By Daddy Dreams

(Mg, exhib, cons, oral, rim, 1st)

After sucking off her chaperone, eleven year old Samantha is ready and eager to be plucked...

This is a stand alone story, but to introduce precocious Samantha, you should first read MY FIRST TIME WITH SAMANTHA.

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Never in a million years would I have thought it would work out like this. I had been crushing on Samantha for a while. She practiced at the same club as my kids. We were all excited to go to an out of state tournament and Sam was bitterly disappointed to not be able to go because her folks had business commitments. Being the super nice guy I am, I of course offered to chaperone. It got even more interesting when a snafu with the airlines stranded Sam and I at the airport and everybody else had to go on ahead.

I was stunned to learn that Sam had been crushing back on me! Who knew? We had already spent an incredible afternoon in our shared hotel room. She allowed me to do things to her for the first time that I never thought would happen. Culminating in her obediently swallowing the load I deposited in her sweet little mouth. I desperately wanted to fuck her then and there, but… I forced myself to drag it out. I wanted nothing more in my life than to take this sweet, beautiful, sexy eleven year old girl's virginity, but she had already had a big day and I didn’t want to completely freak her out.

I suggested dinner downstairs in the hotel restaurant, suggesting that she dress up and we treat it as a “date.” Sam seemed excited by the prospect. She was clearly nervous, given what had just happened, unsure how to act or be around me now that she had made me cum with her pretty little mouth. I told her to dress up pretty and she gathered up some things and scurried into the bathroom.

After half an hour I was just about to tap on the door and make sure she was okay when the door slowly opened and she shyly walked out. Wow! Just, wow. Obviously the clothes she had with her were the demur clothes of an eleven year old girl, but... she had worked hard to put together a great combination. I’m pretty sure the little denim skirt she wore was rolled up at the waist a couple of times to make it shorter. It fell mid-way between her knee and ass, much shorter I suspect, than her mom would have ever signed off on. For me it was perfect. She had on those kind of clunky sandals, a wedge I think it’s called, that gave her a couple of inches height and made her legs look even longer than they already did. Best part was her cute newly painted red toenails. She had on a red and white plaid shirt, but this too she had pulled up to expose her stomach by tying it below her small breasts. Yum. No... fucking yum.

I was so busy taking her outfit in that it wasn’t until I looked up at her face that I saw she was nervously biting her lip and waiting for me to say something. That’s also when I noticed she had painted her lips a pretty, slutty, shade of red and applied a little eyeliner and stuff. Nothing too dramatic, but on eleven year old Sam, she looked like a tasty little whore. Truly Lolita.

“Wow, Sam. I mean… wow!”

“Really? You’re not making fun of me?”

“Jesus God, no! Sam... jeez, you look soooo cute!”

“And you can’t tell my folks about the makeup, okay? Promise? They don’t let me wear any. They think I’m a little baby, but I snuck it in the house and brought it on the trip in case I had a chance to use it. Does it make me look too slutty?”

Heh. “Too slutty? No, Sam, it doesn’t make you look too slutty. Just perfectly slutty. Ready for dinner?”

She looked a little confused by my comment, but giggled and said she was starving. I guess a tummy full of my cum wasn’t enough to fill her up!

Dinner was wonderful. No idea what we ate, but we talked and laughed. The waitress, assuming it was a Daddy/Daughter date I’m sure, paid extra attention to us, giving Sam sparkling apple cider in a flute to match my champagne. I had Sam down her cider and then filled her up with my champagne to make her feel “like a big girl.” She giggled and sipped it curiously, sticking her pinky out for effect. Proclaiming it “tickly,” she downed her glass and asked for more.

I did my best to make her feel grown up and beautiful. Complimenting her clothes and make up, telling her she looked glamorous and very grown up. It was my turn for a surprise when, feeling bold, I asked her if her panties were as pretty as the rest of her outfit. She blushed furiously and couldn’t meet my eyes for a moment before finally looking at me, her eyes sparkling, and whispered, “I didn’t put any panties on!”

I choked on my champagne. “Sam, you mean…”

“Uh huh! Am I bad? It just felt.. like... I dunno... We were going on a date and all… and I, uh...”

I looked her in the eye and very deliberately pushed my fork off the edge of the table. When I leaned over to pick it up, sure enough I was rewarded with a quick flash of Sam’s hairless little eleven year old pussy, naked as could be. When I sat back up in my chair, Sam was almost crimson.

“Did you see?” the red faced girl asked.

“Oh, yes, Sam, I saw," and dropped my fork again. After a long moment fumbling about for my wayward fork, feasting on her shameless display, I sat back up. "You are a bad little girl, aren’t you?”

No longer blushing as brightly, she dissolved into giggles and gulped more bubbly. We continued on like that through dessert. Sam was the cutest thing I had ever seen. Her cheeks were flushed; from the champagne or the flirting I couldn’t tell. She seemed to enjoy each equally. I think Sam knew that she had me wrapped around her finger and she was loving it. I noticed when she got back from a trip to the bathroom that she had undone at least one button on her shirt, presumably to show me more cleavage, such as it was. She’d lean in to talk conspiratorially to me and make sure not to cover up as her top fell open. Granted there was not a lot to see, but the forbidden thrill of the top of her chaste little training bra and the faint curve of her cute little tits was enough to keep me hard through most of the dinner.

Finally the check had come and was paid for and there was nothing left to do but declare dinner over. I asked Samantha what she’d like to do? A stroll around the downtown? Take in a movie? There was a museum nearby. My heart skipped a beat when she bit her lip for a second and replied, ”Uh, could we... just go back to our room?”

Her eyes were sparkling and it didn’t take much to convince me. I put my arm around her as innocently as I could and guided her out of the restaurant. Our waitress smiled broadly and winked at us. I don’t think she knew how funny that was. We walked quietly to the elevator and waited for it to come. Samantha was thoughtful and then finally turned to me. “This is just between us, right? I mean, just this one time. We aren’t going to date or anything, I know you’d get in super trouble, but... tonight… we don’t have to tell anybody, right? I mean... I don’t want people to think, you know, like I’m slutty or something but... can we?”

I didn’t even want to know what she was asking if we could do. I just assured her that I would take this evening to my grave and nobody would ever, ever know what we did together tonight, it would just be for us. She nodded and the doors opened for us to step on. I know it was foolish and reckless, but after a quick check didn’t reveal any obvious cameras, I dropped my hand down to her denim covered ass and gave her a little feel up there on the elevator. She giggled, but didn’t resist as I groped her standing there in the elevator. She had rolled her skirt up so high that I only had to move my hand a bit to be cupping her firm bare ass. It was heaven, but I wanted more. Seeing we were close to our floor I stopped my fun and we composed ourselves before the door opened on an elderly couple heading down to dinner. They commented on how cute we were on our Daddy/Daughter date and then we dissolved into laughter as the doors closed. If only they knew.

We scooted down the hallway, Sam laughing and myself in pursuit. Probably looking fairly innocent. Father chasing his little girl down the hall. Nobody would have known this was part of the dance… I opened the door to our room and Sam pushed past me giggling. I pulled the door shut behind me and turned to see Samantha standing there expectantly, her hands behind her back, her eyes sparkling again as hers do. Wanting to tease her, I just stood there for a moment. She broke first.


“Well what, Samantha?”

“Well, aren’t you going to... you know... try to kiss me or anything?”

“Try to? You mean you’re not going to let me?”

“I guess you’ll have to try first and see!”

I moved to her and took her hand in mine, pulling her close. She came to me, but shyly. She was eager, but awkward.

“Swear you won’t tell anybody if we fool around?” she asked.

“Oh yes, Samantha, I swear. Nobody but us will ever know.”

And it was that simple. Sam came into my arms and turned her head up to meet mine. None of the reluctance of earlier, only eleven year old girl eagerness. Still shy, still hesitant, but... wanting. She closed her eyes to accept my kiss, her lips parted slightly as I leaned to meet her. It didn’t take long for Samantha to find her groove and kiss me pretty much as well as I’ve ever been kissed by women much older than she. She seemed to wait to see what I did and then mimicked it as best she could. And her best was pretty damn good. We stood there and kissed for several minutes, my hands moving on her back and fondling her perfect little ass. Finally Sam broke the kiss and took my hand to lead me over to the bed. She sat down on the edge and she pulled me down to sit beside her. We continued to kiss and whisper to each other; me telling her she was pretty and special and amazing, her thanking me and urging me to be gentle. When pushed back to lay on the bed, I moved with her. She lifted one knee and moved my hand to cover her hairless eleven year old sex.

She whispered to me, “Do it again..."

"Do what again?"

"You know. Make it feel... make me feel like that... Please?”

No need to ask me twice, and no need to tease any further, lest she suddenly change her mind. I pushed her knee over to spread her for my probing fingers. She was a very wet, and hot, little girl. With no panties in the way, soon enough my fingers found her small clitoris, standing erect in her demure folds. Her hips twitched as I strummed it. She cooed in my ear and her small hands moved to loosen the tie on her shirt before undoing the remaining buttons. I was surprised at how eager she was, but did not think to argue. Again, I wanted to roll onto her and just take her in that moment, but made myself wait, knowing that attending to her pleasure first would make mine greater.

I took her opening her shirt and pulling her plain cotton training bra up as instruction to attend her nipples and so I did. With pleasure. She gasped quietly and murmured assent as I took one of her pale pink nipple between my lips and sucked gently. Her knees had fallen apart spreading herself for my exploration as I worked to bring her eleven year old nipples to hardness. I bit gently and was rewarded with another gasp and a twitch of her hips. Her fingers were twined in my hair, guiding my lips back and forth between her nipples as she wanted. With her distracted by my lips moving wetly on her breasts, I gently slid a finger into her impossibly tight little bad pussy.

Sam sighed and lifted her knees as my finger entered her. Pulling her knees back towards her almost flat chest, she wanted my fingers in her. I obliged by kissing her nipples and slowly fucking a finger in and out of her tight little pussy. I don’t think an actual hymen was present; there was no resistance other than the snug tightness of the eleven year old. She mewled cutely as I left her nipples and kissed down her flat stomach. She now knew what was coming and welcomed it. None of the nervousness and hesitation of early were evident. Now she only wanted to be pleased. Wanted to feel like she had felt before. It didn’t take much to undo her denim skirt and work it over her bottom. She was now naked, but for her wedges with the little white socks and her training bra wadded around her neck like a cotton necklace. Tiny as she was, it was nothing for me to move her body to please me. I knelt beside the bed and pulled her to me, her knees high, spread obscenely for me. Where before she stared anxiously at the ceiling, now I say that she was up on her elbows, watching me with her eyes on fire.

I hesitated for a moment, wanting to tease her. Wanting her to ask for it. She bit her lip and looked confused. In invitation she pulled her knees an inch or two closer to her cut little tits, clearly offering her bald little eleven year old snatch to me. Still I waited, massaging her leg gently.

“What? Am I doing something wrong? Are you going to... are you going to… kiss it?”

“Is that what you want? You want me to go down on you, Samantha?”

Her eyes sparkled. “Uh huh. Yeah, please? I want… I want you to go down on me... please? Lick it like you did before… Make me… cum… I wanna…"

She went silent as I lowered my mouth to her hairless slit and began to kiss. And lick. And suck. I wanted to make Samantha cum desperately. She was offering me this once in a lifetime gift. I wanted her to enjoy it and remember it forever. I also figured this was a onetime chance for me and wanted to make the most of it. I ran my tongue from just above her cute little asshole to the top of her slit, opening her up for my kisses. I sucked her stiff little clit between my teeth and bit down gently, but hard enough for her to make a noise and jerk. Holding her clit between my lips, I batted it with my tongue, and was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath and a buck of her hips.

I watched as Samantha curled her hands into the bedspread and hold on, her mouth agape and her breath coming hard as I did my best to bring my eleven year old lover off hard. I stiffened my tongue and fucked it into her tasty little pussy. Her wetness tasted so good, just a hint of flavor and so wet and slick. Pushing her knees back slightly I swiped my tongue over her cute pink little asshole. She shook her head, "no," and made a noise, but made no effort to push me away or make me stop. I spent a few wonderful minutes rimming Samantha before I went back to work on her hard little clit, wanting to bring her off at least once before I took her cherry. She was keeping up a constant string of chatter at this point. Mostly sighs and "yes’s," and “do that’s”.

While I had been rimming her, I slowly worked not one, but two fingers into her impossibly tight little vagina. She gasped and rotated her hips trying to accommodate them. I know she had never had anything in her before and she was trembling and panting as I fucked my fingers into her.

I worked my way back up to her stiff little clit and sucked it between my teeth again. I think she almost immediately got off when I nipped at her. I spread my two fingers inside her, making her feel fuller and hopefully loosening her for my cock. Samantha arched her back and grimaced as her orgasm ripped through her little eleven year old body. It seemed as if every muscle in her body clenched at once as she rode through it. Finally she let out a huge breath and collapsed back onto the bed, limp as a rag doll.

I gave her cute little vagina one last kiss and a lick before standing to shuck my clothes off. Samantha giggled as my hard cock popped out of my shorts and stood at attention. She gathered herself enough to raise up on one elbow and reach for my penis with the other. With a firm grip she drew me towards her. I put one foot on the bed and helped my dick towards her mouth. She grinned and smacked her lips before taking the swollen head of my cock into her precious, beautiful, eleven year old mouth. I could see her smirking just before I threw my head back and groaned at the sensation of her hot little mouth sucking on the knob of my fat cock. She lazily swirled her pink little tongue around it before fucking her face down onto it. She had become pretty adept at deep throating me, but I wanted to own her, so I grabbed the back of her head, my fist grabbing a handful of her petty hair, and began to rape her pretty little mouth. She squeaked, but didn’t fight... too much. I looked down at her as my cock slid in long smooth strokes in and out of her pretty little mouth. I could feel her working her tongue around me as best she could as I fucked her pretty little mouth. She mewled and made affirmative sounds as I spewed filth at her.

“You like that dick in your mouth, you little fuck puppet? Look at you, sucking that dick, you cock sucker. I wish your parents were watching you suck my dick right now, you little fucking whore… Mmmm, yeah... that’s it... You like that cock in your throat, don’t you? You ready to get fucked? Huh? You want my cock in your precious little cunt? Want me to fuck it into you? Is that what you want, you little cock slut?”

Sammy truly took it like an old pro while I fucked away at her pretty face. She was whining, I think partly in alarm at my onslaught. I certainly didn’t want to hurt her, but I wasn’t going to miss the once in a lifetime opportunity to fuck the living shit out of this beautiful little doll. It took a concerted effort on my part not to just go for it and nut in her sucking little mouth. Sam, in spite of her alarm and novice status was sucking my dick like her life depended on it. She worked the head, applying exquisite suction, and jacked me into her mouth with her tiny eleven year old hand. She tightened her throat around me when I pushed her nose into my wiry pubes. Fucking aye! I should have nutted in her mouth, but… I wanted the prize.

I took my handful of her hair and pushed her off my fat cock, jerking her head back toward the head board. She took the hint and crab crawled backwards to the middle of the bed, panting and watching me with her eyes on fire. The little whore spread her legs wide without being told to and held her arms out to me. I obliged by licking my way up her soft small body one more time. Taking a moment to suck on her sopping little slit before climbing up her body and kissing her deeply. Sam opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into mine, the little whore was ready for me.

She pulled her knees to her chest and spread herself obscenely for me, as girls had done since time began. She was breathing in gasps and trying to tell me to hurry, to put it in her, to fuck her, take her little cherry. I fisted my cock and ran the head of it up and down her smooth, hairless slit. This little girl was wet! She immediately began fucking her hips up at me trying to get me seated and in her. My, God! I held myself steady on one arm and began to push into her, my cock in my fist. Her eyes went wide as she realized that it was going to take some stretching for her to accommodate me. I’m not a huge guy, but she was tiny… this was going to be tight. She grabbed my shoulders and babbled a stream of, "Uh huhs and yeses," while I worked my cock into her. She bit her lip and grimaced a bit as the head of my cock fully entered her. I gave her a second to get used to the fullness before I began to fuck in and out of her in tiny strokes. She closed her eyes and moved her perfect little ass in counter to my strokes. I was covered with her juices when she opened her eyes again and nodded at me.

Uhhh, fuck me... pleasse... I want to… uunnhhh… Yes, fuck it into me, pleeeaasseee…”

I leaned down to distract her by biting gently on her puffy little nipple and then buried myself in her snug little pussy. She yelped and tensed and then lowered her hands to my ass, pulling me into her. I lay still to give her a second to feel me inside her and get used to it. When I felt her starting to rock her hips, I pulled out until I was just barely inside her before slamming myself back to the hilt. She grunted and gasped as I fucked my large adult cock into her tight little snatch. I looked down between our bodies and almost lost it when I saw my cock sawing in and out of her bald pussy. Such a fucking turn on. She was gripping my shoulders, pulling me to her, kissing my neck and gasping and asking me to fuck myself into her.

Yessssuunnnnhhhh... fuu… fuck me… Oh, oh, oh, oh… aaahhhh... Yes... Oh, please, yes… Like that… like that... like that…”

Apparently my little Samantha was enjoying getting fucked. I was certainly enjoying deflowering her, she was a great little fuck. She made to complain when I pulled fully out of her until I took and flipped her onto her belly. I worked her hips up to where I wanted them and pushed her knees apart with mine. She looked amazing with her long hair fanned out around her face, her small fists balled up in the sheets as I ran my cock up and down her sopping wet little slit.

Her cute alabaster white ass was very inviting too. I might have to deal with that later if I can get it up again. Probably not a problem. Samantha let out a long sigh as I slid into her from behind. I got so deep I was sure I was at her cervix. It felt like a little mouth inside her sucking at my cock. I was careful not to pound too hard, as I had heard it could be painful, but I fucked that little girl like she was a $20 whore. Soon the room was filled with the sound of our flesh slapping together as I fucked the eleven year old from behind. She pushed back to meet each stroke and encouraged me.

“Yes, yes, yes… Please… Oh, my god… fuck it into me… harder! Fuck it into me…fuuuuuuu...”

She arched her back like a cat as the first of her orgasm ripped through her small body. Her pussy clenched around me like a velvet glove, jerking me off into her spasming cunt. I grabbed her hips harder and pounded into her about three more times before I felt the cum boiling up my cock and spurting into Samantha’s clenching little pussy. I held her to me as I filled her eleven year old snatch with my load, smacking her perfect little ass for good measure. She just gasped and laid there sweating and panting as I unloaded in her like the good little fuck toy she was.

I had just about come down off my orgasm when I realized my phone was vibrating on the bedside table and looked to see. It was her parents calling.

“Hello? Uh, huh... Oh, hi! Yeah... Sam is doing great. No, not really, just hanging out in the room… Yes, uh huh... Yeah, Sam is a special little girl… You want to say, hi? Hold on…”



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