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Part 1

At eleven years old, Eddie was a full two heads taller than Liz, his nine-and-a-half year-old little sister. They were very, very close; as close as any brother and sister could be, or at least as close as any I'd ever seen. The reason I think was quite simple enough… they genuinely liked one another; liked one another a lot.

Secrets? Ya, they had secrets… secrets that they kept close.  Those secrets…. and whispering together…. that was definitely a part of it….the whispering I mean; things they knew and never shared with others.

Well, that's not quite true.  You see Eddie did tell me a little of what the two of them shared. Actually he told me a lot.  Why me, you ask? Well, Eddie and I had our own secrets you see. I was seventeen; lived next to him and we had been friends for a couple of years. He was a pretty cool kid, for being eleven, always eager to drop his pants if there was privacy available.  Actually I babysat them once. This was after I knew quite a bit about him and little sister.  We trusted each other completely, we had our story, but that is another story, for another day. He trusted me, but not like he did with Liz… that was something else. At any rate his confiding in me all those many years ago, led to some fun times and has made it possible for me to tell you this story now.

Their secrets were in general simple things, then again some were… well, more complicated. They had a secret place, an old tool box at the back of their wood shed where they kept 'things'. Things like money (they had over seventy dollars saved and squirreled away he told me once), two old 'fuck' magazines Eddie had found in the trunk of his grandfather's car. Ed had with appropriate arrows etc. penciled in the names of the body parts he thought Liz should learn, cunt, cunt hair, tits, nipples, ass, asshole, etc. They had a condom still in its foil pack; much too large for Ed naturally.  They had a pair of his aunt's fancy mint-colored, lace panties that he had stolen from her clothes line (sometimes he would have Liz model them) and other stuff.

And they had secrets they would never tell anyone (except me).  For instance, all the times they had taken their dog Pal into the meadow far behind their house and taken turns playing with his "hard, wet, pink, thing". All three of them enjoyed that and after awhile they even tried kissing his "thing". That was a really big secret, and let me tell you, it was something else to witness too. Maybe I’ll tell you more about that another day, but for now… Another secret was that they slept in twin beds in the same room, but sometimes Liz would crawl into bed with Eddie and play games.

In their bedroom, they had very large closet.  They discovered that at the very end there was a small hole that they could see through into the next room, their grandparents’ bedroom. They would take turns watching their grandfather and grandmother get nude and fuck like hell. They did that a lot, the grandparents that is.  They told me about the old woman sucking her husband until he was hard and then mounting him and driving herself down onto his cock. The kids would watch their grandmother moan and cry, sliding up and down her husband's rod, her tits swinging to and fro until grand-pa grabbed one nipple and started to twisting it until she cried out for him to stop, and then he start sucking on the other nipple, as both of them climaxed. That was a fun secret.

Sometimes from their second floor bedroom window they would watch me with a male or female friend. I go both ways. I liked the idea of them watching.

And then they still kept the secret about Peggy, the teenage babysitter. She liked to have them bathe together so that she could wash and play with Eddie's little prick until it got hard and finger Liz's pee hole until it was a little sore. She would let the kids look at her cunt too. And then would give them pennies if they would touch her "there", and a nickel to kiss her hairy cunt. And then they had secrets about what happened late at night in their room, when they would all crawl into one bed together. Peggy had been a neat secret, but that’s still another story, actually several stories.

Rereading what I have written so far, I realize that I have left out a critical point about their relationship with one another. Ed was the very dominant partner while Liz was the equally very submissive one. This was central to how they viewed each other. He protected and defended; she compliantly did as she was told. They both enjoyed it that way and as I came to find out, very convenient too.

One day sitting in my kitchen, Ed told me how his sister always did what he told her to do. I thought he was just talking big. I didn’t really know anything at that time and I knew her as an independent, smart girl.

"You're full of shit, Eddie," I told him. "I know Liz, and she is very much her own person"

"No, Jim, I'm serious. She will do whatever I tell her. Just me," he said with a big smile.

"No way, man… That little girl has a mind of her own."

"Ya, that’s true...with everyone else, but… not me.”  He paused then threw down the gauntlet with a smile, “I'll bet you a buck."

Rising to the bait I responded, "OK, a buck. What can you make her do?"

"Anything,” he said smugly.

“Anything?”  I asked, starting to get interested and a little horny.

Ya, anything.”

“Can you make her do something sexy?” I asked.

"Ya… of course.  But that will cost you five bucks."

"Hold on,” I protested.  “The bet is for a buck, not five bucks.  So… let’s see it or pay me a buck, Eddie.”

“OK, no problem." Eddie went outside, yelled for his sister and a few minutes later she came popping into the kitchen.

"Liz," he started off, "Jim doesn't believe that you will do whatever I tell you. Tell him it is true."

With a puzzled look she looked back and forth between Eddie and me.  "It's true, Jimmy. It is like I am his slave. But he will never hurt me. I have to do whatever he says, or else I'm in big trouble." she said without hesitation and in all seriousness.

"Really?" I was surprised. "And what happens if you don't do what he wants?"

She glanced over at her brother who nodded for to go on.  “Then he spanks me on my bare bottom... and it hurts," she said and wiggled her little ass to emphasize the point.

"Want to see her do something?" Ed asked, emboldened by her words.

"Sure, if you want your dollar."

"OK." Ed looked at Liz with a sudden stern adult expression. "Liz, I want you to lift up your skirt and let Jimmy see your panties."  Liz looked at both of us and slowly lifted her skirt for me to see her underwear.

It was fun seeing the control (albeit consensual control), Eddie had over her, but I wasn't expecting what happened next. Eddie stepped closer to her and said, "Now push down your panties."

"Do I have to, Eddie?" she protested without conviction, almost as if she thought she should complain, but already knew the answer and didn't really mind.

"Yes, you do… Now just do it."

Slowly she hooked her fingers under the elastic waistband of her white cotton panties, and bending, wiggled her panties down to her knees.  Naturally her skirt dropped to cover her nakedness as she worked the panties down, but then she stood up and again lifted her skirt and looked right at me.

"Wow," was all I could say as she stood there with her bald pussy exposed. Her cunt, unencumbered by pubic hair, looked puffy and inviting. The outer pussy lips were a pale strawberry-milk pink, and between those guarding lips, I could see just the slightest line of brighter red, indicating the opening to her inner thrill. My cock was instantly hard.

"Well?" At first I didn't hear Eddie; I was so fascinated by the little girl's hot little cunt. "Well, did she do it or not?" Eddie asked.

"Yes… yes, she did,” I answered not taking my eyes off her exposed pussy.  “So I owe you a buck.” She gave me a big smile, let her skirt drop, and pulled her panties back up. “Thanks Liz, you are a great sport."

"You're welcome" she said to me.

To her brother she asked, "Can I go back outside now, Eddie?"

"OK, but stay close by in case I want you."

Well, now that I knew that she would do about anything he asked her to do, it was easy to believe what he told me happened a few weeks later.

Part 2

School was out for the summer and Eddie and Liz had lots of free time. It seems that Eddie and four or five of his friends, all more or less the same age, had formed a boys' club to wile away their time. They had their "meetings" every afternoon in one of the boy’s cellar game rooms. The boy's parents, of course, were working days. Their "meetings" generally amounted to smoking cigarettes (they couldn't do that in public), drinking coke, and playing blackjack for pennies, and of course, most days they would end their meetings by jerking off together. They used one of Eddie’s "fuck" mags for stimulation.  Frequently they formed a circle in the middle of the room and jerked-off the person next to them. The object being to see who would cum first, shoot the furthest, and who had the biggest load.

They had tried to ass-fuck the youngest, smallest member, his protest notwithstanding, but somehow never quite made it into his tight, dark hole. They would either get so excited they would shoot cum all over his ass and back or became discouraged trying and just give up.

Because this was a boys' club, it left Liz out. Without her brother to play with and follow around, she was bored. She begged him to let her join the club.

Then one morning, he told her he had an idea how she could join the club. He had talked to the guys and they had voted to accept her, provided she would agree to an initiation... with the guys.

"What does ‘initiation’ mean?"

"Well, it means you have to do special things at your first meeting."

"What kind of things?" she asked with a coy grin.  She already was getting the idea what the "special things" might be.

"You know boy-girl stuff… like we do in our bed at night."

"Will you be there?"

"Of course," he smiled at her holding her hand.

"If you're sure they won't hurt me... and you will be there... and they have to stop if I say stop...and..."

"They will stop if you say so and no one will hurt you, I promise"

"OK. I will do it...but you have to be there."

“I wouldn’t miss it, Sis.”

That day Eddie told his friends what was happening.  They were of course thrilled. Many of them, although they wouldn't admit it, had never even seen a picture of a pussy, much less an actual girl’s pussy and got hard at the thought of looking at Elizabeth's. While his excited friends waited, Eddie went outside.  A few minutes later, Eddie led Liz into the club entrance where he tied a blindfold over her eyes.

"Now you won't know who is who, or even if it is me that is touching you. Just remember to do whatever I say."

"I'll remember," she said, her lips trembling with a little fear and a lot of excitement. "Just make sure no one gets dumb."

"I'll be with you all the time."

"You’d better be, Eddie...  Okay, I’m ready, but I'm a little scared."

“There’s nothing to be scared off.  It’ll be fun.”

He led his nine-and-a-half-year-old sister into the room where the boys were waiting. They looked more scared than she did, as Eddie led her to a chair in the middle of the room where she was directed to sit down. The boys were sitting on folding chairs in a semi-circle facing her.

"Alright," Eddie said, "Liz will do anything I tell her. Right Liz?"

"Yup... that's right," Liz said and she giggled, much more relaxed now hiding behind the anonymity of the blindfold.  She looked toward the sound of her brother's voice, a big smile on her pretty face. Her lips were a little dry, and she ran her moist tongue over them.

"OK, guys let's get ready."  The boys looked to one another, a bit confused, but as Eddie kicked off his loafers and pushed down his pants, all of them knew that he meant for them to strip too.  Quickly all the boys were nude, excited, scared, and with cocks mostly already erect, anticipating they knew not what.

"Liz." It was Eddie's voice, but he had moved. "Pull your skirt up so we can see your panties, and open your legs."

Liz smoothly pulled up her skirt and opened her legs so the boys could clearly see her white cotton panties. She listened to their mumbled, "wow", "fuck", and "holy shit".

"Liz, take off your shirt. Let us see your tits and play with your nipples like I showed you."

She unbuttoned and took off her shirt. With no undershirt and no bra, she was instantly exposed to the gawking boys. With the exception of Eddie, they had never before seen anything like it, even though her little non-tits were more like barely swollen mounds. Her nipples on the other hand, were much more pronounced, from all sucking they got from her brother. Without being told she rubbed and tweaked her own nipples, moaning softly, eyes under her blindfold closed, as she drifted.  The boys all furiously beat off watching the salacious show, a show that was about to get better, much better.

"Now Liz, take off your shoes and socks, then I want you to take off your skirt.”  She did as Eddie had told her and then stood in only her panties and waited for the order that she knew was coming.  “Take off your panties."

Eddie’s buddies all held their breaths as she unhesitatingly pushed her panties down and then kicked them away.

Completely nude, save for the blindfold, knowing the boys were looking at her, she grew strangely excited about everything that was happening. She wished that she could feel Eddie's big cock in her hand right now. She could hear the boys whispering compliments. And she could smell their sweat and their sex. She wanted to touch, and taste, every boy right then and there. Now!!

"You look great, Liz,” her brother said.  “Turn around so everyone can see your ass.  Now sit down and spread your legs open again and show us your cunt."  As instructed, she sat nude, legs spread wide, exhibiting her tight little-girl hairless cunt.

“Now play with yourself,” her brother ordered. With wet fingers she opened her outer lips and pushed a finger past the inner lips. She started to finger-fuck herself. She felt great... so did the boys.

"Now stand up, Baby. Each of us is going to take a turn kissing you and feeling you up."

Liz, without a question, stood up. Her brother was first to show the others what to. Eddie walked up to her and gave her a full open-mouth kiss, his hard cock pushing high on her stomach. Her hand quickly found his cock and she masturbated him smoothly while the other boys watched in anticipation. His hand slid over her firm but soft, smooth, little-girl ass, then over her quite flat chest, with the swollen tan nipples. He twisted her nipples, and then his hand slid between her legs. She loved the feeling of his hands; she could tell it was Eddie, it was the familiar feel and smell of him.

"Mmmm,”.she sighed, “this is fun."

“I thought you’d like it,” replied her brother. “There’s more…”

Liz soon got more; five new boys. One by one they followed Eddie's example.  Some needed a little urging to help them build up the nerve to touch her, but all five kissed and felt every inch of the little girl's body. Sometimes two boys groped her at once. She liked the feel of different tongues in her mouth, and different dicks in her hands.

When they had all had a turn (two had cum off while she played with them, shooting hot strings of silvery cum all over her thighs, hands and belly), Eddie had her stand up on the chair. Bending over, holding onto the back of the chair with her little ass sticking out.  Starting with Eddie, the boys took turns sucking, and lapping little Liz's, cunt and asshole. They all really liked finger-fucking her, including the fingers they pushed up her ass… at first she protested, but with the help of a little butter from the kitchen, she relaxed and didn't seem to mind.

Finally, it was almost over and this was going to be the part that Eddie enjoyed the most, what he had been looking forward to ever since he first conceived this game the previous night…watching his little sister suck off all his friends.

"Liz, this is the last thing you have to do. Get down on your hands and knees and go to each guy and suck and jerk them 'til they cum just like we do at home. I'll lead you so you won't have to take off the blindfold."

"OK. But, I'm getting really tired, Eddie.”

“Do it.”

“I'll try."

Eddie took the belt from his pants and looped it around her neck.  Using it like a dog leash he led her to the first boy; she got on her knees, found his cock and started to suck it. She was tired, but she loved to suck cock; she liked the salty taste, the cock smell, the way it swelled in her mouth and the feel of the head dripping pre-cum. She rubbed and sucked their balls and jacked, and sucked them all, just the way her brother had taught her.

She was finished with the five boys before she knew it. Some came in her mouth, each boy's cum tasted different; she had no trouble swallowing it all. Some shot their young hot loads onto her face, into her hair, or over her chest and belly. Others wanted to kiss her while they came, so she stood up and they came off on her legs. Long ropes of cum ran down and over her bald little-girl cunt and then dripped off her tight pink slit and ran down her legs. She loved it all. Sticky, tasty, salty, yummy, juicy, creamy, sugary, thick, silvery, gray, white, clear, slippery, syrupy, stringy, hot, warm, globs and globs of beautiful cum. She loved all kinds of cum. What a wonderful body lotion it was.

But she didn't do Eddie; he would wait until later that night, when they would relive the entire affair.  Besides he was saving it for something more, something much more.  His thrill had been watching as his friends took turns and did his baby sister. The way their cocks had face-fucked her; the way they had sucked her cunt and lapped her ass; the look of ecstasy on her face as she sucked them; the picture of their cocks in her mouth, her cum-covered face and body.  God, it had been great!

Liz stayed a member of the club, the only girl, for the rest of the summer. Eddie told me it had become routine for him to go into the club and find little Liz nude and giving one or two guys blowjobs. She simply loved the initiation and insisted that they do it over and over again.  The boys certainly didn’t object.  They also didn't play cards very often anymore.


The End... or continue?


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