By Lasiter

(Mgg, MMF, ped, oral, anal, voy)

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It was 2 AM when John G. was rousted from a deep sleep to answer the phone.  “Who is this?” he gruffly demanded.

“Dad, it’s me!” his son Ken nearly yelled. “The fucking house is on fire!”

 Wha  What house?”

“My house!  The god damned house is on fire!”

“Shit!” exclaimed John as the seriousness of the situation became clear.  “Is everyone out?”

“Yes, we’re all out and everyone’s okay, but… aw fuck, there goes the fucking roof!”

“Is the fire department there?”

“Yeah, they just arrived, but… oh, fuck, Dad, the whole fucking place is on fire!  Shit! Shit! Shit!”

“How bad is it?”

“The whole god damned roof just caved in!  It’s gone!  It’s gone!”

“Okay, Ken, just stay calm.  Everybody’s out, right?”

“Yes!  We’re all safe and okay.”

“That’s the important thing.  Look, I’ll be right over,” the now wide awake father told his son.

When John arrived fifteen minutes later, it was apparent that Ken wasn’t exaggerating.  There was hardly a thing left.  As Ken’s house was all but gone, the fire fighters had given up on it and concentrated the efforts on saving the house next door.  The house on the other side of Ken’s was just a few smoldering two-by- fours sticking up and a pile of smoking rubble. 

Upon seeing John, his daughter-in-law Luci, ran to him and hugged him tightly, sobbing into his shoulders.  Her two young girls, Lynn and Staci, clung tightly to their mother. He comforted her as best he could, and as he hugged her, he couldn’t help but notice that under the thin silk robe, Luci was nude.

John felt a little guilty thinking of her that way, but he couldn’t help it. He often thought of her that way.  On more than one occasion, he’d seen her nude and had her gyrating in his lap, slapping his face with those naked enhanced hooters she had.  That was before Ken had married her and before John knew that Ken was shacking up with the stripper. 

Finally Luci let go of him long enough for John to speak to his son.

“Ken, you and the girls can stay with me until you get your feet back on the ground.”

“Thanks, Dad.  I really appreciate it.  Luci does too.”

“How’d it start?”

“I think some vandals were in the empty house next door and they set it on fire. From there it spread to my house and with the wind blowing like it is, it’s now spread to the house on the other side.  The smoke alarm sounded and I woke up smelling smoke.  I grabbed the two girls and we…”

“At least you got your shorts on,” the dad chuckled trying to brighten up his despondent son.  Ken was standing around in just his boxers, and they were on inside out.  “You didn’t get anything out?”

“Nothing, just us.”

“Well, that’s the important thing.”  John looked over his son’s family and they were a pitiful sight.  Everyone was barefoot.  Luci was wrapped in that thin silk robe, and the two little girls were dressed only in oversized t-shirts liberated from Ken.  The girls were frightened, to say the least, but they were also shivering in the cool night air. 

John turned to the two youngsters, “Come on you two.  Let’s go get in my car so you can get warmed up.”  John put the two girls in the back seat and then pulled an old blanket from the trunk and covered them up.  John returned to his son and his wife. 

Approaching the couple he snorted at the sight his daughter-in-law made.  The silk robe was practically molded on her body and it was obvious that she was nude underneath. ‘Always the exhibitionist,’ he thought, ‘showing off her body to anyone who wants to look.  Damn, look at those friggin’ nipples will you?  Well, you’re showing, honey and I’m gonna look.’

He sighed; she was glorious sight to behold up on stage, gyrating nude to the music and even more stunning up close and personal.   He had actually propositioned her and she’d accepted his cash offer to screw.  Then he discovered that she was Ken’s girl.  Ken was working as a bouncer at the strip club and he had fallen for the whore. 

“Dad, I know she’s whore and you have every right to buy her, but please, I’m asking you…  It’ll just complicate things for me.  Okay?” 

What could John say to his son?  “Fuck you, Ken.  I bought her and her pussy’s mine tonight.”  Not hardly. Despite his son’s seemingly unerring lapses in judgment, John adored his son and would do anything for him.  Naturally he acquiesced to Ken’s request and told April (her stage name) the bad news.  April got a little bent out shape with John for reneging, but that was just too bad; even if she was a whore, he just wasn’t going to fuck his son’s girlfriend.

John had always regretted that decision.   Maybe if he had taken her home that night and fucked her, maybe Ken wouldn’t have gotten all stupid and married her! It’s not that he had anything against sluts and whores, but like all fathers, John wanted something better for his son.  He’d often thought that Ken’s mother, if she were alive, she wouldn’t have stood for it for one minute.  Ken’s two sisters wouldn’t have let him do it either, but John knew that it really wasn’t any of his business to interfere… besides who could blame Ken for wanting the bimbo bombshell to rut with every night?  That he could understand.  But there was a problem that John just couldn’t understand; namely Ken wasn’t getting it exclusively; she was still fucking other guys for cash.  Besides what Ken was getting, he was already getting for free. So why marry her?

In the flickering firelight, John continued to ogle his shapely daughter-in-law, mesmerized by her large breasts and prominent nipples outlined in the thin fabric not to mention her shapely ass.  Luci caught him staring at her and like the exhibitionist she was, quickly flashed him, giving him a quick peek at her bare tits.

That was one thing John especially liked about her, she had spunk.  Like all the times this past summer when Ken brought his family over to his father’s house to swim… Luci always wore a thong bikini and gave John quite a show.  Luckily Ken didn’t seem to mind that his father was getting an eyeful, but it didn’t go beyond that.    

But beyond her spunk and open sexuality, there were other problems with having Luci as Ken’s wife besides her history of whoring  What can you say about a woman would doesn’t have a clue as to the identity of her children’s’ fathers?  What can you say about a woman who strips naked and gyrates before a club full of nameless men?  What can you say about a woman who for a few bucks, slides around naked in some strange man’s lap letting him feel her up for five minutes?  What can you say about a woman who had fucked three, four guys on camera?  She was a tramp alright and she was John’s daughter-in-law.  And now she was going to living under John’s roof.  How would that work; living with a first class prick tease that he couldn’t touch?

That was being too hard on her and John knew it.  He’d accepted her for who she was, Ken’s wife, and that was that.  To their credit, both she and Ken had quit their jobs at the strip club when they were married and both got respectable day jobs so that the girls didn’t have to spend every evening alone in the apartment.  No longer was Luci a stripper, a porno star or anything else unsavory.  Now she was a regular working mom trying her best to help her husband and provide a normal life for her two girls. John had to respect that and he did.

“I’m cold,” she complained to John.  John in turn hugged her from behind, giving warmth to her backside. It was hard to keep his hands in check and not let them slide up and cup her tits.  But he managed and also managed to get his limitless naughty thoughts under control.

‘At least they’re out from under that white elephant,’ John contemplated as another wall fell over sending up a burst of burning embers into the night air.  He’d advised against buying the house.  It was beyond their means and piece of crap to boot.  The contractor had gone bankrupt, leaving many houses in the neighborhood unfinished.  Of those houses that had sold, good percentages had been foreclosed upon and were now standing empty, empty, looted and vandalized. 

To make things worse, Ken wasn’t making any money selling new cars and Luci’s company had cut back on her hours considerably.  They needed to sell, but the market was such that they were upside down on their mortgage and now unable to maintain payments; they were only a few weeks from foreclosure.  Besides, who would want to buy into their neighborhood with all the unfinished homes and foreclosures?   Now through an act of god, they were out from under the house, but they also had lost everything they had. 

The fire was all but extinguished and the firemen were beginning to stow their equipment.  The fire marshal had concluded his interviews with the unfortunate homeowners and told them that there was nothing they could do until tomorrow and to go get some rest.  As both cars had burned up in the garage, they rode back with John to the house where Ken and his two sisters were raised. 

“The entire upstairs is yours, Ken,” the father explained.  “You, Luci and the girls will probably be here for a while, so make it your own.  I never go up there and the only time it gets used is when one of your sisters are in town and that’s been a few years now.  So, make yourself at home.  Try and get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we’ll figure out a plan of action.”

“Thanks, Dad,” Ken replied as he hugged his old man.  “We really didn’t have any place else to turn.”

“You don’t need any other place.  Besides, I was nearly going sir-crazy rattling around this place all by myself.  You, Luci and the girls are welcome.  Welcome home, son.”

John then headed back to his bed, the same bed he and his wife had shared for twenty some odd years before cancer took her.  It was a girlie kind of a bed, but it was his darling Joanie’s bed and even though he hated the garish bed from the very day she had it delivered, John wasn’t willing to part with it. 

Sleep didn’t come for him easily.  There was much to think about.  First, there was getting Ken and Luci on their feet again.  The past year had been rough on them financially and he knew it.  Still, Ken took it like a man and hadn’t asked his father for help, he just did what he had to do every day to make a little money and put food on the table.  Well, those financial pressures had just been eased considerably. 

Then there was the matter being used to having the entire house to himself.  Since all of his kids had moved out and Joanie had died, John had lived alone.  He could walk about naked if he wished, and he did… but now that would have to change.  He also couldn’t skinny dip in the pool anymore for the same reasons. 

Then there was the fact that he would have to be more circumspect with Ludie Mae, his black housekeeper.  No longer could he just flip up her dress in the kitchen and slide his cock into her. Thinking of Ludie Mae displaying herself to him brought a smile to his face.  She wasn’t all that attractive, but she wasn’t ugly either.  He thought of all the times he had fucked Ludie Mae, fantasying that it Luci he was fucking.  Neat trick too.   Ludie Mae was a black as they get.  All he had to do was close his eyes… 

But he didn’t always close his eyes and appreciated Ludie Mae for what she was, eager black fuck meat.  He visualized her black tits and full round ass jigging as they fucked. Of having her strip in the kitchen, kneeling and giving him a sloppy but exquisite blow job, of pushing her over the kitchen table and smacking her black ass before plunging his rampant member into her ‘coochie’ as she called it.  God he loved the sight of her ass cheeks quaking as he pounded into her and loved the way her black tits swayed as she leaned against the kitchen counter.  She was as perfect a house keeper a man could get… always punctual, did her work well and never ever said ‘no’ to him.  It was something they both enjoyed and both considered it a perk.  Of course he paid her well too, but that wasn’t what drove them to copulate two or three times while she was “working”, that was plain lust on the part of both parties.   

There would have to be some adjustments and that was all there was to it.  On the plus side, it wouldn’t be so damned lonely living in the empty house, counting the days to when Ludie Mae would next be here to straighten up the place.  Still, Luci was bound to drive him crazy… she always did. 

As he thought about Ludie Mae, he realized that there really shouldn’t be a problem.  The girls would be at school during the day, and Ken and Luci would be at work.  As far as Ludie Mae went, nothing would need to be changed, except that with Luci around and stimulating his libido, Ludie Mae was really in for it.  He smiled as he thought of the black housekeeper fussing that she couldn’t get her work done because John kept interrupting her.


“Dad… Dad… Dad,” John heard through the fog of sleep.  “Dad.”

John squinted as the bright morning light streamed into his bedroom.  “Uh, yeah… what is it, Ken?”

 Luci and I need to attend to some business.  The house, go buy some clothes, and I need to talk to someone about a job.”

“Yeah, okay.”

“Well, I only have my boxers and Luci only has her robe.  Can we borrow some clothes from you?  We need to hit Walmart or something and get everyone a couple changes of clothes…”

“Yeah, of course,” John replied now that he was more or less awake.  He rolled out of bed and padded over to his closet.  “Here, try this on,” he said handing Ken a pair of shorts with an elastic waistband.  He also fished out a couple of polo shirts and a pair of overalls for Luci.  To complete their outfits, he gave Ken a pair of sandals and pair of slippers for his wife. 

“This should make do until we get something more appropriate,” said John’s son said with a chuckle.  “Oh, Luci’s going to look great in this,” he added holding up the much too large overalls.

“That girl would look great in potato sack,” the father replied. 

“How about some breakfast?”

“Yeah, that’ll be good, Dad,” replied Ken, “but I think you need to put something on.”

“Oh, yeah,” chuckled John, “habits, you know.”  He then dug around in his dresser and came up with some old pajama bottoms to slip on.

John put the coffee on, scrambled some eggs and fried up some ham.  By the time he had breakfast ready, Luci and Ken were ready to go.  Luci looked a sight in the baggy overalls.  The only place they fit was in the bib.  The slippers made a statement in their own right, a statement that Luci would rather not be making. 

“Dad, I need another favor,” said Ken as he ate breakfast.

“You’ve got it,” replied the father.

“Well, I’ll need to borrow your car.”

“I figured that, seeing that your two cars burned up last night.”

“Also, I need a loan.  Some cash.  What cash I had was lost last night and all my credit cards too, not that I could use any of them… they’re all maxed out.  I’ll pay you back as soon as I can.”

“How much do you need?”

“Well, I figure Luci will need at least three hundred for clothes and makeup, I can get by with a hundred, and the kids… maybe a hundred between the two of them for clothes.  Five hundred?”

John didn’t say a thing, but rose from the kitchen table and went to his study where he pulled out a lock box from his desk.  He grabbed a stack of $100 bills and returned to the kitchen.  “I’m not sure how much is here, but you’re welcome to it… And don’t worry about paying me back.”

“Thanks, Dad,” replied Ken stunned at the amount of hard cash that had been handed to him. 

Luci got up and gave her father-in-law an affectionate kiss along with her sincere thanks for his generosity.  “Just buy something sexy,” her father-in-law said with a twinkle in his eye.

“I will, Daddy, just for you,” she cooed in that voice that always drove him crazy just before her full, supple lips met his.

“We probably won’t be back until late this afternoon,” explained Ken.  “Hope you don’t mind watching the girls.”

Luci broke her prolonged kiss.  “Uh, not at all, Ken,” John stammered surprised at the intimacy of her kiss.  “They’re always delightful.  Uh, here, you better take my cell phone too.”

John was proud how Ken took charge and put a plan of action into play.  ‘He’ll do fine,’ the father thought of his ex-Marine son.  ‘They’ll all do fine.’  Then he glanced over at his daughter-in-law.  ‘But me?  By god, I want to screw her.’

The two girls, Lynn and Staci were still upstairs asleep when their parents left to do their errands.  John poured another cup of black coffee, retrieved the morning newspaper and settled into his La-Z-Boy recliner. He didn’t get far with the paper though and soon was snoozing away.  He awoke at the sounds of cartoons playing on the TV.  He rubbed his eyes and surveyed his two charges.  They were sprawled out on their tummies, watching some idiotic cartoon show.  His attention was immediately drawn to their butts, bare and peeking out from the oversized t-shirts they wore.   Ten year old Lynn shifted her position. John caught his breath as he was treated to the sight of her smooth ass cheeks and bare little pussy. 

‘Christ,’ he muttered as his dick began to stiffen.  He knew he shouldn’t be ogling her like he was, but he was powerless to deny himself the pleasure.  ‘She’s only ten,’ he castigated himself.  But what's the harm?’ he rationalized.  To John’s disappointment, she put her legs together and hid her pussy from him. Still the young girl’s smooth ass was on display and he contented himself with that view.  Then nine-year-old Staci moved and he had a clear view of her cute little buns and glimpse of her hairless slit.  ‘Spread your legs, honey,’ he mentally urged.  ‘Spread ‘em, for your Paw Paw John.’  He concentrated hard to send out the telepathic message and was soon rewarded.  “That’s it, honey,” he muttered as he grasped his raging hard-on. 

Suddenly the cartoon show was over and the girls stirred.  John pretended to be still asleep, playing possum as they had sat upright and ended his delightful and lurid show.

“Morning girls,” he greeted feigning sleepiness.

The two young pre-teens turned and saw that their Paw Paw John was now awake.  The two hopped up and hopped into his lap and in doing so wedged his erection between their hips.  John prayed that they wouldn’t notice the hard spike as they wiggled about making his condition even more pronounced.

John absolutely adored the two girls.  Lynn with her long thick brunette hair and brown eyes to match and Staci’s golden blonde mane and her flashing blue eyes were pretty little girls by any standard.  It was obvious that they had differing sires, yet it was also obvious that they were sisters.   John hugged them both to his bare chest and lovingly kissed each on the head.

“Are we going to be living here with you, Paw Paw John?” asked Lynn, her head turned back and looking up at him.

“Well, it looks that way,” he answered. 

“Goodie!” she answered with another wiggle of her hips.

“I have a test today,” announced Staci.  “I was really ready for it too!  You think Miss Jones will let me make it up?  Or will I fail?”

“Sweetie, I don’t think you’re going to be going to that school anymore.  It’s too far away. There’s a school near here that’ll you’ll be going to.”

“You mean we’re not going to see our friends anymore?”

“You’ll make new friends,” comforted her step-grandpa.

“I’m hungry!” declared Lynn regaining John’s attention from her sister.  “Do you have any Fruit Loops?”

“I’m afraid not, baby.  But next time I go to the store, I’ll pick some up for you.  How about you, Staci?  What cereal do you like?”

“Cocoa Puffs!”

“I’ll get some Cocoa Puffs too.  But for now, how about a fried egg sandwich?”  The two girls looked at him with a frowning expression.  “It’s the best I can do this morning.  It’s either that or a can of beer.”

Ewwwww!!!” the two girls cried in unison.

“Then fried egg sandwiches it is!” he laughed.

Despite their initial reactions, both girls woofed down their breakfast which pleased John to no end.  He was out of milk, but fortunately he had some orange juice for them. 

Before breakfast was done, Staci asked, “Can we go swimming?”

“Well, unless you left your swimsuits here last time, I’m afraid…”

“We can swim in these!” declared Lynn pulling on her t-shirt.  John had lots of dry t-shirts for them to change into, so…

“The water’s kind of cool,” warned John.

“That’s okay! We don’t mind,” answered Staci. 

With their breakfast completed the two energetic girls jumped up and ran out the door to the pool.  John barely had time to put the dirty dishes in the sink before they were in the water, leaving him no time to get changed into his swim suit.  From the kitchen he could watch out for them and that gave him time to heat up a cup of coffee and put the dishes in the dishwasher.  With a hot cup of warmed-over coffee, John stepped outside and took up a chase lounge to act as lifeguard.

The cool water certainly didn’t seem to bother either girl and they played and swam about with abandon.  It was particularly interesting for John whenever one of them climbed out of the pool for a moment to go dive as the wet t-shirts molded onto their bodies.  Neither had much in the way of tits yet, but Lynn’s dark nipples showed prominently through the thin white fabric of her shirt.  But what the wet t-shirts did best was mold into their butt cracks, a sight that bothered John’s prick to no end. 

After about an hour, the cool water finally got the best of them and they stood blue and shaking before John as the water streamed off of them.  Now John got a front seat view of Lynn’s nipples, erect and poking out like her mother’s did.  Staci nips too were on display, though the pale color did not show through her dark colored shirt.  Still it was obvious that both girls had large nipples that promised bigger things in the future.  John hated to end the swimming session, but he did what he had to do.

With their hands clutched against their chests and shivering, the two wet girls followed John back into the house and into his bedroom.  From his dresser he found two dry t-shirts and handed them to the girls.  John was astounded when Lynn simply stripped off her wet shirt right in front of him. Unabashedly Staci followed her older sister’s lead and was soon nude too. 

While the girls fumbled with the dry shirts, John seized the opportunity to prolong their nudity by directing them into his bath to get towels.  “Sweet Jesus,” he whispered at the sight of their bare backsides as the two naked girls strode into his bathroom.  He was tempted to follow them and offer his assistance, but knew that would be going too far.  They were both old enough to dry themselves.  John was again surprised when they emerged from the bathroom with clean towels with which to dry off.  They calmly dried themselves while John watched, and they took their sweet time about it… not that John minded the view of the puffy pre-pubescent nipples of both girls.  

With modesty restored, the two girls returned to the den to watch more cartoon shows.  Hoping for another skin show, John calmly took up position in his La-Z-Boy.  He didn’t get one, but after the second mindless carton show, he dozed off. 

It was a short nap, but as he gradually awoke, he noticed something.  His cock was being played with! Again he played possum as he assessed this new situation.  Yes, he determined, his cock was sticking out of the fly of his pajama bottoms and he was being fondled… by two sets of small hands! Afraid they’d stop if he opened his eyes, he lay back and enjoyed it. 

Then it occurred to him that they weren’t just sneaking a feel, they were molesting him.  Surely they knew that he would wake up…  John’s eyes opened just enough to see them looking right at him as they stroked his dick.  “That feels good,” he said softly with a smile.  The girls both smiled back, but they also stopped playing with him.  “You don’t have to stop,” he said throwing caution to the wind, “not if you don’t want to.”  The hands began moving again. 

“You have big dick, Paw Paw John,” Lynn said brashly.  “Is it really okay if we…”

“Don’t stop, baby.  That feels great!”

“We saw how you were looking at us naked.  And we saw how hard and big your dick was looking at us.  Do you really like this?”

“Oh, shit baby.  If you only knew how good that feels.”  His hands went down and unbuttoned his bottoms, he lifted his ass and pushed his pajama bottoms down off his hips.  From there the girls took over, pulling his bottoms down his legs and over his ankles, leaving him completely nude.  As soon as the bottoms were disposed of, they went back to work, but this time with his balls now exposed, Staci took up playing with his nuts while her older sister continued stroking his dick. 

Knowing now that the little show in his bedroom was quite deliberate, John felt no fear in lifting the t-shirts over their heads and stripping them nude, nor did he fear coaxing them up onto his chair so that his hands could fondle their bare butts. Never in his life did he ever think of or even consider what was happening now.  He never looked upon little girls as sexual creatures before and yet here he was naked, with two naked pre-teen girls, and they were feeling each other up in a most intimate way. The way Lynn was rolling his slippery cockhead between her fingers was driving him nuts.  Thinking with his little head only, he put away any notions of the impropriety or illegality of what was happening. 

Testing the waters, his hand slipped down between Staci’s butt cheeks.  There were no objections to him rubbing her asshole.  It was the same with Lynn.  The implications that he could probably do just about anything with either and both of them made Lynn’s dick play even more irresistible.  His breathing became shallow and soon he felt his nuts begin to boil.  He thought to warn her that he was about cum, so as not to surprise her, but then thought better of it.  She’d done this before, he reasoned.

When John began to moan and twist about, Lynn knew that he was close and redoubled her efforts to make him cum.  She was soon rewarded as John grunted and great gouts of whitish nut juice erupted from the old man’s dick and splattering across his stomach.  After two good squirts, the ejaculatory spurts became progressively weaker until the issue merely drooled forth to run down his cock shaft to coat his balls.  

John struggled to catch his breath as his dick grew soft in his step-granddaughter’s hand.  It wasn’t until his chest stopped heaving that the enormity of what happened hit him.  The hand-job was incredible and totally unexpected, but what happened next stripped him of his remaining senses.  He opened his eyes and saw the two girls grinning at him, obviously not shocked in the least as to what had just happened.  Then looking him in the eyes, young nine year old Staci dipped her head towards his midsection, her tongue protruding, and stirred the cum on his belly with the tip of her tongue.  Next Lynn’s head descended, and looking him in the eye, she lapped at a pool of nut juice. 

John was totally astounded and turned on immensely as the two little vixens took turns playing with his spend with their tongues, until all the semen was licked clean from his abdomen.  Lynn began licking at his cock, bathing his shaft, while her younger sister licked at his balls, the two pre-teens noisily slurping at the slippery fuck juice that coated his cock and balls.  Eventually the licking transitioned to open mouthed kisses and then outright sucking.  His flaccid cock didn’t stay flaccid for long and the two sisters shared their toy, taking turns sucking on the knobby head of John’s cock.  

His big hands gently stroked the young girls’ heads as they sucked his dickhead.  Neither would get too much into their mouths at any one time, but that was of no consequence for the old man.  “Oh, yeah, suck my dick you little cocksuckers,” he hissed luxuriating in the incredible bilateral blowjob. “Suck it, baby girl.  Suck it.  Fuck… did your mama teach you how to do this?”  Neither girl answered his rambling questions but instead concentrated on the task at hand.  “Where ever you two learned it, you learned it well.”

Suddenly John sat up and grabbing a squealing naked girl in each arm, rose from his chair.  Lynn and Staci clung to his neck as he took them to his bedroom where he deposited them on his bed.  With unconcealed lust burning in his eyes, he quickly selected the youngest for what he had in mind.  John crawled up on the bed and grasped Staci by the ankles, lifting and spreading her legs to display her hairless young pussy. The little blond girl smiled up at him as he inspected her sex.  He didn’t think that either of the girls could surprise him again, but Staci did just that by reaching behind her knees to hold herself open for him.  With both hands freed, his fingers of one hand slid down her slender legs, past her knees and down her inner thigh.  He didn’t go right for her pussy, but instead traced circles around it while with his other hand, he directed her toes to his mouth.

Now it was Staci’s turn to be surprised and she closed her eyes as the sensations of his mouth and tongue laving over her toes, one at a time, radiated up her leg and caused her breathing to become labored.  Meanwhile, his fingers began tracing up and down her slit until a thick digit slipped in between her thin lips and into her juicy gash.

For several minutes he explored the little girl’s pussy and was rewarded by a very grown up bucking of her hips.  He let the last toe slip from his lips and licked from her foot to her waiting and available pussy. 

“UHHHHH!” she moaned as his fat wiggling tongue drove into her pre-teen cunt.  John wasted no time in feasting on her young pussy finding her to be incredibly sweet tasting.  He licked and greedily sucked up her pussy juices.  She so responsive that he found it hard to believe that she was so young. 

John was lost in a fog of licentious lust as he feasted on the young cunt.  Vaguely at first he felt a tugging on his hip as he laid prone gobbling jail bait, but soon he realized that Lynn wanted him to lift up.  He raised his hips, but she kept tugging and tugging, urging him to get up on his knees.  Then he felt her pushing at his knees, trying to get him to spread them apart.  Once he did, he had the shock of his life as he felt his butt cheeks pried apart and then felt the diminutive tongue flicker over his anus.  He stifled the urge to yelp and bolt upright and just let the girl do what she wanted. 

Staci felt the vibrations in her pussy as John groaned from lewd tonguing of his asshole.  He’d heard about such things of course, but had never experienced a rim job before… certainly not one from a ten year old! And rim him she did, probing into his hole and licking all around it while gently playing with his heavy hanging nut sack.  It felt so incredibly good and nasty that he stopped sucking pussy and just lay there having his asshole probed.  So lost in the vulgar act, he hardly noticed Staci slipping away from him, but he did feel her slide up under his belly and take his throbbing erection into her warm slippery little mouth.  He didn’t last long with the two pronged assault and was soon busting his nut into Staci’s sucking maw.

When the two little sluts had finished with him, John was wasted.  He crashed and fell into a deep sleep.


“Dad…. Dad… Dad…” the far away voice called.  “Dad.” John struggled to open his eyes.  “Dad.”

“Yeah, Ken.  What is it?”

“Dad.  You’re passed out on your bed naked and with your bedroom door wide open!”


“You’re naked and the girls are… never mind.  Get up, we need to talk.”

Sitting up, John became aware of his state of undress and the display he was making of himself as Luci walked by his open door. “Uh, sorry, Ken.  I guess I feel asleep.”

“Whatever, Dad.  Put some pants on, will ya?  Luci and I want to have a talk with you.”

Collecting his wits John urged, “Shut the door, Ken.  I have something to tell you.”  Ken got up, closed the door and returned.  “Sit down a minute,” the father said. “Something happened while you and Luci were gone.”

“Like what?”

“I fell asleep in my chair while the girls were watching TV.  When I woke up, they had my dick out and were playing with it.”

“I see.  What did you do?”

“What do you think I did?  I let them play with my dick.  But that’s not all.  After I came, they licked it all up and licked and sucked my dick.  I guess I lost my head about that point and took them in here, to bed with me.”

“Everyone was clothed?”

“No, we were all naked.  Me and the girls and…”

“And what?”

“They’ve done this sort of thing before.  Someone taught them to suck dick and lick assholes.  I figured there could others, but I think…”

“Think what, Dad?”

“You taught them.  Didn’t you?”

“What if I did?”

“I knew it!  I knew it!  Does Luci know?”

“Of course she knows!” laughed Ken.  “Relax, Dad.  Nobody’s going to have you arrested.  You didn’t fuck one of them, did you?”

“No, but I sure I could have.  Those are two horny little sluts.  I could have done anything with them.”

“Just so long as you didn’t stick your cock up their cunt, it’s okay.”

“It’s okay?”

“Sure… Luci’s cool with it.  Let me tell you Dad, it nearly freaked me out the first time Lynn and Staci crawled into bed while I was banging Luci.  She said to let them be. Next thing I know, they’re playing with my dick.  Luci was totally cool with it.  Only one rule, I couldn’t fuck either one of them.”

“Why not?”

“They’re too young, Dad, and I’m too big.  So are you.  Or so Luci says.  Anyway, I promised Luci I wouldn’t fuck Lynn until her eleventh birthday.”

“When’s that?”

“About three months.  In three months, we’ll both ball her for her birthday!”


“Now you know why I married, Luci,’ said Ken to his Dad.  “It was a three for one deal. I just couldn’t pass it up.”

“Well, I can’t say I blame you, son.  Damn!”


John slipped on his pajama bottoms and joined Ken and Luci in the kitchen.  The three sat in silence for a moment until Ken sent Luci to fetch a few beers from the fridge.  Even after his conversation with Ken regarding what had happened earlier in the day, John was still a bit uneasy with what Luci might actually think about him taking liberties with her two young daughters.  He hoped that Ken would broach the subject, but when nothing was said, he began to get nervous. John knew of only one way to deal with problems and that to take them head on. 

“Uh, look… about this afternoon…” John began.

“Forget it about it, Dad,” his son interrupted.  “It’s okay.  Really.”

“So what do you two want to talk to me about.

“Well, we made some decisions.  The main reason Luci and I gave up our jobs at the strip club was that we could give the girls a more normal life…. You know, like most kids.  With us both working nights, that meant that Lynn and Staci hardly ever saw us.  Worse, they had to stay alone at night… well, not exactly, but…

“Anyway, we tried the day job routine and we both tried hard at it, but we’re not selling any cars, so I’m not making any money and Luci’s hours have been cut in half.  So, we thought that if you didn’t mind watching after the girls at night that we’d go see if we could get our old jobs back.  My guess is that you wouldn’t have any problems watching them and uh, keeping them out of trouble.  So we stopped by the club this afternoon.  We got our old jobs back.”

“So you’re going back to stripping, lap dancing and whoring?” John asked Luci.

“She won’t be whoring, Dad,” laughed Ken, “unless I’m around.  Now I’m going to need to buy a new pinstriped suit and…”

“You need a cash advance,” John finished.

“Yeah.  Maybe a little. We still have some of your cash.  We got the girls some outfits to wear to school and we bought Luci some makeup and some work clothes.”

“Work clothes?  I didn’t think you’d be wearing any clothes, honey.”

“I won’t, Dad,” Luci replied with a laugh, “But I do need some appropriate costumes to dance in.”

“We got a couple of dynamite outfits for her, Dad.  You want to see?”

“Of course!  I want to see what my hard earned money bought!” John replied good naturedly.

Ken turned to his bombshell wife and told her to model her new stripper outfits.  While Luci retired to change into her new outfit, Ken went upstairs to retrieve an old tape deck and few cassettes. 

With the music on hand and while waiting for his wife to get ready, Ken suggested to the two pre-teen girls that they show Paw Paw John how well they can dance.  Nine-year-old Staci insisted that she be first and the blonde, blue-eyed pre-teen climbed up on John’s sturdy kitchen table still dressed in only a t-shirt.  An old Foreigner song began playing and little Staci began moving with Ken and her Paw Paw John looking up at her like she was on stage.  The little girl moved gracefully up on the table and teased the two men by hiking the helm of her t-shirt to give fleeting glimpses of her bare butt and her hairless pussy.  The effect on John was electric and his cock tented out his pajama bottoms. 

Lynn was up next and like her younger sister gave the men a salacious show, shamelessly flashing her pussy and butt. But unlike Staci, Lynn went further and eventually pulled the t-shirt completely off and danced fully nude on the table.  By the time the mother made her appearance and interrupted the juvenile flesh show, John’s prick was aching with need.

Luci declined to get up on the table as it didn’t give much room to maneuver.  A popular ZZ Top tune began to throb and beat spurring Luci to begin her routine.  Her eyes and lips were painted with her new makeup and her long blonde hair was free to do whatever physics dictated.  John really liked the outfit she was wearing.  It was a red silk blouse tied under her big tits that displayed a lot of cleavage and bare belly, a black miniskirt, and black five inch heels that laced up her calves.  Naturally the first to go was the silk blouse.  With a deft flick of her wrist, the blouse was untied and hung open, displaying a black lace bra underneath.  A few moments later and the blouse went flying in the air.  Next her skirt fell away and with a playful kick was sent flying into John’s face.

John had seen her dressed in a lot less during the past summer when she and family were over to swim and she wore a thong bikini.  Before then, he had seen her completely nude, up close and personal gyrating in his lap at the club before Ken made his intentions clear.  Still, she was a glorious sight dancing in her black lace bra and black lace panties as the two skimpy garments gave tantalizing glimpses of the flesh still hidden beneath. 

She teased her two man audience mercilessly as she shimmied near and then retreated.  Suddenly, she released the front clasp of her bra and it fell open, freeing her magnificent hooters.  Then a moment later, as she twirled, her panties seemed to come part at the hips and fell to the floor, leaving her only dressed in her shoes as the first song ended. 

The second ZZ Top song began immediately and Luci slinked towards John, getting close enough to rub her bare tits across his face and threatening to sit and grind in his lap.  Instead of a lap dance, she turned and rubbed her bare ass into his face.  John was quite beside himself.  She turned back and buried his face between her huge tits, then she reached into his lap and pulled his cock through the flap.  A moment later, she had his pajama bottoms lying open and was tugging them off his hips.  John rose slightly and let his daughter-in-law strip him naked.     

With his pajama bottoms discarded and his prick free and available, Luci slid onto his lap, rubbing his bare cock with her bare ass and pussy. It was more than John could take.  Suddenly he stood, lifting her onto the table.  Grabbing her by the ankles, John spread her open, exposing her pussy and opening her nether lips. Immediately he positioned his cock to nestle in the hot, slippery slit of her defenseless pussy.  For years he had wanted to fuck her and now was his opportunity.  He glanced over to his son and Ken gave him the nod.

John lunged forward, running his dick up his son’s wife’s snatch.  Buried to the hilt in her clasping wetness, he ground his dick into her and ground his pubes into her clit.  Luci responded by squeezing his prick with her well trained pussy muscles.  “Aw, fuck,” the older man moaned as his thick dick was treated to a pussy massage. 

Suddenly two heads pushed in from either side, one blonde and the other brunette, as Luci’s daughters pushed in close to see close-up Paw Paw John’s cock buried up their mother’s cunt.  Soon the two girls were treated to the sight of the cock, glistening with moisture, moving in and out of their mama’s pussy and watching her cuntal lips moving in and moving out as the male organ took its pleasure.

John wasn’t used to having an audience while he fucked.   He’d fucked many a married woman over the years, but never had the woman’s husband watch him.  Not only that, but it was his son’s wife he was fucking. As different as that was, it was altogether another thing to have the woman’s children to be witnessing the act.  But rather than be intimidated or restrained, John found it to be exhilarating and was soon ruthlessly pounding his cock into Luci’s receptive cunt. 

The wanton woman was howling her pleasure and punching back at the punishing fucking rod with equal gusto, and to Ken, it was hard to tell who was enjoying this fuck more, his dad or his wife.  For the three spectators, the show was almost as good as it was for the fornicators.

The spasmodic squeezing of Luci’s cunt on her father-in-law’s cock was too much for him to bear for very long.  John’s balls pulled up into his swinging sack and a moment later, John was howling his own pleasure as thick gouts of nut juice repeatedly pulsed through his dick and shot deep into his slut daughter-in-law’s cunt.

John stopped trusting, but that didn’t quell Luci’s punching hips.  He staggered back and disengaged from his daughter-in-law’s sex.  Almost as soon as he did, his son took his place, ramming his big cock into his wife’s freshly fucked cunt, causing the hot assed whore to howl once again.  Wet, squishing noises filled the kitchen, joining the urgent thap, thap, thap of powerful groin-to-groin impact as Ken and Luci fucked.  Ken had been so aroused watching his dad fuck his wife that he didn’t last very long, especially when little Lynn reached between his legs from behind and grasped his balls while her little sister stuck a dainty finger up his butt.

To John, the direct involvement of the two girls in the sex act between their mother and step-father was telling.  No wonder the two young girls were so thoroughly sexualized! Then once Ken pulled away from his wife, he ordered Lynn to, “clean up your mother’s cunt.”  The girl, to John’s shock, immediately got between her mother’s legs, burying her face in her mother’s twice spermed pussy. 

“Staci,” Ken directed, “clean up your Paw Paw John’s cock, girl.”  With no hesitation at all, the young nine-year-old was gobbling John’s slimy cock, cleaning off the mixed sex juices.  As the juvenile girl sucked his flaccid cock, John realized that she was the only one still dressed at this fuck party.  Reaching down, he pulled the t-shirt up and over the girl’s head, resulting in only the momentary interruption of the suck job she was performing so ably.  Once John’s dick was squeaky clean, Staci turned her attention to her step-father’s wet dick without being told.

Despite having just cum, the sight of the young girl slobbering all over Ken’s large organ was enough to launch John's cock into a renewed state of erection.  It was then, as John pondered what to do with his hard-on, that the party was interrupted by the ringing of the door bell.  John’s head snapped towards the front door as he wondered who would be bothering them.  Ken answered that question by announcing that the pizzas were here as he slipped on his pants before answering the door.

A few moments of relative calm descended upon John’s house as they all sat around the kitchen table and munched on pizza.  It could have been a scene from almost any other household in town, except that the dinners were all naked. 

“Dad,” began Ken as he ate, “the fire marshal and the insurance adjuster both agreed that we are in no way at fault for the house fire.  The insurance will pay off the entire mortgage, pay for the two cars and pay for the lost contents of the house.  As a result, I’ll be out from under the house and out from under the two car notes.  We’ll have more than enough cash left over to pay off our credit cards too.  If it weren’t for the fire, we’d be looking at personal bankruptcy.  Life’s funny sometimes.  In a blink of the eye, all our problems were solved.”

“That’s great, Ken.  I guess you’ll be replacing the cars and looking for a new house.”

“Yeah, we’ll replace the cars, but…. Would you mind if we just moved into the upstairs?  There’s plenty of room up there for us and if you’ll watch out for the girls at night, Luci and I can work at the club and make some real dough.”

“Watch out for the girls?”

“Yeah, you can do that.  Can’t you, Dad?”

Grinning John replied, “Be my pleasure, son.  One thing… I might not be able to keep my cock out of these two.”

“It’s only three months to Lynn’s birthday.  Just hold off for three months… Okay?”

“I’ll try, but the flesh is weak and tonight I realized just how weak it is.  I never imagined having sex with little girls, but now… shit… I can’t hardly wait for the next time.”

“Well, you don’t have too long to wait.  I’ve got to get Luci to club tonight so she can wiggle her ass and shake her tits and make us some money.  Then I need to see about being fitted for a new pinstriped gangster suit so I can get to work.  They’ll use me tonight as a kind of undercover bouncer, you know, look like a customer until some jerk needs to have his attitude adjusted.  So, you’ll have the girls all to yourself.  Just don’t fuck ‘em, okay?  Anything else is game, but don’t go sticking that big pecker where it won’t fit.”

“Honestly, I don’t know if I can hold off.  Sorry Luci, but I just might…”

“Don’t fuck them, Dad,” repeated the son hopefully. “They’re, uh… too young for that, especially Staci.  Tell, you what, when we’re finished eating I’ll have the girls show you some cock and pussy play that I know you’ll like.  You know, fucking them without actually fucking them?  The girls sure do like it and so do I.” 

Fuck them without actually fucking them?    John’s interest was piqued as they finished off the last of the pizza.

With the table cleared, Ken directed his dad up on the table where he was directed to lie flat on his back.  Soon ten-year-old Lynn was kneeling between his legs, licking at his nuts and dick until she had him erect.  Then Ken handed the girl some lube and she proceeded to grease up John’s ready prong.  She then straddled him, sitting on his pelvis and trapping his dick between his stomach and her pussy.  She began to move back and forth, sliding her pussy along the length of his dick nestled between the lips of her cunt.

“Oh, sweet girl!” the older man groaned as the underside of his dick was stroked with her young pussy.  “Oh, fuck… that’s feels soooo gooood!”

Ken and Luci watched for a few minutes as Lynn settled into a steady rhythm of mutually masturbating with genitals.

Once in the borrowed truck, Luci turned to her husband.  “Ken, what’s with telling Dad that he can’t fuck the girls?”

Ken laughed.  “You think those two little nymphs will be satisfied with just sliding around on Dad’s dick?  More than likely Lynn has him up her snatch right now.  I can see Dad, his eyes wide, thinking that he’s in big trouble!”

“That’s kind of mean of you, teasing Dad like that.”

“He’ll get over it," the son laughed.  "Believe me, he’ll get over it.”

“Now you are sure he doesn’t mind us moving in?”

“Are you kidding me, Hon?  You saw the look on his face?  He loves the new living arrangements.” 



The End


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