Chapter 4 - Campout

By JimGee

(mg, mfggggg, group, oral, cons)

As a reward for putting on a good show for the camp patrons, Jim organizes a campout for all the girls. For her tent, Terry picks out her favorites and invents some creatative games...





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One Great Summer

Chapter 4


What a night it was last night.  Once I finally got some sleep, I slept like a rock.  I was still sound asleep when the alarm went off.  I sure could have used a couple more hours.  These late night fuck sessions were wearing me out.  But I'm not complaining.  Hey, one needs to enjoy oneself when the opportunity presents itself.  For sure I'm not going to pass up a chance to deflower another little darling.

Oh well, I got my day started by heading off to breakfast.  Everything seemed normal and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day.  The kids were noisy while they ate their food.  As I sat eating my eggs and bacon, little Jody came up to me to say good morning.  She whispered to me, "I liked last night, but my kitty is sore this morning.  When I'm better will we be able to do it again?"

I whispered back, "The soreness will go away pretty quick.  If you really want to do it again, then I'm sure Ms. Terry and I will find a way for us to do it again.  I'm so glad you liked what we did.  I sure did too.  I'll see you later, honey."  With that she just turned and went back to her table.

The cook came out and told me that I had a telephone call.  I went into the little office off the dining hall.  It was Mr. Johnson on the other end of the line.  He was the president of the organization that owned the camp.  He called to let me know that later that afternoon he and some important visitors would be out to visit the camp.  He told me that they had applied for a grant from a philanthropic organization to make some important improvements to the camp.   Our visitors will be from that organization.  Before the approved our request, they wanted to visit and verify what we do and how we operate.  He said he wanted to give me a head-up so that we'd be sure to put our best foot forward.  I told him that we'd be ready.

Back in the dining hall I made the announcement about our afternoon visitors.  I stressed how important it was for our camp's future.  I asked everyone to please be on his or her best behavior.  I told everyone that if it went well, we'd have a camp out tonight to celebrate.  I issued a few instructions to the counselors for things to check and then we began our day’s activities.

I busied myself making sure the camp looked its best.  I was pleased to see that there wasn't much for me to worry about.  An hour later I was sure we were ready for our important visitors whenever they showed up.

I decided to take a little walk just to slow things down for me a bit.  There was a little walking trail that I like to take.  It gives me time to relax and think without interruptions.  I was about 200 yards from the cabins when I heard a loud 'ouch' and then some crying.  I followed the sound into the trees and found one of my little campers, Tina, lying on the ground holding her crotch.  The little 6 year old had big tears streaming down her cheeks.  I sat on the ground next to her and pulled this pitiful little darling into my lap.  I put my arms around her and that seemed to calm her a little.  I asked her what happened.

She told me, "I was trying to climb the tree.  My foot slipped and I fell.  I landed on that branch.  It hit between my legs and then I hit the ground.  It hurts here, real bad.  Rub it for me.  Please!"

Without hesitation, I gently rubbed just her mound for a little while then I told her that I needed to have a look to see what she did.  Through her sobs she nodded and said, "Okay".  She moved her hands out of the way.  I tentatively touched between her legs on her little pussy.  She let out an, “Ouch!” 

I said, "Sweetheart, I'm going to need to pull your shorts down so I can see what you've done."  She just looked at me and didn't say anything, but didn't resist either.  I inched her shorts down and got them to her knees.  I spread her knees a little and could see a little blood on her panties between her legs.  I told her,  "Tina, You may have cut yourself, I need to have a better look."  With that I pulled her panties down, then her shorts and panties all the way down to her ankles.  I could now pull her knees further apart.  I needed to see the source of the blood.  She told me that it still hurt.  I very gently pulled her little pussy lips apart.  I could see that the blood appeared to be coming from her vagina's opening.

I said to Tina, "Sweetie, I really need to have a better look.  I'm going to lay you down and spread you legs way open so I can see much better."  She gave no resistance as I laid her down.  I took one leg out of her panties and shorts so I could spread her legs far apart.  I got close so that I could get a good view of her little pussy.  Now I could see that the blood was indeed coming from her vagina.  I ever so gently parted her inner lips wide open and looked into her tiny hole.  I could see that she had torn her hymen.  It was a jagged tear and was mostly gone.  I hated to admit it but by this time my dick was fully hard.  This situation had me quite excited in-spite of the fact that the little darling was in pain.

I told Tina, "Tina, honey, you will be okay.  When you hit that branch you made a little tear in a piece of skin that protects a hole in your bottom here.  It will heal quickly and it won't be a bad.  With the fall you may have bruised yourself between your legs too, that's why it hurts the way it does.  When we get back to camp, we will have you hold some ice there and that will make your little kitty feel better and help it heal faster."

Tina replied innocently, "When I hurt myself at home, Mommy kisses the hurt to make it better.  Will you kiss me there and make it better too?"  I told her if I did she couldn't tell anyone because I'd get in trouble.  She promised to keep it our secret.

With that I gave her little pussy mound a kiss.  I couldn't resist giving her slot a light lick and a kiss too.  I could taste the slight metallic taste from her blood.  That made my dick even harder.  Tina "oooohed" and said, "That feels good.  Do it again.  Please."

I kissed her little clitoral hood first, then kissed her vagina opening and finally gave her slot another lick.  I very lightly probed her hole with just the tip of my tongue, which got no reaction from Tina.  I ended with another kiss on the end of her clitoral hood.  With that I told her we needed to get her back to camp and some ice.  Tina thanked me for helping her and for kissing her little kitty.  She said, "It feels a little better, but is still a little sore."  I pulled her panties and shorts back up.  I decided to carry her back to camp.  I reminded her not to tell anyone that I removed her pants and kissed her kitty.  She promised she would keep it our secret.

As I carried this little darling, I couldn't help but think that she looked like a little pixie.  She had short blond hair, bright blue eyes and a little pug nose.  I don't think that she weighed more than 50 pounds.  What a little angel she was.  I bent down and kissed the top of her head.

Ms. Carol and Ms. Terry saw me carrying Tina and came running to see what the problem was.  Ms. Carol was her cabin counselor.  I explained that Tina had fallen from a tree and hurt herself between her legs.  I asked Ms. Terry to take Tina in and make sure she is all right. I whispered to Terry, "I kissed it for her trying to make it better.  You need to check it real close.  She ripped her hymen and bled some."  Terry carried Tina into the office.

I asked Ms. Carol why Tina was unsupervised and allowed to wander away. Carol explained that they had finished their crafts early and I offered them 30 minutes of free time.  They were told not to wander too far.  It was obvious that Carol was upset that one of her little ones got hurt.  She said she wouldn't allow such open free time in the future.  I agreed and told her to go back to her group.  I'd check with Terry to make sure Tina was okay.

I knocked and announced it was Mr. Jim before opening the door to the office.  As I turned the doorknob I heard the latch being opened.  Tina was on the table, nude from the waist down.  Terry had a big smile on her face.  Tina said, "Mr. Jim, I asked Ms. Terry to give my kitty a kiss to make it feel better.  She kissed me the same way you kissed me.  It feels real good when my kitty gets kissed and licked.  Makes the hurt go away and gives me little tingles in my tummy."

Terry said, "You were right, Jim, Tina has ripped her hymen.  I told her that it wasn't a big deal and she would probably be fine tomorrow, but we will just have see how bad it was bruised from the tree limb.  It may not take much to heal.  She understands and asked if we could check her again later." 

Terry looked directly at her and said, "But, I think she just wants us to kiss and lick her kitty some more!"  Tina blushed a nice shade of pink.  I guess she knew she was found out. 

Terry whispered, "I put my finger up her vagina.  That didn't seem to hurt her.  She will be fine.  And she tasted so good." 

I told Terry to finish with her and then join the others for the next activity.  I went over and gave Tina a kiss on the forehead and a little peck on the lips.  With that I left the office.  I wondered if there would be more kisses involving her cute little kitty.

The rest of the morning went smoothly.  After lunch the visitors arrived.  They consumed the rest of my day.  They toured the camp inspecting the assets.  They even talked to a couple of the counselors and campers.  When they were ready to leave they thanked me.  They thought we had a nice operation, as the kids sure seemed to enjoy being here.  This is something that we just may be willing to contribute to.  The final decision would be made within ninety days.

Mr. Johnson took me aside and thanked me for everything; taking over the director’s spot, running the camp without incident, and being a good tour guide.  With that they all left.  Our inspection and review was over.  I breathed a sigh of relief.

At dinner I announced to everyone that the meeting with the visitors went well and we may well get the money to improve the camp for next year.  That seemed to please everyone.  I said, "As promised we all will have a camp out tonight.  The counselors will select the sites they want to claim.  I'll make sure that the tents are there.  I'll need some help setting them up.  We will mix up the cabins so each group will have some older and younger girls in the tent.  I think it will be a good experience.  During the evening I'll visit each campsite for a while.  We will have fun."

I then held a brief meeting with the counselors.  I told the one cabin of boys that they would not be mixing with the girls.  Sorry, but boys will remain separate.  We broke and started making the preparations for the night.  I caught Terry and told her that I'd visit her campsite last.  Maybe we could have some fun.  Could she handpick the girls in her tent?

With a smile she said:  "Oh yea!  I know just the girls we will want in our group."  As she turned to leave, her hand dropped and grasped my cock.  She smiled again and said, "He may get some pussy too."  Then she was gone.


It took some time to get the tents up and the campsites ready for the campers.  It would be a good night.  The weather forecast promised clear skies with comfortable temperatures.  After dinner everyone grabbed their sleeping bags and headed to their assigned campsite.  The counselors had previously delivered treats to be consumed during the evening/night activities.  Everyone was looking forward to this camp-out.  The sun was scheduled to set at 8:32 PM. I would visit the first camp at 9:00.  I planned to spend 30 - 40 minutes at each campsite.  That would get me through and back to my room before midnight.  It should be a fun night.

The first group I visited was Ms. Carol's.  We played a game, sang some songs around the fire and then I had a couple of smores with the girls.  Then it was on to the next group.  When I arrived at Ms. June's group we pretty much did the same things.  More games, songs, and smores.  One little girl insisted that she sit on my lap as we sang around the campfire.  I don't know if she felt my hard dick pressing up against her little bottom.  She sure seemed to squirm more than I thought she should have. 

The third group was Mr. John's boy's camp.  That was different from the girls.  The boys were into playing rougher games and a couple of them involved wrestling.  I did get them to settle down after a bit.  Yes, as you might have guessed, I had more smores.  Finally, it was time for me to move on to the last group. 

That last group was by design Ms. Terry's girls.  When I arrived I was surprised to find that everyone was inside the tent.  I thought it was too nice outside to be inside a tent.  I announced my presence and was asked to come into the tent.  I opened the flap and was shocked to see 5 little girls and Ms. Terry all naked.  It looked like we were going to be playing some different kind of games.  Terry had managed to work it to have Karen, Becky, Jody, Tina, and Gina in her group. 

I'd already played with the four, but Gina was new.  She was an 11-year-old absolutely stunning beauty.  She had light brown hair that hung down her back to her shoulder blades.  Her hair had a natural curl, but not ringlets.  Her eyes were green, full lips and high cheekbones.  Her body was slim, trim and proportioned perfectly.  She had just started to sprout tits.  They were just starting to be mounds and were topped with pencil eraser sized nipples and dark pink aureoles.  Looking down her belly button was an inney.  Looking lower one's eye met her pronounced bald pubic mound.  Her slit was visible with her clitoral hood slightly peeking out.  Her legs were shapely which let up to a perfect ass. 

Terry said, "Surprise Mr. Jim, you know everyone here quite well, with the exception of Gina.  She is special and I've invited her to be part of our little party.  You don't need to worry, she understands what we're going to be doing and will tell no one.  She will help the little ones with our games.  She is sexually active but will not say whom she is active with.  My guess it is her Papa."  With that Gina looked down and blushed.

Terry continued, "Mr. Jim, you are to be passive during most of this.  You are going to lay down here in the middle of the tent and we girls will have our way with you.  Is that okay with you?"

I answered, "It is and I look forward to whatever you have planned.  Ladies, I'm all yours!"  Without hesitation I stripped and lay on my back upon an open sleeping bag. 

Terry explained the first game. "The girls know that your first cum will happen quicker.  After that you will be able to last longer and will be 'up' for our next game.  Each girl will have 15 seconds to suck your dick.  When their time is up, the next girl will take her place for her 15 seconds.  This will continue until you cum.  Whoever that lucky girl is, will get to taste and swallow your sperm.  Everyone agrees to this, even the little ones that haven't tasted sperm before."

I asked looking at the little ones, "Are you sure?  Do you agree with this game and my possibly squirting in your mouth?"  The each nodded their head yes.  Satisfied that they were all comfortable with this game, I said, "Okay then, I'm yours ladies."

Terry directed, "I'll go first.  Tina, Jody, watch what I do.  Gina will help guide you when it is your turn.  It is important to be careful not to use your teeth on Mr. Jim, as that will hurt him.  We want him to enjoy this too."

With that Terry took and licked my dick head before capturing it in her mouth.  She bobbed her head up and down a couple of times and then her time was up.  Gina was next.  She used the same routine that Terry had used.  Much too quickly her 15 seconds were up.  Karen was next, followed by Becky.  Then it was Jody's turn.  She began very tentatively licked her tongue over my dick head.  She drew her tongue back into her mouth to see if she would like the taste.  She decided that it was okay and then put the head in her mouth.  She didn't move up or down, but I could feel her sucking trying to get something to come out of the hole. 

When Jody's time was up it was Tina's turn.  She wasn't too sure of this game either.  She liked it when I kissed and licked her kitty, but this was different.  She reached out to touch my shaft and said, "It's warm and hard.  It feels nice."  Next she did as Jody did and touched her tongue to the head.  I guess she decide it was all right because she then licked my shaft and head.  Kind of like an ice cream cone.  Finally she took the head into her mouth.  She didn't do anything.  She just held it there.  She went a little over her time, but no one complained. 

Terry said, "Okay girls, we start in earnest now.  I'll time you and we will continue until Mr. Jim gives one of you his treat.  Mr. Jim will tell us when he is getting close." 

Looking at Tina Terry asked, "Are you okay with this?  You don't have to if you don't want to." 

Tina answered, "I think it will be okay.  I just don't know what it will taste like if he shoots in my mouth."

Terry replied, "If you don't like the taste, don't swallow it.  Just keep it in your mouth and then you can kiss me and give it to me.  I really like the taste.  You can decide then."  Tina smiled indicating that she was good with that plan.

Changing as often as the girls were wasn't quite as exciting as I thought it would be.  I was taking a lot longer to cum this way.  Terry leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Jim, if you can try and cum in Jody's mouth.  I really like her and hope she wants to share your sperm with me.  I'd like to swap cum and spit with her."

I didn't know if I could accommodate her request, but I'd try.  After about 4 rounds I started to feel the stirring in my balls.  I knew it would be soon.  I nodded to Terry letting her know that I was getting closer.  Hey, it just might work out that Jody will get my load.  I could feel my balls starting to pull back up, as I was getting closer and closer.  The girls switched again.  Tina was the one with her mouth on my dick.  She was sucking for all she was worth.  I could wait no longer.  I exploded in her mouth.  Tina's eyes flew open with surprise.  That little trooper just kept on sucking; two, three, four spurts and she just kept sucking.  Finally I was done.  As she removed her mouth, Jody quickly sucked me into her mouth.  She wanted to get a little taste too.  She did get some as I was still seeping from the end.

I could see Tina swishing my cum around in her mouth.  She was deciding whether she liked it or not.  Finally she opened her mouth showing everyone my cum puddled on her tongue.  Then with an exaggerated swallow, it was gone.  She announced to everyone, "I wasn't sure at first, but I like the taste.  It was salty and slimy, but I like it and sure would like some more."  Terry and I just chuckled.  I think we created a little cum slut.

Terry said, "The next event in our little party is for Mr. Jim and me to kiss and lick all your kitty's.  This will give him time to recover from the blowjob you girls just gave him.  Girls, you need to lay down with your legs spread.  That way we can move from kitty to kitty.  We want to taste each of you.  Now, slide a pillow under your bum.  That will raise you up and make it easier for us to make love to your kitty."

It only took a few minutes and all the little girls were ready.  I looked and couldn't believe the buffet of young pussy that was laid out before me.  I looked at Terry and asked, "As you're the leader of this party.  Whom do you want me to do first and in what order?" 

She said, "We need to do the same rotation that we did on you.  I'll enjoy this just as much as you will.  You start with Gina and I'll start with Karen.  Then you move on to Tina and I'll do Jody.  We should be able to get them all to orgasm."

I moved over Gina and took one of her budding tits into my mouth.  I sucked the whole tit and used my tongue to flick her nipple back and forth.  Gina let out a moan indicating that she liked the attention.  Then she grabbed my hair with both hands and held me to her breast.  I moved to the other tit and did the same there.  Before moving to her mound I sucked and lipped her nipples until they were hard and sticking straight up.

I started kissing my way down and stopped at her belly button.  I dipped my tongue in and she let out big giggles.  Little girl giggles sound so nice.  Gina had other ideas though.  She pushed my head down.  She wanted me to get down to business and lick her young cunt. 

Gina said, "Mr. Jim, I need you to suck my pussy.  I'm so wet and need you so badly." 

I never want to disappoint my women so promptly moved down to her spread open pussy.  I inhaled her scent.  She had an aroma of excitement, slight musky, but not as strong as Terry.  I blew lightly across her clitoral hood and down her slit.  She wiggled at the feel of the air.  Next I covered her entire pussy with my mouth and sucked.  She tasted so good to me.  (I love the taste of little girls.  There is nothing quite like it!)

I pushed her knees up and toward her chest.  That exposed her little rosebud.  I took my tongue and licked around the back-door hole.  Gina let out a little cooing sound.  I made a point with the tip of my tongue and tried to enter her hole.  After my second try she relaxed a little and I was able to penetrate her just a little. 

I went back up and gave her clitoral hood some attention while inserting my finger into her vagina.  She was no virgin, and compared to the other litttle girls I had experienced recently, she wasn't all that tight. She'd been fucked before and my guess was that she was fucked often and not by some pencil-dicked kid. I hoped that I'd be able to slide my dick into her before the night was over. 

As I worked on her hood her little clit decided to come out so I could play with it.  I could tell that Gina was getting close.  She could hardly keep her bottom still.  She was wiggling all over the place.  I took her clit between my thumb and forefinger and started to pump it like a little dick.  While I was doing this I drove my tongue as deep as I could into her vagina.  I wiggled it and was rewarded with a flow of her juices.

Gina let out a scream, then announced.  "Oh, Mr. Jim, don't stop.  I'm coming.  Ohhhhhh!  Ohhhhhhhh!"  Her legs clamped together tight around my head trapping me there while she shook and wiggled through her orgasm.  Her bottom rose high off the sleeping bag as her body went rigid.  Finally she passed the peak and started to relax her grip on my head.  She had a world-class orgasm and I was glad I was the one to give it to her.  I spent a few more minutes just lightly kissing her pussy mound before working my way up and giving her a passionate kiss on the lips.

I just held her for a while and looked over at Terry.  She must have had similar results because she was cuddling Karen much like I was doing with Gina.  Terry looked at me smiled and said, "That was nice.  She tastes so good huh?  I could do her again." 

I answered, "Yeah, but we have two other little ones that need our attention."

Tina and Jody, almost in unison said, "Come on!  It's our turn now!"

Terry and I just looked at each other and chuckled.  They so wanted their kitties kissed.  I told Terry, "I now realize you like little girls as much as I do.  You pick which one of these darlings you want to devour." 

She answered with a grin, "I'll take Jody, you take Tina."

With that we moved between the legs of our targets.  What a sight!  There before my eyes was this naked little sweetheart.  She laid there with her legs spread wide open just waiting for me to make her feel good.  I looked at her body.  It was so tiny and perfect.  Her little nipples were just small pips surrounded by nice pink aureoles.  I couldn't resist and leaned over her and mouthed her little nipples.  I could feel them stiffen just a little at the attention I was giving them.  Tina let out a small moan letting me know that she liked what I was doing.  As I moved from one nipple to another she held my head tight to her breast.

I pulled back and once again looked at this vision of loveliness.  Her little mons was so perfect and plump.  I bent down and gave it a kiss moving from one side to another.  I took one little bun in each hand and raised her higher so I could get a better view.  She was totally open to me.  Her pussy lips were spread wide open.  I could see her small inner lips spread apart leading the way to her newly opened vagina.  Her kitty looked so perfect and kissable.  I bend down and first licked her clitoral hood.  At the touch of my tongue her hips jerked and she let out an "Ohooooooo!"  Then she pushed up to try and get more contact.

Again, I backed away and turned my attention lower to her little round rosebud.  I could not resist and first gave that brown puckered hole a kiss.  My giving it lavish licks and attempting to stick my tongue inside followed the kiss.   Her little bottom was not holding still.  Before long I wanted to return my attention to her kitty.  I gave a long broad lick starting at her rosebud up to her clitoral hood.  She tasted so good and had such a delicate flavor with just a faint aroma of arousal.  I realize now that I don't think I could ever get enough of little girl pussy juice.  Terry has awoken something in me that I never knew existed.  The love of little girls!

I took my tongue and probed her vagina hole.  I pushed in as far as I could.  I asked Tina, "Does this hurt?  Should I stop?" 

Her response was an emphatic, "It doesn't hurt and please don't stop.  More!  Do it more."  Her little voice was so pleading.  Without delay I went back and started to really attack her kitty.  I went in search of her clit.  I licked and sucked her clitoral hood.  Her hips were squirming all over the place.  It wasn't long before I could see her little bead of a clit peeking out from it hiding place.  At this point I took my little finger and inserted it into her vagina.  It was tight and warm and oh so wet. Using my tongue I started to flick it back and forth across her clit.  I could sense that Tina was getting close to an orgasm.  I gripped her clit between my lips and tried to jack it like a little dick.  But it was too small so I just flicked my tongue back and forth.  That seemed to push her over the edge.  She grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled me as hard as she could into her pussy.  Her whole body started to jerk and shake.  Then she went rigid with her bottom up off the sleeping bag.   I kept my tongue moving very slowly and gently while keeping my finger still.

It wasn't too long before she started to relax and let go of my hair.  Her eyes were closed and she was still breathing hard and she had a smile on her lips.  I had no doubt that she liked what I did for her.  I moved up along side of her and just held her waiting for her to come back to earth.  I gave her several gentle kisses. 

Finally, she looked into my eyes and said, "Wow, I never felt anything like that before.  Thank you.  Can we do that again?" 

I just smiled, gave her a kiss, and said:  "Sweetie, we'll see if we can find a way."

At I looked over at Terry, she and Jody were already done and were lying watching us.  Everyone had smiles on their faces.  I looked at Terry and asked,  "What's next or are we done?"

Terry said, "We have one more activity and then we're done for the night so you can go back to your room." 

She turned to the girls and said, "You don't have to do this one if you don't want to.  We're going to have Mr. Jim lay down on his back.  Then we're going to put his dick inside our kitties and ride him for a little while.  Each girl will get a turn, but only if she wants to.  I mean it; you don't have to if you don't want to.  So, I'll go first, then Gina, Karen, Becky, Jody, and Tina.  Once Mr. Jim cums then the fun will be over."

With that Terry squatted over my dick and in one swift move I was all the way inside her.  She announced to all, "Ohhh, this feels so nice!" 

After riding me just a little dismounted and called out, "Next!"

Gina didn't hesitate one moment.  She was more than ready and experienced.  She took up her position over my dick and quickly dropped down taking me inside her tight little vagina.  She rode me up and down until Terry told her time was up.  Next Karen did the same.  She didn't bounce up and down on my dick, but wiggled back and forth.  With my dick up inside her, she was working her clit against my pubic bone.  She wasn't too happy when Terry told her time was up.

Becky was a little more cautious in her impaling herself on my dick.  She slid me slowly into her very tight hole.  I could feel her grip my dick with her muscles.  It was a nice feeling.  She slowly raised and lowered herself on my shaft.  I reached up and rubbed her clit with my thumb.  She seemed to like that.  Eventually Terry told her it was now Jody's turn.  She made one last hard drop on my dick.  I could feel it bottom out against her cervix before she dismounted me.

We now had the two little ones left.  Jody and Tina.  I was anxious to see what they would do.  Jody was first.  She pushed my dick down and started to rub her spread open kitty slot up and down my shaft.  She seemed to like that a lot.  I was surprised when she then lifted up and pointed my dick head at her tiny hole.  She slowly lowered herself onto my shaft.  When she had about 4-inches inside of her she started moving up and down, just a little.  She had a big smile on her face and said, "I like this.  I feel so full and it's so big inside of me.  It makes me all tingly inside.  I can't get all of you inside though.  It just won't fit."

I told her, "That's okay, sweetie.  As you grow you will be able to get more and more inside of you.  You're just a little girl right now and I'm grown up.  You're doing just fine and you feel real good to me." 

She had a big smile on her face.  Terry informed her, "Times up.  It's Tina's turn."  When Jody got off she quickly bent down and gave my dick a little kiss and lick.

Tina started to climb on top of me.  I asked the six year old, "Honey, are you sure you want to do this?  You don't have to!" 

She said, "I want to try.  I don't hurt there anymore and I want to be like the other girls."

"Okay, but at any point you want to stop, just say so and we will stop.  It is all up to you.  Okay?" 

She sat on my legs and just nodded as she griped my dick.  She held it and gently stroked it.  She softly said, "It really feels nice.  It's warm, hard and soft at the same time.  Will this really fit inside of me?"

I answered, " Honey, you're pretty small. I don't know if it will fit.  You could try, but if it hurts, you just stop.  It is whatever you want."

Tina turned to Terry and asked, "Ms. Terry, will you help me?  I want to try and see if it will go in." 

Terry answered, "Sure sweetie, I'd be glad to help you.  I have some stuff that will make you more slippery and should make it easier." 

With that Terry reached into her backpack and took out a tube of KY.  She squeezed out a glob and spread it all over Tina's little kitty.  She even pushed some inside her tiny little hole.  Then she squirted some in Tina's hand and told her spread it all over my dick.  When everything was coated.  They both wiped their hands clean before beginning. 

The other girls gathered around to watch.  They said they would help.  Terry scooted Tina up and held her so she was over my dick.  She asked Gina to hold my dick up and make sure it was lined up correctly.  Then, slowly, very slowly Terry started to lower Tina down onto my dick.  It felt so tight and my shaft just bent a little.  Gina was a good girl and kept it lined up.  Terry started an easy up and down hoping that it would ease its way in.

Tina pouted,  "It’s not going in.  Why won't it go in?  I want it to go in."

With that said, Terry gave a stronger push down and with a sudden pop the head of my dick went into the tightest little hole.  It really squeezed my dick head. 

Tina gasped, "It went in. It went in. Oh. It's so big. It went in. It went in. I can feel it in me."  Terry just held her there allowing her vagina to get accustomed to the intruder. After a protracted moment Tina asked, "Can more go in me?"

Terry answered, "More may be able to go in you.  You just need to lower yourself.  If it hurts just hold still and see if the hurt goes away.  You will be able to know when you can't take any more.  Just be careful and go slow."

All the girls now watched as little Tina tried to take more of me into her little hole.  We all could see the concentration on her face.  She was determined to get more of my dick in her little kitty.  When she had about 3 inches inside her kitty she said breathlessly, "I think I'm full. No more will go it. It feels so big inside me."

With that she leaned down and lowered herself to my chest.  I wrapped my arms around her and whispered, "You feel so nice, baby girl.  Your little hole is so hot.  I think your little kitty likes my dick in her.  Do you like it?" 

She whispered back,  "Yeah, it is big and I like it.  Kitty likes it too!"

I moved my dick in and out just a little a few times before Terry said, "Tina, your time is up.  We're going to each have turns until Mr. Jim fills one of you with his cum."  Tina rose up and gave me a peck on the lips before getting off.

Each of the girls started to take turns riding my dick.  I was surprised at how long I was able to last with these tight little holes.  I guess the interruptions when the girls changed gave me enough of a break so that I didn't peak.  Finally, it was when Gina was on me that I could feel the tightening in my balls.  It was obvious that she had experience because she could use her internal muscles to grasp my dick and squeeze.  She was bucking up and down and I think she was actually getting close too.  Finally, I announced that I was going to cum. 

Terry reached in between us and started to finger Gina's clit.  That pushed her over the top and we came together.  I could feel spurt after spurt shooting up inside her 11 year old pussy.  I could feel our combined juices leaking down my balls as she continued to ride my dick.  Finally, she collapsed on my chest.  I wrapped my arms around her and just held her tight.

When Gina finally rolled off of me.  Terry spread her legs and proceeded to lick her clean her.  Terry planted her lips over the vaginal opening and tried to suck all my cum out.  The other girls did their part by licking and cleaning me up.  What great games Terry had lined up for this night! 

I wanted to stay and spend the night fucking and fucking and fucking, but I had responsibilities.  I told the girls that I needed to go and make one more security trip round the camp before I went to bed.  I gave girls a kiss and hug and thanked them for everything.  When I gave Terry a hug I whispered, "I owe you one.  This was so special." 

She grasped my dick and said, "Yes, and we'll figure out how you can repay me.    I know you can come up with something."

I dressed and headed back to my room.  What a day and night! What a great summer!


As of now, this is the end of the story. Hope you enjoyed.


Let me know if you like my story so far.   I'd be please to hear from you... good or bad!  Thanks, JimGee


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