South of France


By JimBob

(Mg, MMggg, pedo, fond, oral, cons)

Please note: To those of you who are French, or are familiar with the countryside there, I confess I have never been anywhere in Europe, So my information is all from google maps.  It's fantasy, remember? 

This story of Mariette was inspired by a French girl I exchanged e-mail with for a while.  She liked erotic stories of the interaction between flirty little girls and men, so the South of France stories were originally written for her.  She told me her story too, and one day I will tell it here.

This story is a sequel to The Honey Pot.

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyrighted 2010 with all rights expressly reserved by its author unless explicitly granted.

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I was making my last visit to the beach at Saint Cyr, where I met four year old Mariette four years ago.  I was back looking for my Little Honey Pot.  I looked closely at all the pretty little girls I saw on the beach.  I felt the chance of her still being around was not very good.  She could still be off to school, though it was late in the spring.  I only had another week of vacation.  I was not able to get into the hotel I stayed at last time, so my lodging was a couple miles down the beach. 

I saw a very pretty girl walking toward me.  "Hello, Mariette?"  I said hopefully.  The girl looked at me, shrugged and smiled and went on. 

Crestfallen, I walked on.  I saw a young girl running across the beach to the shore of the sea, and when she stopped she breathed deeply of the salty sea air.  She was in a school uniform.  She looked to be about eight years old.  She looked like I remembered my Honey Pot.  Could it be her?

"Mariette?  Honey Pot?"  I called.

The beautiful little girl turned and looked at me.  Then she shaded her eyes and looked again.  She took a few steps towards me as I was walking towards her.

"Jim?  OH YES!  It is you!"  She ran into my open arms as I knelt down to hug and kiss her as she was hugging and kissing me.  After an emotional greeting, with tears running down both our faces, I held her shoulders and looked at her. 

What a beauty she was now.  Her dark brown hair down around her shoulders, we would measure it later to find it even with her breast buds.  She would tell me that was temporary, she wore short hair in the summer.  Her big dark brown eyes seemed to peer right into my soul.  Looking into them, I knew Mariette knew much more about sex than she did at four years old.  Now I was not the only man she had been with.

"Let me look at you Mariette!  You are in a School Uniform!  You go away to school?"

"Yes, but not anymore this summer!  I came home for the summer just his afternoon.  What room are you in?"

"Oh, I could not get into your hotel.  There was no room.  I am down the street..."

"Nonsense!  I shall speak to Papa.  You must be here so I can see you."

I could hardly believe that this cool, calm, collected little girl was my Little Honey Pot.  How grown up and worldly she was!

And that same evening I was in my new room at the hotel.  After dinner that evening, I heard a knock on my door.  It was Mariette.  She slipped quickly into my room. 

"I am supposed to be going up to bed.  Maman and Papa are busy with the bar so no one will check on me.  Come on."  She led me into the bedroom.  I could see little Mariette had not changed.  Well, yes, on second thought she had changed.  She was more beautiful, and hotter.  She had an air of knowing what the mystery was all about now.  A very sexy and self assured girl had replaced my little Honey Pot.

"Mariette, do you think we should...  Um, be here?"

"Yes!  No one will bother us, and the bed, it is so much softer than that old log."  She bounced on the bed, and I saw a flash of her see through panties.  Then her skirt went way up, not entirely by accident, and I was looking at a bigger, more mature pussy than I was so intimate with four years ago.  I licked my lips at the sight of her pretty little mound through the sheer material.  Mariette held out her arms for me to move into.

What the heck, it would be worth it even if we get caught.  I jumped into bed with her.  Mariette was into passionate French kissing now.  We kissed as I let my hands roam over her small body.  The little jacket stripped off first.  I could feel the beginning of soft mounds on her chest, nascent little boobs.  I could feel the tiny hard nipples through the thin material of her shirt.  The little girl did not wear an undershirt. 

I unbuttoned the shirt and pulled it out from her skirt waist, but I had to tongue and taste her little girl body before I could take the time to strip it off.  Mmmm, her little girlie sweat with the taste and scent of the powder she sprinkled over her breasts after her bath, what a lovely, exciting mixture.  I could feel a stirring down below.  The last time I had Mariette naked, I could not think of putting that organ into her.  But at eight, her body seemed to be saying, "take me..."

Mariette moaned and sighed as I nuzzled her breasts.  Her little hand rubbed through my hair as she helped to guide my lips from tiny nipple to tiny nipple.  Then it was time.  She thought so too, because she pushed my head down, down over the belly, where I paused to pay homage to her perfect little button.  My hands fumbled at the snaps on her short skirt, then her more experienced hand took over and opened them easily.  The skirt came down and I whipped it off and out of the way. 

The perfumed silken panties did not conceal anything.  My tongue trailed down over them to the mound, then the cleft.  I helped her legs to spread wide.  The bigger, wider lips than I remembered were more than my mouth could cover now.  The delicious scent wafting up to my nose was sharper, stronger, but still the essence of Mariette that I remembered so well. Her panties were sopped with her juices and from my saliva as I tried to lap it all up.  She hooked her hands in the panty waist and started them down, I took over at her thighs and made short shrift of them. 

I got between her legs and ran my tongue all over her bare smooth pussy.  Her legs were opened out so she was spread wide; the clit stood up, engorged with blood and waiting.  I touched it with my tongue.  Mariette bucked it up into my mouth.  So much more powerful than the same move when she was four years old and my little Honey Pot.

Mariette had two handfuls of my hair, guiding my lips to her most delightful parts.  She orgasmed at my first touch of tongue on clit.  I worked her through it.  I took one hand that had been holding her leg far open, and slid that hand up the smooth inside of her thigh until I felt the opening to her vagina with the tip of a finger.  It was no longer shielded with a tiny curtain of skin.  My little girl had been busy since our trysts.  I felt a brief pang of sorrow that I was not the one to open that virgin hole, and at the same time, relief that I would not have to hurt the child, because there between my legs was my erection!  The powerful aphrodisiac effect of lips and tongue on a perfect cunt had brought me back, and I was surely not going to waste it.  I slid the middle finger deep into the hot moist sleeve, and twisted it around as I searched for her G spot.  As I caressed it, she came again, a long shuddering orgasm as I sucked her clit deep in my mouth and caressed it with my tongue.  Shades of Honey Pot!

As Mariette lay there panting, and recovering, I quickly stripped my clothes off, and crawled between her legs, my penis hard and proud.  I kissed her forehead and brushed her hair back.  Big brown eyes opened and crossed as I kissed the tip of her nose.  Then her lips opened and waited for my lips.  As we kissed, then kissed again, I carefully rubbed the tip of my cock head up through her cleft to pick up her juices and smear them well over the whole head.  I flipped the tip up into her clit, and rubbed it in circles as she gasped.  Not wanting to make her cum again, and maybe exhaust her before I got my ride, I slipped the head of my cock back down into her slit, lined it up with the hole, and slowly pushed it in.  The warm sheath enclosed my hardness.  She had been well opened up, and she knew what she was doing as she made adjustments with her hips to ease my passage.  My pubis touched her clit and mashed it slightly.

Mariette grunted at that sensation.  I had to stay still and savor the feeling of my full hard cock being buried in a small vagina, so long after I had first licked it to a climax so many times.  And it was so long since my cock had been in a tight eight year old vagina.  Just the thought of her age, her incredible beauty before me, every part open and accessible to me made me have to clamp a tight control on my cock and balls.  Thou shalt not fire off any cum until I have given this child a good and proper fuck was my decree to them.  Maybe the man or boy who opened her up was the best ride she will ever have, but I wanted to give her one to remember for a while in spite of my age.  And who knows, it could very well be my last ride.  But if so, I will die happy.

I began to stroke.  Soon her hips began to move in unison to my thrusts.  Little cries came from her lips, which I smothered with my lips.  I could not reach her nipples with my mouth, so my hands caressed her as we moved together.   I could tell she was reaching her peak as I moved in her, thrusting long, slow and deep, short, quick with a drag over her G spot.  Her hips bucked, moved from side to side so all of our parts rubbed together.  She strained against me.  I strained against her, and then I felt her shuddering release, her straining up against me and her collapse back into the bed, and I let my sperm go on a deep thrust into her, holding her little body tight to mine as I came and came in a spasm that was longer and better than any I could remember in my life before.  If this was my last time, it was one to die for.

We went to sleep together, me holding her on my chest and still in her as we rolled over and we slept, the little girl on top of me.  I woke up later to her moving and we did it again, with my little princess on top and doing the work this time.  Then we showered in my bath, made wild 69 love again with our tongues and lips, and then we crept down the hall and up the stairs to her loft, where I left her with a kiss and a feel and a promise of more bliss to come.


Yea!  Mariette's mother and father gave her permission to escort me on the bus to visit my old e-mail friend, Bob, who lived with his wife and young son in Venelles.  Bob was an English man who had spent a lot of time in Thailand, and we had started writing e-mails when I was a writer of sexy stories on a pay site. 

Bob had told me stories of his journeys to Bangkok, where he had had rides on several little Thai girls.  I told him to write stories about the Bangkok adventures, and his sex stories would be well received.  He did, and they were. 

Bob had twin nieces just slightly older than Mariette.  They would be visiting Bob and were looking forward to a visit with us, and a sleep over with Mariette.  Bob's wife and son would be gone on a trip with her sister.  What a setup for a fun time!  We were going to spend Friday afternoon getting acquainted.  Saturday we were all going to a huge water park close to the town. Then Mariette and I would take the bus back home late Saturday afternoon.  Bob's wife would be back on Saturday evening.

We made our bus connections, thanks to little Mariette, who rattled off questions and got directions in French, and got us on the right bus with ease.  My friend Bob picked us up at the station.  He had the nine year old twins with him.  Nim was just a little taller than Noi, but they did look a great deal alike. 

Both were very pretty, and both had the smooth light tan skin that I fell in love with at first sight.  They were in shorts that showed off their long legs.  Both were just slightly taller than Mariette, who was a petite little girl. 

I was constantly amazed that Mariette could handle my cock so easily at such a young age, but her English lover when she was barely eight years old had broken her in well.  Bob was in the process of seducing his twin nieces, but had not had a fuck from either of them yet at our last e-mail correspondence.  He was convinced that Nim was ready then, though Noi might take a little more work.  He had expressed his hope that Mariette with her experience would help things move along with the twins.

Mariette had worn a short skirt, and a pair of the see through light green panties she fancied.  I saw Bob's eyes open wide as she gave him a flash of pussy as she seated herself in back with the twins.  I glanced back in time to see her smug little smile at Bob's bug eyed look.  Yes Mariette, you scored a direct hit with that wide open salvo, I thought.  I was eying the twins’ chests.  They were actually showing a little set of bumps under their light T shirts.  I saw Bob adjust his rear view mirror, and I knew it was not to see the road better.

The talk between the girls was of the new water park that had recently been erected near Venelles.  Our plan was to spend Saturday there, from late morning until late afternoon.  The twins had been there once with Bob.  Bob had been there several times, because he had told me about the little girls in their skimpy bikinis, some topless by choice, even though their titties were starting to grow.  Bob drove us to his home as we listened to the excited chatter in the back seat. 

The girls were to sleep on the living room carpet, on camping pads, while Bob and I had our own rooms.  I knew what Bob wanted, but told him it had to be Mariette's decision.  I knew I wanted one or both twins, but did not have much hope for getting it, although I did catch some calculating looks by both twins that made me think Bob might have been putting ideas into their heads.

At the house, we both unpacked gifts we had brought for the girls and our host.  On Mariette's advice, I had bought the twins each a set of Mariette's favorite lime green see through panties, and I could see they were thrilled with them.  I hoped to see them both in them, and out of them, before the night was over.

The girls chatted in French, and in English as they were all bilingual, as was Bob.  I was the only dummy in the crowd, and I got the impression that the twins were finding out about me from Mariette, in the language I loved to hear, but could not follow.  

When we were seated in the living room, Bob showed us some pictures he had taken at the water slide at the park.  There were lots of up between the legs pictures of little girls coming down in their tiny suits.  After he showed us those, he brought out another packet of pictures. 

It was shots he had taken of himself and the twins in his little home inflatable pool.  One of the twins, Nim, was topless in several of the shots.  She said she didn't like tops.  She peeled off her T shirt and showed off her little buds.  Not to be out done, Mariette showed us her panties, lifting her dress, and turning in a slow circle.  Bob and I both looked at Noi, so she shrugged, and took her T shirt off also.

I helped Mariette take the top of her dress down and let her little chest out too.  She had smaller boobies than the Thai girls, but you could see hers were getting ready for the coming change.  Her nipples were not little pips anymore, but swollen little mounds.  I watched Bob lick his lips as he looked at the display of little boobies.

Mariette's dress sash came untied, and it slipped down her body.  I started to fix it, then thought, isn't this what Bob and I want? 

So I said, "Why don't you just wear panties," though she had shorts in her bag she could wear.  I figured Mariette would go for that, because she loved to show off her see through panties to men.  So now we had one girl down to panties.  I watched while Noi and Nim looked at each other.  Bob said something to them in French, which made Mariette giggle.  Both of the girls went into a bedroom, and came back out a few minutes later, both still wearing shorts.

Then Nim looked at Noi, and then hooked her thumbs in her shorts waistband and pulled them down and off.  She was wearing the see through panties!  They were tight enough to reveal her pussy mound, and her rounded butt cheeks with the line down between.  Noi didn't want to stand out, so she dropped her shorts too.  Three little girls in see through panties were almost more than Bob and I could take in, but part of us was sure standing at attention. 

Golly, I thought.  Only a half hour, and the girls were all down to panties.  Bob ushered us all into his bedroom, where he had a king size bed, and a big screen TV set.  We all lined up together on the bed with girls on each side of the men, Nim, than me, then Noi, then Bob, then Mariette. Before we got into bed, Bob and I stripped down to our jockey shorts too.

Bob used the remote to start a movie.  Where did he get It?  It was two young girls and a man on a bed.  The man was lying on his back, arms behind his head.  He had a pair of pants on, but no shirt.  The girls were unfastening his belt.  They were both naked.

Bob had his arms around Noi and Mariette.  I slipped an arm around Nim's shoulder and she cuddled with me.  I touched her budding breasts with my other hand.  She giggled.

Bob had one hand over little Mariette's shoulder, tweaking her little nipple.  Noi had moved a little away from him, so he used both hands on Mariette.  She was loving a strange man's touch.  A new conquest!  The wide open pussy between her sprawled out legs was easy to see in her see through panties.

The movie girls, about eight and ten, had the man's belt loose, and his zipper down.  They were tugging to get his pants down past his hips.

Bob had a hand inside Mariette's panties.  It was easy to see where his finger was.  Mariette had her head back, and her legs spread wide.  She was humping his hand as he finger fucked her.

"Oh, man," Bob said.  "She is ready! May I?"

"Don't ask me, ask her."

Mariette was already giving her answer.  She was sliding her panties off down her legs.

The movie guy had lost his boxer shorts, and his dick was standing up, stiff and hard, and being made ready by two little pairs of girl lips, sliding up and down each side of the shaft.

I slipped a hand into Nim's panty waist, but it was too tight in there to get a finger all the way in, so I slid them down in front to allow my finger to make it to her clit and her vagina. She humped her pussy up into my fingers.

Bob was down between Mariette's legs, sucking on her clit.  He held her legs wide apart, then pushed her knees up by her ears.  He licked down her cleft, over her perineum, up the rear crack, and over her little rosebud, as Mariette twisted and laughed at the tickle.  I remembered Bob's fascination with that girly part. 

The larger movie girl had stooped over the guy while the younger girl held his cock up straight, and the bigger girl was now sliding down on his cock.  The smaller girl sat on his face.  Noi was sitting up and watching the movie and Bob and Mariette with about equal interest.  She glanced our way from time to time as she fingered her little boobies.

I pulled Nim's panties off.  I followed them down one leg with my tongue, Then back up the other leg when they were gone.  Nim giggled and twisted when I reached her pussy and dipped into the cleft.  Her inner skin was light pink, I could see it as I spread her lips open with my thumbs.  She smelled and tasted good to me.  I caught Noi watching, and beckoned to her to join us.  She shook her head.  Nim was wide open and yielding.   My tongue checked out her vaginal hole.  No sign of a hymen.  What gives?  I thought Bob said both girls were virgin.  Wait!  That was a week ago.

The movie girls were enjoying their man.  The ten year old was bouncing up and down on the guy's stiffy, and the eight year old was riding his tongue like a pro.

Bob had shed his shorts and was now between Mariette's spread legs, sitting on his haunches, and rubbing his rather long cock from Mariette's little anus to her clit.   I raised my head a little, and I could see her vagina gaping open like it was trying to suck the head in every time it passes.  Mariette whimpered.  She was ready, and did not like to be kept waiting.  Bob sent his cock sliding into the bare little pussy and started to stroke, long deep, powerful.  Mariette began to make little whimpering cries.  I watched long enough to be sure they were cries of passion, not pain, and then I turned my attention to Nim

I tried the pose the movie man was using, wanting to see if Noi would join Nim over me. She did crawl over and I felt her hands loosening my shorts.  Both twins helped to pull them down.  Then, in perfect imitation of the movie scene we just watched, both girls slid their lips up and down my shaft a few times, before Nim engulfed it in her warm mouth.  Noi watched as Nim mounted me, holding my cock straight with one hand, and then after rubbing the slick, saliva covered tip around in her slit a few times, she got it settled into her vagina entrance, and slowly  slid it into her as she lowered herself down on it.  Noi then threw one leg over my face and as she gave me a flash of pink opening, she lowered herself onto my mouth.  Little Thai girl essence ran down my tongue as I stuck it up into her wide open cleft.

But this little girl had not been opened yet!  There was a veil of skin closing all but a small perforation over that little hole.  I remembered that Bob had said one of the twins was reluctant to lose her cherry.  I made up my mind to see if I could arouse the child enough to change her mind.

None of us were paying attention to the movie anymore.  We will run it again later and we will go into another fucking frenzy along with the movie characters.  I won't ever see all of the movie.

Bob rode little Mariette expertly.  He seemed to bring her right to the edge several times, much more expertly than I seemed to be able to do.  He had a lot of practice in actually riding little girls from his years in Thailand.  He married his wife there and he managed to bring her sister out too when she was a little girl.  Bob had a six year old son with his wife.  I envy him his experience and expertise with little girls.  Mariette was very happy with what he was doing to her, I could tell by her cries that she had orgasmed several times, and Bob was building her up to a major orgasm now.

My little Nim had had her climax, had collapsed onto my chest, pulled free of my erection and rolled off me.  I encouraged Noi to take her place. She refused.  I took her into my arms and lowered her onto the bed.  I held her in my arms and kissed her with my tongue moving on her lips.  Her tongue came out to meet mine, and she relaxed as we kissed, and I caressed her nipples and down to her clit.

The little girl got more and more relaxed as I kissed down over her neck and chest to her nipples.  She moaned as I sucked each little mound into my mouth and caressed it with my tongue.  Nim began to revive, and was watching her sister and me as we made love.  When I slipped down and began to use my tongue on Noi's clit, Nim moved over and took her sister's upper body into her arms.  As I kissed and licked and nibbled on Noi's clit, Nim kissed her passionately on her mouth.  I could feel Noi relax even more as her legs spread wider and she began to try to hump her clit into my face.  I crawled up her body, and Nim moved back a little out of my way, but she still held Noi's hand.

I rubbed my cock in Noi's cleft, which I had left full of my saliva and her natural juices, a very slippery mixture.  Nim reached a hand down between our bodies, and took hold of my shaft and guided my tip between her sister's lips and placed it at the virginal entrance.  When it was there, I gave a quick thrust forward, and felt the head slip in through the barrier.  Noi let out a yelp, and tried to recoil, but since I had Nim's help, I was able to hold a shoulder with each hand, and she had nowhere to go.

As I kissed away the tears that had sprung into Noi's eyes, she uttered a few words in French to her sister, who giggled, and said a few comforting words back to her.  I recognized a couple of Noi's words as swear words I had heard Mariette use.  I held myself still, both to ease Noi's discomfort, and to calm myself down.  It was so erotic to be able to take a little girl's virginity at my age, I had to suppress my urge to cum into that hot, tight sheath I was in. 

I was barely in.  When I felt Noi begin to relax a little, I began a very slow, gentle, barely half inch stroke.  I was being considerate of my partner's possible discomfort, and also super careful to avoid shooting my cum before I gave this girl a proper ride for her first time.  Noi flinched a little at my first movements, then she murmured a few words to her sister again, and Nim nodded to me to go ahead. 

"She says it feels better now, but she is mad at you for hurting her and she will never speak to you again."

"I'm sorry," I said to Noi.  "I really didn't mean to hurt you."

"Yes, you did!"  Noi said, then clapped a hand over her mouth.  "Oh, crap."  She turned on Nim, who was laughing.  "You traitor, you helped him."

"You had to learn sometime,"  Nim said, and she left us to go over to Bob and Mariette.

I kissed Noi a couple more times, and then she smiled at me.  "Go deeper.  I don't hurt now."

So I increased my strokes and felt myself slip on into her until my cock was fully buried in warm little cunt.  I had myself in control, so I shifted into high gear, and started fucking as fast and hard as my age would let me.  Noi grunted in surprise as she began to respond to my thrust with wriggles of her hips, and upward thrusts of her own.  Soon I was hearing an "uh" and an "ooh" with every thrust.  Noi responded to my kisses, breast caresses, and varied stroking into her pussy with a high pitched squealing orgasm.  The girl's frantic antics she used to reach her peak brought on my best orgasm of the evening into a delightfully tight sheath.

I held her tight in my arms as I shot my seed into her, then held her close as we rolled on our sides, with me still deep inside of her.  I was still hard.  I'll have to confess, I had taken a healthy dose of Viagra before my lunch.

I watched as Bob came to the end of his rope.  He had ridden Mariette well, but she had exhausted him.  She looked at me, and I left my little twin draining my cum and her blood from her cunt and down over her hip and leg.  Nim was attending to her with a washrag and towel.

I quickly entered Mariette with my still erect cock, and proceeded to give her a wild ride, fueled by all the erotic sights and feelings we have been experiencing today.  Moments later, she was in a shuddering climax and I was able to cum a small amount again and this time when I finished my cock was finished for an hour or so.  After we all recovered, Bob called out for pizza and we ate to gain our strength back while we rested.

Bob restarted the movie.  As the movie sex began, so did ours.

Mariette and I tried it with her riding me, as we did in my hotel room three nights ago.  Bob added a little thrill to Mariette when he crawled between my legs and licked her anus as she was riding me, which caused such a wild ride, we both had a hard cum, and Mariette fell forward onto me, but Bob kept after her and her pussy spasms from his attention to her rear hole brought me up to full hardness again.  I left Mariette to Bob, and I gathered a twin up next to me in each arm.  As the twins took turns masturbating me and exploring my cock and balls with curious fingers and hot lips, I stuck a finger into each slippery little pussy cleft to find their clits and stroked them slowly to a double climax.

Meanwhile, Bob got off into Mariette one last time for the evening.  The girls all showered, as did Bob and I and we retired to our bedrooms.  But we did not sleep alone.  Mariette crept into Bob’s room for the first half of the night, while the twins were in my bed, all of us naked.  After about 2 in the morning the girls changed places and Mariette and I snuggled the rest of the night.  After a morning romp and rides, except for Noi who was too sore, we all arose.  We had a big day planned for today, and Bob and I somewhat regretted the night's excesses.  A brisk shower woke us up somewhat. 

On remembering the water slide, the twins and Mariette revived much more than Bob and I did.  The girls were excited about going to the water park, so we went over at 10 in the morning when it opened.  Bob and I spent most of our time watching our and other people's little girls, calling each other’s attention to different views we were getting of partially bare pussies.  There were a lot of shows, as the girls are all very unconcerned about the coverage of their suits, especially in the crotch area as they came down various slides.  At three PM we had to leave, and Bob drove us to the Bus Station where Mariette took over and got us home in time for a late dinner at the hotel.   

I was exhausted. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open on the bus.

Mariette was radiant.  She had decided she had been ridden six times over our short weekend. 

I said, "Only six? I thought there were more." 

"Oh, does it count if I am on top?" 

"Of course!" 

"Then I have eight!"  She was as happy as a bug. She clapped her hands and hugged my neck and kissed me.  It was lucky people watching us thought I was her old Grandpa. 

All I know was I was dead tired, and my cock was raw and sore, and my balls ached from producing sperm.  I needed a good night's sleep before I could even think of Mariette again... but then again, tomorrow is another day.


All of my stories are pure fantasy.  People, places and events are figments of my imagination.  Do not try this at home.



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