(Mm, MMm, M+m, mf, nc, reluc, cons, oral, anal, interr, bond)

By Lasitier

peg boy n., a young boy or young man kidnapped, kept, and used as the object of anal intercourse by an older man, esp. a sailor (supposedly because such boys were kept sitting on large pegs) from Dictionary of American Slang, 1975.

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(Mm, reluc, oral)

Jason huddled in the dark doorway seeking whatever shelter was available, bracing himself against the cold wind and the near freezing rain.  The only thing he had left was literally the filthy clothes on his back, a torn T-shirt and pair of worn out jeans.  Arriving in New Orleans only three days ago, he was unsure of what to do or where to go.  He had to get away from his stepfather and was willing to suffer some to escape the abuse. 

He never met his real father.  Indeed his mother, Jane Ann was unsure just who the father was as she became pregnant while turning tricks to support her ‘boyfriend’s’ drug habit.  The ‘boyfriend’ disappeared once she began to show, leaving her penniless and pregnant.  At least she was clean, drug-wise that is, and the case of crabs was easily cured at the public health clinic.

Jane Ann was referred to a local charity and got lucky, finding a job with the charity allowing her to rent a room, and get three meals a day during the pregnancy.  After Jason was born his mother decided to keep him rather than put him up for adoption.  She found a job with a day care center and was able to simultaneously work and care for him full time.  She was a good mother and worked hard to give him a loving home.

The years passed and as Jason grew older he became a pain the ass, trying her patience at every turn.  He lied about things big and small and never accepted responsibility for his actions, preferring to blame his shortcomings on someone else.   At times he was so unruly that the men she dated didn’t stick around for very long.  Most just never called back or didn’t return her phone calls, but some were honest with her and were blunt about not wanting her baggage.  Jane Ann was still young and attractive, but the years were slipping by, and she yearned for the companionship of a man who would love her rather than just use her.

It was paradoxical that Jason was reasonably well mannered in school and he rarely had a run in with his teachers up until he started high school.  At home with his mama, he was loving and helpful.  It was frustrating for her, as he was only out of control when she showed any attention to someone other than Jason.  He didn’t realize that things would be better for his mother and better for him if she married some reasonably nice guy, but he saw her boyfriends as only a threat and acted out accordingly.

By the time he started high school he wasn’t a bad looking kid.  At 5’9”, he weighed 155 lbs.  Not skinny and definitely not overweight.  He was beginning to put on muscles and had filled out nicely over the past year.  He had moderately long blonde hair and a home haircut, peach fuzz for a beard and blue eyes.  Jason had matured somewhat and his behavior changed, but still he was a habitual liar and Jason still blamed his problems on someone else.

Always he was shabbily dressed as he had a very limited wardrobe of cheap clothes.  As to his social standing in school, he was pretty much at the bottom of the barrel, being considered to be white trash by the ‘nice’ kids.   Things improved when he went out for the school’s basketball team and earned a spot as one of the starting forwards.  Unfortunately he was suspended from play due to poor grades and his social standing sunk back to the bottom. 

As time went by, Jane Ann had let herself go; she began to look older than she actually was.  She was still actively looking, but the quality of her boyfriends inexorably decreased so that eventually she was mostly dating men who saw in her only someone to fuck, wash their clothes and fix them a meal.  Billy was just that sort of man. 

Billy was a hard drinking high school dropout who had never practiced a good work ethic, preferring to live off anyone who would put with him. He moved in with Jane Ann and Jason just before Jason was beginning high school.  His main attraction for Jane Ann was her steady income.   At the time he worked for the street department, primarily filling potholes. 

Once they were married he deliberately stepped out in front of a passing car while on the job, suffering minor injuries.  He claimed headaches and blackouts and sought total disability from the city and the hapless motorist’s insurance carrier.  Then he settled in for a life of drinking and gambling, allowing Jane Ann to wait on him during her off hours.  In return, he contributed next to nothing towards the upkeep of the home.

Jane Ann was now working in retail sales and typically worked until the 10 PM store closing.  Jason found himself living with Billy and rarely seeing his mother.  No matter, Billy was usually gone during the evenings and Jason was able to avoid him.  Jason saw that Billy was a no-good free loader and didn’t have any respect for him.  There was conflict between the two.  When arguments between them broke out, Jane Ann usually sided with Billy, knowing that Jason was habitually less than honest. 

Jason also feared Billy and for good reason.  Sometimes when they were alone, Billy would suddenly punch Jason in the gut for no apparent reason other than intimidation. He would tell his mother about the punches, but she didn’t believe him, instead she accused him of trying to cause trouble between her and his stepfather.  Once he fought back in defense, but Billy outweighed him by sixty pounds or more and was an experienced barroom fist fighter.  He really beat the hell out of the boy.  Billy appeared to be upfront with Jane Ann, saying the boy took a swing at him and so he taught him a lesson.

His credibility with his mother suffered another severe blow after he was caught stealing a can of beer on a dare from a fair-weather friend.   After that Billy started making accusations of stolen money, nothing big, five, ten dollars.  Jason denied taking money from Billy, but his mother was unsure.  Then one Monday morning on Jane Ann’s day off, Billy planted his watch in Jason’s chest of drawers.  He made a big show of looking for it and was delighted when Jane Anne discovered it.

“See, he has been stealing money from me!  What do you think he was going to do with the watch?  I’ll tell you what he planned to do, hock it!”

When Jason got home that afternoon his mother lit into him.

“I didn’t steal his watch,” he protested.

“Well… I found it in your things!”

“I didn’t put it there!  Honest Mama!  I didn’t do it!”

He knew Billy had framed him and said so, but there was nothing he could do.  His mother’s patience with him had run out.  She didn’t believe him for a moment. 

A few weeks later Jason came home one Tuesday from school, finding the house empty as usual.  On Tuesdays Billy was always gone, out slumming with his pals.    It was January and it got dark early.  He was trying hard to pull his grades up so he did his homework and before he had finished it was dark. 

Boredom settled in.  Knowing where Billy kept his collection of pornography hidden, Jason helped himself to a hardcore porn magazine, the material of which induced him to strip and masturbate.  Lying on the living room floor and by the light of a single lamp he fist fucked himself to satisfaction.  After he had ejaculated, he licked at his fingers and tasted his cum.

“Ou wee!  You sure are a nasty boy aren’t you?” 

Jason hadn’t heard Billy come in and he was taken by complete surprise.  “Oh shit!”  Jason scrambled to find his clothes, his gut tightening into a knot.

“Whoa Jason!  Stay right were you are!…  Relax boy.  I know what you’ve been doing… I’ve been watch’n you.”  Jason froze in fear not knowing what to do.  “You like the taste of cum, don’ cha, boy?” Billy sneered.

Jason didn’t answer.  Billy leered at the naked youth and lewdly stroked the crotch of his pants.  “It’s okay boy, we’re both guys. You can tell me.”

Jason trembled in fear, not sure what to do.  Billy now stood menacingly over him.

“You want me to tell your mother you eat your own cum after beat’n off?”

“No sir, please don’t tell her that.”

“Okay Jason, I won’t tell her.  Your dirty little secret is safe... So tell me boy, you like to beat off?”  Jason’s shame and embarrassment was clearly evident by the flushing of his face.  “Well, you like beat’n off or don’cha?”

“Yes sir.”

“Feels good to shoot off, don’t it boy?”  Billy smiled unctuously, “Ya know, I think we’ve got a lot in common afterall, Jason.  You like looking at that dirty magazine?  Makes me want to beat off too.  You want to see more stuff like that... really dirty stuff?”

“Uh, sure,” Jason tentatively ventured not really trusting Billy at all.

Billy unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it to the floor revealing his hairy chest.  He kicked off his shoes and removed his socks.  Looking down at Jason he grinned as he undid his belt and unbuttoned his blue jeans.  Jason just stared up at him as Billy unzipped his jeans.  Billy pulled them down and off along with his boxers in one motion and stood totally naked before his stepson.  Billy’s dick was already hard with excitement and he lewdly stroked it while Jason watched.  A large drop of precum oozed from the head.  Billy circled his dick head with his finger, smearing the natural lubricating fluid across the bulbous head.

“Do you know what precum is for boy?”  Jason didn’t answer but Billy answered his own question anyway. “It’s to make your dick slick for fucking. You know, watching you flogging your dick has gotten me all excited.” 

Lying down on the floor next to Jason, Billy then squeezed more precum from his dick and then licked his fingers.  “Tastes good, but you already know that,” the older man said as he continued to lewdly fondle his dick while Jason breathlessly watched.

“Ya know, we’ve got almost four hours to be naughty until your mamma gets home.  I won’t tell her what we do if you won’t tell.  Deal?”

“Uh, yeah, okay,” whispered Jason, not really having much of a choice at this point.

”Good, we’ll have some really dirty fun.  Come over here closer to me, boy,” Billy commanded.

Jason moved closer and Billy reached out and touched Jason’s dick.  The touch was electric and Jason’s dick grew rock hard.  Billy gently stroked Jason’s dick and soon Billy coaxed a drop of precum from the dick.  He smeared it across the smooth head and tweaked the now slick glans between his fingers.  Jason’s breathing became very heavy and Billy grinned as he watched Jason’s reaction to the obscene touching.

Billy then laid back placing his hands behind his head.  Jason instinctively knew to reciprocate and he took Billy’s dick and gently fondled it, feeling its heft and substance, exploring another man’s dick for the first time.  Precum ran down the shaft and onto Jason’s fingers.

“Taste it, boy,” commanded Billy.  “Go ahead, you’ll like it.  Go on… taste it!”

Jason tentatively tasted the slick sex juice on his fingers and then went back for more.

“You do like it, don’cha?  Tastes good.  You want some more, don’cha?  Go ahead, lick it off.”  It did taste good, but Jason hesitated.  “Go on boy, lick my dick.  Don’t worry, we’re alone, I won’t tell anyone.  Go ahead, you’ll like it... It won’t bite you.”

Jason lowered his head some, studying the red headed cock up close.  Jason squeezed.  A few fresh drops of glistening precum appeared.  Jason tentatively licked at the drops.

“Go on boy, lick it!”

Jason licked up the drops from the tip and then licked at Billy’s glistening glans, cleaning it off.  “That’s better boy… now suck it.”  Jason backed off a moment, feeling that what he was doing was indeed dirty and vile.  “Damn it, Jason!  Suck it!  Come on, you’ve already licked it, now put it in your mouth!” Jason still hesitated.  “After you suck me, I’ll suck you.  You’re really going to like this Jason.  I promise you it feels so good.  Now show me what a dirty boy you really are!”  The teenage boy hesitated, unwilling to do such a thing unless…

“God damn it, boy, suck my dick or I’ll beat the crap outta you!”  Jason knew it was no idle threat and took the offered shaft of lust-hardened flesh into his virgin mouth.  “That’s right, mmmmmmmmmmm!”

Now he was indeed a dirty boy; at least he felt so.  He wasn’t sure what to do and he rather clumsily scraped Billy’s sensitive cock crown with his teeth.

“Ow!   Damn it, watch it you little bastard!  Don’t bite it, suck it!”  Jason pulled off.  “I didn’t say quit, just be a little more careful.  Just fold those teeth back.”  Jason took the dick back into his mouth.  “Use your tongue boy…  That’s it.  That’s much better.”

Jason sucked for two minutes and then pulled off. 

“I didn’t say you were finished boy.  We’ve got all night.  Now give ole Billy a first class blowjob.  You know what to do.  I want you to suck me for the next hour or until I come.  Understand?  What are you waiting for?  Suck it and don’t stop until I tell you to.”

Jason knew first hand what a short temper Billy had and how quickly he could become physically abusive.  He was trapped and knew it was best to just do as he was told.  He took Billy’s dick back into his mouth, sucking him for the next half hour. 

The boy felt Billy’s dick swell a little and then jerk as he felt cum squirting into his mouth from the pulsating penis.  He wanted to pull off and spit it out, but Billy was ordering him to keep sucking.  He had no choice but to swallow the salty semen before Billy’s dick became completely limp.

“How was that cum, Jason?  You like the taste?  Hope you did boy, because you’re going to get to eat a lot of it from now on.  Now go get me a beer, get yourself one too if you like.”

Billy looked at the clock.  It was only quarter to seven.  After finishing his beer he would be ready for the boy to suck his dick again… sucking him for hours until just before the kid’s stupid mama got home.

Jason returned with two beers and sat on the tattered couch next to Billy.  As he sipped the bitter brew, Jason wondered what it was going to feel like in a few minutes when Billy sucked him off.  Billy finished his beer and crushed the can in his hand.  He lay back on the couch spreading his legs and lewdly played with his dick.

“Finish your beer cock sucker!  Then get back to work!”

It was Jason’s turn to be sucked and he protested the unfairness, “Hey you’re supposed to do me now!”

Billy stood up.  “Okay Jason, you want it?  Then stand up.”

Warily Jason stood.  The blow to the stomach doubled him up on the floor.  Billy kicked him once and then grabbed him by the hair.  

Billy snarled, “You’ll get yours when I’m ready to give it to you.  Now do as I say you little bastard.  I want you to suck my dick until your mama gets home.  If you want, you can then tell her what you’ve been doing.  Now get up!”

Jason struggled to his knees and Billy pulled Jason’s head to his genitalia.  “Now start sucking boy, and suck it good.”  Jason didn’t want a beating so he did as he was told.

Billy was working towards a second orgasm when the phone rang.  He ignored it and the answering machine picked up.

“Billy, this is Bryan. If you’re there, asshole, pick up the phone.  Pick up the fucking phone, Billy!”

Billy had been anxiously waiting for several days for Bryan to call.  He reluctantly pulled free of Jason and picked up the handset.

“Hey, Bryan!  What’s up?”

“Got what you wanted.  It’s eighty-five bucks.”

“Eighty-five?  Shit!  Okay, where?”

“I’ll be home for the next two hours.  If you want it, you’d better get your ass over here.  It won’t last.”

“Okay, okay.  Be there in thirty minutes.”

Billy hung up the phone.  “Eighty-five!  Shit!” 

Looking over at Jason, still on his knees but now squatting on the floor, Billy’s lips curled into a thin evil grin. “Yeah, why not?  Jason!  Get dressed.  We have some business to attend to.”



(MMm, nc, anal)

Billy had never taken him anywhere before, not that he had ever wanted to go anywhere with him.  “I’ve got some homework to do,” replied Jason hoping that Billy would just leave without him.

Billy growled, “Fuck your homework!  Get dressed before I smack you!”

Jason knew that he had to go.  It wasn’t optional.  He found his pile of clothes and they both quickly dressed.  A few moments later, they were out the door.  They got into Billy’s old beat up Cadillac and drove over to a local burger joint, picking up two brown bag specials to eat as they drove across town.

Jason followed Billy up the stairs of the run down apartment complex.  Billy knocked on the steel door. From inside a man queried, “Who is it?”

“Billy.  Billy Dales.”  Jason could hear the several deadbolts unlocking one by one until the door partially opened.

“Who’s with you, Billy?”

“It’s okay, he’s my boy.” 

The door closed followed by the rattling sound of the unhooking of several chain locks.  The door opened.  “Come on in.”

Billy pointed to Jason to go in first.  Bryan closed the door and went through the motions of securing it.  Bryan looked over the blonde headed boy. 

“I’ve told you Billy, not to ever bring anyone over here with you.”

“Sorry, Bryan, but the kid’s alright.”

Bryan disappeared in the back room and came out with a plastic baggie containing marijuana.  He placed it on a scale sitting on the kitchen counter.  “A full ounce… Wanna try some?”

Billy removed a ceramic pipe from his pocket.  “ ‘Course I do.  That last stuff you had wudn’t worth a shit.”  He took a pinch from the bag and loaded the pipe, lit it and took a hit.  As he held his breath, he offered the pipe to Jason.  Jason was now glad he came, as he was no stranger to pot and eagerly toked up. Billy exhaled feeling a good buzz from the single hit.  It was pretty good stuff.  Jason exhaled; he too felt the effect.

Bryan asked already knowing the answer, “Good shit, uh?”

“Yeah, that is some good dope,” Billy rasped.

“Eighty-five a bag.”

“Okay, let’s go in the back and talk business.  Here Jason, you finish off the pipe, I’ll be right back.” 

Jason happily took another hit from the pipe and really mellowed out as Billy and Bryan stepped into the bedroom. 

“Bryan, you looking for a blow job tonight?”

“Yeah, I was planning on going over to Johnson Street later on and getting one of those black whores.  You wanna to come along?”

“Naw, not tonight… Say, rather than you getting one of those black bitches, how about a blow job from my boy, Jason in there.  Thirty-five bucks… same as a whore.”

Bryan thought about it a moment and liked the thought of being sucked off by the blond headed boy.  “Thirty-five bucks? Shit, that’s a deal!  You wanna to watch?”

“That’s up to you.”

“It’s not a problem.”

They went back into the main living room area.  Jason was coaxing the last bit of smoke from the pipe, feeling very high. 

Billy took the pipe from Jason and knocked out the ash and put it back into his pocket. “Jason, this is my good friend Bryan.  Bryan needs a blow job.”

Jason stared uncomprehendingly as Bryan stripped down.

 “How do you want him Bryan, dressed or nude?”

“Buck naked of course!”

“Jason, take off your clothes and give Bryan a good blow job.”

Jason’s mind was reeling.  Sitting there not knowing what to do, he wanted to flee, but he knew the numerous security locks locked him in. 

Billy leaned over to him and whispered, “You want me to beat the fuck out of you?  Then strip and suck his dick!  Suck him ‘til he comes!  Move it god damn it!”  Out of fear of being beaten, Jason stripped.  “Go on boy!  We don’t have all night!”

Jason slowly approached Bryan who looked the naked boy over.  Bryan’s dick stiffened to attention, ready for sex.   He placed his hands on Jason’s chest and ran it across his smooth skin, down across his ass and then he toyed with Jason’s dick.  Jason was terrified but his dick had a mind of its own and became firmly erect.  Bryan’s hand came up to Jason’s shoulders and began pushing him down.   “Alright boy, gemme my money’s worth.”

Jason fought back the tears as he was driven to his knees.  Bryan’s dick was much bigger than Billy’s, at least two inches longer and much thicker.  He stared at the big dick waiting for him. Billy was watching and Jason knew what was in store for him if he didn’t do as he was told.   He put the massive head to his lips and took it into his mouth. 

Jason could only get half of the penis into his mouth, but he swirled his tongue around the shaft and across the glans, just as he had done earlier to Billy.  He did his very best and after fifteen minutes of earnest effort he felt Bryan’s dick swell just before he exploded into his mouth. 

Jason wasn’t expecting such copious quantities of jisim and he nearly choked while trying to swallow it all.  Bryan’s dick began to soften and he pulled it from Jason’s mouth.  Jason stayed on his knees, knowing that Billy would give him another order.

Bryan was stroking Jason’s hair when Billy spoke, “Okay cocksucker… lie down and show Bryan how you beat off.”

Jason followed the order and lay on his back.  He had to fondle himself a few minutes before he was erect enough to masturbate.  He began stroking himself with three fingers on the underside of his penis and his thumb on top.  He whacked off for about five minutes before he climaxed, shooting cum onto his stomach.

“Now eat it, Jason!  Remember, it’s your favorite!  That’s it, get it all.” 

Jason lay on the floor, scooping up and licking his own cum from his fingers as the two older men leered at him.

Bryan turned to Billy, “He seems a little reluctant.”

“He’s in training.  Three hours ago he was an oral virgin.”

“No shit!  Where did you find him?”

“He’s my wife’s son.  I guess the stupid bitch did something right after all.”  They both had a good laugh and then concluded business with Billy paying Bryan a balance of fifty dollars.

Billy stuffed the lid of pot into his pocket and told Jason to get dressed. 

“Wait a minute,” said Bryan.  “I want a few minutes just to feel him up.”

“Sure Bry, go ahead.”

Bryan straddled Jason on the floor, gently running his hands up and down his torso and caressing his genitals.  He made Jason roll onto his stomach and Bryan rubbed his back and his ass cheeks, running a finger up and down across his anus.  In his pot-induced fog, Jason just surrendered and tried to enjoy it.  Bryan’s cock once again was fully erect.  Stroking Jason’s ass crack he turned to Billy and asked, “How much?”

Billy grinned; this might turn out better than he thought.  “Two hundred for the first time honors.”

Bryan thought a moment while stroking the virgin hole.  “Deal.”

Bryan got up and walked into the bathroom, returning with a tube of KY jelly and some cash.  He placed two lids plus thirty dollars on the table.  Billy nodded that the consideration offered was acceptable.  Jason started to get up, but Billy ordered him to stay put.  Bryan smeared a glob of KY over his dick and then lubed up Jason’s anus.  Jason was still unsure what was about to happen until after Bryan put him on his hands and knees.

“Oh, no!  Please no!  Don’t do that to me!” 

“Shut up!” ordered Billy. 

Jason revolted and tried to stand up.  Like a wrestler, Billy grabbed him around the neck forcing his head to the floor. 

“Hold still damn it or you will pay for it!” 

Jason wouldn’t hold still and managed to break free.  He lashed out with his fists catching Billy in the face.  The blow to the face infuriated Billy who exploded in rage on the boy, landing hard punches on his face and gut.  When Jason fell to the floor, Billy repeatedly kicked him.  Bryan had to restrain Billy from causing serious injury to the boy.

Billy’s temper cooled as he looked down on the beaten boy.  He grabbed Jason by the hair and snarled, “No more shit from you!  Understand!  Now get down on your hands and knees, or I’ll beat your sorry ass until you do!”  He pulled Jason up by the hair and put him into position.  “Okay Bry, he’s ready!  Do him!”

Bryan moved in between his legs and put his dickhead to Jason’s virgin ass. With no preparation, he rammed it in.

“Owwwwww!!!! Owwwww!!  Oh, goddamn!!  Owwwww!!!  You’re hurting me!  Please stop!!! Oh God! Oh God, please stop!  Please stop!” begged the boy in agony. 

Bryan didn’t stop, but brutally raped him for twenty minutes until he shot a load up the boy’s rectum. 

Billy pocketed the money and dope left on the table.  Then he stripped down to take a turn, sodomizing Jason for another twenty minutes. When Billy was raping him it wasn’t as painful as his ass had stretched out to accommodate Bryan’s much larger dick.  Still, he had already suffered some lacerations from Bryan’s initial thrusts into his tight virgin ass and he sobbed uncontrollably as Billy sodomized him.

By the time Billy finished off in him and pulled out, it was quarter to ten.  Jason’s mama would be home by 10:20 PM.  “Get up Jason!  We got to go!  Your mama will be home soon and you need to go to school tomorrow.  God damn it boy, get up and get dressed!”

Billy kicked at him, not hard but more as a warning.  Jason heeded the warning.  He struggled to get up and get dressed.  Still Billy was impatient and he gathered up Jason’s shirt, jacket and shoes and then dragged him outside in the cold, barefoot and shirtless to the car.

Jason struggled to finish dressing on the way home.  His butt was on fire.  The burning sensation was punctuated with sharp stabs of pain.  His face and ribs hurt from the beating.  He was still sobbing.

“Oh, quit your god damn crying!”

“You son of a bitch!  Why did you do that to me?”

“Do what?  Punch you a couple of times?  I’ll punch you again if you don’t do as I say.  What are you going tell your mama?”

“That you beat me up.”

“No you won’t... You got into a fight tonight.  Three guys jumped you in front of the house.  I broke it up and got punched myself… Got it!”

“I won’t tell her that. I’ll tell her the truth!”

“Are you going to say you’ve been sucking dicks, drinking sperm and taking it up the ass all night too? Besides, who do you think she’ll believe?”

“She’ll believe me!”

“If she does, I’ll beat the hell out of her while you watch, then I’ll finish you off… Got it!  Understand me boy?”

Jason knew it wasn’t an empty threat and that Billy would beat his mama if she actually believed him.  Billy had slapped her around before, several times.  Jason couldn’t bring that upon her.  They arrived home about four minutes before Jane Ann arrived home from work.  Billy was tending Jason’s facial wounds when she came in.  She looked at Jason’s swollen black eyes and puffy lips.

“Oh, my god!  Billy!  What did you do to him?”

Jason waved his hands and head in a gesture signifying that she had it wrong.  “Billy didn’t do this… Some guys jumped me outside.”

Billy added, “I broke it up,” as he turned his head to show her the minor bruise on his face.  “I took a punch too.”

“We need to take him to a doctor!”

“No woman, just calm down.  He’s all right, just lost a fight, that’s all.  Made a good showing of himself too, but they had him three to one until I helped out.”

Jason couldn’t stand it and excused himself.  “I just need a shower and then to go to bed.  ‘Night Ma.”

He went into the single bathroom and stripped.  He was alarmed at sight of blood on his underwear.  The blood had soaked through and stained the insides of his jeans.  He was sore as hell and hurt all over.  The shower helped but it also caused the rectal bleeding to start again.  Stuffing toilet paper in his crack to staunch the bleeding, he looked around for some sort of ointment for his butt.  Finding a tube of Neosporin, he applied it to his rectal wounds.  He then put fresh toilet paper in his crack and pulled on a clean pair of underwear. 

As he went to his bedroom, he took his bloody clothes with him.  He lay staring up at the ceiling, his ass on fire, choking back the tears.  Before he fell asleep, Billy came into his room, gathered up the bloody jeans and boxer shorts and put them in a plastic bag for disposal.  Jason now only had two pair of jeans to his name.

Next morning he was so sore from the assault that he could hardly get out of bed.  He walked into the kitchen where Jane Ann was fixing breakfast for him. 

“Mama, I need to stay home today.  I hurt all over.”

Jason wore only his boxer shorts and Jane Ann saw for the first time the bruises to his ribs and back.  His right eye was blue-black and nearly swollen shut. His lip was cut. 

“I’d better take you for an x-ray.”

“Naw, Ma.  I’m okay, really.  These are only bruises.  I’m just sore.  Can’t I stay home?”

“Yes Jase, you can stay home today… I’ll call the school.”

Jason ate and then went back to bed, sleeping until it was time for his mother to leave for work around 1:00  PM.   While his mother was home he felt safe from Billy, but as soon as she left he knew that he was on his own and he dreaded the moment that Billy would show up at the house today.   Jason decided it would be best to go hangout at the rec-center that was three blocks from the house. 

At the rec-center a group of black boys were playing basketball on an outdoor court.  Jason had had several run-ins with this group over the years.  He tried to make it inside without being noticed.

“Hey, honky boy!  Wha yo do’in round here?  This is our turf!”

Jason tried to make it into the main building, but was cut off by the gang of blacks.

“Man, yo looks bad boy!”   The tall black teen looked at his facial wounds and then with the butt of his open hand, popped him in the swollen eye.  The pain was excruciating.  “Now get yo white ass out of here!”  Jason retreated back home lucky he wasn’t severely beaten.

Back home he decided it was safe as long as Billy wasn’t around.  He wasn’t sure what he would do when Billy came home, so he just waited and searched for a solution.  He decided that when Billy did show up he would go hideout in his old tree house and wait for his mother to come home.

It got dark and Billy didn’t show up until around 9:30 PM.  Jason couldn’t move fast enough to go hide.  So he just stood there as Billy walked into the kitchen.

“Hey cocksucker!  How’s your ass today?  Still sore?  I promise, you’ll get over that real soon.”

Billy reached out to touch Jason’s swollen lip.  Jason pulled back and glared at his antagonist. 

“Damn boy!  With a lip like that you can’t suck my dick tonight.  Can you?”  Billy laughed and went to the refrigerator for a beer.  “Want a beer, boy?”

“No, just leave me alone, Billy.”

“Oh, I’ll leave you alone.  Until your lip gets better.”



(Mm, group, nc, oral, anal)

Billy left him alone that night.  Next two days, Jason hid in the tree house when Billy came home.  The night air was cold and he suffered while hiding out, but it was better than the alternative.  Saturday when his mother left for work, he wasn’t so lucky.  He was showering and when he stepped out, Billy was there.  Jason could tell that Billy was drunk or high on something.  He looked for his clothes but they were gone.  Billy just laughed as he pulled off the towel Jason had wrapped around himself. 

“You won’t need any clothes today boy!  I noticed that your lip’s much better, so today is a dick-sucking day!  Your mama won’t be home for eight hours.  Plenty of time for you to do the nasty with me!  How about it cock sucker?  Need some nice fresh hot cum? Just do as I say boy and you won’t get hurt.”

He couldn’t just run from the house naked into the dreary cold and hideout for eight hours and besides, Billy blocked his only possible escape route.  He was at the mercy of Billy and knew better than to provoke him

Billy doubled his fist and raised it slightly.  “Well boy, are you going to do as I say?”

Jason looked down at the floor and whispered, “Yes, sir,” deciding that sucking Billy’s dick was his only practical option.

“I couldn’t hear you.  Now do you want to suck my dick all day?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes sir what?  What do you want to do boy? Come on, what do you want to do?  Speak up damn it!”

“Suck your dick.”

“You do!  That’s just what I thought you wanted to do.  Now come on with me boy.”

Billy led him out to the living room and had Jason sit on the couch.  The older man placed a new tube of KY jelly on the coffee table and then he rolled a fat joint.  Billy lit the joint, took a hit and passed it to Jason.  Jason knew that what was about to happen to him would be more tolerable if he was very stoned and he took a deep hit, and passed it back to Billy.  Billy had another hit and passed it back to Jason.  After Jason’s second hit he tried to pass it back to Billy. 

Billy refused saying, “I’ve had enough for right now, you go ahead and finish it.”

Billy got up and brought back two beers.  Jason was ripped, and the cool liquid tasted good after the harsh smoke.  Billy turned on the radio to a classic rock station and the two just sat for a while enjoying the strain ‘Stairway to Heaven’. 

Jason pondered the paradox that he felt like he was in heaven, but he knew he was actually in hell.  Then he thought about a saying that was going around school that if a girl was being raped, that she should just lie back and enjoy it.  He decided to lie back and enjoy it, no matter what was done to him.

He became aware that Billy was talking to him.


“I said take off my clothes.”

Jason fumbled around and struggled to undress Billy, who wasn’t particularly aiding him.  He finally removed the last bit of clothing as he pulled the briefs off.  Billy sprawled lewdly on the couch and simply pointed to his dick.  Jason’s inhibitions and misgivings weren’t swept away by the combined effects of the dope and beer, but he went down on his stepfather anyway. 

Everything was in slow motion for Jason and he sucked for what seemed like forever until finally warm semen was flowing into his mouth from the now throbbing cock.  He sat up and lay back, letting the spunk dribble down his throat. 

Suddenly he was very thirsty with the tangy flavor of Billy’s juice lingering in his mouth.  He got up to get a beer, remembering to bring one for Billy before he shut the fridge.  Returning to the living room, Billy had rolled another number and lit it up.  Jason only needed a single hit to restore his euphoria.  After about fifteen minutes of rest and refreshment, Billy began stroking Jason’s body, lewdly feeling him up, taking whatever liberties he wanted.  Soon Billy was ready to go again.

Jason was taken into the kitchen and sprawled across the kitchen table lying on his back.  Billy pulled him by the legs until his butt was at the edge of the table. 

“I’m gonna get some of your boy pussy. Take your hands and pull your knees to your chest.  That’s it, boy, now spread’em.”

Jason shuddered as he watched Billy lubricate his dick with KY.  Billy added KY to Jason’s torn ass then roughly finger fucked him.  Billy took great pleasure in watching Jason grimace and squirm as he plunged his middle finger in deep, time and time again.  The finger fucking was very uncomfortable as his injuries had not fully healed and when Billy pulled his finger from the boy’s ass, it was streaked with fresh blood. 

With trepidation through a fog of dope and beer, Jason watched  between his upturned legs as Billy gleefully put his hard dick to Jason’s bleeding ass.  Billy pushed and pushed, forcing Jason’s sphincter open wide to accommodate Billy’s dick. 

“Oh fuck!” cried the boy in agony.

Billy drove it in slowly, not out of concern for Jason, but to enhance his own pleasure while Jason cried out in pain.  As Billy began stroking Jason’s bloody rectum, the pain subsided in intensity but was always present throughout the sodomy.  Billy changed Jason’s position several times, rolling him onto his stomach, standing him up spread leg and holding onto the kitchen counter, and finally doggy style.  By the time Billy was finished and had shot his wad, Jason was quite exhausted, covered in sweat and worn out.

Billy placed a kitchen towel between Jason’s legs to absorb the trickle of blood and took him back to the living room, where he offered him another beer and more smoke.  Jason was glad to get both to help him escape from reality.  Billy disappeared for a few minutes to take a 25mg dose of Viagra.  Twenty five minutes passed, and Jason’s tormentor was ready to sodomize him for the next two hours non-stop.

Even the dope and the beer couldn’t dull the anguish Jason felt.  He detested Billy and he wanted to cause Billy ten fold the pain and suffering he had to endure, but his rage was impotent, and he had no choice but to take it.  He grunted with each punishing thrust into his ass.  

Jason wanted to strike out, kill him if he could, but he was afraid to provoke Billy’s anger.  When Billy was through with him today, Jason feared that there was the very real possibility that Billy would take him on a one-way ride to the outskirts of town just to be sure he could never talk about what had been done to him. 

Jason couldn’t think clearly, but instinctively knew that his survival depended on appeasing Billy, making sure that Billy did not see him as a threat, making Billy believe that he was enjoying the abuse and would welcome more of the same whenever Billy wanted it.

The effect of the dope and beer was wearing off as Billy continued the sodomy but Jason continued to pretend, despite the pain, to be enjoying it, thrusting his ass back as Billy thrust in, moaning in pleasure, and other such things.

Billy eventually grew tired and lost his hard on.  Billy moved off and stood stretching his cramped muscles.  He too was sobering up and began contemplating what he should do next.  It was about 5:30 PM and getting dark.  He had sexually abused Jason for just over four hours, and had another five hours before he had to deal with Jane Ann.  He knew of a good spot about an hour out of town where he could dump Jason if necessary.  An hour out, an hour back, maybe fifteen minutes at the old quarry, two and half hours.  Three hours if he took his time at the quarry.  He needed to make up his mind what to do and how to do it in the next hour or so.

“How’d you like that butt fucking boy?” sneered Billy.

Jason struggled to answer correctly, sensing the growing malice.  “It hurt at first, then it stopped hurting.  I don’t know why, but the more you did it, the better it felt.  I never imagined it could feel so good.”

“Felt good?  You liked it?”  That wasn’t what he expected to hear.”

“Oh, yes I liked it.  I have to thank you Billy, you really know what you’re doing.  Give me a few minutes, and I’ll show you how much I enjoyed it.”

“How’s that?”

“I’ll give you the best blowjob ever, just as a thank you.  You can do my ass like that anytime Billy, anytime.”

“Well I’ll be god damned!  You’re a natural born butt boy!  I never figured that before.  You really like it?”

“Can we do it some more tonight?”

“Shit boy!  Who do you think I am?  I don’t know… I’m kind of worn out.  Need a little rest, some time to think.  Want another brew?”

“Yeah and some more smoke if you don’t mind.”

Billy thought a few minutes.  He never thought that Jason would actually enjoy being fucked in the ass, but then maybe he’s a god damned queer boy. 

“You’ll let me fuck your butt whenever I want?”

“Yes, Billy.”

“You want to be my butt boy?”

“Whatever you want, just do me often.”

“Well I’ll be god damned!” 

Billy went to the kitchen for a couple of beers.  This was better than he had hoped for.  ‘The fucking kid likes it!’ he thought. Taking the little bastard to the quarry wasn’t necessary after all. ‘Shit, he’s not going to be a problem at all.  I can do him whenever I want!  Fucking little fagot!’  Billy was getting hungry; maybe his boy was too.  He shouted, “Hey, Jason!  You want me to order us a pizza?”

“Sure, Billy.  Whatever you want.”

Billy ordered a pizza to be delivered.  He washed off his dick, cleaning off the shit, blood and KY mixture coating it.  He returned to the living room, Jason was still lying on the floor where he had been sodomized. 

“Here boy, here’s a beer for you.  When you’re ready and rested, come show me how much you like my dick.”  He lit up the roach, “Wanna hit?”

Jason was soon reeling again, slipping into the dulled and less painful state of being stoned.  Despite the dope and beer, his fear continued to grow.  He had to survive until his mama came home, then he’d be safe for a while. 

“Come on boy.  What’cha wait’n for?”

Jason moved closer to Billy, suppressing his repugnance.  He nuzzled his face and nose in Billy’s genitals and licked at his balls.  He licked the limp uncut dick and took it in his mouth.  The soft penis eventually began to grow erect again.  The phone rang.  Billy ignored it and the answering machine picked up.

“Billy, it’s Bryan.  Pick up the phone Billy.  Pick up the phone.  I need to talk to you right now.  Pick up the fucking phone Billy!  Shit!”  The voice grew muffled, “Danny, he’s not there right now.  I don’t know where to find…”

“Bryan!  What’s up?”   Billy wasn’t about to miss a call from Bryan.  Bryan wanted something and that meant money.

“Hey there Billy!  Did I interrupt something?”

“Yeah, I was getting a blowjob from my boy!  What do you want? Uh huh, uh huh., yeah, yeah.”   Billy paused a moment to think.  The doorbell rang. “Hold on a minute Bryan, god damn pizza man is here.  No, no just hold on a minute.” 

Billy grabbed a ten-dollar bill and opened the door.  The pizza guy was taken aback by the customer’s nudity.   Billy laughed, “Hey sorry man, I was just fuck’n my ole lady.”  He took the pizza and gave the man the ten-dollar bill for the $9.95 pizza and shut the door. 

The pizza guy cursed, “Frig’n nickel tip, not even a goddamn thank you!”

Billy tossed the pizza box onto the coffee table.  “Help yourself cock sucker.”  He then took the handset of the cordless phone and moved out of earshot of Jason.

“Okay Bry, I’m back.  Yeah, come on over, but you got to leave by 10 PM before the ole lady gets home.  How about seventy-five a piece for the choo-choo?  Hey, I don’t care how you divide it up.  Pay before you play.  In an hour?  That’s fine, it’s your time.”

Jason had scarffed down several slices before Billy returned.  Billy took a slice and sat on the couch munching away, dropping food on himself.  They finished off the pizza, washing it down with beer. 

“Look at me, Jason.  I made a mess!  Come over here and lick me clean boy!” 

Jason obeyed, cleaning crumbs and pizza goo from Billy’s chest, pubic hair and legs. Billy yawned. 

“Now where were we?”

Jason was hoping that Billy would tire and fall asleep.  If Billy did, he planned to sneak into the kitchen, get a butcher knife and come back and cut Billy’s throat.  The fucking bastard deserved it.  He’d tell the cops exactly what happened. Self-defense, they’d believe him.  It would be embarrassing, but the proof was obvious.  Meanwhile he would have to suck Billy’s dick.

Billy yawned several more times as Jason sucked and sucked, but he never fell asleep.  After an eternity the doorbell rang.  Billy pushed Jason off to the side, got up and answered the door.  Jason was surprised when Billy let four men in until he recognized Bryan.  His heart sank.  There was only one reason Billy why let the men in.

Billy and Bryan disappeared into the kitchen to conduct business.  Jason sat on the floor by the couch, watching as the three strangers leered at him as they undressed. 

Billy took the three hundred dollars from Bryan. “Who are these guys?”

“Some rich faggots I know.  They have a real thing for boys.  You know, if they like him, they’ll be back for more.”

Billy did some mental math, three hundred plus the thirty from the other night minus the fifty for the dope equaled two-hundred eighty dollars plus three bags of dope. Not only that he got freebie blowjobs and ass fucks.  Billy was looking forward to having the profitable little butt-fucking cocksucker around.

“He better cooperate tonight, Billy.  These guys aren’t going to like it if he puts up a fight like the other night.”

“Don’t worry, Bryan, he’s broken in.  Turns out he likes it up the ass!”

“Good, cause these guys want to be sure he’s willing.”

“Okay, let’s go put them at ease.”

They returned to the living room.  The three old fags were undressed and were just starring at the naked boy. 

Billy said to Jason, “Boy, show these gentlemen how much you want their dicks up your boy pussy by beating off for them.”

Jason’s ass was already sore as hell and now he was to be sodomized again and again by these complete strangers.  Not only that, but he knew he had to act like he wanted it, and enjoyed it, or else Billy would tear him to pieces or worse. 

He positioned himself comfortably on the couch, and began fondling himself to an erection.  Then he beat off until he ejaculated.  After all the hours of sexual abuse, that was the first time he came all day.  It felt good, but it signaled the beginning of a gangbang.  No sooner had he shot off when the first dick was presented to his mouth to suck to an erection.  Once the man was hard, the men positioned Jason on the floor for a doggy style fucking.  He greased up his dick, moved around to Jason’s back and effortlessly entered Jason’s stretched butt.  Simultaneously another dick was presented for sucking while Jason was sodomized.

The first dick wasn’t any larger than Billy’s and it wasn’t a problem, but after that, each new dick was larger and larger topping out with Bryan’s thick, 8-inch dick.  No one gave much thought to the streaks off blood on their dick as they rotated round and round, each man thrusting the boy’s ass for ten minutes or so before yielding to the next man. 

Jason blocked out the jabbing pain and tried to act like he was enjoying it, encouraging them to continue fucking him until they all shot off either in his ass or in his mouth.  But that wasn’t the end of it, after fifteen or twenty minutes, each of the men was ready to go again and got back into the rotation. 

They fucked him continuously until almost 9:30 PM after they had all repeatedly ejaculated and couldn’t get it up anymore.  Mindful of the time, they dressed and left, after praising Jason what a good butt boy he was and how they looked forward to sex with him again very soon. 

Billy knew the boy was hurting.  His ass was a bloody mess, and he could barely move.  Billy went into his stash of drugs and gave Jason a ‘roofie’.   After sponging his ass clean, Billy put him to bed and in about thirty minutes the date rape drug had it’s effect and Jason slipped into unconciousness. 

Soon, Jason’s mother was home.  The house reeked of marijuana.  Billy sat innocently at the kitchen table, drinking his last beer.

“Billy!  I’ve told you not to smoke dope around Jason.”

“Hey, I came home and he was already high.  So what the fuck?”

“Where is he?”

“Passed out.  Damned kid drank most of my beer too!”

She went to Jason’s tiny bedroom and checked up on him.  He was dead to the world.

“Why is he naked?”

“Jacking off I guess.”

“Oh, Jesus!  What am I going to do with him?”

“Beats me.  I know one thing; he hates my guts.”  Billy took a swig of beer.  “I’m trying, Jane Ann to be a friend to him, but so far he won’t have a thing to do with me.  I’ll keep trying though, maybe he’ll come around.”

“I hope so Billy.  I do want you two to be friends.  He’s always been hostile to my boyfriends, so don’t take it personally.”

“Naw, I don’t take it personally, but I don’t trust him or believe a word he says.”

“I know baby, neither do I.”   Jane Ann walked into the living room and surveyed the mess of empty beer cans and trash.  Something half hidden by a beer can caught her eye, and she bent down and picked up a nearly empty tube of KY jelly. 

“Billy, what’s this?”

“Oh, shit baby I’m sorry.  I thought I picked all that stuff up.  I didn’t want to tell you this, but when I got home, two cars pulled away from the house.  There were several boys in each car.  I came in and found Jason passed out, naked on the floor.  I put him to bed.  I came back out and looked around, there were used condoms all over the place.  I didn’t want you to know the truth, so I picked them up and flushed them down the toilet.”

“What are you saying Billy?”

“There was just a bunch of guys here, Jane Ann.  It was a homo party.”

“Oh, my god!”




(Mm, reluc, oral)

The sharp jabbing rectal pain jolted him back to consciousness.  Dazed, sick to his stomach, his head pounded in a splitting headache.  The shade was up and light streamed in the unadorned window of his bedroom.  It was blindingly bright and hurt his eyes.  He closed his eyes trying to escape back into sleep, but he knew if he didn’t get up now, he would puke in his bed.  He struggled to get up but fell on the hard floor, where he vomited.  The taste of bile burned his throat but he felt better almost immediately.  After some minutes of lying there gathering the strength to get up to cleanup his mess, rather than finding the strength to stand, he found sufficient comfort to fall back asleep.

He had no idea how long or why he had been lying on the hard cold floor, only that the sharp jabbing pain and throbbing headache where back.  Someone was calling to him, shaking him, intruding into his moment of peace.

“Jason!  Jason!  Wake up Jason!  Wake up right now!  Are you all right?  Talk to me Jason!  Jason wake up!”

The voice was familiar to him but seemed surreal and distant.  It was annoying and he tried to shoo it away like it was a pestering fly.  The voice went away and he dozed back off, escaping back into dreamless torpidity only to be brought back again to pain and misery by the feel of the cold wet rag washing his face and his body.  He struggled to open his eyes and tried to focus on the figure kneeling next to him. 

“Mama?  Mama?”  he whispered.

“Jason, Jason, what am I going to do with you?”  The distant voice was that of his mother.  “Come on get up!  Get up!”

“Mama, I don’t feel good.”

“I’m not surprised.  You’re much to young to be drinking, and the drugs.  I’ve told you time and again to stay away from that crap.  It will only hurt you.  Now stand up.”

He struggled to his feet.  His headache felt like knives stabbing him in the back of his eyes.

“Go get a shower and clean off the vomit.  Come on, steady on the feet.”

He was too unsteady on his feet to shower without the danger of falling in the tub so she drew a hot bath as he sat on the toilet seat staring off into space.  Then she helped him into the tub and steadied him as he sat down.  Jane Ann then left him alone and returned to his bedroom to finishing cleaning up. 

The enveloping warmth of the bath felt wonderful and he stayed until the water became cold.  His was still suffering from the hangover, but was beginning to come back to reality.  Reality was that Billy was somewhere nearby.  He pulled the stopper to drain the tub.  He was startled to find Billy sitting on the toilet seat next to the tub, malevolently starring at him.

“Your mother’s angry with you, but that’s of little importance.  What’s important is that you don’t make me angry with you.  You want me to be angry, butt boy?”

Jason’s gut tightened into a knot.  He knew he had to appease the abusive bastard.  “No, Billy.  Please don’t be angry.”

“I won’t if you get your story straight.  Understand?”

“What story?”

“About yesterday.  You had a little party last night with some of your gay buddies.  Got drunk, smoked pot, popped a few pills, had sex.  You don’t need to go into any details.  Your mother doesn’t want to hear them.  She already knows you were putting out.  I wasn’t here all day.  Understand?  I wasn’t here.”

“You weren’t here.”

“That’s right.  Just remember this, your mama won’t do anything to you, but I will.”

“Sure Billy, you weren’t here.”

“That’s right, faggot boy.”

Pulling his pecker out, Billy stood and lifted the toilet seat. The hot stream of yellow piss hit Jason first on the chest before the stream climbed to his face. 

To the sound of Billy’s laughter, Jason scrambled to get out of the tub but slipped and fell out of the tub, striking his hip on the side and his head on the vinyl floor.  His hip hurt and his throbbing head was now worse.  Almost immediately an ugly knot rose on his forehead that soon turned black.  Billy helped him to his feet as Jane Ann came running in to see what the commotion was all about.

“He’s all right, Jane Ann.  Fell and bumped his head.  Tried to break his fall, but he slipped out of my hands.”

“Oh, Jason!”  She touched the rising knot.  “Are you all right?”

“Yeah, Mama, but my head hurts.”

“I’ll get an ice pack.  Billy, give him some Tylenol and help him back to his room. 

“Sure baby.  Come on Sport.”  Sure that Jane Ann was out of earshot, Billy bent over and said, “You stink of piss boy.  Better wash it off.”

Jane Ann reappeared at the bathroom door as Jason emerged once again from the bath.

“Back to bed,” said Billy cheerfully.  “You need to sleep it off some more.”

Jane Ann added, “And Jason, put some clothes on.”

Billy helped him back to his bedroom and pulled a pair of boxer shorts from the dresser.  He tossed them to Jason who sat naked on the edge of his bed.  While Jason struggled with the shorts, Billy retrieved a couple of capsules of Tylenol and returned to the room.

“Here, butt fuck, take these.”

Jason was suspicious of what the capsules might actually be and refused them by pushing Billy’s hand away.  With his free hand, Billy reached out and grabbed Jason by the balls and began to squeeze.  Billy snarled in a low voice, “You don’t trust me?  Now do as I say, and take them.”

As the pain to his testicles increased, Jason reluctantly took the Tylenol.  Billy released his grip, and whispered, “Now where was I yesterday?”

“You weren’t here, Billy.  You weren’t here.”

“That’s right, I wasn’t here.”

Jason curled up, facing the wall.  His mother returned with an ice bag and instructed him to hold it to the knot on his head.  Before she left, she pulled the shade down, mercifully darkening the room.  Alone in his dark room, Jason softly sobbed until sleep gently removed him from reality.  

It was several hours before the sharp jabbing rectal pains awoke him again.  His headache was much better, though the bruise to his forehead incessantly throbbed, as did the bruise to his hip. He was very thirsty and hungry in spite of the queasiness that still afflicted him.  With effort Jason rose from bed to go to the bathroom where he drank from his cupped hand, finishing by splashing his face with cold water.  He looked in the mirror.  His face was a mess.  The new bruise on his head was over and inch in diameter.  His right eye was still bloodshot and black, his lip was still cut and the previous bruises to his cheeks and ribs were still very visible.   He pulled down his shorts to see the new deep bruise on his hip.  As bad as he looked, and as painful as his various injuries were, he knew it could be worse, far worse. 

Fear crept back into his gut realizing that as long as Billy was near, he would have to be very careful and play his game.  He had to somehow let his mother know the truth, but to do so would bring terrible retribution.   He knew his mama couldn’t protect him and resolved to avoid Billy as long as possible until he came up with a solution.  He still wanted to slit Billy’s throat, but he had seen enough episodes of Law & Order to know that a claim of self-defense at this point would not be viable.   He had to think of something else.

He was brought out of his desperate dark thoughts by the sound of his mama calling from the kitchen.  “Jason!  Are you up?”

“Yes, ma’am.”   The aroma of food cooking began to waft into his room, increasing his hunger.  He put on a t-shirt and jeans and went to the kitchen.  It was nearly five in the afternoon.  The light had already begun to fade. “Wha’cha fixing Mama?”

“Hamburger Helper.  Be ready in about ten minutes.  Are you hungry?”

“Oh, yes ma’am.  I’m starving!”

“Go tell Billy that supper is almost ready.”

He suddenly wished he had just stayed in bed and waited until later to eat whatever might be leftover.  

His mamma looked at him, the irritation with him plain on her face. “Well, go on Jason.  He’s in the living room watching television.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Jason went to the doorway leading to the living room.  “Billy, Ma says supper’ll be ready in ten minutes.”

“Come here boy!”

“I gotta help Mama.”

“I said come here.”  Jason approached Billy who was seated in the tattered recliner.  In a low voice he asked, “Where was I yesterday?”

“I don’t know.”

“That’s right.  You have fun with all those dicks?  You like dicks?”

Jason said nothing.

“Answer me.  You do like dicks don’t you?”

Jason decided it was best to agree with him.  “Yes.”

“That’s what I thought.  You’re a queer boy, aren’t you?”

Jason felt the anger rising within and struggled to keep it under control.

“Yeah, you liked it all right,” taunted Billy.  In a near whisper he added, “How about if after supper, you and me go for a ride?  You can suck me off as we drive around.”

“I can’t.  I’ve got homework to do tonight.”

Billy laughed, “Fuck your homework.”

Jane Ann called out from the stove.  “Come on you two, supper’s ready.”

Jason retreated to the kitchen and took his seat.  Billy walked around behind him, then sniffed at his ear.

“You stink!  Jane Ann, how come this boy smells?”

Jason turned red with humiliation, what if his mother could smell…

“Leave him alone Billy.”

Billy sat across from Jason grinning at him.  Jane Ann served the plates directly from the skillet.

A disgusted look came across Billy’s face.  “Is this garbage the only fuck’n thing you know how to fix?”

“Sorry if you don’t like it Billy, but I didn’t get to the store today,” replied Jane Ann defensively.  “Maybe I could fix you something special tomorrow night.”

“Like what, fish sticks?”

“I thought you liked fish sticks.”

“Never mind Jane Ann… Get me a beer.”

Jane Ann retrieved a beer before sitting and they ate in silence.   Jane Ann finally broke the impasse.  “Jason, just what were you doing last night?”

Billy interjected himself, “Leave him alone Jane Ann.  We know what he was doing.  Ya know we’ve all done things we’d rather not discuss.  I have.  So have you.  Boy’s old enough to make up his own mind about certain things and you can’t stop him from trying things out.”

“No, I want him to tell me what he was up to.”

Billy continued, “Fine, why don’t you tell him what you were doing before he was born? Why you don’t know who his poppa is?”

“Billy!  Please don’t start that.  That was long ago.”

“Then leave him alone.  Some things are best left unsaid. Can’t you see he’s embarrassed about it enough?”

Jane Ann didn’t want to go into her past as a prostitute and it was obvious that Billy wasn’t going to let her press her son without having her pay a high price.  She changed the subject, “Jason, you look a mess.  Tomorrow when you go to school, don’t be surprised if there aren’t questions raised about that new bruise.  I know it was an accident, but the school may report it as a possible case of abuse.”

Billy said, “It’s none of their business.  Besides there’s nothing to it except that he was drunk.”

“I know, but they may start asking questions.  They should ask questions.  On the news last week there was this little girl who was beaten to death by her uncle.  Seems she had been going to school with new bruises after every weekend, but no one checked it out. Now the little thing is dead and a lot of pressure is being placed on the school as to why no one reported it.  Poor baby!”

It was the solution Jason was looking for.  Tomorrow at school someone would ask and he’d tell them.  And if they didn’t ask he’d tell them anyway.  Either way, once they knew, someone would protect him from Billy.  Send him to jail, do something.

Supper was over. Billy went back to the TV while Jason helped his mother clear the table, then he retreated to the sanctuary of his room.  He went over in his mind, just what he was going to say tomorrow.  He relished the thought of Billy being handcuffed and sent to jail.  Tomorrow he’d strike back and get even. 

Suddenly his bedroom door opened.  Billy walked in, naked, carrying a switch cut from the overgrown shrubbery.

“Your mama’s gone to the store to grocery shop.  We’ve got an hour or so until she gets back.  Come on out, Butt Boy.  You want some of ole Billy’s cum for your desert?”

“Billy I hurt bad.  Just leave me alone tonight.”

“Your ass-pussy is sore?” he said mockingly.  “I’m not surprised.  Tell you what, I won’t fuck your butt tonight, okay, but you can and you will suck my dick.  Now get the fuck up and get undressed.”

With his mama gone, Jason knew he had no choice.  Maybe he could kill him tonight, before or after he was raped again and before his mama got home.  He needed to find the opportunity, but tonight there wasn’t to be any. 

He obediently followed Billy to the kitchen after receiving a stinging welt from the thin switch across his butt.  Billy retrieved a beer from the fridge.  Tapping Jason’s genitalia lightly with the switch he told Jason, “Lie on the table boy and beat off for me.”

Billy pulled him across the table so that Jason’s head hung over the edge.  Fear and trepidation filled Jason and it took him a while to get hard.  The boy furiously stoked his cock while his stepfather watched maliciously, sipping his beer, leering with growing desire. 

“Put your head back,” ordered Billy.  “Further goddamn you!  That’s better.  Now keep whacking off and open wide.”

Jason gagged as Billy drove his entire cock down his throat.  Jason struggled to breathe and then Billy slashed cold beer across the boy’s bare chest causing his body to jerk.  The shock allowed him a breath.

“Goddamn it, I told you to keep whacking off!”  Billy menacingly tapped the boy’s dick with the switch.  “Now jerk it or I’ll beat it off for you!”

Jason struggled to masturbate vigorously enough to keep himself hard and managed to find a way to breathe and deep throat at the same time, mainly by taking a breath when Billy pulled back before fucking into his mouth again.

“Tell me when you’re about to come, boy.”

Jason had no idea how he could say anything, but after five minutes or so, Billy said, “Come on boy, ani’t got all night.  Maybe you need something a little extra.”

There was a sharp pain in his left nipple as the clothes pin clamped shut on his soft tissue soon to be followed by a sharp pain in his right nipple.  All Jason could do was wince and then whimper around the cock fucking his mouth.

The pain began to dull as his nipple flesh became numb and Jason felt his orgasm rising.  He grunted on Billy’s cock just before semen shot from his dick.

“Oh yeah!” exclaimed Billy.  The sight of Jason’s dick fountaining, sending ropes of cum splattering across the boy’s chest, sent Billy over the edge. “You really are a nasty little fag!” he grunted as he came in the boy’s mouth.

The viscous load flooded his mouth.  With his head back and Billy’s dick fucking into his throat Jason found it nearly impossible to swallow.  He gagged, then choked, forcing Billy’s jism to shoot out through his nostrils while he fought for air. 

Billy laughed, amused at the boy’s plight.  Soon, his cock began to grow flaccid in Jason’s mouth.  Thinking that it was over as Billy’s cock finally exited, Jason felt relieved.  His relief was short lived however as Billy stepped closer to the table and commanded, “Now lick my nuts boy!”

The abuse continued until just minutes before Jane Ann walked into the door. 

“All right cock sucker, I’m finished with you for right now,” growled Billy.  “Better go get your clothes on fag boy, your fuck’n whore momma will be dragging her sorry ass in here any minute now.”

Jason rolled off the table, clothespins hanging from his nips.  Turning to get away from his abuser, Jason received a kick on his butt from Billy’s bare foot that sent him sprawling out on the kitchen floor.

“Hey, better watch your step boy,” snickered the stepfather, “you might get hurt.”

Next morning at school Jason asked to speak to a councilor, but he wasn’t able to talk with Mrs. Wilson until late in the afternoon.  He told her that Billy had beaten and abused him last week and had abused him Saturday and Sunday while his mother was out of the house.  Mrs. Wilson listened, but was troubled by three things, first when asked about the bruises last week, Jason had said it was from a fist fight, second on several occasions last year she had talked with Jane Ann and Jane Ann had made it clear that no matter who she dated, Jason had it out for him, and third Jason had a well deserved reputation for lying.  What was the truth?  It was a very serious matter to accuse someone of the rape and sexual assault of a minor.  She knew it wasn’t her place to investigate and decided to refer it to the Child Protective Services Bureau. 

Mrs. Wilson explained to Jason what would happen once she made the referral to CPSB.  First, CPSB would contact his mother and stepfather and ask for an interview.  If they found sufficient cause to warrant an arrest, CPSC would contact the police, who would then issue an arrest warrant.  More than likely, his stepfather would be out on bail within twenty-four hours.  The entire process would take several days at a minimum and possibly several weeks.

Jason was horrified.  As soon as Billy knew he had talked to someone, Billy would beat him to death, dispose of his body and disappear.  There was no way this could be allowed to happen. 

“Jason, I have no choice.  By law I have to refer this matter to CPSB.”

“He’ll kill me!”

“I don’t think he’ll be foolish enough to cause you any harm once an official investigation is underway.”

“You don’t know him!” he replied in desperation.

“It won’t be until tomorrow before CPSB contacts your mother or stepfather.   Come in tomorrow morning, and I’ll see if I can’t find you a place to stay for a few days if you feel threatened.”

“A few days?  First chance he gets he’s gonna to kill me.”

“Try not to worry, Jason.  We’ll work something out.”

Jason wanted to puke.  “Please Mrs. Wilson, just forget about the whole thing.  Please!”

“I can’t Jason.  The law is very clear on what I must do.”

He left school knowing he had only until tomorrow afternoon before Billy would be coming after him.  His ma couldn’t protect him, the school couldn’t protect him, and the police couldn’t protect him, yet sure as the sun would rise tomorrow he knew Billy would beat him to death before Jason was ever allowed to say another word to anyone about Billy.  He had to run, but where?  How? 

He went home.  His mama was there so he felt somewhat safe even though Billy was home too.  He decided that if Mama left the house for any reason, he would hideout until she returned.  He’d pack up his few clothes in his book sack tonight and in the morning, instead of going to school, he would run away.  He wasn’t sure how or where, but he had decided when.  He’d have at least eight hours head start before anyone knew he was gone.

Billy had cashed a disability check earlier and was at the kitchen table counting out the money.   Jason watched him as he got up and placed the money in the top drawer in the master bedroom.   Jason had to figure out when to steal the money.  He certainly couldn’t let Billy catch him.  Timing was very important. 

After supper his mother announced, “Jason, Billy and I are going to the Sundown Club for a few hours. Do your homework and no guests.  Understand?  Stay out of the beer.  We may be late, so go to bed at 10:30.”

Jason couldn’t believe his good luck.  It was 6:30 PM.  They’d be gone by 7:00, home no sooner than 10:00, probably midnight.  No need to wait until tomorrow.  He had at least a three-hour head start. 

As they were about to walk out the door, Jason stopped Jane Ann and hugged her.  “I love you Mama!”

Jane Ann was surprised but pleased with the show of affection.  “I love you too, Jason.” 

Tears were welling up in his eyes as he watched Billy’s dilapidated Cadillac pull away.  Going straight away to Billy’s top drawer, Jason found a wad of cash, more money than he’d seen in his entire life!  He quickly counted it out, $3,600!  Billy didn’t trust banks, preferring to keep his money close at hand.  He also found a credit card.

Jason took the money and put it in his book sack along with his other pair of jeans, socks, shirts and toothbrush, along with his hand-held CD player and his favorite CD’s.  He fixed his bed to look like he was sleeping.  Within ten minutes of Jane Ann and Billy leaving the house he was walking towards the bus station, only six blocks from his house.

The bus station was pretty much empty when he walked in.  He went up to the counter and studied the departure board.  There were several buses scheduled to depart in the next several hours.   He didn’t have any idea where to go, but decided to take the very first bus that was scheduled to depart in about an hour for Columbus.  The ticket agent was a hippie looking guy with long hair. 

The agent looked at the bruised face.  “Man, who did that to you?”


“You running?”  Jason was immediately uncomfortable with the conversation.  The agent continued, “Man, if my old man did that to me, I’d leave too!  Where ya wanna to go?”

“I don’t know, but I gotta get out of here.”

“Have any money?”

“Yeah, I’ve got money for a ticket.”

“Credit cards?”


“The card, is it your stepfather’s?”


“Save your cash, use the credit card.  If I was you, I’d use up the credit card right now.  Once he knows you have it, he’ll put a stop on it.  You might even get arrested trying to use it.  Not only that, it leaves a paper trail of where you’ve been. 

“Seeing that you don’t know where you want to go, I recommend buying a pass.  It allows you to ride wherever you want to go during the time the pass is valid.  All you have to do is show it when you board one of our buses.  Ride as much as you like. 

“Tonight, take the bus to Columbus and then hop another bus to somewhere else.  Ride for a couple of days, changing buses often.  They won’t find you.  Give me the card, and I’ll see just how many days you can ride before the pass expires.”

Jason handed him the card.   The agent checked the available credit on the card.  “Hey man, with a student discount I can get you a forty day pass with this card.”


The transaction was made.  “Now don’t even think about using this card again, it’s maxed out.  Just go over there and toss it in the trash.  Hey man, good luck.”

Thirty minutes later, Jason showed his pass and boarded the bus to Columbus, where he caught another bus to Cincinnati, and then one to Lexington.  For the next two weeks, he just rode the bus, sleeping while riding, and looking around the various cities he stopped at during the day. 



(Mm, con, oral, anal)

He was headed for Florida when he got off at New Orleans, stumbling into Mardi Gras, arriving the day before Fat Tuesday.   New Orleans was different from anyplace he’d been before.  It seemed like a fun place so he decided to stick around for a few days.  He waked around the city and found his way into the French Quarter where mimes, jugglers, and street musicians performed on almost every busy corner.  It was here that Jason met Tinker, a runaway just like himself.

Tinker was a year or two older than Jason, and his hair had become quite long.  Tinker asked him if he had a place to stay and offered the crash pad that he was currently staying at.  Tinker led him through a maze of narrow streets and alleyways, many with unpronounceable names, finally arriving at a doorway in a wall. They passed through the first room that was dark and vacant to a large back room.

In the back room, there were several mattresses thrown on the floor, on one of which a guy was openly fucking a girl.  Tinker introduced him around, but Jason’s attention was distracted by the copulating couple. There were about ten kids there, all teenagers, all runaways.  Some one passed Jason a pipe and he took a hit, his first since the Saturday before he fled home.  He got a buzz on one hit, “That’s pretty good shit!”

“Yeah, the smokes good around here.”  Tinker gestured around the room saying, “Hey man, if you want to fuck any of these girls, go ahead, they’ll fuck anybody, anytime.” 

Jason had never had sex with a girl before, but watching the libertine display on the dirty mattress, Jason was eager to try.

“Yeah man, I’d like to fuck them all.”

“Help yourself.  Say, you got any money for food?  We always need money for food.  Usually the girls go out and make money fucking grays.”

“Yeah, how much you need?”

“A couple of blocks from here is a Popeye’s Chicken.  We can get a couple of buckets for about twenty bucks.”

“Yeah, I got twenty bucks.”

Tinker and Jason headed out and returned with the chicken and fries and put on a minor feast.  Everything was eaten as no one knew where or when the next meal might appear.  For feeding the group, Jason was the hero du joir.  He was offered more smoke and got very stoned.  Tinker acting magnanimously introduced him to Amber, a somewhat overweight girl.

“Amber, this is my buddy, Jason.  Jason’s going to be staying with us for a while.  Why don’t you show him some Southern hospitality and fuck his brains out tonight?”

“Sure thing Tink, anything you say.”

Amber led Jason over to a mattress and stripped.  Jason wasted no time getting naked and was soon wallowing in Amber’s oversized tits.  She was his first girl to ever fuck. 

“You like me?” she asked after he rolled off after the first quick fuck.

“Yeah!  I like you a lot.”

“Then take your time with me.”

Jason wasn’t at sure what she meant.  “Sorry.  I never did it with a girl before. I…”

“I’m your first?”

“Yeah,” he replied sheepishly.

Smiling sweetly, Amber softly stroked his face with her hands. “You did just fine for a virgin boy.  Most guys, first time, they don’t even get it in before they shoot off.  Next time you’ll do even better …Want me to suck you hard again?  You’ll last a lot longer the second time.”

Jason eyes brightened, “Yeah, you bet!”

Next day was the big hedonistic celebration.  Jason had never seen anything like it before.  Ten of thousands of people jammed into the French Quarter and along the major parade routes.  Many people were costumed.  Fortunately for the revealers who wore only body paint it was a warm day.  Women flashed bare tits for strings of cheap beads.  The alcohol flowed freely, minimum age be damned. 

Drunk and splattered with his own puke, somehow he became separated from Tinker. He started to panic as he began to sober up and night fell. He was stoned when they left the warehouse that morning and didn’t have a clue where it was located.  His backpack, clothes, jacket, bus pass and his money were all at the warehouse.  Time and again he thought he recognized someone from the warehouse, but upon closer inspection he discovered he was wrong. 

He was still wandering around looking for Tinker when the grand street party came to an end and the santitation crews began cleaning up the mess.  The streets became nearly deserted.  He never felt so alone and insecure as he did now.  He wandered down to Lafayette Park and joined the wino’s sleeping under the azaleas. 

Next morning Jason discovered someone had stolen his socks and shoes during the night.  He was hungry, stunk, and had no money, but he wasn’t desperate enough yet to learn how to eat from a garbage can.  He set out again, looking for Tinker, wandering the French Quarter.  Near Claiborne Avenue, he had a run in with a gang of blacks; they wanted money or anything else of value.  He was lucky and escaped harm when they discovered just how pitiful he was. 

By afternoon, the weather had changed.  A cold front began pushing through.  It had been almost eighty degrees at noon, but by nightfall it had precipitously dropped into the forties, accompanied by a blowing rain.  He tried to take shelter in a corner convenience store but was run out after he loitered for about an hour.  Jason took the only shelter he could find, the doorway of a building, set back three feet from the storefront.  The store was vacant, out of business. His wet clothes offered meager protection as he was barefoot, wearing only a filthy T-shirt and pair of worn out jeans. 

As night fell and the temperature plummeted towards freezing, his misery increased ten fold. As poor a shelter as the doorway was, it was immeasurably better than no shelter all, at least it kept most of the rain off and it acted as a wind break.  Still it was miserably cold.  He huddled there for what seemed hours, uncontrollably shaking from the wet penetrating cold.

A strong hand clasped his shoulder and shook him.  “Hey, kid!  Hey, kid!  You can’t stay here; you’ll freeze to death!  Come on, kid, come with me.  We’re only around the block from my home.  Come on, kid, Poppy will take care of you tonight.”

Poppy helped Jason up.  Poppy took off his coat and put it around the shaking boy, and then half dragged him running down the street and around the corner to his home deep in the Quarter.  They were both drenched and cold as Poppy fumbled with his keys.  It was a storefront with a sign that read ‘Poppy’s Place, Unique Art, Tattoos, Body Piercing, Massage, Tarot Card Readings, By Appointment Only’.  They hurried through the front rooms to the back, and then ascended a steep staircase to the second floor apartment.

Jason was still shaking uncontrollably.  Poppy was now cold too, as his shirt and jeans were soaking wet.  Poppy went to the bathroom stripped off his wet clothes and put on a robe.  He then drew a hot bath.

“Come here, kid.  Strip and get into the bath.  Come on, kid, it’ll warm you up fast.”

The hot bath looked very inviting.  Not only was he cold, but it also had been days since he had a bath.  He struggled with the wet jeans and then the wet t-shirt.  As he entered the hot bath he was numb from the cold and really couldn’t feel how hot is was, only that it wasn’t cold. 

“Soak in here for a while until you warm up.  Then use some soap, you’re filthy.  Add hot water if you need it.  You hungry?” 

Jason nodded yes. 

“Okay, kid.  I’ll go heat us up some leftover gumbo.  You like gumbo?”  It was obvious to Poppy that Jason didn’t know what a gumbo was.  “Don’t worry, you’ll like it just fine.” 

Poppy picked up Jason’s filthy clothes, they smelled faintly of vomit and piss. “Damn, you don’t even have any underwear!  Good thing I found you when I did.  Hypothermia would have killed you.”

The clothes were beyond salvation so Poppy simply put them in a trash bag to throw out.   He would get Jason some decent clothes later, but for now he would keep the boy nude and see where things led.  Poppy had been looking for a new teenage boy live with him since the last one shipped out several weeks ago.   He didn’t have a clue as to whether this kid would work out or not, but he was going to find out.

Jason could smell the gumbo heating in the kitchen.  He wanted to linger in the warm bath but his hunger demanded satisfaction.  Once he had warmed up sufficiently, his priority was to eat.  He toweled dried and looked around for his clothes.  “Hey, where are my clothes?”

“I threw them out!  They’re filthy rags.  Don’t worry kid, I’ll get you some new clothes tomorrow.”

“What am I supposed to wear?”

“What you were born in.  Come on kid, the gumbo’s ready.”

Jason modestly wrapped a bath towel around his waist and ventured to the kitchen.  Poppy served up two large bowls of shrimp and okra gumbo over rice accompanied by French bread.  Jason wolfed the first bowl down and asked for more. 

“You like my cooking?”

“Oh yes sir!”  His mouth was burning from the spices, and he drank an entire glass of water.  He’d never had anything like it before. Salt and pepper were the only spices his ma ever cooked with.  “That’s the best soup I’ve ever had!”

“It’s not soup, it’s gumbo. We take a lot of pride in what we eat around here, Cher, so don’t call it soup.”

“Oh, I’m sorry mister, I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“You weren’t rude.”  Poppy placed another steaming bowl of gumbo before him.  “I’m Poppy Melancon, and your name is?”


“Jason what?”

Jason was leery of revealing too much.  “Just Jason.”

“Okay Just Jason.  Why were you in that doorway in weather like this?”

“Didn’t have anywhere else to go.”

Poppy had seen hundreds of kids just like Jason through he years. The yellowing bruises told him a lot and he already knew his story.  “You’re not from around here.  Are you, Jason?”

“No sir.”

“Who beat you up?”

“My stepfather.”

“How long have you been running?”

“Few weeks.”

“You want to telephone your mother?  Let her know where you are?  Let her know you are okay?”

“No, please don’t make me call.  Billy will hurt her.  He’ll kill me if ever gets a chance.  I can’t go back there.  I can’t let Billy know where I am. He’ll come looking for me.  Last thing I said to her was ‘I love you Mama.’  That’ll just have to do.”

“How did you get here?”

“You brought me.”

“No, I mean how did you wind up in New Orleans?”

“Oh, I came on a bus.  I had a pass.  Rode around several weeks across the country until I decided to go to Florida and live on the beach.  Stopped here Monday.  I heard there was a big deal on Tuesday so I stuck around. 

“I met up with a guy named Tinker.  He lived with some other runways.  He was going to go to Florida with me.  Tuesday he took me downtown.  I lost him in the crowd.  All my stuff was back at Tinker’s place, but I don’t know where that is.  Could you help me find Tinker so I can get my stuff?”

“What kind of stuff did you have?”

“My CD player, change of clothes, a jacket, bus pass, some money.”

“Hate to tell you this, but once you didn’t go back, they’ve already gone through your stuff.  There’s nothing left.  Tinker is probably in Florida right now on your bus pass and money.”

Jason was a realist and as he fully comprehended his situation he blurted out, “Oh shit!  What am I going to do?”

“Look, you can stay with me for a couple of weeks, until you figure out what you need to do.  Okay?  I’ll get you some clothes and shoes.  Don’t despair.  You have a safe place to stay and good food to eat.  You know, you’re much better off now than you were yesterday.”

Jason knew that Poppy was right, he was much better off now.  If it weren’t for Poppy, he’d still be freezing and hungry in that doorway.  He may have lost everything, but he was warm and had a full stomach.  Jason looked at Poppy’s face.  At first he was afraid of him. 

Poppy was fairly short with a stocky build.  He had dark curly hair and a dark curly beard. He had thick dark body hair and dark eyes.  Except for the pierced ears and nose, Poppy reminded Jason of one of those cavemen he saw in a textbook.  But as gruff as his appearance was, Jason took a liking to his affable benefactor and his warm generosity.  Jason noticed a smudge on Poppy’s forehead.

“You have some dirt on your forehead Poppy.”

Poppy laughed.  “That’s not dirt, it’s ashes. Today is Ash Wednesday, first day of Lent.  You’re not Catholic are you?”

“No sir.”  Indeed, Jason wasn’t anything.  Had never stepped into a church.  His only exposure to religion was from briefly listening to some TV evangelist rant and rave.  On the one hand he was completely ignorant of the great religious pillar of western civilization, on the other hand, he wasn’t burdened with the baggage of sin and a vengeful God.

“I went to Catholic schools just like almost everyone else in this town.  I’m not particularly religious Jason, but some things are deeply in grained.  I do observe Lent; it’s a spiritual thing.  I was coming from church when I found you.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have gone out in this nasty weather.  God led me to you Jason, he knew you needed help, and he picked me to help you.”

Jason accepted that without question and looked upon Poppy as his savior.  Here was somebody who would help him.  Somebody he could trust. 

Jason looked around the apartment.  It was modestly, but comfortably furnished.  Artwork covered the walls occupying every available square inch.  Jason got up from the table and cleared it just as his mama had taught him.  Then he went into the parlor and looked at all the paintings.  It was all fairly weird stuff to Jason.

“You like my art?”

“Who painted these pictures?”

“I did.  I’m an artist; at least that’s what I like to do.  Haven’t made much money at it except for the garbage I sell to the tourists. To make ends meet I do tattoos, pierce body parts, and give massages.  I made a lot of money the past few days giving tattoos to drunk college kids.  Hope they like my work today, because they’ll have to live with it forever. My bread and butter comes from my steady client base for weekly massages, mostly well-to-do businessmen.

“Come on Jason, I’m getting tired.  I know you are.  Let’s get some sleep and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.”

Jason followed Poppy to the bedroom.  Poppy took off his robe and crawled naked under the covers.  Jason was amazed.  Not only was Poppy very hairy, he was also tattooed all over.

“Uh, where am I to sleep?”

“You have a choice, in bed with me or on the floor.”  The bare hardwood floor wasn’t particularly inviting to Jason so he took the other side of the bed.  “Get rid of that towel, Jason.  House rules, in this bed we sleep buck naked, okay?”

Jason reluctantly shed the offending towel.  Poppy sat upright.  “You ever had a professional massage.  After your ordeal I think you could use one.  Here, roll onto your stomach and rest your head on your hands.” 

Poppy  straddled him and with his powerful hands he began to knead the muscles of his shoulders, neck and back.  It felt great and Jason became thoroughly relaxed.  He lay there as Poppy moved down to massage his bare buttocks and then his legs and finally his feet.  Poppy then moved back up his legs and buttocks to his back and shoulders, finishing with the neck. 

Poppy then had him roll over onto his back.  Still straddling him Poppy gently rubbed his chest and his stomach.  He brushed his hand across Jason’s dick and finding no resistance to his touch he placed his hand on Jason’s penis and gently stoked it and his balls. 

Jason opened his eyes at the open sexual advance.  His dick grew hard at the sensuous touch.  He looked Poppy in the eye and then followed Poppy’s head as he lowered his lips to the young erect penis. 

Poppy took the glans into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the head of Jason’s dick.  He nibbled up and down the underside of the shaft of the penis from the head to the base, and then lewdly mouthed the glans again.  The feeling was sensational.  Jason had never been given a blowjob before.  Amber had sucked on him the other night several times, but that was just to get him hard enough to fuck.  This was totally different, this was pure pleasure and soon Jason felt his orgasm building. 

He wasn’t sure what Poppy wanted, did he want him to shoot off in his mouth, or would he be angry?  Poppy wouldn’t allow him to withdraw his penis and he ejaculated into his mouth.  Poppy kept on sucking, coaxing the last drops of semen from Jason’s dick.  Poppy let his dick go after it was completely soft.

“Hmmmm!  I like the taste of your cum, Jason.  Has a healthy taste to it.  Did you like your massage?”

Jason was still breathless.  “Yes, Poppy.”

Poppy moved to the side and sat back on his heels.  His dick was erect and Jason could clearly see that he was much bigger than Billy, as long but perhaps slightly bigger in girth than Billy’s friend Bryan.   At 8 ½ inches long and 6 ½ inches in circumference, it was a very big dick. 

Jason studied the monster.  He was drawn to the big dick, not out of fear, but out of lust and he took the head into his mouth and gave it his best. Poppy leaned back and enjoyed the show, watching his dick head disappear into the boy’s willing mouth, watching as Jason’s head bobbed up and down.  The kid did a good job and it was clear to Poppy that this boy may be inexperienced but the way he swirled his tongue around, Poppy knew he was no virgin. 

After thirty minutes of dick sucking, Poppy was ready to ejaculate.  Jason felt the massive dick swell just before the jisim shot into his mouth.  Poppy’s throbbing dick erupted shooting load after load into Jason’s mouth, filling it to near overflowing.  Jason swallowed most of it, but retained a good portion so that he could relish the taste. 

Poppy’s dick grew flaccid and Jason let it slip from his mouth.  Poppy’s dick was quite big even when it was completely soft.  Jason swallowed the residual cum. 

“You like the taste of my cum, boy?”

Jason felt dirty, but he did like the tangy flavor.  “Yes, Poppy, I do like it.”

“Good boy.  I think I’m going to like having you around for the next few weeks Jason.”



(Mm, con, anal)

Next morning they were iced in.  A thin rind of ice covered everything and it was treacherous to venture outdoors.  Poppy didn’t bother to get dressed.  He just lounged around all morning casually sucking off Jason and having the favor returned.  The suck fest was interrupted only by the need to eat and make a few phone calls.

“Hello!  Poppy speaking… Oh, hello, Carl… I know, with this ice it’s too dangerous to get out.  You want to reschedule for this week?… Tomorrow at three?  Let me check…Yeah, that’ll be fine, I’ll see you tomorrow Carl… For your friend?… He’ll be in town next Wednesday… His birthday?  Yeah, I can do him at six…  Okay… You want a deluxe massage for him… Yeah… same as I do for you.  Same price, a hundred dollars.  Okay Carl, I have him down for Wednesday at six… Yes, see you tomorrow at three.”

That was the third phone call that day.  All very similar.  Jason asked, “You losing money today, Poppy?”

“Yeah, damned weather!   No massages, no money.  Oh well, at least today’s clients are all rescheduling so I’m not really losing anything.  On the bright side, I have you here.  You like sex Jason?”   He looked over at the naked boy lying on the bed, waiting for him to return.  

“Yes, Poppy.  With you I do.  It’s fun with you... feels good.  Not at all like when Billy forced me.”

“What did he force you to do?”


Poppy walked over to the nightstand and got out a tube of KY Jelly.  He held the tube in his hand and showed it to Jason.  “You know what this is for?”

“Yeah, I know.  Makes your dick slippery.”

“That’s right.  And why would I need a slippery dick?”

“To stick it up my ass.”

“Right again.  You’re not a virgin.  You’ve been ass fucked before.  Right?”

Jason hesitated, feeling ashamed.  “Yeah, that’s when Billy first beat me up.  He beat me up so his friend could fuck me.  They hurt me Poppy, they really hurt me!”

“Are you afraid I’m going to hurt you?”

Jason thought a moment, his ass tingling with anticipation, “Yes and no.  You’re bigger than Bryan and he tore my ass.  Hurt like hell...  I was bleeding and was in pain for weeks afterward.”

“The stupid bastards!  I’m sorry they hurt you, Jason.  You know, if they had jut taken a little time, they wouldn’t have hurt you.  You trust me?”

Jason hesitated again. It was obvious that Poppy wanted to sodomize him.  He had expected it ever since the oral sex began.   He wanted to please Poppy, yet he was afraid, afraid of the pain of his anus ripping.  Still he wanted it. The oral sex with Poppy had been great; nothing like the terror with Billy, and maybe ass fucking with Poppy would be good too.  

“Yes, Poppy, I trust you.   I’m just afraid it’s going to hurt, Poppy!  I know you won’t hurt me to get your way, but I’m still afraid.”

Poppy stood by the bed, lewdly stroking his dick to an enormous erection. “I can understand why you’re afraid.  Trust me boy, I won’t hurt you and I would never beat you.  If you want me to stop, I’ll stop.   Once your ass stretches out some, it won’t hurt at all.  You’re going to love having me up your butt.  Trust me Jason.  Good sex is a two way street. If you want, you can do me first.”

Jason thought about it again for a moment.  “You’ll let me fuck your ass Poppy?”

“Of course!  I love a good ass fucking and so will you!  If you want to fuck me first, fine by me.   You’ve got to understand Jason, I like it, always have, and I want you to enjoy it.  While you’re living with me I want you to have sex with me, sometimes several times a day.  I love dick sucking, but ass fucking is my favorite, and I want to fuck you and be fucked by you.”

Jason knew that once it began, the ass fucking would never stop.  Still Jason wanted Poppy’s big dick up his ass.  He rolled onto his stomach and spread his legs, offering his young ass to the older man.   

Poppy smiled as he watched the boy position himself.   Poppy thought, ‘Yes, this one will do just fine.’  He crawled up next to the boy and began to massage his back, relaxing him. 

The older man kissed down the boy’s back and across the boy’s buttocks.  Jason eyes bugged out when Poppy licked up the crack of his ass.  He felt Poppy’s hands spread open his ass cheeks and then he felt the man’s hot tongue lick at his anus.

“Oh, shit,” murmured Jason, “that feels good.”

Poppy licked and probed the boy’s hole with his tongue for several minutes.  After the relaxing rimming, Poppy squeezed a generous portion of KY onto his middle finger. 

He began gently stroking Jason’s wet anus, tentatively probing him with just the fingertip.  He worked it in to the first knuckle. Poppy stopped and made a twisting, vibrating motion with his hand.  Jason moaned.  He now slowly worked the finger deeper to the second knuckle, stopped and again made a twisting, vibrating motion.  Jason moaned out loud.  Poppy continued to work the finger deeper until he could go no farther and this time he made a slight in and out vibrating motion.  Jason became slack-jawed as he was really enjoying this. 

Poppy slowly retracted his finger while slowly twisting his entire hand back and forth.  He added more KY and began working in two fingers at a time, his middle and index finger.  Jason was now fairly tight and Poppy worked slowly up to the first knuckle, where he stopped and made the twisting, vibrating motion for about a minute.  

“Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!!”

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”


He worked the two fingers up to the second knuckle, and as before stopped and made the twisting, vibrating motion for a minute.

“Ohhhhh!!! Oh, Jesus!”

Deeper he worked the two fingers until he could penetrate no more.  He stopped and made the slight in and out vibrating motion, again for a minute.

 “Ahhhh!!!  Ahhhh!!!”

He began to retract again with the slow full twisting motion of his hand.  He stopped at the second knuckle and made the slight in and out vibrating motion.  He slowly worked his way all the way out, slowly twisting his entire hand.  The anal foreplay had its desired effect, insuring that Jason’s sphincter was loose and slack. To be sure Jason was ready, he lubed up three fingers and gently worked them in to the first knuckle, then he withdrew.     He coated his dick liberally with KY, and greased up Jason’s anus and rectum. 

For about a minute, he gently rubbed the tip of his penis in a circle around the boy’s anus, gradually applying pressure.  Poppy’s dick was hard as a rock.  Adding more pressure to Jason’s anal opening, Poppy began a bumping motion.  Stretching like a rubber band, Jason’s sphincter yielded to the bumping motion and the increasing pressure.  Slowly the massive glans disappeared into Jason’s tight hole. It hurt at first, but as his sphincter stretched the pain subsided. Poppy stopped and remained still about a minute, letting Jason’s sphincter fully adjust to the huge cock. 

Jason was absolutely breathless, gasping for air.  Poppy now began to slowly thrust with shallow ½ inch thrusts.  After about twenty strokes, he penetrated a half an inch deeper, where he repeated the shallow thrusts for another twenty strokes. He continued this driving deeper and deeper into the boy’s rectum.

“Uhhh! Uhhh!  Uhhh!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Uhhh!  Uhhh!  Uhhh!  Uhhh!   Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!  Ahhhhhh! Oh, god!! Ahhhh!  Ohhhh!!! Oh, yesss! Uhhh! Uhhh!  Uhhh!   Oh, yesss!  Oh, that feels soooo good!  Ahhhh! Don’t stop Poppy! Uhhh!   Please don’t stop! Ohhhhh!!!  Uhhh!  Uhhh! Uhhh!  Uhhh! Ohhhh, god!  Don’t stop! Uhhh!  Uhhh! Ohhhhhh!!!! Oh, yes! Ahhh!  Oh, yessss!!!!” 

Jason was dizzy with lust.  He couldn’t believe the sensation of Poppy’s monstrous dick sliding up and filling his tightly stretched rectum.  When Poppy had penetrated about 3 inches, Jason’s rectum was forced against his prostate.  The trusting massive dick was now directly stimulating Jason’s prostate gland.  When Poppy reached 4 ½ inches, Jason’s prostate spasmed.  A blinding light swept over him. He uncontrollably convulsed, ejaculating wildly and with great force onto the bedding below.  Once the intense orgasm ebbed, Jason collapsed into semi consciousness. 

 Poppy stopped thrusting and held the boy impaled on his dick.  When Jason recovered somewhat, Poppy began the shallow trusting again penetrating to his entire 8½ inches.  He paused for a moment and then began to slowly withdraw.  He withdrew all but his dick head, then penetrated slowly but fully again. Now with long slow thrusts he continued to sodomize Jason. The rubbing on Jason’s prostrate caused it to spasm again.  The blinding light swept over him and he uncontrollably convulsed with another intense orgasm, but as his prostate was empty, no ejaculate issued forth.  Jason’s second orgasm pushed Poppy over the top and he exploded, pumping several ounces of cum into the ravished boy.

Poppy slowly and completely withdrew his now semi soft cock from Jason’s anus with an audible “pop”.   He stood, looking down on the seemingly lifeless boy lying face down, spread eagle on the bed, oozing cum his ass.  Poppy knelt straddling Jason’s back, and spread his ass cheeks. There was no bleeding, but the anus, raw and red, remaining wide open, permitting a clear view into the gaping cum-filled rectal chasm.   Again he thought, ‘Yes, this one will do just fine.’ 

Poppy got up and went to the bathroom sink and washed off his dick.  Returning to the bed, he loaded up a pipe and took a hit.  “You want a hit, Jason?”

Jason was lethargic from the masterful ass fucking he’d received, but managed to sit upright to take a hit, his first since he arrived.  He felt a buzz and exhaled. 

“How was that, Jason?  Feel good?”

Jason wasn’t sure if he meant the pot or anal sex.  “Smoke’s great!  The butt fucking? Awesome! You were right Poppy, I do like it when you do it to me.”

“Good boy.  Now do Poppy a favor and fuck me good!”

 “I don’t know if I can get it up right now Poppy.” Jason felt guilty that he couldn’t return the favor right away.  “Give me a little while, my nuts are empty.”

“I’ll give you about fifteen minutes.  That’s when I’ll be ready to fuck you again.”  Poppy then French kissed him while fingering his ass.

At first Jason was taken aback as a man had never before kissed him, but he didn’t fight it and he let Poppy freely explore his mouth with his tongue.  After several minutes of kissing, Poppy ran his tongue down Jason’s torso to his limp dick.  Licking and sucking the flaccid organ, Poppy was soon successful in reviving the limp penis.  Poppy then spread KY on Jason’s now stiff cock and then positioned himself over the side of the bed with his knees on the floor. He reached around and spread his ass cheeks. 

Jason stared in disbelief at the anal display of his experienced hairy lover as Poppy’s anus opened wide to receive a dick.  Jason entered him effortlessly, without the slightest resistance.  Once he was deep in Poppy’s ass, Poppy relaxed his sphincter and closed in on and squeezed the young dick inside him.  Jason wasn’t sure whether to start humping or just stand still and let Poppy milk him.   He started humping, thrusting his dick in and out with long hard strokes, flailing away with only the most primordial technique.  The warm rectum enveloping his dick felt wonderful and Jason knew he would enjoy visiting it often.  After thrusting for fifteen minutes or so, Jason’s dick became limp and he pulled off.

Poppy then stood and kissed Jason again, lying him on the bed on his back.  He pushed Jason’s knees to his chest and had him hold them in position.  Poppy greased his dick up again and put it to the boy’s anus.  He pushed.  Jason’s stretched sphincter offered little resistance.  Jason watched between his legs as Poppy’s dick disappeared into him, once again filling his rectum.  Poppy thrust at about three inches deep with a series of one-inch strokes followed by a deep thrust to the hilt.  The fucking felt so good to Jason, he wished it would never stop.  The rubbing of Poppy’s big dick on Jason’s prostrate got to him in about ten minutes and he came again, squirting his semen on Poppy’s stomach as well as his own.  Poppy didn’t stop fucking him.  He kept on sawing in and out of Jason’s butt, but after thirty minutes or so it was becoming uncomfortable.

“Poppy stop.  Please stop.”

Poppy pulled out immediately.  “What’s the matter Jason?  Am I hurting you?”

“No, Poppy.  I’m just getting tired that’s all.  I have a cramp in my leg and my butt’s sore too.”

“Let’s take a break then.  You hungry?”

“Oh, yes!  I almost forgot, but I am hungry.”

It was late afternoon and the ice had mostly melted from the sidewalk.  Still very few people ventured out and most businesses remained closed.  He called Petit Jean’s, a small restaurant located next door to him.  Raymond Trahan, the owner, answered.

“Gay-Ray, this is Poppy.  You open?”

“Oh, yeah, but not one damned customer yet!  Guess you’ve been beating off all day.”

“Not exactly.  I have company.”

“A paying customer?”

“No, a kid I found last night.  He was about to freeze to death.”

“Great!  You are keeping him?  Is he as hot as your last peg boy?” 

“Yeah, I’ll keep him.”

“What’s he look like?”

“Blonde, fifteen or so.  A little roughed up right now, but in a few weeks he’ll be beautiful.”

“Some John beat him up?”

“No, stepfather did.”

“You want to start building some store credit?”

“He’s not ready for that, Ray.  What do you have ready to go, we’re starved over here.”

“How about some shrimp etoufee?”

“Sounds great.  Make it for two.  Put it on my tab.”

“Okay.  I’ll bring it over in a few minutes.  I want to see what this kid looks like.”    

Fifteen minutes later, the bell rang downstairs.  Poppy put on his robe and let Raymond in.  They ascended the staircase to the upstairs living quarters.  Jason was stoned and was surprised at the unexpected visitor.   

Raymond smiled broadly as he inspected him and exclaimed, “He’s beautiful Poppy!  What a find!” 

Ray sat the food on the table.  “I’m Raymond.  My restaurant is next door.  And your name is?”

Jason realized that he was totally nude.  He was embarrassed but managed, “Jason.”

“I’m very pleased to meet you, Jason.”  Raymond stuck out his hand.  Jason returned the gesture, but Raymond by passed his hand and grabbed his dick.  Jason was unsure what to do and he froze allowing Raymond to fondle his dick to a quick erection.  Raymond released his dick and turned to Poppy.  “If business stays bad, I may close early.  Is it alright if I spend the night?”

“Ray, I said he’s not ready for that.” 

Raymond asked with a devilish grin, “You keeping him naked?”

“What clothes he had were too filthy to keep.  I’ll have to buy him some.”

“How very convenient! Don’t rush Poppy, he’s very sexy nude.” 

 Jason hadn’t thought of it before, but he suddenly realized that Poppy was a true homosexual, and he had friends like Gay-Ray.  Friends who would want to have sex with him.

After Raymond left, Jason asked, “Poppy, are you gay?”

Poppy roared in laughter.  “Am I gay?  What do think I am, the Virgin Mary?  Jesus boy, what have we been doing?  You don’t do sex like that unless you are a homosexual.”

“I just …”

“I love sex, kid.  Don’t you?  One thing a homo has going for him is he can’t get pregnant.  You realize that?  Fuck a girl and presto!  A baby is on the way.  Fuck a boy like you, and no baby, ever!”

“I just never thought of myself as queer.”

“You’re a queer alright, just like me.  You have a problem with that?”

“I don’t know.”

“What’s there to know?  Let me ask something.  What do you like best, sucking dicks or being sucked?”


“What do you like best, fucking ass or being ass fucked?”


“So what is the problem?”

“I don’t know.”

“Relax Jason.  You’re going to be here for a few weeks at least, and during that time, I’m going fuck and suck you every day, and you’re going to fuck and suck me.  You have a problem with that?”

“No.  I just…”

“Then just relax and enjoy it.  You won’t get pregnant... I promise!  One other thing, you’re going to do it with my friends too.”

“Your friends?”

“They’ll not all be true friends like Gay-Ray, but they won’t hurt you.”

“I, I don’t know Poppy.”

“Look, I want you to live here with me.  Do you want to live here or sleep on some doorstep waiting for someone to come along and beat you to death?”

“I don’t want to leave, Poppy.”

“Then you’ll have sex with whomever I say.”

“Poppy I…”

“You enjoy sex don’t you?”

“Yes, but…”

“Relax and enjoy it.  You need to make some money don’t you?”


“I know lots of well respected businessmen who will pay good money to have sex with a nice boy like you.  Having sex, enjoying it and getting paid for it, what could be better?  You can help pay some of the bills around here.   What would you rather do?  Pay your way like a man, or be a freeloader?”

“I’ll pay my way, Poppy.”

“Good, then it’s settled.  Here, call this number.”

Jason dialed the number.

“Petit Jean’s!” said the voice.

“Uh, hello?  Just a minute please.”  Jason covered the handset, “Poppy what do want me to say?”

“Tell Gay-Ray who you are and that he can fuck your butt all night tonight.”



(Mm, interr, nc, anal)

Spring quickly gave way to the hot and muggy days of summer.   Jason was returning from a weekend at a swank penthouse six blocks from Poppy’s.  This weekend he was the Friday-night door prize at an orgy.  The winner had first rights with him on the coffee table to start off the party.   As he walked the dirty sidewalk in the Quarter, he tried to think of all the men he had sex with since Poppy rescued him, but could hardly remember the last fucking he got, much less the second blow job yesterday or the third fucking on the day before that.  The weekend was much like every day since he met Poppy, where Jason had sex several times a day, always with someone Poppy set him up with.  

His butt was loose from the daily fuckings and it was hard for him to remember back when it hurt to have a big dick rammed up his ass; the exception being when Billy and Bryan were raping him.  That he remembered well. 

Poppy provided him with food, shelter, dope and clothes.  The food was better than what his mama had provided and the clothes were far better.  He slept with Poppy every night, but only occasionally did Poppy want to have sex, as he too worked hard giving several deluxe massages with a sex kicker every day.  Overall, Poppy had been good to him.  

Still there was a price to pay, and Poppy worked him hard.  He really didn’t have any expenses and Poppy split the take with him on paying jobs.  His share totaled over ten thousand dollars, which he kept in cash at the apartment.  Never was there any real physical abuse, or even verbal abuse.

As fair and generous as Poppy had been to him, Jason knew that he was being used.  He felt guilty, after all it was enjoyable for the most part, and Poppy never asked him to do anything that he hadn’t already done.  Truth was that he was feeling homesick, and wanted to go home.  He rationalized that could deal with Billy by paying him back the money he stole, and if Billy wanted sex, fine but no more hitting.  All he had to do was go to the apartment, get his money and clothes and walk to the bus station and go home.

He entered Poppy’s Place and Poppy called out to him. 

“Jason! Come here boy!  I have someone here I want you to meet.”

Jason knew it was a sex job waiting for him.  He went into the middle room of the downstairs where Poppy gave his massages.  Poppy was massaging a huge black man.

Jason stopped and stared.  He looked at Poppy and shook his head ‘no’.  He had refused in the past to have sex with a black and this one was no exception.   Poppy knew about Jason’s run-ins with blacks back home and understood his prejudice.

“Jason, this is Captain Mugambo.”

“No, Poppy.”

“You’ve got this wrong Jason… Captain Mugambo is an old friend of mine.  He’s captain of a Liberian grain ship, the ‘South Coast’.  They’re in harbor and the Captain has invited us to tour his ship tomorrow before they leave for Rotterdam.  Have you ever been on a big freighter?”

Jason knew that Poppy had been in the Merchant Marine when he was younger, and he had a steady stream of customers from the ships that anchored at the Port of New Orleans. Over the past few months Jason had seen hundreds of ships navigating up and down the Mississippi River, but had never actually been on one.  The prospect of a tour of one of the big ships was exciting.

“No, Poppy, I haven’t.   I’ve just seen ‘em out the window on the river.  Can we go see it?”

Captain Mugambo sat up and looked Jason over.  He was very black, pure African, and he was huge, about six foot six and weighing at least 280 pounds.  As Mugambo checked over the boy a big smile spread across his massive head.

Jason felt very uncomfortable as Mugambo leered at him.  Ship tour or not, he wasn’t going to have sex with a black, especially a huge black like Mugambo.  Poppy had never forced him to do anything against his will and Jason was sure this time would not be an exception.  If Mugambo was Poppy’s friend, Poppy could do him.

Mugambo spoke, slowly forming each word precisely, “I would be very pleased if you and Poppy came aboard tomorrow at fourteen hundred.  That’s two o’clock PM.  We will be just finishing loading.  The South Coast will sail tomorrow around eighteen hundred.   Please accept my invitation.”

Jason considered.  Rather than catching a bus today, he could catch a bus home tomorrow night or the next morning, and this was his only opportunity to tour a big ship.  “Thank you Captain, I want to see your ship.”

“I am very pleased, Jason,” said Mugambo. “Now if you will excuse us, Poppy needs to finish my massage.”  Mugambo lay back on the table and Poppy massaged his bare ass cheeks.

Jason turned to go upstairs.  Poppy called out to him, “Jason, on table is a job for you tonight.  Go get cleaned up and call that number.  Be sure and be home before noon tomorrow.”

The job was a typical one.  He was to spend the evening with a gay couple that lived in the Uptown area.  After giving himself an enema and taking a bath, Jason took a nap rising around 5:00 PM.  He walked the few blocks to Canal Street where he caught the St. Charles Avenue streetcar.  Near Tulane University he disembarked and walked the three blocks to the address he was given.  Within an hour arriving at the camelback house, he was naked, his ass being plowed by one man while the other rammed his cock down his throat.  Around noon the next day, his pocket filled with five twenty dollar bills, he caught the streetcar back to the Quarter arriving at Poppy’s just before 1 PM.

Poppy was visibly agitated.  “Where the fuck have you been?  You were supposed to be back before noon.”

“You know where I was,” he angrily fired back while flinging the hard earned money on the kitchen table.  “I got back as soon as I could.”  Jason was annoyed with Poppy’s demands.  This just reinforced that it was time to move on.  Time to go home.  Time to see his mother.  Maybe Billy was gone.  He decided to telephone home and find out just what the situation was.  Tomorrow, hell, maybe tonight, he’d catch a Greyhound home.

“Well come on, Jason, let’s go see the ‘South Coast’.  Mugambo is expecting us.”

It was a typically hot and muggy Sunday afternoon.  The Quarter was filled with people, locals and tourists, browsing the French Market. They walked downriver along North Peters to the Louisa Street Wharf where the South Coast was tied up.  The wharf was strangely quiet, as the ship had finished loading.  The large ship loomed overhead.  They made their way to the gangway and climbed the stairs to the ship’s main deck   At the top a tall, skinny black man blocked their way.

Putting his arm around Jason’s shoulders, Poppy said to the sailor, “Tell Captain Mugambo that Poppy and Jason are here to see him.  He’s expecting us.”

“Wait here,” said the watchman picking up a telephone receiver.  He spoke in an African dialect that Jason couldn’t possibly understand.  Hanging up, he looked at Poppy and then at Jason.  A big grin came across his face showing off his large white teeth. “Follow me.”  Following a twisting path, he led them into the interior of the ship to the galley where Captain Mugambo was waiting for them.

“Ah, Poppy my friend!  Jason!  I’m so glad you made it.  Well, Jason, what do you think of my ship?”

“It’s really big!”

“Yes it is.  I am going to show you the entire ship, so before we go, have something to drink.  It will be awhile before you can get something to drink again.”  Mugambo handed Jason a Coke.  “Drink up so we can begin.”  Jason quickly drank the entire Coca-Cola.


Jason woke with a spitting headache, a bare light bulb glaring in his eyes.  He closed his eyes and heard a strange rumbling noise.  His head throbbed.  Soaked in sweat, he was also naked.  He opened his eyes and looked around.

 “What the fuck?” he muttered as he didn’t have a clue as to where he was.  He was in a tiny room, painted white, with pipes climbing the walls and running across the ceiling.  He tried to get up, but found that he was handcuffed to the bunk.  Then he remembered.  “The ship? I’m on the ship.”  He sensed slight motion and listened to the rumbling noises again.  Panic set in.

Hours passed.  Occasionally he heard the blare of a ship’s horn; otherwise the only sound he heard was the constant rumbling noise accompanied by a slight rolling motion.  He struggled with the handcuff, but to no avail.  He was thirsty.  He had never been so thirsty before.  His mouth was dry and his saliva was thick.  Hunger set in.  He tried to remember when and what he ate last, a bowl of corn flakes before he caught the bus back to Poppy’s.  Poppy.  Why was he doing this to him?  Where was he?

Jason thought of his mama and wished he were on the bus back home.  Tugging at the unyielding handcuff, he started to cry.  More hours passed.  His throat burned with thirst.  At long last, the cabin door opened and Mugambo walked in.

“Ah, Jason, I see you have awoken from your nap.” 

Mugambo held out a bottle of water.  With his free hand, Jason took it and drank it down.  He was still thirsty when he finished drinking all of it.

“Where am I?  I want to go!  I’ll do whatever you want, but I want to go home.”

“In international waters.  You are home, Blondie.  At least until I deliver you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I bought you from Poppy…”  Mugambo waited for that information to sink in.  “At the end of this voyage, I will sell you to a business associate of mine.  A beautiful blond boy like you will fetch a good price.  You’re a prostitute, no?  Well, actually you’re not a prostitute anymore.  You’re a slave.  Until I dispose of you either overboard or in Lagos, you will be the ship’s peg boy.  You are to service me and my crew without complaint.”

Mugambo removed his shirt and then his trousers, stripping down until he was completely naked.  Fondling his prodigious cock, Mugambo’s long dick began to swell.  His thick lips curled into a cruel smile.  Jason stared with foreboding at the huge man with the colossal coal-black genitals. 

“Oh, shit,” whimpered Jason, his gut churning as he watched the foreskin slowly rolling back over the head of the ever-growing organ.  “Ohhhh, shit,” he whimpered again, his ass puckering defensively as he took measure of Mugambo’s fully erect dick, bobbing menacingly and drooling precum.  The iridescently shining cudgel, at least a foot long and nearly as big around as a Coke can, was dancing to the deafening sound of demonic laughter. 

Mugambo’s massive hands grabbed Jason’s ankles and roughly pulled him off the bunk.   Still handcuffed to the bunk, the steel cuff cut into his wrist as Mugambo positioned him.

“Oh, god, please no!”

Mugambo continued to laugh as he spread the peg boy’s white ass cheeks.

“Oh, pleaseeeee nooo!” Jason sobbed as he felt the heat and immense black head of Mugambo’s gargantuan cock pressing against his anus.  His spinchter was so loose it provided little resistance as the huge cock was forced into him. 

“No!  Nooooooo!” the hapless boy cried as he was stretched like never before.  As loose as Jason was, it was still painful to stretch out so quickly to accommodate the big man’s enormous girth. 

“Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Oh, my god!  Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Aaaaiiiieeee!!!!”

Outside the cabin, the passing First Mate grinned knowingly as he heard the muted scream and familiar laughter.  He adjusted his own stirring cock and went about his duties.

Poppy sat at his kitchen table, drinking a Dixie beer, counting out the money.  He had the four thousand from Mugambo, plus he had Jason’s stash of cash.  Nearly fifteen thousand dollars total, not to mention the steady income the boy had provided for him the past six months. 

Poppy felt little remorse.  He had started getting a few minor complaints, his best clients wanted fresh meat.  Still the loss of Jason would cost him in on-going business over the next few weeks.  It was time to move on.  Time to find another peg boy.  



The End


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