By Lasiter

(Mg, MMg, M+g, exhib, inc, anal, oral, bond, drugs, rough)

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When I got the collect call from the Madison County Jail, I knew something was up.  Sure enough, it was Carol, my ex.  “Mike, thanks for taking the call.  I thought you wouldn’t.”  She’s right, I almost didn’t.  “I’m not asking you to bail me out…"  She shouldn't have worried; I wasn’t about to!

“What’s this all about?” I asked guardedly expecting to be hit up for cash.

“I ran into a little problem a few months ago… I was arrested.”

“And you’re just calling me about that?”

“No, no. I bailed myself out, but…  I went to trial yesterday and… And I’ll be here for at least six months… Maybe a year.”

“For Christ’s sake!  What in the fuck did you do?”  Diplomatically I refrained from calling her a dumb bitch, which she was.

“Never mind, that’s not what I calling about.  It’s Chrissy.  I need you to come get Chrissy.”

The rest of the conversation was a blur.  The gist of it was that I had to come get my 12 year old daughter and take her back to Sommerville with me.  She was at a friend’s house and I needed to pick her as soon as possible. 

Now I hadn’t seen Chrissy in about six months.  It’s a four hour drive to get her and another four hour drive back to Sommerville.  Then on Sunday, four hours there and four hours back.  That a lot of fucking driving!  It’s not that I didn’t care for Chrissy, it was just too much trouble to pick her up every other weekend and then return her.  At first I kept it up once a month and then it was every two months.  Admittedly I had gotten rather lax about seeing her. But, I had my own life to live and well… out of sight and out of mind.  At least I never missed a child support payment!

I looked at the clock.  It was already nearly eight PM.  If I left right then, I could make it to pick her up around midnight, then turn around and maybe make it home by four AM… if I got lucky.  I was already tired from long day at work and knew I wouldn’t make it to work tomorrow. So what the hell?  I decided to fuck what’s her name, the slut I picked up at the bar after work, get a good night’s sleep and then make the day long drive.

“Who was that?” the married bimbo asked after coming back from the bathroom.

“My ex.  I need to go pick up Chrissy.”

“Who is Chrissy?”

“My daughter.”

“You don’t have leave right now, do you, sugar?” she asked while running her hand over my crotch.

“No.  I’ll go get her in the morning,” I replied taking a sip of my beer as my cock began to rise to the occasion. 

Shirley, it turned out, was a terrific fuck.  It was damned near two AM before I sent her on her way so that I could grab some sleep.  I had presence of mind to exchange cell phone numbers with her so that the next time her hubby was out on the road, she could call me for repeat.


Next morning, around ten, I headed out.  I didn’t have a clue as to what I was going to do having a kid hanging around my house.   It’s not that didn’t want to see her, I just didn’t want her living with me day after day.  The thought of adjusting my routine wasn’t all that appealing as I liked things just the way they were. I still didn’t have a clue what I was going to do with her when pulled up in front of her friend Vicki’s house where I was supposed to pick her up. 

I should have waited because Chrissy was still at school and I had to wait around until four PM for her and Vicki to show up.  Then I had to wait until Vicki’s mother came home from work before whisking Chrissy off. 

Chrissy wasn’t exactly happy to see me.  I apologized for neglecting her and promised her that I would make it up to her.  That seemed to mollify her a little.  I explained what I knew about her mother… which wasn’t much, just that she was in jail and would be staying there for a while. She knew all about that and was very stoic about it all.  She then asked if she couldn’t just stay with Vicki until Carol was released, but I told her that that just wouldn’t work.  I was her parent and that I now had custody of her until her mother was able to care for again.

While we waited, Chrissy and Vicki disappeared, leaving me to sit alone in the living room.  Occasionally they would appear, go into the kitchen and then disappear again.  It was during those brief moments that I came to appreciate just how much she had changed since I saw her last.  That was around her twelfth birthday and she still had a very girlish figure; very lithe and slender with very little meat on her.  She wasn’t any taller than before, around 5 foot six, but now she was very curvaceous, having developed a nice set of jugs and pleasing flare to her hips.  She wasn’t stacked by any means, but she did have nice tits for a twelve year old. 

There hadn’t been much change in her facial features, she still had her doe-like brown eyes, and her cute button nose.  She was, however, much more fastidious in her appearance, having taken a particular interest in her medium brown hair; it was always full bodied and beautiful, but now it was also carefully brushed and seemed to be in place and she had highlighted it with blond streaks.  All in all, she looked very much like her mother.   ‘The boys will soon be trying to poke her,’ I thought to myself.

Vicki’s mother was relieved to see me.  I suppose she thought I wouldn’t show up.  Chrissy gathered her things and we headed back to Sommerville.

On the ride back I thought of mostly two things… First, how much Chrissy had changed since I last saw her, suddenly she was really quite the babe. Second was what her mother said, that I needed to get Chrissy on the pill.  I had asked why and Carol only replied, “Why do you think?”  She was already fucking?  Well, if I was a horny teenage boy, I’d jump her too.  That thought brought a smile to my face… my baby girl was growing up.  About an hour out of Sommerville, I decided it best just to get things out in the open.

“Chrissy, sweetheart.  Your mother told me that I, uh, needed to get you on the pill.  Are you sexually active?”

“What do you think?” she replied.  Seems I already heard that question about this question.  “Why else would I need to be on the pill?”

“You’re just kind of young for that sort of thing.”

“I’m old enough,” she snapped.

“Hey, don’t get short with me!  If you’re having sex… that’s fine by me.  I just don’t want you to get hurt, that’s all.  Okay?”

“Okay,” she mumbled.

“So you have a boyfriend?”

“Not really.”

“You don’t have a boyfriend?”

“Not unless you count Billy.  He lives next door.”  Oh yeah, Billy, that weasel Henry’s punk kid.  “He’s in high school and…”

“You have sex with him?”


“You have sex with anyone else?”

“Some of Billy’s friends.”

“I see... And how do you feel about that?”

“It was fun.  It’s always fun.”

“So you enjoy screwing?”

“And giving blow jobs,” she answered in an attempt to shock me.

“Blow jobs?  So you suck dicks.  Do you do it up the butt too?” I countered trying to shock her in return.

“Yeah, I like that too,” she shot back.  Score two for Chrissy and zero for Dad.

“Uh… really?”

“Yeah, really.”  I wasn’t at all sure if she was being brutally honest or putting me on to see how I might react.

“Okay, we’ll see about getting you a prescription.  No need in you getting knocked up. You’re much too young to be a mommy.” 

We rode in silence for a few more miles before I asked her, “Your mother knew about all this?”

“Knew about what?”

“About you and Billy and, uh, his friends.”

“Yeah, she caught me and Billy.”

“Why didn’t she take you to the doctor?”

“I wasn’t at risk.”

“Not at risk?  What do you mean, Chrissy?”

“Jeeze, Dad,” she said in voice dripping with contempt and exasperation.  “I just started having my period last week.”  How was I supposed to know that? “Mom was going to take me, but she didn’t have a chance.”

“I see.  And how long has Billy been fucking you?”

“I dunno.  Six months.”  Six months!  That’s the time I was ignoring her!  Then she added, “But he wasn’t the first.”

“Who was the first?”

“Billy’s daddy.” 

“Billy’s daddy!”  Old Henry had been fucking Carol for over a year before I found out.  I was already finished with her by that time, so I really didn’t care.  Besides, what could I do?  Henry’s last wife had disappeared years before, so I couldn’t extract pay back.  Had to hand it to Henry, he had it right…. Why support a wife when you could just borrow someone else’s?  Except in Carol’s case, he wasn’t borrowing her, he was renting the whore.  That’s the same philosophy I had adopted after divorcing Carol.

“That was before he was killed,” she added.

“Oh, I see.”  I hadn’t heard about that, but served the bastard right!  Trouble is, she had to be putting me on and seeing if she could get my dander up. 

“He was doing Mommy all the time and then when she was arrested, I spent the night at their house.  Billy’s step mom was out of town and...”

“Step mom?  Henry remarried?”

“I guess.”

“And then what?”

“He paid me to strip.”

“Why would he do that?”

“Because he had paid me to strip before.  He’d come over and Mommy wouldn’t be home yet.  One day he asked me if I wanted to make ten dollars.  I said, ‘yes’.  I never have any money and ten dollars was what I needed to buy a CD.  After that, he’d pay me and I’d strip and let him play with me.”

She had really gotten to me with this one.  I was stunned and knowing Henry, I wasn’t at all sure if she was just making all this up or not.  For ten bucks?  She sold herself for ten bucks?  “Billy’s dad, he… paid you to fuck him?”

“No, just to strip.  He didn’t have to pay me to do him.”

“Son of a bitch!”

“You’re not mad at mad at me, are you, Daddy?”

“No, no… it’s just that…  You were fucking a grown man?”

“Some of his friends too.”  Now I knew she was full of it!  “But then he had an accident and he died.”  I didn’t know what to say after that so I remained silent.  Chrissy broke the silence.

“Daddy.  Do you like me?”

“Of course I like you.  I love you, sweetheart, I really do.”

“Then why haven’t you bothered to see me?”

“I’ve already explained that.  It’s such a long drive and… Wait a minute!  Every month I sent extra money to your mother so that you could have some spending money.  Didn’t she give it to you?”

“Mama never gave me any money.  She didn’t have any money.  That’s why she got into trouble.”

“I hate to ask, but do you know why your mother was sent to jail?”

“It had something to do with credit cards and bad checks.”

 “You have to be kidding me!”

 “No, I’m not.  It was either that or we didn’t eat!”

“I, I didn’t know, Chrissy.  I really didn’t know.”  Just what in hell was that woman doing with all the money I sent her?  “I paid a lot of money to your mother every month.  With that and her job, she should have had enough.”

“Well, she didn’t.”

We finally pulled into my modest house. My mind was in such a state that I didn’t bother to check things out before letting Chrissy in the house and I failed to see that Ernie’s tractor was parked out back.  Ernie was one of the contract drivers for the fright company I worked for as a dispatcher.  Like me, he was divorced and now he rented a room from me so he’d have a place to crash while he was taking a break before heading out again.   While I wrestled with her suitcases, Chrissy had walked in on big ole Ernie balling some slut on the sofa while a raunchy porno movie played on my big screen HD TV.

This wasn’t at all what I had in mind as a homecoming. It was really all my own fault.  I should have known that he had just finished his eight day trip to the west coast and back.  After all, I was the company dispatcher, but I didn’t think of it.

I knew Ernie pretty well and as far as I knew, Ernie’s number one interest in life was getting his cock inside a female.  He liked pussy and he always made it a point to share his bounty with me. There was never an issue about propriety since Ernie moved in... it was just two guys balling whatever cunt was available.  But this was different.  I was bringing my 12 year old daughter home and the first thing she sees the moment she walks into my house is Ernie’s hairy ass!

Chrissy didn’t seem to be shocked by it, and that in itself shocked me.  She just giggled as if it was the funniest thing ever. 

Ernie for his part never missed a beat and continued to pump cock into his “date”, oblivious to the fact that I had anyone with me.  The woman, she was beyond caring, hooting and lost in the pleasure of a royal screwing by my big dicked boarder.  Ernie grunted and began jerking about as he unloaded in her cunt. 

Without even looking towards the front door, Ernie said, “Hey, Mike!  Ya want seconds with this whore?” It was only after he spoke that he turned and looked at us still frozen in the doorway.  He looked at Chrissy and then at me, before returning his attention to my daughter.  “Kinda young for ya, ain’t she, Mike?”

“I am not too young!” huffed Chrissy. 

“God damn it, Ernie!  This is my daughter!”

“Your daughter?  Shit!  I’m sorry, I… Well, pleased to met you, darling!  What’s your name?”


“Oh, yeah!  Your old man talks about you every now and then.  You’re sure are a pretty little thing.” 

He looked over at me. “Am I in trouble, Mike?” he asked with an innocent look.

“Uh, no…. I should’ve called.  I didn’t think you’d be in tonight.”

“Made good time.”  Ernie dismounted the woman and stood up, his big cock floppy and wet.  “Uh, this is Mabel,” he said by way of an introduction.  “Picked her up a few days ago and, uh, well…”

“Come on, Chrissy,” I said ushering my daughter into the house and back towards the spare bedroom.  I was so flummoxed by this time that I never considered the real problem with my hasty plans.  Hell, I never even thought about Ernie until I walked in a found him balls deep in his pickup du joir.  This was going to even more complicated than I had imagined.  You see the problem was, I had accepted six month’s rent, paid in full from him three months ago.  He had every right to stay in the house for the next three months.   I didn’t have a spare bedroom for Chrissy!

“Uh… there’s a problem, sweetheart,” I stammered as I looked into the unkempt pigsty that was Ernie’s room.  He was worse about that than I was!  “Well, uh, I rented out this room to Ernie in there and well, I… I don’t have a bedroom for you.”

“What am I supposed to do?  Sleep outside?” she said crossly.

“No, no, no… I… you… you can have my bed.  I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

“The sofa’s occupied,” she remarked with a sly grin.

“Uh, yeah, but Ernie can take her to his bedroom and I…”

“You gonna get a little tonight, Daddy?”

“Uh, well, no, I…”

“You can you know,” she replied cryptically.

“I’m sorry, Chrissy, you shouldn’t have seen that.”

“How come?  I thought it was hot!  Way hot! Your friend, he’s really hung!” she exclaimed. Really hung?  Maybe she wasn’t bullshitting me in the car after all.  She had certainly acted as if it was no big deal to see two people fornicating.  “Come on.  We’ll sleep together, Daddy,” she said squeezing my arm.  Then with a teasing grin she added, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell.”

I heard female grunting sounds coming from the living room and knew that Ernie was in there fucking Mabel again.  That ruled out the sofa for me unless I went in there and joined them and under the present circumstances, I couldn’t very well do that.  Having no other choice, I showed Chrissy my bedroom. 

While I was trying to find a place to put her stuff she inspected the bed.  “Gee, Daddy.  Don’t you ever change your sheets?”  I hadn’t made the bed before leaving that morning, not that I ever made the bed.  The covers were all thrown back exposing the bottom sheet.  There were several pubic hairs in plain sight and the rumpled sheet was stained by several pools of dried cum from last night’s tryst with what’s her name.  “You don’t expect me to sleep in that, do you?”

“No, no, no… I’m sorry… I’ll change the sheets.” She certainly seemed to know what cum stained sheets looked like. 

Fortunately I did have a clean set of sheets.  Hastily I made the bed while Chrissy stood to the side and watched.  It was late and I was ready to call it day.  But what should I do?  I always sleep in the nude.  Always have from the time I left home.  Of course that was an easy dilemma to solve and I stripped down to my boxers. Chrissy stood and watched until I hopped into bed.  Now it was her turn, and as there was only the one bathroom out in the hall, I turned out the light and turned away to give her a modicum of privacy.  Soon I felt her slip into bed with me.

After a few minutes she whispered, “Daddy.  Daddy.  Are you still awake?”

“Yes, sweetheart.”

“Do you think I’m a bad girl?”

“No, no I don’t.”

“Do you really like me?”

“Yes, I do like you.  I love you, Chrissy.”

“Well, if you love me, why do have your back to me?  Why won’t you hug me?”  I did the only thing any father would do, I rolled over and hugged her to me… she was nude!

“Uh, Chrissy…”

“Do you like me now?”

“Chrissy, I… I…”  When her hand went into my shorts and took my dick in her hand, I knew for certain that she wasn’t bullshitting me in the car.  She was thoroughly sexualized and as she caressed and fondled my cock, I knew she really was a young slut just like her mother was.

She released my cock and tugged at my boxers.  “Take off those silly shorts, Daddy.  You don’t need them and they’re just in the way.”  I wasn’t thinking with my big head at the moment and quickly fulfilled her request.  With nothing to keep her from her prize, Chrissy fondled my rock hard pecker and my balls.  “God, you’re freakin’ huge!" she whispered.  “Would you like for me to suck you, Daddy?  I love sucking cocks, especially men’s cocks.  I’m really good at it.” 

I don’t know if I answered her or not; if I did, it was with an unintelligible grunt.  Next thing I remember was the hot breath on my cock, then the exquisite sensation of my dick being surrounded by hot moist air.  She had taken me into her mouth, but despite my thick girth, she did not let my cock touch her mouth until I felt her plump lips close upon the stalk about half way down.  I know I moaned then… Who wouldn’t?  Her mouth was so hot and wet, and sensations she was giving me were stupendous.  I didn’t last very long.  She was good, very good and coupled with my excitement at doing something so forbidden…

“I’m gonna cum, Chrissy… I gonna cum,” I breathlessly warned her as I perched upon the precipice of release.  Then it came, or should I say I came, pumping my sperm into my daughter’s mouth.  She sucked and gulped like a cock sucking champ, draining my balls.  It was an incredible incestuous orgasm.  I cried out as I came, “Arrrhhhh!!!!  Arrrrhhhhh!!!  Fuck!!!! Fuck!!!! Fuck!!!!”

I was still gasping for breath when my bedroom door opened.  It was Ernie.  “You okay in here? Oh… yeah, you’re okay… uh, sorry, Mike.” Strange as it may sound, I really didn’t care that he knew what had just happened; at least not at that moment.

Chrissy let my now limp cock slip from her mouth and she scooted up to give me a spermy kiss.  “Do you like me now, Daddy?” she cooed as she flicked at my earlobe with her tongue.

“Oh god, baby… that was fantastic!”

“But do you like me?”

“Oh yes, Baby.  I like you.  I like you a lot.”

“Good.  I want you to like me, Daddy.”

“Oh, I do.  I do.”

We snuggled together for several minutes before my hands began to explore her naked body.  I found her young tits to be exquisite.  They were firm and full tits, each a solid handful, soft and bouncy, with fat puffy nipples, nipples made for sucking.  For a pre-teen she had fantastic tits… B cups.  I saw no reason not to avail myself of suckling at her tits.  I don’t know who enjoyed that more, her or me.  She held my head to her breast as I greedily devoured her tit flesh, gnawing and sucking at her luscious nipples like a starving baby.  But unlike a baby, while I feasted on her tit, my hands quickly found their way between her legs, legs that spread wide in a welcoming gesture of slutiness.  My fingers slid over her pussy mound and I discovered that she was wet, very wet. 

Without hesitation I drove a finger into her juicy slit and explored the slippery anatomy of her pussy.  Quickly I zeroed in on her little bundle of nerves and discovered that her clit wasn’t so little after all.  In that regard too she was just like her mother, and just like her mother, she loved the finger fucking I gave her.  I slipped a finger into her pussy chute and found that it was no problem at all to insert two fingers into her.  She’d been fucked before, but by now, that was no surprise to me.  Soon she would be fucked again.

I alternately plunged in and out of Chrissy’s fuck hole and then strummed her clit.  Her hips were gyrating wildly on my dancing fingers.  Suddenly her entire body stiffened and jerked like an epileptic.  I had her just where I wanted her and moved my body between her spread legs.  With the very first push, my cock found its mark and slid effortlessly into her cunt.  She was tight, but not as tight as might be expected from such a young girl.  

Bottoming out on her cervix, I ground my dick into my daughter’s pussy.  “Oh, yesssss!” she hissed in appreciation, “Fuck me, Daddy.  Fuck me!”  I did just that, fucking her hard like she was just another one-night stand.  The harder I fucked her, the more she begged for me to fuck her harder, harder, harder and harder.  As I pounded into her, I got deeper and deeper as her cervix progressively yielded to my assault.  Suddenly, I felt my cock head slip through the tight boney barrier and into her womb.  I had all eight inches in her! Now with each thrust, I was treated to that special snugness at the end of her tunnel.

I became dimly aware that the headboard was slamming up against the wall. It couldn’t help but be obvious to anyone in the house what was happening in my bedroom… Chrissy was getting fucked, fucked by her daddy!

She howled in approval as I fucked the hell out of her.  I pulled out and moved her onto her hands and knees.  As I penetrated her from behind, her head sunk down to the bed.  I had already been deep fucking her, but now I got even more cock into her if that was possible.  Chrissy howled again as her latest orgasm swept over her. 

Suddenly the bedroom door opened again.  “You need any help?”

“Get the fuck out of here, Ernie!” I cursed. 

“Okay, okay, don’t get sore,” he replied.  He wasn’t in any hurry to shut the door to give me some privacy so I had to tell him again to get lost.  This time he closed the door. 

I felt my cock tingling and I knew I was close.  I didn’t stop; I just continued to fuck my slut daughter until I was shooting directly into her womb.  "Unngh, Uunnnhhh!   UUUUUUUUNNNNHHHH!" I grunted as filled her pre-teen body with my incestuous baby batter.  Feeling my big dick swell and pulsate as I unloaded in her, Chrissy groaned and shuddered as her pussy spasmed in yet another orgasm.

Suddenly there was silence as we both remained still for a moment still joined by our genitals.  With a lurid slurping noise, my deflating dick slithered from her fuck hole.  I pushed her over and collapsed on the bed.  Within moments, I was fast asleep.

The enormity of what had happened didn’t strike me until the next morning.  ‘What have I done?’ I asked myself staring up at the water stained ceiling.  ‘You fucked Chrissy.  You fucked Chrissy.’  I replayed the events of yesterday and came to the conclusion that I was a bad man, a very bad man.  Then a smile spread across my lips as I remembered how wonderful it was to fuck her and how wonderful her mouth felt on my cock.  “Fuck yeah!” I spoke out while fondling my morning hard-on.  ‘This won’t be so bad after all,’ I thought.  Then another thought hit me that really put a smile on my face… I didn’t have to pay that whore Carol anymore child support!  Halleluiah! 

“Did you say something, Daddy?” Chrissy asked sleepily.

“Um, yeah, I said I’m going to fuck you again.”  A moment later my cock was deep inside rodding her again.


Once we managed to get out bed and get dressed, it was almost ten.  My nuts ached and the skin of my cock was tender.  After a quick shower, Chrissy and I headed out for something to eat.  While we were munching away, I thought to ask, “When did you say you started your period?” 

“About two weeks ago,” she replied unconcerned.

“Two weeks? Shit!”

“What’s matter Daddy?”

“I might have knocked you up last night or this morning.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah, I think so. We need to do something baby, and do it quick!”

I found a phone book and thumbed through the pages for a gynecologist.  I found one and called for an appointment.

“The first thing we have available is two weeks from this Thursday,” said the receptionist.

“You don’t understand.  It’s my daughter.  She has just started menstruating and I caught her in bed with a boy yesterday afternoon.  She wasn’t protected.”

“When was her last period?”

“Two weeks ago.  Look, she really needs to see the doctor.”

“I see… Well, let me see what I can do.  What is your phone number?”

I gave the number and Chrissy’s name and birth date.  Thirty minutes later. The receptionist called me back.  “The doctor really doesn’t need to see her.  He’ll call in a prescription to your pharmacy.  That will take care of her immediate problem.  Then he wants to see her two weeks from Thursday.”

“Uh, yeah.  That’s all I need to do?”

“Yes, it is.  She’ll be fine. Now which pharmacy should we call this in to?”

I told her the Walgreens near my house.  An hour later, the morning after fix was ready and I took Chrissy home.  Ernie was there, getting a blow job while watching another porno flick.

“Hey, uh, Ernie.  I have to get to the shop for a while.  You mind if you and her cool it for a while?”

“No problem, Mike.  I was about to drop her off at the Interstate truck stop so she could hitch another ride.  You want a toss before I take her?”

“Uh, no thanks.”  She really wasn’t bad looking for a forty-something pavement princess.

I turned to Chrissy.  “Sweetheart, let’s go take your medicine.  Then I need to go to work for a little while.”


Thankfully Ernie took the hint and was gone by the time I left the house.  It was 1:00 PM now and I should have been at work at 10 AM.  My boss Sam,  was good guy and very understanding… he had covered for me, but he needed to get his own work done.  “Finish your shift, Mike.  I’ve got a lot to do myself and I don’t want to be here all night doing it.” 

“Damn it,” I muttered, “I should have just called in.”  Now I was stuck until 6 PM and… “Shit!”  Then I thought of Ernie.  Ernie! 

Ernie was great guy and all, very friendly and generous with his women, sharing them that is.  Everyone who ever met Ernie liked him.  He was that sort of guy.  However, not everyone knew him as well as I knew him.  Normally he was on the road about twenty days a month and home about ten days, usually broken up in segments of eight days on the road, three day’s rest, but that varied depending on what needed to get where and when.  On the road he had a knack for scoring pavement princesses as the truckers call them.  He’d pick up some broad, give her a ride and in exchange she’d give him a ride.  About half the time he’d bring home a travel companion from a trip and fuck the living daylights out her for three days.  For those three days, I also had plenty of pussy too.  Then he’d dump them somewhere and that’d be that.  Actually he didn’t just dump them; usually he dropped them off at the Interstate truck stop.  There she’d hitch a ride to wherever she was headed, if she was headed to any particular place to begin with.  But if she was a great lay, he might take her along on his next trip for some ready entertainment.  Unlike the stay-at-home whores who worked the same truck stop day after day, these women seem to like to travel, liked the free meals and a place to sleep and of course, they liked to fuck.  His latest was one such woman. 

When he didn’t have live meat available, Ernie would regale me with stories of the runaways he’d pick up… teenagers, some very young and he’d fuck them until he let them off wherever they were going.  Sometimes he passed them off to another trucker for a little cash…. just enough to cover his “living” expenses.  He hadn’t brought a fifteen year old home yet, but he had suggested it a time or two. 

I decided that there was no sense in worrying about it; that is, leaving Chrissy with him.  Chrissy was my daughter, not some pick up with only one thing to offer.  I reassured myself that I could trust him and tried not to worry.  I should have worried more.

After I finished my shift, I hurried home.  I was hoping Ernie’s tractor wouldn’t be there, but it was.  Upon entering my house I was stopped dead in my tracks.  Ernie had Chrissy in his lap with his cock up her cunt, his two hands squeezing her tits.  Strands of her hair were plastered to her forehead with sweat.  Indeed, Chrissy’s entire body glistened with a sheen of sweat as if she was running a high fever. 

Chrissy seemed not to notice me, but Ernie greeted, “Hi ya, Mike!  She sure is a fine piece of pussy!  How old ya say she was?”

“Twelve,” I croaked.

“Tweleve? Thought she’d be a lot older, what with these nice tits and all.  Damn, I ain’t ever fucked one this young,” he chuckled.  “She sure does like it too.  Watch this.” 

He dropped one hand down to her splayed open pussy, the lips stretched tight around his thick rod, forcing her clit to stand out like a tiny dick.  He began flicking her clit while at the same time pulling on a nipple, stretching it obscenely from her chest before letting it snap back in place… except it wasn’t snapping back, both nipples were grotesquely extended by hours and hours of rough nipple play.  Chrissy almost immediately began bucking under this assault, her tummy rippling and her hips moving over the impaling organ. Chrissy’s mouth hung open and her eyes looked glazed while she let out a guttural, "Unngh, Uunnnhhh!   UUUUUUUUNNNNHHHH!" as her cunt muscles contracted around the tormenting dick plugging her pussy. 

 “Ain’t never seen a cunt come as much or as easily as this one,” he announced. 

His hands fell away from her abused tit and he grasped her with by both big hands under her smooth creamy thighs.  “C’mon, darling,” he said while effortless lifting her and  moving her up and down over his cock,  “your daddy’s home, and I’m sure he’s yearning for some loving too, so how about if ya get ole Uncle Ernie off again.  Yeah, that’s it sweetheart, fuck my dick you sweet little slut!”  

Ernie had remarkable stamina and control, he could hold off or he could come at will.  It was some Zen trick he learned while in the army.  After a dozen or so long strokes, he held her up, with only his cock head in her cunt.  I knew what was coming, I’d seen it before.  He grunted as his cock tube throbbed obscenely and I knew he was pumping a fresh load of thick jism from his huge nuts into my baby girl’s cunt. 

The big dick stopped pulsing and he let her slide down his cock once again, cum obscenely squirting from around the seal between her cunt and his cock.  He held her still for a moment then lifted her up and completely off his cock, holding her open so I could see her gaping pussy.  It looked like a drainage pipe, especially with the thick white ooze pouring out from within.  After he’d shown me what he’d done to her, he unceremoniously dumped her off to one side on the sofa.  That’s when I realized why I hadn’t seen her hands; he had her handcuffed behind the back, totally incapable of fending off his afternoon long assault! 

CRACK!  His big hand came down on her buttocks.  Immediately a red handprint appeared.  Then he spread her cheeks up and ran a finger up her butt!  I suppose I should have been outraged, but the only rage was in my painfully erect cock.  He fingered her a moment and then the doorbell ring.

“That’s the pizza,” Ernie stated as if everything was normal, and in a way it was.  “Get that, will ya, Mike?” 

I turned and opened the door… a little too widely than I had wished.  While I was fishing around for some cash to pay the delivery guy, he was looking around me to see what was going on inside.  No doubt he saw little Chrissy, naked, lying face down, handcuffed with her butt sticking up and big ole hairy Ernie, also naked, anally fingering her with a fat finger.  As quick as I could I took the two pizzas and paid the man, telling him to keep the change.  He’d have a story to tell tonight!

I set the pizzas down and was about to have a word with Ernie.  He had two fingers up her butt now and she was groaning and rotating her ass.  Whatever he’d done to her, she seemed to be enjoying it.  Still…

“Ernie, that’s my daughter, for Christ’s sake!”

“I know, I know… Ain’t she something?”

“I ought to break your fucking neck!”

“She came on to me, Mike.  She did.  Honest!  She wanted to play with my pecker and then started kissing it and… well… Jeez, you don’t know how glad I’m to see ya.  My poor dick can’t take it anymore!”  Ernie then reached down and with a RIPPPPP, removed the Velcro cock strap he had on to maintain his erection.  “Sheesh!  That’s better,” he sighed as his pecker immediately wilted.  Then he told me, “She’s been wanting it up the butt all day.  She’s hot for it, Mike, but I didn’t do it.  I saved her for you, Dad.”

Almost on cue Chrissy moaned, “Fuck my ass!  Please, I’ll be good.  Fuck my ass, Uncle Ernie.  Please…” 

I still wasn’t sure what he’d done to her all day, but that seemed immaterial at the moment.  Ernie had her loosened up and she was begging for it, so… why not?  I quickly kicked off my shoes and dropped my pants.  Ernie handed me the tube of lube he’d been using and I quickly greased up my pecker.  Then, wearing only my shirt, I moved into position.  I began poking at her butthole.  Chrissy said, “Oh, yes, Uncle Ernie.  I want it, I want it!”

“I’m not Uncle Ernie,” I hissed.  “I’m your father you little slut!”

“Daddy?  Oh, yes!  Daddy!  Daddy!  OH MY GAWD!”  Once her anal ring gave way, I slid right inside her to the hilt.  It was a major turn on seeing her like that, her sweet butt thrust upward, her head down and hands cuffed behind her back with my dick buried to the root in her ass.

Slowly I began to move inside her rectal passage.  Gurgling sounds of pleasure bubbled out of my young daughter’s mouth, drifting to my ears.  Oh, yeah, this was good!  Damned good!  She began hunching her hips back, trying to even more of my cock up her backside.  “You like this.  You really like this, don’t you, baby?”

“Oh god, yes, Daddy.  God, you fill me up so good!”

“You like it slow or do like it hard?”

“Slow and hard, Daddy.  It just feels so nice!”

I started to pumped it too her, gaining momentum with each passing moment.  Faster and faster, harder and harder, I fucked my daughter’s slutty ass just like she wanted it.  Soon her words of encouragement had degenerated into an endless stream of intelligible grunts. "Uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh… uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh… uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh,"  Her ass muscles quickly gave up the fight against the sodomizing intruder and I could glide in and out of her with total ease.

Ernie decided to help out and positioned himself so that he could reach under her and twiddle her clit.  The grunts transitioned into a long modulating  moan.  "M-m-m-m-m-M- m-m-m- m-M-m-m-m-m-M-m-m- m-m-m-M-m-m-m-m…”   I felt her gut churning around my cock and she screamed, “Cummmmmminnnnnnng!” 

It was like riding a bronco and I was holding on by my dick.  Not having the knowledge of Zen, I began squirting up her bowels adding my hoots of delightful bliss to her and creating a cacophony of taboo lust that echoed off the walls and probably out onto the street.  I unloaded at least six good wads into her and upon spending myself I remained deeply buried in her gut, savoring the hot fleshy ass tube and savoring the fading guttural ripples of her orgasm.   I immediately began softening and soon my cock slithered out her asshole like a greased snake.

Catching my breath I asked Ernie, “You want some of this?”

“No, no, no,” he implored.  “I’ve had it for a while.  Maybe later.”

“Maybe?  Maybe, hell!”  We both a good laugh at that.

Ernie unlocked the cuffs and with me safely out of the way, delivered another stinging slap to her ass.  “Owww!” Chrissy yelled.  “Oh, I’m such a bad girl!  Do it again, Uncle Ernie!”  CRACK!  “Bad, bad, bad!” CRACK!  “Do it again!”

Ernie looked at me and shook his head.  “I’m starving.  If you want to keep her going, be my guest.”  Ernie hopped up and scurried off to the kitchen with the now cold pizza, leaving me with my slut daughter begging to be spanked. 

“Come and get it you fuckers!” he shouted out as he set the paper plates around the table.

Spanking her bare butt sounded like a lot of fun, especially if she got off on it. But hadn’t she had enough?  I checked her pussy, her lips were engorged and distended and blistering hot to the touch, but at least her hole had closed up.

“Come on, Baby.  Time to eat and time to take a little break.  Don’t you want to take a break?”

“Nooooo.  I wanna fuck, Daddy. I wanna fuck,  I wanna fuck…”

“We’ll fuck, sweetie, but I think you need a rest. Come on, up you go!”

I had to support her when she was standing; her head seemed to loll about too.  Did an overdose of endorphins do that to her?  I really wasn’t sure, but I led her to the kitchen anyway and sat her down.  She was really out of it!  I was afraid she might just fall out of the chair, but she seemed to manage to keep herself upright.  Something just wasn’t right.  Then I looked down at my dick.  There were flecks of something all over it.  Of course coming straight from her ass, that would be expected, but this looked like…

“Ernie.  What did you do to her?”

“I fucked her.”

“I don’t mean that.  Did you get her drunk?”

“She was thirsty, I just gave a few sips of my beer.”

I picked a particle off my cock and closely examined it.  “Just what in the hell is this? It looks like oregano.”

“Oh, that…Well, I…”

“Well what?”

“Well, you won’t get mad will you?”

 “What did you do, Ernie?  Shit, you put some coke in her crack?”  That was one of Ernie’s favorite tricks, it makes a girl crazy.  I couldn’t believe it, but I knew exactly what he’d done to my daughter. Ernie didn’t do drugs himself, but he always kept a stash handy to help a girl find her “inner being” and release the “inner slut’.

“It was just a little.  She wanted to try it and… she went wild, Mike.  Absolutely wild.  She just kept cumming and cumming.  I thought she’d break my dick off, so I had to mellow her out a little.”

“You gave her pot, too?”

“I knew ya didn’t want her smoking or anything, so I used a little gel and fixed up a little suppository for her.  That did it.  She just mellowed out and had the greatest time.”

 I looked over at my daughter.  She was munching away a cold slice of pizza with a huge shit eating grin on her face.  She was one happy and sated girl… for the moment.

“Look, don’t do that ever again.  She’s only twelve.  You got that?  She’s only twelve!”

“Twelve and fucks like a high school girl.  She’s as horny as they come, Mike.”

“Then she doesn’t need any help, does she?”

“Ummmm, I suppose not,” he said hanging his head.  Then he brightened up, “You should have seen her, Mike.  She was a fucking wild ass fucking machine!  You should’ve been here.”

“Yeah, I should have been here, but Sam wouldn’t let me leave.”

“Gee, that’s too bad,” he replied taking a bite before breaking out in snorting laughter.  So much for contrition.

We all ate as much pizza as we were going to eat.  Chrissy was still listless so I helped her up and led her to the shower.  It was great fun soaping her all up.  I wanted to have her lean up against the wall so I could do her from behind, but she wasn’t capable of following my instructions.  So after having all the soapy feels I wanted, we rinsed off and then I took her to bed… still wet.  I laid her out, spread her legs and pushed into her. Immediately her legs wrapped around my waist and her hips began moving in unison with my hips.  I expected her to be pretty stretched out, but her young cunt was so elastic that I had a nice snug fuck.  Having made a deposit in her sperm bank, I rolled over and was soon fast asleep. 


I woke up in the morning to a most pleasant experience.  Chrissy was running her tongue up and down my steely spike, pausing every so often to tease my glans with her full lips.  For a long time I lay there, loathe to spoil the magic of her talented mouth.  Eventually she saw that I was awake and only then did she take me fully into her mouth.  It was heavenly.  She looked so sexy with her eyes cut upwards and looking me in the eye with mouth stuffed with my dick.  I could get used to this.  Used to it, yes, but never tire of it.  My hips began fucking up into her mouth and she pulled off.  I wanted her to continue, but she had other things in mind.  Sliding up my torso, she eventually straddled my head and ground her pussy into my face.  I was game and slurped up her nectar as it began to flow copiously from her sex. 

From the motions of her hips, moving back and forth at a healthy clip, I could tell she was getting close.  Then she pulled off and scooted down until her pussy enveloped my dick.  “Oh, baby!” I moaned.  “You’re fantastic.”

“You’re pretty good too, Daddy,” she replied.  “So is Uncle Ernie. You guys are the best!”

“You’re just saying that,” I countered.

“No, it’s true.  Yesterday, last night and the night before were the best ever.  I’m so happy to be here.  I promise I’ll be bad, okay?”

“You’re not bad, in fact, I think you’re terrific.”  I bent forward and took a nipple in my mouth.  It too had been elastic and had snapped back overnight to a more normal size and length. 

“Easy, Daddy.  They’re kind of sore.”

“Ernie did a number on them, did he?”

“At first I thought he was being too rough.  Then all of a sudden, it felt so good! After that, it just felt good!  But today, I am a little sore.”

“Did he spank you a lot while I was gone?”

“A little.  He said I was naughty girl.  Does he always walk around naked?”  That was one of Ernie’s distinctive habits; he never wore clothes when at home.  That took a little getting used to at first, but I accepted it.  He claimed that at night, he drove naked too.  He and his last wife were big into going to nudist resorts and letting it all hang out. 

“I’m afraid so.”

“Cool, I like going naked too.”

“Well, if you don’t want him jumping your bones every time you turn around, it might be best if you wore some clothes.”

“Do I have to?”

“Naw, not if you don’t want to.”

“Good, then I won’t!” 

“Well, you’re gonna get fucked little girl.  He’s a horny old goat.”

“And you’re not?!”

She fell silent and we got down to the serious business of a morning fuck.  I screwed her at a leisurely pace, rotating my hips so my dick stirred her pussy as she rose and fell on it.  She liked that, like it a lot and was soon jerking as she fucked me. Feeling her cunt contracting in orgasm, triggered my own and soon we were in a blissful state together, father and daughter, enjoying a mutually ecstatic moment.   All too soon, it was over…  For the moment. 

Suddenly she jumped up and off my cock and went running.  “I gotta pee!” she squealed. 

I looked over at the clock and saw that it was already seven thirty.  Damn… I rather stay here and screw her, but I needed to be at work a ten if at all possible and I needed to get Chrissy enrolled in school.  That would be one way to keep Ernie from fucking her all day! I expected that I would have a fight with her about it too, but she had to go to school and that was that.

I rose and put on my work clothes and then went to the kitchen.  Christ, he had her up on the kitchen table, laying back and putting the old screw to her. 

“Morning Ernie,” I greeted as blasé as possible.

“Morning Mike.  Thanks for lubing up her cunt for me.”

“You’re welcome.  I hate to tell you this buddy, but hurry up and finish.  I need to get her ass enrolled in school before I have to be at work at ten.”

“Aw, Daddy,” she moaned.  She was doing exactly what she wanted to do and going to new school was, as expected, very low on her priorities.

“Can’t she call in sick?” asked Ernie hopefully.

“No!  She’s not even enrolled yet!  Look you two, she’s going to school… today… this morning and that’s final.  Now finish up Ernie!  She needs to get dressed.”

Ernie began thrusting more energetically as I fixed my first cup of coffee and got down the cereal and cereal bowls. By that time Chrissy was hooting and urging Ernie to greater heights.  I no sooner had sat down at the table when it began scooting across the floor.  I jammed a table leg with my foot and that seemed to do the trick, stabilizing the table as Ernie pounded her pussy good.  I poured my cereal and milk and was taking my first bite watching Chrissy’s firm tits bouncing around like mounds of extra firm Jello as Ernie fucked her. 

Bellowing like a horny bull walrus, Ernie roared, “Aaaaggghhhh!  Aaaaggghhhh! Aaaaggghhhh!” as he unloaded his free swinging nuts in my slut daughter’s receptive cunt. He was so red in the face that I thought the bastard had popped a gasket.  Then with a deep gratifying sigh, he praised, “Oh, fuck, girlie!  That was good!  Your poor ole Uncle Ernie needed that.”

Ernie pulled out and walked away leaving Chrissy lying on the table dribbling mixed cum from her twice fucked cunt. As he poured himself a cup of coffee he asked as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened,  “Ya need a refill, Mike?”

“Sure, you know I do,” I replied then quickly drained the cup. 

I reached over and nudged my well fucked little girl.  “C’mon, baby, sit up.”  As she rose I told her to “Get something to eat and get your ass dressed.”

“I need a shower,” she replied.

“After breakfast.  Now sit in a chair and eat.”

“But I’m leaking.”

“Get used to it, honey,” I answered.  “Don’t worry about the chairs, they’ll survive.”

It wasn’t exactly a Norman Rockwell picture as we all shared a meal around my humble table, but it was interesting.  Trying to make conversation, Ernie remarked, “You know, Mike.  I think she has the prettiest titties of any girl I’ve ever seen.” 

“I have to agree with you on that, Ernie.”  Chrissy basked in the praise and cupped her tits for us. 

“You keep doing that, little girl, and I’ll have to beat off on those tits,” laughed Ernie.  “Tell you what, why don’t ya put your hands behind your head like I showed ya yesterday.”

Immediately Chrissy followed his instructions, resulting in the thrusting of her beautiful tits forward and making them even more prominent.  Ernie who was sitting on the other side of her, reached over and took the closest nipple to him and began to twist and pull.  Chrissy winced, but really didn’t protest the rough treatment.  I watched in amazement as it looked like he would pull it right off her tit.  “Now reach down with one hand and diddle your twat.  No, the other hand!  That’s it, you little slut.”

I watched fascinated as Chrissy’s expression changed from one of painful forbearance to pure pleasure.  Within a minute, she was orgasming, squirming her naked ass around in the cum slickened wooden chair as she got off big time.  Damn, it was something to witness.  Ernie released her nip and she sagged in her chair.  While she recovered enough to get the lead out, I studied her nipples.  One was quite stiff, but only a quarter of an inch long.  The other, the one Ernie had stretched, was visibly throbbing and looked to be nearly three times as long as her unmolested nip!  I had to wonder how long it would take for it to return to normal, and even if it would.

Her breathing returned to normal and she smiled the smile of a satisfied woman. 

“Now, you better go do what your daddy has told you, or else I’ll have to spank you!”

Chrissy stood up and stuck her bare ass out for Ernie to take a swat at.  It was a playful swat and she scurried off for a quick shower and to get dressed.  “That girl gets going and she don’t quit,” remarked my roomie as he sipped his coffee.  “Natural born cock slut if there ever was one!”  I must admit, I had to agree with his assessment.

I was surprised at how quickly Chrissy showered and then dressed.  She had her silky brown hair pulled back into a ponytail and had just enough makeup to make her look good with a hint of sluttiness.  She had chosen jeans and a conservative top, but wore a pair of rhinestone studded flip flops.  She was also sporting three toe rings distributed over both feet.  I hadn’t really noticed it before, but she had sexy feet.

With all her school records that Vicki’s mom had secured from her old school as well as her birth certificate and proof of where I lived.  The only thing I was missing was her shot records, but I didn’t think that was a big deal. After submitting everything I had to the Assistant Principal of the local junior high, we were turned away until I could produce the shot records.  I had no alternative, but to take her home, where I found Ernie, naked as always, guzzling beer at 9:30 AM and watching porn.

“Well, well, well,” said Ernie.  “What do we have here?  School out this early?”  I quickly explained the mess.  “Don’t worry, Mike.  I’ll look after her.”

“I’m sure you will,” I replied dourly.

“Chrissy, darling,” Ernie began, “why don’t ya get naked like the good Lord intended, and then come over and give your Uncle Ernie’s ole cock a sweet loving kiss?”

I just shook my head as Chrissy pulled her top off.  She was going to get royally fucked again today, all day, and I couldn’t be there to curb Ernie’s excesses.  The only thing I could do was to admonish him, “No coke in her slit!”  Ernie nodded that he understood.  I didn’t believe it.

I needed to go, but couldn’t help but linger a moment as my now naked daughter kneeled in front of Ernie.  Ernie raised his beer bottle to me and leaned back sprawling out on the sofa.  Chrissy’s head dipped and Ernie groaned, “Oooooooo, that’s it honey!”

“Jeezus,” I muttered as I soaked in the erotic sight before me, of massive male and petite female, of his tattooed beastlike hairiness and her lovely smooth skin.   Adjusting my rigid member in my pants, I seriously considered dropping my pants, lifting her sexy ass and putting it to her, but… I really had to go.  Sam would only be so patient and I didn’t need to find myself unemployed in this economy.  I’d have my turn with her tonight.


“So you decided to show up today?” Sam chided me.  I wasn’t sure if he was serious or just busting my balls… perhaps it was a little of both.  “You get your kid settled in school?”  I told my boss all about the fiasco with the shot records. 

“Hmmm, that fellow, Ernie.  He rents a room from you, doesn’t he?”


“He got in yesterday.  I know, I checked him in.”

“Yeah, so?”

“None of my business, but I’ve heard rumors about him.  You left your girl with him?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Hmmm, she’s cute,” he said picking up and studying  a framed picture of her I kept by my desk.  The picture was several years old and showed a lanky pre-teen with teeth too big for her face.  “If she was a little older, I’d worry about that.  What’s he always saying?  ‘If she old enough to bleed, she’s old enough to breed,’ and ‘When it comes to a girl with tits, it’s criminal for a man to leave her with a hymen.’  That or something like that.  Anyway, it’s none of my business.”

What could I say?  That I left her sucking his cock?  That he fucked her on the kitchen table while I had my breakfast this morning?  That he fucked the hell out of her all day yesterday and would be fucking the hell out of her all day today.  At least yesterday it just all afternoon, today… hell, it was only 10 AM!

It was hard concentrating on my job.  Two things were distracting me, what was going on in my home and what to do about the stupid shot records.  The first gave me a perpetual hard-on, the second…   I couldn’t very well call Carol in the poky and ask where the shot records were; they didn’t allow incoming calls and I had no reason to think she’d call me collect anytime soon.  I could call Chrissy’s doctor, but Carol was always stiffing everybody so that didn’t seem like a reasonable approach. 

I eventually thought to call Chrissy’s old school; surely they had her records.  I made the call, was shuffled off to at least a half dozen different school bureaucrats, none of whom could or would help me, until I finally demanded to speak with the principal, who then redirected me to an assistant principal who said she would take care of it.  By late afternoon, she actually did what she said she’d do and had faxed me not only Chrissy’s shot records, but her academic records too.  I was proud of myself for resolving this problem and was confident that I would have Chrissy in school tomorrow where she belonged, rather than under Ernie all day. 

Being the dispatcher was a great job.  I was always busy, always solving scheduling problems and always in contact with the drivers, who I came to know as a great bunch of guys.  As such the day always flew by, but not today.  Today the day just dragged by, my thoughts never far from what Ernie was doing to my daughter.  I knew I should have put a stop to it before it ever began, but I didn’t and there was no way of stopping it now. 

Somewhere around 1 PM I had a phone call on my cell.  “Hey, Mike!”  It was Ernie.  “Listen to this...”  I listened to the peculiar sounds for a moment.  “Whadda ya think?”

“What was that?” I said falling for his joke.

“That’s the sound of your kid’s pussy and my dick!  Here. Listen again.”

The steady smacking noises were now totally identifiable as the leisurely fucking of a cum soaked cunt.   Miffed, I hung up. 

When I walked into the house at 6:30 PM with a sack of Chinese take-out, I fully expected a repeat of yesterday afternoon.  I wasn’t far wrong.  Ernie was still at it.  Did he do her all goddamned day, or did he take a few breaks?  No matter, he had her on the floor in a sixty nine.  Naturally Chrissy was on top.  His big paws held her thighs open to his ravishing mouth.  Meanwhile, she was hard at it too, her head moving up and down as she fucked her face on his cock.  Another thing was apparent… her butt cheeks were opened enough that I could see her bung hole.  It was slightly open.  No doubt he’d been up her ass quite a lot today.

I sat the food down on the table and returned to the action.  I’d thought about this all day and I didn’t hesitate stripping off first my shirt, my shoes and then my jeans and underwear.  The only question that remained was which hole would I do first. 

Ernie didn’t say anything until my dick was competing with his tongue for her pussy.  He cursed once I deliberately bumped into him as I nestled my cock between my daughter’s very engorged pussy lips. Her cunt lips were so swollen that as my cock was surrounded by them, they felt very hot. A moment later, I was deep in her cunt.  Chrissy lifted her head off Ernie’s cock only long enough to voice her approval of being stuffed with dick. 

Ernie didn’t want anything to with my dick being that close to his face, so the big fucker just rolled us all over enough until he was on top and I was on bottom.  I expected him to just move off, but he didn’t.  Rather he just sat up and proceeded to throat fuck my little girl while I screwed into her pussy.  With my head next to hers, I could see her throat bulging as he drove his dick down her throat.  Apparently they had done that quite a bit today too. 

I thought Ernie would keep at it for a while, but he suddenly pulled out of Chrissy’s mouth, taking with it an enormous string of thick bubbly saliva that he let dangle for a moment for my benefit, before shooting a wad or three right into her face.  They weren’t particularly big wads, but they had their intended effect, on me if not on Chrissy.  I loved it!

He released the cock strap and his cock drooped to uselessness.   “Fuck… I’m done, Mike.  She’s all yours, Dad.”  Then he wandered off to the kitchen to scarf down most of the Kung Po Chicken, Beef Broccoli, fried rice and egg rolls I’d brought home for the three of us.  I would have to reorder later on.

I pulled out to change positions, preferring a more face-to-face approach.  As I re-slotted my cock in Chrissy’s puss, I noticed my cock was coated with foamy cum churned up in her cunt.  No matter, I drove into her again.  While I fucked her, I studied her cum coated face.  What a little whore! She was punching back and all, but she didn’t seem to be into it as much as I thought she would be.  Then she opened her eyes and big grin spread across her face.  That’s my girl!  With a grunt I unloaded and Chrissy moaned, “Cum in me, Daddy, cum in me.”    If I’d felt a little guilty about fucking her, that all evaporated immediately. 

With my immediate lust sated, I wandered off, leaving Chrissy sprawled out on the floor like a used up whore, and headed to the john to take a leak.  Hanging on the shower curtain rod was Ernie’s enema bag.  Apparently it saw use earlier today. 

As I passed Chrissy on my way to the kitchen for a beer, I noted that Chrissy seemed very groggy and wiped out… much like yesterday.  Okay she’d been royally fucked today; that much was certain.  But had Ernie “enhanced” her experience once again?

“Hey, Ernie!”  He looked up with a full mouth of food and shoveled in more.  “You put coke in her cunt again?”  He shook his head in the negative.  “Okay, then what did you do?” He swallowed about half of what was in his mouth and said something unintelligible.  “What was that?”

“I took a Viagra late this afternoon,” he mumbled while chewing.

“I’m not taking about you.  What did you give Chrissy?  She seems like she’s drunk.  You give her something to drink?”

“Naw.  You told me not to.”

“So why is she acting like that?”

“Well, you didn’t say anything about anally, so I packed her ass a few times.”

“With what?”

“A little gel, a little weed, and a little blow.”

“I told you not to give her coke… or weed!”

“You never said nothing about weed and you said don’t put coke in her crack.  I didn’t.”

“She’s just a kid!”

“She’s a woman… and a sex crazed woman at that.”

“Putting that shit up her ass, I guess so.”

“I didn’t put shit up her ass, I flushed her good first … then I gave her an ass-pack.  Damned near went crazy.”

“Look, let me clear about this, pal.  I don’t want you or anyone else giving her dope by any means… Do I make myself clear?”

“What are ya gonna do about it?  Call the cops?  What’ya gonna say?  ‘Gee officer, I came home to screw my twelve year old slut kid, and Ernie here had given her drugs.  Arrest him! Oh, by the way, help yourself to some jail bait pussy.’ Ha!  I don’t think so.”  He had me there.

“Fucking her is one thing, Ernie, getting her hooked on dope is quite another.  I shouldn’t have let you fuck her to begin with, but I did and that’s that.  But stop with the drugs, damn it!”

“Okay, Dad.  If you say so.  Does that mean I can fuck her whenever?”

“I haven’t said you couldn’t fuck her.  Have I?  Just don’t fuck her up.”

Ernie took the last bite of the last egg roll.  “You hungry?” he asked.

“Yeah, but it looks like I’m out of luck.”

“Sorry, I was starved.  I’ll go pick up some more for you and the girl.”


“We still buddies?”

“Yeah, Ernie, we’re still buddies.”

Once again I carried Chrissy to the shower and washed her off.  She was little more alert this time and she managed to brace herself against the wall while I took her from behind.  She seemed to like that.  Then I dried her and took her to bed.  Within a minute she was out.  “Damn him,” I muttered.  Screwing her while she was totally unconscious just didn’t seem like a lot of fun to me, so I tucked her in and let her be.  Maybe she’d be a little more energetic later on. 

I wandered back to the kitchen just as Ernie was coming in with more food.  It was enough for three, but Chrissy wasn’t eating so, Ernie and I ate most of it, but left her some for later.


In the morning I awoke to the most pleasant sensation of having my dick sucked.  ‘I could get used to this,’ I thought to myself as I watched my cock-gobbling daughter giving me a good-morning wake up call.  She looked up and saw that I awake and watching.   With total ease, she forced my cock down her throat.  That felt great! Unselfishly, I let her take me to completion.  After a great cum, I drifted back into slumberland. 

I woke with a start and looked at the clock, it was seven thirty.  I needed to get up and get moving, get Chrissy to school and get her enrolled before I had to be at work.  I reached to my side to nudge her awake, but she was already up.  I bounced up and headed for the smell of coffee.  I wasn’t surprised to see Ernie in the kitchen and I wasn’t surprised to see Chrissy on her knees giving him a blowjob.  I poured my coffee, and sat at the table.  They’d both had had breakfast so the cereal and milk were laid out for me. 

As I munched my breakfast, I watched her perform fellatio on my buddy.  She was good at it, very good, taking every inch of him down her throat.  It was almost as good of a show as yesterday’s.  Ernie pulled his cock from her mouth and had her lean against the table facing me, then he took her from the rear.  Damn!  I could see everything, his cock entering her over and over, her tits swaying to the rhythm and the contented expressions on both faces.  It got to me, real quick.  What’s a man to do with a boner while eating breakfast?

I wolfed my cereal down and then stood to replace Ernie.  I was expecting some resistance, but he readily yielded.  I slid inside her.  She was very wet and very slippery.  He’d already cum in her before I woke up!  Now Ernie got the full show of pumping cock and swaying tits while he sat and drank his coffee.  What a great start for the morning!  With her cunt squeezing me, I knew that she was getting off and that triggered me to get my nuts off.  Pulling my spent cock from her pussy, I delivered a hard smack to her ass.  CRACK! 

“Owww!” she protested, but she didn’t move, inviting me to take another swipe at her.  CRACK!  Now two hand prints were visible.  She waited for a third.

“Go get a shower and get your ass dressed,” I told her.  “No more fucking for you today little girl.  You’re going to school.  Now get a move on!”  She gave me a defiant pouty face, asking for more spanking, but I didn’t fall for her ploy.  “Come on, Chrissy.  Move it or no dick for you tonight.”

“We’ll see about that,” she sassed back.

“Yeah, speak for yourself,” chimed in Ernie. “You do what you want, Mike, but I plan on screwing the shit out of her.”

Chrissy smiled at Ernie and stuck her tongue out at me in an attempt to get a reaction from me.  It did.  I pulled her naked body to me and gave her an unfatherly kiss while worming a finger up between her legs.  Not surprisingly she liked that.  “Now if you want to be fucked tonight, I suggest you keep me happy and get dressed.”  I broke down and swatted her ass, this time merely playfully.  This time she scurried off.

Turning to Ernie, I asked him, “I thought you would be heading out today?”

“Hell, Mike.  I’m having too damned much fun around here.  I called Sam yesterday and told him I needed one more day to rest up. I’ll head out tomorrow.” 

With some clothes finally on my daughter, I took her to school.  Much to my relief, they enrolled her.  I gave her a kiss on the cheek and headed off for work. 

I felt pretty good all day, not having to worry about her being home and being  ravished six-ways-to-Tuesday by my pal and boarder.  Instead I looked forward to coming home and ravishing her myself.  Then it struck me.  I had a problem.  Chrissy would be home for two, two and a half hours before I made it home, and during those two, two and a half hours, Ernie would be having his way with her.  Sloppy seconds again tonight!  But then I took solace in the fact that two, two and half hours is a lot less than the nine hours or so he fucked her yesterday, or the five, six hours he fucked her the day before.  Maybe she wouldn’t be totally worn out for the evening!

Six PM finally rolled around and I handed off my duties to my relief.  I declined picking up supper for tonight, deciding that I would send Ernie off to get it instead while I got my rocks off. 

I had a bad feeling as I pulled up in front of my house.  There wasn’t anywhere for me to park as there were three tractors sitting out in front of my house. 

Coming in the door, I wasn’t surprised to see Ralph, one of our contract drivers, a big fellow with a huge beer gut, pumping into Chrissy from behind while a tall skinny guy covered in tattoos who went by the handle Cowboy, fucked her mouth.  Joe Bob, another driver, was sitting on the couch with Ernie, jacking his unbelievably huge banana-like cock and sipping a beer while waiting his next turn.  Ernie waved his beer to me like nothing was out of the ordinary.  Joe Bob stopped playing with himself and waited for my reaction.

A frigging gang bang!  They were gang banging my twelve year old!  “Out!  Out!  Out!” I shouted while flailing my arms about.  Ralph and Cowboy had stopped in midstroke and were looking at me.

“Oh, settle down, Mike," said Ernie. “The boys are just having a little fun!”

“Out!  Out! Out!”

“Okay, okay… but let ‘em finish will ya?”

I threw up my hands and headed for the kitchen and a beer.  Ralph and Cowboy continued to fuck Chrissy from both ends, causing her entire body to rock back and forth as the two drivers mercilessly rodded her.  After gulping down half my beer, I went back to run everyone off.

“Oh, sit down, Mike!” Ernie said while patting the vacant seat next to him on my stained sofa.  “Enjoy the show! They ain’t hurting her none.”

Sitting I turned to Ernie and Joe Bob.  “I ought to have you all arrested.”

“The hell you say?” replied Ernie.  “We ain’t doing nothing to her that you don’t do!”  He had me there. “Look at her!  She’s having the ride of life!”  She did seem to be enjoying herself, especially seeing the way she hungrily gobbled back down Cowboy’s dong every time it slipped out of her mouth. 

A steady rhythmic, “THAP! THAP! THAP! THAP!” filled the room as Ralph’s groin slapped into her ass. “Admit it, Mike. I know she’s your kid, but don’t ya love it when her ass shakes like that?”  Judging by the incredible hardness of my cock, he was right about that too. “That’s it, Ralph!  Put it to her buddy!  Hot damn!  Look at them ass cheeks wiggle!”

Cowboy pulled back, extracting his long thin dong from her mouth and throat.  In a surprisingly quick switch, Cowboy and Ralph switched ends and resumed their assault.  I was beginning to think that they would never stop fucking her when Cowboy started muttering about “cumming in your slutty cunt, you little whore,” and Ralph grunted, “Swallow it, bitch!” 

A moment later the sordid fuck-frenzy was over.  The two of them pulled their spent cocks out of her and wandered off for another beer.  Ernie slapped Joe Bob on the bare thigh and said, “You’re up!”  Joe Bob grinned at me, moved in, lined up his monstrous cock and skewered her in the butt.  We were all rewarded with Chrissy howling  like a banshee.

I finally ran everyone off about a half hour later.  Chrissy seemed to be pretty wasted.  She was listless, just sprawled out on the floor and leaking profusely from her well used holes.

“God damn it, Ernie, I told you no coke and no dope!”

“I did like you said, Mike. I ain’t done that to her. And we didn’t give her nothing to drink but man-milk… I swear!”  He wasn’t one for lying, so I had to take him at his word.  Still she just didn’t seem right.  Besides I had other fish to fry.

“Just what in the fuck do you think you’re doing?  Inviting those guys to come bang my daughter!”

“It ain’t my fault, Mike.  Honest!  I didn’t invite them for that.  We were just playing gin rummy when she came home from school.  I swear I didn’t say nothing!  Someone, Cowboy I think, asked if she’d give him a kiss for five dollars.  She kissed him alright!  Then the other guys wanted a kiss too. She was making pretty good money swapping spit, so when someone suggested that we form a pool and see if she’d strip…  Well, for forty bucks, she got naked.  Then someone started to bid for a fuck and well…  Ya know, she made several hundred dollars this afternoon.  Not bad for little kid.”

“Okay, okay… Listen, go put your pants on and go get us something to eat.”

“Sure, Mike.  Say, you wouldn’t have a twenty would you?  I’m kinda tapped out ‘til I get to an ATM.”

There was no use arguing with him.  I gave him the sawbuck and sent him on his way while I tended to my ravished daughter.  She came around after a little coaxing and sucked my dick, but her heart just wasn’t into it. 

Like the two previous evenings, I picked her up and hauled her off for a shower.  She came around with that, enough for me to get my rocks off with her.  I knew damned good and well that he done something and after I put her to bed, I looked about and found what I was looking for.  It was an enema probe with a short length of hose.  I took a quick sniff of the open end of the hose.   It had a very familar smell.  The bastard had been blowing beer up her butt!

When Ernie returned with a sack of hamburgers and fries, I lit into him.  “It weren’t me!  It weren’t me!” he protested mightily.  “Besides, you never said nothing about giving her an enema!  Did you?”  It was useless to argue with him, so I let it drop. 

After a good nap, Chrissy came around, apparently no worse for the wear, except for the headache.  Remembering all the horror stories of mixing Tylenol with booze, I gave her a couple of Advils.  A half hour or so, she was feeling fine and I took her out for a hot meal at a nearby McDonald’s.  With something in her stomach and rehydrated with a Big Glup, we headed home.  Ernie was there, naked on the sofa watching a porno movie.  Soon we were all three on the sofa, naked and doing things that grown men shouldn’t be doing with pre-teen girls.  It was fun evening. 

Next morning both Chrissy and I had trouble getting up.  Ernie, acclimated to four hours sleep a day, didn’t have that problem.  He wanted his morning pussy and he got it, waking me up in the process as he fucked her on my bed.  Grabbing some Pop Tarts, it was then it was off to school for Chrissy and off to work for me.

Later that morning, Ernie showed up at the freight yard.  He said he had something for me.  I went with him to his tractor where he retrieved a paper bag.  There was a bag of weed and a small bag of blow.  “Shit!  I don’t want that!” I told him.

“Go ahead and take it.  Plenty more where that came from.  I know, I know, ya don’t like this shit anymore than I do, but ya just might find it useful if ya’d get off your high horse and have a little fun.  Just don’t use very much at a time.  Just a little.  Makes her wild!”  He shoved the bag in my hand and then climbed into his cab, ready to pick up his load and hit the road.  He smiled broadly, tipped his gimme hat and parted with, “See ya in a ‘bout a week… Dad!”

Feeling like I was being watched, I stashed the bag in the trunk of my car and went back to the dispatch desk. 

A little later Sam came by.  “Hey, Mike!  You gotta see this!”  He led me to a bulletin board that the driver’s maintained.  Along with various notices and tips about good places to stop for a rest, were many photographs.  Most were of interesting things seen along the road, nasty wreaks, spilled loads, naked women and that sort of thing.  But there in the middle were several new photos.  Of a girl, sucking cock and being fucked by two guys at once.  You couldn’t tell who the guys were, but I knew.  It was Cowboy, Joe Bob, Ralph and Ernie and I knew exactly who the girl was.  “Looks like fun.  Don’t it, Mike?” With a snort he added, “God damned drivers have all the fun!”

He fell silent and I could feel his eyes boring into me.  I glanced up and our eyes met.  Shit!  He knew…. Everybody knew! My stomach sank.  I felt the color drain away from my face.  At the very minimum I was now looking for a new job.

He pointed to the pic where Chrissy had a cock in each hand and is looking up at the camera sucking the photographer’s cock.  A forth man was standing behind her draping his flaccid horse cock and balls on her forehead.  “She’s a cutie!” 

Looking back at me, he smiled and directed my attention to another photo.  “I like this one the best,” he said pointing to the pic dated two days ago, of a shot looking down a man’s bare torso, his cock perched to penetrate the kneeling girl handcuffed behind her back.  “Yeah, I like this one a lot.  Just look at how red her ass is.”  Sam adjusted his cock in his pants and then turned to me. “You know what I miss the most about being on the road?  Riding the young pavement princesses!  Yeah, I miss that.”

Sam put his hand on my shoulder and leaned in to whisper, “This is just between me and you, Mike.  Keep this to yourself as it won’t be official until next week.  Old man Rodgers is finally stepping down.  I’m to take his place in the front office.  I’ll be looking for a new operations manager.”  He then turned and took down the recently posted pictures of Chrissy.  Handing the photos to me he added, “My old lady has some deal at the church tonight.  How about if you and me having a few beers together tonight?  We can discuss the new developments in private.” He extended his hand and we shook to seal the unspoken deal. 

You know, I wasn’t so sure about all this a few days ago, but this whole thing of having Chrissy living with me has turned out much better than I ever thought… a promotion and a raise plus job security!  Who would have thought! What a deal!



The End


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