Chapter 4

By JimBob

(Mg, 1st, cons, oral, ped)

Sharon’s Turn





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Donna practically prances back to the other girls.  I, on the other hand walk slowly, conserving my strength.  I’m not as young and virile as I wish I was.  Sharon and Anita are sitting and talking on the lounge now, and Donna greets them cheerfully.  Now that she is a woman of the world, her spirits have risen appreciably.

“Next?”  She says to Sharon, who looks a little scared.  I hope Anita has not been filling her head with too many horror stories.

Sharon rises, and I take her hand while Donna takes her place with a smile and a knowing nod to Anita.

“Where do you want to go Sharon?  My bedroom or where Donna and I were?”


That surprises me.  I try to hide it.  “Bedroom it is.  Good choice.  Much more private.”  I know that Donna will be telling Anita all about her adventure, so any place would be safe, but bedroom gives me a little more leeway.

When we are in the bedroom, I decide to go easy on this scared little girl.  As long as she is in the company of other girls, Sharon can hang back and let others take the lead, now here she is center stage all alone.  I see her eyes dart around the room, looking at everything except the bed.

“How wet is your suit?”  I pat her butt, then her hip.  “Hmmm.  Kind of damp for the bed.”  I go into the hall and haul a towel out of the linen closet.  I spread it on the bed, and pat it.  Sharon sits on the edge of the bed.  I push  on her shoulder.  She stiffens, and then relaxes and lays back.  I put hands under shoulder and thighs, pick her up, and drop her on the bed so she is lying head on pillow, butt on towel, but not on the edge of the bed any more.  I notice her top has a snap fastener in the center of her back.  I lift her on to her side and unsnap it.

“Let’s just take this thing off.”  Sometimes being matter of fact about it stops the protests.

She lets me take it off, but covers her small budding breasts with her arms.  That is all right, I have designs on someplace else anyway.  I slip my swimsuit down and off as she watches, wide eyed.  Her eyes got even wider when she sees my soft and dangling cock.  Time was, it would have been instantly hard again at even the flash sight of little girl boobies, but age is taking its toll. But with a little help...

“Is that how it usually is?  Not very big?”

“Gee, thanks Sharon.  You really know how to hurt a guy.”

Now she is embarrassed.  She gets red and flustered.  “No!  I meant...

“Relax, Sweetie.  I’m kidding.  Yes, that is how it usually is, but you know you can make a big difference in it.”


“Well, you can begin by taking your hands off of those little beauties and using them to take hold of this thing, and...  Wait!”


“Be back in a second.”  Having just realized that my cock, belly and chest are still spotted with my last cum, I decide that a little cleanup is in order.  So into the bathroom I go.  A quick cleanup with a wet washrag, a toweling off, and a quick rinse of the rag that I bring back with me to put on the night stand.

“Um, was that your cum stuff on you before?”

“Yeah, I forgot about it.  It gets sticky when it starts to dry.  Smells too.  Now take hold of it.  Ah! Ah!  Both hands.”

As Sharon uncovers her little budding breasts, I recover them with both of my hands.  But I don’t hold them like she has been.  I bring them up to erect little sore looking nubs topping small mounds;  just a nice very small cupped hand full.  I let the swollen tips peek out between spread index and middle finger, then closed the fingers together to pinch them lightly.  So nice and soft below and firm little nipples between.  Sharon sighs.

“Feel good?”

Mmmm Hmmm.”

“So do your fingers feel good?  Here, do this.”  I take her hands in mine and show her how to move them.  It is awkward with her lying down, me standing, but I have plans.  We do the breast massage and awkward jack off for a couple of minutes, I am beginning to feel something down there, and from her closed eyes and sighs I think she is feeling something too.  I lean over and kiss her forehead, the tip of her nose, her lips.  Her eyes fly open.  Her lips open in a gasp, and my tongue is there.  Her eyes get wider.  I touch a small tongue tip that comes to her lips to investigate the strange presence.  I chase it back into her mouth.  It comes back to touch mine, then darts back inside.  It comes back, leaves and comes back again, and then with a moan, she relaxes her lips and lets her tongue come out to play with mine.

I drop my left hand from her breast to her ribs just below, down over her rib cage, down over the smooth, flat little belly to the elastic of her swimsuit waist band.  Quick, when her little tummy draws in away from my cool palm, I slide it under the now looser band and onto the warm damp recess of her suit.  Her eyes open wide again with almost a look of terror.  I am touching her there where her Mother has drummed into her.  Thou shalt not let men or boy’s hands enter this sacred area!  I can see the uncertainty in her eyes.  What to do?  Was this really on the agenda?  Did Donna allow this to happen?

Before Sharon can move to stop me, I find the cleft, then her clit.  She jumps under my hands and lips as the thrill hits her. 

“Umm!”  A little surprised moan into my mouth.  I break the kiss, but keep my face close to hers.  “Don’t be scared.  I’m going to make you feel really good, then we will get the stuff to come out later.  You just relax, okay?”  Back to her lips.  She responds to the kiss.  Her legs open a little.  Her hands drop away from my cock, fall to her sides.  She is yielding and ready.

I break the kiss, take my hands from her body, and stand.  She watches me.

“Trust me.  I’m not going to hurt you.  I want to see all of your lovely little body...  Can I?”  One hand indicates her suit bottom, which I pushed down a little getting my hand inside.

Sharon nods.  “Okay,” in a squeaky, scared little voice.

I take hold of her suit bottom at her hips and pull it down and off her legs and feet.  The girl is naked on my bed.  I look her over.  She closes her eyes.  She is about five feet tall, slim, but not a skinny build; brown hair in a short curly cap over her head.  She has a slightly dark complexion I can see now, her breasts are not milky white nor is her pelvis area that was hidden from the sun.  She has big brown eyes which she opens to see me looking at her body, and she closes them again.  She has only the beginning of breasts, and almost no hair on her pubes, a small dark fan of fine hair on the upper slope of her Venus mound. She is just entering puberty.  Her areolae are swollen and sore looking, with little harder tips on her nipples, which I felt, but can hardly see.  Flat stomach, prominent Venus mound and relatively small lips below. Long, shapely girl legs and thighs, and just a hint of hip flare.  A tightly closed cleft, with just a tip of clitoris hood peeping out.  My eyes travel up and down the lovely little body before me.  I end over her and run my fingertips lightly over her body, from shoulders to knees.

“Open up.”  I say and pull her knees up and out.  She resists on reflex for a moment, then complies with my urging.  I go around to the end of the bed, and crawl up between her legs.  I trace a finger up her now open cleft, then back down her thigh to the inside of her knee.  I put my other hand in the bend of her other knee, and gently push her knees up and open as I lower my lips to kiss the opening to her vagina, and stick my tongue in to taste her juices just as I have smelled of her perfume of arousal. 

The little girl stiffens, gasps out a small cry of surprise, and her legs try to close, but I hold them open and back with steady pressure.  I lick her juice out and explore the hymen with tongue tip.  Wait!  There is no hymen.  My tongue slips easily into her vagina.  What happened to it? Not taken by a cock penetrating, she is too innocent.  No one could put on that good of an act. Then I remember Sharon’s gymnastic displays for the other girls.  Probably where she lost it.  I plumb as much as I can by making my tongue stretch to its limit.  The tunnel is tight, but responds to my tongue by seeming to try to suck it in.  My discovery has another effect.  I feel stirrings and energizing twinges down below.  There is hope for the old boy yet! 

“Sharon!  Hold your legs.”  I blindly grope up with one hand, catch her hand and pull it down to the crook of her knee.  She gets the idea, and now that she has felt me down there for a too short time, she is happy to pull her knees up close to her shoulders.

My now free hands go to either side of her cleft to hold it open.  I pull my tongue out of her vagina with a little “pop” and go to work on her clit.

“Oh!  Oh!  Oh!”  It is clear the little girl likes that.  I stick one finger up into the girl’s vagina, all the way in easily opening up areas where no man has gone before.  After the virgin channel has been opened, it becomes quite active around my finger.  I pull it out and insert two together.  Sharon’s love channel opens to accept them easily.  I’m going to have to think about this.  I think for all of ten seconds.  Then my thrashing tongue, and possibly my fingers cause something that makes up my mind.

Aaah!  Oooh!  Mmmmummm!  Jim!  Jiiimmm!”  My little sweetie lets her legs go, thrusts herself up at me, wraps her legs around my head. She grabs my head with both hands and tries to push my whole head into her hot little gash.  She orgasms, probably her very first one.  She pushes my head back.  She pants and gasps.  A big sigh and then... “Jim?  Wha...  What happened to me?”

“You just had an orgasm, Babe.  Lie back and relax and rest.  You need it  As I speak, I crawl up between her now wide spread apart legs, careful to hold my weight up off of her body.  When I get into position, I rest my upper body on my elbows, and taking her head in my hands, I smooth the sweaty hair from her forehead and then lower my lips to her slightly parted lips for a kiss.  Just an easy one, no passion, no tongue.  Yet.

I carefully lower my pelvis to rest lightly on hers, but she does not react.  My fully erect cock rubs against her perineum and up into her cleft, picking up lube right and left as I carefully adjust my hips.  The tip of my penis enters her slit and nestles into the entrance to her vagina.  I feel a slight stiffening at the first touch, but then she relaxes again under my massaging hands, and my quiet little kisses.  I extend my tongue to lightly touch her lips.  Now she appreciates the sexiness of a French kiss.  She moans, and her tongue comes out to meet mine.  I tense my muscles and begin a slow, inexorable push. In an inch, in two inches before she reacts.  Her body tenses, she grimaces in pain.  She tries to wiggle away from me, but I have laid my trap with great care.  Now she is smothered in the arms of a much bigger man, and the small pain of the first stretching of never before stretched open areas soon passed.  Three inches, four.  She tenses and relaxes, tenses and relaxes.  Finally, she gets her mouth free.

“Jim!  What are you doing to me?  That hurt!”

“But not now, right?”  I stop pushing in.  She looks up at me, gets a thoughtful look...

“No, not when you stay still.  Did you put your big thing in me?”

“Most of it.”

“Oh, no!”  Her face screws up.  “I’ll get a baby!  My Mom said...”

“No you won’t.  First, you are too young.  Second, if you were old enough, I’d have to squirt my stuff up inside of you.  I’m not going to do that.  I’m going to do it on your cute little belly.”  While we talk I have been pulling out very slowly, an inch, and then pushing back in and I now have my penis buried in the tightest, hottest little pussy I have been in for a long time.  “How does it feel now?  Hurt?”

“No.  I can feel it, but it don’t hurt.  Oh!”

The “Oh!” is in response to me pulling back, and thrusting so that my pubic bone pushes into her clit, which I rightly surmise is still ultra-sensitive.

“Now, little girl, you are going to get a good fucking!”  I pull out until only the head is in and stroke it slowly back in.  Several slow strokes, each ending with a grunt from her as my cock tip reaches her cervix.  Then I shorten my strokes, speed them up, and kiss her all over her face as she rolls her head back and forth.  It is easy to see that Sharon is starting to enjoy her first fuck.

She begins to make the same little mewing noises she had made when I was fingering her and sucking her clit.  I know she is enjoying the fast strokes, I know I am.  My first little girl conquest in this new place, and the girl I would have least expected it to be.  Shy little Sharon.  I quit thinking about screwing, and concentrate on doing it.  I am close.  Sharon crosses her legs around my waist and begins to dig her sharp little heels into my butt.  I get her message, and slam my pelvic bone into her clit on every stroke.

“Oh!  Oh.  Jim.  Jim.  Jim.  OH!”  The little body wriggles and bucks so much I can hardly stay on board.

I’ll be darned, the little thing has cum again!  The thought and sight and sounds bring me right up to the edge, and I am sorely tempted to just cum in her too, a couple of strokes will do it, but I am a man of my word, and I have promised her she would see it come out.  So I stop, and wait for Sharon to come down from orgasm number two.

“Jim.  Whew...  That felt so good.  I had another orgasm thing, huh?”

“You sure did!  A vaginal orgasm.  You know it takes some women years to learn how to do that?”

Sharon lies there for a while as I stroke her forehead again.  Then...  “Jim?  Are we done?”

“About one minute and we will be.”  I start moving again, and sure enough, I am right there after only a few strokes.  Sharon’s vagina is a little looser after her second orgasm, but still tight around my organ.  “Here it comes.”  I pull out, rise to my knees over her and guide her hands to my cock, still engorged and all slippery with her juices.  She awkwardly holds me and strokes me. My cock spews spurts of cum on her flat little belly and drips some down on her mound.

Sharon squeals and giggles.  She smears the last droplet that is still hanging down over the head, then runs her forefinger through one of the little puddles, rubbing thumb and finger together and looking closely at them.  Then she touches a finger tip to her tongue, closes her mouth, then makes a face.

Eeew!  I’ll have to get used to that.  The taste ain’t bad, but the texture is awful!”

“Well, it might be a little thin...”  I get off the bed, find my swimsuit, put it on, and pick up the washrag and clean her off to lots of giggling when I do her belly.  She gets into her swimsuit, and we walk out the door, and over to the other girls.

“Gosh,” Donna says.  “It took you guys long enough.”

“Yeah,” Anita says.  “What were you guys doing there?  Screwing?”

Sharon and I look at each other and laugh.

“We’ll never tell!”  We say together.

The girls pick up their towels and leave.

I am sure Sharon will tell her friends the whole story, before the day is done.  I am sure that the girls will be back.  I am sure there will be more stories of the tweens, and the Little White Swimsuit.  But right now, I think I will take a short nap.  I think I’ve earned it.


The usual disclaimers apply. My stories are pure fantasy.  Enjoy them. Do not try to emulate any characters.  They are all figments of my overactive imagination, and do not exist in real life.


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