By JimBob

(Mg, fond, slo sed, ped, 1st, cons)

When I was nine years old and got my first camera, my twelve year old cousin gave me some advice. "You want to take pictures of girls," he said, "you first gotta talk them into taking their pants off." From all my dealings with girls over the years, I've found that to be pretty good advice.

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Penny was almost ten years old.  She was a girl who was obviously an early bloomer.  This was unfortunate, because Penny was a normal little girl in every other respect.  As such, she was ill prepared to deal with the physical changes taking place in her young body; specifically the funny feelings that she was experiencing.  Surely she was not prepared to deal with those feelings.  She was just a little girl who liked dolls, jumping rope, and hopscotch.  She was especially not prepared to deal with the older boys who teased her and touched her body every chance they got; nor the looks and stares she got from older men.

And because she was only an innocent little girl at heart, she was not careful about keeping her dress down.  Occasionally the men got an eyeful.  Not that Penny was all that voluptuous.  Her new little breasts were barely a handful for her small hands.  Her hips had developed just a little extra flare and her legs were long and shapely.  Still, there were a lot of men to whom her barely developed body appealed to.

She was a pretty, bubbly little girl who still liked to do hand stands, somersaults, and cart wheels.  She had big brown eyes, with full lips and a rather round face.  Usually she wore her shoulder length brown hair divided into two loose semi-pony tails tucked behind each ear.  She was a lively bouncy little girl with a brilliant smile that she flashed often. The nice tan she sported gave her a healthy wholesome look.

Penny was especially excited the day her mom had told her she was going to spend this summer with her daddy.  Since the divorce she had lived with her mom, and only had irregular visits to Daddy's house that always ended all too soon.  Daddy was the more fun half of her parents and visiting him was always an adventure.  She tried to imagine what spending the whole summer with him would be like. What fun she would have with Daddy!

That afternoon when Henry, the grocer’s delivery boy, came with two sacks, she was so happy that she even gave him smile.  But she kept her distance from him while her mom went to get her purse.  Like so many boys lately, Henry had developed wandering hands when he was around her and they were alone.  Naive little Penny thought the boys around her father's place would leave her alone.

A week later, Penny was finished with school.  With her two bags and a box packed, Penny waited impatiently for Daddy to pick her up.  When Daddy drove up, she had no time for greetings, as she had to get the two suitcases and the box in the car before her mom changed her mind. Then she went to say goodbye to Mommy.  She got the usual admonitions to behave herself, mind her father, and do what she was told.  Then she and Daddy headed for his house.

Penny was in for a surprise.  This visit was not the utopia she expected.  Daddy had work to do, and he expected her to do some chores around the house.  For the most part, she passed the time sleeping late and waiting for Daddy to come home from work. 

But it wasn’t always dull, they did have some fun times at the beach.  Daddy bought her a new swimsuit.  It was a very revealing bikini that made her blush the first time she wore it.  Daddy gave her the same appraising look that all the men did.  The second time they went to the beach, Jim Roberts, a friend of Daddy’s showed up.  Daddy told her Jim was a fashion photographer.  Daddy talked her into posing for the man.  She thought he took an awful lot of pictures, especially of her legs and bottom.

The next day Daddy asked her if she would like a job as a catalogue model.  Penny told him she would try it, but that she would quit if she didn't like it.  Daddy said that sounded fair to him, as he was sure Penny would like the easy money.  What little girl didn't like to try on new clothes and get paid to do it to boot?  He didn't mention that Penny would be paid a lot more than what she would get… a lot more.  Daddy would pocket the extra income… he had bills to pay.  Penny didn't need to know that.

The first week, Penny did model for clothing ads with two other little girls.  Daddy sat with the two mothers, watching their daughters pose in group pictures.  Penny had a good time, enjoying the new clothes and styles she got to put on.  She especially liked chatting with the other girls as they went into the dressing room to change.  There was even an aide there to help the girls change and to make quick adjustments to make the clothes fit and look nice.  After the first day, Penny told Daddy that she liked her new job and that she wanted to do it again.

The following Monday was different though.  No other girls were there… and no aide either.  Only Jim the photographer, Daddy, and she were at the studio.  "Hi, Penny.  Are you ready for a lot of pictures today?"  Penny didn't notice Jim's wink at Daddy.

"I guess so," Penny said.  Looking about she asked, "Am I the only one here today?"

"Yes.  I have a lot of fancy underwear shots to do today, and they want us to show how good they fit even if you do somersaults and tricks in them.  You’re the only model I have that can do that."

"Oh, good!"  Penny had perked up at the word "tricks."  She loved to do gymnastics, and she wore tights for that.  Underwear couldn't be that much different, could it? 

She was also flattered by his words.  Daddy always told her she was special and now Jim was saying she was special too.  She felt a warm feeling toward Jim.

Daddy stayed with Penny in the dressing room as she stripped down naked and put on a short shirtwaist and the white garter belt.  There was no bra.  That was not a problem as her tiny breasts were high and firm, and really needed no support.  She didn't really like wearing bras anyway, because her swollen nipples were very tender and didn't feel good when confined. 

They looked in vain for stockings until Daddy told her the garter belt was probably just a prop.  He neglected to finish the sentence with, "to make you look sexy."  It certainly did that!  Daddy decided he was going to shop for a couple of those.

Penny did not feel at all embarrassed to be naked in front of her Daddy.  She was his "special girl," and she and Daddy kissed a lot and often napped together in only their underwear pants.  Daddy often caressed her almost naked little body as he gave her deep wet kisses.   She loved her daddy and planned to marry him when she grew up.

Penny put on the filmy panties that were in the bundle Jim had given her.  They were quite revealing, but covered enough to satisfy Penny.   When she was ready to go out, Daddy told her he would stay for the first shoot, and then he had to run some errands and would be back to pick her up that afternoon.  

Penny was not too happy to have him leave, but a week's work with Jim had gotten her used to his gentle touch to position her for various poses.  She told Daddy that it was okay as she donned a robe Jim had given her, and went out to go to work.

Jim had everything ready to go.  There was a padded stage about the size of a king sized bed, with drapes as backdrops on two sides.  There was a video camera set on a high tripod set to take a video of only the stage area.  Jim was carrying a smaller camera with a flash to take his pictures with.  Daddy took his seat, and Jim motioned Penny to doff her robe and get onto the stage.

For a couple of seconds Penny hesitated.  Jim would be the first man besides her Daddy to see her in only underwear.  She thought about things her mom had told her.  But Daddy had told her that to Jim it was just a job and that he saw all kinds of women and girls.  He said some even posed for nude pictures.  It was just a job, Daddy said. 

Penny took off the robe and got on the stage, doing somersaults for Jim as he had requested.  After about ten photos, Penny noticed that Jim took most of the pictures of her rear when it was in the air and from the front when her legs were spread.  Then she remembered; Jim wanted pictures of the panties, so she began to pose a lot with her rear facing Jim.  When she would land on her back, she made sure she had her wide-open crotch toward him.  Jim praised her for doing that and told her she was the best girl-panty model he has ever worked with.  Finally Jim gave her a refreshing drink, and told her she could put on her robe and rest a bit. 

Daddy hugged her and said he had to go and she should do what Jim asked her to. Then he spoke privately with Jim before he left.

Jim came out with a big box filled with bright colored, as well as black and white, pieces of cloth.  He held a pair of red panties up for Penny to see.   She gasped.  She had never seen a thong before because her mother only took her to stores that catered to proper girls.  Jim told her to go and try them on.  Penny finished her drink and started to take off the robe as she went.  The drink had made her feel kind of frisky, and she danced out and wiggled her bottom as she went.  Jim smiled.  That stuff did it every time.

Penny was somewhat shocked to see how little of her skin the thong panties covered.  When she turned and looked at her rear, she had to laugh.  She had recently heard one girl tell another, "That's a bare assed lie!"  She giggled.  She was almost a bare assed girl!  She reached back to try to tug the sparse material to cover more of her bottom, but failed to make any difference.  Finally she shrugged and went back out to the studio.

Penny was feeling a little tipsy and not at all embarrassed as she skipped out and hopped on the stage to face Jim and the cameras.  He looked at her where the men usually stared.  Then he frowned a little and moved in closer.

"Tan lines!"  Jim muttered.

"What?"  Penny bent over to look where Jim was pointing.  "Oh!  My swimsuit..."

"Yeah," Jim said.  Now he was not pointing, but tracing the lines with his finger.

Penny almost jumped at the touch of this man's hands moving over her bare thigh, and almost into her private area.  No man had touched her there since Daddy had changed her diapers when she was a baby; a task he had assiduously avoided.

"Turn around," Jim said firmly.

Penny turned and trembled as she felt the finger trace over the bare skin of her bottom.  The finger was full of tingles as it traced up and down over her smooth cheeks.  "Oh, wow!" she whispered.  Then she felt him push two fingers under the thin “crotch” band and pull the back of her panties out and away from her bottom.  He was looking at her crack back there!  Then she felt his hands on her hips urging her to turn back to face him. 

Now he did the same thing to the front of her panties!  She jumped this time as the backs of his two fingers brushed over the sensitive skin right down by her private parts.  Her blush deepened!  After pulling the front of her panties to either side, he let the elastic pull his fingers back to touch her tender skin and slowly pulled them out as her skin quivered.  Penny had a thought, ‘What would the front of his fingers feel like rubbing her there?’

"Uh, huh, I can fix this," Jim said analytically. "That is if it is all right with you."

"How?" Penny was doubtful.

I have some tan dye I can apply.  It will be easy to match."  Jim looked at her.  "It won't hurt, and it will wash off in the shower.  I promise."

"Okay.  I guess you can do it."  Daddy had told her to do what Jim wanted.  Besides, she was still feeling reckless from the drink.

Jim went and got a couple of bottles with a light brown mixture in them.  He held them up next to Penny's tanned leg, and selected the lighter bottle.  "Better to start with too little and add, than to try to take away," he said cheerfully.

Penny didn't know what he was talking about so she said nothing.  ‘Must be arithmetic,’ she thought.  She watched as Jim went to a cabinet and took out a white towel and a couple of rags.  He laid out the towel on the mat and motioned her to stand on it. 

He looked her over. "This has to come off," he declared giving her garter belt a gentle tug.  Quickly he unfastened and removed the garter belt and tossed it aside.  "And these will have to come down."  His hands went to her sides, and he started to tug the minimalist panties down.  In a near panic, Penny managed to grab his wrists and stop him just before he uncovered her private place.

Jim looked up at her. Seeing the look of terror on her face, he let go of her panties.  "All right, relax, we can leave them there," he said.

Penny looked down.  The wider part of the vee front was now covering her private place and she could see all of the milky white skin that was bothering Jim.  Oh, darn!  She didn’t want to act like a baby, so she decided it was okay... to leave things where they were. She nodded.

Taking up the bottle and a swab, Jim began to erase the white line around her waist where the swimsuit had covered.  After applying the dye, Jim chose to rub it around with his fingers.  This tickled Penny's tender skin and she giggled and squirmed around.  Jim picked up the swab, and dabbed at the center of her body just a bit below her belly button.  A couple of drops got away from him and almost got to the inside-out crotch of the panties. 

"Whoa!"  Jim cried out as he caught the drops right on her mons.  "We don't want brown skid marks on these new panties, do we?"

Once again, Penny had no idea what he was talking about, so she said nothing.  First it was arithmetic, and now it was driving.  Warily she eyed Jim, and edged over a little so Jim was no longer between her and the door.

Jim had decided not to take any more chances.   If the panties got stained, he just had to buy them.  He coaxed Penny into lying down on the towel on her back.  Once again she remembered Daddy's instruction to do what the photographer asked her to do.  She did hang on tight to the panties though, lest they dropped any farther.

But in the process of sitting down, Penny showed Jim something that made it necessary that he dye the area the crotch of the panties covered.  The flash of pale flesh on either side would show up in the pictures anytime she spread her legs.  That would not help the overall tan effect he wanted, and besides, this little broad was turning him on.  He was going to touch that little pussy before the day was over.

"Um, Penny?"

"Yes, Jim?" she replied, her big brown eyes regarding him with distrust, hands clenching her panties at the hips so tightly the knuckles were white.

"Does your Daddy see you without clothes on sometimes?"

Her expression was wary, then thoughtful.  "Sometimes he helps with my bath."

"Oh, sometimes I help my girls with their bath too!  Wait, I'll show you a picture!"  Jim walked over to his file cabinet and selected two pictures, one of a nine year old, and one of a six year old in a bathtub.  He brought them back and offered them to Penny.  "Here are Debby and Dolly."

Penny had to release her panties to take the pictures.  Carefully she looked over the photos of the two smiling naked girls in the tub. "You take pictures of them naked?"

"Sure!  They love to pose for me.  Seeing girls naked is not a big deal for us photographers."  Jim noticed that Penny did not return her hands to the panties after she handed the photos of his fake "daughters" back.  "Now, Penny.  This is important.  No more games.  Are you going to let me do this dye job and get on with my job, or should we just forget it and disappoint your Daddy?”

Penny hated it when a grownup pulled that on her.  Of course she couldn't disappoint her Daddy.  She would let him do it.  But she didn't have to like it, and she wasn't going to watch!  "Okay, go ahead," she grumbled.  Then she shut her eyes tight, and threw her right arm over her face to cover them in the crook of her elbow.

This little show of temper didn't bother Jim at all.  He reached down and slowly pulled the panties down and off Penny's legs, then folded them and put them aside out of the way.  Then he looked at her undershirt.  "Uh, oh!" he said.

"What?"  Penny took her arm away and opened her eyes.

"Your chest; I assume that swim suit had a top?"

‘Oh, crap!’ Penny thought. ‘What a pain this guy is getting to be.’

Jim pulled the kid to a sitting position and giving no opportunity for protests, boldly stripped the top off over her head.  Penny promptly clasped opposite shoulders to hide her new boobies from him earning a frown from the photographer.  Grasping each of her wrists, Jim pulled both her hands down to cover her lap.  "Here, hide this.  You’ve got nothing on top to hide!"

Penny bristled at this new insult.  She certainly did have something up there!  In the last couple of months, her little pips in their rosy little circles had grown into sore looking little swellings on top of tiny cone shaped bumps on her chest. 

For a moment Jim regarded the nude little girl before him.  Then starting at the strap marks on her shoulders and he ran his fingertips down over the white skin to those bumps, and then over them.  He rubbed and pinched each breast nub gently.  Penny almost came out of her skin!  "OH!" she cried out as she jumped.

Jim jerked his hands away.  "Sorry!" he said insincerely. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

"It didn't hurt.  It kind of... tickled," she giggled.

"Oh!  I see," Jim grinned.  He knew that.  "Let me do this dye job so we can do the shoot, okay?" 

He lowered the now totally naked Penny back down on the towel and got to work.  Penny covered her eyes again because it was so personal, but Jim was sure she was peeking.  While rubbing her tender lower lips, he managed to finger her clit several times, and once he even bent over and sucked the brown stain off that he had "accidentally" rubbed on it.   That brought Penny up on her elbows in a hurry.

"Just cleaning the dye off," Jim told her.  "It’s the easiest fastest way."

"That's okay, you can do that," Penny said quietly.  She wanted to shout...  ‘Do it!  Do it more!’  But she wouldn't do that.  She was a nice girl.

When Jim had her roll over to do her back, he was really grinning.  This little girl was well hooked and ready to be played for a while.  (For those of you who don't fish, you 'play' a fish by reeling it in slowly while it fights and tires itself out.  Then you can easily land it, or pick it up out of the water.)

Jim could see that Penny was about ready to land.  He made quick work of the thin white stripes on her shoulders and around her back, and then tackled her yummy little white butt cheeks with gusto.  A finger probing between her cheeks brought forth giggles when it brushed her little rosebud pucker there.

In a few minutes the job was done.  She was brown tan all over and drying rapidly.  Jim helped her back into the little shirt, and fastened the white garter belt around her middle, and then held the red thong for her to step into.

Jim focused the video camera in again, and then picked up his digital camera as Penny started to roll around and pose with her butt up in the air, or her crotch spread wide for the camera.  When Jim was finished with that pair of panties, Penny hesitated only a second before stripping them off and stepping into the new pair he held for her.  His hands smoothing and adjusting the panties over her body brought new surges of warm tingles each time.

And so the photo session went quite smoothly and rapidly.  Finally, Jim told Penny they were through.  He went into the bathroom, and brought out a washbowl of warm water and a cloth.

When she groaned, Jim said, "It’s a union rule, my pretty one.  All models have to be returned in the same condition as when they arrived.  So, you have to lose the fake tan.”

Penny thought it over.  Maybe taking off the tan would bring more of those touches and caresses that she found so exciting.  She stripped and lay on the towel.

Jim bent over her and using the washrag and warm water, he washed and rinsed the tan coloring off her body.  He had to change water once, but finally was satisfied.  "All done!" he announced cheerily.  He patted her playfully on one white butt cheek.

Penny wasn't at all satisfied.  There were none of those tingling finger touches this time, no new thrills.  She rolled over and got on her elbows, looking down at herself.  "Is that all?"

"Yes, you can go in and get dressed now.

Penny didn't want to get dressed.  She wanted a hand working between her legs, tickling that special part.  She got up and walked slowly back to the dressing room.  She picked up her panties and sat in the chair, glumly watching as Jim disappeared into another room.  Feeling neglected and sad, little Penny sniffed and brushed away a tear.  She sniffed again, louder.  She tried a sob, and then another.  Soon she didn't have to try them, they came thick and fast.  She tried a wail...

Jim busied himself setting his three video cameras just the way he wanted them, and making sure his remote switch worked.  Hearing the sobbing girl, Jim smiled and slipped out of his pants and polo shirt.  Giving his layout one last glance, he walked into the studio wearing only his boxers.  In mid-wail he scooped up Penny, and sat on a chair with the sobbing girl in his arms.  He petted her with his free arm, making sure his hand brushed over soft and sensitive breast buds.  "What's wrong, Hon?" he asked.

"I,” sob, “I thought,” sniff, sob, “I thought you loved meee!”  Sobs.

"I do love you, Penny. I’ve got you now, don't I?" Without waiting for an answer, Jim picked the girl up and took her into the other room.  After using the remote to turn on all the cameras, he dropped it onto his pants, and put Penny on the bed and lay down beside her, taking her close in his arms again.

"Bbbbbut yyyyou didn't touch meee!"  More sobs.

"Look, sweetie, I'm touching and hugging you now!"

Penny felt comforted by the touch of his bare skin, and the feel of his curly chest hair against her cheek...  Wait a minute!  Bare skin?  Curly hair?  She pulled back and looked down between their bodies.  Where did his clothes go?  At that moment, Jim moved his free hand from stroking her back and flank to stroking between her thighs, especially at the place where her thighs came together.   The poor girl was left with few options.  If she closed her legs, she would trap his hand up there and his fingers would work over clit.  That would drive her to delicious heights, which she could hardly stand.   Or she could open her legs wide and he would guide a big finger into her little hole while his thumb continued to stroke her little clitty.

Then Jim kissed her!  Not on her mouth, but on the nearest breast bud that she had stuck right in his face in her feeble effort to escape.  Oh, what a thrill that rapidly flicking tongue caused the little girl!  Jim turned her over on her back, and got between her outspread legs and bent over to work on both breasts and then down her chest and belly to the indent that was her belly button. 

Penny shrieked with laughter at that new intrusion. It was all Jim could do to hold her down. As he slid down to bring his hot tongue into contact with those lips one should not kiss, and the erect little nubbin between them, Jim's hands quickly ripped the snaps at his waistband and fly free, and pushed the shorts down to his knees.  Then he brought his hands up to her tiny breasts and played with the nipples.

Soon Penny was soaking with her own juices and with Jim's saliva.  Jim crawled forward, leaving his shorts behind, and got on his knees with Penny's wide spread legs resting atop his thighs, and her rear raised about six inches off the bed.  Before she realized what was happening, Jim had rubbed his stiff rod in their combined juices, had slipped it into position and thrust it half way into her.

Penny let out a gasp at the quick pain, and then another as Jim let his weight down onto her pelvis and belly, and thrust himself the rest of the way in.  Jim had to fight off a quick climax as he felt the hot little sheath enclose and adjust itself to accommodate the first man's cock it had ever felt.  Penny cried out, not in pain, but from her first internal climax brought on by his penetration.

Jim was planning on giving Penny a nice slow, gentle, pleasant little fuck.  Her reaction to his initial penetration sent that resolve flying out the window.  All niceties left him as he grabbed her white little cheeks and pulled her up tight against him.   His hard rod sank deeply into her. 

This felt pretty darn good to Penny, and she locked her legs around his thighs and dug her fingertips into his white cheeks, pulling him into her.  Both grunted with the strain.  Penny cried out again, she was having almost continuous little orgasms from the wondrous feelings of his big cock inside her.   Jim began a rocking plunging movement, which started at a fast pace, and as the girl reacted to it, only became faster until Jim's butt became a white blur above Penny.

When remembering his actions later, Jim could only smile ruefully, and shake his head.  He had lost all control, and fucked the little girl fast and furious until he grunted out his orgasm, splashing his cum deep inside Penny.  The warm spatter of his semen brought little Penny to another crashing, dam busting orgasm and more cries of delight.  After their mutual cum was over, Jim took Penny tight in his arms, and holding his still semi-hard cock inside her with a big hand on her bottom, Jim rolled over to put the little girl on top. 

They rested this way until Penny's little twitches and wriggles caused Jim to regain his erection.  As it stood at attention inside her, Penny began to slowly work herself up and down on it, trying to revive those special feelings.  Jim began to move his hips and flex his thigh and pelvic muscles to add to his own good feelings.  They managed to keep the slow pace this time, frequently pausing for kisses, which increased in depth and passion as the game went on. 

Penny also raised herself up off his chest so she could look between their bodies and see his big cock shaft disappearing between the bare little pussy lips.  The visual stimulation made the tactile stimulation so much sharper.  When Penny was leaning forward onto his chest, their lips often met in a lingering kiss.  When Penny sat up and leaned back, Jim's hands found both her rosy little chest bumps, and his fingers toying with them would cause Penny to shudder and twist in delight.  It seemed to last for a long time, but there came a time when, with a long grunt Jim pulled Penny down and thrust himself up at the same time, empting himself into her in one deep long lasting thrust.  This time in only a couple of minutes, Jim became flaccid and slipped out, followed by a gush of seminal fluid, and little girl love juice that flowed down around Jim's sack and on down onto the towel.

Jim wiped her and himself off and he led Penny into the bathroom and into the shower.  They washed each other off and dried, and then walked out into the bedroom studio, both naked as jaybirds.

Daddy was sitting on the edge of the bed, examining the puddle of blood tinged cum and girl love juice in the middle of the towel.  He seemed not at all nonplused by the appearance of his daughter and her photographer all-naked. 

"Hi, Daddy!"  Penny shouted, as she started to run into his arms.  Then she looked down, and her neck and face turned a bright red.  But Daddy held his arms out for her and Penny ran and jumped on his lap and hid her face in his chest.  A silent nod passed between the two men.  As Daddy comforted her, Jim picked up his boxers from the bed and went over to his other clothes. 

"Did you have fun making the video honey?" Daddy asked her while stroking her bare back.

"Video?"  Penny raised her head and spotted the cameras, lights still flashing.  "Oh, no," she murmured.

"Oh, yes!"  Daddy said.  "That video and the others you make will make us all a lot of money."

Penny looked at Jim putting on his underwear, and let out a big sigh.  Things could be worse, she supposed, but she didn't know how at the moment.  She slid down off Daddy's lap and padded naked into the dressing room to get her clothes on so they could go home.  Suddenly she was very tired, and she wanted her Mama.

Daddy looked to his friend and predicted, "She'll perk up after a good night's sleep."




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