By Uncle Reamum

(Mb, MMb, ped, nudity, 1st, oral, anal, bond)

Eight year old Bobby had no friends until the day he was discovered by a randy retired school teacher, who taught him more than he was learning in school...

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Bobby Jones was a lonely eight-year-old.  He didn’t have a father; indeed as he was well aware, his father was listed as “Unknown” on his birth certificate.  His mother loved him, but she was apparently the only person on earth who did.  It wasn’t that he was bad kid, he wasn’t.  It was just that he was always shabbily dressed, wearing the same worn and strained clothes day after day.  The other kids called him “Stinky”, even though he never smelled… he may have been dressed in used clothes, but his mother made certain that he bathed every night and that his clothes, though worn and stained, were clean. 

His mother worked six days a week to make ends meet, and she only had Sundays off to rest up for the next grueling week.  Every day she rose before Bobby and fixed him a decent breakfast.  Then after walking him to school, she’d walk another three blocks to catch the bus that took her work as a nurses-aid at the county hospital.  After school, he was on his own as his mother worked from 9 AM until 6 PM, not arriving home until nearly 7 PM. 

His socio-economic standing at school was at the very bottom of the barrel.  To be a friend of Bobby Jones meant that you too were at the bottom of the barrel, and no one willingly aspired to that lowly position. It didn’t help that he was awkward at sports, nor did it help that he wasn’t academically gifted.  As a result, he was mostly shunned by the other kids. 

Every day after school, he’d wander about the neighborhood alone, hoping that maybe somebody would ask him to play, but he was never asked.  He was, however, noticed; noticed by Mr. Campbell, a retired school teacher who had recently moved into the neighborhood.

Every day from the time school was out until it was nearly dark, Campbell saw the boy wandering about alone.  It occurred to Campbell that this boy might be ideal for what he had in mind.  It only remained to get to know the boy and to gain the boy’s trust.  It had worked before, many times, and Campbell had no doubt that it would work again.

The shrubbery in front of Campbell’s house had been allowed to become over grown by the previous occupants of his house.  On his list of things to do was to tame the unruly greenery and he decided to make use of the project as an opportunity to get to know the boy. 

As Bobby aimlessly walked about the neighborhood one day, he noticed the older man working in his yard.  The man waved to him to come over. 

“Hi, young fella,” Campbell greeted.  “I really need some help in bundling up these cuttings and placing them out for trash pickup tomorrow.  If you’re not busy and if you want to make a couple of dollars, I sure could use your help.”

No one, except his mother, had ever asked him for his help and no one, including his mother had ever offered him money to do so.  At first, Bobby didn’t know just what to say.  Then he blurted out enthusiastically, “You bet, Mister!”

“Very good.  What’s your name, boy?”

“Bobby.  Bobby Jones.”

“Please to meet you, Bobby Jones. I’m Ned Campbell.  Now, what we need to do is cut all this up into six foot lengths, roll it up and tie it into manageable bundles.”

An hour later the task was completed.  Campbell asked the boy to come inside so that he could pay him.  Bobby knew better than go into a stranger’s house, but Mr. Campbell wasn’t a stranger any longer, so he gladly followed.  Once inside, the boy was awed by the nice furnishings.  His mother kept a neat house, but all the furnishings were mismatched and worn second hand discards.  Everything in Mr. Campbell’s house looked so new.

Campbell paid him four dollars.  It was the most money Bobby had ever had at one time.  While Bobby gawked at his horde of four one dollar bills, Campbell asked him if wanted something to drink.  “A Coke, perhaps?”  A soft drink was huge treat for the boy and he eagerly accepted the offer. 

While they enjoyed their refreshments, Campbell talked to the boy and discovered what he already suspected; that Bobby was a latch-key kid, he had no dad and that he had no friends.  He also learned that the boy’s mother worked all day, everyday, Saturdays too.  Bobby didn’t learn much about Ned Campbell other than he was nice to him and for Bobby, that was what he craved most in the world… someone, anyone, who treated him nicely and pay some attention to him.

“I know how you feel, Bobby,” said the older man. “I’m rather lonesome myself.  I grew up in this house.  Then when my parents were both gone, I inherited this place.  By then I was living in another state and simply rented the house out.  Once I retired, I sold my own house, put the money in the bank and moved into this one.  Problem is… I don’t know a soul in this town anymore.  No one except you and I’m very happy to make your acquaintance.   People just don’t trust one another anymore, so it makes it hard to make new friends.”

“I don’t even have any old friends,” bemoaned the boy.

“Well, maybe not, but you do have a new friend… me.  You’re welcome to come and keep me company anytime.”

“Maybe,” the boy answered cautiously thinking that the man was just being nice and wasn’t serious at all.

“Tell you what, Bobby.  Why don’t you come by tomorrow and I’ll show you my collection of Indian arrowheads.”

“Arrowheads!  Wow!  You have real arrowheads?”

”Close to a hundred of them.  Used to pick them up as boy right here in town.  Of course it wasn’t town then, it was open fields.  All paved over now, so I’m glad I found what I did.”

“Can I see them now?” Bobby asked hopefully.

“I have to find the box they’re packed in.  I have a collection of fossils too.”


“No,” laughed Campbell, “sea creatures from when this area was all part of the sea bottom.”

“Sea bottom?  It was?”

“Sure. Back when dinosaurs were running around eating each other, this area was part of a vast inland sea that stretched from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada.”


“I also have some rocks and minerals and I have a fairly large stamp collection.  Do you collect stamps?”


“Well, maybe you should.  I know, I have quite a few extras lying about.  Maybe I can help get you started.  Would you like that?”

“You bet, Mr. Campbell!” Bobby gushed with enthusiasm.

Campbell smiled.  This was just too easy.  “You come by tomorrow after school, and I’ll dig up a collection of some sort and show you. Say, do you know anything about astronomy?”

“Astronomy?  No…”

“I have a telescope packed away somewhere.  I’ll have to find it and set it up.  Have you ever seen the rings of Saturn?”

“No,” the wide eyed boy replied.

“Well, you can see Saturn just before dawn.  Maybe some night I can show it to you.”

“Cool!  When?”

“I still have a lot of unpacking and not a whole lot of room for stuff, but I’ll find it and set it up sometimes.”

“You know what, Mr. Campbell?  This is the best day of my life!”

Campbell laughed and replied, “Well, if yard work is your thing, I have plenty of it.”

“No, not that, but that was great too, especially the four dollars.  It’s just that no one has ever shown me anything.”

“I haven’t shown you anything yet, Bobby.”

“But you will!  Won’t you?”

Campbell rubbed his hand in Bobby’s hair and replied, “Oh, yes.  I’m going to show you lots of things, Bobby.  Lots of things.”


Over the next few days after school, Bobby made a beeline to Mr. Campbell’s.  The older gentleman kept his promise and showed Bobby all sorts of wondrous things, arrowheads, fossils, crystals and an unbelievable (to Bobby) array of stamps from all over the world. 

One afternoon, Campbell left Bobby alone in his house while he ran an errand, telling Bobby he’d be back in about an hour and that Bobby was free to look through his collection of interesting rocks.  Campbell showed him in which boxes to look and then went on his way.

Bobby found the rocks to be very interesting, but took it upon himself to investigate other boxes that were in the room. In one of the many boxes that were in the spare bedroom, along with the stamps, the rocks, and other artifacts was a box with magazines in it.  Bobby quite naturally investigated and was instantly intrigued by what he found.  Cover to cover the magazines had pictures of nude boys and nude men.  Many of them showing men and boys together and they weren’t playing baseball or fishing. 

Campbell, using his laptop and a WiFi connection through his smartphone, was quite pleased with quality of the video feed he was recieving from the tiny spy camera he'd set up earlier that day as he watched Bobby investigating the various boxes.  When the boy discovered the pornography collection, Campbell was pleased to see Bobby, with magazine in hand rubbing his dick through his jeans.   It was only a few moments before those jeans were down below his knees along with the boyish white briefs.  Cambell hissed, "Yesss," as the young boy began playing with his little immature dick while studying the lewd pictures.  As Campbell was in his car only a half a block away, it only took him a minute to return home. Parking out front so as not to alert Bobby, the man silently entered his house. 

Having left his shoes by the door, Campbell silently made his way to the open doorway of the spare bedroom. His fat prick throbbed and leaked as he watched the now naked boy playing with himself as he turned page after page of sexual content not suitable for a boy his age.  Physically, Bobby was just kind of boy Campbell liked best.  He was somewhat stocky, but not flabby fat, and had enough meat and fat on him to make for a beautiful boy, soft and fleshy and not just skin and bones.  His butt was particularly well shaped with pronounced rounded cheeks, the kind of cheeks an old pervert like Campbell loved to wallow his entire face between. 

“You like that sort of thing?” asked Campbell. 

Bobby was quite startled and alarmed at being caught naked, playing with himself while looking at pictures of other naked boys and naked men.  He dropped the magazine he was looking through and pretended that he wasn’t doing what he was doing.  Then he realized he was naked, completely naked.  What would Mr. Campbell think of him?  Then, what if Mr. Campbell told his mother?  Then worst of all, would Mr. Campbell send him home and tell him to never return?  He froze with a sickening knot gripping his stomach, unable to speak, unable to run and unable to cover himself.

Campbell stepped into the room and approached the ashen faced boy who was obviously very distressed.  Kneeling next to the shaking boy, Campbell gently stroked his unruly mop of flaxen hair with one hand while retrieving the hastily discarded sex magazine with the other.  Campbell deftly opened the mag to a full page photograph, of a boy, about Bobby’s age, sucking on man’s cock. 

“Do you like this picture?” the old man gently asked.  “Does it make your dick hard to look at it, Bobby? Makes me hard too.”  The boy, still mortified at being caught, barely heard the questions. Campbell lifted his face to look at him and then repeated, “Do you like this picture?”  The boy still couldn’t answer.  “You do, don’t you?  I love this picture too.  I can see that it makes your dick hard.  Makes my dick hard too.”

Bobby came to a hopeful conclusion that he wasn’t in trouble after all, even though what he’d been caught doing was “dirty", very dirty. If his mother had caught him doing this and looking at these pictures, he would have gotten a whipping and sent to bed without supper.  But not Mr. Campbell.  He didn’t seem upset at all.  In fact he seemed not care at all if Bobby had been doing something “dirty”.   

“You haven’t answered me, Bobby.  Do you like this picture?”

Bobby nodded and whispered, “Yes.” As soon as he said it, he felt the heat in face.

“You don’t have be ashamed or embarrassed, Bobby.  It’s quite normal for a boy like you to like looking at pictures like this.”   Campbell turned the page and pointed out another glossy photo of the same boy, but rather than sucking on the dick, the rigid cock was lying next to the boy’s cherub face as he smiled back at the camera.  On the opposite page was a spread showing the boy licking the shaved ball sack, sucking the dick again, and nuzzling his face into man’s ass cheeks.  Campbell turned the page, this time there was a half page photo of the boy, spreading his ass cheeks apart as the man’s dick pressed into the boy’s puckered anus.  Below that, half of the man’s length was buried into the stretched anal opening. 

“Looks like fun, doesn’t it?”

Until Bobby had seen photos like these just a few minutes before, he’d never imagined such a thing.  But now, now that he saw it, he couldn’t help but think what it must be like.  The way the boy in the photos was smiling, to Bobby it sure looked like he was having fun. Bobby nodded his head in answer to Mr. Campbell’s question.

“It can be fun, Bobby, a whole lot of fun.  But first, you have to trust me and I have to trust you.  Do you trust me, Bobby?” 

Bobby nodded again, his capacity for speech rendered unsettled, his muteness caused by the unfamiliar and very funny feelings he was having.  He felt breathless and his whole body seemed to be afflicted with the butterfly sensations in his stomach.  It didn’t help when Mr. Campbell guided him to lie down on the rug looking up at the old man, totally exposed to another person like he’d never been before. 

The boy felt the fingers of Campbell’s hand glide across his bare chest with the lightest touch possible and the funny feelings increased.  “Does that feel good, Booby?” the old man whispered.  It did feel good, in fact it felt electric. Bobby could only nod.  He couldn’t even smile, just stare up at the man that was the best and only friend he’d ever had, his face filled with wonder.

The fingers circled his belly button and stroked his tummy.  Bobby stopped breathing the moment the fingers descended and circled around his stiff boy-cock, grazing ever so lightly the sensitive organ.  He started breathing again, but not for long as the Campbell’s index finger slid ever so lightly up the underside of the boy’s little cock, sending shivers of excitement shooting up his spine, his brain releasing a flood of dopamine and enveloping the boy in an unfamiliar sense of well being.  Upon reaching the end of the foreskin, the finger departed only to return at the base of the boy’s cock and glide upward again along his cock tube.

Campbell watched the boy’s face carefully and was pleased, very pleased at what he saw.  He knew the boy would allow him to do anything he wished, and he wished for everything. Still, he maintained self control, knowing it best to bring the boy along slowly, step by step until his young body was his to do with as he pleased.  He wanted to ravish the boy, but he held back.  There would be a time for that, a time when Bobby would willingly and eagerly give himself over to be ravished.   He also knew that if he took it slow now, the time would soon be here when his cock would slide between the boy’s lips and slide up inside the boy’s anus whenever he wanted and as often as he wished.  The boy was his.  He just had to be sure not to frighten him.

His fingers wrapped around the little penis just under the lip of the crown.  Stripping the foreskin back, he stroked up and down with short strokes, slowly at first, but gradually increasing the tempo, deforming the boy’s glans with each stroke. 

Like all boys his age, Bobby had played with his dick.  What he hadn’t done was discover masturbation and the incredible feelings of orgasm.  Suddenly the intense sensation gripped the boy.  Ahhhhhhhhhh,” he whimpered thinking that something terrible was happening.  He wanted the man to stop, but he wouldn’t.  The boy, squirming on the floor cried out again, “Ahhhhhhhhhh!”  He was going to die!  Ahhhhhhhh!”  He grasped the man’s hand to make him stop, but he didn’t stop.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”  Suddenly the intense sensation stopped.  His hands fell away to the floor and his body ceased writhing uncontrollably. 

Campbell let the boy’s dick go and watched the boy for a moment, his chest heaving and eyes still tightly shut.  The boy-boner collapsed, resting until the next time the boy became aroused.  The old man stood and then sat in a chair waiting for the boy to recover from his first ever orgasm.  Of course the eight-year-old boy was too immature to ejaculate, but that didn’t stop his organs from trying. 

Finally the boy began to stir.  His eyes fluttered open.  He was confused, very confused.  ‘What happened?  Am I okay?’ the boy thought. ‘Will I ever be the same?’  Of course he was okay, but he’d never be the same.  He’d tasted the fruit, but he wasn’t certain what the strange taste was and he wasn’t at all certain that it was good thing.  He saw Campbell sitting a few feet away looking at him.  ‘He did that to me,’ the boy thought in nebulous terms.  ‘Why did he do that to me?’

“How was that?” Campbell asked the boy.  “Did that feel good?”

“What happened?”

“You don’t know?”  The boy shook his head.  “You’ve never beat off before?”  The boy shook his head, he had no idea what the man was talking about.

“Well, well, well,” mused Campbell.  ‘I’ve got myself a total virgin,’ he said to himself.  “That my boy was an orgasm.”

“Am I gonna... gonna to be okay?” the worried lad asked.

“Yes!” laughed Campbell.  “Yes, of course!  Orgasms won’t hurt you.  They feel great, but you know that now.  Pretty intense, huh?”  The boy nodded his agreement, not at all sure if he should believe the man.  “Now you know that your dick is good for something other than just peeing.  Tonight after your mother has tucked you in bed, you think about those dirty pictures you were looking at and your dick will get hard.  You’ll push down your pants, and rub your dick like I rubbed it.  Pretty soon, that feeling will radiate from your dick to every part of your body.  When it does, don’t fight it, let it wash over you and carry you away.  After that you will realize just how good it felt, and tomorrow night, you’ll do it again.  You’ll be beating off every night from now on.  Just don’t let your mama catch you.”

“Now, if you want to look at more of those magazines, you go right ahead.  But you must never tell anyone what you’ve seen.  Most folks, your mama in particular, will think you’re much too young to looking at stuff like that.  So… keep a tight lip and you will be welcome to look at those magazines whenever you’re over here.  Deal?”  Bobby nodded his agreement. 

“Good.  Now, I know you’re a smart boy and will not ever tell anyone that you were here naked.” No one had ever told Bobby that he was smart before.  “You can go naked here if you want, but you can’t ever tell anyone.  You do understand that don’t you?  They’ll think something’s wrong with you, that you’re a dirty little boy.  Your mother would punish you.  So… Whatever happens, when you’re naked, it is your business and your business only unless… you are naked with another person, then what ever happens is just between you and that other person… and no one else.  Okay?”


“I can count on you and trust you?”

“Yes, Mr. Campbell.”

“Good boy.”  Campbell went over to one of his boxes and pulled out an arrowhead.  It was a cheap replica Campbell knew and he had lots of them.  Boys like Bobby loved them and were clueless that they were fakes.  “Here, this is for you.  A token of our friendship and the trust I have in you.”

“Thanks!” the wide eyed boy exclaimed as he gazed at the priceless gift in his hands. 

“You’re very welcome, Bobby.  Now I need to do some chores.  You look through those magazines and pick out some pictures that you like the best.  We’ll talk about them before you go home.” 

As hard as it was to walk away from a naked boy, ripe for plucking, Campbell left the room to do his “chores” and left Bobby to absorb what had happened.  ‘Go slow, you old fool,’ he told himself.  ‘God, I need to jack off!’

Campbell’s hands were shaking as he poured himself a cup of decaf from the coffee pot.  Sipping the hot brew, he stared off into space; vivid Technicolor images filling his mind of the naked boy squirming on the floor as he masturbated him. His reverie was broken when he was jarred back to the present as the Bobby’s arms encircled his hips, hugging into him.

“Hey, sport.  I thought you were back there looking at dirty pictures.”

“I’d rather be here, with you.”

“That’s very nice of you to say, Bobby,” he replied running his hand through the boy’s hair.  Looking down, Campbell noticed to his disappointment, that Bobby had put his drawers back on.

“No, you’re nice,” the boy said in all sincerity. “You’re nice to me.  No one has ever been nice to me.”

“I find that hard to believe, Bobby.  Why wouldn’t people be nice to you?  You’re a very good boy.”

“They say I stink.  They say I’m stupid.  They say I came from a garbage can.”

“You’re none of those things.”

“I was so scared that you’d hate me. Hate me like everyone else does.  I thought that you’d send me home and never let me come back. 

“Why on earth would I hate you?”

“Because you caught me...  naked… looking at those pictures, and… playing dirty.”

Campbell laughed, “Well, I do know some people would have been upset, very upset.  Hell. maybe even most people.  Your mother certainly would, and she doesn’t hate you; she’d be upset, but she’d understand.  No, I wasn’t upset. Not at all.  You’re welcome to look at those magazine and all those naked boys and naked men if you want to.  I certainly enjoy looking at them.”  Campbell’s hand slid off the back of the boy’s head and down his bare back.  “And I don’t mind that you were naked.  I rather like seeing you naked.  And as for playing dirty… everybody does that.  It feels good.  I’ll bet that even your mother plays with herself like that.”

“Really?  My mommy?  But she doesn’t have a wienie.”

“A wienie?  Men call it a dick or a cock, Bobby, but perhaps you should just call it a wienie.  That’s what your mother calls it, doesn’t she?”  Bobby nodded.  “No, your mother doesn’t have a wienie... she has a pussy and women play with their pussies just like men and boys play with their dicks.  It’s not a big deal.  It’s fun.  It’s just that most people do that in private… secretly.”

“Now tell me, Bobby, why did you put your underwear back on?”

“My mommy says I have to wear something all the time, except when I’m taking a bath.”

“I see.  Different people have different rules.  When you are at home, you follow your mother’s rules.  When you are at my house, you follow my rules.  Does that make sense?”

“I guess so.”

“So when you’re here with me, you can wear or not wear whatever you want.  You want to be buck naked, that’s fine by me.  If you want to wear clothes, you can wear clothes, except when I want you naked.  Does that make sense?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

Campbell knelt by the young boy and looked him straight in the eye and slowly pulled his tightie-whities down.   “Bobby, I want you naked until it’s time for you to go home.  I want you comfortable when you are here with me.  Okay?”

The boy grinned as his shorts went south of his knees.  “Yeah!  Okay!”

As Bobby stepped out of his dingy briefs, Campbell asked, “Are you comfortable now?”  Bobby grinned and nodded that he was. 



Campbell watched the clock slowly move to 3:30 PM.  Bobby would be on his way home from school.  He wondered if the boy would come over this afternoon, or did he get scared off after going home yesterday afternoon. 

As hard as it was to leave the boy alone yesterday with him wandering around nude, Campbell knew it was the right decision. Just before the boy went home to his mama, he had asked the boy if he wanted to play some games this afternoon, naughty games that were to be played naked, games that he couldn’t tell anyone else about. The boy seemed receptive, but that was then.  Maybe he’d get cold feet. 

It was only a remote chance that he’d actually tell his mother what had happened yesterday. Other than beating the kid off, Campbell didn’t touch him and Campbell didn’t expose himself.  What would the kid say?  “Mr. Campbell went to the store and I got naked and stayed naked until was time to come home.”  Not likely. Still, maybe he’d heard about men like Campbell and decided it best to just stay away.  There was no telling with kids; he’d had other promising prospects slip away.

‘No, I did the right thing,’ Campbell told himself.  ‘He needs to be comfortable and willing.  Let him think about it and want it.  That way, if he really is willing, he’ll come back.  He’ll come back and…’  Campbell had to adjust his suddenly hard cock just thinking of the possibilities.  He thought of last night and how he jacked off the moment the kid went home.  He needed that, and needed it bad. 

“There’s nothing to do but wait,” he muttered out loud.  “Wait and hope and…”  Campbell thought of what happened just before the boy had left.  Campbell sat him on the sofa and had him stroke himself to another cum, ‘Just to be sure that later on tonight you know how to do it right.’  Campbell chuckled, “Kid’s a quick study.  Yeah, he’ll be here.”

Ten minutes later, he heard a soft knock on the door.  Campbell opened the door.  “Well, hello, Bobby.  You want to come in?”  The boy stepped into the house.  Campbell shut the door behind him and locked it.  “Would you like a snack?”

“Oh, yes!  Can I?”

“This way my boy.”  Campbell led the way into the kitchen where he pulled out some frozen pizza rolls and popped them in the microwave.  A minute or two later, Bobby had a hot snack, something that until he met Mr. Campbell, was a rarity. 

“How was school today?”

“I hate school,” Bobby answered after taking his first bite of the tasty treat.

“Well, school is very important and it’s very important that you do well in school.”

“I failed my spelling test and I failed my arithmetic test.  Everybody else passed,” the boy stated dejectedly.

“You know, if you want, I can help you after school. You know I was a teacher.”

“You’re not mean and boring like Miss Wilson.  Nothing she says makes any sense to me. I guess I’m just stupid like everyone says I am.  I just can’t learn.”

“Hmmm, you learned how to beat off yesterday.  I’d say you got an A in masturbation, so that proves you're not stupid,” Campbell said with a grin.

“Yeah, I did learn that, didn’t I?” the boy grinned back.

“Did you beat off again after you went to bed?”

Bobby smiled shyly and answered, “Yeah, I did.”  He took a bite, chewed and swallowed then added, “But it took a lot longer.  Did I do something wrong?”

“No, that happens when you beat off several times in a day.  The first time you cum quickly, the second time it takes a little longer, the third time takes even longer than that.  It’s just the way it works with boys and men. But today, you’ll come quickly, the first time.  Second time will take longer.”

“Can you… do it for me, like you did the first time.

“Is that what you want?”


“Well, like I told you yesterday, today I’m going to teach you some new naughty games.  That is if you want to.” 

Bobby grinned and nodded.  He’d been thinking of nothing but playing games with Mr. Campbell again.  He surprised Campbell by boldly asking, “Can I see your dick today?”

“You want to see my dick?”

“Uh huh.”

“Sure.  You finish up and I’ll teach you something new and just as exciting, maybe even more exciting, than beating off.”

Hearing that, the eight year old boy hastily finished off the two remaining pizza rolls and gulped down his glass of Coca Cola.  Campbell cleared the table and set down a deck of cards.  “I don’t suppose you know how to play poker,” the old man asked already knowing the answer.  Bobby shook his head.  “Okay, here’s what we’ll do. I will deal out three cards to each of us, like this.”  Campbell quickly dealt out two hands of three cards each face up.  “We add up the face value of the cards, Kings, Queens and Jacks will be equal to ten and Aces will be one.   The hand with the highest total number wins.  The loser takes off a piece of his clothes, a shirt, a shoe, whatever.  We play until one or both of us are naked.  Okay, you add up the cards.”

Bobby studied the cards. “Six plus nine equals fifteen.  Fifteen plus a ten for the King equals twenty five?”

“That’s right, you have twenty five.  Now what do I have?”

“Four plus seven equals… eleven.  Eleven plus five equals sixteen.  Sixteen?”

“That’s right.  You win the first hand.”  Campbell leaned over in his chair and took off a shoe.

The simple game went on with each player progressively losing articles of clothing.  Bobby was having a great time.  Adding up the cards was almost as much fun as winning or losing a hand.  What he didn’t realize was that Campbell was a skilled cheat when it came to cards and kept the game going until they were both down to just their underwear.  Campbell dealt out the two hands, purposely dealing himself the losing hand. 

Bobby chortled with glee.  With eager anticipation the boy watched Campbell rise, unsnap his boxers and then let them fall to the floor.  Bobby stared with awe at the mature, hard dick that jutted from a tangle of salt and pepper colored pubic hair.  It was huge!  Or at least to the young boy it was huge.  He’d never seen anything like it.  And the low hanging ball sack…

Campbell allowed the boy to get a good look at his dick, the dick that was destined to soon relieve the boy of his innocence, the dick that would become his master and the dick that he’d be placed into the service of.

Bobby licked his lips unconsciously.  Finally breaking the gaze, he looked up at Campbell and asked, “Did I win?”

“Not yet,” replied Campbell.  “We have one or perhaps two more hands to play.”

“But you lost.”

“I lost all my clothes, but that’s not the end of the game.”  Campbell then casually strolled over to a cabinet, giving the boy an eyeful of his mature body. 

Bobby had never seen a naked man before, except in the pictures of Mr. Campbell’s magazines and he was fascinated by the nude form.  Campbell may have been middle aged and little past his prime, but he wasn’t overly flabby and didn’t have a pot belly like a lot of other men his age.  He had his old friends to thank for that, they were all preoccupied with keeping their bodies attractive to younger men and worked hard at it.  But unlike most of his old friends, he wasn’t offended by his own body hair, indeed, he liked it and knew it gave him the masculine aurora of a top, not that he minded being on the bottom on occasion . 

Bobby found it very exciting that an older adult would be walking around naked like that, unconcerned and unashamed.  Bobby didn’t realize that Campbell was actually flaunting his nudity, and judging by the boy’s woody, Campbell was succeeding in his goals. 

The old man opened the cabinet and bent down to pick something out of the low cabinet.  Bobby’s eyes widened imperceptibly and his nostrils flared as the man’s butt cheeks parted, giving the boy a good view of his dark hole slightly obscured by dark hair.  Campbell lingered much longer than necessary, knowing the boy was looking at his asshole.  Once he “found” what he was looking for, he stood upright and then slowly walked back towards the boy with his hard dick bobbing and his balls swinging between his legs.  Campbell was pleased to see that Bobby’s eyes were on his dick. 

Standing next to seated boy, his cock mere inches from the youngster’s face, Campbell announced, “This is the end of the game,” and sat a glossy 8 X 10 photograph on the table. The photo was of a boy, not much older than Bobby, sucking a man’s dick. 

Had Bobby been more astute, he would have noticed the mole on the man’s groin matched the mole on Campbell’s groin, but he missed that detail.  He didn’t miss the point thought. 

“If I lose the next hand, you win the game, and I do this to you,” explained Campbell.  “If I win the next hand, you lose your drawers, just like I’ve lost mine.  Then we play a final hand… loser gives the winner a blowjob, that is, he sucks the winner’s dick, like this boy in the photograph is sucking the man’s dick.”  Campbell noticed that Bobby wasn’t paying attention to the obscene photo, but of the large mature cock just inches from his face. 

It was tempting just to place his hand behind the boy’s head and draw him the final few inches to his cock, but Campbell was disciplined and stuck to his plan.  Picking up the deck of cards, he dealt out the two three-card hands. 

Bobby had a hard time concentrating on counting the cards, what with the lewd photo on the table as a vision of the very near future and the man’s cock practically in his face.  Of the two, the live cock was the most distracting.  He counted the cards, got it wrong and then counted again.

“My nineteen beats your sixteen,” Campbell calmly announced.  Normally Campbell would seize the honors of relieving his boy toy of his shorts, but not this time.  He wanted the boy to be the willing and active participant in his game.  Elementary psychology told him that if the boy took is shorts off, he would be less likely to blame Campbell later on and would be much more willing to take part in the next step.

Campbell waited patiently and didn’t press the issue.  If the boy balked, he could always make a joke about the whole thing and pretend nothing happened because nothing did, except for exposing himself.  But the boy had been naked with him all yesterday afternoon and Campbell didn’t expect any second thoughts on Bobby’s part. 

He needn’t have worried.  Bobby smiled bashfully and then wiggled out of his white briefs. 

Campbell dealt the final hand, knowing before the first card was dealt what the ultimate outcome would be.  Even being that close, Bobby missed the deft slight of hand as the cards were dealt.  “Six and nine equals fifteen,” the boy said, “plus a King makes twenty six for me.  Eight and four equals twelve, plus nine equals twenty one.  I win!  I win!  I win!”

Campbell watched with amusement as Bobby celebrated his victory.  When the boy calmed down, he looked up at his older friend.  “Best thing about this game, Bobby,” said  Campbell as he stroked the boy’s unruly hair, “is that win or lose, we both win.”


“That’s right.  Now, for your winnings...  Sit up on the table.”

“Mommy never lets me sit on the table.”

“This isn’t your mother’s table, Bobby.  Remember, we discussed that.  When you’re home, you follow your mother’s rules.  When you are with me, you follow my rules.  Now, get that bare ass on the table before I spank it!” 

Campbell feigned to grab the boy.  Bobby shouted with glee as he dodged the playful move.  Then giggling he hopped up on the table with his legs dangling over the edge.  “Like this?” the boy asked. 

“Scoot a little closer to the edge.  That’s it, now lean back on your arms…  Spread you legs apart… That’s perfect!”  Campbell stood between the eight-year-old’s legs, running his hands up and down the boy’s bare thighs.  Then he leaned over the boy, dropped his head and kissed Bobby’s pink right nipple, sending the boy into a fit of giggling.  Campbell nibbled all over Bobby’s chest with Bobby giggling at each ticklish peck.  When the kisses went lower, the giggling faded and when the nibbles and pecks were delivered below the boy’s navel, they stopped altogether.  The giggles may have stopped, but the breathing hadn’t, it increased.  Campbell was pleased that the boy had responded so well to his advances so far. 

Leaving his tummy wet, Campbell by passed the boy's stiff cock for a moment to kiss and caress the boy’s inner thighs, getting tantalizingly close to the immature genitals, but suddenly veering away to the opposite thigh. 

At the boy’s knees, Campbell stopped and looked up at the boy’s face filled with wonder and  anticipation.  The man smiled up at the boy and the smile was returned.  Then in a long slow continuous lick, the old man dragged his tongue up the boy’s bare leg, eyes locked with the boy until the prize was reached. 

Bobby had never felt anything like this, from the first tongue swipe from up behind his little ball sack, to the lewd licking of his boy cock and balls, to sensation of being engulfed in a warm moist mouth.  Campbell, excited with the knowledge that this was the young boy’s first experience with oral sex,  slurped up the nut sack and let it slip noisily from his lips only to slurp up the boy’s dick and then let it slip from his lips. 

The playful teasing foreplay completed, Bobby closed his eyes as the most incredible feelings came from his dick, sweeping him away to a place he’d never really been before, a place where unfamiliar lust reigned supreme.

Expertly Campbell toyed with the boy’s dick, massaging it with his lips and massaging it with his tongue, sucking and slurping, making the boy squirm, his lust relentlessly heightened to point that the boy climaxed.  Even though the boy didn’t ejaculate, Campbell knew when lad’s orgasm hit.  Once it ebbed, Campbell let the boy’s cock slip from lips.  He kissed the very sensitive saliva coated little pecker, causing both it and Bobby to jerk and twitch.  Then he stood back and waited for the boy to recover.

After a few minutes, Bobby didn’t look so drugged and dazed anymore.  “How was that?  Did you like your first blowjob?”

“Wow!  That’s even better than beating off!” the boy declared with newfound authority.  “Can you do that again?”

“Yes, but you need to rest up first. Besides, we need to work on your spelling words.  Did you bring your new list of words for next week?”

“Do I have to?” the naked boy whined.

“Yes, you have to.  We’ll learn half the words today and half the words tomorrow. When you know the first half of your list to my satisfaction, then we’ll play again.  Now, go get that list.”

The retired teacher made a game of the lesson.  After going over half the list several times, Campbell put the boy across his lap, rubbing Bobby’s bare buttocks as he drilled the schoolboy on his word list.  Of course, the man’s hard cock pressing and rubbing against his belly was a distraction, but Bobby soon put it out his mind for the time being. 

When Campbell felt it was time to, he switched tactics.  Whenever the boy missed a word, he got a stinging (but not painful) slap to the butt cheeks.  Whenever he spelled the word correctly, Campbell delved between the cheeks and rubbed his anus.  Using the carrot and the stick, time tested and always effectual, Bobby, as Campbell knew he would, quickly mastered the words until he was continuously having his asshole toyed with.

Campbell was in sore need of relief.   Putting the spelling lesson aside, he led the boy to his bedroom and onto his big bed.  Campbell pointed out that Bobby’s tummy was coated with pre-cum.  “Do you know what that is?”


“No, it’s not pee.  It’s pre-cum.  When a man like me is sexually excited, his cock dribbles precum.  It’s quite tasty. Want a taste?”  Bobby recoiled at notion and Campbell wisely let it pass.

"Remember what I did for you yesterday, Bobby?”

“You taught me to beat off.”

“That’s right. I want you to play with my dick and make me ejaculate.”

Ejac… What’s that?”

“When a mature man or teenager has an orgasm, he ejaculates semen and sperm.  It’s made by a man’s nuts… nut juice,” explained Campbell fondling his balls for illustration. “Nut juice is what makes women, women like your mother, pregnant with babies.”

“It does?”

“That’s right.  I’ll explain it all later.  Right now, I need some relief.  Need you to take care of me, like I took care of you yesterday.”

Bobby had been dying to touch Campbell’s dick ever since he lost his shorts at cards. It was so big.  As the young boy’s small hands and fingers surrounded his cock for the first time, Campbell sighed in contentment.  Despite his need, he really wasn’t in any hurry to rush things.  The slower the better, Campbell knew.  The slower, the greater the build up and the greater the cum.  

Bobby felt and squeezed and rubbed and explored Campbell’s cock and balls.  Like his own dick, there was the flap of foreskin that had to be peeled back, so he didn’t find anything unusual in that.  He was particularly fascinated by the prominent cock tube, the bulging veins, the size of his balls, the hair, but mostly he was fascinated by the seeping head.  Like his own dick, the business end was velvety smooth, but unlike his own dick, it was pumping out beads of the clear liquid that was surprisingly slippery. 

Knowing it was getting late, Campbell took the boy’s hand, placing his fingers just under the flared rim of  the glans and started him off.  The boy, like all boys, knew from instinct and recent experience, just what to do.  As Campbell’s climax built, he held it back only to let it surge ahead.  He did that several times until he passed the point of no return.  With a rush, great gouts of spermy semen shot from his cock, giving him the moment that he craved.

Bobby was wide eyed at the eruption.  He’d never seen a cock spurt and had never seen the vicious white nut juice before.  It was all new and all so very interesting.  After two good air launches onto Campbell’s lower abdomen, the remaining pulses just gushed forth to run across Bobby’s hands and down the throbbing cylinder of the big dick. 

Not knowing what to expect, Bobby kept beating the man’s meat until the cock began to soften in his hands.  Even Bobby knew that meant everything was over for the moment.  Now he was confronted with a new dilemma.  What to do about the gooey mess coating his hand?

Campbell, coasting down from a most satisfying cum, managed to open his eyes and see Bobby looking at his hand like he had cooties all over it. 

“That my dear boy, is what I was talking about… sperm, nut juice and what you just witnessed was an ejaculation or cum.  That’s what it means for someone to bust a nut.”  Bobby hadn’t ever heard any of this before except for what Mr. Campbell had told him earlier, but now he vaguely understood.  “Don’t look so disgusted or alarmed.  It’s not disgusting in the least.  It’s fresh from my balls and full of vitamins, minerals and protein.  A boy with experience would just lick it off his hand like a treat.”


“Go on taste it.”


“Here, let me show you.”  Campbell grasped the boy’s sperm coated hand and pulled it to his own mouth and licked it clean.  “See?  It’s not poison.  In fact it’s good for you.  Helps boys like you grow big dicks.”


“So they say.”  Campbell scooped up a glob from his belly button and offered it to the boy.  “Go on.  Just taste it.”

Bobby didn’t make a move so Campbell painted the boy’s lips with it.  The boy’s pained expression mellowed as he cautiously tasted Campbell’s jiz. 

“See, it’s not so bad. Is it?” Still unsure about all this, Bobby weakly shook his head, eliciting a friendly laugh from his mentor. 

Campbell then told the boy to lie flat on his back.  The man scooped up his creamy residue from his stomach and the rubbed the boy’s dick and balls in the slippery juice, sliding the boy’s dick between his fingers.  Bobby liked that, liked it a lot.  But what he liked even more was when Campbell sucked his dick into his mouth and then scoured all the cum from the boy’s cock and balls.  He liked blowjobs, liked them a lot. 

To Bobby’s disappointment, Campbell didn’t take him to completion.  Suddenly the man pulled off the boy’s dick and announced that it was getting late and time for the boy to go home.


Friday morning, while the workmen installed his new spa in the backyard, Campbell carefully inspected the overgrown shrubbery in the back.  Whereas the overgrown shrubs had been a problem and eyesore in the front, in the back they provided Campbell with just what he wanted… privacy.  He carefully walked the line of bushes and tried to discover any place that someone, i.e. one of his neighbors, could peer through the foliage and see what was going on.  He couldn’t find anywhere that was vulnerable to snooping and was satisfied with the natural screening

With the spa moved into the back, Campbell set about the task of installing a new gate at either end of his side yard where the electric meter, gas meter and garbage cans were kept.  The gate in the front would remain unlocked so that the meter readers could access it easily.  For the gate in the back, he installed a simple latch to lock the gate from the inside and thus keep someone from accidently blundering into the back and just perhaps seeing something that Campbell would prefer not to be seen.

The spa was “portable” and completely self contained, so the installation went quickly.  He’d already had an electrician out earlier in the week to run a new power line to where the tub was installed.  All that remained were a few final hookups, flipping the circuit breaker to “on”, filling the tub with water and then turning the pumps and heater on. 

Before Campbell had finished with the two gates, the other workmen had completed their job.  He was still fiddling around with the front gate when Bobby appeared.  The boy “helped” Campbell finish the project and then they retired, through the backyard.

Bobby was immediately excited about the new hot tub.  He’d heard of them from other kids at school whose parents had them, but he’d never actually seen one, much less played in one.  “Can we go in?  Can we go in?” the excited boy asked hopefully.

To his disappointment, Campbell told him, “No, not today.  The water needs to condition for at least twelve hours before it can be used.”  Of course that wasn’t exactly true.  “But, we can use it tomorrow.  Your mother’s working, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, she is.  Can’t we go in now?”


“No, the hot tub.”

“Tomorrow, Bobby.  I promise, tomorrow.  Now, how about a snack?  Are you hungry?” 

Bobby was always hungry, but what he really wanted to do was get in the spa and play.  Sullenly  the eight-year-old followed his older friend inside and into the kitchen where Campbell served up some milk and cookies.  The cookies brightened Bobby’s mood almost instantly. 

As the boy munched down a handful of Orioles, Campbell asked him about his day.  The boy gave short, perfunctory answers.   Once he was finished eating Campbell asked, “Do you want to work on your arithmetic today?”

Yesterday’s arithmetic lesson had been fun.  The boy grinned back at the older man.  Campbell winked at his student and pulled out the deck of cards.  When he dealt out two hands with four cards each, the boy looked up at him perplexed.  “Is this a different game?” the boy asked.

“No, not really.  Same rules.  You remember the rules?”  Bobby grinned and nodded.  “Only this time we have four cards instead of three.  Now, you count up the cards.”

Whereas Bobby had no real problem adding three cards, today he struggled with four cards.  “Let me show you a little trick,” the perv mentor said.  “Divide your cards up, two and two.  Now add up the first two, then add up the second two.  Now add up the resulting numbers.”  Bobby didn’t get it at first, then it came to him.  Suddenly he was wiz at adding up four cards, he just had to arrange them into easily manageable smaller parts. 

As the game wore on and the clothes piled up on the floor, Campbell added a new wrinkle.  He dealt out four cards and then added a fifth, face down.  “After you have added up the four cards, turn the fifth card over and subtract it from the total of the first four cards.”  After a moment of confusion, Bobby caught the concept.  By that time they were both nearly out of garments, having only underwear to go. 

Finally they were both naked and Campbell dealt out the final hand.  Bobby tallied his hand, “four and seven is eleven.  Five and a Jack is fifteen.  Eleven and fifteen is twenty six.”  He turned over the last card.  “Nine… twenty six minus nine equals… seventeen.”

Then he counted Campbell’s cards.  “Eight and three is eleven.  Ten and four is fourteen.  Eleven and fourteen is twenty four.”  Campbell, standing right next to him, his cock just inches from the naked boy’s face, stopped him before turning over the final card.  

“Tell me, Bobby.  Do you want to win or do you want to lose?”

“I hate losing,” the boy replied honestly, “but I won yesterday, so…” 

“I told you yesterday that in this game we both actually win.  So, turn the card, Bobby.”

“Two,” the boy announced.  “I think you won, Mr. Campbell.”

Always the teacher, Campbell instructed, “What are the final numbers.”

“Uh, twenty six minus two equals twenty four.  I forgot what my cards were,” the boy answered looking at the adult dick he was about to suck. 

“You had seventeen.”

“Yeah, I lose.”

“No, we both win, don’t we?”  Bobby nodded his agreement and turned sideways in the chair to face Campbell’s groin.

“Have you ever sucked a dick before?”  Bobby shook his head, this would be a new experience for him, an experience he had been thinking about ever since yesterday.  “The best way is for you to stand up and kneel… That’s it, Bobby. You know what to do.”

The kneeling boy grasped the older man’s cock and bent it down towards his mouth.  Campbell’s nostrils flared and his eyes dilated as he watched the boy open his mouth and move towards the offered hard rod.  Nothing, not past experiences with other boys and men, matched his excitement as he felt as the boy’s lips slide over his seeping cock head and he groaned in the salacious enjoyment of the moment.  For a virgin, like Bobby, it was rare that a boy would be so easily brought along.  Campbell knew that there were no limits to what this boy would try, and better still, this boy seemed to enjoy every new experience.  As for dick sucking, what he lacked in technique and experience, he more than made up for it with his enthusiasm, gobbling and sucking at the head, taking a few inches into his mouth, sliding his lips over Campbell’s dick and even tentatively using his tongue.  Campbell knew that he would learn the finer points of fellatio over the next few weeks and he had no doubts that Bobby would become a Class-A cocksucker.      

As the naked kneeling boy sucked cock, Campbell didn’t try to prolong this first outing.  He wished the boy would look up into his eyes as he sucked, but the boy was apparently intent on watching his dick close up as he sucked.    He gently caressed the boy’s bobbing head, concentrating on the feelings of the young boy’s inexperienced mouth. ‘I could fuck this little bastard, right now,’ Campbell thought to himself, ‘but that can wait.  Just take it step by step and his ass will be mine to take.  Better yet, he’ll come back for more, every day after school.’

“When I cum, I’m going to cum in your mouth,” the teacher softly instructed the novice. “Don’t pull away, just take it.  You tasted sperm yesterday and you know it doesn’t taste bad, so just collect it in your mouth, taste it and then swallow it all.”  The boy paused momentarily before nodding that he understood the instructions.  “Now suck me, Bobby.  Suck the cum right out of my fucking balls.  It’s coming, Bobby, real soon.  Just keep sucking, boy… I feel it coming, Bobby.  I feel it coming.”  Campbell grasped the boy’s head to hold him onto his dick as moment of ejaculation arrived.

“Oh, fuck!” the old man spat as his dick spat a glob of jiz into the boy’s mouth.  “Fuck, yeah!” he nearly shouted as the second pulse shot into the boy’s mouth.  With the first wad of cum ejaculated, the boy had momentarily stopped, surprised by the sensation.  Once the second load blasted into the boy’s mouth, Campbell jerked the kid’s head forward and then forcibly pumped the kid’s mouth over his spurting dick while simultaneously jerking his hips forward and driving his dick deeper into the boy’s mouth than previously. 

Bobby’s eyes flew open as more dick was jammed into his mouth than he was ready for.  He swallowed what jiz was already in his mouth before the third pulse drowned him.  Campbell, realizing almost immediately that he had lost control, immediately released the boy’s head and let him decide how much dick was enough and how much dick was too much. 

To Campbell’s relief, the boy didn’t immediately spit his cock out, nor did he choke on the load of jiz delivered to his virgin mouth.  He merely paused and then went back to sucking on the head as the final contractions of Campbell’s prostate began to ebb, sending the thick semen flowing rather than shooting out of Campbell’s dick. 

Bobby continued sucking even as the man’s cock became soft.  This was all so new to the boy and the feel of the softening cock was so different than the feel of the rigid spike in his mouth that he really didn’t want to give it up.  Besides, he really wasn’t at all sure if he, or rather Campbell, was finished. 

Campbell allowed the boy to orally play with his now soft dick.  After all, what’s the hurry?  The boy was apparently enjoying his first time sucking dick and Campbell wasn’t at all displeased with his youthful exuberance. 

But even sucking and mouthing a soft noodle for an extended period of time, the boy’s mouth grew tired… for the moment.  Letting the older man’s cock slip unceremoniously from his lips, it flopped down lifeless and spent.  It was now so different from the hard man-meat he began with, but being a boy, he knew the differences between a woody and the unaroused state.  Looking up into Campbel’s face for the first time since he began sucking, he asked, “Did I do it right?  You want me to do it again?  I’ll do it again if you want me to.”

Campbell smiled down at his prize.  “Yes, you did it just fine, Bobby.  And yes, I want you to do it again.”  The boy immediately attacked the soft low hanging cock.  “But what do you say if we give it rest for few minutes,” the man said pushing the boy gently off his soft cock.   “Tell me, Bobby, did you enjoy that as much as I did?”

“It was fun! You were right, we both won!”

The boy’s irrepressible smile and statement made Campbell laugh.  “Yes, we both won.  But, now it’s your turn.”  Campbell helped the boy up onto the kitchen table.  This time Bobby knew just what to expect and how to position himself, sitting on the very edge of the table and leaning back on his arms.  Within moments his little dick was rolling around between Campbell’s experienced lips, shivers of excitement shooting throughout his young pre-adolescent body. 

As sexually excited as he was before the blowjob began, Bobby didn’t last long against the wandering tongue and slurping lips of his mentor.  Mimicking Campbell, he exclaimed, “Oh, fuck!” when the sweet agony seized his being. 

Campbell let go of his little dick and began sucking the kid’s nuts for a minute or so.  When he was finished, Campbell asked, “Ready for your spelling lesson?”

“Yeah!” exclaimed the eager boy. 

Like the day before, Campbell draped the boy over his lap and then quizzed him on the words he’d learned yesterday.   Bobby only made one misstep and received a stinging pop to his bare butt rather than the gentle anal massage for getting the word correct.  Campbell drilled the boy on the new words until he had them right, then it was testing time.  He received several slaps to his ass this time, but eventually he was spelling all the words correctly and getting his reward for doing so. 

After praising the boy for his good work, Campbell repositioned the boy to where he could suck Campbell’s cock once again.  The two remained on the sofa, alternately sucking each other until it was time for Bobby to go home.  For Campbell, things had gone better than he dared hope. 

For Bobby, as he walked the two blocks home, it was a new world of sex and a new world of successfully learning.  The boy could hardly wait until tomorrow when his mother would be at work and he could play in the new hot tub.  He also hoped that Campbell would let him suck him again.  He needn’t have worried.


Saturday morning found Bobby sitting in front of the TV watching cartoons while his mother prepared to go to work. 

“Now, Bobby, I want you stay close to home,” she told her nearly naked son dressed only in his white briefs. 

“I have a new friend.  He wants me to come over and play.  He only lives two blocks from here.”

“On what street?”

“Maple.”  The houses on Maple were modest, but far better than the trashy trailers where they lived. 

“Do you have his telephone number?”

“Uh, no.”

“What about his address?”

“It’s on Maple.”

“I know it’s on Maple, dear.  But what is the street number?”

“I dunno,” he replied with shrug.

“Then how do you know where to find it?”

“I’ve been over there.”

“When?” queried the mother.

“Last week.”

“You know better than go into a stranger’s house.”

“He’s not a stranger, he’s my friend!”

Bobby’s mother was keenly aware that Bobby had no real friends.  She was loathe to cause any problem in what was obviously a new friendship.  “Okay.  You can go, but I need to know his last name.”


“So I can find his house if I need to, that’s why?”

“It’s Campbell.”

“Okay, the Campbells on Maple.  Now, you play outside unless an adult invites you inside.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Now, I have to go or I’ll be late.  And I can’t afford to lose this job.  You be a good boy. I need the overtime, so I might be late tonight.  But, I want you home before dark.”

“Yes, Mama. I will.”

As soon as the cheap aluminum door on the run down trailer had slammed shut, Bobby jumped up to get dressed.  Normally he’d just lie around all day Saturday watching cartoons, but today he had other, more exciting plans.  It was mid fall, and the weather was still quite warm, so he slipped off his undies and slipped on a pair of shorts before he ran out shirtless and shoeless.  Like most boys, he was more comfortable without shoes or a shirt, and besides, he didn’t think he’d need them at Mr. Campbell’s. 

By the time he had run to Campbell’s house, he was out of breath.  He tried the side gates, but found the rear gate to be locked, so he hurried around to the front door.  Campbell opened the door and saw the half dressed boy standing there catching his breath.  “Trying to get a head start?” Campbell asked.

“What do you mean?” asked the boy.

“You’re half naked already,” replied Campbell peaking around the partially opened door.  “Well, come in.”

Bobby slipped inside the pedophile’s lair.  Campbell quickly shut the door behind him.  Bobby was surprised, but hardly alarmed, to see that Campbell was completely nude. 

“You’re overdressed for this party, young man,” the graying middle aged man said with a laugh.  Bobby quickly shimmed out of what little clothes he was wearing and was soon as nude as his host for today’s sex party. 

Campbell boldly reached down and fondled Bobby’s little dick and his balls.  “Are these for me?” the lecher asked.  Bobby nodded with a grin.  Campbell reached behind the boy and ran his hand up his butt crack, coming to rest on his anus.  “Is this for me too?”  Bobby nodded again.  The man pulled his hand from the boy’s ass and brushed his now stinky finger over the boy’s lips.  “Are these for me too,” he asked as the boy instinctively recoiled from his own funky smell.  Still Bobby nodded.  “A little ripe, are we?  Come.  You need a shower, my boy, before we go for a soak in the hot tub.”

The older man led the way into the central bathroom and turned on the shower.  Once the temperature was just right, he stepped in and then helped the boy into the tub shower and into the hot spray.  As soon as the warm water hit him, Campbell had to go.  “I need to piss,” he stated flatly and then drew the boy into him, pressing his cock into the boy’s shoulders.

Bobby felt the hot stream of piss just below his neck and felt it running down his back.  Campbell held him fast until his bladder was emptied.  Then the dirty old man turned him into the shower spray and rinsed the urine from the boy’s back and legs.

“There will be no peeing in my hot tub, Bobby, so if you need to take a leak, do it now,” instructed the man.

Bobby, like most boys and men, pissed in the shower.  He’d just never had been pissed on before.  Seeking to get even, he aimed at the Campbell’s conveniently positioned butt crack.  To his surprise, the man quickly reached behind himself and spread open his ass cheeks.  Instinctively the boy aimed for the tempting bull’s eye target and to Campbell’s pleasure, he was right on the mark. 

Making sure that the boy’s dirty feet were squeaky clean, Campbell turned off the water.  Thinking the shower was over, Bobby pulled back the curtain and began to climb out of the tub, but Campbell stopped him.  “Before you can go into the hot tub,” Campbell said while gripping the boy’s arm, “I need to ask you something.  Did you beat off last night in bed?”    Bobby looked up and blinked, nodded yes, and then looked down at Campbell’s wet dick.  “What did you think about when you beat off?”

“Everything,” the boy answered.

“Everything?  Like what?”

“Like what we did yesterday and what we did the day before that.  You know, what we’ve been doing.”

“I see.  Fun isn’t it? Well, I want you to do something for me.”

With Campbell stroking his semi-erect cock with his free hand, Bobby correctly guessed what the man wanted.  That was fine by him too as he really enjoyed the feel of the man’s cock in his mouth yesterday.  Without any further prodding or suggestions, Bobby bent forward and slurped up Campbell’s near stiff rod.  Campbell released the boy’s arm and placed his hands behind the boy’s head, pulling him on to his cock and then releasing him. 

“You really like this, don’t you, Bobby?”  Bobby nodded as he continued sucking the man’s dick.  “Well, I love having my dick sucked just like you’re sucking me now… That’s it, Bobby, suck my dick, boy.  That’s it… Hmmmmm… Fuck… you’re a great kid… yeah, suck it, Bobby.  Yeah, c’mon, drain my nuts for me, Bobby…. That’s a boy… that’s a boy… fuck, here it comes… Here it comes.”

Bobby felt the organ swell and then pulsate as his mouth was flooded with the man’s semen.  He hadn’t been too sure if he liked the taste yesterday, but today, it tasted good, really good in a nasty sort of way.  He lapped and sucked, swallowing all that ejaculated into his mouth and continued sucking until Campbell became completely soft.  Letting the flaccid dick slip from his mouth, he grinned up  the lecherous older man. 

“Did I do it okay?” the boy asked.

“Yes, you did just fine.  We’ll have to do that again today,” Campbell replied giving the boy’s dick a playful squeeze and making him gleefully squeal. Campbell was now completely confident that the boy was totally willing and was confident that his plans for the day would not be resisted. 

Without bothering to dry off any further than they had already drip dried, Campbell led the boy through the house to the kitchen and then out into the back yard.  This surprised Bobby, to be nude outside in the backyard, but if Mr. Campbell thought it was okay, then it must be okay.  Still, Bobby felt a keen sense of naughtiness being outside and naked, even after he climbed into the hot water.

Campbell showed Bobby the various controls for the pumps and the jets and soon the water was a seething tempest.  Campbell just relaxed and let the water massage and soothe his body.  Bobby was more interested in trying out every possible combination of water action, and having a grand time doing it.  The man and the boy relaxed and played for nearly an hour, the play generally centering around the genitals of the other.   To Bobby, the tub was the greatest thing ever and he was loathe to get out when Campbell said he’d had enough and needed to cool down.  “It’s not safe to stay in this hot water for too long, Bobby.  Don’t worry, we’ll come back in later. Hell, we can come back anytime we want.”

“Can’t I stay?  Please?”

“Bobby, it’s not safe.  Particularly after you told me you didn’t know how to swim.  I can’t have you drowning out here accidently.  Now, come on, I have a new game I want to show you, and I’m sure you’ll like it.”  

Back inside, and both dripping all over the kitchen floor, Campbell pulled out two cans of ice cold Coca Cola from the fridge.  The cold drink was just what they both needed as the hot water had dehydrated them both.  As Campbell turned the oven on to preheat it, Bobby also asked for some cookies which were quickly provided to him. 

With the refreshments consumed, Campbell was ready to get on with his plan for today.  “You ready to play around some, Bobby?”  The boy, knowing Campbell had something dirty in mind, grinned and nodded that he was indeed ready.  After all, the game would be fun game, Bobby thought, indeed all of Mr. Campbell’s games were fun and nasty and he really liked fun and nasty. 

“Good!  For starters I want you up on the table, like you were the other day.”  Bobby quickly hopped up on the table with his butt at the very edge and was ready for the man to give his dick a sucking like he had on Thursday.  But, that’s not what happened.  Instead Campbell had the boy lie back on the table.  Then Campbell lifted his legs by the ankles and pushed his knees back.  “Now, I want you to hold your legs just like this,” the old man instructed.  Bobby dutifully grasped his legs under his knees and held them as Campbell wanted. The old man studied the boy’s well-shaped upturned ass and the boy’s wrinkled anus winking out from between his hairless fleshy cheeks.

Campbell began by running a finger from under the boy’s hairless little nut sack and then across the boy’s anus.  Bobby giggled at the ticklish feelings.  Campbell had played with his anus before, during his spelling lessons and Bobby enjoyed the lurid attention Campbell gave his asshole.  For nearly a minute, Campbell lightly stroked the area between the boy’s balls and anus with just the pad of one finger.  Campbell was pleased to see that the boy had a boner from this attention.

The stroking stopped.  Bobby felt Campbell’s hands on his ass cheeks, spreading him open even wider.  A moment later the boy squeaked as Campbell’s tongue made contact with his puckered hole.  Bobby was totally surprised and shocked that someone would actually do something like that.  It was soooo nasty!  But… it felt great!

Campbell took his time, licking around and over the boy’s brown star. With the shower and the hour long soak in the hot tub, there weren’t any funky tastes and smells, not that Campbell would have particularly minded.  Indeed, the boy was almost too squeaky clean and odorless to suit Campbell’s tastes, but he also knew that it could get very nasty, too nasty, if the boy was harboring a turd just behind his sphincter.  Of course Campbell had a plan and was ready for that contingency, an enema; but so far there was no evidence that a bowel flush was needed.

The old perv lapped at the boy’s hole, probing into the boy with the tip of his tongue.  Every so often, he’d leave the boy’s anus and run his tongue up and under the boy’s balls, toying with the tiny jewels for of moment and then returning to lap and probe into his anus.  The entire time Campbell ate out Bobby’s ass, he watched the boy’s face, or at least he watched Bobby tossing his head side to side.  That coupled with the hip movements was all the evidence Campbell needed to know that Bobby was enjoying this nasty game very much indeed.

The more Campbell probed, the more tongue he was able to push up the boy’s butt.  Gradually, but perceptibly, the hole became easier and easier to breech until Campbell was able to drive a goodly portion of his tongue into the boy.  As much fun as Campbell was having tongue fucking the eight year old, it was tiring… at least to Campbell’s lingual muscle that is.  

Bobby too was getting tired of holding his legs up to his chest and was continuously letting his hands slip and Campbell had to let go of the butt cheeks to push his legs back into position.  Campbell had anticipated this and as he shifted to the next phase he would need his hand, or at least one of them, to finger fuck the boy. 

Campbell stood, spread the boy open and admired the puckered orifice.  It wasn’t exactly open, but Campbell could tell that it was considerably more relaxed now than when he began his analingus.  Thinking the game was over, Bobby let his legs down while Campbell stepped away to retrieve some things from the kitchen counter. 

Bobby started to sit up, but Campbell told, “Just stay where you are, Bobby.  The game isn’t over yet.”  Bobby obediently lay back down on the table to watch and wait as Campbell hauled an assortment of things and sat them next to the boy.  Campbell selected two Velcro straps.  Lifting the boy’s leg, he attached one to each of the boy’s ankle.  He then selected two longer Velcro straps and attached each of these to Bobby’s thighs just above the knees. 

Satisfied that the Velcro straps were secure, but not too tight and positioned exactly where he wanted them, Campbell sorted through the assortment of stuff and selected a bungee cord from several of various lengths.  Then he attached the ends of the bungee cord to loops in the Velcro straps attached to the boy’s ankles.  Campbell again pushed the boy’s legs up and told him to hold them in place for a moment.  With Bobby holding his knees to his chest, Campbell then looped the bungee cord behind the boy’s neck. 

“You can let go now,” Campbell told the boy.  As planned, the bungee cord held the legs folded back, but because the cord ran outside of Bobby’s knees, the knees were too close together and therefore limited access to his butt hole.   Campbell picked up a short stick, about a foot and half in length, with clips on either end.  After clipping one end of the stick to a loop in the Velcro attached to his right thigh, Campbell spread the boy’s knees apart and quickly clipped the other end to the strap on his left knee.  Campbell stepped back and admired the results of his handiwork.  As planned the boy’s anus was displayed and a totally vulnerable.  

“Are you comfortable, Bobby?”

“Yeah, but…”

“I’ll get to your butt,” the dirty old man joked.

“It’s kind of cutting into the back of my neck.” 

“Hmmm, I can fix that.”  Campbell then retrieved a kitchen towel, rolled it up and placed it between Bobby’s neck and the bungee cord.  “How’s that now?”

“That’s a lot better, thank you, but... what are you planning to do?”

“No questions, Bobby.  Just relax and enjoy.  And to make the coming experience even more intense…”  Campbell then took the boy’s arms, holding them outstretched across the kitchen table and above his head.  Quickly and deftly, Campbell tied the boy’s wrists together and then tied off the other end to the chair back of a chair tucked up under and against the table. 

It was only too late that Bobby realized the helpless and precarious situation he was in.  A sense of danger and the panic began to set in as Bobby recalled the stories his mother had told him of bad men and what they do to children.  He never thought Campbell was like that, ever, but now, he wasn’t so sure. 

“I don’t wanna do this!” the boy blurted out.  “Let me go, Mr. Campbell.  Let me go, please, please, please…”  The fear in the boy’s voice was music to Campbell’s ears.  “Please, Mr. Campbell.  Let me go…”  Campbell greased up his middle finger.  “Please…  OHHHHH!” the boy cried at the sudden and unexpected full insertion of the man’s thick middle finger up his ass.

Shhhhhhh, Bobby.  Shhhhhhh,” hushed the perv as he finger fucked the helpless boy. “I won’t hurt you, Bobby.  Just relax and enjoy.”  A little fear was a good thing as it heightened the senses, but Campbell didn’t want to frighten the boy too much.  

Oooooooo, fuck!” the boy whimpered.  Ooooooooo.”

The whining soon stopped and the boy’s hips began bucking.  Campbell slipped his finger in and out of the boy’s asshole until Bobby’s ass ring stopped resisting too much.  The whimpering began again though as Campbell began using his thick thumb to workover the boy’s ass, hooking into him and stretching him further.   That whimpering faded too as the kid’s anus loosened up under the assault.

“That feel good, Bobby?” asked the old perv as he ran two fingers into the helpless boy.  Again the boy whined, but only for less than a minute.

The fingers left the boy’s ass and Bobby felt oddly empty.  His asshole throbbed, but it was a good throb and he wanted more. 

“Look at me, Bobby.  Look at me,” coaxed the molester.  Bobby forced his eyes open and looked between his bound legs at his friend and mentor.  “I want you to watch,” Campbell instructed. 

The boy watched as Campbell greased up his rigid pecker and then squirted more lube up the kid’s ass.  Then he watched as Campbell stepped into the slot and directed the head of his dick to the prepared hole.  Bobby felt the fat head pressing between his cheeks and pressing against his anus.  The pressure increased and he felt his anus opening as the head nestled into him.

“I won’t lie to you, Bobby.  The first time, it sometimes hurts.  But, the hurt will fade and then it feels good.” 

With his cockhead halfway into the boy, Campbell’s progress stopped as he felt the increasing resistance of the lad’s sphincter muscle.  Campbell had always loved the sight of his cock disappearing inside a boy’s ass and he was now loving the sight of the tight anus stretching around his cock crown, still he managed to tear his eyes away from the lurid sight and momentarily glanced up at the boy’s face, a face that appeared slightly dazed with his eyebrows furrowed and his mouth slack and hanging partially open. Relentlessly Campbell applied more pressure, knowing the boy's anus would ultimately yield.

Bobby cried out, “Ohhh!” as the cock head suddenly penetrated until the rim of the glans was lodged behind the boy’s sphincter.

Campbell paused, rubbing the backs of the boy’s thighs until the discomfort eased.  “Are you okay?” he asked as he genuinely didn’t want to hurt the boy, he only wanted to use his asshole.

Bobby nodded that he was okay, even though he really wasn’t.  Uhhhh,” the boy grunted as the man drove his dick about a half inch into boy.  Campbell paused again to let him get used to the cock up his ass.

“Let me know when the discomfort fades.”

Bobby nodded his acknowledgement of the directions and Campbell, misinterpreting the nod, shoved another half inch of cock up the boy’s butt, the elastic walls of his rectum yielding again.   

Uhhhh!” the boy groaned, his young ass chute stretched by Campbell’s plundering cock as the eight year old boy struggled fruitlessly against his bonds. After a moment, Campbell pulled back and then pressed back in, fucking the boy with shallow strokes until he felt the boy could handle another half inch of dick.  Taking it slow and easy, Campbell worked his hard dick deep into the groaning boy’s rectum a half inch at a time until Campbell had his entire prick buried in the boy. 

Campbell enjoyed watching the boy’s slack-jawed expression; his head rolling side to side, his eyes tightly clinched shut as his asshole protested in vain.  Campbell pulled almost completely out and then slid deep into the bound and helpless boy’s bowels once again. Again and again, the man’s cock slowly plundered the boy’s ass, waiting for the moment when the pain/discomfort turned to pleasure.  Then Campbell felt it… the sudden relaxation of the boy’s sphincter as it surrendered to the impaling cock, giving up trying to prevent what was happening, allowing the sodomizing dick to glide in and out without resistance. 

Bobby, feeling stuffed like never before, felt a warm glow in his gut as his cramping ended.  The pain had mellowed to discomfort and had then morphed into a warm glowing sense of naughty pleasure as he was sodomized.  His eyes opened to slits.  He saw his older friend and mentor between his bound legs, pumping old dick into his young ass.

Campbell saw the boy’s expression changing and then saw a wan smile forming on the boy’s face.  The slow ass fucking became more energetic.  Once again the boy’s jaws became lax, but now his eyes were wide open and he was staring down between his legs to the cock that was ravaging him. 

The older man paused, buried deep in the youth’s rectum. Bobby looked up into the grinning face of his rapist with a questioning look.  “You like butt fucking, Bobby?” the man asked.  Bobby wasn’t sure if he did or didn’t.  Now that the pain/discomfort had passed, he did like the feeling he was now having.  Eager to please his friend, the boy nodded ‘yes’.  Campbell slowly pulled all the way out of the Bobby’s ass and then pushed back in deep.  Again and again, the old man pulled his dick from the boy and then reentered him until the boy’s anus remained gaping open. 

The fucking continued for several more minutes until Campbell felt his sperm rising up from his balls. “I’m going to cum in your ass, Bobby,” the man said.  “You should be able to feel my dick pulse as I pump my nut juice up your butt.”

Bobby now watched Campbell’s pained expression as he ejaculated, and he did indeed feel the old man’s dick pulsating and felt the cum shoot up his butt.  Campbell stopped thrusting and Bobby felt the man’s cock, once so rigid and unyielding begin to soften and shrink inside his ass chute.  Then unceremoniously, the spent cock slithered from the ravished boy’s ass, leaving the boy feeling empty. 

Though he was sated, for the moment, Campbell wasn’t finished with the bound boy’s introduction to ass fucking.  After catching his breath, Campbell climbed up on the kitchen table with the boy, straddling his head. 

As the flaccid cock was lowered to his face, Bobby could smell his own ass funk.  He turned his head aside, but Campbell wasn’t to be denied. 

“Suck it, Bobby.  Suck my dick like a good boy.  C’mon, you will suck it, or I’ll leave you tied up until you do.” 

Now that the actual ass fucking was over, Bobby’s butt throbbed with a warm sensation, but as pleasant as that was, his legs had began to cramp.  “A good butt boy always cleans up after himself,” he heard the man say.  “Now suck my dick, Bobby.”

Bobby turned his head back, dragging the soft stinking dick across his cheek until it pressed against his lips.  The boy wanted to gag as the odor was overpowering.  Holding his breath, he willed himself to open his mouth, expecting to gag on the nasty prick.  Instead, with the dick now in his mouth, the odor went away and was replaced by an earthy taste that wasn’t nearly as foul as the odor was.  Bobby sucked and sucked until he had to take a breath.  He was pleasantly surprised that the odor was no longer so overpowering.  He sucked for another minute until the earthy taste had faded. 

Campbell, satisfied that the lesson was well received, pulled his dick from the boy’s mouth.  Quickly he removed the bungee cord from around Bobby’s neck, allowing the boy to lower his legs.  Campbell then quickly released the spreader bar and removed the four Velcro cuffs.  He then helped the boy to sit up and offered him another cold Coke which Bobby greedily gulped down, rinsing the obscene residual taste from his mouth. 

As he sat, drinking his Coke, Campbell slipped a frozen pizza into the hot oven.  Bobby’s butt throbbed and he felt a slippery wetness between his legs as cum seeped from his loose asshole.  With lunch in the oven, Campbell led the boy back outside to the hot tub. The boy was somewhat disappointed that the slippery wetness was washed away by the hot swirling water.  Still, the heat felt good to his abused anus. 

Campbell and his new butt boy lounged about languidly in the hot swirling water, neither speaking as they recuperated from their fuck session until the buzzer ran announcing that the pizza was ready.  To Bobby, the frozen pizza was a treat.  His mother usually bought the cheapest pizza available, and this “gourmet” pizza was far superior to any other pizza he’d ever eaten before.  As much as he wanted to wolf it down, the boy heeded Campbell’s caution about scalding his mouth, and managed not to burn himself. 

With lunch completed, Campbell cleared the table.  The old man then stepped up to the still seated boy and said, “We have all afternoon, Bobby.  What would you like to do the rest of the day?”  With the man’s dick just inches from  his face, Bobby answered the query by slurping the limp dick into his mouth.  “Is that what you want to do, Bobby?  Suck and fuck?  Good, because that’s what I want to do too.”  Campbell remained standing passively as the boy sucked his cock to a renewed erection.  Then Campbell pulled his hard cock from the boy’s lips, helped him stand and then led him to the living room.

Campbell had planned ahead, and after laying the boy across the padded armrest of the sofa, reached for the tube of lube he’d earlier stashed behind the lamp.  With his cock and the boy’s asshole greased up, he told Bobby to, “Reach back and spread your ass cheeks open.”  Bobby immediately obeyed and offered his ass up for round two.

A moment later, Bobby felt the fat head of the mature dick press against his newly deflowered anal opening.  With no effort at all, the cock slid inside the boy’s receptive ass.  “You like that, boy?” he heard Campbell ask.  Bobby nodded that he did indeed like it.  “Good, because from now on, I’m going to fuck your ass every day when you come over.  Would you like that, Bobby?”  Bobby nodded that he’d like that too.  “You’ve got a nice tight ass, Bobby.  Hmmmmm, you and me, we’re gonna have some fun.”

After pounding the boy’s ass for several  minutes, Campbell began pulling completely out and then reentering the boy.  The old perv loved to watch his cock entering the boy and loved to see the boy’s ravished hole gaping open and begging to be used.  Bobby, he loved the lewd feel the adult cock filling and sliding in his ass.  

Campbell eventually tired of this game and pulled out, but didn’t reenter.  Instead, he helped the boy up and led him to his bedroom. The old perv crawled up on his bed on his hands and knees, lowered his head to the mattress and reached back and spread open his ass.  “Lick me, Bobby.  Lick my ass, the way I licked you.”

Bobby had forgotten about the analingus before his virginity was taken, but once reminded, he remembered how good it felt.  Still, he was hesitant to stick his face into the old man’s butt.  He approached cautiously.  He was expecting a strong funky odor, but after the hot tub soakings, there was no odor at all.  Tentatively at first, the boy licked his first asshole.  It was very wicked in a naughty sort of way, and Bobby loved the naughtiness.  Soon he was lapping and probing into Campbell’s dark hole, giving the old man great pleasure. 

However, it wasn’t long before the boy’s tongue tired and he quit.  Campbell rolled over onto his back and instructed the boy to grease him up and then to straddle him.  “Now, put it in,” he told the willing boy.  Bobby grasped the hard erection and guided it to his willing asshole.  Once positioned, the boy lowered himself and impaled himself on Campbell’s cock.

As the boy fucked himself, Campbell reached forward and smeared lube all over Bobby’s little dick.  Then, he slid the boy’s dick around between his fingers.  Soon the boy was gripped with a dry orgasm while his ass was stuffed with dick.   Campbell was very pleased… the boy had been totally receptive to his lessons.


Early Sunday afternoon, Campbell was puttering about when the door bell rang.  He looked over to a clock and saw that it was barely 1 PM.  “He’s early,” he said to himself. 

Expecting to see a familiar face, Campbell was taken completely off guard by the female face.  “Just what do you think you’re doing?” she demanded angrily without introducing herself.  “Just what are you doing with my Bobby?”

“Uh, pardon me? I don’t know who you are.”

“I’m Sara Jones.  Bobby Jones’ mother!  I thought he finally had a friend to play with.   But, you’re not another kid, you’re an old man!  Just what do think you’re doing?” 

Campbell had by now caught a glimpse of Bobby standing behind the woman and he surmised that the kid had possibly blabbed about what they had been doing. He couldn’t very well just allow the woman to just stand at his door and accuse him of molesting her child.  “Uh, please.  Come inside and I…  Please…”

Sara eyed the old man suspiciously, but he seemed genuinely befuddled.  Once again he urged her come inside, and with Bobby in tow, she stepped inside.  Campbell quickly shut the door behind them.  He was about to suggest that she have a seat on the sofa, but then eyed the man-boy magazines causally laid out on the coffee table.  Campbell deftly positioned himself between the outraged mother and the damning magazines and directed her to the kitchen.

As Sara went into the kitchen, Campbell glanced back at the boy, trying to judge what he might have told his mother.  Bobby however, gave no hint as he was scooping up the magazines and stuffing them under a sofa cushion.  Campbell turned back to the mother who immediately asked accusingly, “You’re not one those men, are you?”

“Those men?  What men?” Campbell asked innocently.

“You know, men who like boys.”

“I do like boys.  I was a teacher and… Oh, my heavens!  You don’t think…  he stammered putting on a convincing act.  “Here, please.  Sit down and I’ll explain. 

“This was my parent’s house, and after they died, I rented it out.  Then about ten years ago, my daughter died in childbirth.  The child died too.  It was a boy.  Then six months later, my wife was taken from me by cancer.  I was a teacher then, teaching elementary school.  I was so lonely and so empty, but I stuck with it until I was able to retire.  I sold my house in Capital City and moved back here.”

“I’ve been fixing up the place and a few weeks ago, I was trimming the bushes out front.  I needed some help to bundle up the branches and I saw Bobby walking about.  I’d seen him in the afternoon quite a few times before that, always alone.  I asked him if he’d help me and he did. 

“Three things struck me.  He is about the age my grandson would be.  I learned how he didn’t have any real friends and learned how he was struggling in school.  I found out where some of his basic weaknesses are, arithmetic and spelling in particular and started working with him and taught him some simple tricks to help him remember.”

Campbell interrupted his bogus tale and called for Bobby.  “Bobby, I want you to add these columns of numbers.”  Campbell quickly jotted down several addition problems.  Bobby quickly and accurately added up the numbers, something he wasn’t very good at a week before. 

“Now, let's go over your spelling words for next week.”  To Sara’s amazement, Bobby rattled off the spelling words without hesitation.

Campbell turned to the mother.  “You see, we’ve been helping each other.  To me, he’s the grandson I never had.  To him, I’m the father and friend he’s never had.  It’s not at all like you were thinking.  He’s given meaning to my life once again and in some small way, I’ve taught him a thing or two about himself.”

Sara looked visibly distraught.  “Oh, I’m so sorry.  I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.  You hear about all these awful people and I… I’m truly sorry, Mr. Campbell.  Please forgive me.”

“No apologies necessary, Sara.  You were right to be concerned.”   

“I’m a terrible mother,” Sara suddenly sobbed.  “I have so little time to give to him and…”

“You’re doing the best you can.  What more can be expected of you? Now please, do me a favor, do your son a favor and do yourself a favor.  I enjoy his company after school.  He’s always welcome and he brings immeasurable joy to my life.”

“You’re such a kind and generous man.  Of course he can come over after school.  At least I’ll know where he is and know that he’s safe. But, I don’t want to be an imposition on you.”

“Believe me, Sara.  I look forward to seeing him after school.”

Sara turned to her son and told him, “Come on, Bobby.  Let’s go home.”

“Can I stay, Mama?  I have a science project next week and Mr. Campbell offered to help me.”

“You can’t just…”

It’s fine, Sara.  I’ve been thinking about it and have several suggestions that Bobby might find interesting.”

“Well, if it’s not an imposition…”

“Not at all.  Not at all.” 

Sara then turned to Bobby.  “You be home before dark or when Mr. Campbell tells you it’s time to go home.  And, you do whatever he tells you to do.”

“I will, Mama,” answered the boy earnestly.



With a sigh of relief, Campbell waved goodbye and shut the door.  He glanced over at the mantle clock and saw that it was now 1:20 PM.  His friend from Capital City would be arriving soon.  He turned to the boy who was fishing the fuck-mags from under the sofa cushion. 

“Well, Bobby.  You are welcome to stay all afternoon if want, but I have a friend coming over very soon.  He’ll be staying with me for a few days while he tends to some business.  Now, my friend has tastes similar to mine.  He likes boys and he likes them naked.  So if you want to stay…”  Campbell was pleased to see the boy unhesitatingly removing his clothes.   

Campbell too stripped down and when he was naked, he walked up to the now nude boy.   He ran his fingers over the boy’s lips.  Bobby understood what Campbell wanted.  It was what he wanted too.  Without a word spoken, the boy went down on the old man. 

The blowjob was interrupted by a knocking on the front door.  Campbell stepped back, pulling his now hard saliva wet cock from between Bobby’s lips.  Stepping up to the door, he looked through the peep hole, then he unlatched the door and ushered his friend inside.

Carl was surprised to see the naked boy.  He had expected to have sex this afternoon, but from what Campbell had told him, he had no expectation to see the boy until after school tomorrow. 

“Carl, this is Bobby, the new boy I was telling you about.  Why don’t you make yourself comfortable?”  

Carl dropped his overnight bag and immediately stripped off his shirt.  Bobby was fascinated by Carl’s overdeveloped physique, developed and honed by excessive hours at the gym.  Soon Carl’s clothes were in a haphazard pile by the front door.  To Bobby, Carl reminded him of one of those wrestlers he saw on TV.  Carl stepped towards the boy, his large sausage and full nut sack swinging freely between his legs. 

At Campbell’s suggestion, Carl took a seat on the sofa with his legs spread.  Bobby looked up at Campbell.  “You want to suck his dick, Bobby?”  Bobby didn’t need to be asked twice.  Immediately he was kneeling between Carl’s muscular outstretched legs.  He grasped the huge prick with both hands and studied it for a moment before tentatively licking the cut head. 

As he stuffed the fat cock head into his mouth, Bobby felt the cold lube being spread over and into his asshole.  A moment later, Campbell’s cock was up inside him.   There was no discomfort, no pain.  His anal ring had yielded immediately, stretched and conditioned by yesterday’s repeated sodomy.  To Bobby, this was the best ever.

All too soon for the eager butt-boy, he felt Campbell’s cock pulse and felt the sperm shooting up inside him.  Campbell pulled out and then pulled Bobby off his friend’s dick.  Carl scrambled to his feet.  Campbell handed Bobby the tube of lube.  Campbell stepped back and picked up his digital camera, capturing the boy slathering up Carl’s impressive fuck rod.  Then to Bobby’s surprise, the big man effortlessly picked him up.  “Wrap your legs around my waist,” Carl instructed the butt boy.  

With the boy sex-toy held in midair, his prepared ass positioned over his thick rigid prick, as fast as the camera would cycle, images were taken for posterity and profit.  Suddenly the air was knocked out of Bobby’s lungs as he was dropped, the huge prick slicing up into his bowels deeper than Campbell could possibly get.  Carl lifted the boy and dropped him again.  A shrill cry of, “Ahhhhhh!” echoed inside the house.


As young Bobby was being sodomized, two ladies out for a Sunday walk met each other in front of Campbell’s home. 

“Hi, Joanie,” greeted the older of the two mothers.  “I hear the man that lives here now is a retired teacher.”

“Well, Kathy. I’m just happy that somebody is taking care of this place.  It was such an eyesore.”

“Yes, I know what you mean.  How are those twin boys of yours?”

“Well, Kathy, they are either playing video games or playing with each other," the younger mother replied dourly.

“You mean…”

“Yes!  Poor John is fit to be tied.  He wants to send them off to separate boarding schools, except that with their grades, they’d never get in.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that too much.  All boys do that sort of thing.  They’ll outgrow it.  I know my Billy did.  At least your boys can’t get each other pregnant.  Me, I’m going to be a grandma,” the older mother said with a sour look. 

“I take it congratulations aren’t in order.”

“You take it correctly,” replied Kathy. 

After a brief chat about teenagers and teen pregnancies, the subject returned to Joanie’s twin nine year old boys and their poor performance in school.  “You really ought to talk to Mr. Campbell about after school tutoring.  I met him last week and he’s very, very nice.  I’ll bet he needs the money too.”

“You know,” replied Joanie, “I think I will do just that.  It may be the best money John and I will ever spend.”


The End


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