By Uncle Jimmie

(Mgg, ped, exhib, oral, preg, cons)

Jimmie is given the chance of making big bucks for fucking little girls and learns how to run the porn server...





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Suzy smiled coyly at me."But that's not the only movie you are going to custom make," she said.

"It isn't? What other movie will we make?" I was all ears if more money was involved.

"You are going to knock up Angie. Get her pregnant and we are going to video the whole thing of you getting her pregnant with close up video of you ejaculating inside her young pussy, your cock pulsing as you squirt your jism into her," the woman explained with a big smile. "And it's a thousand dollars in your pocket."

"What!!. Get her pregnant... for a thousand dollars?" I was totally stunned. All sorts of things ran through my mind, after all I had never even thought about getting a girl pregnant. That was always a big no-no and now it was going to be my job?

"But... but she's too little to get pregnant and... well, she'd get in trouble with her mom and what would she do with a baby?" I was worried about all that as the consequences dawned on me.

Suzy laughed, "Don't worry about that, sweetheart. Nobody will ever know." She opened the bottom drawer of the computer desk and pulled out a brown paper bag and proceeded to dump its contents on the bed.

Picking up a blue rectangular box, she handed it to me. "These will take care of the pregnancy problems. After little Angie tests pregnant I'll have her take a couple of these over a few days and then she won't be pregnant anymore."

I looked inside the box and a couple blue oblong pills were encapsulated in plastic. "Where did you get these?"

"I have a girlfriend that's a nurse at a clinic. She gets me anything I want," Suzy explained as she picked up a pink colored box that said: Rapid Result Pregnancy Test.

"These strips will tell us when she is pregnant. All she has to do is pee on the test strip that's in there and in a minute it will tell us if your nice big cock's sperm has gotten her pregnant. You'd love to knock her up wouldn't you, big man? Love to fuck a little girl so much that you make a baby inside her cunt hole." Suzy certainly egged me on and I must admit it seemed very exciting and perverse at the same time.

"But, is she old enough to get pregnant? I never heard of a 12 year old girl having a baby."

Suzy started putting the stuff back in the bag as she explained, "Oh yes, 12 year old girls can, and do, get pregnant. My girlfriend at the clinic says she see's 12 year old girls occasionally and even had an 11 year old last month. Of course the girl has to be ovulating."

"Ovulating?" I asked dumbly. "What's that?"

"Well, it's when a girl starts to get her periods. Do you know about periods?"

I knew about those. "Yeah, kinda"

"Well, if a girl gets periods it means she is producing an egg that can get fertilized by your sperm and get pregnant," Suzy explained patiently.

"Oh... Well, is Angie ovulating and getting her periods?" How would I know, I thought to myself.

She put the bag back in the drawer and closed it. "Oh yes, she has been getting her period for almost 6 months now. She's ready, willing and able to get pregnant. In fact she wants YOU to get her pregnant!"

"WHAT? Little Angie wants me to get her pregnant? When did she say that?" I was astounded and proud at the same time with the knowledge I had just gained. I was going to get a girl pregnant and the thought turned me on immensely.

"We talked about it after you fucked her. I saw the whole thing on the hidden cameras and called her after you left. The little slut loved your big cock, baby, even though it hurt her pussy a bit." Suzy smiled an evil smile. "She really is a hot little bitch, can't get enough and now you've spoiled her with your big cock. That's all she wants! Plus I told her when a girl gets pregnant her tits grow bigger and she is really excited about making her little boobies grow."

I smiled proudly as I thought about being a big stud. "Ha, I'll give her all she wants."

"Well, if the deal comes through with Abdul, you are going to be screwing her every day for the next few weeks or months until she gets knocked up."

I was puzzled. "Abdul? Who's Abdul?" I had no idea who she was talking about.

Suzy went to the computer and brought up a webpage that showed a beautiful Middle Eastern Mansion that looked like it was worth a fortune.

"This is Abdul's mansion. He's worth a ton of money and has asked me to find a little girl and guy to get her pregnant, making a video of it. The deal is, I can't show your face in the video because we are going to edit it so he can show it to his friends and tell them that he is the one fucking her and knocking her up."

As I saw all the pictures I was impressed. "Wow! I can't hardly believe that. He must have a lot of money... look at that palace." Suzy scanned through several pictures of the man's complex that was vast and landscaped really nice.

Her revelation about the video piqued my interest. "Why doesn't he just come here and do it himself, or better yet, just fly her to wherever that is and do it there?"

"Oh, that would be a problem. He'd stand out like a beacon in his robes here. And we couldn't just send Angie over there, her mother already nixed that idea," Suzy explained as she went through more pictures.

"Wait! Did you say Angie's' mother blocked the idea? Does she know about all this?!"

Suzy just nodded her head, "Of course."

I was stunned to say the least. "Wait a minute. Her mom knows she is doing all this nasty stuff? Does she know about Becky too? "

Again Suzy just casually nodded her head like it was no big deal. "Yeah. You see their mom really isn't their mom. Her name is Charlene and she is a foster care home, but she makes the kids call her mom. Charlene takes in little girls on a temporary basis for a few months or so. Like Becky and Angie whose real mom is in prison for a year on a drugs related crime."

I was, once again, surprised by this information. "Oh... So, how did you meet the girls?"

Suzy looked up at me. "Charlene is one of my slut girlfriends and she needed a place to stay so I got her the apartment with the understanding she would send me any little girls she was taking care of to do with as I pleased. She agreed because she gets a free apartment and some cash depending on how much money I take in using her girls for sex on the internet."

"How much is that a month?" I asked.

"Well, last month she got 800 dollars and the month before she got almost a thousand. She doesn't ask any questions and makes sure the girls don't know that she knows what they are doing. It's like she is totally ignorant of the stuff they are doing, although she logs onto the site all the time and watches them. Charlene is a full blown lesbian, but doesn't touch the girls, as she doesn't want to lose her status as a foster care provider."

"Oh, wow, that's amazing. So Becky and Angie don't know that their "Mom" knows what they are doing?"

Suzy nodded. "Right, they think she doesn't know what's going on and I make sure they don't tell anyone."

"How do you do that... make them not tell?" I asked.

The woman reached under the bed and pulled out a leather whip. The brown leather handle was about two feet and then there were several strands of loose leather strips about two feet long. "I smacked both of them on their bare asses really hard and told them if they ever told anyone about what we do I'd beat them with this whip." She slammed it on the bed for emphasis with a loud whack.

I immediately thought back to last night when I asked them if they had done nasty stuff before and they had answered at the same time, yes and no. Angie had remembered the whipping and was furious at her little sister for saying yes. I knew then that something else was going on and now I knew exactly what it was.

"Are you going to spank me too," I immediately asked. I didn't want that at all.

"No, big boy. You want the money and the pussy too bad to spill the beans," she laughed. "And besides, I've got you on video fucking a little girl. No, I'm not worried about you in any way, shape or form."

Curious about the little girls I asked, "I wonder how Angie and Becky know so much about sex. I mean both of them seemed pretty knowledgeable, especially little 6 year old Becky."

"Well, their real mom is a druggie and she was letting guys and gals use the kids for sex. It brought in more money to buy drugs with. Those two little sluts do know a LOT and aren't afraid to do what they need to do to get you off. They have told me some stories about what they did and you'd be amazed."

Now I was really getting turned on knowing that these little sweethearts were actually little whores that I could have a good time with for free. Actually better than free, as I would actually get paid for doing it. The twitching in my dick along with the dollar signs dancing in my head won out over any qualms I might've harbored. That thousand dollars for knocking up Angie would be super, plus what I would make molesting her younger little sister Becky.

My mind was again on overload with all this nasty information and I had a ton of questions. This was like another world of pure sex and I was totally excited about all the options I had.

The woman then smiled an evil smile at me. "And you are going to make another movie too. It's going to be called, 'Becky Marries Jim.' I assume you got the ring she wants."

"What... ah, oh yeah, you saw it all when I told her I'd be her boyfriend. The rings are in my pants pocket, I got several because they were cheap." I had forgotten she saw it all on the hidden camera.

Suzy explained her plan. "I told Becky we'd do a pretend wedding with you and you'd take her on a honeymoon to the big amusement park south of here. We'll get video of you two going on rides and then going into that big hotel they have. Then Becky agreed to let me show the bride getting fucked on her wedding night with your big cock. She wants to go to the park really bad, so she agreed to you sticking that big cock inside her little asshole which can already take a five inch dildo. I told her we'd work on making her anus bigger so you can dump a load inside her."

"You can do that, make it big enough for me?" I asked incredulously.

"Oh yes, that's why you see sodomy charges all the time with kids. Their assholes can be made to stretch a lot more than little vaginas. You just have to stretch them bigger and bigger every day. Just a little bit daily. I have some anal toys and we'll first slip one in her hieny that I can pump up. I'll pump it up until she complains and then leave it in there for about 10 minutes. Then I'll put an anal plug in and have her keep it in for another hour before I remove it. I'll wait a day and then do it again and go bigger. Don't worry, you'll know how to do it, because I'm gonna video you actually stretching her asshole. We'll make a bundle off that video."

I got hard again as the woman explained how we were going to molest the willing 6 year old. "Becky will do that just to go to the park?"

"Yeah, you'd be amazed at what little girls will do when they want something. Like pizza, as you found out." Suzy tossed her hair back and went on. "I told her she also had to get her 12 year old sister pregnant by helping to make her cum afterwards with the vibrator every time you squirt a load into Angie. We need Angie to cum a lot with a man's sperm inside her pussy, as that really helps get a girl pregnant. I want you to squirt a load inside Angie at least once a day or more. Do you think you can do that big boy?"

Fuck the 12 year old every day? "Oh, yeah, I can do it, but where?"

"Here and also at their apartment. You can also use the family bathrooms at Walmart. Just look around and don't let anyone see you going inside with Angie, then you can slip it in her and cum really fast. When you're done walk out like nothing happened." Suzy made it sound simple enough and I was looking forward to pumping a big load into the little preteen every day until she was preggo.

Suzy grabbed her cellphone. "I'm gonna text Charlene and have her send the girls here for tonight. You're gonna pump all that stored up jizz inside Angie real soon and we are going to video the whole thing. Why don't you get on the computer and practice editing the confession files and posting them online. You'll need to do that every day while I'm gone. After you finish that, you can fuck Angie."

I was hornier than a billy-goat and knew that I'd be blowing a load pretty soon in little 12 year old Angie as soon as the confessions were posted, so I quickly surveyed the stories that had come in so far.

There were several more that had come in and needed to be edited.


Girl: (niece) Kenya 7

Man: Josť 22

Sex Act: blowjob to 69

I was playing Skyrim for 360 in my bros room when my little niece Kenya came in and asked me if she could watch the CP I have in my phone (she likes to see girls around her age fucking.) I gave the phone to her and told her to watch a few, then I'd go to a blowjob video so she could learn how to do it better.

She sucked my dick, but could only get the head in cause it's a little too big for her mouth Then my phone died, so I said fuck it and I pulled her jeans and panties off and told her to squat over my face. She did it quickly, she loves to have her sweet pussy eaten. She sucked me off while I ate her pussy and tongue fucked her asshole. She tasted so good were probably gonna do it again.

I told her when she turns ten I can start stretching her pussy with our fingers and toys. I can't wait. Heck, maybe Io won't!


Girl: Stranger 9 or 10

Man: Deringer 29

Sex Act: Intercourse

This took place last summer when I went to vacation to Puerto Rico.

I went to the beach one sunny afternoon and decided to go by myself to take a swim in the ocean. I saw this cute mom and a beautiful cute little girl that had to be between 9 and 10 years old with long black hair all the way to her lower back and a beautiful body for a little girl with a nice round bubble butt. She had tan skin and was wearing a two piece pink bikini.

I decided to compliment her mom and her daughter for looking so beautiful. Not long after the little girl wanted to go for a swim and I decided to go with her and asked her mom if she was coming, but for some reason she didn't want to. I was so surprised 'cause she just let me go alone with her daughter into the ocean.

I don't know what it was, but I felt this connection with her and we were having small talk. I decided that it was time to play games with her and she was all for it, climbing on my back playing who touches who first and swimming between our legs until I got that perfect idea to just tell her that we were going to play doctor and that she was my patient.

I told her that I was going under water and I was going to swim between her legs and check between her thighs. When I went under water I moved her bikini to the side and did an inspection of her cute little bald pussy and decided to just put the tip of my finger in her pussy to see how she would react and I couldn't believe when she grab my finger and put it more inside her and that's when I notice that she was lacking her hymen. She'd had sex before.

I got up to get a gasp of air and she told me that one of her mom's boyfriend had sex with her not to long ago and that she was still learning. I told her if she wanted to get behind some rocks in the ocean that I could teach her better. She was all game.

Good thing that there weren't that many people and that behind the rocks was nobody. She half laid on one of the big rocks and I decided to eat her pussy real good and in less then nothing, she was having an orgasm, I decided to make this quick and I saw that her mom was laying down on the sand just listening to her music. Once in a while she would look to see if she still saw her daughter, so I'd wave at her or tell her daughter to wave at her mom and to let her know that she was okay.

Since her pussy was still so wet of me eating her out I decided to little by little put my average 6 inch dick inside of her as much as I could. In less than two minutes I was cumming inside of her. Just the sight of this beautiful little girl letting me fuck her made me cum real fast, plus I knew I had to because I didn't want to get caught.


Girl: 9

Man: Deringer 29

Sex Act: Intercourse

This took place in my apartment when one of my ex's that lives in my same neighborhood had her little 9 year old sister spend the night with us in the same bed. This little girl was gorgeous with beautiful light skin and a cute little body.

My ex fell asleep, knocked out from the Xanax she had taken. It was just me and the little one playing footsies. She decided to turn the other way and grind her sexy little ass on my now hard dick. She was just wearing a T-shirt and no panties, just like her older sister.

I'd heard that this little girl had been raped by her stepdad many times. I wasn't sure, but the way she was rubbing her ass on my dick, I figured that she was going to enjoy a quick fuck. I nestled my dick between her legs and it just slid right into her little young pussy. Man, was she tight! We must've fucked six times before the sun came up.

The sheets were a wet mess in the morning, but my ex never said a word about it.


All of a sudden a wet finger was stuck in my right ear. I jumped and eked a bit as it startled me because I was totally emerged in my editing work.

I turned my swivel chair around and both little girls were standing there giggling as they stared at my hard-on. I hadn't heard them come in and now I instinctively tried to cover my cock with both my hands.

Both of them laughed as they grabbed my hands and pulled them away to expose my rock hard boner that had occurred as I read the latest confessions.

Suzy had a video camera and was standing back next to the door as she recorded all the action and I could see she was now zooming in on my cock as the girls continued giggling while holding my hands back.

6 year old Becky was wearing just a long thin white T-shirt that came down to her knees with a Minion on it and no pants. Angie was clad in the same pink cotton panties she had worn yesterday. I wondered if my cum had leaked into them after I had fucked her. They fit extremely tight and outlined her fat pussy and large Mons Pubis.

The two children were quick and little 6 year old Becky got down between my knees and started to suck my cock and it felt wonderful!

12 year old Angie moved closer and started to kiss me open mouthed as my hand found its way to her firm ass cheeks where I quickly slipped my fingers inside the leg band of her very thin panties and started to rub her slit which was already wet. I was still in awe of the fact that a young girl like this could get so wet.

As Becky sucked me and Angie Frenched me, Suzy moved in very close with the camera and got close ups of all the action. My finger was now rubbing Angie's clit that was hard and she was humping against it.

"Okay, everybody, move to the bed," Suzy ordered. The girls quickly did as they were told while I stood up, my boner sticking straight up in the air after Becky had sucked on me and her drool was now running down the shaft onto my balls.

The woman bent over and put the camera a couple inches from my dick. "Good shot," she mumbled.

"Suzy, I'm not gonna last much longer," I warned her because all this fondling had me close to cumming mainly due to the fact I had been looking at all the porn on the computer and was worked up into a frenzy. It was like I had been edging for over an hour and I knew I had a large buildup of cum ready to be released.

Suzy looked at me and smiled her slut smile. "Okay, baby, that's what I wanted. I wanna see your cock squirting in Angie."

Suzy now started directing us. "Angie get on your hands and knees... That's it, you eager little whore. Now, spread you knees a bit and back over to the edge of the bed so Jimmie can put his cock in your cunt... That's it! Very good!

"Now, Jim, put the tip of your cock on her cunt lips, but don't stick it in just yet...

"Becky get that bottle of lube."

Becky quickly opened the drawer of the night stand and got a squeeze bottle of lubricant out and came back to us.

"Squeeze a bunch on his cock, honey, and squirt some in Angie's crack... That's it, baby, smear it all around on his big cock... Good. Okay, work it inside your sister's slit... Yes, just like that. That's it, baby."

The 6 year-old's slippery fingers on my hard-on was extremely arousing. She must have done this before because she knew exactly how to coat my cock and 12 year old Angie's vagina entrance.

Meanwhile Suzy clicked on some things on the computer and now the monitor showed what her camera was videoing. She zoomed in on my cock at the preteen's slit as she adjusted the camera so it showed exactly what she wanted to capture.

"Okay, Jim, start to slide your cock up and down her slit and get that lube spread around... That's it... yes... Good." I looked over at the monitor and saw a really good shot of my big cock and her fat pussy lips that I was spreading just a bit as I got the lube spread out. Her tiny black pussy hairs that she was just beginning to grow were visible.

"Okay, baby, now just start to slide it inside Angie's hole. Go easy so it gives her time to adjust to your monster cock... that's it... just the head. Now, stop a couple seconds."

Preteen Angie groaned very loud as I had penetrated her with just my cock head and now she was moaning as I kept still with just the head completely inside her vagina. It was so delicious on my cock with her well lubed tight pussy squeezing my ready to cum cock.

"Okay, Jim, pull it out, wait two seconds and then slowly slide it inside her as far as you can go 'til you hit her cervix."

I did as told, pulling it out and then slid it very slowly back inside the child's vagina until I hit the back of her cunt hole. Angie flexed her body and uttered a very loud groan as her female organ became totally filled with my very big cock.

"That's it, Jim...,very good." On the monitor I could see my cock was about half way inside the little girl's well stretched vagina, the fat lips of her pussy were wrapped around my cock shaft that was invading her.

Suzy now told me to start fucking her very slowly, so she could get good action shots of my 8 inch penis sliding in and out of the slut's willing cunt hole.

"Okay, Angie, start saying what we practiced." I was a bit puzzled as I didn't hear any practicing. I would learn later that Suzy taught the girls to use extremely filthy language because it set the men on fire who were jacking off to the videos.

Angie started humping me back and forth as she suddenly said, "Oh, FUCK ME, FUCK ME! I'm a little whore, so fuck my cunt, you big bastard. OOHHH, it feels soooo fucking GOOD, you nasty, nasty pervert, fucking a little girl pussy with your big man cock."

That was too much for me and my balls started to tingle as I got ready to cum. "Oh, I'm gonna cum!"

Suzy quickly said, "Okay, pull half way out so I can see it pulsing when you squirt!

"Angie stop humping!"

I watched the monitor as my first couple blasts squirted out of my cock into her. I could see my cock muscles tightening and then releasing very rapidly and I ejaculated inside her vagina. I could tell it was a massive load and it almost felt like I was pissing because there was so much jism stored up from the past couple hours of edging.

As my cock continued to squirt I started getting a burning sensation in the opening of my penis. Her pussy was so full of cum it was backing up inside me and I instinctively pulled out to relieve the pain. A massive gush of my thick white jism squirted out of her child's pussy as she once again groaned loudly.

The monitor showed my cock still squirting up onto her asshole although it was pretty much done.

"Hurry, Jim, stick it back inside her! We don't want all that sperm to escape!" the woman commanded as I quickly entered the little girl again as the white cum dripped out. Angie instantly pushed her now thoroughly stretched out cunt onto my dick and started humping me like crazy.

"Fuck me, Jim, fuck my cunt!" the child demanded. What a hot little bitch! I was still hard, but I would only last another minute or two although this was very exciting for me as this child was really turning me on.

"Becky, grab the vibrator and use it on your sister's clit. Make her cum like you have before." It turns out Becky and Angie both knew how to make each other cum using a vibrator on one another.

"Jim, don't take your cock out yet. I want Angie to cum while you are forcing all that sperm up inside her cervix. When a girl cums, her cervix sucks up all the cum you just squirted and that will help make sure she gets pregnant."

I had no idea what happened inside a girl when she had an orgasm nor did I care, as my goal was to squirt a load. I hadn't even thought about girls cumming because in my limited experience it was never an issue. I would squirt my load and leave the girl to herself.

Suzy later explained to me that a female instinctively knows the more cocks that cum in her the better her chances of getting pregnant were, so women are a lot slower to cum because they can wait until several men have ejaculated inside their vagina. Then when they are full of cum, they will typically masturbate and during their orgasm the cervix will take in all the live sperm to fertilize their egg.

Likewise the guy's cock will start to go soft soon after he cums and is forced out of the wet pussy so the next guy can stick his cock inside the waiting cunt and shoot his load inside her too. The more guys there are the better the girl likes it. Nature had intended it that way so the human species would go on she explained.

Becky was now lying down on her back and kind of under Angie as the little sister applied the 10 inch white tube vibrator to Angie's clit. It was having its effect as Angie started shaking and then squealed loudly as she climaxed, her tight cunt squeezing my cock so hard it almost hurt.

Her orgasm must have lasted 30 seconds or more and then she fell forward on the bed exhausted, my semi-soft cock plopping out as it exited her vagina. My white jism started leaking out of her wet slit down onto the sheet as Suzy moved the camera in close to the sloppy mess to capture the results of our nasty engagement.

Then she brought the camera around to my still semi-rigid cock that was covered in cum. "Becky, quick! Suck Jim's cock and get all his cum in your mouth and then open it in front of the camera."

The 6 year old nimbly jumped off the bed and quickly took my big cock inside her tiny mouth as she wrapped her small hands around the base of it and expertly started to jack me off as she sucked hard. I could tell she had done this before as Suzy caught it all with the camera.

Becky pulled off of my now deflated, but squeaky clean cock, and opened her mouth to the camera showing her oral cavity full of my jizz.

"Swallow it, baby," Suzy commanded. With a smile on her cherub face the little one closed her mouth and swallowed my sperm.

"Now open up and show us your empty mouth." Again the child obediently did as she was told and opened wide. All my cum was now gone with the exception of a bit that was dripping off her bottom lip on her chin.

"Ummm, dat was good!" she exclaimed as Suzy backed out from us and captured a final scene of the three of us. Angie was still collapsed on the bed where my cum had now made a pretty good wet spot below her well used slit. Hopefully my sperm inside her 12 year old body was doing it's thing to make a baby, but then again we could try again and again and again...

"Okay, kids, that's a wrap. Let's get this place cleaned up and go to McDonald's. I'm buying," Suzy declared.



The End of Part 4


If you'd like to send me a short "Confession", I'll try to work it into the next chapter. No videos or pictures though.


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