Chapter 5 - Expanding Horizions

By JimGee

(Fggb, nudity, oral, 1st, inc, nepi)

Sarah's little friend is included in their games where the realtionship between brother and sister expands...







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Barbara looked at the clock and said it was late and that we needed to go to bed.  Tomorrow was another day and we could play more then.  She didn't want to sleep with us all in Mom and Dad's bed because she wanted to be with the twins so she could hear them if they cried.  So Sarah and I headed to our bedroom.

We brushed our teeth, emptied our bladders, gently washed between our legs and headed to bed.  Naked, we snuggled together.  As I held her she whispered to me, "I'd like to try putting you in me, but I'm a little scared.  I don't want you to hurt me there."

"We don't need to do that until you're sure," I answered. "Barbara will try and make it as easy for you as she can.  I can wait.  It's really all up to you." 

She stretched up and gave me a peck on the cheek and said, "Thank You." Reaching down, she grasped my penis. I liked that.  And that is how we fell asleep.

The next morning we all ate breakfast in the buff.  I guess we were somewhat use to being naked because it seemed to be no big deal.  After breakfast Sarah and I helped with the twins.  With Barbara’s supervision, we bathed them, got them dressed, and helped give them their breakfast. 

We played with the twins for a short while, then Barbara suggested that we all take them for a walk.  Everyone got dressed for our adventure.  Once outside Darla quickly joined us.  It was obvious that Darla wanted to hang out with us.  She said she was bored and was glad when she saw us outside.  Darla is a very cute little girl, with sandy brown curly hair that is almost down to her shoulders, a round face with dimples on both cheeks, full lips, bright blue eyes and the cutest little nose.  Her body wasn’t fat, but just a little heavy.  I knew that some day she would be a real knockout.  Knowing what I knew about blowjobs, I knew where I wanted those full lips of hers, not that I had any real expectations of having that pleasure.

With her joining us for our walk, I figured that would put an end to our ‘playtime’ after the walk, so I asked Barbara if it was okay if went over to Bill’s house and just hang out.  She said that would be fine, just be home in time for lunch.  Off I went leaving the girls to walk the twins.

Nothing much exciting happened the rest of the day for me until it was super time.  Sarah asked, or rather begged, if Darla could eat with us.  I was a little disappointed when Barbara said that it would be okay as long as Darla's mom agreed.  With that revelation, I was a little down because that meant that we would all be wearing clothes and maybe even change our evenings activities.  When Darla and Sarah went to ask Darla’s mom, Barbara told me what happened that afternoon.

She related to me, “When we finished our walk, I went to the bedroom to put the twins down for a nap.  I took my time as I was in no hurry.  Sarah and Darla went into the other bedroom.  I don’t know how much time passed when I realized that it was too quiet.  I crept to your bedroom door and listened.  I heard some whispering, but couldn’t make out what was going on.  I pushed the door open just a crack and peeked in.  To my surprise both girls were naked on the bed facing each other with their legs spread wide apart.  Sarah was telling Darla about the hole they had where a boy could put their wiener inside.

"I pushed the door wide open and Darla quickly covered her pussy with her hand and had a look of terror on her face.  In a very calm voice I said, 'It's okay, but if you have any questions, I’d be glad to try and answer them.'  Well it only took a minute or so before Darla realized that she wasn’t really in any trouble.  Especially when I took my clothes off too.  Darla asked me if it was true that I let you put his wiener inside my kitty.  I told her it was true and that it felt really good.  I told her that when you got bigger and your wiener grew, it would feel even better.

"Sarah then told Darla that she was going to let you put your wiener inside her.  She was a little scared but wanted to try anyway. 

"I asked Darla to lay back and spread her legs so I could get a better look at her pussy.  When she did, I knelt down and got real good and close look.  I told her she had a beautiful kitty and that it begged to be kissed.  With that I bent down and kissed, then licked her kitty.  Her eyes got real big and said that it felt better than anything.”

Barbara continued, "I then said this was enough for now and told them to get dressed because it was almost time for dinner.  Sarah asked if Darla could eat with us.  She then whispered asking me would we have to wear clothes.  I told her I didn’t know.”

Sarah responded, “I told her that it's important that will she keep our secret. And if she told on us we could be in real trouble for all of us.”

Barbara then told me, "Darla agreed to keep everything a secret.  I think she will be okay.  Now go wash up for dinner.  They should be back real soon.”

I headed to the bathroom to wash up and thought about what Barbara had told me.  I wondered if I’d get a chance to see Darla without her clothes.  That thought really got me to thinking.  I wasn’t too sure what would happen, but was excited about the possibilities.  I was brushing my teeth when Barbara came into the bathroom.

She said, “Jim, I just want to be clear about when Darla is here.  You are not to take the lead in any way.  Sarah and I will lead everything.  I don’t know just where this will lead, but you just need to go along with whatever develops.  I’d love to get Darla’s cloths off and play with her little pussy.  It would be great if she lets you play too.  You just need to be patient.”

I told her, “I’ll do whatever you tell me to do.  I want to see her without cloths too and even get her to play our games with us.  I hope you can make it happen!  I’ll just follow what you tell me.”

With that Barbara went back to the kitchen.  I decided to get in the shower and really clean up, just in case.  I paid special attention to my little dick making sure he was really clean.

When Sarah and Darla came back, she had a small duffle bag.  Sarah said, “I hope it’s okay; we asked her mother if she could spend the night.  I fibbed and said it was okay with you, Barbara.  Can she please spend the night?  We’ll be good!”  Darla was nodding her head and had a pleading look on her face. 

“You can spend the night," Barbara replied, "but you must make your best promise that you won't ever tell anyone about what we do tonight.  We could get in real trouble if anyone found out the games we play.” 

Darla, making the sign of a cross over her heart, answered, “I promise, I won’t tell anyone… ever!”

"Even if we play naked games?"

"We are?" Darla asked brightly.  "That'll be so much fun! I promise I won't tell."

“Then you can spend the night," Barbara said.

Turning to my little sister Barbara gently scolded, "Sarah, It was wrong for you to have asked her mom for her to spend the night.  You should have asked me first.  Don’t ever do that again without getting permission first.”  Sarah lowered her head and promised.

With that the two ran out of the kitchen and headed to the bedroom.  I joined Barbara in the kitchen to learn of our new little overnight houseguest.  I thought to myself that this could really be interesting.  I heard little voices coming down the hall.  When I turned I was surprised, shocked, and delighted to see both Sarah and Darla standing in the doorway naked.  Sarah announced, “You are both overdressed for dinner.”  Darla seemed to be a bit self-conscious, but both girls had smiles on their faces.  

I looked over at Barbara and she had this big smile on her face. 

I thought, 'Yes, this is going to be a fun sleepover.' 

She then said to me: and instructed, “Jim, you help the girls set the table.  Then you can go get undressed.  Everyone needs to put their clothes where we can get dressed quickly should someone come to the door.” 

I just answered, “Will do!” Distracted as I was by Darla nudity, I didn't help as much as I probably should have, but no one made an issue of it. After the table was set, I went and undressed.  Now it was Darla's turn to be distracted.

After dinner we all helped clean the kitchen up.  Barbara said we should just watch some TV until after our Dad and Mom called at 7:00.  She didn’t want anything out of the ordinary that might cause them to ask any questions or have someone come over to check on us.  So we just watched some program on the National Geographic’s channel.  I think it was something about Penguins.

As expected, just a few minutes after 7 the phone rang.  We talked for a while with Barbara going first.  Both Sarah and I talked filled them in our day.  We didn’t mention anything about Darla spending night.  Barbara figured that information was best not reported.  When we ended the phone call we all kind of breathed a sigh of relief.

I’m not sure just how our play activity started, but Barbara had the girls get between my legs and explained about a boy’s anatomy.  She had them each feel my dick.  It was hard as a rock.  Darla seems hypnotized by it and got real close to get a good look.  Barbara told her to give the tip a little kiss.  Darla looked at Sarah who said, Go ahead. It feels nice and soft."

Darla puckered up her full lips and gave the head of my dick a quick kiss.  Finding nothing objectionable she leaned in and gave it another kiss, longer this time.  Barbara told her to lick the head.  I watched as her little pink tongue came out to taste my dick.  I was so glad that I washed him real good.  Darla pulled her tongue back into her mouth, looked at Barbara and smiled shyly. 

Barbara asked, “What do you think, Darla?  Nice, huh?" Darla, looking a bit embarrassed just nodded and smiled again. "Watch this honey, this is what I really like to do.”  With that Barbara bent down and took my whole dick into her mouth and gave it some nice sucks.  I could feel her tongue swirling around my shaft.  After a few minutes she pulled off and asked Sarah to do that.  Sarah didn’t hesitate and took my whole shaft into her mouth.  I was in heaven.  My little dick felt so good!

Barbara then asked if Darla wanted a turn.  She didn’t hesitate and I watched as my dick slipped in between her cute little lips.  Barbara told her to be careful, as her teeth would hurt me.  Her mouth felt so nice and warm.  I could feel her tongue planted along the underside of my dick.  She just held me like that and cut her blue eyes upward to look at me.

"Just suck it a little, like a straw," I told her.  She sort of nodded and I could feel the suction.  It was great!

Finally she pulled back and my dick left her lips with a little slurp sound.  I told her that it felt really, really good, which produced a big smile on her face. 

Barbara then said, “Jim, she sucked your wiener, I think you should kiss, lick, and suck her little kitty.”

Sarah whispered to her and Darla moved onto the couch and scooted her bottom to the edge of the seat.  Grasping her at the knees, I spread her legs wide apart.  I told her how pretty her little kitty was and leaned down and kissed her little mound.  She let out a little moan as I did. 

Then using my thumbs I spread her lips wider so I had full access to her slit.  Using my tongue I made a broad lick from her butt hole to her clitoris.  She let out an, “Oooooh,” as I did.  I started to alternately lick and blow gently at her clit, which had come out of hiding.  It wasn’t long before she grabbed my head and tried to pull me into her kitty.  There was no doubt that she liked what I was doing to her. 

I pulled back and looked over where Barbara had her face buried in Sarah’s kitty.  I just went back to concentrate on Darla’s clit.  I wanted her to have those great feelings.  It wasn’t too long until Darla let out an, “Oh-my-God!”  She went stiff and started to shake.  I was treated to a little flood of girl juice.  I lapped up every drop she produced.  When she started to push my head away I just laid my head against her thigh and gently stroked her tummy.  I decided that I liked this little girl.

Barbara interrupted my oral pleasuring of Sarah's little friend.  “Jim, I have Sarah ready for you.  She wants to feel you inside her.  You need to come give her what she wants.” 

With that I moved between my little sister's spread legs.  Barbara moved to the side and gripped my dick.  She guided it to the entrance and rubbed my dickhead up and down her slot.  I asked Sarah if she was sure.  She just nodded and said she was ready.  Barbara told Darla to come and watch.  Darla moved to the other side of Sarah and glued her eyes to where we were about to be joined.

Barbara placed one hand on my butt and gently nudged me forward.  I looked down to watch as my dick started to slide into my little sister.  The feeling was so warm and tight.  Barbara continued to push my butt until I my dick was about half way inside.  She then pulled me out a little before pushing me back in.  I now had my entire dick inside.  Barbara asked Sarah if she was all right. 

Sarah answered, “Yes. I feel so full down there.  It didn’t hurt, but for a second when he first went in.  Now it's really nice.  I like it.” 

Barbara told me to start moving in and out until we both had those good feelings.  She then moved around behind Darla and they both watched as I started to fuck my little sister for the first time.  Barbara moved one hand to Darla’s little titty bumps and the other to her kitty.  She put a finger on her clit and gently rubbed in a circular motion.  She wanted to ensure that Darla was excited enough so I could fuck her too before the night was over. 

Barbara could tell that I was getting close, so she had Darla reach between us and rub on Sarah’s clit just like she was doing to her.  It wasn’t long before Sarah started to shake and let out a big moan and yelled, “Oh, God!” 

That kind of put me over the edge and I could feel my dick swell and spurt some stuff into my little sister.  Oh, what a great feeling it was.  I just held my dick in her enjoying the tightness of her little hole.  When she came back to reality she said how much she liked what we did and wanted to do that more and more.

The sound of the twins crying in the bedroom broke the mood.  I pulled my softening dick from my sister’s hot wet hole.  To my surprise Darla reached out and wrapped her hand around my dick.  She just held it for a minute.  She didn’t seem to mind that my dick was covered with our juices.  She just looked up at me and just smiled.  I could only imagine what was going through her mind. 

We all headed to the bedroom to take care of the little ones.  I picked up Caroline and Barbara picked up Jeff.  They both needed their diapers changed.  After removing the dirty diapers, we took them into the bathroom to wash them up.  We didn’t waste any time playing with them, as they needed to be fed.  We made sure their bottoms were washed really good.  When we were done I kissed Caroline on her kitty mound before running my tongue through her slit.  She reacted with a cute little giggle.  I then told her what a good little girl she was.  Jeff received the same treatment from Barbara, although she took longer sucking on his little wiener.  I looked over at Darla and she was taking it all in.  She was getting a real education.  I hoped it would include more. 

Barbara put a diaper on both Caroline and Jeff before we headed to the kitchen.  Barbara warmed up the twin’s food and let Sarah and Darla feed them.  Watching the process, I’m not too sure if there wasn’t more food on the twins than was in them.  When they were done, they were a mess.  I thought for sure they’d need another bath, but Barbara was able to get them cleaned up right in the kitchen.

With that we all headed back into the living room.  Barbara said that we needed to get dressed and take the twins outside.  She said we all needed a little break.  The fresh air would do us all good.  We could play when we get back.  So with that we dressed and headed outside and sat on the front porch for a while.  I hated to admit it, but it was nice out here.  The neighborhood was quiet and peaceful. 

It wasn’t long before my mind was focusing on the possibility of my being able to bury my dick in Darla’s pussy.  I liked it when I was between her spread legs and tasted her earlier, and I especially liked it when my dick was between those lips of hers, lips that were made for sucking cock.  I was sure that Barbara would steer our playtime to include Darla.  I could hardly wait.

THE END of Chapter 5

To be continued...

In Chapter 6, Under the watchful direction of his older cousin, Barbara, Jim deflowers his little sister's friend...


Let me know if you like my story.  I'd be please to hear from you... good or bad! 

Thanks, JimGee



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