Chapter 4

By Pops 4476

(Mg, oral, voy, exhib, inc)

Rob and Jamie spend the afternoon with Liz and her dad...





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After Jamie and Liz had finished having their fun, I told them I needed to save something for Maddie. The girls just giggled and I watched as the two girls proceeded to bring themselves to another couple of orgasms in a 69. Okay, I'll admit, I did slip my cock inside of Jamie for a few strokes, but I really did want some quality time with Maddie. I actually found myself wanting to fuck Liz as well, but still wasn't sure about going that far just yet.

Maddie and I discussed everything over dinner after Liz had gone home. Jamie still didn't see anything wrong with involving Liz, or her dad for that matter, and thought we had lost our minds for even worrying. Jamie did, however, promise to give us some quality time together, and borrowed her mom's “satisfier” for a little self pleasure.

That night, Maddie and I spent several hours making love. It was passionate and tender, and we used several different positions before we were sexually satisfied. We fell asleep snuggled in the famous spoon position, my arms wrapped very lovingly around this beautiful woman.

Maddie had to work a few hours the following day, and over breakfast, we discussed what Jamie and I might do that day. Before we were too deep into that discussion, the phone rang.  It was Liz. She was inviting Jamie and me over for me to meet her dad. Maddie and I exchanged glances.  Maddie shrugged and nodded her okay.  We were on.  Excitedly Jamie gave Liz the word that we could would be over after her mom left for work.

I cleaned up the breakfast while Jamie followed her mom for a chat while Maddie got ready for work. Once the goodbyes were said, she left and Jamie looked up at me, asking if I was ready to go play or if her mom had worn me out the night before.

I gave her a playful swat on her denim-covered bottom and we walked out to my pick-up. It was very obvious to me that Jamie had omitted her bra as her buds were pushing against the fabric of the tank top she wore. Knowing her, she probably omitted her panties as well. The ever present flip-flops on her feet were kicked off as she propped her feet on the dash for the short drive to meet Liz's dad.

Liz answered the door, wearing only a long t-shirt. She yelled back into the house that we were there, and a few moments later, Eddie made his appearance. He was 6' tall, with close-cropped hair graying at the temples. I'm sure most females would find him attractive, with a square jaw line and even teeth. Blue eyes sparkled when he talked. I could tell Jamie was one of those females.

He had a firm handshake and quickly ushered us into the living room. The girls immediately began their whispering and giggling as Eddie and I became acquainted. He motioned for me to seat on one end of the large sofa and he sat on the other end. The girls had disappeared into another part of the house, presumably Liz's bedroom, although I had no idea.

It was obvious that Eddie was in decent physical shape by the way he carried himself. I hadn't been sure what to expect, but was almost intimidated by his physique. He put me at ease as we talked about our jobs, interests, and finally to the subject of the girls.

“Liz told me she met you and was impressed. I'm sure you had some concerns about coming over. I don't blame you. Incest isn't looked at very favorably these days. To be involved with someone the age of the girls, well, that's considered criminal.

“I was raised in an incest family," he continued. "We were also practicing nudists. When I ended up alone and raising Liz, all doubts left my mind as to whether I would raise her the same way. We're only dressed now because we were expecting you and Jamie.

“I understand you just recently became involved with Jamie and her mom?” he finally asked a question that required a response from me. Until then, I wasn't sure how to respond to anything.

“Yes, just this summer. We've been neighbors for a while, but when school let out for the summer, Jamie went with me the first time on the truck. Maddie and I got together when we got back.”

I continued to relate to Eddie the story of how Maddie was involved in an incest family, as I had been too. I also told him I had some misgivings about sharing either Jamie or her mom with anyone, and Maddie had stated she was very happy with me alone, although she might be open to watching others.

“I wasn't sure about that," Eddie continued, "but I wanted to suggest it. Liz said she told you about the camp. We do it every summer, and sometimes twice during the summer if I can get the time off from work. From the first time I watched Liz with another guy, I knew there would never be an issue. She loves to watch me, and sometimes joins in when I'm playing.

“I'm also bi, another product of my upbringing.  Liz, she's been involved with group sex with me and other men and women. I understand if you aren't comfortable in sharing Jamie. I have to tell you though, she is a little hottie. The braces and glasses are a real turn-on for me.”

I told him I appreciated his sentiment, openness and understanding; quickly agreeing with his assessment of Jamie's beauty and sexiness.

“Would you be open to playing in front of us, or perhaps watching us?” he asked.

I had to admit, my inhibitions were relaxing some, but I didn't know how Jamie would feel. I told him if she was okay with it, I would be too. I also told him I hadn't done anything with another guy since I was going through puberty, and considered myself to be straight. He was fine with that and called the girls back into the living room.

Liz had already stripped out of her t-shirt and plopped down on her daddy's lap totally nude. She reached for his arm and draped it across her shoulders, his hand coming to rest on her nipple, which he began to tease. Her legs were splayed open in that position and her developing pussy was on full display to me.

Jamie hadn't stripped just yet, although I was a little surprised. Like her friend, she assumed a position on my lap and draped my arm in a similar fashion. I rested one hand on her breast, the other on a bare thigh.

“Jamie,” I began, “Eddie has asked if we wanted to play in front of them. He also asked if I wanted to share you. It's your decision, and if you don't want to play in front of them, he also asked if we would be okay with watching them play. What do you think, sweetie?” I was stroking her bare thigh and massaging her breast while I was talking. It had the usual effect on her and she was moaning with desire, spreading her legs farther for me to touch her.

“Um, I'm not sure about, you know, having sex, but I'd like to watch and maybe, I don't know, maybe some other stuff.” She looked very much like the little girl she was now.

I glanced over at Eddie and Liz. He was fingering her pussy and she was moaning with her first orgasm. I turned back to Jamie and gave her a kiss. My hand moved from a bare thigh to her denim-covered pussy and rubbed the mound I had come to know so well.

She returned my kiss with passion, then pulled away from me and slid off my lap. With one motion, she lifted her shirt over her head, exposing her upper body to our view. I never ceased to be amazed at her beauty. She had been able to keep her glasses in place as the shirt came off, and her ponytail bounced as it cleared the garment.

Looking at me, she unbuttoned the front of her shorts, and pushed them over her hips and down her legs. I had been right. No panties were in sight. Stepping free of the shorts, she offered her hand to me and pulled me from the sofa. As I stood, I glanced over at our hosts. Liz was busy stripping her daddy.

Once I was nude, I sat back down, and Jamie resumed her position on my lap. We waited to see what Eddie and Liz would do next. We didn't have to wait long. Liz was on the floor between her daddy's knees, greedily sucking his cock to full strength. As she did, she was fingering her pussy. I was doing the same to Jamie as she took in the scene on the other end of the sofa. Now, all the things she and Liz had discussed were proving accurate.

Once she was satisfied he was hard enough, she lay back on the floor, opening her legs to him as an offer. Jamie and I got a look at his cock then. His was a little larger than mine in both length and thickness. Obviously, he fit inside of his daughter and he was proving that now as he slowly eased the tip between the folds of her pussy.

Liz closed her eyes and moaned with the lust and pleasure that came from that experience. Jamie looked at me and said she was ready to do it too, if I was. With all we had witnessed, and her sexy bottom wiggling over my cock, I was more than ready.

She moved onto the floor next to her best friend, remaining on her hands and knees. This had become her favorite position. The thing that threw me was when she leaned over her friend and the two girls locked lips in a kiss!

Eddie had lifted Liz's legs up and was pounding her now, sliding his cock fully inside her with every stroke. The outline of his cock was visible as it stretched her body. My own cock was ready and I slid easily into my little lover. She was still incredibly tight and so very hot as I began to pump easily into her while she continued kissing her friend. Liz's arms were wrapped tightly around Jamie's neck as the two did their tongue dance.

Eddie was used to having an audience and never lost a stroke as he fucked his daughter. I would occasionally lose my rhythm when I felt his eyes on me. It was like I needed his approval. Stupid, I know, but it's a guy thing, right?

Liz pushed Jamie away as her orgasm built to its peak. Jamie pushed back against me as she worked on her own. I reached down to finger her clit, but she had discovered it was very easy for her to do that in this position, and let me fill her pussy with my cock. We did it like that now and both came nearer.

Soon, animalistic grunts and the sounds of cocks sliding into young tight pussies were the only sounds heard as we reached our goals. I held deeply and filled Jamie's fertile womb with my seed, while Eddie was filling his daughter with another load of incestous cum.

When I sat back, Jamie moved with me. We loved to continue our coupling this way, because it allowed me to hold onto her, usually cupping and fondling her breasts while still maintaining our pelvic contact. Since I had been taking the medications my doctor had prescribed, I was staying harder longer inside her.

I had an idea and whispered it in her ear. She chewed on her bottom lip and nodded in agreement. She pulled off my cock, and crawled over to Eddie on her hands and knees. Watching her ass wiggle as she did was a very erotic site indeed.

“Mr. Eddie, would you mind if I cleaned your cock? I think I'd like to know what another man's feels like, but I'm not sure if I want another one in me just yet.”

He grinned at her and sat back onto the floor, spreading his legs. I knew he wouldn't refuse. Who would?

Liz sat up and looked over at me. Grinning like the proverbial cat that swallowed the canary, she crawled over to me and made the same request. Like her dad, I sat back and spread my legs. I had already enjoyed her abilities at my apartment, but I've never received a bad blow job in my life. Liz amazed me once more as she began her ministrations. Jamie was obviously pleasing Eddie as he had a serious look of contentment on his face. He even reached down to caress her smooth ass as she sucked.

Once the girls were satisfied we were cleaned sufficiently, they continued to suck us through another erection and orgasm. Once they were convinced we were satisfied, the girls returned to their giggling selves, as if that part had been planned.

Jamie lay on her back, and Liz moved over her in their version of a 69 position. Each girl proceeded to remove all the remnants of cum from the inside of their friend.  A glance over at Eddie and he had a look of regret that he couldn't have experienced the tightness of Jamie's pussy. Truth be told, I would have enjoyed being with Liz, but I was very happy with Jamie's decision not to share.

Within minutes, our girls were going over the top once more. Once the shaking of those two little sexy bodies stopped, Liz moved off Jamie and lay next to her, resting her head on her daddy's leg. She looked up at him, smiling sweetly and made a very simple statement, “It's okay, Daddy, you didn't want to share me at first either. I'll still make you happy.”


The end of Chapter 4

Chapter 5 coming soon...?


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