Chapter 3

By Pops 4476

(Mg, oral, anal, Mgg)

Rob takes Jamie on the road with him again, this time confident that Maddie would allow him to sexually do whatever he wanted with her 11 yo daughter...





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To say the least, I had been surprised at Maddie's reaction when we made it back home. I suppose I shouldn't have been, because before Jamie and I had left on the two week trip she had hinted she wanted me to take her 11 year old daughter's virginity. She had also hinted that she would be there upon our return if I was interested. If I was interested?

She was barely 31, and a total knockout. I was in my fifties, old enough to be her father, and not what anyone would call “Hollywood handsome,” by any means. I was flattered that she was even talking to me! Now, I had not only taken Jamie's virginity, but had also made love with Maddie, and had a 3-way with the two of them!

I had an appointment for a yearly physical before I was to leave again. This one included the “finger wave” that men over 40 are supposed to have. The doctor was someone I had been using for years. I decided to ask him about my fertility issues.

“I don't know why you're even bothering to ask. Your ex, and although I shouldn't be telling you this, but I will,  was on birth control. She used pills for a while, then an implant. I thought you knew,” was his response to my questions.

“Birth control? Really? All those years? She always told me it must be me because she really wanted kids. That bitch!”

“Now calm down, Rob. You may be infertile. Have you ever been checked?” he asked, trying to settle me down some.

“No, I just assumed since she never got pregnant, I was shooting blanks. I wasn't with anyone besides her all those years. I can't believe she hid that from me all that time.” Now, I was also beginning to wonder about all the sex I had enjoyed the past couple of weeks with Jamie, and the weekend with her and Maddie.

“Let's do a simple test for a sperm count, and I'll let you know when I get the results back. Just leave a sample in this jar,” he said as he handed me a jar. “I'll get it to a lab to be tested then call you with the results.

“Now, I'll leave you to your privacy, but if you need to, take it home and bring it back. Just refrigerate it after you 'donate' the sample.” He grinned when he said that last part. I don't know how doctors learn to deal with patients like me. I wouldn't want to be handling anyone's sperm, even if it is in a jar!

He walked out and I pondered whether I should take it home and let the ladies help me with my 'donation' before I left again. I decided to not even mention it until I had heard the results. It was surprising that I could achieve another erection after the workout with Maddie and Jamie, but I did. Just thinking about those sexy females who were now in my life was enough to start the process. I relived the first time with each of them in  my mind, and by the time I had finished the weekend's memories, not only was I hard, but ready to blow!

I made the deposit and sealed the jar, then dressed and left the sample with the nurse. She cheerily stated I would be hearing from the doctor in a few days.

On the way home, I called my dispatcher and was given my next load assignment. Jamie had mentioned how much she would like to see the Rocky Mountains when she joined me on the first trip. She would get her wish this time as our load would deliver in Denver.

She was excited when I gave her the news. Maddie was more than a little disappointed because she had to stay and work, and I was disappointed she couldn't go as well. Jamie promised her mom she would take care of me and bring me home safely. Yeah, right! The little minx would be determined to drain my supply of cum for sure!

A quickie with Maddie before we loaded up and my new partner/navigator/lover/daughter were on the road once more. Jamie was wearing her trademark cotton shorts (last year's I'm sure) and a tank top. No panty lines were visible, and no bra strap either. Hmm. Brightly painted toes were wiggling on the right side dash of my truck as we picked up the loaded trailer and set off.

“I know I told you before, but I'm really glad you let me go with you last time.”

She had no idea how glad I was, that was for sure. “Jamie, I'm still blown away about everything that has happened. I know I was your first, and there is definitely an attachment there, so are you okay with me and your mom?”

She giggled that heart-warming giggle I loved to hear. “DUH! Of course, Daddy! I'm sure I'll be with someone else one day, but Mama was lonely and so were you. I'm just glad it worked out like it did. I have no regrets about anything that's happened. In fact, I talked to Mama about something else while you were at the doctor.”

I looked over at her to gauge her expression with the newest revelation. The sunlight coming in through the windshield sparkled on her braces and glasses. She was such a beautiful girl.

“I know you remember me telling you about my friend? You know? The one I practiced kissing with?” Everything was a question.

“Yes, you never mentioned her name, but I remember.”

“Well, her name is Elizabeth. Sometimes I just call her Liz. Anyway, we made an agreement that if I got to do stuff I would tell her all about it. She also told me she's already playin' with her daddy.”

Immediately, visions of uniformed men with new jewelry for me to wear entered my head. I almost stopped the truck, but waited for her to continue.

“I haven't told her anything yet. This weekend was so crazy, and besides, she's gone to some camp or something. Anyway, what I was thinking, was maybe if you wanted to, you know, maybe she could come see us when we get home and maybe, um, you could kiss her or do stuff?” She made her bottom lip stick out in a very sensual and sexy pout, batting her eyelashes. Yep, she was going to be the death of me yet!

“What did your mom say about this, Jamie?” I asked. Surely, Maddie wouldn't just agree to another girl her daughter's age joining in. Would she?

“She said she would think about it and you 'n me could talk about it and maybe we would decide something by the time we get home,” Jamie rattled off, running her sentences together again while charming me with her smile. That's my Jamie!

“Okay, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that what you and I are doing is illegal in all 50 states and most foreign countries because of your age. If Elizabeth is your age, that would just make it twice as bad.

“Secondly, just how much do you plan on her doing with me?”

She appeared lost in thought for a moment, before replying: “I dunno, maybe at least do the oral stuff. I don't know if she would want to do sex yet, but the oral would be good. I want you to make her feel as good as you did me, Daddy. I don't think she would ever tell anyone, cuz we keep secrets and stuff.”

“I'm sure you have your secrets, Jamie, but this could be something really serious. If either one of you let anything slip to the wrong person, it's all over. I'm gone for the rest of my life, probably, and would have a new 'boyfriend' in prison. We would probably never see each other, and for sure would never have sex again. I got to think this; we'll talk about it more later?”

She pouted, but agreed to wait. She put her headphones on and her little toes started dancing on my dash again.

When we stopped for the night, Jamie was quick to pull the curtains across her side of the cab. I did the same for my side, and she was undressed before I had the chance to stand up and move the two steps back into the sleeper. She  was leaning on the pillows, her athletic legs spread. She had removed her glasses as well, and was looking at me as seductively as an 11 year old girl can. Hooking her finger at me with one hand, rubbing her developing pussy mound with the other, she was a sexual dream.

I undressed (although not as quickly as Jamie), and knelt on the floor, pulling her legs to either side of my head. Immediately, I dove face first onto her smooth pussy. She giggled, and tried to wiggle away, but I held tightly to those firm thighs, and began to lick and suck my way to her orgasmic bliss.

From the first time I tasted Jamie's smooth pussy mound, I wanted it more and more. Today was no exception. Now that her cherry was gone, I could finger her without causing her any discomfort. I did this now, crooking my finger to hit her sensitive spots inside, while I sucked on her clitty. She came twice before I stood up, put her legs over my shoulders and drove my cock into her tunnel.

She was now taking all of me inside her (I'm not that big, but still, I'm grown and she's 11), and I loved the feel when the tip of my cock bottomed out inside her. She had developed quite a little sexual vocabulary as well.


That's exactly what I was doing, too. I had parked in a corner of the truck stop and left the engine idling this time, instead of shutting it off and using the APU (auxiliary power unit) for the lights and air. I wanted the noise of the truck to drown out the noise of Jamie.

It wasn't long before I pumped a load of cum into her sweet little pussy, creating yet another orgasm for my little lover. I dropped her legs from my shoulders and lay down on the bunk still inside her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me towards her.

“I'm not ready to quit yet, Daddy,” she purred, as she rocked her hips in an attempt to keep me inside her tunnel.

One other thing I had asked my doctor about was what I could do for staying power. He recommended some vitamins and a prescription, which I had had filled before returning to pick up Jamie. I hadn't told her or Maddie anything, except that I had to visit the doctor for an annual physical.

The pills paid off now, as I quickly hardened once more. Jamie noticed right away.

Ohhh, Daddy! Your hard again! Let me turn over and you do me doggy. I like that, especially when you play with my butt!”

She dropped her legs, and I pulled away long enough to watch her little body twist and present her upturned backside. I playfully swatted it as I moved between her legs and drove Mr. Happy back into the soppy tunnel of Jamie's sex.

As I began to pump with long, steady strokes, I used some of her juices to get my  thumb slick. Grasping a firm hip in one hand, I pressed my thumb into her rose. She moaned in pleasure and pushed back, attempting to raise her bottom towards my thumb, but was hindered by my cock in her pussy. I believed it was time.

I pulled out of her pussy and when she turned to look over her shoulder at me, she could see I was lining up for her last hole. I looked into those soft, brown eyes, and she just bit her lip and nodded. A hint of metal showed in her grin as I pressed the crown of my cock against the yielding sphincter.

Her eyes closed momentarily in pain as her last virgin hole was stretched and invaded by my cock. I paused with only the tip inside, but she looked back again.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” I asked. Still chewing her lip, she nodded and I pushed farther.

It took a few minutes, but I was able to work about half my length inside her 11 year old bottom. I probably could have bottomed out (pardon the pun), but I didn't want to hurt my little lover. I told her to play with her pussy while I fucked her ass, and her small hand immediately went to her pleasure button.

Jamie soon began to buck towards me as she continued to work her clit. I could even feel her fingers brushing against my balls when she inserted a couple of fingers inside her well-lubed pussy. The tightness of her sphincter around my cock increased the stimulation and I could feel my balls tighten as a load began its journey through the plumbing and out the end of my cock. I grunted, and almost lost consciousness, the orgasm was so intense.

Jamie screamed out as my spunk filled her bowels and her own orgasm peaked. My little lover was gasping and bucking against me as she rode the waves of pleasure. Finally, I could stand it no longer, and had to pull out. A trail of my cum followed the end of my cock as her little rose tried to close.

Collapsing onto the bed, I pulled Jamie over next to me, wrapping her in a tight embrace.

“WOW! Daddy! That was WOW!” she giggled as she gasped for air.

“Yes, sweetie, that sure was WOW!” I cupped a firm little breast-bud as I pulled at the sheet to cover us.

Our breathing eventually returned to normal, and she rolled over to face me.

“I'm glad you put it in there. It's a little bit sore, but it was WOW!” she giggled again.

We fell asleep snuggled together, as had become our custom when on the road. Over the next few days, Jamie wanted it in her bottom several more times. She had become addicted to my cock. Although I knew the time would come when she would want to be with another guy, I hated to see that happen. I was becoming very fond of my two lovers and found myself wishing I could get home sooner than the two weeks I knew I would be out.

Maddie and I talked every day. Jamie, of course, couldn't wait to tell her mom about losing her last cherry. Maddie just laughed and said Jamie belonged totally to me now because I had taken them all. Even though I enjoyed the time with Jamie, I found myself missing her mom.

Arriving in Denver, I was outside the truck waiting on the crew to finish unloading when my phone rang. It was my doctor.

“Rob? This is Dr. Andrews.”

“Yes. Don't keep me waiting, doc. What's the news?”

“Well, if you were looking for good news, I have some. First, let me say you are totally disease free.”

That was good to hear, especially since I had been so active with my neighbors.

“Secondly, there's nothing wrong with your sperm count. You are definitely NOT shooting blanks. You are extremely fertile for a man your age. The other tests came back negative as well. If you filled the prescription I gave you, and continue taking those vitamins, there's no reason you can't father as many kids as you want. Any questions?”

I had none and ended the call. Definitely not shooting blanks, huh? That means if Maddie wasn't on birth control, and I doubt she was, and Jamie had started having her periods already, I could potentially have two pregnant females in my life!

The customer told me they were finished unloading, the paperwork was signed, and once more we were ready to roll. My thoughts of potential fatherhood were interrupted when I settled into my seat by Jamie to leave.

“Daddy? I have a question,” she began, twirling her hair around her fingers. She looked so much like her mom!

When I glanced her way while pulling onto the highway, she continued.

“Are all guy's cocks the same?”

That took me by surprise!

“Why on earth would you ask that question, sweetie?”

“I was just wondering, that's all. I know every person is different in other ways, so I was just wondering about that, too. Ya know? So, are they?”

“No, they aren't. Just like women have different shapes and sizes of breasts, even pussy lips, guys are different when it comes to cocks. They grow as the person grows, just a woman's body does. I'm sure we could find some pictures and vids on-line if you want to see some others.”

“That would be AWESOME!” her braces glittering in the sunlight as she grinned. “I just wanna know. Does their cum taste the same or different?”

“Are you planning on taking a survey when we stop later? Just go up and ask a guy if you can see his cock and taste his cum?” I answered with a nervous laugh.  No way could I let actually do that, but iIn a way, the thought of watching my little Jamie do that was pretty hot.

“Do you think I could?” she asked. She was totally serious!

“And you don't see the problem with doing that?” I asked her hoping she wouldn't notice the bugle growing in my lap.

“Not really. I mean other drivers must get lonely too, don't you think? Didn't you get lonely before I started going out with you?”

She had such a logical way of looking at things. It gave me something to think about, for sure. Walking inside at the next truck stop, I paid closer attention to the men around us. Most of them noticed Jamie, to be sure. She was, after all, quite a pretty girl, and with her tight, cotton shorts and no bra, she was noticeable to everyone, or so it seemed.

A couple of times, I thought she might actually approach one of the men, but she would look at me and grin, then move back to my side. I knew it was still on her mind, but while we were on the road, she was all mine. It even seemed her sexual energy was more intense (if that could have been possible!).

Once home, I decided to tell Maddie what the doctor had said. She took it well, and like me, was worried that Jamie might become pregnant. She didn't seem too worried about herself. Quite frankly, neither was I. She did tell me she had met Elizabeth and had a feeling about her and her dad. She would be fine with the idea of her joining our group. If Jamie wanted to play with Liz and her dad, she was okay with that, as long as I was present. As for herself, she was content to be with me only. I was happy with that idea myself.

The next day, I was at my apartment taking care of a few things when Jamie walked in. With her was Elizabeth. Her friend was about the same height, maybe an inch shorter with mousy blonde hair in a ponytail, green eyes and more freckles than I had seen on one person in a long time.

“Hi, Daddy! Look who I found!” Jamie announced as they entered my dining area.

I looked up and took in the girl in front of me. She was wearing a summer dress that hung loosely from her body. Like Jamie, she was wearing flip flops. Chipped polish covered her dainty toenails.

“Hi, Mr. Rob, pleased to meetcha!” she chirped as she extended her hand to me. I shook her small hand, and returned the greeting. There was a hint of maybe a New England accent in her voice.

Jamie stood behind her friend and began to mouth the words “I told her everything and she wants to play too,” followed by her characteristic giggle.

“I understand you were at a camp, Liz, is that right?” I asked her. I was trying in vain to ignore my new daughter.

Yessir. It was a family camp we go to every year. It's just me 'n Daddy. We been goin' for the last few years. I think I was six the first time we went. Since Jamie told me what you guys have been doin', Daddy said it was okay for me to tell what we do.”

Before I could respond, Liz began her story.

“He started playin' with me when I was 5. He took a bath when he gave me one, and I noticed his cock get hard a lot. Once I asked why and he told me. My mom died when I was born, so it was just us all this time.

“He taught me how to suck him and make him cum. Before long, he was lickin' and suckin' me and before you know it,” she waved her arms like it was the big finish, “he just said it was time to fuck. So we did.”

Jamie was watching for my reaction, which must have amused her considerably. She started laughing and I realized my mouth was hanging open. This little girl had just described, in her own way, the sexual relations she was having with her father. Oddly, I was now very aroused at the thought.

“So ya see, Mr. Rob,” she concluded, “when I told Daddy what Jamie said, he told me to come over and let you know it was okay to play with you too, 'cuz you would know how to be easy with me and then if she wanted to, maybe Jamie could play with him later, if that would be okay with you and her mom.”

“Well, Liz," I began, "I gotta say you took me by surprise, for sure. I'm beginning to learn there are more people who enjoy their family than I was aware of. I hadn't thought about it in years. Is it okay to ask if you do this with a lot of other guys?”

“Sure! That's what the camp was all about, actually. It was lots of families who love to fuck. Sometimes, daddy would be with me, and sometimes I would go off alone with someone else. That was usually when he had somebody with him.”

I was going to have to work on the idea of words like “fuck” coming from the mouth of such a pretty girl. I was still getting used to Jamie saying it.

Liz didn't wait for any further response. She took one hand, and Jamie took the other one. Together, the girls pulled me (without much resistance I might add) from my chair and led me to the living room. There, the girls proceeded to undress me. Once that was done, complete with extra fondling of my growing manhood, the girls stripped out of their clothes as well. Although I was used to seeing Jamie nude, now witnessing her strip alongside Liz was even more erotic.

Liz still had a boyish build, with only protruding nipples to indicate where her breasts would grow later. A little baby fat around her stomach and slim, under-developed hips completed the picture of a new, nude playmate.

Liz immediately dropped to her knees and engulfed my cock. Just like that. She took all of my length into her mouth, the tip bumping the back of her throat, then sliding down like it belonged there. One small hand was circling the base of my cock, the other fondling my balls.

Jamie watched her friend and giggled at my reaction. My knees actually buckled and I sat back onto the sofa. Liz followed me down and began bobbing on my pole like she had been doing it all her life. In a way, I suppose she had been for half of it anyway.

Jamie moved next to me, then decided I needed something to do with my open mouth besides drool on myself. She pushed my head against the back of the sofa, and straddled my face, leaning against the wall. This put her pussy directly in front of my face, and I took that opportunity to squeeze the perfect orbs of her young ass as my tongue delved between the lips of her pussy. As my tongue found her clit, Liz's tongue was swirling around the shaft of my cock.

Just as I thought I would erupt into my new friend's mouth, she squeezed tightly around the base with her small hand, and removed her mouth. I heard her say it wasn't time yet, before she continued her ministrations.

Jamie, meanwhile, was erupting in her own orgasmic bliss on my face as my tongue danced around her clit. My fingers were kneading her ass, with one finger finding its way into her backdoor entrance. With that pressure, and my tongue working the front, Jamie came hard on my face, covering me in her love juice.

Gasping, she slid to the side, and collapsed onto the sofa next to me. I wiped her juices from my face and looked down at Liz. She grinned up at me, then proceeded to deep throat me once more. Her green eyes were sparkling as she watched my reaction. I couldn't help it. Taking her head in both hands, I began to literally face-fuck this little girl.

She didn't seem to mind, and in fact, relaxed to allow me to do what I wanted. Knowing I would be able to cum more than once, helped me with my decision on where to give Liz the first load.

This time, she allowed my seed to erupt and coat her tonsils. I released her head to let her breathe, but she never moved away. Her lips were caving in as she proceeded to suck every last drop of cum from my body.

When she finally sat back, my cock slipping from her lips, there was nothing visible on my shaft except a shiny film of her saliva. She opened her mouth to show me her tongue, which was coated with my cum. Jamie had recovered by now, and giggled at my breathlessness.

“Was that good, Daddy?” she asked in her 'innocent' voice.  “Liz told me one of the girls at camp showed her how to do that. Her daddy liked it and she just knew you would too. We have some other surprises in store for you, too. If you wanna, that is.”

If I wanna? These two might be the death of me yet!


The end of Chapter 3

In Chapter 4, Rob and Jamie spend the afternoon with Liz and her dad...



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