By Uncle Jimmie

(Fm, Mg, ped, voy, cons)

A 17 year old boy learns more about child molesting...





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I headed to Kmart to buy 6 year old Becky her girlfriend ring. I wasn't sure what size to buy, so I took the smallest they had in stock after the woman told me I could return it. They had a display on the top of the jewelry case with a bunch of clearance junk necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. They were all marked down to $2.97 so I bought several knowing I could probably used them to entice Becky, or any other little girls I might run into, to do some nasty stuff with me.

I had been thinking about the the porn site that Becky and her sister were on and decided to stop by my apartment and check it out. I also picked up a couple sex toys I had, so I could use them on my new little girlfriend. That little slut was going to earn her jewels for sure.

I turned on my laptop computer and typed in the web address of the site. It was cleverly designed to look like a car repair site with pictures of car engines torn apart. It popped up a opening screen that required a name and password. I knew what they were from watching Becky and entered them.

I was surprised when the next screen said, "Camera must be turned on." What? I turned on the laptop's built in camera and tried again and this time I got a message that said, "Invalid. Name and face don't match"

Then it dawned on me, they were using facial recognition along with passwords and now as I thought back I remember Becky putting her face a little closer to the computer when she logged on. The sly little girl didn't tell me about that.

I gave up and headed back to Becky's apartment to give her the ring. Time was running out and I needed to take a pizza to Aunt Suzy's apartment, but that was about to change.

As I drove into the rundown apartment complex I decided to park by Aunt Suzy's apartment 9. Just as I pulled in next to a rundown old station wagon a lady was getting out of the other side . As the passenger door opened, I saw it was Angie getting out!

The 12 year old saw me and quickly put her finger up to her lips and looked over her shoulder at her mom who was headed for the apartment building door. "Shhhsh," she whispered, not wanting me to act like I knew her. I smiled at her briefly and then reached in the back of my car for an empty pizza box.

I glanced at the hot young slut walking to the door and noticed she was still limping just a tiny bit from the hard fucking I had given her yesterday. Smiling, I wondered if my cum was still leaking out of her pussy. My cock started to get hard just thinking about screwing her again if she'd let me.

Just then the door of apartment 9 opened and a short woman who looked to be about 25 or so with short black hair came out and waved to me. I assumed it was Aunt Suzy, but I wondered how she knew it was me and then it dawned on me my car had the pizza store lighted-display on the roof, so she knew it was me. Plus she had seen me in the video screwing young 12 year old Angie and then again with Angie's 6 year old sister today.

This was perfect and I headed to the door with an empty pizza box pretending to make a delivery. The cute woman was wearing just a long white tee shirt as she ushered me inside and closed the door behind me.

"Hi, baby, I've been anxious to meet you!" she gushed as she quickly reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling my head down to her mouth and kissed me full on with a deep kiss.

I was stunned by her quick advance on me, as no grown woman had ever kissed me before. Oh sure, I had kissed girls a bit, but they were all 13 or younger and didn't have any experience. Suzy knew exactly what she was doing as her hands ran up and down my back while her tongue quickly probed my mouth.

She broke the kiss and stepped back from me, smiling as she looked me up and down. "Hello, big boy! I've been waiting to meet you."

I knew my cock was bulging out the front of my jeans as her lewd kissing had given me a hard-on almost instantly. She looked down at my cock and then back up into my eyes. "So, I see you like older ladies too, huh, baby."

Her hand went to my bulge and she rubbed me for a couple seconds. I was completely surprised and unable to talk as my mind tried to grasp what was going on. My cock got harder and it hurt a bit as it was stuck aiming down and I backed off a bit and tried to rearrange it.

Aunt Suzy laughed as she knew exactly what my problem was. "Why don't you unzip your pants and let me arrange it for you, honey?" However, I didn't have to unzip them as she quickly undid my belt buckle for me and pulled my zipper down. Her hands quickly pulled my jeans down to my knees.

The relief was instantaneous and my cock now stretched the material of my tight white underwear which was still a bit of a problem, but better than it was. That too was now going to be rectified as she dropped to her knees, pulled my underpants down and grabbed my cock.

OMG! Her hands were so soft and warm on my thick shaft as they expertly started to jack me off. With her other hand she starting to play and feel my ass as she took complete control of me. When her tongue began licking my cock tip, I grasped her head, pushed my hips forward and slipped my cock inside her open willing mouth.

Aunt Suzy was an expert cock sucker and she quickly deep-throated me. My entire cock went inside her mouth and down her throat. I could feel her swallowing action gripping the tip of my cock as it penetrated her throat.

This was the first time anybody deep-throated me and it was glorious. She only did it to me for about 10 seconds and then she pulled her mouth off my cock with a big plop sound. She stared up at me, smiling as drool ran down her chin.

"I don't want you to cum just yet, sweetheart," she said grinning up at me, "I've got other plans for you... Oh, by the way, my name is Susan, but everyone calls me Aunt Suzy." She stood up, took my hand and started to lead me down the hall towards the bedrooms. I almost fell as my pants were down around my knees and I quickly pulled them up a bit as she continued to talk, but my cock was still hard and dangled out in front of me, swinging back and forth as we entered a small bedroom.

The lights came on automatically and I was surprised to see how it was setup. Aunt Suzy gave me a complete tour of the room and explained everything about the little sex den.

The bedroom was small, only about 11' x 11', and the window was blocked off with heavy drapes covering it. The door, with a sliding bolt latch at the very top, out of the reach of the little ones, was near the corner of a wall that a four post single bed rested against.

She had installed several hidden video cameras that recorded everything that occurred 24 hours a day. The small night stands on both sides of the old bed each had two drawers full of sex toys and clothing used for sexual gratification. Several dolls and stuffed animals were strewn around that had been used to aid in sexual encounters and were stained with cum.

Four silk ropes with loops were attached to the four corner posts and could be adjusted if need be to hold the victims down while they were being defiled.

A computer desk with a monitor was against the side wall with a roll around desk chair so they could do webcam chats. Two web cameras were attached, one below the desk focused on the genitals and the top one showing face and chest. A camera on the other wall caught a side view of the person sitting at the computer, so all angles were covered.

Aunt Suzy explained the chair had straps attached to it so a little girl could be tied into it with her knees bent up and spread wide apart exposing her pussy to the cameras.

A 50" flat screen monitor was mounted on the ceiling so the child getting molested could watch porn or the actual event that was streaming out on the internet. Another one was mounted on the wall at the foot of the bed. The two monitors were connected to her computer and would display anything that she wanted the little ones or herself to see.

The woman explained everything was connected to her sex group's website. Aunt Suzy had also hidden cameras in every room of the small apartment and could watch everything that went on, even in the bathroom.

The web video feed would be sent to a group of men on the internet who were in a club that shared their sexual trysts. As the men watched they jacked off and their webcam showing their cocks was displayed on the two big monitors that the little girls could see, showing the small girls how excited they were making the men as their cocks would squirt big loads.

Aunt Suzy explained it was set up so that as many as 8 men jacking off could be seen by the willing, or unwilling as the case may be, little victim on the bed who was getting molested. After a man ejaculated, another would take his place so the monitors, at times, would have as many as 8 men squirting every minute or so, thus letting the young ones know that they were, indeed, very sexy.

She said the record number of guys that shot a load during a half hour show was 28 and she was hoping to break 30. There were several hundred people paying members, but they were located all around the world and weren't able to get on her site all the time because of the time differences, etc.

However, all the action that went on was available to them in the archives and they were encouraged to jack off in front of their webcam as they viewed them so that the little girl or girls could get their pay, which was one dollar for every guy who ejaculated while watching her. Aunt Suzy said she had a lot of kids wanting that dollar per cum and the little sluts soon became pretty good at teasing the men to make them cum.

The men paid $200 to join and then a monthly fee of $10. Special requests were anywhere from $20 to $150 and she also sold dirty used panties, dildos, anal beads, etc. Some guys liked to have a little girl wear her panties for several days, getting them all stained. They would make a video of her wearing the panties and doing nasty stuff like masturbating in them or whatever the man wanted and send them to him with a thumb drive that recorded everything he desired.

"That was usually $100," she told me as we stood in front of the computer. "Now, I'm going to show you what I want you to do, that is if you want the job, big boy." Her hand was slowly jacking me off keeping me rock hard.

"I need to hire a person to edit all my porn on my website and manage it for me while I'm gone on a cruise next week. It's not easy to find someone with a brain that won't blab their mouth off to everybody about my childporn site, but you are a perfect fit for the job because you are part of it. You are such a nasty boy! I love it!" she gushed as she motioned for me to sit down next to her in front of two large computer monitors.

I tried to say, "Yes," but I was so turned on my voice just eeked out a weird noise and she laughed, "You're hired baby." She knew I was a totally turned on teenager.

"Okay, now I'm going to explain how all this stuff works. If you need help while I'm gone you can get in touch with my guy that set it up and installed all the cameras and wireless stuff." Aunt Suzy then went on to show me everything about the website and various file systems used with it. I had made a website in the past, but it was about cars; still I knew most of the stuff already.

I found out for sure that they were using facial recognition to log on and she set me up right away so I could get into the system from anywhere. What blew me away was the amount of videos they had stored with tons of little girls getting molested and also performing in front of their webcams while guys watched them jacking off.

The guys were required to show their cocks and cum as they watched the little child be nasty on screen. The software merged the inputs so the little girls could watch and see at what part of the show the men shot a load. That way the little sluts quickly learned what made the most guys cum and thus earn more money as the $1.00 per cum reward quickly added up.

Her website had several sections and one of them was labeled "Quickie Confessions"

This section had confessions sent in from child molesters who had performed all sorts of lewd acts on little kids. Aunt Suzy explained that it was written stories, but sometimes it had pictures or videos accompanying it. The page displayed a pictures of each child with a brief description of the sex act, her age and the man's age. You could also do a search on the type of sexual act, so a person could look up the type of sex that was turning them on and see it.


Girl: 10 Jane

Man: 44 Hank

Sex Act: Passed Out

Duration 4:46


My neighbor asked if I would check on her little 10 year old girl, Jane, who was staying home from school due to a bad cold and to give her some more cough medicine if she woke up coughing. I went into their apartment as soon as the mom went to work and tried to wake up little Jane.

The medicine her mom gave her had completely knocked Jane out and the child wouldn't wake up no matter what I did to her. She was laying on the couch in just a T shirt and dirty cotton panties. Her cunt was really bulging out her panties crotch, so I decided to touch it and see what happened.

Gently pressing my fingers on her panties didn't wake her, so I rubbed harder and it still didn't wake her. That's when I realized I could do anything I wanted to with the unconscious child. I slipped my hand inside her T shirt and started rubbing her nipples that had started growing a few months ago. They hardened as I pinched them. She still showed no signs of waking up, so I started to suck on her right nipple. The tip was hard as a pebble as I sucked on it while my hand slipped down inside her panties and slipped inside her wet fat slit.


I clicked on a picture of a little girl with long brown hair in pony tails labeled:

Girl: 6 Annie

Man: 32 Ralph

Sex Act: Blowjob

Duration 2:23


I was just getting home from work, horny as hell, and my girlfriend was leaving for work. I had little 6 year old Annie to myself for the next 8 hours and decided to use her small mouth to get me off.

She had sucked me off a couple times previously for the price of her favorite candy bar. Her silence was guaranteed by the fact I was blackmailing her with the knowledge that she had broken her mother's favorite piece of China. She doesn't know I am recording the video on my cell phone sitting next to us.


The video showed her standing in a bathroom with her mouth wide open, her tongue stuck out. Ralph walked up to her, jacking off his hard six inch cock, the tip of which came up even with the six-year-old's open mouth.

She leaned her little head down and quickly took almost half of his thick shaft inside her mouth and began sliding her head up and down on it as her tiny hands grasped the base of his erection, jacking him off a bit. Her brown hair covered head banged against his white tee shirt as she expertly sucked his cock. You could tell she had done this many times.

Her cheeks pulsed in and then out as she slid her mouth up and down, exposing the cockhead each time before plunging down on it to take as much as she could inside her oral cavity. Annie did that for just over a full minute and then you heard Ralph groan as his hand came up to hold her head as he started cumming in her mouth.

Ralph let go of her and she pulled her head away from his squirting cock, leaned down a bit and spit the cum out of her mouth as he jacked off getting last little bit out. Annie then took his cock back in her tiny mouth once again and sucked the tip about ten seconds after which she pulled off and spit his remaining jism on the floor.

The child picked up a rag lying nearby and wiped her mouth and chest off that was covered with a large amount of thick white jism. She looked up at him and smiled as if she was proud of her accomplishment as he took the rag and wiped off his now softening cock. The video ended there.


Girl: 3 Debbie

Man: 42 Hank

Sex Act: Girl Masturbates and Cums

Duration: 7:34


A neighbor had asked me to watch her little 3 year old daughter for about an hour a couple times a week when her babysitter was late due to school and I agreed as I'm home on disability.

The very first day Debbie was wearing a little girl dress with flowers on it and matching panties. I noticed as she sat on the couch sucking her thumb and watching cartoons that she slipped her hand inside her panties and rubbed her pussy. I made her stop and told her mom about it the next time she dropped her off.

"Oh, yes, she started doing that after the daycare place had her. One of the boys there was molesting the little girls, so they fired him, but Debbie now masturbates. I asked the doctor what to do and he said just ignore it, that it was natural."

I told her I was relieved as I didn't want to get blamed for her masturbating.

She laughed, "Oh, no, she does it all on her own." That got me to thinking I could pretty much do anything I wanted to with the little slut who had no shame of masturbating in front of anybody.

Little Debbie didn't talk yet, just a few words. She wet her panties a lot, so I decided to see if she liked porn knowing she couldn't tell on me for showing her nasty stuff on the computer. I had two monitors and I put a cartoon series on one and a porn video on the other. It didn't take her long to watch just the porn screen, ignoring the cartoons completely..

I got her started by removing all her clothes and applying some lube to her pussy. She took off on her own, rubbing her little clit as she watched the porn. I was jacking off next to her and when I saw her clasp her legs, groan and close her eyes tight I knew she was cumming.

It was so freaking hot that I shot my load then too, aiming for her face. Had to hustle to get the 3 year old all cleaned off before her babysitter picked her up.


It opened with a naked little girl being set down in a roll-around desk chair that had arms in front of two computer monitors by a man's arms. Soon he squeezed some lube out of a tube and rubbed it all over the little child's vagina and then her small hands came down to her clit and began rubbing.

The two monitors were visible and one had cartoons on it and the other had man molesting a little girl that appeared to be about 10. Little Debbie watched the porn intently for several minutes and then suddenly she clasped her legs together and made a strange groan of pleasure as her eyes closed tightly.

The man's cock now came close to her face. It started to shoot a massive load of thick white cum all over the innocent child's face and head. He then put his cock up to her mouth and pushed it in a bit as his thick jism continued to leak out.

After about 30 seconds he pulled it out and his male seed oozed out and ran down her chin onto her naked chest. Little Debbie spit the cum juice out and wiped the rest off with the back of her hand.

He backed away from the child to show her entire body with his still dripping cum coating her head and chest as she continued to spit and wipe off his cum from her mouth.


Girl: Stranger about 10 or 11

Man: Frank 22

Sex Act: Exposes Himself

No video

I went to a local park in my old van and parked near the back of the rundown playground of a slum housing development. As I watched the kids playing I got my cock out and started slowly jacking off. A couple girls were playing catch and the little girl nearest me missed the ball which came over beside my passenger side window. The little dark haired girl came running over and stood next to my van as I waved to her.

She smiled at me and then looked down at my hard cock. Her eyes got wide as she saw me stroking myself and she covered her mouth with her little hand. She stood there a good 15 seconds watching and then I shot a massive load right in front of her little blue eyes. She giggled and ran back to her friend as I drove off.

The next day I saw them at Walmart and they both giggled and waved to me. The younger one, about 9, came over to me and asked when I would be at the park again. Told her Saturday and she ran back and told her friend. They both showed up Saturday and this time got in my van. The older one sucked me off while I sniffed the younger little girl's panties.


Girl: Denise 7

Mom: 23

Landlord: 49

Sex Act: Anal Sex and Blowjob

Duration 13:44

The rent was due and I was out of crank. Landlord said me and my daughter could pay the rent over the weekend. Had caught Denise sucking some neighbor boys recently, so no big deal. So he spent a couple nights with us.


It opened with a small girl on a bed, naked, on her knees with her little ass stuck up in the air. A woman's hand began smearing Vaseline all over her asshole and then slowly the woman eased her big slippery middle finger up the child's' asshole about halfway and stopped as she allowed the rim to adapt to its size. Then she pulled her finger out and slipped a black rubber nozzle inside the child's anus and began to pump a small ball that caused the rubber nozzle to expand.

Denise groaned a few times as it stretched her asshole bigger and bigger ever so slowly until the woman pulled it out exposing the now wide open anal hole. The man's cock now appeared as he pressed the tip to the little girl's slippery opening. Her mom's hand wiped some Vaseline on his cock and guided it into Denise's willing asshole.

He pressed very slowly and the tip began to slide inside her. His cock wasn't all that big and she yelped just a bit as he finally pushed about a third of it inside her 7 year old asshole. His cock slid in and out for about a minute as the mom rubbed her daughter's clit while telling her what a good little slut she was being.

Then the man groaned and you could see his hard cock start to pulse as he ejaculated a big load inside the little 7 year-old's asshole. When he finished he pulled out and a ton of thick white jism oozed out of her little violated asshole. Her mother's hand started drawing the jism towards Denise's clit as she masturbated the child until a scream came out of her little mouth as the 7 year old climaxed.

The video then switched to another day and the three of them were in a living room with a porn video playing on the TV screen. The man was sitting on a couch watching the video, his pants down around his knees. Denise's mom was showing her daughter how to suck him off. Soon the landlord held her head as he forced his cock even deeper in her small mouth and again groaned as his hard dick pulsed while he squirted a massive load in her mouth.

The child tried to pull her mouth away, but her mother's hands held her tight against the nasty man's cock. A big load of thick white jizz squirted out of Denise's nose as he pumped her full of cum.

Finally her mom let go of the gagging child and she quickly stood up while spitting out all the cum he had just shot into the preteen's mouth. Jizz was running down her chin and dripping out of her little nose as she coughed and choked.


"Did you see how the little girl spit out his cum?" Suzy explained as the movie ended. "You'll notice that a lot in these homemade movies, as kids usually don't like the mess like older women do. But, I like it, big boy, and I'm gonna suck a load of yours down one of these days. But, not before you unload on a few young girls I have lined up for you to squirt on or in."

Her hand had been jacking me off as I watched the videos and I was leaking precum, so she quickly let go of my dick and smacked it. "Don't cum yet!" she said firmly.

It hurt and my cock started to soften as she then went on explaining more about the computer system and how I should arrange certain files and merge videos to produce movies that were custom ordered. It took about a half hour and when we were finished she said she had a surprise for me.

"I have an order for a $500 custom movie where a 6 year old girl gets a mammoth load squirted inside her pussy. You are going to be the squirter and your little girlfriend, Becky, is going to be the star that you will be squirting in and on."

"What? Becky? I can't get my cock inside her, it's too big!" I figured I'd never be able to get my big cock in a little girl pussy, her older sister was just barely able to take my 8 inches.

Suzy smiled. "Yes, baby, you can, but just the tip, maybe the whole head, but it will be enough so you can pump that big load we've been building up in you for the last hour or so. And remember that black tube nozzle you saw in the last movie that pumped up to stretch Denise's asshole? I've got it here. The landlord owns these apartments and little Denise's mom is one of my girlfriends. Besides, Becky is going to get a trip to the amusement park for doing this and I already told her she has to take your cock if she wants the amusement park trip."

"You already told her? When?" I was astounded.

"Today, right after you flashed your big cock at me on the camera and left to go to the store so you could buy your little 6 year old slut girlfriend a ring. She's a hot kisser isn't she?" Aunt Suzy had no guilt about using a 6 year old for pure sexual gratification and making money.

"Well, ahhh, yeah... I have to admit she is. You taught her good. Are we both gonna kiss her and stuff in the movie?" I was already getting turned on about molesting the kindergartener and squirting inside her tiny hairless pussy. I had never done that before and watching all the child porn the last hour had really turned me on to some really sick cravings I didn't know I had.

"Yes, we'll both be in it and I'm going to play her mother because a lot of guys like the idea of a mother teaching her daughter how to have sex with men and women."



The End of Part 3



If you'd like to send me a short "Confession", I'll try to work it into the next chapter. No videos or pictures though.


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