South of France


By JimBob

(Mg, cons, fondle, mast, oral)

A story of three days of bliss spent with a small French girl.  An old lecher's dreams come true.

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I had always wanted to spend a month in one of the small cottages near the hotel, and when the phone call came that one was available I jumped at the chance, though it strained my vacation budget somewhat.

I had no problem getting away, as I had vacation time coming, and when I was all moved in, I was very happy.  I could eat most of my meals in the hotel dining room, and spent my days exploring the sights of Nice and Cannes and the quaint little village I was currently in.  I especially loved to wander the clean beaches of South France.

I am quite interested in children, especially small girls and the possibility of friendly and perhaps little romantic encounters, and I knew that little French girls were inclined to be most accommodating when it came to helping old men get it off, so to speak.  I watched the people going across to the beach and back, and noticed on my second day, one small girl crossed over and seemed to wander idly along the beach by herself. The third day was the same.  In the afternoon I was watching for her, and when I saw her cross over to the beach after lunch, I was not far behind her.  I'm sure she was a local girl, as the tourists did not allow their children such unsupervised access to the beach. Now to see if she would talk to a stranger.  I caught up to her as she was strolling along, and fell in beside her.

“Do you know the beach well, little girl?”  She probably would not understand a word I say, I thought, but at least, she hasn't ran off screaming... Yet.

“Oh, yes!  I live in the hotel.  You are in cabin number three, I saw you come in.”

Wonder of wonders!  She spoke perfect English and she was friendly.  She could have been a daughter of some of the hired help.  “I wonder if you would mind showing an old man around the beach.  I have never been here before.”

“No, I don't mind.  Come along with me.  My name is Babette.  What is your name?”

“Hello, Babette.  My name is Bob.  May I ask, how does a little French girl know to speak such perfect English?  Do you speak French as well?”

“Yes.  My Maman is English and my Papa is French.  I have always known both English and French.”

“Well, you are much smarter than me.  I only know a couple of words of French. Bonjour!” As I said it, I bent down and kissed her on each cheek, and seeing her lips pursed in surprise, I planted a light kiss on that luscious little opening for good measure. “You are a beautiful, Mademoiselle.”  By the way she giggled when I said it, I knew I had either said it or used it wrong.  So we both laughed and then she took my hand and led me along.

“Come!  I will show you my favorite view of the sea.”

As we walked together I looked down at her; brown hair in pigtails, brown eyes and a perfect complexion, straight little body in a short light summer dress, with a lot of bare shoulders and chest and back.  If she had anything growing yet on top, she would be showing a dangerous amount of cleavage.  As it was, when she swung her arms, I caught little flickers of pink areola on her flat little chest.  Her round little tummy filled out the middle of her dress and possibly shortened it a little in front.  Only the top of her thighs were covered, and she must have had a very brief pair of panties on, as the sides of the dress flipped almost up to her bare hips as she occasionally skipped for a step or two.  Little Babette liked to show off her body, and she had a very nice little body to show off.  Did her Maman know how her daughter displays herself?

Babette lead me toward a rock outcropping  It stuck out into the sea a little ways.  The child scrambled up the rocks like a monkey, and I saw a lot of her little rear in a pair of very, very brief, very sheer pale pink panties.  They were so sheer and pale it is hard to tell where panty ends, and girl skin begins.  I watched her and adjusted my erection as it arose at the sight.  She caught me at it and I heard her little peal of laughter at the old man's expense.  The girl was hardly six, and she already knew how to tease.  I was looking forward to a very interesting afternoon, and perhaps a little more?

“Can you climb up, Bob?” she called down to me.

“I had better not attempt that slope, my dear,” I called to her. “I will scale that easy path and join you at the top.”  She disappeared over the edge. 

I wound my way up the easy path, which wasn't that easy. I saw Babette sitting on a bench looking out over the sea.  No one else was up here, indeed, no one else was even close on the beach as I saw in a final look around as I stopped for a moment to catch my breath.  I doubted many tourists would make that climb.

My girl guide was sitting on the bench kicking one leg.  I had recently read that a way for girls to masturbate is to adjust their legs just so, so the clit is stimulated by the motion of the swinging leg squeezing and opening the slit.  I wondered...

“Hi, slow poke!  Do you like the view?”

“It is lovely.  I love to watch the sailboats.”

“Me too.”  She turned toward me as I sat down beside her. 

I swung my head around to scan the horizon.  No one can see us from land because of the way the rock formation is tilted.  No one can come closer than a half mile at sea because of the rocks sticking up in the sea.  Ah, we were in a very secluded spot, indeed.

I started to make my move.  “What a pretty sun outfit you have on!  Do the panties match the dress?”  I very pointedly looked at the panty crotch she was showing off with her one leg up, one leg down position.  The panties hid nothing, they were designed to show off her charms.  I could see her cunt lips straining the material, and could see them right through the material.  My cock was hard and throbbing in my walking shorts.

”No, this dress does not have matching panties.  This is the first thong Maman has allowed me to buy.”

“Thong?  What is a thong?  I've never seen one of those.  I never even heard of it before.”  This was not exactly true.  What was Maman thinking?  A thong?  Six years old, and a thong?

“Yes.  It is the latest style.  Look!”

The girl raised her dress.  I saw a barely covered little body that took my breath away.  She stood, and turned around slowly before me, holding her dress high all the while.  She may as well have been naked.  The soft material was a small triangular shaped piece in front, with the apex of the triangle pointing down and disappearing between her shapely thighs.  The base of the triangle was a string that went around her middle, with ties at either side.  Her hips were bare.  The cheeks of her ass were bare.  There was a smaller triangle of the sheer material in back.  The inverted apex of that triangle disappeared between her round little ass cheeks. I felt precum pouring out of my cock.  My jockey shorts struggled to absorb it all.

“Wow!  Those are sexy!  Your Maman lets you wear them?  She doesn't care?”

Babette gave me a conspiratorial grin.  “She hasn't seen me wearing them yet.” She dropped her dress.  It was like the sun going down on a beautiful summer’s day.

“Gosh.  I wish I could see what they look...  Oh well!  Never mind.”

“What, Bob?  What do you want to look at?”

“Well, I would like to see a pair when nobody was wearing them.  To see what they look like. Is that just a string?  You know, in between your... um, er, cheeks?”

Yes, wanna' see?”  Babette made a futile effort to dig the material out from between her rear cheeks.  “Wait a minute.”  She looked around, then hiked her skirt up and stripped the panties down with hands hooked into the strings at her sides.  The string part between her ass cheeks and almost going up into her pussy crack stayed in there and did not come out until the inside out panties were down by her knees.  She stepped out of them, as I tried to catch a glimpse of her bare pussy.  She straightened them out, and handed me the fragile piece of material. 

First I put it to my nose and inhaled deeply.  I didn't care if she was watching and giggling at my dirty old man display.  I did catch a whiff of her little girl scent, and it broke down all my inhibitions.  I decided to have this plump little pussy under my tongue soon, or die trying.

I opened the panties up and pretended to examine them.  There was just the slightest dampness on the apex of the triangle that was at the bottom of her lower lips.  Just a slight dampness. 

"Babette, may I help you put them back on?” 

“Okay,” she giggled.  She was on to me, a very precocious little girl, indeed.

I knelt before her where she sat on the edge of the bench.  I put both hands on her thighs, and pushed her skirt way up, exposing her crack and mound.  The rest was concealed by her closed legs.  She giggled again.  She knew this was not necessary.  She decided to humor the old man.  It was kind of fun and exciting to see me looking.  I held the panties up backwards and went to slip them on.  It had the desired effect.

“No, no.  That is backwards.”  She slid more to the edge of the seat, which caused her legs to open.  I got a quick look.  She took the panties while I fixed her skirt so it was back up again.  She saw me looking and smiled knowingly.  I took the panties back, and slid them on over her feet, and up her legs.  I allowed my hands to rub the smooth skin all the way up.  As she stood, I tried to keep the skirt raised and managed to get another quick peek. What a darling pussy she had.  I longed to taste it.

Babette took over, and pulled the panties up high to get the string part up into her cracks, and then adjusted them slightly.  Then she dropped her dress and sat back down on the edge of the bench.

I wasn't done.  “Let me see something.”  I pushed her knees apart and moved between them.  It was time to go for it.  I pushed her dress up, and pushed her legs even farther apart.  “I have to see how this works...”  I muttered.  With her legs wide apart, I had no trouble getting two fingers under the string at her perineum.  I pulled it out a little, and followed the material up toward her pussy.  The backs of my fingers rubbed on the tender, smooth skin at the start of her pussy lips.  Her giggles became a little shriller.  I rubbed my thumb over the material, while applying subtle pressure with the backs of my fingers against her crack.  “Do you suppose this is silk?”  I ask.  “It sure is smooth and soft.”

She did not answer.  All her attention was on those two fingers, touching where Maman said no man should touch... 

I moved my fingers farther up the triangle, and the backs of my fingers touched new, untested territory.  She pulled back involuntarily at the new touch, breaking contact for a moment, and then she was back, warm pussy skin touching my fingers.  My enlarged second joint on my middle finger touched something hot and soft in the cleft.  I allowed it to rest there as my thumb tests the material again.

Babette no longer giggled at my touch.  She was very quiet, yet very alert.  I knew exactly what she is experiencing.  I had watched it happen before.  Something was happening to her she did not know how to cope with.  This man was mesmerizing her.  She was having feelings down there she never had before.  The last touch was a shock to her system; her body involuntarily broke the contact before she could analyze it.  She had to force her body back to the touch.  Now there was a fire building in her loins where that finger was touching, rubbing her secret part that she has barely begun to explore herself.  But even the back of my finger felt better than the two she had used. She thought she should stop me.  But it felt so good, and I could tell Babette liked to please men.  She had seen their eyes on her scanty under pants. Something down there draws their stares.  Maybe today she would find out exactly what it was.

I decided the little girl was almost ready for me to drop the charade.  I moved the finger away from the little lump, and heard the sigh of disappointment, and felt the futile little attempt to follow the finger.  I returned to the touching, and I felt the girl's body respond to my touch.  It was time to come out into the open.

I moved the finger again, as if to take it out and away. Babette whimpered at the loss of touch, of sensation.  She reached a hand down to stop me from leaving.  But I did not leave. The fingers turned over and slid back up the crease, back to the clitoris in its little dark rose hood.  I stroked with an experienced finger tip.  The fire was intentionally fanned.  The girl spread her legs wider, pushed out against the finger, her hand clutching the arm to keep the finger from ever leaving again. 

I could see Babette was lost in the moment.  She had been aware of men looking for some time.  She savored the attention.  She wore clothes designed to make men look.  Now she knew what they wanted to see. The joy that she first felt at my touch just kept building.  I know exactly where to stroke her, to bring the thrills.  There is something more than just the feel of the finger tip, the joy of the touch.  I felt her respond to passion.  She felt it stealing over her whole body.  Her chest feels the heat.  I could see it was flushed.  Her nipples stood up hard against her light dress.  She was beginning to feel weak.  I could see and feel how she had to lean back against the backrest, she feels so weak.  I knew she was a little girl heading for her first climax, her first clitoral orgasm.  It would stir her deeply.

I felt her small hips began to move to help ease the girl into that place of fire and light.  Her eyes were closed.  She was beginning to pant with passion.  I moved in closer, leaning over her.  I let my lips press softly on her lips.  My tongue licked across then, the tip entered her relaxed lips.  It stirred the passion in her loins where the finger was stroking the good feelings into her body.  I brought the climax upon her.  She thrust her body up and strained against my body, my finger on her clit, my lips and tongue brushing her lips and tongue.  She had her moment of bliss.  She cried out, a little inarticulate cry of release. She came hard.  The crisis was past.  She relaxed, but pushed my hand away first.

I rose and sat beside her on the bench.  I picked up the limp girl and cuddled her in my arms.  The little girl, now completely relaxed, and somewhat exhausted from her first orgasm, fell asleep in my arms.  I nuzzled her cheek, her forehead.  I kiss her completely relaxed lips, very tenderly.  I gazed out over the peaceful sea.

A half hour later, a pair of tourists made the climb to the view point.  They smiled as they saw the sleeping girl in my old man's arms.

“Your granddaughter must be very tired from all the sightseeing,” the lady said.

“Yes, she needed a nap.  But she is not my granddaughter, she is my guide.  I will wake her up now, and put her back to work and you may have the bench.”

And that was what I did.

The next day I did not see little Babette on the beach in the morning, so I walked by myself and looked at the other lovely little girls in their skimpy bathing suits.  What I loved about these beaches was that girls, up to the age their breasts were statrting to blossom and a little beyond, would wear only their swim suit bottoms. 

I watched a mother with three little ones, the oldest about nine, with her girls swimming in the sea, then playing topless in the sand.  Then, though I was sitting only a few feet away, she had the girls strip off their suits one by one and don panties, shorts and T shirts.  I didn't think I could top that, so I returned to the hotel for lunch.

After lunch, I returned to my cottage, and kept an eye on the road to watch for Babette to cross over.  I almost had dozed off when there was a sharp rap on my door.  I opened it to see my beautiful little companion of yesterday standing on my stoop with a plate of cakes in her hand. 

"Maman sent these for you," she said.  She also had a checkerboard under her arm.  I had found out that Maman and Papa were cooks, Papa being one of the very best pastry chefs in the South of France.

"Come in, come in," I said.  "How is my little Babette today?"

I sat her down at the table, and brewed myself a quick cup of tea, and poured her a glass of soda.  Then we sat and had our desert.

Babette chatted about things she had to do that morning, a shopping trip being one of them.  She showed off the new sundress, and coming around to stand in fromt of me, her new lime green panties.  These were not a thong, but they were not your usual little girl panties either.  As she pulled her dress up and turned before me, I saw every detail of her pussy, cleft, and her cheeks and the crack behind.  The panties were some sheer, practically invisable material.

“Oh, Babette, you are so lovely, so sexy!"  I knew from yesterday that this little girl loved flattery, and loved to be told she was sexy.  And it was no lie.  She was as sexy as a little six year old who knew how to flaunt her charms could be.  For some reason, her mother let her dress like a little whore.  I suspect it was a case of  "vicarious" childhood on Maman's part.  She was a rather plain woman.  

I had seen many men looking at little Babette on the beach, and around the hotel, so I knew she was even attractive to "normal" men.  I was not a normal man. Those sexy little panties had me as hard as a rock, and somehow Babette was aware of it.

I could see her looking.  She did not get to see it yesterday, so I decided to press my luck.

"Do you want to see it, Babette?"  I asked, as I patted my lumpy shorts.

"Oh yes, Bob.  May I see it now?"

I opened my shorts and pulled them off.  In hopes of something like this happening, I had not worn underwear today.  My hard penis flopped out before her fascinated gaze.

"Touch it if you like."

The little girl crowded in close between my legs as I sat in the dining chair.  She did not seem at all put off by the size or the hair, or veins, or general ugliness of an erect male organ.  She touched the shaft with a finger, then the tip.  My cock bobbed from the stimulation of a little girl touch.

"Do you have to go back home soon, Babette?"

"No,  I bring my checkers and tell Maman we play games.  I can stay a long while to play games."

What a smart little minx, I think.  She made no effort to open the board, it was just an excuse. 

"Do you want to come in my bedroom, Babette?"

"Yes!"  The child skipped ahead of me into the bedroom  I followed, my cock swinging from side to side as I wakled. 

Babette was already on the bed as I came in.  She moved over in obvious invitation for me to lie down beside her.  She immediately sat up and scooted down to where she could reach my cock.  She clasped it in one little hand.

"Ooh!  It is so hard."

"Look at what it can do."  I jacked the loose skin down, exposing the purplish head.  A drop of precum glistened at the opening.

"Ooh, pee!" she pointed.

"No, slippery stuff!!  Touch it and feel.”  I made a gesture on touching it and rubbing my fingers together.  "Try it."

The little girl touched the drop, rubbed her fingers together.  "Um, slippery!"  Then she wiped them off on her dress.

"No!  You will get your dress all sticky.  Wait."

I jump up and bring a towel and damp washcloth from the bath.  I wipe her little dress clear of precum with the damp cloth.  "There, all clean.  Don't worry, it will dry soon."

Her little thigh is showing.  I pretend to brush it off, but I am really feeling it and she knows it.  She giggles.

"I don't think it is fair that I don't have any clothes on, and you are all dressed, Babette."

The girl jumped to her feet on the bed, and unfastened the snaps down the back by pullind on them, and then let the dress drop off her shoulders and down.  She was a vision of loveliness in her litttle see-through panties, and I stopped her as she started to pull them down.

"Wait!  I want to do that."  I sat up so she could lie down where I was.  I bent over and kissed her on her full lips.  I was surprised when she kissed me back.  "You know how to kiss, Babette!"

"Yes.  Many men kiss Babette."

"When they kiss you, does Maman or Papa see?"

"Oh, no.  They kiss me in the hall and on the beach.  Not in front of Maman."

"And do they touch you?"

"Yes.  My shoulders, my back, my face and my tummy."  She indicated two spots on her front, one considerably above, and one considerably below her "tummy."  Six years old, and being felt up by men!  No wonder she did not question anything I did yesterday on the rocky outcrop.

"Did they do this?"  I leaned over again and kissed and licked the two tiny nipples.

"Oh, no,  My breasts they are not bare like now!"

"Do you like this?"  I continued to kiss and lick and suck on them.  One little hand came up and held my head to her chest.

"I like it very much.  It makes me tingle...  Down here."  She indicated her lower tummy, and then returned the hand to my head.

I kissed my way down her chest and tummy to her panty line.  "Right here?"

"Down here now," she answered while indicating the mound between her legs.

I kissed down over her little flimsy panties that hid nothing.  As I got to her mound, she spread her legs.  I saw her clit through the panties, and I licked it through the material.

"Oooh, Bob!  That makes me tingle up here."  She touched her little nipples.  I saw a flush on her chest and neck.  She was aroused!  A little six year old, and she had the flush of arousal on her chest. 

"Babette!  I have to get these pretty little panties off!"  I rose up and grasped the waist at her hips, and slid them down and off as she closed her legs and lifted her rump.   As soon as the panties cleared her feet, she opened her legs wide again.

I crawled between them, kissing the insides of her knees and up the tender insides of her thighs as I made my way back up to her crotch.  As I neared it I picked up a faint scent of arousal.  Her little hole was oozing love juice.  I could hardly believe it in one so young.

I avidly lapped up every bit of essence of Babette as I worked my tongue between the wide spread lips.  My tongue tested the tiny perforation in her maidenhead.  Her tiny hole gaped open, but it would accommodate only the tip of my little finger.  I tried it, and I was right.  The girl was cooing and making giggling noises when my lips and tongue hit ticklish and tingly areas.  Her immature inner lips seemed to be ticklish.  But when I reached her clit, her whole body stiffened.  Obviously her clit was super sensitive.  At least it was to my tongue action.  I had seen other little girls have the same reaction.  They were sensitive to touch, yes, but the hot breath, the warm moist tongue was so much unlike anything that had ever touched them, and the thought of someone putting a part of their mouth... there!  It blew their mind!  So nasty and yet so nice.

As I licked it, and caressed it, kissed it, and sucked it in, she grew used to the good feelings and the tingling, and relaxed a little.  Her hips moved to present herself to my tongue,  she bucked and humped herself into my face in search of more sensation, and at times, less sensation, when it grew too intense.   Little Babette had her first orgasm on my finger yesterday.  I was going to give her a much more intense one today on my tongue.  Perhaps tomorrow she would have one riding my cock?  The girl was eager to learn, and I was just as eager to be her teacher.  She was so beautiful, and so willing of a pupil.

As these thoughts went through my mind, I could feel the thrills go through the little body under me.  Babette was coming very close to her climax.  She has an idea of what to expect today, she was relaxed on my bed, which in itself was a sexual turn on for her.  She was doing what she suspected might be fobidden, just from the way Bob acted.  That was a turn on for the girl.   Her mother has drummed into her that she must no longer run around naked, yet here she was naked, and with a naked man licking her between the legs.  A major turn on.  Now she knew what her innocent little flirting with men could lead to.

That was her last lucid thought before all the flashing lights went off behind her closed eyelids, and the coos and cries of satiation came from her mouth.  Her mewling cries signaled to me that she had reached her crisis, and I pulled back in time to avoid her knees coming together, her pussy being squeezed shut as wave after wave of heat washes over her body.  She rolled on her side and drew herself into a fetal position.  She wanted no more sensation until she recovered.

I strokeed myself as I watched the little body slowly relax.  Finally, she rolled over and watched me masturbate, though she did not know what I was doing or why.  The only thing Babette was sure of was that she had just had the most wonderful experience and she felt so relaxed and good, and so grateful to this man she would do anything to please him.

"Babette1  Remember what I did to you?  Would you do it to me?"

"You mean lick you down there?"

"Yes, but you can suck on mine.  Take this into your mouth."

"What about the slippery stuff?"

“You have the same stuff, and I did it to you.  Here, taste."  I ran a finger through her lower lips and presented it to her lips.  "Here.  Taste it!"

Babette tasted it, and automatically made a face, then licked the finger again.

I rubbed the finger over my cock head, moist with precum, tasted it myself, did it again, and offered it to her. 

She tasted it looking surprised.  "It is almost the same taste!"  Now eager to please me, she leaned in and licked the head of my cock.  As I moaned and laid back, she followed and took the head into her mouth, her tongue swirling over it.  I put a hand on her head, and guided her movements to give me the most pleasure.  It did not take long. 

"Now!"  I said, and pulled her head away as I began to shoot long strings of cum into the air.  Babette watched with amazement.  "It is what men do when they have good feelings," I said when I was able.  The whitish semen was pooled on my belly.  I wiped it off with the damp cloth and the towel.

Babette was very impressed.  I figured maybe next time I would cum on her pussy and belly.  I didn't think it would faze her.  She was an amazing little girl.  I asked her if she had to pee, and could I watch her.  She did, and I did.  Then I peed as she watched.  She is not real impressed, as she had seen little boys pee on the beach.  She mentioned some twins she knew.

We got dressed, and we went out on the porch to a tiny table there and actually played a couple games of checkers.  That was what we were doing when Maman came looking for Babette.  She was pleased that Babette and I were hitting it off so well.  Things were looking better and better for us.

After Babette's mother found us playing checkers very innocently on my porch, she was allowed to come over every afternoon.  Babette often brought little cakes or cookies from the kitchen for desert,  I guess my payment for babysitting her for the afternoon, though Babette was very capable of taking care of herself.

The little girl told me the story of seeing me check into my cabin, and of how she wanted to wear her new panties for me and how she sneaked out of the house with them on.   She told me she thought that I was a man who would do exciting things to her, which is why she had worn such seductive clothes for me.  I told her that I loved little girls to love, and that had she been wearing long pants and sweaters, I still would have tried to seduce her, because she was a beautiful young girl.

The third day, after our little snack, I took Babette into my bedroom, and told her that she was only going to feel my fingers and my penis that day, but that I bet her she would have some good feelings between her legs.  She asked me if I was going to put that thing inside of her.  I told her only if you beg me.  She said she wanted to feel a man way up inside of her. 

"How do you know about men going way up inside of you?" I asked her.

"I heard older girls talking on the beach.  They told about boys and men sticking their big things up them, and how it thrilled them from their head to their toes.  I want to feel those thrills."

"You must remember, Babette, those were big girls, and you are still a little girl.  Your pussy has to grow bigger.  A man's penis could hurt you very bad right now.  But I can show you how to make it feel good while you wait."  She nodded her head, but I could tell by her expression that as soon as she could make it happen, some man was going to be sticking a dick into her.  I figured a little demonstration was in order.

Today, I was going to come as close to fucking her as I could get without actually doing it. 

"Let's go in the bedroom."

"Sure!"  The little girl skipped into the bedroom and jumped up on my bed.

Since it was a little cooler day today, she was wearing a short skirt and a light sweater.  I took the hem of the sweater and pulled it up and as she raised to a sitting position, I pulled it over her shoulders and up over her head.  I fingered her little nips until they were hard.  She liked to touch them too when they were hard and standing up.  I liked to lick and kiss them too, but I held off today, though it was very hard.  I loved to taste little girls.  Their lips, their necks, inside their ears, the little hollows by their collar bones, their nipples, their flat stomach, every part of their mound and their cleft.  Down their thighs, up the inside of their thighs, all over their little butts, behind their knees, their little toes, the soles of their feet.  From head to toes, little girls tasted good. 

I unsnapped her skirt and pulled it down and off over her feet.  Today she was not wearing see through panties.  Actually, for Babette, they were quite conservative.  They had an open lace work pattern which allowed you little peeks of various parts of her pussy as she moved.  I stripped them down, forcing myself to refrain from kissing that little mound as it came into view.  I always kissed that mound when it finally came into view.  But not today.

Today I touched her body lightly, eliciting giggles as I touched ticklish spots, and soft sighs and pants as I caressed her sexually awakened parts. I paused to remove my shirt and shorts and free my erection, then I crawled on the bed and laid next to her.  I did not have an enormous penis, only average.  But by lying on my side, and leaning on her hip, I could stroke the end of my cock through her cleft.  I peeled my foreskin back, and rubbed the head through her cleft and as it moistened from her juice, and my juice, I could get the head farther down into the slit, until it was pushing at the hymen.  I pushed in a little, until I got a big gasp, then a moan, and she pulled away.

"That hurt!"

"Yes, I know.  That is what I was telling you.  A man putting his big thing in there will hurt you a lot.  You are just not big enough for a man yet.  Wait until you are a bigger girl and then try it.  Remember, I lay by your side so you could get away.  Another man might not do that!  If I had been on top, where could you go?  Watch.”

She had been giving me that doubtful look, so I decided she needed more lecture. 

"Now if I had been like this..."  Here I crawled between her legs, and smothered her hips and pussy with the weight of my lower body while I clutched her shoulder.  I got my cock head tip up against her hymen again.  "And if I pushed, you would have been in trouble."  Then I clutched her other shoulder so she couldn't move, and I pushed in just enough to get a grunt of pain and a futile attempt at escape.

"You are right, Bob, I am too little."

Clearly, she wanted me off of her.  I hoped my little demonstration would last her for a couple of years at least.  I got off and rolled onto my back.  

"What should I do?"  Babette sat up and looked at me.

"You crawl on top of me."  I held my cock so it was pointing up toward my belly button, and helped her spread her little pussy lips on either side of my erection.  Then I grabbed her hips and rocked her back and forth so she rode up and down my cock with her clit rubbing against my hardness all the way up, all the way back.

"OOOH!"  She liked that.

“I call that riding the pony.”

I gave her a good ride, her little hips pumping her up and down my cock, and me humping my hardness up into her clit for some extra good thrills on each stroke.  The little girl began to orgasm like crazy, each one building up to a bigger and higher one.  I could tell, because her little mewling cries got higher pitched and louder each time.

Finally, she was about ready to collapse and I was doing all the work of moving her body as well as supporting it, I relented, and relaxed my control, and let it go.  Spurt after spurt of hot semen hit her clitoris and ran up between our bodies as I gently let her lie down to rest on my chest.

Fortunately, there was a shower cap in my bath room, as I had to run Babette through the shower to wash off the sweat and cum, and revive the child. 

When Maman came to pick up her little girl, she had to wait until Babette finished me off in a hot game of checkers, and the cool, collected little girl gave no hint of the passion she displayed a half hour earlier.

And there you have it.  A complete encounter with no lips, no tongue.


I can always use feedback. 

All the stories I write are fantasies, people, places and actions exist only in my imagination.  Don't try this at home.



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