by   E.A.Grant

(Fb, inc, fondle, oral)

By the soft glow of the street light streaming into their shared bedroom, a young boy enjoys the forbidden attentions of his lonesome mother...

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I’m sure there have to have been some early background for the story I’m about to tell, the back story like they say.  But I don’t remember any.  Or if I recall some strange bits of what I remember from back then, I think it’s probably childish day dreaming or just made up in the, ‘I wish it were true section’, in the back of my  adult mind.

But let me just stick with what I know happened on one of many, many nights beginning as best as I can deduce, in the spring or early summer of nineteen forty-five.  I would have been eleven years old then, my dad; a soldier was still in Europe doing whatever soldiers were doing in Europe that year.  We patiently waited for him at home.

My mother, baby sister and I all slept in one room in my grandparent’s home, my mother and I shared an old fashioned double bed with little Jenifer in a crib next to a closet.  All of the many, but irregular and delightful midnight intrusions were more or less similar throughout the spring, summer, and fall and on into winter of the next year. 

I think, dear reader, you can imagine, perhaps even share, my enchantment,  delight and thrill (once I recovered from my initial confusion and fear) with the late night contacts.  A satisfied smile is spreading over my face even now as I recall the happy times with my Princess Guinevere.  It always started pleasingly the same way with my Secret Princess gently waking me with kisses and warm wandering hands and tapping totally into my soul’s desires. 

But wait… my pleasure at the telling of my tale has me getting ahead of myself.  Let me set the scene that you might enjoy the sinful event as much as I.   

Long before midnight I would always be asleep, even on those nights I had told myself I would just close my eyes and, ‘pretend sleep’.  Our room was dark except for a street light on the street in front of our house, not far from our one window.  The street was always quiet with little or no traffic late at night, so the house was very quiet.  The one window facing the street allowed the soft yellow light to steal into our room like a bashful intruder.  It seeped into the room and made objects it touched glow as if fluorescent, the shabbiness hidden for the night.  Lying in bed just before sleep took me away I could look across the room and watch the street light; it seemed sometimes to wink at me… it was my buddy.  Other times a windblown branch would cast a shadow on the window pane, wave for a moment, then quickly slide out of sight.  The street light was comforting, we were special friends.  Eventually leaden eye lids would close on their own and the street light would become my sentry.

I don’t know what time my midnight princess would actually wake me, it may well have been past midnight.  Her gentle soft touches found cock and her softer honey sweet whispers, her lips touching my ear, slowly stirred my mind.  I remember smiling in the semi-dark at the feel of her.  I wanted to feel our bodies touch again… like last time… touch all over.

“Wake up baby King Arthur… Be very quiet.  We don’t want to wake Grand Mother in the next room do we? Your Princess Guinevere wants to serve her master.”  Her tongue would continue to touch the edge of my ear and set my brain tingling, simmering as my desire grew. Oh, god, yes!  I knew we were going to play grown up sex again. 

Her hand would slide ever so slowly over my stomach, at times avoiding while teasing my hardening little boy cock.  Then she would gently push my pajama bottoms down to my knees.  Her tongue tickled my ear again… her hand brushed back and forth over my belly,  but not so much to tickle, but in a special way to excite a need I couldn’t describe or understand.  My stomach muscles would tense and my cock would get so hard it would hurt!  Still… such a sweet, sweet pain.  I could feel the warmth of her soft skin touching me under the sheet and blanket.  I could smell, ‘her smell, her life-ness, her energy’ beside me nude.

“How is my young King Arthur tonight?”  she would ask as she sucked on my small ear lobe.  I could feel her smile in the dark, her lips hot and wet.  I could smell the wine she had been drinking… a pleasant teasing grape perfume.

“Good, Mommy.  Your hand feels really nice,”  I said

“Not Mommy, dear King… remember our game.  I’m your Princess Guinevere.  I’ve come to visit you while you sleep”

“I, I forgot Princess…  Princess Guinevere.  You haven’t been here since Saturday. I’ve missed you a lot.”

“I’m so sorry dear King.”  I could see her lips turn up in a smile in shades of grey.  “I’ll make it up to you tonight.” Her smooth soft hands surrounded my boyish hardness and squeezed teasingly.  “I think my young King Arthur likes what his Princess Guinevere does with his mighty sword.”  Her fingers explored up and down the tender skin of my hairless cock and cupped my smooth tight ball sack in her fingers.  Her fingers floated over the skin of my belly, cock, balls, and thighs with the delicate touch of a feather, almost not touching but touching all the same. 

“Does that feel good sweet King?” she asked in a whispered purr.  “Do you like me to touch your magic sword?” she would whisper so secretly I would think the voice was inside my head.  

“Oh, yes… yes… oh… oh… that feels super cool Princess…yah, yah, oooooh…”  The stampede of thrilling feelings that my mother’s touch was causing in my privates spread in electric waves over my body like some force that had come alive in my veins.

“Push your jammies off, King Arthur, and spread your legs for your Princess Guinevere.  I want to see how big you’re getting down there.  Maybe you don’t even want your Princess tonight,” she said in a pretend disappointed voice.  “I can tell when I see your sword dear Sir.”  She pushed the bed clothes off of us, while I kicked off my pajama bottoms pulled my knees up a bit and spread my match stick legs wide.

The street light spread a wide ray of light across our bed and shone on my hard totally smooth cock.  Mom stared in satisfaction then took my cock in her hand and for not the first time measured its length.  “My, my young King, it is getting bigger all the time and I can see you’re really glad to see me.”  She used the width of her fingers to measure.  “See my Lord, your magic sword was just five fingers long and now it is six.  What a beautiful sword you have King Arthur… so, so handsome.”  She squeezed and pulled gently at my cock for a minute or two obviously pleased to be playing with it.  We were both pleased.  

She looked at me again and again smiled in the dim light.  Pushing my legs apart even further she slid a hand down between my thighs.  The next thing I felt was her wet finger sliding back and forth over my ass hole.  I thought she was going to stick her finger in me, like I sometimes did myself, but she didn’t.  She just teased my rose bud and moved on.  Again she was watching my face to see how I liked what she was doing.  I’m sure she could tell I liked it fine.

She was firmly moving my cock up and down when she bent toward me and kissed my lips, her tongue pushed into my mouth, her tongue wove around mine in a thrilling new adventure.  She tasted of wine, love, and sweetness.  Because she had bent down so close to kiss me her big soft tits draped onto my chest.  I could feel my mother’s hard nipples dragging across my belly as she moved.

She had played with my cock several times but no more than that except that I had caught movement of her hand between her own thighs more than once.  “Do I have permission to show my King Arthur something new tonight, something fun for his great sword?”  She said while she played with one of my nipples.

“Of course, Princess… Anything you like.”

“Remember not to make any noise dear King.  We must be very quiet.”  She turned at my side and bent over my cock that she was still holding upright, I could see for the first time in the dim light the hungry, wonton desire in her eyes her wet lips and open mouth.  She wet her lips again looking at my dick as if she were going to devour it.  Then she bent down and my little boy cock disappeared into her mouth.  

What an amazing feeling as my young four inch, narrow, hard-on was enveloped in her soft, warm, wet, sucking love cave.  She sucked and lapped it for minutes including time that she carefully sucked my hairless balls into her mouth to be titillated by her tongue.   I never imagined that any feeling could be that special.  Even now I’m not sure I’ve ever again experienced anything quite so special.  But then you can only uncork a bottle of champagne once.

As much as the feelings in my cock, there was the thrill of her nipples touching me and the incredible sight of her nakedly swaying tits. She spoke no more about Kings, King’s swords or Princesses…she spoke no more at all.  She seemed to disappear into a special place deep in her mind.

She knew just when it was time to stop sucking my little boy cock before I finished.  She rose up on her knees and straddled me.  I could feel her hands fumbling to slide my boy-cock between her sopping folds.  What a beautiful sigh my mother was, sweat glistened off her belly, tits and face in the moon light.  Her head tilted back, wet lips glistened, her eyes closed.  All of a sudden I could feel her flesh surrounding me…wet, tight, and hot.  I was in her.  She had her head tossed back her eyes closed.  She made a wanton but strangely pleased moaning sound while she bit down on her lower lip and began to move up and down fucking me for the first time, rolling her hips in wide circles while she fucked.  She soaked me in her juice, exciting and delighting me beyond description.

After a short time, (five minutes?), she had worked up a glistening sweat, iridescent in the lamp light and let my cock slide out of her and lay flat against my stomach.  Slowly she slid back and forth; up and down over my slippery cock rubbing what I learned later was her clit against my dick that continued to lie against my stomach.  Again after a minute or two she pushed my dick into her cunt again and rode it.  She never opened her eyes while she fucked me, but did continue to moan and whine sometimes quite loud.  I wondered if she remembered my light sleeping grandmother (her mother), sleeping just inches away on the other side of a thin wall.

She moved my cock at least three times from in her pussy to lying against my belly.  At one point she moved my hands to grasp her tits and showed me how to squeeze and pull on her nipples.  All this time in addition to the fantastic feeling shooting throughout my eleven-year-old body the sight of her sitting tall above me… her sweating tits swinging back and forth…. erect nipples for me to study and touch,  gave me an image I can still remember after all these years.  It was erotica (like they say), on steroids.

Maybe I never came, maybe I did, or maybe I was coming all the time, a kind of half hour never ending cum.  But it was clear to me when my mother came.  She tensed… there was an almost surprised look on her pretty face… her closed eyes clenched shut tightly… her pussy held my cock  firmly as if to drain it, and her body pushed down hard on my cock swallowing the young stiff member.  Her only words were in a strained whisper, “Fuck… fuck… fuck… oh,  god yes… fuck, fuck, fuck … .awwwwwwwwww!”

Finally finished, she seemed to deflate exhausted.  She bent forward resting on me, her tits pushed into my chest.  She gave me a long last kiss and partially opened her eyes.

“Did my King Arthur like that?”

“Oh, yes.”  I took a deep breath as my heart began to slow down.  “A whole lot.”

“Good.  This has to be our little secret, King Arthur.  Now it’s time to sleep.  If you have to pee, you will be careful that you don’t wake your grandmother won’t you.”  She settled down next to me.

“I don’t need to pee.”

“Good.  Good night, baby.”

“Good night, Princess Guinevere.”

I could feel myself drifting to sleep.  The last thing I could see was the street light outlining my mother’s body.  The last thing I felt was her hand lightly holding my cock.

The End


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