The adventures of a pre-teen...

by   E.A.Grant

(MF, reluc, anal, bond, Mg, exhib, mast, prost)

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***** ONE *****

Sonia sat quietly that Friday noon and listened to her fellow office workers while they ate lunch in the employee’s break room.  It was a more somber chit-chat than usual and she was worried.  Sonia had been a private secretary for her present boss for less than a year and jobs were hard to find.  She liked her boss, the work and most of all the money.  For her finding a job shouldn’t be as hard as it actually was because she was well educated and very skilled.  However there was that little problem of being un-documented.  She was illegal.  So yes… she was very worried.

“I know it’s true,” said employee number one, “I have a friend in Human Resources, and he told me”.   

“But why?” asked employee number two. “I know from the orders I get that business is really good, better than ever.  It must be a mistake, it just can’t be true.”

“It’s true  alright… I heard the same thing,” said employee number three. “My sister works in the main office and she said at least fifteen people will be laid off from administration in the next few weeks. New orders will be handled by the west coast office.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” said Employee number one as she threw the remainder of her sandwich into the trash.  “I really need this job and no one is hiring…  No one! Well, whatever… God damn it… We’ll see who gets dropped.”

Sonia just quietly ate her sandwich and didn’t get into the discussion.  What would she do if she were laid off?  Try to find a new job here?  Move to a different city?  Or back to Mexico and an ex-husband who would beat or kill her for running away?

As a secretary and receptionist for the chief financial officer for the East Coast Division, Sonia had many and varied duties. Her job she thought, was not hard but could be challenging without experience.  Still she knew that anyone of a dozen woman now employed by the company could fill her position without any serious problem. 

 By mid-afternoon there was very little left to do.  Sonia was making a list of groceries to buy on the way home, to take her mind off the possibility of losing her job.  Her boss, Clipper Harris, was in his office with the door closed.  She knew he didn’t have anything to do either, but he seldom left before five o’clock.  Then the phone rang.


***** TWO *****

 “Mr. Harris,” she said into the intercom in an excited voice, “there has been an accident in the underground garage.  Evidently someone ran into your car and they want you to come down as quickly as you can.”

“My fucking Jag?  Damn it all, that car is mint!  Fuck!  Tell them I’m on my way.”

“Yes, Sir,” Sonia said and relayed the message to the garage.  Before she had even disconnected Clipper Harris emerged from his office obviously upset and in shirt sleeves.  Without even acknowledging Sonia he rushed through the outer office like a dark cloud and headed for the elevator.

Sonia liked her forty something boss just fine.  Still they were not what anyone would call close; he had never taken her out for lunch or for a drink after work not since she began working as his private secretary.  But that was fine with her; it was enough that she had a good job, a decent boss and could support herself and her daughter in this new land.  Fifteen minutes later her phone rang again.

“Mr. Harris’s office.” she answered in her very professional voice.  “How may I help you?”

“Sonia, this is Clipper.  These ass holes down here are driving me crazy.  I came down here without my suit jacket and I need my wallet for I.D. and my driver’s license.  I just sent a kid up for it.  Would you please get the jacket out of my closet and give it to him?  Thanks… and close up the office, I won’t be coming back there today.   You can leave whenever you like.  I’ll see you on Monday.”

“O.K. Mr. Harris,” she said, “I hope the damage to your car wasn’t too extensive.”

“It really isn’t, just a banged up fender, but it will cost this guy big bucks to get it fixed.  Anyhow, Sonia, have a good weekend.

“Yes, Sir. You too.”

Sonia found Clipper’s expensive jacket neatly hanging on a hanger in his office closet.  She checked to be sure his wallet was in the inside pocket and started to leave his private office when she noticed an open magazine on his desk.  It looked like porn but she didn’t take time to examine it… not just then. 

The boy from the parking garage was standing in the outer office when she walked out of Clipper’s office with the suit coat.

“Here you go,” she said and handed him the jacket.  “Tell Mr. Harris I’m leaving in just a few minutes.  He has my cell number if he needs me.”

As soon as the boy had left Sonia locked the outer office door and returned to the open magazine in her boss’s office.  What she found surprised and momentarily puzzled her.  She sat in Clipper’s chair and looked at the magazine.  It was porn of course, just as she had thought, but… it was pre-teen non-nude porn.  She had never heard of such a thing, but they were some of the sexiest pictures she had ever seen.  She could feel her cheeks getting warm as she turned the pages and amazingly enough could feel her own arousal looking at the young girls.  Her hand slid beneath her skirt and she touched herself... Oh my… oh…  Damn!

***** THREE *****

The pictures in the magazine were amazing.  Ages ran from the very young (three or four years old) to the almost legal (fifteen or sixteen), but most were between eight and eleven years old.  Then she noticed that Clipper had circled several pictures with a high liter and she could see why.  They were very sexy.  She found her lips had become dry, her hands shook ever so slightly, her tongue flicked out to moisten her now very dry lips.  Those circled were all girls around eight or nine, pretty girls that shared one thing in common… cute plump asses.  Some were blonds, one was a red head, a few were brunettes… all were sexy and displayed their butts with pride knowing what the reader would be looking for.  One little girl with her back to the camera was wearing a skirt and as she peeked over her shoulder lifted it just enough for the viewer to see the chubby crack of her ass, another had on only nylon panties and was pulling them up into her ass crack with a big smile on her face as she stared at the camera, still a third wearing only a thong spread her ass cheeks so the viewer could almost see her butt hole prevented only by the thinnest strip of fabric preventing viewing her rose bud.

“Well, well, would you look at these little sluts.”  She smiled remembering a time when it had been her posing in her panties.

Sonia didn’t know what to think.  She realized she didn’t understand her boss all that well or more strangely she thought, maybe she did understand him.  After all, hadn’t a similar thing happened to her as a young girl? Hadn’t she loved it? She slowly closed the magazine while she thought about it.  That was when she noticed his side desk drawer appeared to be cracked open.  Perhaps he had tried to close it while he was leaving in such a rush, but hadn’t noticed that it had jammed, jammed on a thin photo album.  Sonia had to jiggle the drawer to loosen it but it did finally open and she opened the album and looked at the pictures.

More of the same little girl porn, more or less the same that is, because these were not professional girl models like the magazine, these were amateur pictures.  Stunned she sat down in Clipper’s chair and stared.  She recognized the background as this very office, the desk, the chair, the same pictures on the wall etc.  There were only ten pictures, six of one little blonde girl and four others of a light brown haired sweetheart.  She thought she remembered the girl with the light brown hair as having come to the office with her dad.  Something Thomas she thought was his name.  The second girl she knew quite well and had spoken to her while she waited with her mother to see Mr. Harris on a few different occasions.  The mother was a divorced woman, a Mrs. Mason she remembered.  Both girls were around eight or nine and the pictures although not totally nude were very erotic in their little girl naiveté.

The blonde girl had posed in the guest chair first with her knees up showing her panties.  Her nylon panties had been pulled up to frame a perfect ‘camel toe’ with her young cunt lips and a second  picture with her turned around in the chair grinning over her shoulder at the photographer with her panties down showing off her chubby ass.  One other was of her lying on the desk on her back, her knees up and thighs spread apart… her panties were dark from being wet in a perfect oval over her cunt, but you couldn’t see her nude pussy.  The last was on the floor, kneeling with her face on the floor and her nylon covered ass on display, up in the air… waiting. 

The brown haired girl’s pictures were very much the same, except that she had one picture where she pulled up her tee-shirt and showed the camera her nipples while at the same time using the other hand to push down her pants and panties showing off her hairless mound and exhibiting her little girl cunt lips separated by a thin glistening grey slit. 

If she had had any question about whether or not Mr. Harris was the photographer, it was dismissed when on one of the glass covered pictures hung on the wall, she saw the reflection of a nude Clipper Harris.  He had a camera in one hand taking the picture while using his other hand to stroke his exposed cock.     

In addition to being moderately turned on by the pictures (and she felt guilty about that), Sonia was dumb founded by the strange discovery involving her boss.  She was dumb founded but not struck stupid.  So without a plan or even a real thought about it she took one picture of each of the girls and put them in her bag.  Later she would check the computer to find the appointment dates the girls with their parents had visited and she made a note of those dates.


***** FOUR *****

Sonia had all weekend to decide what to do.  Her own experience as a ten year old had not been particularly bad.  She had been a little scared at first but soon learned to enjoy the attention.  In fact once she had gotten past the original fear of the unknown it had been quite fun with her uncle.  Still without a plan, she surprised her daughter by taking several pictures of Lolly.  She took some on her kitchen table with the girl in a bathing suit, another in her pajamas holding her teddy bear and one she thought her boss would love….Lolly in the bath tub, but her nakedness completely covered with bubbles.  She used her PC to make copies.  Then she mailed them to herself at the office.  What was she doing, she wondered?  She didn’t really know herself.  But still slowly a plan was forming in her mind.     

“Why are you taking so many pictures of me, Mommy,” a curious Lolly had asked, “You can almost see my bum in the last one.”

“Because you love to have your picture taken, that’s why and people like to look at them because you’re so damned cute.” She gave her daughter a hug and squeezed her ass cheek.

Sonia couldn’t tell her yet about the plan that was still forming.  She only had the beginning of a plan at any rate.  However, soon enough, she would have one.

“I have a friend that likes to see pictures of little girls, Honey,” she said in an almost offhanded manner.  Don’t worry, no one else will see them.”  She was embarrassed to admit that taking the relatively mild pictures was none the less turning her on… on to her own daughter, much the same as the pictures in Clipper’s office had.

Later, on an impulse, she checked for non-nudes on her PC.  ‘Bingo,’ she thought to herself.  She was fascinated at the treasure trove of pictures she found of girls not very different from her own daughter.  She found several sites that gave her a good look at how professional photographers pose their non-nude pre-teen and teen models.    

She shared with Lolly what she had found going from picture to picture, explaining to her daughter how the girls were posing to tease the men. 

“These are naughty pictures, Honey, but they are kind of fun to take,”  Sonia said encouraged by her daughter’s interest.

After awhile without prodding and very much to Sonia’s surprise, Lolly asked her mother innocently, “Can I make some pictures like that, Mommy?”

“If you think you would like to baby, I don’t see why not.”  Then she asked the big question, “Do you think you could let a real man take pictures of you?”

Lolly thought about that for a moment.  “Would you be there, Mom?”

“Of course, Honey!  I would never leave you alone with anyone.”

“Then O.K., I could do that.  Making naughty pictures would be fun.”

“That’s my girl. I bet you would have a lot of fun.”

Sonia needed to make a decision.  Lolly’s okay with it.  But am I okay with it?  Do you have any better ideas for keeping your job?  No, you don’t!  Damn it, I’ll do it,’ she thought to herself.  ‘I’ll let the dirty bastard take pictures of my daughter… but only with some clothes on; at least panties… at least at first panties. God, don’t kid yourself, you do know where this is headed… No, no nudes!  Okay, maybe some nudes much later after proves to be trustworthy.’

She still wasn’t sure she was doing the right thing, but the memory of the harmless stuff that had happed to her as a kid and the fear of losing her job finally weakened her into believing it would be alright and not go too far.

She did wonder if it was a good thing or a bad one to involve her daughter in such a serious plot to save her job.  Certainly it could go bad and that would mean not only her job would be gone, but she may have risked frightening Lolly.  Still her own positive experience with her uncle had never hurt her and that argument proved convincing.  She decided to go for it, but to be ready to back out if there was any problem.

Rapidly the entire plan was falling into place in Sonia’s mind. She made sure as she wandered through porn sites with her daughter sitting next to her.  She wanted to be sure that Lolly saw lots of hard cocks in addition to all the pre-teen non-nudes.  Certainly she would be seeing Clipper’s cock, and when she did...   

***** FIVE *****

By Monday she was ready.  “Good morning Mr. Harris” she said in a pleasant voice when her boss came in at nine thirty.  “There are three messages for you. I put them on your desk.”

“Good morning, Sonia,” he said in a friendly absent manner. “Thank you.  If I need you, I’ll buzz you.”  He smiled again and moved on into his office and closed the heavy mahogany door with his name “Mr. C.J. Harris”, on a shiny brass plaque.

Sonia kept herself busy for the next few minutes. With butterflies in her stomach, she took a deep breath and knocked on Clipper’s door. 

“Come in,” came the strong voice from behind the door.

Sonia turned the heavy brass knob and opened the door.  ‘Here goes nothing,’ she thought to herself.  She walked in and up to Clipper’s desk.  She looked much braver than she felt.

“I have a little something that I would like to discuss with you, Clipper.”  Clipper raised his eyebrows hearing his secretary call him by his first name for the first time in a very long time; actually he found it quite charming of her.  Sonia smiled back at him, “May I sit down?”

“Yes, yes of course.”  His elbows were on his desk his fingers laced together in front of him in an easy relaxed manner.  “What is it Sonia?”

When she had left on the previous Friday she had carefully closed the photo album (after taking the two pictures), put it back, and closed the drawer.  The magazine she had just turned over face down.  Perhaps he would think she hadn’t seen it.  At any rate it was out of sight as she sat there and she guessed he probably had several others in one of his desk drawers.

“Well, Clipper… I hope you don’t mind me calling you Clipper?”

He waved his hand in an easy ‘who cares’ motion and made a permissive gesture with a facial expression.  “Go on, Sonia, call me anything you like.”  He had in fact dated Sonia when she first came to the company and they had, had several hot dates over a short period of time.  But then she had become his personal secretary and it made good business sense to stop the dating and concentrate on business, so he had.

“Well, on Friday you had me come into your office and bring your suit coat to the boy from the garage.  Do you remember?”

“Of course… I said thank you, I hope.  Go on.”

“Yes, yes you did, but that’s not the problem.  The thing is, I saw a magazine on your desk… a little girl magazine.  Do you remember the one?”

Clipper became a bit tense, the smile gone from his face.  “Well,” she continued, “I didn’t mean to peek, but the young girl on the cover caught my eye.  I’m embarrassed to say I looked at it.  It was quite extraordinary, Clipper, in a low class, base way of course, but actually in another way, very sexy.”

His demeanor had completely changed from a casual boss to a much more serious person and a little bit of the ‘tense professional’.  He sat up in his expensive leather chair, his face stiffened and his hand drew up into tight fist in his lap.  His face and neck flushed a bit and he looked angry, frightened, and trapped.

“Sonia you shouldn’t have been looking at anything on my desk and please never let it happen again.  That was just a piece of trash that some degenerate sent me in the mail.  I meant to throw it away, but when my car got involved in that accident in the garage, I just left without thinking.  Please don’t mention it to anyone… They could get the wrong idea… You do understand my meaning?”  Having become even more nervous, he brought his hands up and began playing mindlessly with a letter opener, slowly turning it over and over, then back and forth and between his fingers.

“Please, Clipper, don’t look so worried.  No one will ever learn from me anything you do in here.”  She smiled a friendly, reassuring smile her head tilted a little in a knowing way.  “It’s really no one else’s business now is it?”

“I just told you there was nothing going on in here in the first place!  What is it that you want, Sonia?”  Not only was he more attentive now but he was more openly worried.

“Clipper, I think there was something else going on in here.”  She smiled a sly smile that hid her actual anxiety; she was on a slippery slope, but she went forward.

“I also saw the pictures you took of the two girls in this office.  That pretty blond girl… Mr. Thomas’s daughter wasn’t it. At least I think Thomas was her father’s name.  And then there was that lovely little girl with the long light brown hair… her pictures were dear weren’t they?  That must have been Carol-Ann, Mrs. Mason’s girl.  Do I have the names right?  I have the appointment dates.  How old were they Clipper, eight or nine?”  He was stunned. 

Knowing she had him, she looked at him with a big smile and continued, “The album was stuck holding the drawer in your desk open.  I looked at that too.  So you see I know that you like to, ah, let’s say, look at, observe, photograph and I presume, touch little girls in compromising positions.  Isn’t that true?” Clipper’s face was ashen and he looked quite ill.  “Don’t be embarrassed.  Lots of men like doing that and some women as well.  I thought the pictures were beautiful, flattering, and harmless.”

The smile gone, Clipper said in a cool voice, “And if I were to tell you that they were taken by someone else?”

“I would say that your reflection on the glass of that picture,” she replied turning in her seat to point to a picture at the right and to the rear of her chair, “would prove that it was you that took the pictures; not just enjoying them, but posed the girls and took their pictures… and unless the reflection is lying, you were nude when you did it.  She leaned forward and glancing down at his crotch she added in a teasing aside, “I had almost forgotten how well endowed you are.  You can even see your erection in the reflection, Clipper.  You really should be more careful!”  Sonia smiled innocently at Clipper; he had become very uncomfortable in defeat, she was beginning to feel the rush of victory.   

“What do you want, Sonia?  Some people pay me in different ways.  I can’t have anyone see those photos of course, even if their parents were willing… and they were.” Resigned, Clipper sat back in his chair forcing his mind to work as quickly as it could.

“Oh, dear no, you can’t, can you?  But Clipper, I don’t think you understand,” Sonia said in a motherly voice.  “I’ll explain in a moment what I want, but first please don’t be so concerned!   Stop worrying.  There is no reason that anyone should ever know anything about your little, let’s call it your ‘minor ‘perversion.  In fact to show you how certain you can be of my good intentions, I have some pictures of my own you may enjoy.”  Walking around his desk she clicked onto her own e-mail account and pulled up Lolly’s pictures.

Clipper had no idea what this silly woman could be up to.  He thought she was blackmailing him, but a simple call to the immigration people would end her plan very, very quickly.  Still he didn’t want those pictures made public.  The pictures of Sonia’s daughter were interesting, so he began to look at them.

 She watched him over the next few minutes as he examined each picture.  Three times, as he looked at the pictures, he stopped long enough to glance up at Sonia with a questioning expression on his face.  She couldn’t see but guessed that he had a fat erection.  His hands shook slightly and beads of sweat had broken out across his upper lip and brow.  

“She is something, Sonia… very, ahh… pretty.”  He couldn’t think of anything to say as he studied Lolly’s pictures, but he thought about  what her young pussy would taste like, the pungent pee smell perhaps and oh, oh, oh the feel of his cock sliding into her mouth… into that pretty mouth.

Sonia watched as he began raping Lolly in his mind and not hiding it from Sonia.  “I can see you enjoy her, Clipper.  She is my precious baby girl; she is eight, the age you seem to like.”

“Now imagine if you were to take pictures of my daughter, Lolly, here in your office or if you prefer, in our home.  Those pictures could be even more revealing.  Wouldn’t you like that?” 

Clipper held back, being non-committal until he understood the game they were playing.  “Yes, yes, I do like them young.  Eight you say?  Delightful delightful…”  he took an extra few seconds going back to  Lolly’s two ass pictures then returning to them for a third time.

“You seem to enjoy her little bottom, Clipper. It is exquisite, isn’t it?  In real life it’s even cuter.”  Sonia knew she had him now.

Clipper couldn’t stop looking at Lolly’s photo album.  Looking at a photo of the bubble covered rump of Sonia’s young daughter he ventured, “I still don’t understand what you want, Sonia.” Actually he was beginning to get some strange vibes.  ‘I guess that is what this is really all about isn’t it?’ he asked himself.    Could she be so stupid as to try to bribe or worse, blackmail him?  His nervousness was now gone; his eyes had narrowed to slits, his face hard as he looked at her.  He was thinking quite clearly now; a minute before he had activated a micro switch under the lip of his desk top, she hadn’t noticed.

“I don’t want a lot, Clipper.  Please don’t look so distressed.  But let’s start with this, a guarantee that I won’t be laid off or fired for ten years.  That has to be in writing naturally.”  Her hands were sweating as she watched him… she dried them on her skirt.

 “Then you pay Lolly and me, ten dollars every time you snap a picture.  That’s it, nothing more.  You keep all the pictures, and you can take the pictures with your own clothes on or off.”

“All the pictures of her will be with some clothes on at first at least… but just the minimum and they can be very tight or see-through.  Eventually, if everyone is comfortable with it, she can pose nude for twenty–five dollars a picture… that is once I can be sure we can trust you.”  She ran a moist tongue over her suddenly dry lips.  “For anything else you might wish to do, for instance touching her a bit… well… we can agree on a price at the time, can’t we?  Remember she is an eight year old virgin just for you to play with...  nothing more, just play.  How does that all sound?”

Clipper looked at Sonia for a moment without saying anything, he seemed to unwind.  He sat back and relaxed in his thick leather chair.  He smiled… Now he understood the game, and he was good at it… she wasn’t.  Clipper leaned forward, his eyes boring into Soinia’s. “An eight year old virgin… for me to play with, you say. You are serious, aren’t you?  Let’s be clear.  You’re whoring your daughter aren’t you?  What’s her name?” 

Lolly… her name is Lolly.  Yes, I guess I am whoring her in a sense.  You like to take pictures of little girls and my girl is available without any sticky complications.  You can think of her as your private little girl photo model.”  She managed a nervous smile.

“A slut you mean, don’t you? A photo slut,” he said with a straight face.

The word startled her, but she was willing to over look it.  “You can put it that way I suppose, but YOUR JOB is safe, my job is safe, and everyone is happy.”  She emphasized the words “your job”.  She was wondering if things were really going as well as she hoped as he no longer seemed nervous.

Clipper was thinking as he sat up and looked at the pictures again.  She was perfect.  Smiling he turned to Sonia.

“O.K. Sonia I’m interested.  May I keep these?” he nodded towards the computer monitor with Lolly’s pictures.

“Samples?  Certainly, be my guest, just download them.  Then we have a deal?”

“Deal,” Clipper said as they both rose from their seats.  Smiling they shook hands and Sonia prepared to leave.

“I’m so glad we could come to an agreement, Clipper,”  Sonia said. “I hate hard feelings.”

“As do I,” Clipper said with a new smile coming around from behind the desk.  Touching her gently he put an arm lightly around her shoulder and started to escort her from his office.

“I’ll get back to work now,” Sonia said. “I have plenty to do.”

At the door Sonia reached for the door knob and began to open the door, but she never saw his quick silent move.  As the door began to open, Clipper slammed it shut with a violent kick then his hand grasped the back of her neck and slammed her head face first into the back of the door stunning her.  She began to scream but he slammed her head against the door a second time and all she could do was whimper half stunned.  “Please don’t hurt me, Clipper, please, please.  What’s wrong?  We have a deal, an understanding.  Please let me go, please, please.  You’re hurting me.  I’ll never tell, I promise, just let me go.”

While she was still stunned Clipper quickly pulled both her hands high over her head,handcuffed her then hooked the handcuffs over a “C” hook that she had never noticed but was there for just this purpose.  

“Don’t hurt me,” she was crying and whined totally confused.  “What’s wrong?  Oh, please what’s wrong?”

“Shut the fuck up, you stupid cunt,” he said grabbing a fistful of hair smashed her face again into the thick mahogany door.  “I told you to shut up.”  She cried stunned and now only half conscious.  Instinctively she bit her lip hoping he wouldn’t continue to hurt her if she was quiet.

“Fucking cunt!  Think you can blackmail me?  You miserable fucking bitch… you stinking whore.  I don’t believe this.”  With one hand still holding her head he lifted her skirt, pushed the hem into her belt and grabbed between her legs.  He yanked down on her panties, ripping them free, then grabbed her pubic hair and pulled down hard.  She stifled her scream as dozens of cunt hairs ripped away in his hand.

“Stupid bitch!  Sad assed fucking cunt…  I video/audio recorded everything that you said just now in my office.  So who is blackmailing who now, you stupid cunt?  Do you know what happens to mothers that sell their kids for sex Wetback, illegal mothers?  I have the tape of your offer, you pitiful piece of shit. No, Honey, you are not the one that will be doing the blackmailing.” 

Clipper went across the office and returned with a riding crop from his closet along with a pair of his own exercise socks.  He pushed the dirty socks in her mouth, slapped her ass hard with the crop, then spit on her dark hole.  Not very slowly he forced the leather covered stick deep into her ass hole.

“How does that feel, you fucking conniving slut?  Do you want to call a cop?”

Sonia stiffened at the invasion, her eyes squeezed shut with the sharp pain of his deep, too-too deep assault, but she couldn’t cry out.

“Maybe you would like this better,” Clipper pulled the stick out of her brown hole and taking a full swing began to savage her ass with the crop. “This will teach you to be a good girl and respect your boss, Sonia.”  He brought the crop down five times across her white ass cheeks leaving her with bright blood red, mean looking welts. Clipper was sweating now, but just getting going.  Her ass beating brought tears to her eyes.  The tears ran down her cheeks, but only guttural sounds escaped from her stuffed mouth.

He turned her around like a piece of meat on a swivel, her hands remained held aloft on the hook.  “Sweetheart,” he said his eyes glaring at her.  “Now we are partners… but I’m the senior partner.  You know what that means? It means I’m the boss.”  He tore open her blouse and ripped off her bra to expose lovely firm tits, huge areola, and very stiff nipples.

“I had forgotten how nice your tits were, Sonia, but I won’t forget again.”  He turned away and walking to his desk he found three strong spring clips.

Her eyes followed him, frightened, not knowing what he would do.  A thin line of blood ran from her nose and it was beginning to swell, a second line of blood ran from the corner of her mouth.  Her lip was split and she felt at least two loose teeth. Sonia could taste the blood, acid-iron tasting.  She wondered when this would end.  In front of her again, he bent down and pulled off her torn panties.  Standing he smelled the panties, while he smiled at her.  “Smile partner,” he said.  Clipper watched her eyes as he attached the clips to her tender nipples.  Then he put the spring clips on each nipple giving her a rush of strong, strangely erotic, pain. 

He watched while the terror turned to acceptance and acceptance to erotic joy.  Next he knelt and briefly sucked on her clit, hidden as it was in a forest of dark curly pubic hair it became erect immediately and when it did he placed the third clip on the tender flesh.  The pain was overpowering for some seconds as she bit down on the fabric in her mouth.  She let out a muffled scream that quickly degenerated into tears and pain filled very erotic moans and acceptance.

He unhooked her hands from the door and roughly pulled her to the chair she had been sitting in moments before.  He forced her to bend over the back of the chair face down, her red stripped ass up and available.

“Now love, the one thing you never let me do when I was interested in you, was to fuck your sweet ass.  You said you hated it, even the thought disgusted you.  Well,  guess what? It  is going to happen now.” 

He pushed her skirt up higher over her back completely exposing her beautiful, painfully red striped ass.  Pulling out his erect cock he spit on his hand wiped it on his engorged cock and then spit on her ass hole.  With a minimum of preparation he forced his cock head into her brown hole.  She tried to resist by twisting but he slapped her very sore ass and she held still whining into her filthy gag.  Then Clipper forced his cock deep into her dark tunnel.  He fucked her ass with no more thoughtfulness than than a dog in the street.  He came off like a fountain; he came off like he hadn’t in a very long time and his cum filled her ass to overflowing.  He loved the feeling of his own cum in her hole, a slick covering for his dick, providing new lubricant. After a half a dozen more strokes, he was done so he slowly stopped plunging into her.

Finished, he let her up and un-cuffed her.  “Use my private bathroom to clean yourself up, Sonia,” he said without any vindictiveness.  “Let’s not have any more talk about blackmail (she had never actually used that word in any case).  Starting today I don’t want you to ever wear panties to work; I’ll want you available whenever I have an urge.”  Their eyes met “Do you understand me?” he asked her with slightly raised eyebrows and a no non-sense smile.

“Yes,” she said in a whisper. “I understand.”  Her eyes lowered under his stare.  Without any more said she went to the bathroom and washed herself.  Her asshole felt like it was on fire and was leaking cum down her thigh, but somehow even in her mortification, she felt satisfied and not really frightened.

Just before leaving for the afternoon, Clipper stopped at her desk while he pulled on his jacket.  “I’ll be coming to your home Friday evening.  Have the little tramp ready, and I’ll want you nude while I take the pictures.”  His lips curled into an unctuous smile, raising his eyebrows as if to say ‘any questions’ without saying anything.

Sonia’s nipples still burned from the clips and her butt hole was so tender that she had to sit a bit sideways with her legs crossed to be able to sit at all, she understood. 

Meekly she answered, “No, sir… no questions… She, I mean we, will be waiting for you.”


***** SIX *****

It was Friday evening and raining heavily as Clipper drove slowly down Marlboro Street looking for Sonia’s house number.  Even  with the rain, the street was well lit and so that even with the poor visibility, he found Sonia’s house quickly.  Relieved to see the number, he pulled into the open attached garage.  Sonia had told him she would leave the door open for his convenience and privacy.  Once inside, the garage door closed automatically behind him.  Concealing his car would keep neighbors from wondering.  She was waiting for him at the kitchen door entrance to the garage.

“Good directions, Sonia,” he said approaching the door.  “Hope I’m not too early.”  He was carrying a small gym bag but nothing else. 

“I’m so glad you didn’t change your mind, Lolly is excited about meeting you.  Thank you, by the way, for my letter of guaranteed employment; I got it today in the mail,”  Sonia said as they moved into the house.  Truthfully she didn’t know what to expect next.  What would she do if he wanted to fuck the eight year old?  How could she refuse?  She really didn’t think he would do that and was hopeful that she could talk him out of that, at least for the time being.

She had lost some sleep over what she was doing.  Was she really whoring her young daughter?  No, she decided she wasn’t.  For the time being it was just pictures and Lolly was excited about that. Anything more was in the future and the future could take care of itself.  The whole thing was a rush for Sonia, so she hoped she wasn’t hurting her daughter.  She would watch out for her, be there to protect her, be there to restrain Clipper if need be.

She did understand that he was making the rules.  Still as concerned as she was, she wasn’t really terrible worried.  After all she had finally realized and he must have realized this all along, it wasn’t a matter of him blackmailing her at all; it was in reality a standoff.  He had as much to lose as she did… even more.  So it was best all around if they all got along and she couldn’t see why that wasn’t possible. 

“You’re more than welcome,” Clipper replied,” but to tell you the truth, there was very little chance of you being one of those laid off.  But then again, one never knows, does one?”   

“No, I suppose not,” she said with a smile of inevitability.

They moved into the living room where Sonia earlier had started a small fire in the glass-front fireplace.  She took Clipper’s coat and put it in the hall closet, then called up the stairs.

“Come on down, Lolly! Mr. Harris is here.”  She smiled at Clipper. “She is really excited about you taking her pictures.  Sit down, Clipper.  Can I get you a drink, Scotch, bourbon… rum and coke?  I have a great new vodka, ‘Gray Goose’, it’s smooth as honey.”

“The vodka on the rocks would be perfect.”

“With a twist?”

“Certainly; if it’s no trouble.”

“No trouble at all. I’ll be right back.”

Sonia left the room and headed back to the kitchen.  Clipper looked around the room interested in his secretary’s taste.  He was impressed.  There were several period prints… no originals of course, but excellent copies.  An expensive tiffany lamp copy sat on a rose wood antique ‘banjo’ table.  A fireplace chair in rich green on green fabric and a smaller, ‘King Louie parlor chair’ in a rose material, were perfect for the room.  Also there was a King Louie style sofa in a lighter green and lastly an inviting overstuffed chair in a third color of green.  Clipper was suddenly aware of a presence behind him and he turned.

“Hi,” he said to the pretty little girl.  “You must be Lolly,” he added smiling at the adorable eight year old.  He guessed she must weigh around fifty something pounds and was four-foot two or so.  She had wavy light brown hair and sparkling blue eyes.  Those eyes were on Clipper now, smiling at him but still too shy to speak.  She was wearing elastic waist jeans and a Red Sox t-shirt.

“You are just as pretty as your picture; even prettier I think.  My name is Clipper Harris. I’m your mother’s boss.  You can call me Clipper if you like.  Did your Mom tell you I was coming over tonight?”

“Yes, she said you were coming over.  She said you would be taking some pictures… some naughty pictures.”  Surprised at herself for having talked so much she checked herself and seemed to flush a bit.

Clipper too was a surprised at how direct the young girl was. “Yes, that’s right. I would like to take some pictures of you, if you don’t mind.  You’re very cute…  Your mom showed me some pictures of you... some very nice pictures. You don’t mind me taking some pictures of you, do you?”

“I don’t mind.”  Lolly had been thinking about Clipper taking her picture since her mom had told her he was coming over.  She didn’t know why, but she was shy about it and at the same time excited; kind of like riding on a Ferris-wheel scary, but fun. She looked down at the floor with her hands behind her back, her shoulders rocking a little to an unheard beat.  Then looking up at him she added in a perfectly straight face, “Mom said you liked to take pictures of young girls in their underwear, is that true?”

Not knowing just how to answer that he started by saying, “Ah, yes, sometimes I do… If the girl is pretty”.  Then Sonia returned to the living room just in time to save him from a longer explanation.

“Oh, how nice you two have met,” she said with a big smile and a hug and kiss on the cheek for Lolly.  She set the tray with two vodka’s and a coke down on the coffee table, handed one glass to Clipper one to Lolly, taking the third for herself.

“I assume your camera is in the bag, Clipper,” Sonia said.  “This will be ever so interesting and fun; won’t it, Lolly?”

Lolly didn’t answer but nodded her head positively with two quick jerks, while she sipped her coke and eyed the gym bag.  Then turned toward Clipper, “Would you like to see some of my dresses and stuff for the pictures Mr. Clipper? Mommy and me got them laid out.”

“Sure, I would love to see them.  We can decide which ones we want to do first.  Can you bring them here or do I go somewhere?”

“Just come with me… they are right around the corner in the dining room.” Lolly put down her coke and reached for Clippers hand.

Sonia winked at Clipper as he stood up to follow Lolly.  “I told you she was excited, didn’t I?”  Standing to follow them, she hoped Lolly wasn’t too excited

“See!”  Lolly exclaimed.  “These are the things Mommy and I picked out to wear for the pictures.”  She pointed at the several outfits that had been laid out on the table and on two chairs.  More than they would ever need for one evening.

The first thing that caught Clippers attention was a little girl’s two piece bikini bathing suit.  Then he saw her Sunday school dress with lots of lace and ribbons.

“I really like this dress, Lolly,” Clipper said meaning every word.

“I like it too.  Maybe I can model it first...  These are my last year shorts; they are really too small for me now,” Lolly smiled proudly holding up a skimpy pair of pink and a pair white shorts.  “Mom says I can’t wear them in public, but we can take a picture if you want to,” she said in a matter of fact way.  She evidently never noticed (but Sonia had) the obvious bulge that was growing in the front of Clipper’s pants.  “This is a cowboy vest that I wear with a tee shirt underneath, but maybe for the picture Mom said I can wear it without the tee shirt… Wouldn’t that be good?” She giggled and moved on.

“That would be really sexy,”  he agreed.

Her mother added, “And silk panties would be perfect; don’t you think, Clipper.  Only panties, no pants.”  Sonia smiled as they agreed with her.

There was a small pile of little girl bras and panties in a variety of colors and fabrics, as well as high heels from her mother’s closet and knee high cotton socks.

Fingering a pair of silk panties Clipper said, “These all looks wonderful Lolly.  We can make some really good pictures with any of these. 

“We tried to find some nylons for her,” Sonia said, “but no one around here had anything close to her size.”

“Well, that’s good because look at what I bought with me.”  Clipper grinned as he open his gym bag (he had carried it with him from the living room), and took out four flat plastic envelopes, each containing some form of stocking.  “These are panty hose for eight year old girls…. one black pair and one brown.  And then these are two pair of old fashioned nylons, one pair is black fish net and one tan fishnet.  Then of course that doesn’t work unless you have this…”  Clipper held up a girl’s size black lace garter belt and watched Lolly’s eyes glisten with pleasure.

“Now what do I get for the garter belt and nylons?”

“What do you have in mind?” asked Sonia, who was feeling better and better, and hornier and hornier, all the time about this interesting arrangement.      

“How about a big kiss from our special model?”  Clipper could see that Lolly was willing and that her mother wasn’t going to interfere.  

“O.K.,” Sonia smiled and to herself she added jokingly, ‘You old perverted bastard! I bet you can’t wait until you can get your tongue down her throat can you?’  She knew her little cock teaser daughter would love to kiss the handsome man, and he wouldn’t have had to buy any nylons either.  She turned to Lolly, “Give Uncle Clipper a nice kiss for the pretty nylons, Sweetheart”.

Clipper bent down to bring his face even with the eight year old.  Lolly wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him the beginning of a big closed mouth kiss.  Clipper reached around Lolly’s young body and taking and ass cheek into each hand lifted her into the air continuing to kiss her while he fondled her chubby butt.  She wrapped her legs around him while he used his tongue skillfully to gain entrance to the sweet young mouth.

They kissed with open mouths, wet and slow. Lolly put her hands on either side of Clippers face gently holding his cheeks while she slowly continued to kiss him.  Clipper thought that he had never tasted anything as sweet as the girl’s mouth; it was like warm honey, hot, willing, and sexy.  He bit gently at her bottom lip and she giggled and wiggled her pussy against his belly without realizing what she was doing.  He finally set her down on the floor.

“Wow,” he said, “you are a really good kisser.”  Lolly giggled again and blushed.

“That was quite a kiss, Clipper.  Do you always kiss eight year olds like that?” the mother asked with a sly grin.

“Only when they are as pretty as Lolly is.  And have such a nice round butt to hold on to.”

“You’re awful,” Sonia laughed, “we are all going to get along just fine I can see that.  Aren’t we, Lolly?”

“I thought it was fun Mommy.”  She deliberately wiggled her sexy ass and walked  back into the living room.


***** SEVEN *****

The first picture was the hardest to set up because everyone was a little tense and unfamiliar with what each was looking for or how far they would go.  They posed Lolly in her white frilly Sunday school dress.  She had a white bow in her hair, white Mary Jane shoes, and ankle high socks with lace at the top edge.  Sonia had used a little make up on Lolly, which of course Lolly loved.  She used a touch of blue eye shadow, a faint blush, and pink lip stick.  They gave her a bright red lollypop to lap (not suck) with her small pink tongue showing and had her assume a friendly passive look.  Lastly Clipper had her draw up her knees and spread her knees so the camera could clearly see her white satin panties that she cheerfully pulled aside with one hand to expose her pink cunt lips.

“You like looking at my pee hole, don’t you Uncle Clipper?”  Clipper had removed his jacket and tie.  So his erection was very, very obvious. 

“Yes, I do, Lolly.” Feeling ever more confident, he brashly added, “I like it a lot because it makes my cock hard,” while cutting a glance at the mother to gauge her reaction.   Sonia didn’t react, as if using the word ‘cock’ with an eight year old was perfectly normal. 

He wondered if Lolly would know what the word, ‘cock’ meant.  Testing the waters further, he brazenly rubbed his cock in plain sight and closed his hand around the still covered rod, as much to watch their reactions as anything.  Lolly’s eyes went to the big bulge that she thought he seemed to enjoy fondling and then back to his eyes, but she didn’t say anything else.

“We just have one problem, I think.” Clipper smiled at first Lolly and then at Sonia.  “Your Mommy is supposed to be undressed while I take the pictures.  That is one of the rules, isn’t it, Mommy,” he said looking at Sonia.

Blushing now Sonia answered, “Yes, I guess it was.  But Clipper, don’t you…”  He cut her off with just a raised finger.  Remembering what had happened in his office, she knew that she didn’t want to anger him.

Sonia turned to her young daughter.  “You don’t mind if Mommy takes her clothes off do you, Lolly?”

“Nope.  I don’t mind Mommy.  Is Mr. Clipper going to take your picture too?”  Lolly looked at her mother and then at Clipper.

Clipper smiled at the young girl, “Not tonight, Sweetheart.  Maybe some other time, but not tonight.” With a firmer voice than he had used yet, Clipper looked at Sonia…“Time to strip… Mommy.”

Sonia took her clothes off slowly, not to tease, but out of embarrassment.  Her blouse, then her tan bra that let her tits swing free, and she blushed knowing her daughter was watching her get naked in front of a man.  Then her skirt, her panties, and finally her panty hose.  Lolly looked at her mother and then at Clipper with a question on her face, but none on her lips.

Lolly had seen her mother nude before, in the bath tub and when she was dressing. She knew this was different… Uncle Clipper could see her.  Lolly guessed that was O.K. because her mother was doing it willingly, but she could feel the tension as her Mommy stripped.  It was the Ferris wheel tickle in her tummy again.

“Look, Lolly,” Clipper said, “your mother has lots of pussy hair doesn’t she?”

“Um-hum,” Lolly said in agreement.  She was staring at her mother’s body. She hadn’t thought about the hair before and she didn’t really know if she should laugh or not; the hair looked like it needed to be combed.  She had never heard the word ‘pussy’ before, but guessed it was a grown up word for her pee hole.

“Next time I come over to take pictures, maybe you and I can shave off all that hair and she will look like you.  Does that sound like fun?  I know she won’t mind.”

“O.K.,”  Lolly said, “that will be fun, I guess.”

Red faced with humiliation, Sonia just sat down and crossed her legs.

They took three pictures of Lolly in the Sunday School dress.  Clipper noticed that her silk panties were showing a stain of moisture that outlined her pussy lips and wondered if it was pee or if she was excited about seeing his erection.  Could be both, he supposed. The first picture was sitting in the visitors chair with her knees up giving the viewer a clear look at her panties.  The second was sitting half turned again with the skirt up showing her tightly covered butt.  The last was Lolly facing the back of the chair, kneeling with her skirt up high enough to expose her thinly covered ass.  

 Next he picked out the bikini for her to model.  This time she marched back and forth in front of Clipper and her mother the way she had seen models do it on TV.  Clipper took a lot of pictures of her almost nude form, while his cock continued to get harder.  He should have guessed by the easy way she preformed for him that she and her mother had rehearsed the horny little girl.  Lolly’s little ass wiggle-walk that she did for him while she sashayed back and forth across the living room showed a willing student.  The suit was very tight and the thin fabric in back slid into her ass crack leaving the impression from the rear that she was bottomless, her ass cheeks lovely, pink, and firm.  He continued to fondle himself and could feel his pre-cum, sticky and wet against his belly.  The girl was really all that he had hoped she would… more actually.

“That is last year’s bathing suit, Clipper “said Sonia. “I thought you might like to see her in that one”.   

“I love it,” Clipper said without taking his eyes off the small model. “Your daughter is spectacular.  Can’t you tell how much I like her?” he motioned down toward the bulge in his trousers, and a growing dark stain.

“Clipper, you’re going to ruin your suit trousers.”  Remembered his reflection in the glass in the office picture she asked, “Why don’t you take off your pants and lay them over the back of the chair.  Lolly has seen lots of cocks on porn sites we’ve been looking at them together.  Haven’t we, honey?”

Lolly had stopped her modeling for a minute to retie a loose hip tie on the satin suite and looked at the bulge in Clipper’s pants.  “Yes, I looked at lots of those big things, Uncle Clipper.  And any way you can see lots of me, and all of Mommy, so it’s only fair.”  She grinned as if she had made a critical point, stuck out her tongue at him and giggled once again.

Setting his camera aside for the moment, Clipper answered back to both ladies, “Just what I had in mind myself.”  He sat on the couch and took off his shoes and his socks, then standing again he loosened his belt and pushed down the zipper on his pants.  “I thought I might wait until I knew you both a little better, but with your permission, off come the pants.”  With that he stepped out of his pants.  Bare legged he unbuttoned his shirt so Lolly could get a good look at his erect, maroon color, BVD covered cock.  It would be inaccurate to say that the BVD’s covered his dick… they really didn’t nearly cover all of it.  His cock had grown so thick and long that the head of his cock (and an inch of the shaft), had pushed over the top of his underwear and the entire cock head was visible above the elastic waist band.  The lower section of his BVD’s bulged with the burden of his ball sack.  He thrilled watching the mother and daughter stare at his magnificent dick as it leaked pre-cum from its slit.  It delighted him no end to see the surprised look on their faces.

Clipper was a well built late-forties man; a little over six feet tall, two hundred or so lbs, with dark thick wavy hair.  With his shirt open his body was on display.  He didn’t have even the beginning of a gut,  just broad shoulders, a thick chest and moderately muscled belly.  Clipper was proud of his very masculine, thick dark chest hair, his black curly pubic hair that showed above the stretched waist band of his underwear. 

Lolly seemed to forget she was modeling and just stared.  Sonia said with a wishful smile, “Wow, now that is a cock.  God, are we three going to have fun.”  She turned her attention to her daughter. “What do you think of that big thing, baby?  You’re the one that made it grow so big, you know.  I warned you, Uncle Clipper really likes little girls’ bottoms.” 

Now Lolly’s eyes moved back and forth between Clipper’s warm eyes and his cock that fascinated her.  She sucked in her lower lip a bit and continued to run her tongue over upper and lower lips.  “It’s really big Uncle Clipper.  Why don’t you take off your underwear while I put on a special costume to model for you.  I really want to see the whole thing.”  Lolly backed down the hall then turned and skipped down the hall and disappeared.

With Lolly gone Sonia turned to Clipper and asked a redundant question, “I can see you really do like taking her pictures, don’t you Clipper?  Tell you the truth, it is fun for me seeing her enjoy herself, she is such a ham.  And I was telling you the truth when I said that I wasn’t trying to blackmail you… I just thought that we all could have some fun together.  Now, why don’t you just take off those jockey shorts for her and for me and play with your dick while she models her next out-fit.”

“I have a better idea.  You take them off for me, Mommy.” Sonia happily did as she was told and took off his BVD’s.  

He began to slowly stroke his erection and waited for Lolly to reappear.  His cock felt wonderful, like the constant hum of a never ending “C” note on the lower scale of a piano.  A never ending note that is until it did end in a crashing climatic crescendo.

“I think it is time for Lolly to see her mother’s cunt, a really good look.  Open your legs, Sonia so she can see the swollen wet lips.”  Clipper reached into his nearby camera bag and retrieved a realistic looking vibrator.  “Here, be using that when she returns.”

Sonia, as turned on as she had ever been, did as she was told. With her thighs spread wide apart, she began sliding the fat toy into her wet cunt and masturbate.  A few minutes later Lolly returned and was somewhat surprised at what her mother was doing with the buzzing vibrating machine.  She looked at her mother pleasuring herself then at Clipper’s now nude cock with obvious interest, but without real surprise. There was a moment of silence; then she smiled sweetly.  The fact was she had seen a similar vibrator in action in one of the porn videos she and her mother had watched, so she was more curious to see her own mother using it than shocked. 

Then from Clipper, “God damn little girl, you look as hot as a wood stove in January, baby.” Clipper smiled while he began to jack off faster and faster in long full strokes pleased to have mother and daughter as an audience.  “You’re just perfect, Honey.”

“I hope you like my little dance Mr. Clipper,” Lolly said in a new subdued, demure voice.  She pulled the coffee table away from the couch, where her mother was sitting legs open, and the chair where Clipper sat camera in one hand.  Standing on the table she began to move slowly at first then faster and faster.  In a rehearsed sensual exhibition, she twisted and turned, even gyrated…turned and bent over rolling her hips so he could enjoy a close look at her asshole.  She had been well trained.

Lolly was wearing a black see through vest that plainly showed off her nickel-sized nipples.  She was wearing a shiny black G-string that had a patch of black satin over her pussy and then a thin single black thread like strap that came up between her legs, that didn’t begin to hide her asshole as she twisted wiggled and turned, the thread like tie ended at the waist strap.  Her ass cheeks, that Clipper loved most of all, were nude and driving him crazy with need for release.  She was wearing a garter belt that held up sensual black mesh ‘slut stockings’ that ended short of her crotch and allowed a strip of white virgin skin to show between where her “G” string patch ended and the stocking tops began. He clicked away with his camera and pulled his cock. A thin sweat broke out on Clipper’s forehead, his jacking off took on a more passionate-desperate dimension and his lips went dry as he stared at the small girl twisting and turning on top of the coffee table

Then as he felt his end coming he turned toward Sonia, “Jesus, Sonia, she is driving me crazy!  Fuck, I’m ready to cum.  I’ll pay you an extra fifty dollars if you let me cum on her.”  Clipper looked almost like a man in distress or pain rather than a man on the edge of a sweet, sweet climax.

Sonia now had her hand down in her crotch fucking herself with the vibrator.  Knowing he would probably do whether she objected or not, the mother asked, “What do you think, Honey?  Can Uncle Clipper sprinkle his silver love-milk over you? It would feel really good for him if you let him.’

Instinctively, Lolly knew that this was what it was really all about.  Her sexy clothes (or lack of clothes) had made her new uncle sexy and he needed to relieve himself like grownups did.  She had seen the dogs next door and the boy dog always got a big ‘thing’ until he got on top of the girl dog.  But Clipper wasn’t going to get on top of her, just spray his ‘stuff’.  That would be fun.  “O.K. Mommy, he can if he wants to.”  Lolly got down off the table and stood near the edge of the table.

“Good girl,” her mother said, “now go over next to him, Sweetie.  It’s O.K. if he touches you, he won’t hurt you.”

“Yes, Lolly, come over here to me.” Clipper couldn’t take his eyes off Lolly’s lovely ass.  He was jacking off much more quickly now absolutely in love with the eight year old for the next few minutes.  Lolly moved over in front of him.  She saw a new tension in his eyes.

“Is this OK Uncle Clipper?”

“Yes,” he hissed as he struggled to hold back.  “But turn around and bend over. I want to see your butthole closer.”  Pre-cum had covered Clippers hand and was beginning to drip from his sliding fingers.  Lolly turned around and bent over.  Clipper heard Sonia moaning as she watched the erotic scene of her daughter and a grown man dealing sexually; he knew that she was having her climax.

Kneeling Clipper looked at the tiny ass hole in front of him, pink and puckered.  He spread the cheeks apart bent and tongued her hole in long strokes, then he forced his tongue into her hole an inch and retreated.  ‘Damn,’ he thought, ‘if she was just a bit older I could fuck her ass.’

Hee, hee, hee,” Lolly laughed. “It tickles me, Uncle Clipper.” He didn’t stop to talk but kissed her hole as he felt himself began to cum; but he willed it away for the moment. 

“Quickly, Lolly, turn and kiss me again.”  He had put his camera down now and gave her a long open mouthed kiss, tongue to tongue.  His hands slid up and down over her magnificent ass.  “Now my little slut, kneel down in front of me.  She did just as he asked and he began to unload the long thick threads of cum he no longer could control.  Some landed in her hair, most on her face where it covered her almost completely.  Cum ran down her cheeks and dripped off her chin; some ran from her forehead down the side of her nose and into her, half-opened-in-surprise mouth.  Some even ran down her neck and onto her chest.   One of Clipper’s hands went to her chest where his slippery cum covered fingers pulled and twisted her young nipples.

The evening ended soon after with Sonia bringing warm wet face cloths to clean off Lolly and for Clipper to wash his cock, then came the surprise from Clipper. 

“I would love to baby sit Lolly on a more or less permanent basis, Sonia.  Sometimes with you and sometimes without you.  Is that possible?  I promise I would never hurt her.  That thing in the office, I was angry and felt betrayed.  I’m sorry about it, not for fucking your ass, but for being too rough.  You’ve proven your sincerity to me tonight.  It’s up to you to decide when it is time to go further with her.”

Sonia wasn’t ready for such a serious commitment or the apology.  She looked at Lolly who looked back starry eyed with all the evenings’ activities.  Sonia knew her daughter’s answer, she loved this.  But what was he really saying?

“I don’t know what to say, Clipper.  What is it you really want?  More pictures?  Babysit her, what does that mean?”

“Sorry, Love.  Let me be very clear. I really like Lolly and I want to be the best of friends possible.  I want her for sex sometimes and sometimes just to be her friend.  I want to be able to come over here whenever I like to spend time with Lolly… pictures or,” he winked at her, “eventually who knows what. I will want to take her to the movies or dinner or to the beach or to my apartment and maybe on vacation.  Basically, whatever I want to do with her.  Is that clear enough?”

Sonia knew just what he was saying, he wanted her daughter as his child slut.  She also knew that it would be Clipper and Lolly, not her, that determined how far he would go with the girl, and she had no illusion as to how far that would be.  But she also knew that Lolly had enjoyed the evening, they both had.  For the time being at least, Lolly had become quite captivated with, ‘Mr. Clipper.’

Suddenly aware that she was into something serious, Sonia asked, “And for all of those ‘special’ privileges, Lolly and I would get just what?”

Because of her hesitation, Clipper recognized that he had her; the girl was his.  She would whore her daughter.  “Do you rent this house Sonia or do you own it?” he asked while he continued to dress.

“I rent it… and we pay plenty.  Why?”

“Very well, this is what I’ll do,” he said as he dropped three one-hundred dollar bills on the coffee table without further explanation.  He looked her in the eyes now, “First, I’ll buy this house or one just like it and put it in your name.  I’ll also be responsible for the taxes and miscellaneous expenses.  Second, at work you will get a thousand dollar a month cash raise.  Third, I’ll send Lolly to the best private school I can find and then to the best collage she can get into.  Of course she can have tutors if need be.” He smiled as he zipped up his pants.

Sonia couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  Stunned she could think of only one response…  “Yes,” she hesitated as she swallowed and then continued, “yes… yes, Clipper.  We have a deal.”

“Excellent!  But I have one last question… How far can I go with her now?”

“How far do you want to go?”

“That’s the right answer, Mommy.  Her ass is mine.  Yours too.”

To Be Continued...


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