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My Daughter is a tale of perhaps a too loving encounter between a man and his eleven year old daughter, told in his own words.  I changed very little of his words, but I did add a few of mine own to make a "confession" into a story that I hope you enjoy.

By JimBob

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I was so lucky our first, and last child was a lovely little girl. Due to complications during her birth, my wife was rendered unable to carry any more children.  The little girl was the apple of my eye.  I doted on her.

I wallowed in the joy of taking her to school, ballet lessons, sports days, and to the local park. There was always so much to view, especially when she would have school friends for a sleepover. I received a good education in little girl nightwear, and underwear, and swim wear. Some girls wore pajamas but there were a few who wore nightdresses and panties. I found that from the age of nine upwards, some of the little ones became very daring and even flirtatious. Which was a little dangerous sometimes, but I found that the innocent cuddles seemed to do the trick, especially with my own Daughter.

She seemed to seek out little play fights and tussles and enjoyed my lap. We shared a bath up to the time she was almost ten until my wife came into the bathroom once and saw her washing my erection.

That was stopped until one day My Daughter asked me if we could have a bath again like old times. I loved the "Old Times", she was just over eleven. This was carried out when my wife was away working and I found out just why she wanted to relive old times!

The following are a few of the “old times” that she was talking about, and how they came to be so pleasurable for us both until the fateful day my wife walked in on us. 

My Daughter was six years old the first time we took a bath together.  Oh, I had been giving her showers from time to time since she was about six months old, soaping up her slippery little body and letting the spray wash her off, and then handing her out to my wife to dry.  Little Jenny loved the water, and didn't mind at all the shower spraying on her face, My Daughter learned to shut her eyes and mouth the first time.

At six, My Daughter decided she wanted Daddy to come in the bath and play, instead of just sitting by and then soaping her little body with the wash rag.  So I would take off my clothes and climb into the tub with Jenny.  My wife did not think anything of it; we had raised Jenny to be a "Nature Girl,". We did not make a practice of running about the house naked, but she was used to the occasional glimpse of a naked mother or father, as we were used to a naked Daughter.  All very casual. 

So when I climbed into the tub with her, My Daughter only gave me a cursory glance.  I did not have an erection, so she saw nothing out of the ordinary.  The occasional touch of our bodies as we played, and as I sat her on my legs to wash her hair did not arouse either of us; sexual desire in me or curiosity in her.  And so our baths together continued.  It gave me some alone time with Jenny, and the chance to watch her develop from baby to little girl, to bigger girl.

Sometime around the age of nine, when I thought Jenny might start to feeling more private about her body, and stop asking for our bath nights, there came a gradual change.  First came the questions.

"Daddy, do all boys have hair on their chests like you do?"

"Jenny, just men have hair on their chest.  You saw Johnny in his bathing suit, he had no hair.  Boys start getting hair on their chest when they go through puberty.

"What is puberty?”

“It's when boys start to get hair on their chests.”


“It is a change when a boy starts to become a man.  Usually it is around twelve to fourteen for boys, and a little younger for girls.”

"Silly Daddy, you're teasing me.  Girls don't get hair on their chest."

"No, but they do get boobies. It is when you start to become a woman."

Jenny regarded me seriously.  "Will I be just like Mommy?"

"Yes, Jenny, you will start to grow breasts up here," and I tapped her tiny pips, "and you will grow hair down there."  I indicated the space between her legs.  "But you will not be exactly like Mommy.  Each person is a little different from their parents."  I thought that was enough information for now, so I picked up the soap and washrag.

But My Daughter didn't think so.  She stood up suddenly.  "Daddy, I got two holes down here!"  With that, she thrust her groin practically in my face by bending back and thrusting her pelvis forward.  My Daughter put two fingers on each lip and pulled her pussy wide open.  "See, The top one is for pee, I know that.  What is this other one for?"

Before I could answer, I had to take a quick guilty look over my shoulder for my wife.  "Jenny, that other hole is your vagina, and it is for... er, having babies when you get older... and married."

"Daddy!  Stop teasing.  Annie told me babies grow in your belly!  That hole is way too little."  And to prove it, she stuck the tip of a finger into the tiny perforation in her hymen.  A very sexy move.  My penis jumped.

I could see the girl juice she was secreting shining on her very light pink inner lips as she continued to hold her wide open pussy right in my face.  My God, I could even smell her!  I had an instant flashback to a scene from my youth when the little girl next door was showing me her bare little pussy.  I could feel my penis rising...

"Jenny!"  I croaked out.  "Stop that and sit down.  I'll tell your mother to have a talk with you about that hole.  Now, lets get washed up."

"Okay Daddy," and she sat down with her back to me.  I breathed a sigh, only partly of relief.

I thought that crisis was over, but as I continued to wash her, I could see and feel her soft supple little body, and my erection grew.  After I rinsed Jenny I concealed my erection with the wash cloth as she stepped out and dried off.  When she had left the bathroom, it took only a few strokes, and I shot a tremendous load of semen into the spot where she had been only a few moments before.  Feeling very ashamed, I got dried off and went to get into my pajamas.

Later that evening I told my wife our daughter was getting curious about her “parts,” and perhaps a mother – daughter talk was in order.  I figured the problem would be taken care of.  But I made myself busy at Jenny's bath time for a few days.

The next Saturday, my wife was away at a meeting and Jenny came to me while I watched TV, and asked for help with her bath.  So I allowed myself to be enticed into the tub. Jenny was almost over flowing with school news, and I decided I could relax my guard, she seemed to have forgotten her earlier demonstration.  So I relaxed.

Then she suddenly sat cross legged in front of me, and peered at my penis floating between my thighs.

“Daddy?  How do you get your penis up in Mommy's vagina? It looks too little and too soft.”

Oh crap!  “Honey, What did Mom tell you, anyway?”  I could feel stirrings of desire as I looked between her legs.

“She said you have to love the person, and then it goes right in there so you can make a baby.  How does it get up in there?”  She reached out and poked my cock with a finger, the first time she had ever done that.  My member bobbed up and down in the water.  She giggled.

I fended off another poke.  “Stop that Jenny.  Do you know why they call those private parts?  You just don't go around poking people down there.”

“But I want to know how things work, Daddy.”  My Daughter put on her determined face.

I knew I wasn't going to get off easy.  Now I was sorry I started the whole talk business.  I sighed.  “All right.  When a man gets excited by the woman he loves, and he wants to have sex, his penis gets harder and bigger. That is why it goes in his wife's vagina so easily.  Okay?” Darn it!  My penis was trying to illustrate my words.  I could feel it starting to rise.

Jenny was staring at my cock in fascination.  “Daddy!  It's doing it.  It's getting ready!”

“Yes, Jenny.  I wanted to show you just this once,” I lied.    “Now you know, right?”  I put the washrag over my cock, hoping it would behave and go down.

Jenny snatched the washrag and dropped it behind her.  “No, Daddy, I want to see it!  Oh wow!”  Before I could stop her, she fastened a fist around my shaft.  My cock jumped in her hand and got its full hardness.  “Wow, Dad!  That is totally hard.”  She put her other hand around it, and in doing so, she jacked the skin down so the purple head was completely exposed.  “Cool!”  She leaned over and inspected my little head.  “Is that where you pee from?”


“Gee, Dad, this is really interesting.  Where does the baby stuff come out?”  When I didn't answer right away, she moved my cock around to all angles to look, then she glanced up at my face.  “Here?”  She indicated the pee hole.

I was speechless, I could only nod.  But it was not lost on me that with her grasping my erection, I had suddenly become Dad, not Daddy.

“Ugh!  Gross.  At least girls got different holes for pee and for babies.  Do you pee the baby stuff out?”  She shuddered and made a face.  “I'd like to see it, but I don't want any pee in the tub.”

I finally got myself together a little.  “Jennifer Anne, that is enough.  Let go of me, that is not something for you to be touching.”

Jenny reluctantly let go of me and reached behind her and carefully draped the washrag over my cock, giving it a lot of unnecessary squeezes and then a couple of pats as she finished.  “Gee, Dad.  I'm just trying to learn something about boys... men, I mean.”

“It is alright to be curious, but you just cannot go around grabbing people, it isn't polite.”

“It ain't going down, Dad.  How come it is staying hard?”

“I'm still a little excited.”  OOPS!  Bad choice of words. “I mean, after a man is excited, it stays hard until what excites it has gone.”  Crap!  Now I did it.

Jenny made a point of looking all around the bathroom. “Gee, Dad?  What is exciting you?”  She looked down at her little pussy, which I had been looking at for the last five minutes, lips spread wide open so the clit was standing out, almost as erect as my cock.  My daughter was obviously somewhat excited too.

I decided the truth was best.  “Jenny, I think I got excited when we started talking about this stuff.  Let's just finish rinsing you off and get out, shall we?”

“But, Dad!  I haven't even washed yet.”  She picked up the washrag and the soap again, which conveniently uncovered my erection.  I saw her eyes go back to it.  The washrag and soap were forgotten as she studied my erect member.  “Dad, why is it jumping around like that?”

“Because of the water sloshing around.”

My logical Daughter studied the bathtub water for a moment. “The water isn't moving, Dad.”

“Okay!  Sometimes it jumps when I am excited.”  I saw the wicked smile and the dimples I loved.

“Do you want to stick it in me, Dad?  Is that why it is hard?”

The little snip, she had me.  I had been looking at that pussy, and thinking of the glimpse of vagina she had given me before, and how tight and hot it would be.  But no, she was too young, too small for my average man sized sized cock.  Besides, she was My Daughter.  My lovely curious, available Daughter... “NO!  I can't do that!  You are my daughter.”

She recoiled from me, and tears filled her eyes as her lip trembled.  “I'm sorry, Daddy.”  She said in a quivering voice.

Instant guilt and concern made me embrace her little body, and pick her up and pull her in close.  Somehow on the way in, she managed to position herself so she was now sitting astraddle of my thighs, and that pussy was snuggled tight up against my bobbing boner.  She wrapped her arms around my middle and leaned her head against my chest.  I had been had!  She was actually watching our genitals rub together as I held her and patted her back, and cooed loving words to her.  And the worst part?  I didn't want it to stop!

So, while I sat there trying to decide what kind of a monster I was, My Daughter began a subtle movement of her pelvis that rubbed her pussy, specifically her lips and clit, against my erection.  Oh man!  The time to stop this had come and gone.  I actually dropped my hands to her little butt cheeks, and pulled her tighter to me and assisted her movements.  It did not take long, I suddenly spurted my load up onto her and my stomach. 

With a small cry, Jenny scooted back.  She looked down at the mess, and then up at me.  “Daddy?  What happened to you?”

“That's semen, Jenny.  The stuff that men shoot out when they get excited enough to have a climax.”

“Is that your baby stuff?”  She found the washrag, and scrubbed all the semen off her with it, then stood up and got out of the tub.  She wasn't staying in there with that stuff, that was plain to see.  She watched as I cleaned and rinsed myself off, and got out of the tub too.

Pointing at my rapidly deflating penis she exclaimed, “Wow, Daddy!  It's back the way it is supposed to be.”

I lied.  “Jenny, I just gave you a demonstration of how a man's sperm comes out of his penis.  But I don't think we need to tell your mother about this, alright?”

“Alright, Daddy.  I'm gonna get my PJ's on now.”

As I sat later with My Daughter on my lap, I had a talk with her and told her if anything like her touching me  happened again, I would no longer be able to take baths with her.  She agreed, and said she didn't want to see anymore of that gross stuff anyway.    After I cautioned her again against her mentioning it to her mother, I put her to bed.  I thought I had dealt with the problem very competently.

But, I was wrong.  It took a few weeks, but there was a mutual desire there.  We kept it quite innocent to start, but it soon became our practice to wash each other's body.  And when we came to our genitals, we would drop the washrag, and use our bare soapy hands.  I would wash her first, and get an erection while washing her bottom and cleft, running my soapy finger up her cleft and massaging her clit to bring her to a quick little orgasm.  Then she would wash my erection with her bare soapy hands, until I would caution her that I was about to shoot, then she would get out of the tub and towel off, and then leave me to finish myself off.

This went on for several months, until one Saturday my wife came home early from her client visits, walked into the bathroom, and caught Jenny soaping my erection with both hands.  That was the end of the baths together.  There was no big scene, I was just not available for any more baths.  My Daughter went through the last of her ninth year, turned ten, and then eleven.  I caught occasional glimpses of her developing body as she approached puberty, as I am sure she did of mine.  I thought she had forgotten our sex play.

Once again, I was wrong.  Jenny and I were watching TV one evening while my wife was out on an emergency call, and Jenny asked me, “Dad,  remember our baths we used to take?”

“Yes.  But don't ask me tonight.  We have no idea when your mother might come home.”  Why did I say it like that? Don't ask me tonight?

“I know.  But if I take a bath Saturday afternoon, will you come in with me then?  Please Dad?  For old times sake?  I won't be your little girl much longer.”

My heart was pounding, my penis was stirring, and two big brown eyes were looking up at me imploringly.  I couldn't resist.  “Alright Jenny.  If your mom is working her full shift, it's a date.”

And so...  (Author note: Here you may note a small change in writing, as these are the words of “Guy,” who wrote me the following paragraphs.  He swears his story is true.) 

Saturday came and My Daughter seemed to be a hive of industry and fidgeting, so much so, that my wife had to tell her to settle down before she left for the Residential Home.

When we were on our own, there was a long silence, because I didn't want to instigate anything which might upset her because I wanted to see what she would do.  After a long period, she got up from her chair and came over and sat on my lap. She put her arms around my neck and hugged me, then looked at me and asked me in a quiet voice,  Dad, will it  still be okay to have our bath together?”

“Yes, Jenny, Of course it's okay.”

When I said it was okay, she went to her room and I went and locked the front and back doors, just in case, then went to my bedroom and stripped, putting on my dressing gown.

As I was doing this, I heard the bath tap turned on and when I went into the bathroom, My Daughter was setting the bath. She was also in her dressing gown and I presumed she was naked under it.

There was an awkward period until the bath was ready and then we faced each other and I noticed that she was shivering a little . I nodded and smiled and watched as she undid her dressing gown and arched her body as she slipped it from her shoulders.

It was amazing to see her young body exposed to me and I responded by getting an almost instant erection. Her breasts were just emerging and her pubic mound still had hardly any hair around it.  But it had been so long since I had seen her naked... she was like a strange, very beautiful, very desirable girl, right on the cusp of puberty.  From the little swollen areolas, to the small sparse fan of silky hair on her mons, I wanted to cuddle her, to explore her.

I slipped off my dressing gown and as I did her eyes locked on to my erection and she let out a sighing, “Oooh.” It is difficult to explain in writing the sounds she was making, but it was very stimulating for me.

We climbed into the bath and, facing each other, she spread her legs and lay them across mine, still staring at my erection. I had a clear view of her pussy lips and we sat there for a while until I said that she should turn around so I could wash her.

The washing was something else as my hands slid over her smooth body and when I washed down her stomach, she spread her legs as wide as the bath allowed and my fingers stroked her smooth pussy lips and her clit, by now erect in the cleft of her mound.

As I did so, she let out a moan and shuddered. I held my hand on her mound and asked her if this was why she wanted to share a bath and she told me that it was. The “washing” went on and after she was finished with quite a noisy orgasm, she asked me to stand up and as she knelt in the bath she stared at my erection, then just reached out and with her hand palm up, she cupped my cock and wrapped her fingers around it.

I felt then and there that the washing of me was forgotten as she slowly stroked my cock. Her face was inches from it and I could feel her breath on it. I let her carry on for a while and when I felt that I was about to cum, I took her hand away and we got out of the bath and dried, then we went to my bedroom.

I asked her again what she wanted to do and she wanted us to lay on the bed and cuddle, which we did for a while, still naked. Then she reached down between us and took hold of my cock again and started stroking it so I repaid her actions by slipping my hand between her thighs and stroking her cleft, which was quite wet.  I felt that she was still a virgin, then I concentrated on her clitty.

She was pulling on me, trying to get my cock between her thighs and she asked me if it would go in her. I was a bit wary about this, as she was a virgin.  But I didn't want to upset her, so I suggested that instead of putting it inside her, I would lay on my back and she would sit astride me.

I turned over and she put her legs over me and as I held my erection against my belly, she opened her pussy lips and sat down over my cock.

Putting her hands on my chest, she began to slide up and down along the length of my cock and I could see that she was getting very excited and her body was shuddering.  For my part I just tried to relax and not cum.

Then after a while she reached down between us and gripped my cock at the base and lifted herself up and began to rub my cock head against her cleft, sliding it up and down. The sensation of this was getting me very near, but I did not want to cum if I could prevent it.

As she was rubbing the head of my cock through her cleft she was saying things like, "Ooh now, Dad? Now? Yes? Please, Daddy? Please now, yes?  Please say yes!"  This went on for a little while as she became more excited and I thought she was meaning that her orgasm was very close.

I encouraged her by telling her, “It's okay, Jenny, go all the way and enjoy the feelings.”

As I said that she gave a huge moan and lifted herself a little higher and the head of my cock met her vaginal opening and as she sat down on it, she bent forward and let out a huge moan and actually bit into my shoulder as my cock went deep inside her.  There is nothing I had ever experienced like the feel of that tight, warm, slippery sheath around my cock.  It was all I could do to hold the cum back.

There was no in out movement, just her body shuddering and jerking, which was enough to make me lose it and cum. And as I did she let out a squeal and pressed her bottom against me.

We stayed like that for I don't know how long, but eventually she pressed her hands against my chest and sat back up and looked at me.  She had perspiration all over her face and her hair was everywhere.  She was gasping for breath, as was I.  Me, because I had not anticipated that at all, and the shock of feeling my cock slipping inside her as she sat down just made me go dizzy.  Then she fell across my chest and hugged me so tight.

All I could hear through the buzzing in my ears was... "Oh, I do love you, Daddy, so much!”  Eventually she sat up and as she lifted herself off me she winced and I heard a little yelp.  “OW!”

When I looked down I saw my pubic hairs were smeared with a mixture of my cum, her juices and some blood.

The realization of the fact that she had given me her virginity was overwhelming, but as we lay there cuddling, the guilt began to make its presence felt.

That was the first time, and after I had admonished her for tricking me into penetrating her, I could not be too harsh with her. Nor could I wipe the satisfied smile from her face.

Well, that was the first time with My Daughter. It was not what I had wanted to do. But in retrospect, I cannot say that I didn't enjoy it.

On that Sunday, I asked her quietly how she was and her answer said it all in one word, with a big smile, "Sore!”

Then she told me that she had wanted to do that ever since she was nearly ten, which surprised me. But looking back I can recall little moments when she would cling to me and brush against me, or wriggle on to my lap to press our genitals together.

It was the following Wednesday that she had a netball game at the school after school time.  I drove her there and waited until they had finished their game, and when we walked back to the car, she was still in her netball outfit, without the numbered vest.

She was a lovely sight as she slipped into her seat.  Trainers, ankle socks, sports shirt and the very short skirt they wear.  Just a light sheen of sweat on her face, arms and legs.  I was taken by her long legs and had a little flash of white panty as she got into the car. 

We were driving home when she asked me if we could stop some where as she wanted to wee, (her word).  I pulled in to a quiet area near the lake and she got out and disappeared behind some bushes.

When she came back, I started the car, but she asked me if we could just sit and look at the lake a while. So, I turned the engine off and we sat in silence.

I asked her, “Are you alright, Jenny?”

“Yes, Daddy, I'm alright.  It's nice and quiet here, isn't it?”

“Yes, Jenny, this is a nice place.”

Then she turned to me and said, "Daddy, can I see it again, please?  Please, Daddy?”

I was not really surprised at her request.  I acceded to her wishes and sliding the car seat back, I opened my trousers and pushed them down with my underpants as she watched closely.

She let out that soft, “Oh, wow!” sound again and then she reached over and gripped my cock.  It was on its way to being erect as she gripped the shaft, and fully erect a few seconds later.  The feeling was exquisite.

I looked all around the area, but it was all clear and I let her rub me.  As she was holding me, I put my hand on her bare thigh and slid it up the smooth inner skin to her panties.  She spread her legs for me to give me clear access to her smooth panty covered mound.

We rubbed each other for a short while.  Then she said,  “Wait a minute.”

I stopped and watched her as she reached under her short skirt and pulled her panties down and off and climbed over to sit facing me on my lap.  Then she took hold of my cock and lifted herself up and positioned my cock head into her wet little cleft, and sat down on it.  She gripped my arms  tight as it slipped inside her tight little sheath.  When she was sitting on my lap, with my cock all the way inside of her, she looked at me and grinned.

I said, "I thought you told me you were  sore."

Jenny got a kind of a reflective look, then she shrugged  and told me it was only a bit sore now.  Then she said, “How do I do it?”

I got her to lift up and down, and held her hips and helped her get the rhythm.

The tightness of her vagina soon had me cumming.  I grunted out my orgasm, then I managed to keep it erect enough to let her go on until she finished and we sat there with me still inside her, and her leaning on my chest and recovering.  Her moans and cries of passion as she posted herself to her orgasm were very erotic, to say the least, and it kept my erection up to orgasm a second time with her, so we were both breathing hard.

When her breathing had quietened down she lifted off and I got some tissues from the glove compartment and she let me wipe her vagina, then I cleaned myself as she watched.

She sprawled back on her seat and I must say, it is something very special watching your young daughter putting her panties on, especially when they are tight against her pussy lips, outlining them nicely when she pulled them up tight.

It took me some time before my nerves settled down and then I drove home with the windows open, trying to get the odor of our coupling out of the car.

At home, my wife questioned why we had taken so long, and before I could speak, My Daughter told a tale about a team meeting after the game, which took some time. Then she went upstairs and showered. My Daughter was quiet then for the rest of the week.

On Saturday morning, my wife asked her what she was going to do for the afternoon.  My Daughter said that she had lots of homework to do, then she looked over at me and said, "When I have finished that, I think I would like a long bath.”

I smiled at her audaciousness and nodded very slightly, and saw a smile appear on her face as she went upstairs to her room.


Note from JimBob:   My part of this story was pure fantasy.  You can use your own judgment as to the rest.  I never knew his name, other than Guy.  I have no idea what country he is from, and “Jenny” is my made up name.  He only refers to her as “My Daughter.”  However... the story as it stands is pure fantasy, and to the best of my knowledge, all of the people, places, and events described are not real. Don't try this at home.


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