Chapter 2

By Pops 4476

(Mg, MFg, oral, cons, inc?)

After weeks on the road balling 11 year old Jamie, and even after Jamie's surprising admission that her grandfather was also her father, Rob is still not sure if everything will be cool when he returns Jamie to her mother.





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I had taken Jamie's virginity, in the bunk, in the sleeper of my truck. She had fallen asleep shortly after we cleaned up as best we could with baby wipes. I had slid into the bed next to her, cuddling her in my arms.

Before I had fallen asleep, I thought about how I was set up to take her on the road with me, and take her virginity. Her mom, Maddie was a very pretty lady, and my next door neighbor. Jamie confided in me that her daddy was really her grandpa and that he had died before she really got to know him. Her mom had chosen me to be the one to teach Jamie, and possibly have a little fun with mom when we returned home.

Waking the next morning, Jamie and I were tangled together in a mass of nude flesh. I'll have to admit, it was pretty erotic to wake up next to, and entangled with, such a sight. Jamie stretched, and looked up at me smiling. Her braces sparkled in the sunlight breaking through the curtains of my truck. Pulling her leg even tighter across my body, her bare pussy ground against my awakening cock.

“Morning, Daddy,” she purred. “We really did it last night, huh? You and I did sex.”

She toyed with my chest hairs as she gently worked her pelvis against mine. I hugged her tightly to me, and replied: “Yes baby, we did. Are you ok this morning?” I was genuinely concerned about her. She was after all petite, and I was a fairly good sized man, albeit with an average sized cock.

“I'm a little sore, but I'm glad we did it," she exclaimed. "I've been really curious, and Mama told me a lot, but I'm glad you were my first.” I loved how she would get excited and run everything together.

“Well, if you think you can pull yourself away from me, we should get a shower and breakfast. In spite of what we both want to do right now, I still need to deliver this load.”

She pouted, but understood and we both got out of  bed. Since I was on the outside, I stood first, and began to dress. She watched me intently, not bothering to cover herself once the sheets were pulled back, which surprised me considering how bashful she was last night.

After pulling on my clothes, Jamie slid out of bed to get dressed. I couldn't help but admire her youthful, pre-teen body, and again wondered how fate had put me in the lives of her and her mother.

Once she was dressed, I opened the curtains on the truck, and told her to just follow my lead when we went inside the truck stop to get a shower. She would need to call me “daddy” in order to reduce the number of awkward looks. She just giggled and said, “Ok, Daddy,”  as we exited the truck.

We were in luck, as this particular truck stop had a stand-alone kiosk where I could take care of getting the shower. A few moments later, and we were safely inside one of the shower rooms. Now, for those of you readers who have never seen the inside of one of these rooms, it can best be explained as a large bathroom. There is a toilet, sink and shower. It's nothing fancy, but more practical for the working truck drivers.

Jamie asked how I planned on us doing this. I suggested we share the shower at the same time, thinking she might even object. I've never seen anyone strip so fast! She was in the shower with the water running before I managed to get half-way undressed!

When I stepped in, she was giggling, standing under the waterfall. The temperature was just right for me, so I stood behind her and poured some shampoo on her wet hair. I offered to work it in, which she accepted. Even soaking wet, Jamie was a beautiful and sexy girl. My little soldier was waking up to the fact that her nude backside was directly in front of us and he began to rise to attention.

This fact was not lost on Jamie. She felt my cock poking her rump and reached back for it as I told her to let me rinse her hair. Once that job was done, I took the soap and started washing her petite body. She slowly stroked my cock with her small hands as my much larger ones touched every part of her body.

She was purring like a little kitten when I soaped up her budding breast mounds, then worked my way down to her cunny. I was afraid she might be a little sore, so I hesitated to slide a finger inside her. Instead, I concentrated on massaging her cunny lips and clit. Bumping the  sensitive bump caused her knees to almost buckle. She managed to maintain her grip on my cock, although her pace slowed.

I had her turn around in order to wash her back. She looked up at me, braces shining, as she continued to stroke my cock. I couldn't remember the last time it felt so good to have someone else's hand touch me. The fact that Jamie was such a sweet girl, combined with her pedo-dream good looks, just made the feelings that much stronger.

I pulled her to me, leaning down and kissed her. The night before had been a first for many things, including my kissing this delicious little brunette. She had informed me that her best friend had been her kissing partner in hopes they might find themselves with a suitable male companion to practice further on. I was fortunate enough to be her first male partner.

Now, I reached down and grabbed two handfuls of delectable pre-teen ass. Jamie raised her right leg as I lifted. Without breaking the kiss, I stood up, taking her with me. Both her legs came up and wrapped around my waist.

This had the effect of putting my cock at her pussy entrance, a fact not lost on Jamie. She moaned into my mouth as I lowered her onto my little soldier. I returned that moan just as enthusiastically as I felt her velvety warmth surround my cock once more. I held onto her, just reveling in the feelings of our union, then she began to move.

Her little hips were rocking back and forth, grinding her magic button against the top of my cock, as she enjoyed this new position. I held onto her ass, squeezing those magnificent cheeks, my fingers seeking out her rose.

When I found it, and pressed, Jamie moaned again, grinding her pussy against me harder. She broke the kiss and looked up at me. Her eyes were soft, and I swear I could see myself in them.

“Do you want to put it in there, too, Daddy?” she asked softly.

“It may hurt a little more than last night, Jamie. For now, let me stretch you with my finger. If you get used to that, we'll try my cock.”

That seemed to satisfy her, although I would have loved to bury my cock in her tight little ass right then. I somehow knew this would turn into something long-term once we returned home. If it didn't, I may be looking at a very long time with a new partner named Bubba.

I eased one finger in to the second knuckle, then began to work it in and out as she continued to ride my cock. From her breathing changes, I knew she was getting close, and to be honest, I was getting tired! I withdrew my finger and lifted her off my cock.

“But why, Daddy? I was close to another organism!” she pouted.

“You'll see, baby girl,” I told her.

Placing her on a  bench there in the shower, I gently turned her around and had her kneel. Once she was in position, I slid my cock back home into her little tunnel. A contented sigh and she was pushing back against me, happy in the new position.

Once more, my hands spread her ass cheeks, this time using my thumb to penetrate her rose. Another sigh, along with a little buck against me, as she felt something in both her lower holes once again.

Ohhhh, Daddy, I feel it. I love having you inside me like this!” she was moaning and mumbling. I just hoped no one could hear us through the door! I had to whisper to her to be quiet as I continued pumping into her.

Within moments, I felt a load building. I hadn't cum as much in a long time as I had in the last few hours. Jamie was incredible, sexy and extremely tight! As the cum boiled up from my ball-sack, I pushed my cock and my thumb into her body as far as I could and unloaded. I had mastered the art of quiet cums a long time so as not to disturb the prude I had married. This was one of the times I was glad.

Jamie, on the other hand, was not so quiet. I had to cover her mouth with my hand as her pleasure made itself known. As she clamped down on my cock and thumb with her respective muscles, she also clamped down on my fingers that were covering her mouth. That brought a yelp from me, but I quickly recovered.

I pulled out of Jamie's body, and stood underneath the water, to rinse off. She turned her head, sheepishly apologizing for biting me. She looked so damn sexy, still on her knees, my cum running down the inside of her legs. I could never be mad at this girl. I motioned for her to come to me, and made quick work of cleaning the evidence.

Once we were dressed, I opened the door carefully, watching for anyone who appeared to be an authority figure. The coast was clear, and we quickly made our way back to the truck, and the open road.

The more time we spent together, the more I truly enjoyed Jamie's company. She was a very bright girl who had an opinion not usually found in girls her age. She had no interest in boys at her school. In her words, “Ewww, the boys in my class are nasty!”

Over the remainder of our time on the road, Jamie and I discussed many things, including her mother and Maddie's availability. It was Jamie's considered opinion that the two of us should “hook up” when we got back and be one big family. I'll admit, I had thought about that more than once since we started our journey, but didn't really think Maddie would be interested in someone my age. I was about to find out differently. We had dropped the last load, and were running back home. Twenty more miles, and we would be there.

Jamie had talked to her mom several times during the two weeks we had been out. She swore she never let on that we had “done it,” but I had to wonder. As we pulled into the drive, the butterflies in my stomach had turned into eagles that were swooping down to catch unsuspecting prey. Maddie was home and met us as we pulled in.

“HEY!!” She came outside, arms wide to receive her daughter. She was wearing a sundress and sandals, and looked absolutely amazing. Whether it was mental telepathy, a girl thing, or what, I don't know, but Jamie had managed to wear something almost identical to her mom once more. I wondered when she had put on the sundress that morning, but instead of asking her, I complimented her on how pretty she looked.

Maddie turned to me after greeting her daughter. Arms wide, she embraced me, which I thoroughly and eagerly returned.

“Thank you for taking care of her, Rob.  I knew I was right about you.”

I didn't know how to respond, and was sure I was beet red. She put me at ease when she said she had supper ready for us. I told her I would get my things put away and be right over.

A few minutes later, I was knocking on their door. Jamie greeted me with a big grin. I gave her a playful swat on her cute little ass as she turned to lead the way into their apartment. Maddie noticed and gave me a big smile. She had the prettiest smiles! Just when I was relaxing some, she took me by surprise.

“Is she the only one who gets spanked?”

Jamie giggled, whether it was from her mom's comment, or my reaction I wasn't sure. I knew my mouth was hanging open. Maddie put me at ease one more time. She left Jamie to set the table and took me by the hand, leading me to the sofa. I sat down, and she sat next to me. One arm on the back of the sofa, she turned to look at me, curling a shapely leg underneath her as she did.

“Rob, look,” she began. “I know this was a little sudden. I dropped some hints about what might happen on the trip. Jamie told me all about it.” More jaw dropping.

“I'm glad you did. If we weren't so open with each other, she might have been curious and let some teenager take advantage of her in the backseat of his car or his parent's basement.

“She also said she told you about me and her dad, my dad. I hope it didn't shock you too much. Obviously, you were ok with the fact Jamie wanted to learn and you to be her teacher.”

She toyed with my hair as she continued. “I haven't dated since I had Jamie. Daddy was so good to me, I never had a need to go out with anyone else. After she came along, I took care of her and tried to provide for us the best way I could.

“When you moved in here, something told me you might be the one who would be a father figure to Jamie in more ways than one. Maybe I should have tried discussing this with you a little differently, but when the opportunity came up for her to go with you, I just thought this was the best way. I hope you aren't upset with me, or us.”

I looked over at this gorgeous young woman sitting next to me. Her fingers still toyed with my hair, her lips were slightly pouting, her bare shoulders exposed by the slender straps on the sundress, the swell of her breasts under that dress, all the way down to her shapely legs and pink toenail polish. There was no way I could be mad at her for anything, especially setting me up to have sex with her daughter!

Maddie, I'm not mad. I'll admit I was more than a little surprised at how all this came about. I always thought you and Jamie both were beautiful, but I also never thought you would be interested in an old guy like me.

“That first night in the truck, and I'm guessing Jamie told you already, but when she picked at me about seeing her panties, I guess I just lost my self-control. I shouldn't have let it gone as far as it did, but I did. I wondered every waking moment if I had done the right thing, if there would be a police officer knocking on my door, if you would be waiting with a gun or some sharp object to make sure I never did anything like that again.”

She started laughing at that last comment, so I continued.

“I also remembered the last thing you said before we left.” She looked up at me. I realized where Jamie got her big, soft, brown eyes. “You said that when we got back, you would be here and ready. Were you serious about that?”

She looked at me the entire time she was moving. She never spoke, just moved onto my lap and put her arms around my neck. Laying her head on my shoulder, she whispered into my ear:

“Rob, I know this is pretty bold, but frankly, I don't care. I've wanted more than to just be friends with you since we first met. If you're interested, I'm here.”

I turned and kissed her. She was right there, and I just kissed her. I didn't think about anything else except this beautiful woman sitting on my lap. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her with as much passion as I had felt the last two weeks with her 11 year old daughter. The moral issues were forgotten, and I was kissing the mother of the girl I had shared my bed with since we left two weeks ago. Two weeks. It seemed like a lifetime ago now, but that's all it had been.

When I pulled away from the kiss, Maddie was wiping tears from her eyes. I brushed the stray drops with my thumb and looked over at the doorway that led to the kitchen. Jamie was standing there, crying as well. I held out an arm, and she rushed to me. She snuggled into my arm and her mom wrapped her arm around her as well. Tear-filled eyes looked up as she asked the question:

“Does this mean I get my daddy all the time now?”

We discussed a lot of things as we shared a meal together. Our first of many meals as a family. Although Maddie and I wanted a courtship before we made any lasting commitments, we all knew what the outcome would be.

That first night, I spent in the bed with Maddie. Well, the first half of the night anyway. It started easily enough. She had only needed to ask once if I wanted to stay. I had locked up my apartment before coming over for dinner, and saw no reason to sleep in an empty bed.

Jamie fell asleep as we were watching some movie on television. Maddie had told me all about her and her dad, and how they started. It matched up with what Jamie had told me. I also told her that I wasn't totally unfamiliar with incest, as I had done stuff with my sister and my cousin growing up.

Maddie got Jamie's bed ready and I carried my young lover into her bedroom. She had fallen asleep while still wearing the sundress, and Maddie confirmed she usually slept nude. I helped her strip the clothes off her daughter, then gave her kiss on the cheek as Maddie pulled the covers up. I followed her out of the room. We stood in the hallway, both nervous.

Maddie, I have to admit, I've thought about this for a long time. I'll ask you the same thing I asked Jamie that first night. Are you sure about this?”

Her response was to take my hand and lead me into her bedroom. There, she turned and lifted her head up to kiss me, which I accepted and returned with enthusiasm.

While her arms remained locked around my neck, my hands roamed over her fit body. She was every bit as firm as I had expected, had dreamed. When I began lifting her sundress, she pulled away from the kiss and held her arms up for me.

I removed the dress, letting it drop onto the floor. At that moment, I didn't care where it landed, and I don't think she did either. Her breasts were as firm as I had suspected, held in place by a purple bra with lace trim. Her bikini panties matched. I reached for the fastener on the bra and she allowed me to remove it. Her nipples were dark and small, topping those firm breasts.

I bent to remove her panties, never taking my eyes off hers. She chewed on her lip as I took hold of the elastic waist and began lowering the last remaining garment. That's when I broke eye contact. Her swollen mound came into view. She had shaved it-completely smooth. It was like looking at what I assumed Jamie's would look like in a few years.

I inhaled her scent and gave it a tentative lick before she pulled me up. It was her turn to undress me. She took her time, looking into my eyes as she undressed me. When she freed my little head (which was now erect and swollen), she broke the contact. Taking it in her hands, her tongue flicked out and licked the tip. This time, I stopped her, and had her stand up. We moved to the bed, and continued our exploration of each other's bodies.

We spent the better part of an hour in that exploration. By the time I moved between her legs and the tip of my cock touched her swollen pussy lips, we were both ready. Maddie locked her legs around my waist and pulled me to her, my cock filling a void that hadn't been touched in several years (except for her “satisfier”).

She was tight, wet, and very hot. Our lips met, our tongues danced and our bodies became one as we rode our physical passion to a climax. We had experimented with different positions, and ended with her riding me. Maddie was grinding her clit against my pelvis when we both came.

She collapsed onto my chest and I just held her. We lay that way for several minutes until my little soldier slipped from the confines of her glorious love tunnel.

Maddie rolled over to my side and snuggled against me. One sexy leg was draped over my stomach, one hand was on my chest when she finally  spoke again.

“Rob, that was better than I imagined. It just makes me even more sure you were the right choice for Jamie.”

I hugged her even tighter and responded: “Maddie, I'm the one who is amazed here. I'm in bed with a beautiful woman who, along with her beautiful daughter, chose me. I haven't been this happy in a long time.”

“It's about time!” were the next words we heard. A very nude, very happy Jamie was walking through the door and promptly pulled back the covers and snuggled in next to me. Her hand immediately went to my softening cock. Feeling the slippery juices still on it, she looked up and grinned, before taking me into her mouth.

“I, um, guess Jamie's going to join us now?” I stuttered. This was something I hadn't thought about, but obviously should have.

Maddie looked up at me and smiled. “If that's ok with you, Rob. I think it would be great. One thing I didn't ask and probably should have. Did you use any protection with her?”

“I didn't have to. I couldn't have kids, which is why we never had any. I haven't been with anyone in a long time, so there was no worries about any special bonuses either.”

Jamie had been successful in obtaining another erection and was now climbing on board the daddy train. As she lowered herself onto my cock, she braced herself with her hands on my chest. She grinned that beautiful bace-filled grin I loved and proceeded to get another load from my balls.

Maddie raised up and kissed me again. It was just as passionate as the others, and maybe even more so since her daughter was now in the bed with us, riding the cock that she had just enjoyed. One of my hands was massaging a very sexy Maddie, while the other was massaging the budding breasts of 11 year old Jamie. My hips had found new energy and were raising up to meet her downward thrusts.

I knew that I had recently cum inside Maddie. I also knew I didn't care. I had, on a few occasions in my lifetime, tasted my own cum. It had just been awhile. I pulled away from the kiss and told Maddie to straddle my face. It was her turn to ask if I was sure and I just nodded.

She moved into position and held onto the headboard as she lowered her pussy to my mouth. Extending my tongue, I pushed it into her tunnel, tasting our combined juices. Maddie moaned, as I reached up and took her breasts into my hands, while working my tongue into her slit. I suddenly felt a small hand on mine and realized Jamie had reached up and was covering my hands with her own.

I'm sure if I had been watching from the side, it would have been quite the erotic sight. The barely 30 year old mom riding my face, her 11 year old daughter riding my cock and helping me massage her mom's breasts. I could feel my toes curling with the sensations that were building in my body.

I moved one hand from Maddie, and reached back to massage Jamie's breasts. Maddie stood and turned around, planting her pussy over my mouth again, but this time facing her daughter.

I could tell they had at least hugged, but was sure they were kissing as Jamie rode my cock to her orgasmic pleasure. Maddie had begun really grinding her pussy against my face, and my tongue was working to retrieve every last drop of moisture I could find inside her.

As Jamie cried out her “organism”,  I felt mine building and begging for release. My balls erupted for a second time that night, and sprayed into the young womb of the daughter of the woman who was now sitting on my face. Maddie began to move a little harder, and I could tell she was working her clitty with her hand. When she came, a new torrent of juices filled my mouth. I swallowed eagerly, not wanting to miss a single drop.

The girls collapsed onto the bed next to me, one on either side. Each had an arm across my chest, each had a sexy, slender leg across my waist. Jamie was the first to speak.

“It looks like someone needs some baby wipes, Daddy.”


The end of Chapter 2

In Chapter 3, Rob takes Jamie on the road with him again, this time confident that Maddie would allow him to sexually do whatever he wanted with her 11 yo daughter...



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