Chapter 1

By JimBob

(Mggg+ fondle, voy)

There was a day at our pool much as I describe here, complete with the three  tweens, one priest to be,  and one little white swimsuit, exactly as described herein.  The would-be priest and I both got boners, exactly as described.  As for the rest of the tale?  Ah, if only... 

Oh, yes.  I saw one other little white swimsuit about thirty years later in a KOA pool in Wyoming on what I'd guess was a twelve year old beauty.  There were six dirty old men hanging around the pool, seven, counting me.  Could it have been the same suit?  It looked exactly the same.  And although the girl's hair was bleached almost blond by the sun, it was easy to see she was a brunette.





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The sun beats down with oppressive heat as I run the brush over the sides and bottom of the pool, making sure everything is sparkling clean.  Ann, the mother of the Stakel brothers on the corner had asked yesterday if her boys could bring a guest over, a young nephew who was going to be a priest, and would be in a seminary this fall.  His family was visiting, and he did not have much to do for fun.

Get used to it, I thought, but did not say.  Of course, I offered to let them all come, but she said the boys would just bring John over with them when they came.  I hoped my gang would behave themselves for the would-be priest.

I look at my watch and see it is time and the kids will be piling in any minute, Tommy comes out from the rec room where the boys have been playing eight ball.

"Want to go out and turn the sign please, Tommy?"

Gee Dad, when are you going to put it on a timer so it will turn itself?  You got everything else fixed to do itself around here."

"Too complicated.  We never know in advance where we will be that day.  Besides, I've got you guys to do my dirty work."

Tommy goes out the gate muttering about slave labor.  I hang the brush up on the fence.

Barry comes out in his suit, throws his towel on a lounge, and gets on the board and does a perfect back flip.

"Oh crap!  Nobody saw me."  He swims to the ladder and climbs out.

"Don't I count?  After all, I was the teacher.  I'm proud of you.  I'll let you do it in front of all the girls."

"Poop!  Who cares about girls?"  He goes around and gathers up pool toys for diving and puts them in a pile under the diving board, sticking his favorite down the front of his suit.  It is the only safe place where some girl won't snatch it away from him.  Not so far, anyway.

I hear voices.  The first girls come into the pool area after Tommy.

They are older, Donna and Sharon.  Both are twelve, and show signs of maturing; small breasts under semi bikini bras and nice rounded rears and almost flared hips.  Knotted suits, not string bikinis, but they look mighty nice.  They have no interest in the younger boys.

Both girls like to play contact games with me in the pool,  We wrestle and tickle, my hands sometimes wander into secret soft places and theirs brush hard and semi-hard parts of me.  It is all done under water in the pool, just good clean fun and games, and nothing ever takes place anywhere else.  Just boys and girls having fun.

Today the girls have a third girl with them.

“Hi, Sharon.  Hi, Donna.  Who is your friend?"

"My cousin, Anita.  Can she swim today?  Just today?  Please?"  Donna says.

I eyeball Anita.  It is easy to do, as she is a little blonde beauty; her blue eyes are taking me in right back and I feel a little warm under the level gaze.  I always do in the face of such beauty.  She has the cutest little two piece white swim suit on.  With some effort, I get my gaze back above her waist.

"Ah, Hi, Anita.  I assume your mother knows you are here today?"

"Yes, she is at Donna's house if you want to call her."  She has a soft voice, a sweet smile, and I am in love at first sight.

"Oh no, I just always ask that.  You are welcome here anytime..  How old are you, if I may ask??

"I'm almost thirteen."

"And can you swim?"

"Yes, I took lessons."

"Fine, the girls can give you the rules.  Have fun."  As they pad on past me I find Anita from the rear is just as nice as Anita from the front.  I love that white swim suit.

A few minutes later a dozen more kids from six to ten have arrived and then the Stakel boys come in with the future priest.  He has a modest boxer type suit on, as do I.  Both of us are going to be glad we do in a short while..

"Hi, Don and Joe."

"Hi, Jim, this is our cousin John.  Mom said that you said he could come."

"Hi, John, glad to meet you.  I hope you like kids, 'cause we got a bunch of them here."

 "I see that.  You must like children."  John says as we shake hands.

"Oh I do.  I even have to live with a couple of them.  You have fun swimming, and look out for flying kids.  They will land right on top of you."

"Thanks, I'm sure I will, and I'll keep my eyes open."

That is what I am afraid of.  There will be no playing around today until preacher boy goes home.  I get up on the diving board and shout for attention. 

"All right, in honor of our guest who is going to study to be a priest, I want all you guys to please not swear like you usually do.  We are going to have twenty minutes of diving.  Line up at the board and take your turns.  Watch out for people in the pool when you dive or jump, and get out of the way when you come up.  I will go second with my famous back flip, and Barry will be third and may or may not do his famous back flip.  John, you may be first and do whatever you want to do."

John does a nice clean dive, and swims neatly to the ladder.  I follow with a passable flip, and Barry does a better one.  Then the rest of the kids go in line.  I stand near the ladder and watch so I can signal kids to wait if someone struggles a bit getting out of the way.

Anita jumps in and I watch her swim most of the way to the ladder under water.  She comes out shaking the water out of her hair, but I am not watching that.  I am looking at that white, transparent swim suit.  Or rather I am looking at that nifty little girl figure in that clingy, transparent little white swim suit.  Oh My God!  I see the neatest little boobs or rather the darker nipples and areolae showing through at the peak of the white little mounds.  All in clinging white see through fabric. Her boobs are little and perky, and exactly the right size for her body now.  Down below, wow!  She is a natural blonde; I can see some little darker blonde strands fanning out against the white mound.  I see the cleft running back between her thighs.  I see wide, puffy milk white lips.  I even see the tan lines from her old suit, which must have been a bikini.

All is revealed by the tightly clinging material which is like a plastic baggy as far as concealment goes.  As she goes past me, I can see the rear is the same.  Two white globes in sheer white suit with very apparent crack indentation all the way down to between her thighs, until a little hand snakes its way down under one globe and pulls the material out of the crack, part of it anyway.  Oh my God!  I am not a religious man, but I have just become an Anita worshiper.

As she pads her barefoot way to the end of the line, I manage to tear my eyes away for a moment to wave at and watch Tammy, who is screeching at me to; "watch me, Jim!"

Then I slid my eyes over the crowd to see what the other kids’ reactions might be.  No one seems to notice the might-as-well-be naked girl. Except one other.  John, the would-be priest, is having the same reaction as I am.  Or even more reaction.  I can see very well from the profile of his torso.

Anita has walked past him too.  Did I say walked?  Wriggled would be more accurate.  His mouth is open, he is staring avidly, and he is regretting his vow already, I can tell by the growing lump in his bathing suit.   I take two steps and drop over the edge into the pool before anyone notices mine.  I not only am concealed, I have a better angle when Anita walks out on the board for her next jump.

I glance at Father John.  He has now resorted to clasping his hands in front of his erection, trying to keep it pointing up straight and not out where it would be a very unseemly ornament for a priest.  I have to chuckle to myself.

Then I glue my eyes to Anita's body as she walks out on the board, bounces a couple of times, and jumps.  I almost faint with pleasure.  As she walks, the material down between reveals it is up in her crack, and the water running down her body has kept the suit very skin like and totally see through. What a sight! I hate to see he body disappear in the water as she jumps. 

I stay where I am, but turn and watch her as she climbs the ladder and hurries to join Donna and Sharon in the line.  I watch her figure in awe and wonder as she runs and jumps off the board, suit even more transparent, if that is possible.  She swims toward me instead of the ladder. 

"Hi!"  She grabs my arm holding the edge, and the edge right next to me.

"Oh!  I didn't see you coming, Anita."  Will God strike me for lying?  "I've been kind of watching you swim.  You are a very good swimmer.  And I love your suit."  There God, that should make up for the lie.  My erection is back out in full force because of her proximity and the view I have of her chest. 

"Thank you.  It is a new one."  She looks down, but does not seem to notice she might as well be naked on top.

Donna calls from the board and Anita turns to look.  She was hanging on to the edge next to me, and when she turns, she releases her far hand and her back comes around so her sweet little bottom cheek backs right into my erection.  She recoils a couple of inches, but then backs her body up against the front of my body.  Even through both suits I can feel her heat on my penis. 

Donna jumps and swims right over to us.  She is used to being close and pulls herself up close to me and then turns around to watch Sharon, who is on the board.  "Hold me, Jim."  She commands.

I swing my free arm out around her bare middle and pull her back against me as Anita moves to my side.  Donna feels my erection and giggles and grins back at me over her shoulder.

She has felt it and not so innocently felt of it before and is used to it.  I'm thinking maybe Anita has been told about our playing around in the pool, thus her casual acceptance of what she felt against her.

Sharon jumps and joins us, and we make a tight group for a while.  "Do you like Anita's suit, Jim?"  Sharon asks, as I see her looking at the practically bare breasts.

"Oh, yeah.  He likes it." Donna says.  "I can feel it."

"In your bones?"  Sharon asks.

"You're close.  Not my bone."

"On her bottom,"  cute little Anita whispers loud enough for all of us to hear, and the girls all break out with shrieks of laughter.  I let go of the side and duck us all, and the group breaks up.  The girls all get out and drag lounges together. They all lie down to sunbathe and chatter together with lots of giggles and glances my way and John's way.

I look at the clock and see the twenty minutes is up so I call out that the last one in line will be the last diver, and the kids all go back to swimming.  I stay in the water until my erection is gone down, and see John finally has his under control too. 

Anita's suit is dry enough to be white instead of transparent.

I bounce around with Tammy and Sammie clinging to me, and me holding their delightful little wiggling bodies up tight.  John and his cousins have swum around the pool for a while and are toweling off.  John catches my eye and comes toward where we are bouncing close to the edge.  I turn toward him as he kneels down and extends his hand.

"Thanks for the swim, Jim.  It was nice swimming on this hot day and I enjoyed it."

"You are welcome to come any time, John.  Good luck at the Seminary."

"Thanks."  John and the two boys head on out of the pool.  There are still about fifteen kids around.  I see the three girls get up and approach the pool.

All three jump in holding hands and converge on the three of us.  Soon there are five girl bodies around me and we all bounce as a group.  The younger two soon have enough of the rougher jostling by the big girls and they head for two of the vacant lounges. 

I find Donna and Sharon on each arm, and Anita in between the two girls in front of me where all her charms are on display in her wet suit.  This is nice.  I have visual and tactile little girl charms almost surrounding me.  Two sets that have nothing to be ashamed of pressing into my side and chest, and a set practically naked almost in mouth range.  Shrill giggles break out each time they catch me looking, but darn it, they are so nice.  I decide to be naughty for their enjoyment, and stick my tongue out toward Anita's chest and wiggle it around, like I am tickling her little nipples with it.  That gets laughs from Donna and Sharon, and a blush from Anita.

I have been sneakily edging out into deeper water, and suddenly I pull my legs up, and we all sink toward the bottom.  The girls all let me go after a bit to seek some air, and I swim away underwater before I manage to get myself in trouble.

The three girls gather in a huddle, and I know they are planning some game to use as an excuse for a touchy-feely session.  They like to wrestle with me, because it is easy to arouse me and then they get to see and feel my hard penis in my swim suit with seemingly random touches and brushes of soft girl bodies against my hard male member.  They also don't mind my occasional brushing touches and body rubs in our sex charged wrestling, as long as the touching is not too overt. 

That seems to be the rule so far.  It all started kind of innocently, on their part at least, but now has gotten to the point where I am more often the one to draw the line than they are.  We have never had a semi-naked girl involved before though.

I see that apparently the girls have told Anita just how see through her suit is.  She cries out in shock, and they all head into shallow water.  Anita bends over and looks at herself as Donna points.  She shrieks in shocked laughter, and pulls the suit material away from her front.  They all look at me and see I am watching them.

Oh oh, here they come.  I try to compose myself.

"Jim!  Have you been watching Anita?"  Donna asks, knowing full well I have.

"Uh huh.  I watch everybody.  I'm the lifeguard, you know."

"No!  I mean LOOKING at her."  Donna gestures at Anita's chest and pelvis.  "ALL of her."

"Well yeah, I look at all of everybody.  It's hard not to."

"OOOH!  You are such a wise guy!"

"She means you can see through my suit." Anita states quietly, though she is smiling at Donna's show of disgust.

Sharon is laughing, and even Donna cannot keep a straight face at my innocent air. 

"That is why you and John both got a hard on before, isn't it?" Anita asks.

"Yeah."  I decided to come clean. "I don't know about preacher John, but you were sure my problem.  Look, I think you have a lovely body, and your suit looks real good, see through or not, but I got to tell you something.  You are going to cause an accident if you go out on the street when it is wet.  I think you should never get rid of that suit.  I personally love you in it, and you can wear it here whenever you want.   You sure got nothing to be ashamed of, and the other little kids didn't even seem to notice." 

Something she just said registers.  "Hey, did you just say hard on?  What do you know about a hard on?"

"Oh, we girls know a lot more than you think we do."  Anita turns away, and on impulse, I grab her hips and pull her back in so she can feel my hard on push in between her round little cheeks.

"Who's the wise guy now?  You need a tickling."  I move my hands up by her ribs and find she is very ticklish there.  As she wiggles and ducks from my tickles, my hand covers one small breast for a moment. 

I am sure she does two things before she breaks my hold.  She pushes her rear back into me and one of her hands clasps my hand in hard to cover a perky little breast.  My palm tingles from contact with a hard little nipple right in the center.  Then she laughs again and twists away.

Then Donna and Sharon attack me from the sides.  For a few moments the two girls and I wrestle to get holds for tickling access.  Both girls manage to accidentally brush hands across my pubic area.  Then Anita throws herself into the fray again.  This time I feel small fingers encircle my stiff penis, and little Jim perks up to a good firm squeeze, then another and another. 

Whoa!  This is way beyond our sweet little accidental hand passes.  I see Anita grinning at me before she ducks away again.  I go after her by kicking off from the side of the pool, and slide right out of the other girl's hands.

Anita makes it half way across he pool before I grab her around the hips, and I return her favor by sliding a hand up to clasp her pussy from between her legs as she struggles to swim away.  I pull her back into me again, and cover a little breast with my free hand, as my other fingers search for her clitoral area.  I want to return the thrill she gave me before the other girls catch up to us, so I keep moving away from them.

I only manage to delay the inevitable capture.  I am forced to release my somewhat reluctant to be rescued captive.

Now I am the captive, with three girls shrilly screeching as they duck me, then bring me up to be tickled.  Someone has a firm grip on the waist band of my trunks at the middle of my back, preventing me from squirming out of their grip and away as I usually do.  I'll leave my trunks behind if I try. 

I'm really not as ticklish as I pretend to be.  When you are going wild from being tickled you have no control over where your hands go, do you?  I decide before this game is over I am going to get a finger on Anita's bare little clit, as well as at least one of her bare little nipples.  Not transparent suit bare either; bare skin bare. 

I'll see what develops with the two other lovely little girls, but I am ready to up the ante with them also.

The first one I get my hands on is Donna, who happens to be in front of me at the moment.  I get a hand on her side, right above her waist, and as she twists away, I accidentally run my hand up to and over her left breast right under her slightly loose suit bra.  There is not much there, but what there is I cup in my palm for an instant. I get the shrill giggle I expected, before I turn her loose, my palm still tingling as my cock jerks, just as it in turn is grabbed.  Anita is back at it again.

This little girl knows something about sex, more than her cousin and her friend.  I'm very curious.  Part of my voyeurism is an acute curiosity over how and with who do little girls pick up sexual knowledge.  I find their stories fascinating and arousing. 

I don't really need the small hand clasping my penis right now to arouse me, but it sure is not hurting anything.  But Anita gets caught his time.  Another hand slides around my hip and over my erection and the little hand clasping it.  I even hear the startled exclamation as Sharon encounters more than she expected to find down there.   Both hands are jerked away.

"ANITA!"  Sharon exclaims.

"What?"  Anita says between giggles.  The hand drops from my waistband.

Sharon grabs Donna and the two of them draw away.  They are whispering together.

This leaves Anita and I alone for a moment or so, and I make the most of it.  I grab the giggling girl, who does not struggle, and I pull her close. Making sure nobody is watching and her body is turned away from the other two girls, I pull her back up to my chest and slide my right hand down her stomach.

When my fingers reach the waistband of her bottoms, I dig my fingers into her flesh a little to start them under.  She pulls her stomach way in!  She is helping me get my hand into her swim suit!  It slides right in and down, pulling the waist down with it. 

I watch over her shoulder as white flesh of lower tummy, and then Venus Mound is revealed without the slight previous distortion of her transparent suit.  Then my fingers find the cleft, and in the cleft a lump seems to lunge out at me.  I finger it back and forth, side to side, and around in a circle and she moans and spreads her legs. 

The lips open and more clit is exposed, but now with wide spread legs, my interest is farther down the valley. My finger slides down easily and makes a ninety degree turn right into the hole, into a warm, no, sauna like place. Her pussy is soft, slippery, tight, and yielding.  Her vaginal muscles flex, constrict, relax and caress all the sides of my finger as it easily slides in her to its full length.

I am holding her to me, right hand in her suit, palm against her pussy mound and clit, middle finger deep in her vagina.  My left hand is across her chest, holding her tight.  I step into deeper water to hide her body, and with my left hand push her bra up out of the way and find the bare nipple of her right breast. 

I finger fuck her as I caress her breast for only about ten seconds, then I am grabbed from behind by two Amazon women, and am forced to let my captive go.  My right hand pulls the pants back up with it as it withdraws, but the little titty is still shining in the sun when she comes up out of the water. 

She quickly tugs the bra back in place and launches herself back at me.

If she figures she is going to regain her hold on my penis, she is going to have to wait her turn, because I have two hands vying for the best grip on it now.  I guess my other two have taken the bull by the horns, or maybe horn, and I am not going to protest.  

The nice thing about two or more girls being in competition for one thing, is that they become more aggressive and daring.  I love it.  I don't fight them at all now, indeed, I am most cooperative.  With two, and as Anita joins us again, three pairs of hands with fingernails clutching wildly at my precious parts, I am not into risking anything.

"Careful, girls!  Remember, you should share."  I back up against the side of the pool, where they have to come at me from the front, where I can see them.  I don't see us attracting any attention from the younger kids yet, but I edge out into deeper water anyway to keep the activity under water and out of sight.  "Hey girls!  Stop!  We need to talk."  Little Jim and the twins are kind of scared now.

"Let him talk."  Donna says, and they settle down a little chat.

I motion them into a closer huddle.  "Okay, you guys are curious and you know some stuff about guys, but you would like to know more, right?  That is why we have been playing games in the pool, right?"  I look at Donna and Sharon.  They shake their heads in signs of denial at first, but at Anita's and my openly dubious expression, they finally nod.  "Well, Anita saw I had a boner, and she went right for it, and now you guys feel cheated, right?

"Well...  Yes.  We have seen and touched Sharon's baby brother, but no big ones."  Donna muses.  "We want a turn.  We want to learn how..."  Her protest dies out as she doesn't know exactly what she wants.

"Wait a minute.  What's a boner?"  Sharon is clearly the least experienced.

"A hard on.  His cock is hard, so it is a boner, or a hard on, or a stiffy, or a woody."  Anita is showing off now.

"Oh."  Sharon eyes my bathing suit lump visible in the clear water.  "Boner," she murmurs.

"All right, I'll let the three of you look, and feel, but here are the rules.   We have to do this so the other kids don't see, and don't catch on.  We play a game of capture, where the three of you are against me.  I get captured by one or more of you, and you bring me, um, right over here.  You can then take turns.  Donna gets the first capture, Sharon gets the second, and Anita the third.  You get to look and touch while the other two stand guard in front so no one else can see what we are doing.  And it stays quiet, and all under water, got it?"

They all nod.

"One more thing.  It is a secret.  Just between us.  No talking to parents or bragging to other girls."

They all nod their acceptance of these terms, and I suddenly duck, and kick off from the edge and out of their circle.  They are all after me again when I come up and I allow myself to be caught by Donna.  I don't resist as she drags me back into my designated corner, where the pool has just begun its dip into deep water.  I back to the side, and the three girls crowd in close, Donna in the middle.  Donna quickly grabs for my cock, and grasps it tightly in a handful of cock and swim suit material.

"Wait, Donna.  Wait a minute."  I brush her hand away with my left hand, then I grab the right leg of my trunks and pull the loose leg material over to the left as far as it will go.  Now my cock in the white net jock material is revealed.  I work it out of the net, and capture the net with my left hand also.

Now my erect cock is sticking straight out.  I look up into her face and see she is peering down into the water, which is just at my waist level.  The other two girls are looking too.  I take Donna's left hand in my right, tug it into my pubic area, and bring her palm in to my erection.  Her fingers automatically clasp it. 

"Go ahead, look and feel.  It feels good if you rub the skin up and down, but do what you want."

"Oh!  It is so warm."  Donna brings her other hand into play, and her ten curious fingers check all of my shaft and head as she bends over to see better; Little Jim strains to grow even bigger at her touch.  She even ducks her head under, and I can see her eyes open under water as she moves little Jim around and inspects him from every angle.  Donna finally comes up for air, and gives up her hold on my penis as the other two remind her that her time is up.

I let my shorts go but do not put little Jim away properly, as he will be coming back out in a few seconds.  Sharon barely lets me get away from the wall and then grabs me.  I am pushed back to the wall as the girls giggle among themselves.

Sharon is not quite as forward as Donna, she waits until I pull my shorts aside to expose myself, and then I have to pull a somewhat reluctant right hand over and place it on the shaft.  Oh my God!  It is warm!  How can it stay so warm in the water?"

"Blood,"  I say.  "It takes a lot of blood to keep it hard, and blood makes it feel warm."  Sharon drops it like a hot potato.

"Blood?  Where?"  I remember she has a phobia about blood.  She almost fainted one day she got a small scrape and a few drops of blood seeped out.

"Inside of it.  Come on, take your turn!"  Anita is tired of this foolishness.

"It's okay, Sharon.  There is no blood you can see.  It is going through it to keep it warm and hard."

"Um, all right,"  Sharon says.  She tentatively brings her hand back and wraps her fingers around the shaft.  She jacks the loose skin over the head and back down.  Little Jim jumps in delight."Gosh!  It jumped.  How did you do that?"

"You made it do that.  He likes that kind of play."

"Oh."  Sharon takes a firmer grip and jacks the skin back down, and then up over the head and back several times.  In spite of her awkward jerking, I grow harder and my penis strains to get closer to her.  Finally her turn is over, and she backs off.  "That was fun."

"My turn."  Anita doesn't even give me a chance to go anywhere.  She just steps in and grabs me with very experienced hands.  After she jacks me a few times, she takes my shaft in both hands, pulls the foreskin back down the shaft, baring the head, then quickly ducks under water and takes the head of my cock into her mouth.  This brings a gasp from the other three of us.

It is pleasure from me, and surprise from the other two girls.  My cock may be warm to the touch, but not as warm as Anita's mouth is on me.  She can hold her breath for quite a while as she bobs her head and sucks me in and out.  At the end, she deep throats me for a couple of seconds and then comes up for air, grinning up at me. 

Clearly, Anita is showing off for the other girls.  I don't mind at all.  Anita catches her breath, and then ducks under to take me in again.  The sexy girl is getting to me and I am losing control.  I tap her head to tell her I am about to cum, but she does not pay attention to me.  She comes up, takes a deep breath, and is right back on my cock again.

I cannot hold it any longer; it is so arousing to see a small girl going at me as avidly as Anita.  I cannot push her away, so I hold her head steady in both hands and I fuck my cock into her mouth rapidly about ten times and then shoot my load in three long shuddering spasms. 

Anita takes it all, and even after I release her head, she stays down a moment and I feel her sucking the last drops out of me.  When she raises her head out of the water, she stands before me and opens her mouth to show me her mouthful of my cum. 

The slimy whitish juice is all over her tongue as she opens her mouth wide.  Then she opens her mouth to show the other girls as they recoil in mock horror at the sight of her cum filled mouth. 

Then she turns back to me and shuts her mouth while she very visibly swallows.  Then opening it again, she shows all the cum is gone.  All this time her hands are holding my slowly deflating cock.  She shows it to the other girls.

"Look, he had his cum, and now he is losing his hard on.  What did I tell you guys?  I told you I did it before.  I know all about guys things.  Here, feel it." 

She offers my cock to the other two, who crowd in and grasp poor little Jim in his deplorable state.  He makes a valiant effort to stand, but nature being what it is, his condition is irreversible for the next hour or so.  Perhaps if all the girls keep it up?  Thirty small, soft fingers?

But no, it is not to be.  I see two of the smaller girls approaching over the big girl's shoulders and quickly fix my trunks to cover myself.  My three friends disperse, leaving me to fend for myself against the two little ones who want me to...  "Bounce with us, Jim!"

"Sure, girls.  Climb aboard."  My knees are a little weak from the recent events, but I manage to get a little body in each arm, and soon six year old Sammie and Sandy and I are twirling and bouncing.  But even with the two giggling, wiggling, screeching little girls in my arms, my eyes follow and record every detail of Anita's trim little body in her transparent suit as she and the other two girls climb out of the pool and pad their way over to all sit on one double lounge, where they put their heads together in a close knit conference.

One thing about whirling and bouncing, it attracts kids.  Soon I have boys and girls clinging to me and to each other, and the sheer mass makes it a little cumbersome. I usually love it when I have at least six kids hanging on, because I have several soft little girl butts that I can feel and grasp, and the girls welcome my touch, because the best spots are the closest ones to the bouncer. 

When I go under and stay for a while, the frantic wiggling of a little body that is afraid it is running out of air, but does not want to loose its place, is remarkable to touch and possibly rub a hand over, shall we say, special places.

Imagine the thrill the girl feels from that fleeting touch, mixed in with the certainty that she is about to drown. Quite often the last victim will be the first one to yell out, after she catches her breath, "Duck us again, Jim!"  Now what conclusions can one draw from that?  They want more touching?  Of course they do.

Sandy and Sammie have both felt that fleeting, and not so fleeting special touch several times each now, and I mentally mark these little girls ready for the next steps in their seduction.  Their next touches will be more intimate and secluded, and will be with their consent and participation.



The usual disclaimers apply. My stories are pure fantasy.  Enjoy them. Do not try to emulate any characters.  They are all figments of my overactive imagination, and do not exist in real life.

I am not trying to make any sort of a statement about religion by mentioning the young priest to be, or his reaction to the Little White Swimsuit.  He was there, he reacted.  It is a fantasy.  Surely, in the light of recent stories in the media, you cannot claim that some priests are not attracted to children?  It is the way the world works.


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