Chapter 2

By JimBob

(Mg tease, fondle, oral)

We Meet Ellen, a playful and adventurous girl





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It is a remarkable coincidence that eight year old Ellen, who was one of the first of my girls to go through the mass bounce and twirl routine, comes into the pool house door, just as I am swinging into action with my two small girls.  She catches my eye and waves to me.  I remember our journey into sex play together and play it back in my mind.

Shortly after we moved in, I met Ellen through her pal, Tammy.  Tammy and I were in the habit of satisfying a mutual natural urge together, two urges, actually.  She had an urge for sweets, and a lesser urge to satisfy herself sexually by rubbing her pussy up and down the length of my bare cock.  Of course, we could not always, or even very often be bare, but a layer or two of cloth would do, and it would only take a short time for her to reach her climax.  I, and certainly not she, did not care that much about my climax being attained.  But I am wandering.

Ellen seemed to be unaware of Tammy and my extracurricular activities.  We three had some long conversations in the garage while I worked, and out in the side yard while they both did panty exposing tricks for me, and out by the pool while I loafed in a double lounge with a little girl snuggled up to each side. 

I was very circumspect in my treatment of both girls while they were together, and Tammy certainly gave no hint of what she and I did in our time alone together.  When we started swimming, it turned out that what I thought would be a rival attraction to take my girls away never materialized.

You see, Ellen had a pool at her house, but her daddy was lazy, and my pool was up and running long before he got around to cleaning and filling their pool.  So I got to play bounce and twirl and other games with his little girl as she came with the other kids to swim with Jim. 

The first touches during the times I had a mass of bodies around got no reaction from the small girl with the reddish brown hair and freckles.  She had the fair Irish complexion and was a very lovely little lass, with a slim little body, but she seemed a little old for her years.  I thought maybe it was her older sister’s influence. 

So I was careful.  I touched there where one should not touch, but made sure they could be explained away as accidental, if need be, and always strictly on the outside of her bathing suit.  Sometimes it was hard to do, as she usually wore a hand me down suit from her older sister Elise. 

The leg elastic was almost shot, and partial pussy displays were common, and a touch down there could land on a bare lip as likely as not.  Finally one day, I slipped, felt bare skin and the lip edge under my finger as I drew it through her crotch.  When we came to the surface, she gave me an enigmatic look instead of her usual smile.

"Sorry!  My hand slipped."  I tried to alibi over the shouts and squeals of the other kids.

"That's okay, I don't mind."

What the heck was that supposed to mean?  She didn't mind me touching her bare pussy?  She didn't mind if it was an accident?  She wouldn't mind me doing it again? 

I could hardly ask which.  Then she wiggled herself around against me which, unless my sense of feeling on my hip was crazy, left her suit bunched up even more on one side.  Then her legs spread apart even wider.  Hmmm.

"Duck us again, Jim!"  She whispered in my ear.

"Big breath!"  I whispered to her alone.  I had been hearing "Duck us" all along, but her call electrified me.  It had been a charged moment there, little girl perhaps making a decision.  I felt I knew what it was and went for broke. 

We ducked and I stayed down, holding her tight and looking into her open eyes under water.  The other hands holding on to my arm released me and I slid my hand from her thigh under her butt and up in between where there was a lip and a crease bare now.  Looking into her eyes, I ran a finger up over the lip and down into the crease and back up to find the bump of her clit.  That was all I had time for as she began to fight to get air, and my hand was dislodged.

As we broke water, she gave me a big grin and an extra hug as our eyes met again.  Yes!  My intuition had been right, she was ready.

"Okay guys!  Break it up.  Time for a little rest for Jim.  Ellen and I want to have a little swim by ourselves."  The kids were used to me choosing one boy or girl for a little special attention, so except for a few groans from the latecomers, I didn't get any static.

Now that we are alone with each other, Ellen moved around to my front, and I held her with both hands under her butt.  I just hop slowly around the pool in water to my chest.  "Ellen?"

"What, Jim?"

"Want to try a game of one, two, three?"

"If you don't stay under too long."

"We won't go under at all.  Slide up a little and hang on around my neck."  I adjust her so my right arm is holding her and my left hand is free to roam.  We are almost face to face now.  As we count and come to three, I dip until we have water up to our necks.

We do this for a couple of minutes, until I can see she is kind of bored by the lack of action.  "Or we can play one, two, three, four," I advise her.

"Let's play that!"  As I figured, she thinks anything will be better than what we are doing.

"Okay, here we go."  I count to three and during the dip, I insert my free hand under her wide spread thigh and my fingers go up into the loose leg hole and caress the smooth skin and the smooth cleft there. 

Not a short touch, but a slow, deliberate caress of her crotch under her suit as I look into her wide eyes.  She smiles and as my fingers find her clit, she sighs and humps her pussy into my fingers.  I don't remove my fingers, but keep them working at rolling her clit around as she moves herself to accommodate my fingering. 

She nuzzles her face into my neck, and relaxes completely in my arms.  Is that her lips on my neck just below my jaw?  Is this little girl kissing me?

"You like this game, or should I stop?"  I ask.

"Don't stop," she murmurs into my neck.  “I like it.”

Our little game lasts ten more minutes, until her big sister calls her to come out of the water and go home.  Until that call, my fingers worked on Ellen's pussy and clit, until I knew it all by heart, and knew the buttons to push to make her sigh and post herself to a mild, little girl  orgasm on my finger.

That is our first time for one, two, three, four, but by no means our last.  Almost every time she swam, at some time Ellen ended up in my arms, and she always chose that option of the two games that I presented to her.

Ellen came around at other times too.  She visited me in my garage alone. She sat alone with me in a secluded lounge chair by the pool.  We enjoyed hours of interesting games, ten to fifteen minutes at a time on her visits.

I never got her completely bare, though I peeked a lot.  She surprised me one day by reaching into my loose swimsuit leg and taking my erection in hand as if it was the most natural thing in the world.  She did not know to masturbate me at first, but was a quick learner.  I spent several loads of sperm into pool water through my suit an she and I bounced and twirled, me with a hand under her thigh and finger tip massaging her clit, her with hand down my swim suit, slowly stroking my erection. 

One of my most memorable times with her was when we were out by the pool by ourselves, and I pulled her shorts and panties down for a quick peek at her body, and told her what I thought of what I saw...

"Oh Ellen, You have the loveliest body.  I love to look at you."  I murmured as I looked down at the fair skinned little girl.  I rubbed my hands lightly over her bareness and lightly up the cleft to tweak her love bump and watch her react.

"I love to have you look at me, Jim."  That was so sexy and such a turn on to me that I had to carry her into my bedroom, and for the first time strip her shorts and panties completely off, raise her shirt and then kiss from her small little pips of nipples to her ripe little pussy mound, and tongue her clit until she had to beg me to stop after I had given her four good orgasms.  It was her first oral sex of her young life.

She confessed to me that she thought I was terribly nasty when I first started to lick her there, but she could not think of anything that felt so good when I licked her clit.  She returned the favor by masturbating me to my first release in front of her eyes. 

I always used care to not ejaculate on my little partners bodies at first, as I didn't think I would ever want someone twice my size spraying cum all over me unless I was used to it and okay with it.  I caught my ejaculate in a towel, and some in my hand for her to examine.

She was quite intrigued by what she saw, both the effect arousal and release had on my organ, and the facial, body and vocal effects.    She had done some sex play with her sister, but had no idea that boys or rather a man would want to touch her there, or that she could have climaxes, and cause someone else to have one.  She enjoyed exploring her sexuality with me as teacher. 

Ellen was surprised to hear that she was quite vocal and certainly had some cute and amusing bodily contortions when cumming herself.  As with most younger preteen girls, she lubricated just enough to notice some moisture.  No copious amounts flowed from her virgin hole upon her climax.  She was one of a few little girls that even were aroused by clitoral contact to where she felt some need of fulfillment.   And one of the very few to feel any need to satisfy her partner.

Though we used the word love in describing feelings and things we did to each other, we were not in love.  I felt affection for her, and she for me, but there was no passionate French kissing, or any other kind.  We were friends who shared a common goal, sexual pleasure.  With some girls it was innocent pleasure, but I believe Ellen saw the sexual connotation, hence her interest in my organ and its workings. 

Had she been a little older, we might have explored passionate kissing, but she wanted none of it.  None of my young lovers referred to me as boyfriend, and vehemently denied being my girlfriend, if accused by other kids because I favored them at some time.  Ellen felt no jealousy at seeing other girls in my arms.  She knew when she felt the need to be satisfied, she could indicate it to me, and we would arrange a tryst.          

The three big girls jumping back into the pool brings me back from my reverie.  

My young ones are ready to move on to other activities.  Their little mounds and between their legs have been well explored by my careful fingers.

They have both exchanged looks with me that let me know they are not exactly innocent in regards to what I am doing.  They also let me know that it is okay with them. 

My contact with their wriggling, slippery little bodies has completely rejuvenated my cock.  Little Jim is erect and raring to go again.  Bring on the girls!



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