Chapter 1

By Pops 4476

(Mg, 1st, oral, cons)

School is out for the summer, so what's a working single mom to do with her kid? Maddie's answer is to ask Rob, her neighbor, to take her eleven year old daughter with him on his next trip with the surprising admonition to, "Be gentle with her."





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I started driving a truck after several dead-end jobs fell apart. It had been a dream for a while, I guess, to be able to see the country.  I had no kids to worry about when my marriage collapsed, and (fortunately we hadn't had any), and I decided this was time.

Before I get involved with the meat of the story, let me give you a little background. Like I said, I was recently divorced. We had been married 22 years, and decided to go our separate ways. I moved out and left her with the house. I found a small townhome that was plenty big enough for me. The complex was small enough, that I only had to share a driveway with one neighbor. Our front doors were adjacent, which meant we would frequently bump into each other.

The other closest neighbor was on the opposite side of the street. I seldom saw any of them. Like I said, it was small.

My next door neighbor was a single mom with a daughter. The mom, Maddie, was 30 and still looked great. About 5'2”, petite frame with “B” cup breasts that were still firm. She was constantly smiling and very friendly. Her daughter, Jamie, had just turned 11. She was about 4'9” , maybe 65 pounds and had the beginnings of some very nice curves. Her brunette hair was usually in a ponytail that fell below her shoulders. She was a little bit of a nerdy girl, complete with braces and glasses.

I had done some handy-man work for Maddie on a few occasions, and Jamie had “adopted” me as her surrogate grandfather. After all, I was old enough to be just that. As a result, there was a lot of trust between the three of us.

When Jamie got out of school for the summer, Maddie confided in me she was worried about leaving her alone all day. A couple of hours after school hadn't been bad, since she had me next door. (I had worked nights when I first moved in there). Now that I was going on the road, she didn't know what to do, and couldn't afford to pay a sitter. The solution? You guessed it!

“Are you sure, Maddie?” I asked her. “I may be out for a couple of weeks at a time. She may get bored, and I'm sure you would miss her.”

“It was her idea,” she answered. “We talked about it, and I honestly don't know what else to do. I don't have to tell you how bad the economy is, and even if I worked overtime, I would just spend it on a sitter.” She was twirling her hair around her fingers as she talked. She was a very pretty lady, for sure. I had seen her in a variety of clothing since becoming neighbors, and even in a bikini a couple of times. Today she was wearing cotton shorts and a tank top. She was barefoot and her nails were painted red, like her fingernails.

“Well, we do have a rider program, and the truck has two beds. I'll get the paperwork for you to sign, and  she can go with me when I leave in a couple of days.”

She jumped up and hugged me, resulting in many improper thoughts, then left to give Jamie the news. Within a few minutes, Jamie was knocking on my door. When I opened it, she literally jumped into my arms.

“Is it true? Mama said I can go with you in your truck?” Slender, young legs wrapped around my waist, and she planted kisses on my cheeks. Of course, this resulted in more inappropriate thoughts, which was strange, because I hadn't noticed a sexual attraction to her before.

The paperwork was signed and submitted to my office, approval was granted and I received my next dispatch. Since I kept the truck at home, we loaded up and were ready to leave on schedule. Maddie gave me another hug as I started to lock up my place.

“Be gentle with her. It'll be ok. Above all, make her mind,” she whispered into my ear. A kiss on my cheek, and she turned to her daughter. Had I heard correctly, or was my imagination running away? Did she just give me permission to have sex with her daughter?

Maddie and Jamie hugged, and I could tell something was whispered between them. Lots of giggling and another hug, and Jamie was mine for the next couple of weeks. Today, she was wearing a pair of denim shorts with a t-shirt. Her small breast buds pushed out the front of the shirt. Flip-flops adorned her feet. I noticed her nails were painted just like her mom's.

I opened the door of the rig, and helped her climb in. I must admit, I hadn't paid a lot of attention to her before. It was mostly Maddie who caught my eye. Now, with Jamie's denim-covered ass in front of me, I had to wonder what I had agreed to for the next couple of weeks.

Closing the door, I turned to see Maddie standing there. She was smiling and walked over to give me one more hug.

“I meant it, Rob. Be gentle. She's ready, just like I was, and will be when you get back. She'll tell you all about it,” she whispered, then turned and walked into the apartment, giving me a wonderful view of her perfect ass.

Jamie was grinning when I climbed into my seat and started up. When I asked her what was so amusing, she just giggled.

We picked up the loaded trailer and headed down the highway. I had told Jamie to bring whatever electronic gadgets she needed to occupy her time, as there would be a lot of “windshield” time to kill, and she might find me boring to talk to after awhile.

For now, she had kicked off her flip-flops and was resting her bare feet on the dash. Headphones on, listening to whatever music was the current craze, her head was bopping in time to the tunes. I found myself thinking about what her mom had said, and stole glances at her tanned legs. When I hit the rumble strips on the shoulder, she laughed at me and told me to keep my eyes on the road.

Twelve hours later, we were stopped at a truck stop for the night. I had told Jamie what to expect while we were on the road, and she claimed she was ready. This would be like “camping out” she had said, only sleeping in a bed while we did.

Most truck stops today have some fast-food chain, with some having those plus a restaurant. All had a convenience store for purchasing whatever a driver might need while on the road, as well as clean showers.

We had eaten in the fast-food joint, then retired to the truck. I pulled the curtains across the windshield, and started the APU, which would keep the air conditioner running for us. We sat on the lower bunk and talked about nothing in particular for a while. Finally, I told her she should get ready for bed.

“Where do I change?” she asked.

“Well, this is pretty much it. I'll turn my back and let you change. After you get into bed, I'll get undressed. I usually shower in the mornings, so I'll wait until then. It would be good if you did that too.”

She chewed on her bottom lip, evidently in deep thought for a couple of seconds, then told me to turn around.

For a moment, I forgot about what Maddie had said. I could hear the rustling of her clothes, and tried not to imagine Jamie stripping down directly behind me. Finally, she announced she was ready, and I turned around.

She stood before me wearing a t-shirt that was probably her mother's. It hung from one shoulder, showing a nice tan, and fell to just below her hips.

“Now, how do I get to my bed?” she giggled as I took in her sexy beauty.

“Put one foot here,” I directed her, “then step here and boost yourself up.  I'll make sure you don't fall.”

She took the first step and the shirt rode up her leg, giving me a glimpse of her powder blue panties. When she took the next step, the shirt came up even higher and revealed her panty-covered bottom.

“Stop looking at my panties!” she giggled, wiggling her bottom in my face.

I playfully swatted her bottom, and told her to stop showing them to me.

Making her way completely to the upper bunk, Jamie dangled her feet over the side and looked down at me. Now, to give you an idea of how high she was, think of this. I'm 6'. The upper bunk is about eye level for me. The way she was sitting, I was staring directly at her crotch.

Seeing where I was looking, she giggled and spread her legs a little wider. 

“See enough?” she asked.

“Jamie, I can tell this is going to be a long two weeks. But, since you asked, no. I haven't seen enough.”

That stopped her giggling. She lay back on the bunk and raised her hips, pulling her panties down and off. Still laying down, she handed them to me, then pulled her glasses off and lay them down on the bunk next to her pillow.

“Here, you can look at them all you want. I don't like wearing any to bed anyway.”

Now, I'm not sure what possessed me to do what I did next, but I did it. I took her panties and held them to my nose. When her eyes opened wider, so did her mouth.

Ewww! Why did you smell them? I've had them on all day! That's sick!!”

“Not really. In fact, I think it's sexy. It just smells like you and I would love to smell you.”

I couldn't believe I just told this 11 year old girl that! The little head was doing all the talking now and all sanity had left me.

“What do you mean? You want to smell me there?”

“Actually, Jamie, I want to kiss you there,” I told her stepping onto the first step. “And there,” pointing at her chest, then at her lips, “and there.”

“Really? You really want to? Mama said she was gonna tell you it was ok to play around, but I really didn't believe you would. I'm just a kid, and don't even really have boobs yet.”

“Jamie, to be honest, your mom took me by surprise when she told me what she did. I've had all this time to think about it now, and I'm ready for whatever you want to learn. She did say one thing that puzzled me though. She said you would tell me all about it later. What did she mean?”

Jamie looked at me, took a deep breath, then started talking.

“I asked mom once why my daddy never comes around. She told me he had died. When I kept asking questions, she told me my daddy was actually my grandpa, too.

“Him and mama started doing stuff when she was 10. When she was 11, he did her the first time. When she was 14, she got pregnant and lost the baby. They put her on birth control until she got out of school. When she was graduated, they celebrated by having sex without protection, and here I am.

“It was weird knowing she did it with her daddy, but she said she wouldn't have had it any other way. She's only been with him, and said you remind her of him. That's how she knew you would be good with me.

“If you want to do stuff, that is. I wanna know, and she told me you were probably afraid that I would tell, and you would get in trouble, but I wouldn't and you won't and I just wish... oh, I don't know!”

The last part came out in a rush, and she covered her face with her hands.  I reached up and pulled her from the bunk. She came willingly, her shirt riding up as she slid down into my arms. I wrapped my arms around her, one hand cupping a very firm, very bare ass cheek.

Jamie looked into my eyes, her big, soft, brown eyes full of questions. I lay her down on my bunk, then stepped back. It didn't take me long to undress. I was committed now; no turning back. When my cock sprang (literally!) into view, she gasped.

“I don't think that's gonna fit,” she said softly as she reclined on her elbows.

Her t-shirt had ridden up and her pussy was totally exposed to my view. She saw where I was looking and started to pull the shirt down.

“Don't cover up, Jamie,” I told her, “I want to see you. Better yet, take off your shirt.”

Her mons was still developing, and I knew it would be more defined over the next year or so. There was only a slight dusting of hair where her mound started. Her hips had a slight flare, with the bones just prominent enough to be sexy.

I had never thought of younger girls in a sexual way, but this had opened a new area of lust for me.

Jamie slowly pulled her shirt over her head, revealing a smooth stomach with a touch of baby fat, her breast swellings just above that. The nipples were erect and the most visible thing on her chest. If she followed after her mother's build, they wouldn't get very large either.

I lay down next to her and just hugged her to me. She melted into my arms, one of her legs brushing against my erection. A slender hand moved down to touch it as she whispered and asked if she could.

“That's part of the learning, Jamie.” I let her touch and explore, giving simple instructions as to what was the most sensitive. She pushed away from me and I rolled over onto my back. The bunk was small, so she sat up and straddled my legs, intent on learning what my cock was all about.

Taking the erection into her small hands, Jamie began her exploration. I'll have to admit, I enjoyed the feel of her soft hands on my cock. She asked a lot of questions, and I answered them. It was very quiet in my truck, the sound of the air conditioner humming the only background noise. The outside world had disappeared.

“I still don't understand how it fits in me here,” she said, looking up at me. Still holding my cock, which she had started stroking, she continued to look directly into my eyes.

“Well, Jamie, it will fit, because you'll stretch. I'm not that big, really. Yes, it's bigger than some guys, but not as big as others. If you want to lay back, I'll show you something I think you'll like. We won't do anything you don't feel ready for.”

Releasing my cock (I hated to lose that feeling), she lay back on the bunk. I raised up and moved her into the center, then positioned myself between her legs. She was still a little unsure about showing herself to me, but tentatively spread them for me.

Now, it was my turn to kneel and explore. Leaning over, I kept my weight off her, and softly kissed her left breast. The sound of her inhalation as she experienced her first male kiss on her young body was heard above the background noise. I continued to look at her as I kissed the right breast. Her skin was so soft and smooth. I kissed higher to her delicate throat, then chin, and finally her lips.

Her eyes closed, although her mouth opened. I wasn't expecting her to do that, but Jamie surprised me by also meeting my tongue with hers. She would tell me later that she had practiced with one of her girl friends. They wanted to be ready in the event they finally got a boyfriend. She had learned well.  Her slender arms were around my neck, pulling me closer.

Staying on my knees, I allowed Jamie to pull me lower as we kissed. My naked chest brushed against her nubs and I used one hand to caress the smooth skin of her side. I could feel her small body trembling as my large, rough hand moved slowly up and down. When I reached her hip, she rolled up slightly, to allow me easier access. Cupping the bubble of flesh, I squeezed, eliciting a moan into my mouth.

Jamie's tongue was frantically dueling with my own as I pressed my cock against her bare mons. Pre-cum leaked from the tip as I slowly rubbed it up and down. I could feel my heavy balls as they fell between her thighs, against the entrance where I wanted my cock to be.

Breaking the kiss, I began to kiss my way down Jamie's small body. Retracing the path I had just taken across her chest, I moved lower. I looked up once, and she was chewing on her bottom lip, unsure of what was happening.

Kissing just above her developing mons, then the inside of her left thigh, my eyes never left hers.

She whispered: “Are you gonna kiss me there, too?”

My response was to plant my mouth completely over her pussy, my tongue diving into the crease. I have always enjoyed doing that, but hadn't had the pleasure of someone her age since I was a teenager myself. Jamie tasted just as sweet as I expected, with a hint of muskiness from wearing the same clothes all day.

She gasped when she felt my mouth on her nether regions, her hands grasping my hair, then rocking her pelvis up to meet me. She had the answer to her question.

Working on her pussy, my hands started moving over her body. One went to massage a small breast, the other went under her to cup a perfect little ass cheek. The thumb on that hand moved across the small area between rose and tunnel, teasing the rose and causing her to buck again.

Replacing my tongue with my thumb, I gently worked her tunnel open. My mouth now on her clit and she was gasping for breath as her first orgasm built.

Ohhh, what is happening????  I need to,,, ohHHHHHHHHH!!!!””  she cried out as it hit. I chose that moment to push a little farther into her tunnel. Bumping her hymen, I withdrew and concentrated on helping her ride out her climax.

Once she was over it, I raised up and moved next to her, cuddling her petite body into my arms. I wiped the residue of her juices from my face, then softly kissed the top of her head. She snuggled into my embrace, her breathing becoming more normal.

“Is that... was that... I mean... wow.... what just happened?” she stammered.

“That, Jamie, was an orgasm. Some people call it 'cuming,' some call it 'getting off.' There are lots of names for it, but that's what it was. Pretty good, huh?” I gave her a squeeze when I asked the last question.

Her hand had moved down to my cock, her thumb tracing the slit where the pre-cum was leaking.

“Did you cum, too? Is that what this is?”

“No, Jamie, that's there to make me slicker so I can get inside you easier. A girl gets wet, a guy produces lubricant, too. When I cum, it's thicker and looks like yogurt. It's usually a lot, too. Some girls like to suck a guy until he cums, then swallow what he shoots. Some don't like the taste and just let it spray over their face or body. Every guy I know loves to be sucked, just like most girls love to have their cunnies licked.”

She looked up at me and whispered: “Mama told me about sucking. She told me about a lot of stuff we might do. She even showed me what to do on her... um... I think she called it her 'satisfier'.”

She giggled with that description, and I knew what she meant. I could now imagine Maddie lying back, her legs spread, using a dildo on her pussy. I wondered if she keeps it smooth?

Jamie had moved down between my legs once more. Taking my cock in her soft hands, she leaned over and flicked her little pink tongue across the tip, tasting the pre-cum. She was looking at me the entire time. It was a very erotic sight.

Opening her mouth, she took the tip inside. I moaned as her tongue brushed the underside of my glans, then she surprised me by taking most of the length into her warm mouth. My mind captured the image of mom teaching daughter how to satisfy a man orally, and I was reminded of Maddie's last words to me when she said she would be ready when we returned. Mom and daughter together? I almost came!

“Jamie, what did your mom say about swallowing?”

She released my cock for a moment while she answered, “She said I should try, but if I couldn't you would probably like to spray it on me.”

She immediately took my cock into her mouth and began working it in and out. Maddie had taught her very well, and although she couldn't deep throat it yet, she was paying attention to the remainder of the shaft and my balls. She even licked down the underside of my shaft, and tried sucking my scrotum into her warm mouth. Her braces scraped across the sensitive skin, but instead of pain, I felt intense pleasure!

I knew I was close. I could feel my first  'Jamie induced' orgasm building. I knew Maddie had been right when she told this sweet girl I would want to spray my cum on her.

“Jamie, I'm close baby. Let me stand up and you sit on the edge of the bunk. We'll finish like that.”

She moved back and let me stand in front of the bunk. I was holding onto the upper bunk for support as she took my cock once more into her sweet, hot mouth.

One hand on the upper bunk, the other on her head as I started to pump, fucking her mouth. When the first spurt came, I grunted.


She looked up as the first couple of spurts hit her tongue and throat. I pulled back and sprayed her braces, face and across her budding tits. I don't know how I kept from it, but nothing landed in her hair. Looking back now, I don't know how we would have explained that walking into the truck stop for a shower!

She just sat there and smiled as I painted her face and body with my spunk. As I jacked the last few, weak, streams onto her, she opened her mouth and offered her tongue. I lay my wilting cock on it, and she sucked me clean. Stepping back, panting, I watched as she scooped the remnants from her body and licked her fingers clean.

“You did a lot! But Mama was right, huh? You liked spraying on me?”

“Yes, Jamie, Mama was right. I think that was the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life! You learned very well, too. You haven't done that with anyone before? You just used the 'satisfier' to practice on?”

She giggled. “I always did learn better by practicing, and no sir, Mr., I mean Grandpa, I haven't even seen a guy's thing before today. Mama showed me some videos and pictures, but yours is the first real one.”

I reached into a cabinet and produced some baby wipes I kept for cleaning my hands (and of course other stuff as needed!), and proceeded to clean her small body. She lay back and let me give her a sponge bath, the odor of baby powder now strong in the bunk. Jamie was totally mine now, and we both knew it.

“Grandpa,” she said in a sweet, soft voice, “I want you to put it in me, ok? Mama said it might hurt a little, and I know why. You touched that place with your thumb earlier, but she said after that tears, it will feel really good. I want you to do that, ok?”

I lay down and hugged her close to me once more. “Jamie, she was right. It will hurt at first, but after that, I want it to feel good. I can tear that with my finger, or with my cock when I put it in there. I could even use anything else that is long enough and solid enough to tear it.”

She thought for a moment, her hand having found my soft cock, which she was now bringing back to life, before she spoke.

“I liked when you touched me. You could use your finger if you want, or anything else. I don't care. I just like what we've done so far, and I want you to be my first, like my real daddy/grandpa was for Mama.”

“I'll tell you what, sweetie,” I started saying as I kissed her forehead, “as soon as I'm hard again, you get on top. That way, you can control how much you take, and you can stop if it hurts too much.”

Jamie continued to stroke my cock, and was satisfied it was sufficient for the job ahead. Moving over me, I watched as her petite body straddled my much larger one. One slender leg on either side of me, and her developing mons was poised to have its first cock intrude. She took it into her hand again, pointing at the opening where she wanted it.

“I think it's hard enough now, and I want it, Grandpa/Daddy!” she giggled as she began lowering herself onto my cock.

I haven't been with anyone that tight, and that young in a very long time. Watching as my shaft disappeared into her pussy was almost too much for me. If I hadn't cum just a few moments earlier, simply watching Jamie lower her body onto mine would have pushed me over.

“It's going in!” she squealed. “Wait, that's OW!” as my cock hit the thin membrane of her innocence.

She looked a little frightened, but more determined. “What, I mean, how, oh, I just want you inside me Grandpa/Daddy.”

I reached up and put my large hands on her hips. “Are you sure?”

She nodded.

With one swift motion, I pulled her down, impaling her tender pussy on my cock. She shrieked, then took a deep breath. I could see some tears start to flow down her cheeks.

“Are you ok, Jamie?” I asked, genuinely concerned. For my part, I was in total ecstasy. I don't know if I had ever been inside anyone that tight, EVER!

She was chewing on her lip, tears streaming, but she nodded her head. Taking a deep breath, she looked down, and seeing most of my cock was inside her, changed her look of pain, to that of pleasure.

“It's really in me! Daddy! It's really in me!” she squealed in delight. I noticed she had stopped calling me Grandpa, and just went with Daddy. That was fine, too.

She began to move, letting her instincts take over. I looked down to see a little red tinge on my cock when she would slide off. She never let it slip completely out, but would slide back down going a little farther each time.

I started playing with her breast bumps, her clit, and her ass. Her body was just so perfect to me, my hands were roaming everywhere. Jamie was riding my cock, and accepting it all inside her small body. I had told her I wasn't very big, but we both thought she would have more trouble with taking in an adult cock. I guess my ego should have been bruised a little, but it wasn't!

She was having to lean over, because of the upper bunk being so close. A couple of times, she got a little too excited and bumped her head as she rode me. It didn't slow her down. Something had been awakened in little Jamie, and she was working to experience all she could.

“Will I get another, um, what did you call it? An organism?” she asked as she rode back and forth.

“It's called an 'orgasm' or 'cum,' I told her as I felt another wave of cum begin to build in my balls.

“Oh, yeah,” she giggled as the first twinges hit her. “Oh, I can, oh, yes, DADDDDDYYYYY!!! YESSS!!!” she screamed out as the pleasure hit.

Her pussy clamping down on my cock was as thrilling as her warm mouth had been. I felt the first wave of spunk shoot through my cock and erupt inside her. No thoughts were given to possible pregnancy. The only thought was shooting a full load into this 11 year old vixen impaled on my cock.

I grunted as I pushed up inside her. My hands on her waist held her in place as I pumped 3, 4, then 5 squirts before I had done all I could. Jamie collapsed on top of me, my softening cock still inside her.

“WOW! I mean, wow!” she started giggling as she tried to express her feelings after losing her cherry.

“That was AWESOME! Mama said it might hurt,” she was still panting as she tried to regain herself, “but she said it might feel good, too. She was right about both. Mama's pretty smart, huh Daddy?”

I rubbed her nude body, and kissed her forehead as I felt my cock continue its deflation and slip out.

“Yes, your mama is pretty smart, Jamie. And now, we have a big mess. Let me get the wipes,” I told her as I gently rolled her off. When I stood to reach for the wipes, I looked down and saw traces of her virgin blood on my cock. I wiped it first so I wouldn't scare her too badly, then turned to use the wipes on her.

“The way we're using those, looks like we might have to buy some more!” she giggled.


The end of Chapter 1

In Chapter 2, after weeks on the road balling 11 year old Jamie, and even after Jamie's surprising admission that her grandfather was also her father, Rob is still not sure if everything will be cool when he returns Jamie to her mother.



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