by   E.A.Grant

(mg, ped, inc, oral, cons)


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Jimmy had been babysitting for his sister for a couple of years. Not babysitting so much as just making sure she was in the house after school and stayed there until their mother got home from work, usually shortly after five o’clock. Jimmy’s dad was in the military, an Army Captain, and was away for long stretches. That left Jimmy as the head of the house… or so he liked to think. 

The truth of it was Jimmy never thought much about his sister, Carol. She was a lot younger then he was.  He was sixteen and she had just turned eight. Other than sharing the same parents, they had little in common. They got along just fine, but had little to do with each other most of the time.

Football was Jimmy’s great love, not girls. He was a big guy at six feet and 187 Lbs. Big for a junior in high school.  The girls loved his blue eyes and dark, almost black, curly hair.  But he concentrated on football in the fall and basketball during the winter hoping to get a scholarship for collage.  

He’d scored a few times, but still, when Jimmy got horny thinking about tits and pussy, he just did himself.  It was so much easier, and less complicated than having to find a girl and put up with all sorts of crap. Of course if one should just so happen to throw herself at him, well, that was different.

Kitten was Carol’s nick name, a name she liked.  It had been given to her by her dad because, as a baby, she liked to cuddle in his lap like a kitten.  Now she was an average eight-year-old.  A skinny little stick really, her only attractive female looking body part, in addition to her pretty angelic face, was her butt. Her ass was full, firm and round. She had saucer sized, soft brown eyes, light brown hair that was generally in two braids and lightly tanned flawless skin. This day she was wearing little-girl farmer-brown bib overalls. A pink tee and a pink bow on each of her two pigtails, she was bare foot. 

Kitten loved her brother and paid much more attention to him than he did to her.  She liked to watch him in the basement working out with his weights. She would count sit-ups etc. for him sometimes. She liked to keep glancing at him while he sat in the family room watching T.V.  To Kitten, he was so handsome, so serious and so grown up.

If he had been paying more attention he would not have been surprised at what happened on that rainy September afternoon. Jimmy had gone into the upstairs bathroom to take a piss. He thought Kitten was downstairs playing a video game so he hadn’t closed the door for what he expected would be a quick piss break.  The problem was as soon as he touched himself he began to grow from the warm touch of his own fingers and his own natural horniness. His hand worked slowly back and forth while he enjoyed the delicate feelings being generated while his cock grew bigger and bigger. With his eyes closed he began to grip his cock tighter and make longer strokes. It felt great … pissing forgotten for the moment… then he was aware he wasn’t alone.

Jimmy’s eyes snapped open, his hand stopped moving and he quickly turned toward the door. There stood Kitten, mouth slightly open, eyes welded to his dick.

“What are you doing here?” Jimmy asked her in a slightly surprised, a little bit bothered voice. “What are you looking at anyway?”  Jimmy realized she wasn’t listening to him.  “Didn’t you ever see a boy’s dick before? You’re not supposed to be in here.”

That seemed to get her attention. She was un-raveling her braids evidently getting ready to brush her own hair.  Kitten looked up at him and shook her head indicating ‘no’. “I mean I never did see your thing.   But you’re the one that left the door open, so it’s not my fault.”  Then she returned her eyes to his cock, and said to her brother in a simple questioning voice, “What are you doing anyway Jimmy?” And added matter of factly, “What are you doing with your thing?” She looked up at him and blinked her big eyes.

“I’m just taking a piss if you must know. This is how men pee.” Jimmy’s cock was becoming soft in his hand but still he was aware that it was kind of turning him on to have his sister look at his cock.  He didn’t make any attempt to cover himself, in fact he turned a little more toward her.  Feeling more relaxed, he smiled at her and said, “Well you can watch if you like… just don’t tell Mom. You have to promise… Do you want to watch?”

“Um-Hum”, she said smiling back at him now.  “Yes, I want to see. O.K., I promise not to tell Mom. But it’s not big now.”

He was really getting turned on. “Yeah, I know it gets small when I piss. You can come closer if you like, Kitten.” He could sense his body reacting to the attention of a female… he was getting hornier. “You can even help me piss, if you want to you.   Do you want to help me pee?”

“O.K… it looks weird  it’s so big Jimmy.  I’d be afraid to touch it.” She walked into the bathroom close to her brother, and stood to the side of the toilet and again stared at his semi-limp cock. “It looks funny Jimmy.  I don’t know if I can touch it,  Jimmy.”

Jimmy could feel his cock getting hard again with his sister looking at him.  “You don’t have to be afraid, Kitten. Give me your hand and I’ll help you hold it.” Jimmy took his sisters willing but hesitant hand in his and wrapped her fingers around his semi-hard cock under his own hand.

“Just hold it firmly and point it toward the water, Kitten.”  Her hand set him on fire; he loved the feel of the small hand wrapped, more or less, around his cock. “The piss comes out of the hole in the top of my cock. Can you see the hole?” he said to her as she looked more closely.

“Yes, I can see it,” she said staring at the cock head. “It’s really cool…”

“Now watch the piss, Kitten… make sure you aim my cock toward the water.”  He helped guide her hand but she was holding his dick. She seemed startled when the stream started.  The golden stream twisted into a mild ark and landed splashing in the toilet water. Kitten was fascinated.

“Wow!” was all she said. She looked up to her brother for a second with a pleased smile, then back at the continuing stream. She watched as the yellow line of liquid slowed and stopped. “Wow, way cool Jimmy.  That was fun.” But she didn’t move her hand and was once again looking at his cock

“How did you like that, Kitten?” Jimmy asked as he began to move her hand under his in a way to continue to stimulate his cock.

“I liked it.  It was fun. It’s getting big again, isn’t it?” Her big eyes sparkled with interest and excitement.

“Yeah, it is, Sweetie. That feels really good, that’s why it’s getting bigger.  Keep rubbing it just like that, Kitten.”  After just a minute of her helpful massage, Jimmy stopped her. Why don’t we go into my room and lie down. I’ll show you how I can shoot white vanilla sauce out of my cock. Just like magic.  You’ll like that.” Jimmy buckled up his pants and picked up his sister in his arms. “Ready to play, Kitten?  We can have a lot of fun, but remember, it has to be a secret.”

“O.K. Jimmy, I won’t tell. Is it really vanilla… whatever you said, Jimmy? I know it isn’t.”

“You’ll see.”    

In the bedroom Jimmy dropped his sister on the bed and started to undress. Moments later he was nude and she was staring at him in wonder.  “Gosh Jimmy, that thing is really big now. Does it hurt?”

“No silly … Do you like to look at me naked? And stop calling my cock a ‘thing’, call it a cock like a big girl would.”

“A cock? O.K. and yeah… I like to look at you… you’re handsome. Your thing… I mean c-c-cock is big again.”   Then she giggled a little not believing she had said that. She stopped giggling when he began to un-buckle her Farmer Brown shoulder straps. She watched his fingers un-fasten her pants and let them drop.

“Why are you taking my clothes off?”

“You have to get undressed too, Kitten if we are going to play the game. It wouldn’t be fair if it was just me naked.”

“Do you like to see me naked?” she asked as her brother contiuned to strip her.

“Yeah, I do like to look at your bare ass.” He slid off her trousers and then pulled off her tee shirt. She seemed to be confused but didn’t resist. Next he wiggled her white cotton panties off her chubby little ass.

“This is naughty isn’t it?” she giggled.

“Yeah, it is.”

“But I won’t tell.”

“You’d better not tell,” he replied sternly.

Jimmy was surprised at what a turn on it was to be looking at his pre-teen sister’s pussy. Sure, pussy was pussy, and who didn’t like that.  Still it was his little sister’s pussy and not some slut cheerleader eager for cock.  He was more than a little intrigued at sight before him.  He laid her on the bed then lay down beside her.  They were both on their side facing each other as he asked her. “We can play a game where you make cream come out of my cock, Sis.  I’ll show you how, but you have to let me kiss you… between the legs. Is that O.K.?”

“Yuk!  Why would you do that? Isn’t it dirty down there?”

“No, Kitten, it’s very clean and besides it will make you feel real good. It will tickle, you’ll love it.”

“O.K. if you promise it won’t hurt or anything like that.” She reached down without looking and found her brothers big cock, hard and waiting for her. She just ran her small hand over it slowly.

For the first time in his life, Jimmy looked at his sister’s full pink lips. They were so close he could feel the warmth of her breath. Her mouth, slightly open, was a magnetic attraction for him and the glistening moist lips left him with no option but to kiss her mouth.  Bending forward he placed his own lips against her warm, wet lips and pressed slightly. His tongue ran over her lips then moved into her mouth to touch her small tongue.  Jimmy’s hand slid over her skinny hips and onto her full ass cheeks. His fingers squeezed her fullness and slid into the crack between her ass cheeks. One finger ran over her pussy then up and over her asshole, finally up and down the crack. She giggled and squirmed.

“Stop that, you bad boy,” she said moving away from his kiss.  ”It tickles me.”

“Sorry…  Did you like the kissing?”

“Yes. It was like on television. It made me feel funny in my tummy.”     

“O.K. let me show you how we play “Vanilla Sauce”.

“But it’s not really vanilla, is it Jimmy? Anyway I know it isn’t.” Kitten sat up next to her brother who laid flat on his back. His head supported by two pillows.

“No, it’s not really vanilla Sis. But lots of girls like to taste it.”  He was glad that she didn’t ask him how he knew that.  “This is all you have to do. Come and sit on my chest facing my cock.”

“Like this?” Kitten sat on her brother’s chest and looked at his cock.  She touched it tentatively “There is something coming out the hole, Jimmy. Is this the way you want me to hold it?” Kitten put one hand near the cock head and one half way up his cock. Her fingers were not long enough to reach all the way around but she still had a good grip.

“Yes!  Sit just like that; now put both hands around my cock. The stuff running out is pre-cum. I’ll explain that later, but it won’t hurt you.” He felt her little hands one higher than the other but neither big enough to surround his cock. “That’s right, just like that Sis. Now start pulling it up and down just like you did in the bathroom.”  Now he felt her start to jack off his cock. “That’s perfect Kitten… just hold it a little tighter.” This was heaven, Jimmy thought as his sister got into a regular rhythm.

He gripped is little sister’s hips and pulled back, urging, “Now just move your butt up.   More… more… just  and sit on my mouth, Kitten. Don’t worry I can breathe fine.”

Without speaking or taking her eyes off her brother’s cock, Kitten knelt facing her brother’s cock and moved her ass back until she felt his chin touch her pussy.  Jimmy used his hands to separate her fat ass cheeks and began to lick her asshole. She jumped a little.

“Oh, Jimmy!  That tickles to much, hee, hee, hee.”

“Keep pulling my cock, Kitten, you’re making me feel really good all over. You’ll like what I’m doing to your bottom when I’m done. You’ll see.”

Pulling his sister back into position, Jimmy continued to lick and tease her dark hole.  He forced his tongue into her ass a bit then went to her sweet little girl cunt.  She smelled as sweet as candy; the hole, when his thumbs spread the already wet outer lips open, exposed a bright pink fuck hole, wet, shinny and warm.

“Your little cunt looks delicious baby…” was all he had time to say before his mouth covered her pussy. His tongue went deep into her and lapped at the delicious moisture. He softly sucked her clit into his mouth and played with it with the tip of his tongue. He could feel her squirming above him but he held her to his mouth.

“Oh, Jimmy,” she whispered as if they were not alone. “That feels so super… not just tickling… different… keep doing that.”  She was sitting up straight now her hands no longer on her brother’s cock, humping her hips and grinding her cunt into her brother’s face . “Oh gosh, Jimmy… oh gosh… that feels so good… .I love what you’re doing.”

Jimmy pulled away from her cunt for a second. “Keep pulling on my cock, Kitten, it’s almost ready to give you the sweet sauce.”  He went back to his clit sucking and she remembered what she was suppose to be doing and once again started to jack him off.

Now there was a change in Kitten’s response to her brother. She was getting turned on by the new feeling. She began to push back against his mouth and tongue. She began to wiggle against his efforts. He could feel the new excitement she was feeling by the amount of new sex juice that ran into his mouth.  Jimmy loved his new play thing, his fuck slut sister and his cock loved her even more.  But then her body shuddered with what Jimmy imagined was her first climax. A moment later his mouth was filled with a mixture of her little girl cunt juice and a little of her piss. He just swallowed her gift as he began to feel his balls tighten. Giving her slit one more last long lap he moved her off of him. She was so light it, was like moving a doll.   

“Just keep pulling, Kitten, I’m all ready to shoot the sauce.”  She pulled with a new vigor trying to please her brother as much as he had pleased her.  Even if she didn’t really understand what had happened to her, she knew she liked it.

Jimmy had an overwhelming desire to talk dirty to his little sister and dominate her.  “You’re making me feel so fucking good, Baby… keep pulling faster you little slut.  Jimmy’s’ little slut sister, that’s what you are now.   Pull…pull … pull faster… Oh God, oh God…that’s so fucking great…fuck…fuck…”

In a flash and without planning Jimmy pushed his sister on to her back on the bed. Then he pinned both of her hands over her head against the bed with one hand while with his other hand he finished bringing himself off.  Jimmy was on a very special high and he was sweep away with his newfound lust for his little sister.

“Here I cum, Kitten,” was his warning to the startled girl. Her big eyes got even bigger as she saw the fountain of cum coming out of her brother’s cock and she couldn’t move as he had her pinned.  Controlling the direction, Jimmy shot cum toward her face. The first glob flew into her hair and over and into her nose filling her nostrils. The second glob went into her mouth and over her chin. He shot more cum over her chest and belly. Finally when he was almost finished he wiped the last drops over her pussy lips.

The amazingly accepting little girl never protested. Kitten was more amazed than frightened. “Jimmy, I can’t breathe good.   Let my hands go, please.”

Finished but not yet down from his high, he bent over her face and lapped his own cum off of her. He let her hands go free and kissed her tenderly.  Sliding his tongue into her mouth he could taste his own cum and realized that Kitten was playing with his tongue as much as he was hers. 

After a little more kissing and feeling, Jimmy seemed to regain some of his senses.  His hormones back under control, he smiled at his sister and continued to run his hand over her nude body. “That was really special, Kitten, but remember, it has to be our secret.” He puffed out her lips with his fingers and kissed her again, and again was amazed at how good it felt.

“I know, I know.  You already told me a hundred times,” she whined. “I really liked making your thingy shoot sauce… but you talked so nasty to me… That was part of the game, wasn’t it, Jimmy?” 

“Yes, it was part of the game. I love you Kitten.  You know I don’t mean any of that dirty talk. It just feels good at the time to say it.” He moved away and sat up on the edge of the bed. Then he gave her a playful slap on her ass.

“O.K. little one, it looks like I better get you into the shower. You’re a mess…. You have cum everywhere; even in your hair.”

“O.K.” Kitten said, “ But you have to come with me. You did the mess, now you have to help clean it up.”

Jimmy was caught off guard by the idea, but felt a little thrill go through him as he thought of being in the shower with his sister. Maybe the game wasn’t over yet.

In the bathroom Jimmy and Kitten entered the enclosed glass shower.  He turned on the fine mist shower spray and adjusted the temperature.  Handing her a washcloth and a small bar of soap, Jimmy took a larger bar for himself along with a soft, textured sponge.

The shower had a showerhead at each end of the oversized stall making it easy for two people to stay wet and warm together.

“Now little girl, you wash me and I will wash you. First, let me shampoo your hair  it’s kinda raunchy.”   He cupped his hand and filled it with shampoo then massaged it into Kittens soiled long brown hair. She closed her eyes leaving the operation to him.  His fingers felt like magic to her.

Jimmy’s fingers tingled as he worked in the soap while his eyes roamed up and down her body. The combination of the sensual touch of her hair and scalp, the sight of her nudity and the warm water was a clear aphrodisiac for him.  He could feel his cock again beginning to grow.  He made the shampoo last much longer than it had to until his cock came to full erection. He used the spray hose to wash away the soap and leave Kitten glistening wet and more desirable than ever.

Kitten wiped the water out of her eyes and looked up at her brother who of course, towered over her. “Look Jimmy, your thing….I mean,” she rolled her eyes to feign a memory loss, “I mean your cock is big again. Is that because you like to see me naked?”

“Yes, something like that. It’s really a bunch of stuff, but your body sure is a part of it. Let’s wash each other, Kitten, I want to feel all of you and I want to feel your hand on me some more.” He soaped the sponge and bending down washed her back and flat chest. Then he soaped her nipples and began playing with them with his slippery fingers. He felt an instant response in the form of a mild stiffing. “I bet that feels good to you, doesn’t it?”

“Oh ya, Jimmy, it really feels good. Do it some more.”  She was holding his cock but wasn’t paying attention to it yet as she enjoyed her brother feeling her nipple.

Jimmy used the sponge to wash between her legs, and up the ass crack. Then he sprayed away the soap and let his fingers continue to explore.

“Wash my cock, Kitten,I want to feel your fingers on me.”  Standing in the shower, she was just a little taller than his cock so when she started to wash it, it was really right in front of her

His finger slid between her legs and touched her dark hole. She wiggled her chubby ass making it easier for him to slide a finger into her ass a short distance.

She was a little uncomfortable, when she felt Jimmy’s finger go into her ass… but that passed and then it felt kind of good to her.  She washed his cock with the face cloth and soaped it well so it was slippery for her hands.  She began to masturbate him which was the only thing she thought to do. She really liked the feel of his hard cock in her hand and the new knowledge that she was at least part of what had excited her handsome brother.  This whole new experience was fun for her and she wondered why it had taken Jimmy so long to start with her.

A few moments later Jimmy had his finger in her cunt over an inch, then he began to play with her clit again… it too was hard and waiting. Without being asked she spread open her legs a bit to give his hand room.  Kitten was using the wash cloth on Jimmy’s balls now but concentrating on the feeling in her belly. New feelings, strange feelings... wonderful feelings.

Oh ,Jimmy, it’s happening again… That feeling is coming. Oh… oh… oh… ohhhhhhh!”  She shuddered and almost dropped to the floor of the shower as she came off.  Her brother was pinching her clit and squeezing her nipple. Jimmy caught her and held her against his belly while she went through the set of feelings that she would do again and again for him in the future. He sprayed warm water into her cunt to add to her thrill and got the appropriate giggles for his trouble.

“Oh, Jimmy, that was so fun. Really… really so fun,” she said in a half gasp while she caught her breath. But now she could stand just fine so Jimmy let her go.

“Now I want you to try something new, baby. You know my cock is nice and clean don’t you?”

“Yes, it’s very clean.  I know that for sure,” she grinned at him knowing she had done a good job. “I even sprayed the soap away. See how shinny it is.”  She held the big cock in her hand and looked up at her brother through the steam and continuing spray of warm water.   “What do you want me to do?”

“Well, it’s something big girls do for boys they like.”

“I’m a big girl. And I made you shoot that white stuff before. And you know I love you… you’re my brother.”

“Well O.K.  This is it, I want you to kiss the head of my cock and then put it in your mouth.  I want you to suck on it like a lollipop. That would make me feel really good… just like I made you feel. Will you do that?”

“I guess.” She didn’t seem to sure. “Isn’t it poison or something?” She knew better but it was time to fool her brother.

“Of course not, silly.”  He was holding his cock now and jacking off a little. He let the head brush against her cheek. “Even Mom does it for Dad. I saw some pictures of them, I’ll show you later. So you know it’s not bad, so it must be good if she does it for him.” He was speaking softly now adding an enticing quality to his voice. “I want to fuck your mouth… That’s what grownups call it.”

“Alright if it will make you feel good, Jimmy. But if I don’t like it, you have to stop.  O.K.?”

“O.K. Sis, I’ll stop, but it isn’t going to hurt you anyway. Open your mouth Kitten.  Remember just like a lollipop.”  With the water running over both of them they both had a feeling of being in their own wonder world; a world where brothers and sisters did things like this and like now, everyone was happy.  Jimmy put the head of his straining cock into his sister’s mouth and she formed her lips tightly around the rubbery head. Kitten began to suck on the firm rubbery blunt end.  Jimmy held her head in his hands and moved her slowly to introduce more of his length into her hot wet mouth.

“Oh, what a good girl you are, Kitty … What a good slut girl you are for your brother. Now you should play with my tip with your tongue… Yes like that… Oh shit!  Yeah!  Just like that. Damn!” 

Her huge eyes were glued upward toward her brother while her tongue swirled around her brothers cock head. She seemed a little unsure if she was giving him pleasure but she was not at all unhappy. Slowly Jimmy began to slide his cock faster and deeper, in and out of little sister’s mouth.   He moaned as he could feel her sucking mouth and feel her tiny tongue sliding over his cock.

“Oh, you horny little cunt,” he moaned. “Don’t tell me you haven’t done this before… you really know what you’re doing.”  Of course he knew this was her first time, and she had no idea what she was doing, but he wanted to encourage her. Still it seemed to him she was learning quickly.  Her pleasure with his words was evident in her eyes.  She knew she was pleasing her big brother Jimmy.

As she sucked her brother’s fat cock she found that she had a lot of saliva and pre-cum she had to swallow, but the taste was pleasant and she didn’t really mind. Kitten found sucking his dick not unpleasant at all. 

Reaching down, Jimmy lifted one of Kittens hands and formed it around his tight balls.  She understood just what he wanted and began to rub and stroke his sack with her small fingers.  He wished he had taken time to teach her to finger fuck his ass… but that would come later he thought. She was just learning and he would have to go slow.  He did pull his straining cock out of her mouth for a minute. “Come on you little whore, lap my balls, … suck my balls.  One at a time, suck them into your mouth and tongue them you filthy little slut ….suck, suck and lap those balls, my new little suck slut.”

The words were not convincing, or delivered in anger.  Kitten didn’t understand most of them but liked the dirty talk she did recognize. She did as he asked and sucked his boy balls into her mouth one at a time.  She lapped and circled his balls with her small, very warm tongue, while he gritted his teeth at the intense feeling. 

Sucking in air through his teeth, he tightly closed his eyes, surprised at her quick grasp of cock sucking. He took the almost too pleasant feeling as long as he could then pulled his cock away from her.   Jimmy was quickly reaching a peak.  He pushed his cock back into her mouth and grabbing her head with both hands, began to ram his cock smoothly, deeply in and out of his little sister’s mouth. Her mouth felt incredible erotic, the most sexually stimulating thing he had ever felt.

“Oh suck it, Kitten, suck it … You’re doing good, kid, keep sucking.  You’re such a little whore… and such a good cock sucker … Yes, yes suck it, baby, suck me. Fuck!  Your mouth is just like a hot little cunt, just like it. Suck, you little slut, suck my cock.”  Jimmy kept gently moving his sister’s head up and down the length of his cock. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the new sensation.

For whatever reason Kitten only gagged once and accepted most of her brothers cock into her mouth and throat. She had to concentrate not to gag and make a scene, but she still loved the feel of the hard pulsing meat in her mouth.  Still her mouth was beginning to tire.

Jimmy was fucking his sister’s mouth faster now as he approached his climax. He looked down at her through the continuing warm downpour of the shower. She looked so, so sexy with his cock sliding in and out of her young mouth, it excited him even more.  Her soaking hair hung over her face, shoulders and back in long wet ropes. Beads of water clung to her eye lashes like diamonds and water ran from her chin in river lets. Clutching her head he felt his balls tighten and then explode into her sweet little mouth. Cumming for the second time in less than an hour meant he should have had a smaller amount of cum than the first time, but that was not the case. He shot glob after glob into her waiting mouth and throat. Pushing harder he managed to get his entire cock into her throat and continued to shoot off streams of cum.

Very soon cum was running from the corners of her mouth.  Jimmy had pulled his cock out and she gasped for air. She wasn’t upset in any way, indeed she lapped up the cum that clung to her lips and swallowed her brother’s silver cum.  Not finished she sucked a string of cum from his cock and gave it a kiss.

Minutes later Jimmy, with a soft dick dangling between his legs, dried off his new fuck toy. “You were great Kitten. That was the best ever. Did you like it?”

She rolled her big eyes at her brother, “Sure I like to be almost drowned and choked to death.”   Then she giggled… ”I’m just kidding, Jimmy … it was really fun. Your thing… err, cock is so big.  It’s not as big as Daddies though. He likes to shoot his stuff into my mouth too.”  She giggled and looked at her stunned brother.  “Well, you said it felt like I knew what I was doing, silly.”


The End


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