Chapter 3 - Knob Polishing

By JimGee

(mg, fg, mfg, fondle, oral, 1st)

Terry brings Karen back to Jim's cabin for blowjob instructions. Later that night, she brings him another little present...





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This summer job has turned into so much more that my wildest dreams could have conjured up.  I've fucked a female counselor that seems to like sex as much as I do.  What's more she seems to like little girls too.  I didn't know it until yesterday, but now I like little girls too.  Their pussies are so hot and tight.  I had never had a virgin until yesterday and now I've had two and in the same night.  There are still a couple of weeks of camp left and with any luck and Terry's help I'll be able to make women out of more virgins before camp closes for the year.

The new day started normal enough.  The camp awoke to a bright sunny day.  Breakfast went without any mishaps.  The day's schedule was begun as posted without having to make any changes.  After the first morning's activity, Ms. Terry came to me and said that one of her campers had a problem and wanted to discuss it with us, in private.  I said that she should bring whoever it was to my room and hopefully we could get it resolved.

There was a knock on my door.  When I opened it I let Terry and Karen into my room.  I looked at Terry with a questioning expression on my face.  She said, "Mr. Jim, Karen wants to learn how to properly give you a blow job.  I told her that we'd be glad to teach her.  She knows that we don't have much time before someone will get suspicious."

As I stood there surprised, Terry said to 10 year old Karen, "Okay sweetie, come here and unzip Mr. Jim's shorts and take his penis out.  Better yet pull down his shorts and underwear so you have full access."  There was no hesitation on Karen's part.  Quickly she had my shorts and boxers around my ankles.  I sat on the edge of my bed and allowed Terry to be the instructor.  I was an educational prop, not that I minded.

Terry continued, "Now Karen, watch what I do.  Mr. Jim is soft now, but with a little kissing and licking he will get hard in no time at all."  Karen watched as Terry sucked my whole soft dick into her mouth.  Her hand gently cupped my balls.  I could feel myself responding.  Terry pulled off my now semi-flaccid dick and offered it to Karen.

Karen quickly took my whole dick into her mouth.  It wasn't long though before I was growing and she no longer could have all of me in her mouth.  Terry told her to run her tongue over and under the head.  She was a good student.  This whole situation was having an effect on me.  Terry had her start to jack my shaft while she continued to work my dick head in her mouth.  After about five minutes of this and I said to Terry, "This is so good.  I'm getting close.  It won't be too long."

I looked at what Terry was doing and found that she had one hand down the back of Karen's shorts.  The other hand was up under her shirt working her nipples.  The moans Karen was making on my dick were adding to the feelings in my dick.  I could feel a tightening in my balls.

Terry said to Karen, "When Mr. Jim starts shooting his cum into your mouth.  Don't swallow it.  Save it until he is done and show me.  Then we'll share it.  Okay?"

Karen just nodded.  She was really stroking and sucking and I was getting closer and closer.  Finally I announced to get ready.  My balls tightened and I could feel my sperm rushing up the shaft.  The first squirt was quickly followed by four more.  Karen didn't flinch, but just kept on sucking and working me with her tongue.  When I was spent she pulled my softening dick from her mouth.  She turned to Terry and opened her mouth showing a pool of my cum puddled on her tongue.  Terry bent down and they shared an open mouth kiss.  I could see that they were passing my cum back and forth.  Finally they broke the kiss.  They both turned to me and opened their mouths.  I could see my cum on their tongues.  They both swallowed and then opened their mouths again to show that it all was gone. 

I proceeded to French kiss them both.  I could taste myself in each of their mouths.  I thanked Karen and told her that she did a fantastic job with her first blowjob.  I asked her if she liked it.  She answered, "Yeah, I did.  It was a bit of a surprise when your first squirt shot out of the end of your wiener.  After that I could feel when the next spurt was coming.  I like the taste of you too.  I hope you'll let me do this again.  My kitty is still a little sore, but I hope later you will put your wiener inside me again."  What could I say? I told her that I'd like that very much and we'd try and find a way.

With that both Terry and Karen started to leave.  At the door Terry turned and whispered to me, "I'll have a nice surprise for you tonight.  I hope you like doing virgin little girls as much as I like helping you do them.  I like the taste of your cum mixed with their virgin blood and juices.  It makes me so hot."  She gave me a quick kiss and said, " Later!"  With that she shut the door and left me to my daily duties.

The rest of the day was uneventful.  The activity sessions went very smoothly.  The afternoon swim resulted in my bathing suit having an obvious bulge in front.  Watching all those young girls in their tight swim suits accentuated their round firm little asses.  A couple of the female counselors noticed the bulge.  One even came up and whispered that she hoped that it was for her.  I just smiled and dove into the water.  I needed to cool down and get my dick to relax.

After dinner and a short rest period, I had everyone gather at the beach for a bonfire.  We roasted marshmallows and sang songs.  It was a great way to get the girls tired so they would settle down early tonight. 

I made my rounds again making sure everything was as it should be for the night.  Before heading to my room, I stopped by Terry's cabin.  She stepped outside and we talked for just a minute.  She told me that Becky's little sister wasn't sure she wanted to do anything.  She said she would let me know tomorrow.  "I've arranged some alone time for Becky to meet with her and answer any questions she might have," she explained.  "I think that she will want to give it a try.  You will need to be real gentle with her, she is so little.  I'm looking forward to helping with that one.  With a little luck, I'll be at your door tonight at 11:00 with a new little virgin for you to open up.  See you then."  With that I finished my rounds and went back to my room.  I could hardly wait until 11.

At 11:05 there was a light knock on my door.  I opened it to find Terry holding  little Jody's hand.  I quickly let them in and closed the door.  Jody was one of the younger campers and had latched onto Terry as a big sister.  Jody just turned 7 just before coming to camp.  She had dark brown hair with green eyes.  She had a cute little button nose and full lips.  She stood 4'3" tall and probably weighed 70 pounds. 

Terry explained as she started to undress Jody, "During nap time yesterday I discovered Jody masturbating.  At first she didn't notice me watching her.  When she did spot me she just smiled and kept on rubbing her little kitty.  I went over to her and whispered that she should come into my room so she wouldn't bother the other campers.  Once in my room I told her that it was okay to play with her kitty if it made her feel good."

At this point Jody was naked and I could see that she was very flat chested.  Her nipples were innies and her areolae were dark pinkish.  Her kitty slit was closed and her mound was pronounced looked so kissable.  Her little butt was round and firm.  I sure hopped I'd get to play with her a lot.

Terry continued, "I had her sit on my bed and asked her if I could help her play with her kitty.  She said that she would like that.  I spread her legs and had a close look where I discovered such a pretty little kitty.  I just had to bend down and give it a kiss.  Jody liked the kiss and let me kiss it all I wanted.  I ran my tongue over, around, and through her slit.  I used my lips to pull her little clitoral hood.  I pulled her inner lips and tried to stick my tongue in her vagina.  Her little hole is so tight.  After a while she seemed to have a little cum.  I held her until she recovered.  I enjoyed watching her afterglow.  When she seemed fully recovered, I pulled her up to sit on my lap.  I asked her if she rubbed her kitty often to make it feel good.  She told me she did it almost every day.  I asked her if she ever saw a boy's penis.  She told me yes that whenever she had the chance she would play with her baby brother's wiener."

I asked her if she wanted to see and play with a big wiener.  She replied, "That's why I'm here, Mr. Jim.  Ms. Terry said you would let me play with your wiener."

I looked directly into Jody's eyes and asked, "Jody, honey, is that really what you want?  If I let you play with my wiener will you let me play with your kitty?  I'd like to make your kitty feel really good."

Jody nodding answered, "Yes please!  Ms. Terry told me it would be fun and that you shoot out stuff of your wiener and that it tastes really good.  Can I have some?"

"If that is what you want," I said, "then yes.  We can play all kind of fun stuff with my wiener and your kitty.  We can even see if my wiener will fit inside your kitty.  I bet your kitty will really like meeting my wiener.  Ms. Terry will help us and make sure everything we do feels good for you.  We will have fun.  If we do something you don't like or if you want us to stop, just tell us and we'll stop.  Okay?  One more thing, this has to be a secret.  You can't tell anyone...ever.  Okay?"

Jody answered, "Okay!  I can keep secrets real good!"

Terry told Jody to remove my shorts so that we all would be naked. If she had any doubts or hesitations, she didn't show it and quickly I was standing in front of her with my hard dick right in front of her face.  Terry led Jody to the bed and had her sit with her leg spread open.  I knelt in front and looked at a small perfect pussy.  She and Terry must have been fooling around before she got here because her inner lips were dark red and really moist.  I could see her clitoral hood which housed her clit.  It looked so suck-able.  It pointed down toward her vagina.

First thing I did was to lean forward and kiss each of her little nipples.  She let out a little giggle.  I then moved down and stuck my tongue in her belly button.  That got a big laugh from her.  Little girls are really ticklish there.  I moved lower and planted a kiss on her mons and inhaled enjoying her aroma.  I used the tip of my tongue and traced her clitoral hood from the top of her slit down to its end.  Jody emitted an 'oooooh' as I paid attention and tried to coax her little clit out from its hiding place.  I then slid my tongue down and probed her vaginal opening, tasting the nectar that was present there.  To me she tasted like ambrosia.  I pulled her inner lips with my lips while sliding my finger through her slot.  She was having a hard time staying still as I worked her little kitty.  I never wanted this to end.  However...

Terry tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Why don't you let little Jody explore your dick.  She has so been looking forward to being able to."

I didn't hesitate and traded places with Jody so she could explore to her heart's content.  I was so surprised when the first thing that Jody did was to stick the head of my dick into her mouth.  She could only get about 2 inches of me inside, but it sure felt good.  She started to suck right away.  I could feel her tongue probing the hole in the end.  She pulled off my dick kissed the tip and said, "I like yours better than Joey's.  His is so small.  You fill my mouth nice."  She gave me a big smile.

Terry said to Jody, "Do you still want to see if Mr. Jim will fit in your kitty?"  She nodded yes.  "Remember I told you it will probably hurt a little when he first goes inside you.  We'll try and be as careful as we can to make it easy." 

Terry looked at me and said, "Mr. Jim, why don't you lie on your back and let Jody be on top.  She can go slow and at her own pace."

Terry pulled out a tube of KY jelly and squeezed out a gob and spread it all over my dick.  Then she spread some more on Jody's little kitty.  When she thought we were slick enough she helped Jody climb on top of me.  Terry pointed my dick up and guided it to the entrance to her vagina.  I could feel the heat from her kitty on my dickhead.  I couldn't believe that I was about to fuck a 7-year-old.  It was obvious that Terry was as much into this as I was. 

Terry told Jody to lower herself a little at a time until I started to go inside her kitty.  She said okay and I could feel the pressure increase as she settled on the intruder.  I could see the concentration on her face.  I wasn't making any progress.  Terry told her to push down a little harder.  My dick was starting to bend a little, but Terry held it in position.  To my surprise Jody suddenly just let her body drop.  All of a sudden I plunged inside and 4 inches of my dick was up inside her tight little vagina.  She let out a little scream.  It wasn't too loud and I could see tears starting to run down her cheeks.  Terry was right there to comfort her.

Terry said, "Jody, honey, just hold still until the hurt goes away.  I promise that it will."  Terry was kissing away the tears while rubbing her little nipples with one hand.  Then she moved her hand to gently make small circles around her little clit.  Terry asked her, "Why did you just drop so hard?  I told you it would hurt."

When she could finally talk, Jody answered:  "It... it wasn't going in.  Going slow wasn't working and I wanted him to be in me.  You said it would feel good after the first hurt and I wanted my kitty to feel good."  Terry kissed her on the mouth showing her that she was loved.  I just held still enjoying the extra tight hole that my dick was buried in.  Jody was hot, tight and no longer a virgin.  I could see a little pinkish blood where my dick entered her vagina.  To me it was a beautiful sight.

After awhile Jody said, "It hardly hurts any more.  Can I move now?  I want to feel him moving inside of me.  Will he squirt in me?  I'm ready!"  With that pronouncement I placed my hands on each of her hips and slowly raised and lowered her on my shaft.  I watched her face to see if she was in pain.  After a short time she started to join in and was raising and lowering herself.  She felt so hot and tight.  On her downward push I could feel myself bottoming out against her cervix.  She was so tight that if it weren't for the KY lubricant sliding my dick would be quite difficult.

As we continued and Jody was starting to go faster, I could feel the tightening in my balls.  I was fast approaching my climax.  I told Terry to start concentrating on Jody's clit because I was getting close.  To my surprise she bent down and started using her tongue to stimulate her little clit.  That seemed to have the desired effect.  Jody was going faster and faster and was breathing real fast.  She was starting to shake was making throaty sounds and her eyes were scrunched shut.  I told terry:  "I'm there.  I'm going to cum.  With that I felt the sperm rush up my shaft and erupt inside the tiny little girl.  I think that Jody started to have an orgasm as she let out a loud moan and then fell forward.  She actually trapped Terry's head between our bodies.  I filled Jody's little kitty with so much cum that it started to leak out around my dick.  A few more squirts and I was spent. 

Terry managed to pull her head out from between us.  Jody was now laying flat on top of me.  Terry took up position behind her and spread her butt cheeks and started to lick.  When my dick finally slid from her little vagina, Terry started to lick up all the mixture that seeped out.  I even felt her suck and clean my now soft dick.  I didn't move and just enjoyed the feel of having this little darling on top of me. 

When Terry finished her clean-up she came up and lay next to us. She whispered, "Well, did you like my little surprise."

I answered, "I sure did.  This is beyond my wildest dreams.  I can't get over how you help and seem to enjoy this too.  Will we do more of this together?"

Terry replied with a grin, "I think there are a number of little girls here that if we work it right, will gladly give you their cherry.  You just need to remember that I need some fucking too."

With that I pulled her head to me and planted a very erotic kiss.  She moaned in my mouth indicating that she like it.  Jody looked up and said, "You guys need to kiss me too."  Terry and I chuckled and proceeded to shower her all over with kisses.

It was getting late.  Terry took Jody back to her cabin and got her into bed, giving her another wet kiss before returning to my room.  For the next hour I just fucked Terry's brains out.  I repeatedly told her, "Thank you for everything."

THE END of Chapter 3

In chapter 4, due to an emergency, Jim takes charge of the camp in time for the summer climax...



Let me know if you like my story so far.   I'd be please to hear from you... good or bad!  Thanks, JimGee


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