy, my neighbor across the street.  He was a skinny kid who was in one of my older brothers’ class, but since he was kind of immature, we used to play together a lot.   When I again suggested we go swimming, he stripped down before I did.  When we both stepped outside the tent, I could see that his cock was a little large than mine, although he had hair.  We both had erections and his hard on made his cock look really skinny.  He reached out and fondled my cock without any preliminary and said "Go ahead, you can touch mine."

I did, but this sort of brazen fondling seemed too weird for me, so I just took off and we went swimming next door.  When we got back to the tent and he asked me to play with his prick some more, I was a little scared.  It just wasn't the same.  I found out later that he jerked himself off when we got into our sleeping bags and went to sleep.  It just seemed odd.

Another time that summer, when my parents weren't home, I took a shower with soap, naked in our backyard, while it was pouring rain.  I felt the most incredible sensations in my cock as I soaped it clean.

But, I continued to be ignorant about sex.  The thrills I felt was not only because of the great sensations, but because I was doing "dangerous" things and not getting caught.

Sex began to hedge into my awareness the next time I talked yet another friend into running around naked.  Mike was also more developed than I was, but not as hairy as Eddie or as old as Jimmy.  When I reached out to caress his cock, he shied away, protesting that only homos touched each other. I didn't know what a homo was, but I remember being mildly saddened that he didn't want to rub his body against mine.  We still both got hard running around, but it wasn't the same as it had been before...

But, I still got naked on my own whenever I could get away with it.

I was 12 years old that winter and I was over at my next door neighbor's house.  Park and I were watching TV in his basement, sitting on a couch with a blanket over us to keep us warm.  He was a year older than I was, with about the same build and chubbiness and brush cut hair.  We started wrestling around a little bit under the blanket and then things escalated and we started grabbing each other's crotches.  He grabbed me first.  I grabbed his hands and tried to pull him off my hardening little penis.  When I finally pulled him off me, I grabbed his crotch, trying to hold onto his dick through his pants.  Then he tried to get my hands away.  As soon as he overpowered me, he grabbed me again, I pried him off, I grabbed him and we continued to wrestle under the blanket. We were both sporting hard boners by this time and getting very excited when Park managed to trap both my arms and yank my pants and underwear down all at once. Then he quickly grabbed my stiff prick tightly and wouldn't let go. The incredible sensations that I was feeling in my prick were more than I had ever felt before and there was a tightness in my chest that was causing me to pant.  I didn't know what was happening.  Park started to breathe heavily also and his eyes glistened with erotic excitement.

I moaned as Park continued to squeeze my cock.  We were both excited, but I was incredibly embarrassed too. Remembering the Club, I was afraid that something bad was going to happen...  Then, without letting go of my small cock, Park pulled off his pants and underwear, struggling out of it.  He grabbed my hand on put it on his naked prick.  We weren't wrestling anymore.  We were just holding onto each other's cocks and balls, moving our fists up and down, gently jerking each other off...

As Park started breathing faster and faster, I couldn't take it anymore.  I got flustered and I sort of just got up, put my pants back on and left.  It was too bizarre and I didn't understand the incredible itchy weirdness that I was feeling in my cock.

This episode played itself over many times in my mind for several weeks.  Then one day, during the winter, Park was playing over at my house, in my basement.  We were playing a board game this time and he made a bet with me.  "Whoever loses has to do whatever the other guy wants," he said.

"Like what?"  I replied.  "I don't want to spend any money."

"Nah," he assured me.  "Like a blow job."

"What's a blow job?" I asked, in all sincerity (Even though I detailed it here, the Club was still just an unreal memory).

"You'll see," he said. "Deal?"

What the heck?  I didn't figure on losing and besides, even if I did, I didn't know what a blow job was, so how could I do one?

"Deal." I said.

Well, we played the game and I did lose.

"Okay," Park said.  "Loser pays up."

"What?  How can I do a blow job?  I don't even know what it is."

"Remember when we were playing around a while ago?" he questioned me slyly.

His hand moved down to his crotch and he rubbed himself.  I could see the bulge in his pants begin to grow.  I immediately felt that weird, exciting sensation again in my stomach as I watched Park rub himself.

"Watch," he said and proceeded to take off his pants and underwear. His youthful dick was already swollen and now that we weren't under the blanket, I could see that he had some pubic hair, unlike me and his hard dick was about than 5 inches long. However, unlike mine, his prick had a foreskin, now stretched around his cock head with his piss hole exposed and sticking out.  

"This is called my boner," he said.  "Go ahead and touch it."

I shook my head ‘no’, as he continued to stroke his hard boy meat.

"C'mon, you were touching it before.  Go ahead, just touch it, you'll like it," he told me and, when I didn't respond again, he grabbed my hand and pulled it to his rigid cock.

In spite of the grabby game of a few weeks ago, this was something new.  His stiff member jerked in my hand as I felt him. 

"What's that thing around the top of your... pee-pee?" I asked, feeling embarrassed at my baby words, but not ready to say "cock" or "prick."

"That's part of my dick, stupid. Everybody's is shaped like that."

"Not mine," I said, still feeling very strange.

"Let's see," said Park and he came to me and started undoing my belt.

I was both excited and curious by this time, so I helped him take off my pants, then I suddenly became shy again, standing there in my underwear, my hard little dick sticking out, with Park looking on, his cock pulsing at me. I felt queasy.

"C'mon," said Park, "pull them down."

I felt I had no choice.  I lowered my underwear and the queer sensations intensified, traveling once more from my stomach to my hairless, jutting penis. 

Park looked at my circumcised prick and said, "Wow, something happened to you. I've seen my brother's and my father's cocks and they both look like mine.  I wonder if yours works the same way?"

He reached out to touch it and said, "Look, you do this thing called jerking off. Lie down and let me show you."

I let go of his cock and lay back on the basement couch. Then Park grabbed my boy tool and started rubbing it up and down in his fist.  This touch was the same bizarre feeling that I had had in his basement, and it was beginning to scare me again

"If you're old enough," said Park showing off his worldly knowledge, still stroking my naked flesh and squeezing my hard shaft with his hand, "when it feels really, really good, this white stuff comes out of your prick called jiz.

I was utterly fascinated...  I remembered the men cumming in my mouth... I started panting again...  And then I started shaking and I remember that it was really, really scary, so I pulled his hand away and said, "I don't want to."

"OK," said Park, "but you have to give me my blow job."

"How do I do that," I asked.

"Sit up," he said as he stood up. I did and his hard, throbbing peter was right in front of my face. "Now, you should just put your mouth on it for a second."

When he said this, I jerked and moved back; would it hurt? 

"C'mon," he wheedled.  "You promised."

With that, he put his hands on either side of my head and started pulling me toward him.  I reluctantly let him until his pulsing dick was right in front of my lips.  It was so much smaller than my dim memories. 

"Now, open your mouth and take it in," he said as he began rubbing his cock head across my lips.

I moved my head back and forth, not sure I wanted to do this, especially since his dick head was stranger than mine, but he held my head in place with his hand saying "C'mon, you promised."

I opened my mouth a little and he slid his cock past my lips, forcing them apart.  The foreskin, half covering his glans, rolled back as his cock expanded into my mouth.  I felt repelled by this strange texture.

"Oh yeah," he said, "this is great," even as I opened my mouth wider to try and avoid touching any part of his greasy feeling cock.

But then he moved and because of the fact that I was not touching his dick at all, he rammed all the way back and into my throat.  I gagged and yanked my mouth off him.

"This is no fun," I complained.  "I don' wanna."

"Wait," he demanded.  "You promised.  Look, if you do it right, it won't choke you.  You just gotta put your lips around it.  Now come on!"

With that he grabbed my head again and forced his excited dick into my mouth once more.  I was scared, but, I had promised.

"Now clamp down with just your lips and I'll slide it in and out."  

I wrapped my lips around his hard member as he began to move his hips a little, wiggling while I was still trying to keep him from touching any part of my mouth except my lips.

"Boy," he said, stopping for a few seconds, enjoying the feel of my mouth,

"This is nice."

The fluttery sensations were wreaking havoc with my groin area and I still didn't know what to make of all this.  I didn't know if I was feeling sick, or excited, or just weird.  The only thing I did recognize was that my heart was beating faster and faster; Park's cock was "safe" and non-threatening compared to my lost memories; and I had that same kind of rush as I did when I was running around outside naked.

Park began pumping his cock in and out of my mouth in earnest. "This feels so good, Greg," he moaned.

Each stroke seemed to go a little deeper until he was hitting up against the back of my mouth again.  But he wasn't jamming into my throat, so I just tried to apply more pressure with my lips and squeezed his stiff member harder to hold him back.  I found that if I sucked on him, like a lollipop, I could control it better.  But then I had to use my tongue too, and I could feel his weird foreskin sliding back and forth in my mouth as he pulled out to the edge of my lips and back in again.

Crying, "Oh, oh , oh," his pumping got faster.

I was afraid he was going to slam it down my throat again, so I grabbed the base of his prick with both hands and squeezed.

He moaned louder, "Ahhhh, ahhhhhhh, I'm cumming, I'm going to cum in your mouth."

The next thing I knew, he stopped and held my head as his prick began spasming in my mouth.  “Ahhhhhhhhhh,"  he cried and his whole body shuddered.

I sat there paralyzed, not knowing what to do as he seemed to go into mild convulsions.  I stared up at him, his cock still in my mouth, as he looked down at me and closed his eyes while his body spasmed again.   I realized that I had unconsciously grabbed my prick and was squeezing it hard, trying to stop the crazy sensations that were scaring me.  I was breathing as hard as I felt, when Park finally let go of my head..  He pulled his wet penis out between my unresisting lips and stepped back.

I looked at his glistening, dripping cock and I panted, "Is that jiz?"

"No, you retard, that's your spit.  I don't get jiz yet."

Seeing my hand still clutching my still hard tool, he asked, "You want me to finish you off?"  

"No," I said as I quickly let go of my member and stood up.  "It feels funny.  I wanna stop now."

"OK," said Park amiably as he put on his underwear.  "We can do it some other time."

"I don't know," I temporized pulling up my underwear over my still throbbing hard on. "It feels funny," I repeated.

My hard on seemed to last for hours after that.  It actually hurt a little bit and I was worried that I had damaged myself somehow.  But after I had finally become interested in something else, I noticed that it was gone.

Park wanted to play bets again about a week later, but I told him I didn't like it and he never brought it up again.

All of that winter, through 1966, I would occasionally squeeze my little hard on in the morning and wonder what had happened there with Park or Jimmy or even Eddie.  I would sometimes try and associate my erection with the Club and all of the men, but it was a big jumble that I couldn't quite comprehend.         

Then, one night, my mother told me to go downstairs to the basement to tell my brother, Jeff and his girlfriend, Delia, that it was time for Delia to go home.

When I went downstairs, it was pretty dark and there was no one in the main room, so I snuck through the darkened room and went around the corner to another room in the back.  It sounded like someone was moaning, but I didn't know why.

Jeff had low level funky colored lighting in the little back room, but I didn't need much light because, through the open doorway, not more than five feet away, Jeff and Delia were lying on the carpeting, clutching each other in a lustful embrace.

They were so engrossed with each other that they never noticed me at all in the dim light. I could see that she was naked from the waist up, even though

Jeff was on top of her, passionately kissing her and I couldn't really see her breasts.  But what I could really see was her wide open thighs and Jeff's hand rubbing her wet sex.  Her skirt was bunched up around her waist and Jeff's legs were next to hers with his crotch rubbing against her naked thigh as he fingered her hot cunt.  Her wet, fleshy lips were open to my gaze and though I really didn't know what I was seeing, the smell of her fuck juices was a pungent odor that was like nothing I had ever smelt before.

She seemed to be protesting his assault on her wet sex; her hands were on his hand, trying to dislodge and moans of protest were coming from her mouth covered by his, but she was also practically naked and my senses were overwhelmed by what I saw and smelled. 

Literally, without thinking, I opened my pajama top and took it off, trying to assuage a weird tight feeling in my chest, running my hands over my body down to my naked stomach. I was panting and my dick was hard as I pushed down my pajama bottoms, sliding them to the floor.  My mind was a blank as I stood there naked in front of Delia's fragrant wet, cunt, watching them writhe against each other; watching her crotch push against his hand, even as she tried to remove it.

I put both hands on my cock and started squeezing it, rubbing it up and down.  Leaning forward, smelling her cunt juices, I was masturbating furiously, squeezing my cock and balls, jerking my prick.

"AAAHHHHHHHHH," I cried out, suddenly, doubling over, clutching my organ as my world exploded with ecstasy as I went into my first orgasm! "UNNnnn, uhh, uhh," I grunted as my whole body spasmed in orgiastic bliss. My naked body convulsed as my boy cock rippled in hot fire and pleasure.

Both Jeff and Delia finally noticed me.

“Jesus Jeff! It's your brother!" Delia cried out pulling his hands away from her body, trying to cover herself; trying to get up, freaking out at the sight of this naked boy masturbating in front of her cunt... as I came...

"Damn it!" Jeff cried in frustration, watching me jerk as the pleasure rolled from my cock to the rest of my body.

Finally, the danger outweighed my orgasm and my head snapped up, looking at their angry faces.  Even as my cock was still throbbing in orgasm, I jumped up as fast as I had ever done anything in my short life, grabbed my top, pulled up my pajamas, and ran for the door.

"Mom says it’s time to go!"  I panted over my shoulder as I darted up the stairs.

I ran to my room, turned off the lights, went to bed and, trembling in the dark, I gently squeezed my still hard dick.  I lay there in a stupor, almost asleep, until sometime later, Jeff came to my room and knocked on the door. 

I tried to ignore him, but he whispered through the door, "If you don't open this, I am going to beat the shit out of you." I got up and opened the door.

Jeff walked in and turned on the light and glared at me. “First of all, if you ever tell anybody about anything, I am going to beat the shit out of you.  Is that understood?"

I nodded mutely. 

"You are such a fucking pervert. I can't believe what you just fucking did.” Jeff seemed really pissed. “Take your fucking pajamas off."

My eyes popped wide open and my jaw dropped.  But again, I mutely obeyed him, unbuttoning my pajama shirt and slipping my bottoms off until I was stark naked in front of my older brother.  I was shaking in fear that he was going to do something bad to me, but my dick was still hard, in spite of the first orgasm of my life just about fifteen minutes ago.

Jeff stared at my naked body, my hard little peter bobbing under his gaze as I waited until I couldn't stand it anymore and I started to apologize, "I'm sorry, Jeff," I whined, "I didn't..."

"I was going to fuck her," he said interrupting me, his voice low with menace.  "I would have been fucking her in five minutes if you hadn't walked in.  She probably won't even fucking go out with me again.  It could be a fucking year before I get laid, you fuck dick. And you're fucking getting your rocks off, while I'm high and dry!"

He was really angry and he grabbed my penis, squeezing and twisting it so that I groaned in pain.  "UUUooohhh," I moaned.  "I'm sorry.  Please. I'm sorry."

"Yeah, I'll bet you are.  You will be too.  You're a fucking faggot pervert, aren't you little brother?  You need to see a real dick?  Here."   

Jeff unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, exposing eight inches of hard meat.  His cock looked enormous.  His balls hung heavily from his veined meat.

This was the first hard adult cock I had seen since the Club.  I had thought Eddie's meat was big, but he was tiny compared to my brother's hard rod.  I stared at Jeff's penis, like a deer caught in the headlights, amazed at how thick it was and looking at its large, bulbous head. 

Again, my chest was tight and I was having trouble breathing at the sight of his protruding fuck meat. I was ashamed at my reaction and felt utter embarrassment that my brother should see me fascinated by his cock as I stood there naked, my hard on twitching and bobbing.

"Get on your knees" demanded my brother, pushing my naked body to the floor and drawing my face towards his huge cock.

My mouth was hanging open in stupor as he brought his cockhead to my lips. "Lick it," said my brother.

Again, lost in sexual mesmerization, my entire naked body pulsing with lustful heat, I parted my lips and licked the underside of his cockhead.  I could smell his sweat sex pheromones and Delia's musky cunt smell still lingered as the tight pressure coursed through my crotch. I kept licking at it, again flashbacking to the Club, not really knowing what I was supposed to do, but still tonguing his piss slit and then swirling around his hard shaft.  I ran my tongue down almost to the base of my brother's rock hard meat and then back up. A clear viscous fluid was leaking from his cockhead. 

My brother then grabbed my head and pulled my still frightened face onto the fat tool of his man meat. His hard manhood thrust between my lips as my mouth stretched to accommodate him.  He kept on pushing into his little brother's face until he reached the back of my throat.

"GGHHHHHHghghhh," I gurgled gagging.

He was choking me with his cock, but he didn't care as he held my head and shook his hips, forcing his thick, 8 inch member into my throat, until his balls were smashing my chin.  I felt like I had to puke.  I couldn't breathe.  A line of drool ran from the corner of my mouth, dripping onto my chin and chest. I began to choke and gag as Jeff impaled me on his throbbing tool.  I coughed and gasped when he finally withdrew his cock halfway, but he wouldn't let me spit it out.  He left the glans resting on my quivering tongue.

"I said lick it," my brother demanded menacingly.

I swirled my tongue around the head, almost retching, trying to keep him from killing me by choking me to death with his turgid member.  I sucked on Jeff's welling cockhead, grateful to be able to breathe, hoping that he wasn't really going to kill me.

Jeff let me ease my sore throat, by letting me grab his cock, like I had done with Park, trying to work it in and out of my mouth without letting it hit the back of my throat repeatedly.

I shuddered and gasped as he pulled his hard shaft out and then slammed it in again, pushing deep into my throat again, cutting off my air, stretching my boyish lips.  Again, he pulled all the way out and again he thrust it all the way in bruising my tender throat. He held me there as I struggled to breathe.

"Yeah, fucking little brother, you really like cock, don't you?" Jeff stated savagely as he cut off my air, my face beginning to turn red from the lack of oxygen, as I tried to breathe through my nose.

"Ughghhhhhhhh," I gasped as he withdrew his massive tool again, pulling it free of my mouth.

He started slapping my face, wet with sweat and saliva, with his heavy cock, the thick precum smearing my cheeks.  My own rigid little cock pulsed with newfound lust.

Then Jeff thrust his meat into my mouth again, and started fucking my face hard, using my boy cunt mouth.  I gagged repeatedly as he fucked my throat, his full length disappearing between my boyish lips to the hilt.  His balls slapped hard against my chin, his pubic hair smashing into my nose. I struggled for a breath, trying to catch small gasps of air as his thick dick popped in and out of my throat.

The feelings in my naked boy body became a raging torrent and I began to shake, my gasping pants barely enough to keep me going. I tried to suck the man cock in my mouth, my cheeks hollowing and filling with every thrust of Jeff's hips.  He began to fuck faster and faster into me, battering my lips and throat with his hard driving hips. My mouth overflowed with saliva, dripping onto my chest and cock. Suddenly, I could feel Jeff's cock growing and expanding as he buried it deep with my constricting throat, skewering me without mercy. I fought to breathe as my brother erupted into the warm wet cavern of my sucking mouth, his thick, hot liquid flooding my throat. My cheeks expanded like a balloon to keep from choking on the great gushes of sperm that spurted from his ejaculating penis.  I started retching, overloaded, feeling like I was going to black out from lack of air as he pumped his fiery load into me. I felt his cum bubbling in the back of my throat, being forced up into my nasal passages again, and into my nose as he held me fast. It squirted out the corners of my mouth around his pulsating cannon, adding to the fluids dripping onto my chin and naked chest.

"Uggggggnnnnnn," I gagged as his overloaded balls emptied their hot juices into my abused little boy body. 

I felt like I was blacking out when he finally pulled his meat from my cum filled throat and I collapsed onto all fours, gasping for breath, coughing up his cum, feeling it drip out my nose. I was thoroughly fucked.  Sobbing and coughing, my hot tears mixed with sperm and spit as I continued to cough up sperm, scared and unsure of everything.

Then, Jeff told me, "Come here and clean off my dick."

Too scared to resist, still gasping and coughing, I got back on my knees again and let him rub his half hard penis all over my face, smearing his cum and mixing it with my tears.  Even though I was still crying, it somehow felt good.  I could breathe again and I liked the feel of his cock on my cheeks. 

I started rubbing my face on his prick and crotch until he slid it once more between my lips, coating them with cum again.  This time I stuck out my tongue and started licking his meat before he could shove it down my throat again.  Jeff seemed to like that and let me lick and suck him clean without forcing more of his thick meat into my mouth. When I finished cleaning the cum off of his dick, he pulled away.

"Good night Greg," he said, walking towards the door.  "Remember, not a word to anyone."

"Oh... no... I promise," I stuttered, as I sat there naked, soaked with tears and cum, "G-good night."

After he left, I sat there in a daze, naked, my dick throbbing painfully, my throat raw, sore and clogged with cum.

I didn't know what just happened.  I knew that I had sucked my brother off like Park said guys do.  I knew my throat hurt and my nose was clogged with snot and jiz, like Park had said.  But I still had no clue as to what had just happened.  Jeff had punished me for spying on him and exposing myself to his girlfriend.  That seemed logical.

But right at that moment, I still didn't know that I had had an orgasm earlier.  All I knew is that Jeff had punished me by pissing jiz into my throat.  All I knew was that I was incredibly hot and tight and my crotch ached and my throat hurt.  Suddenly all of the buried memories from the Club totally intermingled with the present and I knew I wanted to suck Jeff's cock again...

I fell asleep still naked, clutching my hard cock, covered with Jeff's cum.

Jeff went back to college a few days later and I didn't see him again for awhile.  Before he left, he warned me again not to tell anyone what had happened.  I didn't tell him I got hard thinking about it...

By the end of that winter, my cock and balls had grown bigger and I had developed wisps of pubic hair. I was still too young to have "jiz", but I loved jerking off.  It was incredible.  I started masturbating as often as I could, marveling that nobody had ever told me about this and actually wondering if other people knew they could do this...

Then, I found Jeff's porn novels.

I had two older brothers and an older sister.  My sister is nine years older than I was, and she was already married by this time.  One brother, Mark, is a year and a half older than I am.  And Jeff, my other brother was 6 years older than I.  Jeff was off at college and I didn't see him much anymore.  But he and his buddies had built a sort of recreation room /party room in the basement they called the "Dun," sort of a combination of dungeon and den.  There were all sorts of couches and pillows and posters and colored lights. Over the years we painted the walls weird (this was the sixties) and just freaked it up in general.  There was a little back room in the Dun - that was where Park and I had played "bets" and where Jeff had been making out with Delia.

One of the things that Mark and I would do a lot is search each other's rooms and anyplace else we felt like in the big, six bedroom house that we grew up in. 

We were always thinking up secret hiding places that nobody (so we thought) else could find.  Jeff was away at college, so all the boxes that he had piled up in the Dun were fair game for searching.  I really hadn't found anything of interest, but then again, I had never searched to the bottom of the pile. I guess Jeff had been counting on that, because that's where I found his collection of pornographic novels.

I spent the next several years, all of my adolescent and teenage life, getting a very hot education on sex - Sex with women; sex with girls; sex with boys and girls and dogs; Dads and Moms with their pre-pubescent sons and daughters; adults with children and animals; women tied up and whipped in dungeons; women getting fucked in the cunt; getting fucked in the mouth; and getting fucked in the ass; kids fucking kids; sons getting it in the ass from their Dads; brothers fucking sisters; brothers fucking sisters and Dads and Moms and Aunts and Uncles and horses and bananas and whatever...

I began jerking off to the golden age of the pornographic novel industry. 

Now, I was 12 years old by then, but I still wasn't very savvy on what the rest of the world was doing.  I never thought much about why Jeff had gotten all of these dirty books.  I just knew they were mine now (As long as he didn't find out and beat the shit out of me).

I learned about everything that had happened to me sexually so far from the pornographic novel.  Even though I knew these stories were fiction - based on my experiences, I figured that there was a whole wide world of perversion out there.  It was all forbidden.  It just "happened" if you were in the right place at the right time.  And, nobody ever talked about it.  I mean, my own father was a pervert and he was the straightest, most normal father that I knew of.  As far as I knew, he and my mother didn't even fuck.  My older brother was pervert. Therefore, my enjoyment of these perversions was okay, based on the porn novels I was reading. 

This was my outlook on life for many years to come.  Forbidden.  Wrong.  Perversion.  And Total Secrecy.

I loved my brother's porn collection.  To this day, I have never seen such a variety of sensual degradation.  He must have had a hundred different novels.

I fantasized and fantasized.

…young twins, my age, a boy and a girl, camping on an island, both getting fucked in the ass by their father and their uncle…

…a beach bum, fucking a very young girl on the beach, after first having inserted a banana into her cunt and then licking and eating it out…

…a woman, naked, hanging in chains in a dungeon, being whipped and tortured by her captor, shoving barbed dildos up her ass and cunt...

…an older sister coming in naked to her young brother and waking him up from sleep by sucking him off and then fucking him...(I really liked that one :) 

…an older brother raping his young sister while his cousin waited his turn;both of them fucking her in her ass, her cunt and mouth...

…a young woman in a special harness so that she could get fucked by a horse, the description of his huge cock opening her up in massive detail...

…my favorite story that I read again and again of a girl, naked, getting fucked by the family dog in a garage while her brother and all of his friends watched, until they too fucked her over and over and over again...

…and on and on and on. These books shaped my sexuality for all time.  Porn was my master and for the rest of my life, nothing was too bizarre, too kinky, or too dangerous - as long as it made me hard.  Which, at those teenaged pubescent years, everything made me hard...

It was over a year later until I had any more real sexual experiences, but my fantasies were endless along with my orgasms.

In the autumn of 1967, my brother, Mark (who was then 15 years old) and I were having an argument about me supposedly stealing his comic books.   Mark was about 6 feet tall at this point (he eventually reached 6'4") and weighed about 240 pounds.  He could have been a linebacker.  He had dark hair, no glasses and was pretty good looking for a big fat guy.  He had begun to grow his hair longer (it almost touched his ears).  Hey, it was 1967.

The subject went to ridiculing each other's secret hiding places and how easy they were to find.  Mark finally said, "All right, I'll make you a bet.

I'll bet that I can hide this piece of paper in my room and you can't find it in fifteen minutes."

"That's a stupid bet," I said.  "I'll win.  And if I do, I get to keep the comic books."

"Yeah," said Mark. "Well, if I win, you have to blow me!"

"Sure," I said. "It's a bet."

The odd thing was, was that I really didn't think about it.  We were both pissed at each other and I never figured that I'd have to pay up anyway.  In spite of everything I'd already done and all of my pornographic reading fantasies, it simply never crossed my mind that my brother wasn't just making a ridiculous bet.

To make a long story short, especially the last few minutes when I begged him for clues like "hot" and "cold,"  I didn't find the paper.  (He had hidden it inside his telephone.)

Mark promptly pulled off his pants, lay down on the bed and told me to pay up.

His 6 inch cock was hard but only about 3 or 4 inches around. However, it was curved almost like a boomerang.  I stared at it without moving.  It looked really odd to me.  He had a few dark, fine curly pubic hairs, but even though he was older, he was almost at the exact same developmental stage as I was.  But my cock wasn't shaped like that.  The curve was strange.  My dick was straight when it got hard.

My brother interrupted my thoughts.  "Do it now," he demanded.  "We made a bet.  You want to be a welcher?"

I didn't want him to tattle on me for not paying up on my bet (Hey, I already told you that I was a fairly stupid adolescent.  "Like who was he gonna tell," never occurred to me.) So, I tentatively bent down and put my mouth over the head of his hard dick.

"Go ahead," he said, "blow me."

I some idea of what to do, so I started moving my mouth up and down, my lips lightly touching the sides of his cock, literally blowing hot air on his dick. 

I don't know what this would have achieved, but he began jerking the bottom of his prick as I blew on the top. After about ten seconds of this, he yelled, "Yeah! Ahhhhhh!" and lifted up his hips to thrust his dick farther into my mouth.  At the same time I clamped down with my lips to keep him from gagging me.

His hips shuddered and his cock started pulsing and I felt a hot salty goo splash up against the back of my throat.  I didn't know if I should swallow or spit it out in disgust, like they did sometimes in the porn novels.  My other brother's mouth rape was over a year ago.  I backed off, but at the same time, Mark kept on cumming, filling up my mouth even as I pulled off of him.  I wanted to see him cum so I pulled my head off his cock to look, gagging and swallowing all at once, a glob of semen dripping out of my mouth as another shot of cum hit me on my upper lip.

I was absolutely fascinated.  Mark continued to fist his dick, shuddering and pumping until his orgasm stopped.

I wiped the semen off my nose and face and looked at it while I swallowed the last of salty residue, rubbing my tongue around my teeth to get out the taste.  This was his cum!


This was jiz, spunk, sperm.  And now I actually knew what it was.

I had been reading these fuck books for so long now and masturbating, but I hadn't been producing any sperm.  So, now I was totally enthralled by the idea of his sperm.  I wondered if Mark's sperm tasted different from Jeff's sperm. I was lost in the perverse pleasure of eating my brother's cum...  But, by this time, my brother was embarrassed and his dick was starting to get soft, so he looked at me and said, "You faggot. You're disgusting. Go clean up."

I quickly got up and went to the bathroom where I rinsed my mouth out and cleaned my hands and face.

As I noted, sex and deeply personal issues were never discussed in our family, so therefore neither my brother nor I ever talked about this incident.

The next time we discussed it, it was more or less, accidental...


To be continued...






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